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  In Today's Treehouse...
Bush Is Losing Iraq Support
Bush to serve frozen turkey 
Kennedy: Bush = Nixon 
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
WH to delay 9-11 report
Dutch to outlaw pot? 
Bush booed in St Louis
Nader misses Oregon cutoff
Monsterous Monkey mail


Quote of the Day

"I appreciate the ESPN Baseball Tonight 
  folks who are here-Joe, Tim, and Peter. 
  That's where I get my news." 
   --Dubya, and he's not kidding   Attribution


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Volume 1289 -  Treasury emptied - Arlington filled

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  Tuesday-Wednesday   April 6-7, 2004

  This Just In...

  As we went to press, "about" twelve more Marines just killed in fierce fighting in Ar Ramadi, Iraq.


"This (the White House 9-11 report vetting process) is one of the big remaining obstacles,
  for us to get the report declassified. We're not going to let them distort our report."
     -- Lee (Whitewash) Hamilton, promising a fair and balanced report on Meet the Press,
         There is no Attribution because lazy-ass NBC hasn't done transcripts in two weeks

 Poll Says Bush Is Losing Support on Iraq
  Long past due, people are tired of all the dying for no reason

  Click  Here

 Bush's handling of Iraq has slipped to a new low ÷ alongside his overall job rating
 ÷ after last week's grisly deaths of four contractors in Fallujah, a poll says.

 Four in 10, or 40 percent, approve of the way Bush is handling Iraq, while 53 percent disapprove.
 Bush's overall job approval is at 43 percent, a low point for him, down from 56 percent in mid-January.

 If the media wasn't behind Bush he'd be in the teens.

 Bush to serve frozen turkey on June 30

  Click Here

 Bush asserted Monday that he would not postpone the June 30 transfer of power in Iraq,
 as the administration gave an understated public reaction to flaring violence in the country
 and some of the heaviest fighting since Saddam Hussein's fall.


 Bush created the biggest mess since Vietnam, and now he's ready to walk away
 because he's got an election to steal and he doesn't want people reminded of the dead.

 Kennedy Compares Bush to Richard Nixon 
  Teddy says Iraq is Bush's Vietnam

    "I am a screw-up monkey."

  Click  Here

 Saying that truth has become the biggest casualty of the Bush administration,
 Kennedy said Bush misled the public about the war, the economy, health care
 and education, eroding the nation's reputation at home and abroad.

"As a result, this president has now created the largest credibility gap since
 Richard Nixon," Kennedy said in a speech at the Brookings Institution.
"He has broken the basic bond of trust with the American people."

 He said the military campaign also diverted attention from "the administration's
 deceptions here at home."

 Go, Ted.
 Damn, it's nice to see a Democrat fight back a little every few months.

 White House vetting could delay 9/11 report until after election
  I think we can expect the Democrats to be OK with this - after all, it's just a list of Bush crimes

  Click  Here

 ...the report, expected to contain hundreds of pages of findings and testimony,
 is unlikely to be finished before July, according to congressional officials.

 That will leave the vetting team only three to four months to complete its work,
 if American are to see the document before they go to the polls on November 2.

 The Democrats could demand Bush release the report on time, but do they have the courage?
 After all, Mr Rove wouldn't like that, and their primary concern seems to be making Rove happy.

 If every democrat who goes on the Sunday shows would just keep repeating, "What's he trying to hide?"
 he'd have to release it in time for it to be digested by voters. All they have to do is demand it..

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"President Bush gave al Qaeda two years ... to regroup and recover in Afghanistan.
  As the terrorist bombings in Madrid and other reports now indicate, al Qaeda has used
  that time to plant terrorist cells in countries throughout the world, and establish ties with
  terrorist groups in many different lands."
     --Ted Kennedy, kicking butt   Attribution



"The Treasury Department analyzes John Kerry's tax proposals and the numbers quickly find
  their way to the Republican National Committee. The Health and Human Services Department
  spends millions on ads promoting President Bush's prescription drug plan. The House Resources
  Committee posts a diatribe against Kerry's "absurd" energy ideas on its Web site. With friends
  like these -- all operating at taxpayer expense -- who needs a re-election campaign?"
      --Nancy Minac,    Attribution

 Too bad the Democrats are allowing Bush to have the taxpayers fund his election.
 If only we had a two-party system - that would be great.

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 D-r-i-v-e  b-y  N-e-w-s

 Culli-fornia Law on Killing of a Fetus Expanded
 You women are losing your rights - don't you want to fight for them?

  Click  Here

 Workers told to rain foreign replacements
  Bush's Amerikkka just keeps getting worse

  Click  Here

 Bush Says He Lacked Info on Sept. 11
  The Monkey was warned, then went on another monthlong vacation

  Click  Here

 Widows' watch Part II
   by Joe Conason - Why did Bush sit on 9,000 pages of Clinton documents?

  Click  Here

 Lies, bribes and hidden costs
  Bush's Medicare quagmire -- and the striking parallels to Iraq

  Click  Here

 Subject: Colmes on XM Radio, not Air America


 Are you listening to Air America shows on XM radio?

 Yes, when I'm in the car. Air America doesn't have a good enough stream to get via computer,
 so I use their Portland affiliate - but they time-shift stuff and that's driving me crazy.

 From the way you described hearing it while traveling, I suspect that's the way you'd hear it where you are.
 If so, what you're hearing isn't strictly the Air America programming, but XM's own "America Left" station.
 That station mixes Air America shows in some time slots with XM's own choices of programming,
 including Colmes' radio show.

 So that would explain the mixed message about Colmes,  if your source is XM.

 I'm looking forward to the real Air America Radio turning up here in the San Francisco area soon,
 but I've enjoyed what I've found via the web. And I hope to hear you on their waves shortly.


 I'm trying to find out why, but America Left takes most of Randi Rhodes's show off and puts on
 Ed Schultz, instead. Ed's OK, probably, but he's no Randi and that pisses me off.

 Why can't the Democrats ever get anything right?
 Randi is the hardest puncher I've heard on the radio, and they cut her off?
 Does XM Radio want the Demo channel to fail?

 I heard Franken say this morning that his phones were broke, then he said,
"If this was a Republican show our phones would work," and he's so right.

 Dutch may clamp down on Cannabis

  Click  Here

 Tourists who flock to Amsterdam to smoke cannabis in its "coffee shops" without fear of prosecution
 may find their choice curtailed as part of a proposed review of liberal Dutch drug laws.

 The Dutch government is considering a ban on the sale of highly potent strains of cannabis
 under the proposed review, cabinet sources said on Tuesday.

 There are too many examples of the whore press not doing their jobs to list, but this is another one.
 Pot has been legal in the Netherlands for a long time. That means the situation can be used as an experiment.

 The Dutch either have more drug problems or fewer drug problems as a result of legal pot.
 The Dutch either have more marriage problems or fewer marriage problems as a result of legal pot.
 The Dutch either have more alcohol problems or fewer alcohol problems as a result of legal pot.
 The Dutch either have more sex crimes or fewer sex crimes as a result of legal pot.
 The Dutch either have more education problems or fewer education problems as a result of legal pot.
 The Dutch either have more problems overall or fewer problems overall as a result of legal pot.

 ...but the people with the resources refuse to investigate and I want to know why.

 It's the same with prostituion in Nevada.
 Nevada either has more STDs or fewer STDs because of legal prosititution.
 Nevada either has more alcohol and drug problems or fewer alcohol and drug problems because of legal prosititution.
 Nevada either has more rapes or fewer rapes because of legal prosititution.
 Nevada either has more divorces or fewer divorces because of legal prosititution.
 Nevada either has more spouse abuse crimes or fewer spouse abuse crimes because of legal prosititution.

 . ..but the people with the resources refuse to investigate and I want to know why.

 Why can't we be told the simple truth about the facts?

 The only answer that makes sense - once again - is religious insanity and it's killing America.
 The whole country has gone insane since Janet bared her breast - it's religious insanity.

 We need to retake control from the Invisible Cloud Being and run our lives with logic, not superstitious insanity.
 Why does "the pursuit of happiness" not include the right to own land and grow ahat you want on it?

 If the government said  'Sex is a Crime' would you stop doing it?
 Or would you work to legalize it?


Marty's Entertainment Page

 20 GIs, 100 Iraqis Killed Since Weekend
  Isn't it time for another massive march in the streets?

  Click  Here

 Coalition forces fought on two fronts Tuesday, battling a Shiite-inspired uprising in
 southern Iraq and Sunni insurgents in the violent city of Fallujah in clashes that have
 killed 20 American troops and at least 100 Iraqis since the weekend.

 In the latest U.S. deaths, five Marines were killed Monday ÷ one of them in Fallujah
 fighting and the others on the western outskirts of Baghdad ÷ and three U.S. soldiers
 died in attacks in a Baghdad neighborhood on Monday and Tuesday.

 At least two Marines were wounded in Fallujah on Tuesday, as forces fought their
 way to the center of the city to crush an uprising by insurgents loyal to Saddam.
 Marines pulled back to the outskirts at nightfall Tuesday.

 For what reason are these men dying?
 On what date will we hit 1000?
 Why wait for that date?

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 Bush booed at Cardinal baseball game?

  Click  Here

 A somewhat hostile crowd complained mightily about the problems the presidential
 motorcade caused with regular fans trying to get into the park. A Cards employee
 told me that the team was so concerned about Bush being booed that they piped in
 fake applause when he strode out to the mound. Lamping flatly denied it. ..

 The Never-elected Monkley has to be protected from his subjects.
 He can't go anywhere without his fake appluase being piped in, just like the vulgar Pigboy.


As long as the Bush gang refuses to tell the truth,
there will be conspiracy pages like this one.

Why can't the Bush Gang tell the truth about 9-11?

What are they trying to hard to conceal?

Click to read about a necessary war.
Thanks to Dave Friedrichs

 Nader Fails to Make Oregon Ballot
  Maybe Oregon is smarter than other states?

  Click  Here

 ...only 741 people showed up far short of the 1,000 required by Oregon law.

 Still, Nader said he would not abandon his quest to qualify for the Oregon ballot,
 but will try another option available under Oregon law collecting 15,000 signatures
 over a three-month period, rather than 1,000 signatures at a single gathering.

 Nader is determined to work his heart out to elect Bush.


 Is that horrid basketball tournament finally over?

 Have we regained control of CBS once again?
 I hope CBS load a truckload of money on that super-boring tournament and
 I hope FOX loses a ton of money covering the Yankees again this October.

 All sports should be on cable so we can get away from them.

 Subscribe today!

 Subject: Condi's neckware


 I know you're not a racist, and I know you didn't think of that picture as a racist joke,
 so I'm not even gonna begin to criticize, BUT since I'm not the only reader who thought
 it was questionable, I'll TRY to explain why.

 We all know you're making fun of Condi Rice, and of course we all agree that she deserves it.
 What was not funny about that picture (to some of us, anyway) was the fact that it was a simple
 incongruity, a strictly visual joke.

 <much snippage>

 I find it troubling that people want to defend the Condi monster.
 If people "know" I'm not racist, why do people take the time to defend her?
 Why don't we let the illegal, cold-blooded, murdering sons of bitches defend themselves?

An excerpt from Show 33

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If the Democrats had an sac, she'd look like this Thursday night.
...but they don't, so she won't.

Did you hear?
Her lies will be broadcast by the networks.

 Subject: Re: sons of dogs

 Bart, you wrote:

> Now, tell us what you want to say to these sons of dogs with your dozen rolls of duct tape,
> a blow torch and a pair of needle-nosed pliers.

> To the sons of dogs who dragged the headless bodies of our heroes thru the streets, I say this:
< I would execute you my own goddamn self if I was there. I would not spend the time on the duct tape
> and the pliers, (which is a Pulp Fiction joke, by the way). I would quickly do the job and then I would
> return to BartCop Manor and enjoy my luxury tequila.

 Care to comment on the difference between Mogadishu and Falluja?

 It's funny, you only write on this one subject.
 To comment, I'll have to appear callous about the 4 lives lost in Fallujah.

 To give you a good answer, I'd have to think about it, but when would I have the time?

 The Marines were in Mogadishu to feed the starving, or at least that was Bush's story.
 They were following orders from an inept commander-in-chief who sent them there without
 the armor they needed to protect themselves just like The Monkey did to our boys today.
 They died as heroes for trying to do a good thing, or at least that was Bush's story.

 The Halliburton (?) mercenaries were caught alone in a country we illegally invaded.
 Iraq is expected to fight their new occupiers, and these "security" people made a deadly error
 by driving around a hostile place like Fallujah without protection. I feel bad for their families,
 but I'm not sure they can be called heroes. They had no business dying in Iraq.

 I imagine no answer would satisfy you.
 I think Mogadishu is your "Israel."


"The days of national security for America are over forever. From now on national insecurity
  is the new reality, and the only way we can cope with it is by working with others and mobilizing
  others in a credible way and we cannot be leading if we're misleading."
     --Zbigniew Brzezinski,    Attribution


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'The Shield' puts male rape under microscope
  What happens is so bad, they call it "rape" to soften the blow

  Gruesome Details

 Chiklis says he was the first to crack a joke during a read-through for Episode 5.
"I felt such tension; everybody needed to f-ing lighten up," says Chiklis, who makes
 his Shield directing debut with this season's ninth episode, in which Aceveda acknowledges
 the "rape" to his horrified wife. "We deal with the darkest aspects of the human condition
 every week. As actors, we can't live in that all the time ÷ nor do we want to."

 Tonight's The Shield is going to go where no TV show has ever gone before.
 It's going to be the episode that everybody talks about for a while.

 I've been watching TV for 45 years and no show has ever even come close to this.
 It's a man's worst nightmare multiplied by as many zeroes as you got.

 Also - can you believe that Sopranos Sunday night?

 Damn, I was on the edge of my seat for a long, long time.
 You-know-who and you- know- who are just wrong, wrong, wrong together,
 and that dragged-by-the-hair and thrown out could have been a lot worse, and what
 happened on the country road could have turned out way, way worse than it did

 Then, in the middle of all that violence, some of the funniest dialog I've ever heard.
 I don't think there's one line I can repeat here, but that series of connecting phone calls
 had me gasping for air it was so damn funny.

 Wait, I thought of one clean line:  Silvio with the bullhorn, "Youse know what to do!"
  ...and can you believe that person was doing cocaine?

 The last three shows have been outstanding, with Sunday's episode one of the best ever.

 Subject: Condi pictures

 Today's been a bitch of a day. Usually around this time I log onto bartcop for my daily fix of sane rage.
 I've been feeling especially nasty today, given the opening of the gates of hell in Fallulah and all.
 What I needed was a good chuckle. Got it when I scrolled down and saw Condi Bad Seed.
 Scrolled down some more and found Condi Thriller - laughed out loud.
 By the time I got to the Odd Couple in bed, I was rolling on the floor.

 These 'toons are priceless! Absolutely irresistible! The other day someone dissed you for 'em,
 said Condi Gorilla was offensive and racist. OH get over it, fer chrissakes!

 Thank you, Bart buddy, for getting me to laugh.
 I can't be in a permanent lather... bad for the health, you know.


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 Make your deal today  before May 1, when convention prices take effect.

 Subject: Why I'll stay subscribed to Bartcop now that Air America is here

 Bartcop Radio was an easy choice before, because there really wasn't anything else like it.
 But now there's Air America Radio, and it's free, so why keep my subscription to BCR?

 1. BCR always *works*. AAR sounds awful over AM in my area, and the web stream not only
     doesn't always work, but even when it does you have to listen to it only on a computer, but also
     only according to their broadcast schedule. BCR can be listened to in crisp, clear MP3 format
     at my leisure, or burned to CDR to hear in the car.

2. AAR was came on air only last Wednesday, and was created by best seller authors, highly connected
    TV producers, and multi-millionaires. Bart cop was created by some dork in Oklahoma, who didn't have
    2 nickels to rub together but still beat them to the punch by several months, and also managed to put up
    a web page everyday when the well-funded folks behind AAR barely managed to produce a FAQ
    about their carreers. Who do I repect more?

3. BCR is ad-free. I'm trying to find work, I don't have "spare" time to listen to commercials.

4. Suprisingly, BCR is actually slicker and more professional that AAR. The music is better, the editing
    is better, and there's more and better jokes.

5. On BCR, there's no FCC censorship or SEC restrictions. How can you adequetely describe the
    Bush adminstration without using strong language, and specifically advocating voting the bastards out?
    No one can shut Bartcop down!

    BCR is just like the Liberals of America themselves. Even though it has less money, it was first,
     it's still better, and it doesn't take it's marching orders from the Government or corporate advertisers.
    Yes, AAR is great, but BCR is greater!

 Thanks, and keep swinging that hammer,
 Rex Devious (Yes, you can publish my "name").

 New Evidence Bush Pushed Iraq War Right After 9/11

  Click  Here

 According to a report in the new edition of Vanity Fair, former British Ambassador to the United States
 Christopher Meyer said that Bush made clear at a dinner with Tony Blair nine days after the 9-11 attacks
 that he wanted to confront Iraq. The assertion is corroborated by the Washington Post, which reported that
 Bush personally signed a two-and-a-half page directive on September 17th, 2001 ordering the Pentagon
 to begin drawing up Iraq invasion plans.5 The assertion is also corroborated by CBS News, which reported
 on September 4, 2002 that, five hours after the 9/11attacks, "Donald Rumsfeld was telling his aides to come up
 with plans for striking Iraq."   The account by the former British Ambassador confirms similar accounts by
 Richard Clarke and Secretary Paul O'Neill.

 Will the Whitewash Panel demand answers from Kinda Sleazy Rice about this?
 Or would that be "impolite?"

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and cost   605 616 624 636  soldiers their lives - and counting.

In four days we lost 31?



 Subject: Nazi propaganda

 This is a copy & paste e-mail that a friend sent to me, he likes Bush, I don't.
 I would like to answer his e-mail but i don't know enough about the "Facts" that he has written about.
 I know you are very busy but could you insert a few lines into the e-mail and put it in your page?
 Thank you

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Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to spit your bit.

 Will the 2004 Election Be Called Off?

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 And, of course, what usurpation of democracy would be complete without Rush Limbaugh weighing in?
 "Do the terrorists bide their time and wait, or do they try to replicate their success in Spain here in America before
 our election?" Limbaugh asked, before revealing how "titans of industry," and "international business people (who do
 not outsource, by the way)" were "very, very, very concerned" that one true party forever rule the Fatherland.

"They all were seeking from me reassurance that the White House was safe this year, that John Kerry would not win,"
 Limbaugh said. "Who do you think the terrorists would rather have in office in this country -- socialists like those in
 Spain as personified by John Kerry and his friends in the Democratic Party, or George W. Bush?"

 Don't worry - the Democrats will fight to be sure we have a legal and accurate election.
 What a f-ing joke that is.
 The Democrats don't even fight after they lose a rigged election - they're just too afraid.

Garry Trudeau offers $10K to anyone
who saw Bush show up in the ANG

Click for reward details

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