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  In Today's Treehouse...
10 more troops killed in Iraq
Clarke's Book Is Bolstered 
Iraq transition questions 
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Bush dumps on middle class
Weakness of Internet Politics 
U.S. and the big, ugly picture
Overcharged at Wal-Mart
Bart debates like a nice guy


Quote of the Day

"If he realized how the normal people lived, 
  middle-class people live, if he had some sort 
  of a clue, that would be better. But he doesn't.
  I hope he doesn't know. I worry he doesn't care." 
   --Barbara Wright, who supported Bush in 2000 
      but may not do so in 2004,   Attribution


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Volume 1288 -  Puzzler

  Monday   April 5, 2004


"The U.S.-led invasion of Iraq has accelerated the spread of Osama bin Laden's anti-Americanism
  among once local Islamic militant movements, increasing danger to the United States as the al Qaeda
  network is becoming less able to mount attacks, according to senior intelligence officials at the CIA
  and State Department. At the same time, the Sunni Triangle has become a training ground for foreign
  Islamic jihadists who are slipping into Iraq to join former Saddam Hussein loyalists to test themselves
  against U.S. and coalition forces."
     --Walter Pincus, Attribution

 Well sure, the United States is much worse off than we were before Bush war, but look at the bright side:
 The BFEE has made hundreds of billions of dollars from this senseless war, so you can't say there's not a sunny side to all this.

 10 more U.S. troops killed in Iraq
  They call Sunday "a turning point" and that's not good

  Click  Here

 Supporters of an anti-American cleric rioted in four Iraqi cities Sunday, killing eight U.S. troops
 in the worst unrest since the spasm of looting and arson immediately after the fall of Saddam.

 The military reported two Marines were killed in a separate "enemy action" in Anbar province,
 raising the toll of American service members killed in Iraq to at least 610.

 Bremer appointed an Iraqi defense minister and chief of national intelligence.
"These organizations will give Iraqis the means to defend their country against terrorists
 and insurgents," Paul Bremer lied at a press conference.

 If the American military can't handle Iraq, how can the Mickey Mouse "ministers" control it?
 We're going to leave a mess bigger than South Vietnam and anyone who helped America
 will be slaughtered and hung from bridges - way to go President Bush.

 Here's the problem:
 The attacks so far have been primarily from Saddam's minority Sunni fighters.
 Yesterday's attacks were from the Shiite majority fighters.  Bush the Uniter has succeeded
 in uniting the Sunnis and the Shiites against the invading army.  This means things will almost
 certainly get worse - not better - making this a turning point in Bush's failed, senseless war.

 U.S., Iraqi Troops Seal Off Fallujah
  What will surrounding the city accomplish?

  Click  Here

 Hundreds of U.S. and Iraqi troops in tanks, trucks and other vehicles surrounded Fallujah
 on Monday ahead of a major operation against insurgents following the grisly slayings last week.

 U.S. commanders have been vowing a massive response to pacify Fallujah,
 the heartland of the anti-U.S. insurgency north and west of Baghdad.

 What are they going to do?  Murder the whole town?
 Odds are, the cameras didn't record the attack on the SUV last week that killed the four contractors,
 so they're not going to identify the killers, so that means they're going to kill the people in the crowd
 who were disrespectful to the corpses?  What is their objective?  Are they going to kill people who
 kicked the charred remains? Besides "showing resolve," what is their goal?

 Considering the unrest in Fallujah, why was a lone SUV traveling by itself?
 These were "security" people?

 Clarke's Book Is Bolstered 

  Click  Here

 ...the broad outline of Clarke's criticism has been corroborated by a number of other former officials,
 congressional and commission investigators, and by Bush's admission in the 2003 Bob Woodward book
 "Bush at War" that he "didn't feel that sense of urgency" about Osama bin Laden before the attacks occurred.

 In addition, a review of dozens of declassified citations from Clarke's 2002 testimony provides no evidence
 of contradiction, and White House officials familiar with the testimony agree that any differences are matters
 of emphasis, not fact. Indeed, the declassified 838-page report of the 2002 congressional inquiry includes
 many passages that appear to bolster the arguments Clarke has made.

 So the pressure for Kinda Sleazy Rice to lie has increased.  She can admit the truth ands sink her boss or go
 "all in" on the lies that could get him impeached.  Well, with these gelding Democrats he'll hever be impeached,
 but he could lose the popular vote of the truth somehow finds its way into the public arena.

I know lying is wrong, but I have to save my boss.

 As Iraq handover looms, transition questions remain


  Click  Here

 Paul Bremer is running out of time.

 His team is working hard to create an aura of inevitably around June 30,
 the scheduled date for the restoration of a limited form of sovereignty to Iraq.

 But with fewer than 100 days to go before the Governing Council takes over from
 the US-led coalition, the leadership here has yet to resolve Iraq's most fundamental
 challenge - how an independent Iraq should divide power between its Shiite majority
 and large minorities like the Kurds and Sunni Arabs.

(c) 2004, salamander.eps


"The Sept. 11 commission is proving to be everything
  one could hope for in this delicate but critical role."
    -- David Broder, doing all he can to help Bush    Attribution

 David, that nonesense statement is as useless as the "p" in receipt.
 They've agreed to allow the Never-elected Monkey to testify with Unka Dick
 so he's able to - once again - cover up how stupid and clueless he is.

 And to make matters worse, neither of the senior crooks will be under oath!
 And Broder says this is everything we could hope for?

 Clinton had to testify about Monica under oath because it was sooooooooooooooooooooo important,
 but 3,000 dead and lying us into a senseless war that's killed over 600 soldiers means they're free to lie?

 And to make matters even worse, the 9-11 lies they tell will remain none of our business.

 Broder, you are a whore to praise this "great" commission that is here to whitewash the truth.
 Shame on the Broder whore and shame on the Washington Whore Post for printing his lies.

Click  to  order


"What do all these flip-floppers have in common?  Not subject matter: DiIulio worked on social policy,
  O'Neill on economics, Clarke on national security.  Not party: Kerry, Edwards, and Gephardt are Democrats;
  O'Neill is a Republican; Clarke worked for Reagan and both Bushes and Clinton. The only thing they have in
  common is that they all cooperated with this administration before deciding they'd been conned. Flip-flopping,
  it turns out, is the final stage of trusting George W. Bush."
    --William Saletan,  Attribution

 D-r-i-v-e  b-y  N-e-w-s

 Opening Afghan Eyes With Mascara and Beauty Classes
 Have Revlon, L'Oreal and Clairol joined the BFEE?

  Click  Here

 Depleted Uranium causing epidemic of cancer in Iraq
  US admits using shells tipped with depleted uranium in southern Iraq.

  Click  Here

 Brazil Shielding Uranium Facility from IAEA
  They don't have much oil, so the BFEE won't bother to invade

  Click  Here

 Five movies pull in $10M or more last weekend
  Hellboy, Walking Tall, Home on the Range, Scoobee Do (shame) and The Prince and Me

  Click  Here

 Ikea Founder Denies Being World's Richest Man
  Richer than Gates? That means Windows 05 is ready to debut

  Click  Here

 Subject: Advertising on Air America Radio


 You can email sales@airamerica.com to buy ad space.

 I have - several times, but I guess they're busy.

 It was kind of weird hearing all those things that I read about on your site,
 smirkingchimp, DU...pretty damn cool! And what a line-up of guests!

 Of course they're not quiet BartCop radio, but they're new...give them time ;)
 Randi Rhode was great, handed Nader his ass!

 I heard that - she was great! She told Nader, "We can't afford you."
 She gave him such a beatdown, Chickenshit Nader hung up on her - what a brave man.

 And Al Gore... 'How's the Drug Free Radio going?"...haha

 Alex, thanks for that.    Drop me a line  if you know how I can get their attention.

 Check out their web traffic.


 In just a few days, they jumped into the top 1000 sites on the web.

 Fewer say Bush is serving middle class
  Are Americans finally waking up to what we've known for years?

  Click  Here

 As he approaches the November election, Bush has shed a good part of the "compassionate conservative"
 image he cultivated during the 2000 election, a Washington Post poll has found.

 Forty-four percent now believe Bush cares most about serving upper-income people, an increase from 31
 percent in September 1999 and 39 percent in July 2000. Forty-one percent believe Bush cares equally
 about all people, with small numbers saying he favors the poor or the middle class..

 Bush thinks the non-rich are here to serve him and his crooked friends.
 Look how he treated Barbara Gaines, Letterman's producer.


 Bush wipes his glasses on Gaine's sweater like she was his slave.

Click to order/get more info

Marty's Entertainment Page

 The Weakness of Internet Politics 
   by my good friend David Swanson

  Click  Here

 The Dean campaign's internet presence was phenomenal and may have brought many people into
 active politics in a lasting way. I hope so. The grain of truth in the rule Cornfield expounds so carelessly
 is that the Dean campaign had the largest Email list, the most web traffic, the most money, the most
 volunteer hours, and the most media mentions. But the media mentions preceded the internet growth
 that the Dean campaign handled so masterfully. And when the media turned against the Dean campaign,
 the internet organizing couldn't withstand it - the campaign was mortally wounded in a matter of days.

 What the Internet has done thus far is demonstrate great power and then shown that power to be as
 nothing beside the decisive strength of the media.  Grasping that lesson would be as important for our
 democracy as the Internet's direct accomplishments may become..

 Bush's 9/11 Secrets
  Will Bush's complicity in 9/11 ever be made public?

  Click  Here

 Bush and Cheney have agreed to answer questions by the Commission only if they could testify at the same time,
 in a closed-door session without being sworn in under oath. In deference to Bush and Cheney, these sessions will not
 even be transcribed for the public record. Clearly this agreement works in favor of the Bush team covering their tracks
 by giving Bush and Cheney the ability to back up each other's testimony and perhaps even tell a lie or two without the
 potential of perjuring themselves. And without a public transcript, it will be impossible to tell whether they told the truth.

 The 9-11 commission sold out when they allowed Bush & Cheney to testify in secret and not under oath.
 They could've shamed them (If Kerry had the balls to help) into testifying under oath and in public but the
 commission wasn't formed to get the truth. It was formed to whitewash the guilt of the BFEE thugs so they
 can slip away without being held accountable for the global crime spree.

 As always, the Democrats and the press are willing to go along.  The Democrats don't even have enough
 testosterone to want power. They're content to take whatever shillings the BFEE drops on the ground.

 How did I get in a party of scared wimps and losers?
 Why does everyone just take the crap the BFEE shoves down our throats?


 In yesterday's issue, I gave AAR snaps for dissing the foolish wimp, Alan Colmes,
 so I was puzzled today to hear that Alan has a show on Air America Radio???
 They referred to him as "the Republican Dragon Slayer."


 I don't like to be lied to, especially right after I've been told the truth.
 If Colmes is a "Republican Dragon Slayer," I'm Pope Bart the First.

 Let's hope AAR keeps the lies to a minimum.
 I was very disappointed to hear them fabricating horse manure to promote that caving wimp.
 And what kind of snagglepuss is Colmes that he'll work for a network that openly ridicules him?

 ...but after bending over for Hannity for so many years, maybe he's used to it.

 An Offer Of Help On Iraq

  Click  Here

 Bush and his advisers have generated so much hostility around the world that it will be
 hugely difficult for this administration to get the help from potential allies the United States
 will need. A new administration could wipe the slate clean and give allies a larger political
 role in Iraq. That, in turn, would encourage them to give material, moral and military help.

 Put another way, a new administration that's not hell bent on pillaging and ravaging a country
 for personal gain would have no problem sharing the dangers and the loot from an already-raped Iraq.
 The BFEE is making upwards of $50M per day from Iraq and they're not going to go quietly.

The "Red-Ink Reagan" cap comes in three versions:

"Trees pollute more than chemical factories."


"I refuse to meet with Injuns or queers."


"Why did Kneel Bush have dinner with the Hinckleys?"

 Subscribe today!

 Subject: Fallujah deaths- Statistics!


 my reaction to the americans killed in fallujah was different-

 realizing that these poor souls were "soldiers of fortune", i.e.  paid mercenaries hired by some contractor (halliburton?) i began thinking

 a) this is a way for bush to keep the military death toll lower-  when these mercenaries are killed by iraqis i assume this does not
 show on your 600+ died-in-iraq military toll.  (what about the wounded and maimed? nobody mentions how many thousands are
 in that category- but that's another statistical issue).

 the american people are not aware of these "statistics" and probably accept what the bushites give to the press.

 b) more money for halliburton, or whatever private contractor hires these guys. i assume that they cost much more than the low-paid G.I.s
 and that the employer rakes a bit off the top, for administrative costs.

 c) less control and oversight by the federal govt. (if there still is one operating outside of what you call the BFEE). private contractors
 are not scrutinized by any govt. authority, no "sunshine" law applies; they can do what they please.

 how about bringing up some of these points?
 why nuke the iraqis, they are just trying to defend their land.
 they may be misguided about this, but what can one expect?

 maybe they don't want to be run by halliburton...

 Don in Stockholm,

 Don, excellent point.
 I'm certainly not pro-Iraqi, but we are the invading army.
 We are the ones who invaded because our crooked leader thought he saw a woodchuck.

 Iraq just traded a local overlord for one from the other side of the world.
 How happy should they be to see American tanks enter their cities?
 How happy would New Yorkers be to see Soviet tanks coming down 5th Avenue?

 In that "surrounding Fallujah" story, it says "Iraqi police are distributing leaflets from the U.S. military,
 telling residents that there was a daily 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew. It ordered them not to congregate in
 groups or carry weapons, even if licensed. It instructed people that if U.S. forces enter their homes,
 they should gather in one room and if they want to talk to the troops to have their hands up."

 What if NY cops distributed leaflets saying, "When the Russians invade your home,
 gather in one room and raise your hands if you want to speak to them."

 We have no business dying in Iraq, other than to hand over their oil to the BFEE.

An excerpt from Show 33

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 Subject: (can't find my banana)


 Now that Bush has got the economy going in the right direction are you going to switch to Bush for President?

 ha ha
 Bush is 2 million jobs behind. If he's finally going in the right direction,
 it simply means he's stopped going the wrong way for the first time in 40 months.

 Over 700,000 new jobs created in March.

 Not true.
 March was 308,000 news jobs, none of them manufacturing jobs.
 There's a difference between 308 and 700.

 Over 1 million new jobs the past two months.

 Not true - not even close to true.
 Who told you these lies, Rush or FOX News?

 If he keeps it up it will be 6 million new jobs this year.  That is fantastic.

 Only if Santa of the Tooth Fairy magically makes them appear.
 Your boy is 2 million in the negative and you know how I know?
 Because you're afraid to bet the $500 that Bush can break even on jobs between now and election night.

 Makes the Clinton years look like slow motion.

 No, Clinton created 22 million jobs. One reason Bush looks so bad is because Clinton looked so good.
 You see, there's a difference between gaining 22 and losing two.
 Are you, ...like, ...stupid or something?
(BTW, Clinton never sent a man into battle who didn't come home.
 Compare that to the Never-elected Monkey getting 610 brave soldiers killed for no reason - so far.

 And, the rate of growth is astounding!  Over 4% in a quarter!  That's better than in over 20 years!
 Jose Gonzales

 Only because Bush slowed it down the most in 20 years.
 So far, Bush is less than zero.
 He's going to need a miracle to somehow claw his way back up to even.


Click to Enter

 800,000 Cards Overcharged at Wal-Marts

  Click  Here

 A computer hardware problem caused more than 800,000 credit and debit card
 transactions to be double- or triple-billed last week at Wal-Mart stores nationwide,
 according to officials at First Data Corp., which handled the electronic payments.

 Danetta Thompson, a spokeswoman for Bentonville, Ark.-based Wal-Mart said
 Sunday the retailer had posted signs about the problem and was informing customers. .

 Posted signs?
 Gee, they'll go to any lengths to give that money back to their victims.

 Bart's Law #2
 Any time a person or entity makes a "mistake" that puts extra money in their pocket,
 expect them to make that "mistake" again and again and again.

 We have a new address for advertisers - ads@bartcop.com

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 April  7, 2003 - 49,999  unique hits
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 The net's best advertising bargain!

 Make your deal today  before May 1, when convention prices take effect.

 Subject: Why I subscribed to BartCop Radio

 hey, bart...

 I had a chance to listen to all of show 33 (as I worked, really, I was working) and what struck me first
 is how you and tommy have a good back-and-forth rhythm going... and you both made me laugh more than once.
 I just wish you were "live" enough to take calls on what the current topic is that you're discussing...although I agree
 with tommy (ok, I think it was tommy, remember, I was working...) when he said it won't be long before you join
 the air america team. I think you need live radio...that's probably the one area that I would say would take the show
 "up a notch" (to quote that food guy). For good talk radio ultimately needs to be live...

 for example, when talking about missy rice NOT testifying, by the time your show was "in the can"...bush had changed
 his mind (term used loosely here) and "is allowing" her to testify next week (anyone wanna shout "can I get a witness!!??!!, hallelujiah)
 ...although I WISH she would have testified today...april fools day. oh well, can't have everything.

 did I say short? for me, anyway.

 thanks again!! I feel especially privileged to join the dozens of members, even if it is (possibly) temporary.
 (I work where we are federally funded by grant programs...talk about thin ice!)


 ps...man, I love being a member and seeing the next day's page take shape!! only trouble is, it'll be that much longer
 until the NEXT page...esp on weekends. my day just isn't complete until I've read your page and marty's.

 Ducks, we'll eventually get to a live show, but taking calls will require a $2500 "phone hybrid" device.

 U.S. fails to see the big, ugly picture

  Click  Here

 ...a picture can still be worth a thousand little words.

 Words like "Mogadishu." Words like "Fallujah."
 Words like "how much stomach for this does America really have?"

 And if a picture is worth a thousand words, what's the exchange rate on a chilling piece of video?
 It's hard to quantify exactly. But very, very high.

 Given all that, I am tempted today, right here and now, to just stop writing. Let 'em print some more
 of those Fallujah pictures in my space instead. I could go home early. You could get another ugly look
 at a stubborn and brutal kind of anarchy that shows no sign of letting up in Iraq, a stubborn and brutal
 kind of anarchy that will almost certainly get worse before it starts getting any better.


 Subject: Your site is being blocked at Little Rock AFB


 Thought you might like to know that your site is blocked at the Little Rock AFB.
 Whenever one tries to go there, the screen lights up with  "ACCESS DENIED".

 By the way...you didn't get this email from me.
 You never heard of me.
 I don't exist.

 The big, bad American military is afraid of  bartcop.com?
 They can't handle the truth?

 Think about it - the PG-rated  bartcop.com  can't be seen by military personnel because they
 might get a whif of the truth?  What are they so afraid of?  If they can't win a debate with Ol' Bart,
 maybe they ought to have second thoughts about what they're fighting for.

 Why fight or die for something you can't defend?

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and cost   605  616  soldiers their lives - and counting.

When will we say "enough?"

When President Kerry takes the oath?



 Subject: Nazi explaining why nobody debates you

 OK Bart,

 I'm one of the very few Nazis who reads your page from time to time.  I do so because I never cease to be amazed
 at the level of pure vitreolic hatred and rage in your daily screeds directed against Bush and all those (like myself) who
 happen to be a bit to the right of Al Franken.  I am always amused at how you substitute vicious name-calling and
 personal attacks for any intelligent political discourse and analysis, and wonder to what extent your mindset and
 thought process reflects those of your readers and other liberals.

 Anyway, I thought I would offer an alternative opinion on why nobody "dares" to debate you in a live chat room.

 Eric is a long-winded fella.
 He's already made his point, which was a good one, but his e-mail went on forever.

 Eric, you have come to a logical but false conclusion.
 In the live debates, things are very, very civil.
 I don't mention that as often as I should, but it's hard to re-mention that every day.
 The debates are always archived and published the next day.

 If my opponent goes crazy (which is often) I don't reply in kind,
 we just end the debate after he ignores a few warnings.

 As proof, here are the transcripts of some past debates:

  Click  Here  to see willcommer

  Click  Here  to see my non-debate with Spider
 (All he wanted to do was scream insults so ity ended early
  Notice I did not engage him in a name-calling contest.).

  Click  Here  to see my debate with Michael Gardner

 Having said that, your e-mail implies that YOU would debate if you had a guarantee that I'd play nice.
 That is the case, but somehow I have a feeling you're going to say you're too busy to do that.

 You see, the internet has millions of right-wingers and Bush supporters, but I'll bet it's been a year
 since one of them had the courage to back up his or Bush's ideas in a live forum. Don't kid yourself
 that the lefties are all mean while the righties are kind, sweet and considerate. If you've been reading
 as long as you say you have, you know my biggest gripe is with the "bend us over" elected Democrats
 who refuse to fight under any circumstances, so let's admit the lack of debates is not solely sue to my harshness.

 If you're not the man for the job, I'll bet you know someone who is.

 Remember, you also have the power to "record" the debate so if I get all nasty and call you names,
 you can then post your copy and prove to all that Bart breaks his word after giving it.

 So - can I count on you to step in the ring since you have my guarantee that it'll be civil?
 Seriously, I don't even get as excited as Carville or Tucker Carlson - it's just the facts.

 Now that you have my guarantee and that transcripts of past performances that prove I'm a nice guy
 when it's one-on-one in the chat room, I'm hoping to hear back from you.

 Lastly, if you're not seeing any humor, you're reading it "funny."

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to spit your bit.

Click for more info


"Against All Enemies is too serious to be called a farce, for it highlights the tragedy of American
  foreign policy in this age of terrorism. Clarke's deep anger with the current administration
  notwithstanding, he has performed a service by reminding America of how Clinton failed to
  protect us from the terrorist threat."
    --Daniel C. Twining, Republican Attribution

 I don't know what book this partisan whore thought he read, but it wasn't Clarke's.
 Clarke said, clear as a bell, that Clinton wanted to go after bin Laden but the CIA
 refused to say bin Laden did the evil deeds until Bush was sworn in.
 Besides, Bush & Cheney keep saying this isn't about one man, it's about a network.

 They want Clinton to be another Bush - meaning they wanted him to execute all possible
 suspects before the evidence was gathered and processed and Clinton wasn't that bloodthirsty.

Garry Trudeau offers $10K to anyone
who saw Bush show up in the ANG

Click for reward details

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