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  In Today's Treehouse...
Chaos Erupts in Central Iraq 
The Clampdown begins
Anger grows on Council
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Thinking the Unthinkable
What's wrong with Eldrick?
Cleric's Movement Gains Steam
The dead: All's Well in Iraq
The Saudis Who Slipped Away


Quote of the Day

"Isn't it time somebody asked Louis Freeh why 
  he was more concerened about, and engaged in, 
  kissing Repubican ass on Capital Hill...and 
  screwing Clinton and Reno over a myriad of faux 
  and minor "scandals," instead of doing his damndest 
  to protect Americans from attack by terrorists?"
     --Hesiod, "Freeh Fire Zone"  Attribution

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Volume 1292 -  Support erodes

  Weekend-Monday   April  10-12, 2004


"A recent report by the GAO found that, so far, Barrett's investigation of the Henry Cisneros
  has cost $20,509,928, plus whatever has been spent over the past six months. An even more
  expensive investigation -- one headed by Kenneth Starr into allegations against Clinton -- officially
  closed last month. Attorney Julie Thomas, who replaced Robert Ray who replaced Starr, pulled the
  plug officially on March 19, ending more than a decade of federal investigation of Clinton. The cost
  of that investigation, which led to Clinton's impeachment and eventual acquittal by the Senate,
  was $72,768,285 through the end of September, according to the GAO."
     --Houston Chronicle,   Attribution

 Don't forget the hundreds of millions the media spent trying to find Clinton guilty of something.

 Decades from now, when the last legally elected president passes, the GOP will dig him up
 so they can investigate him again, ...because protecting us from Al Qaeda isn't the FBI's business.

 Chaos Erupts in Parts of Central Iraq

  Click  Here

  On the anniversary of the fall of Saddam's regime, Baghdad and parts of central Iraq were chaotic.

 One Marine was killed in Fallujah and another wounded in exchanges of fire after U.S. forces
 called a halt to offensive operations in the city, a spokesman said.

 The death - along with those of three Marines a day earlier announced Friday - brought the toll
 of U.S. troops killed across Iraq this week to 46. The fighting has killed more than 460 Iraqis -
 including more than 280 in Fallujah, a hospital official said.  At least 647 U.S. soldiers have died
 in Iraq since the war began in March 2003.

  ...but the networks keep telling us Bush knows what he's doing.

 Bush given hijack alert before 9/11

  Click Here

 The Bush administration was yesterday striving to play down the political impact of a secret document
 it was forced to release warning the president, weeks before the September 11 attacks, about "patterns
 of suspicious activity" in the US "consistent with preparations for hijackings".

 The document, a daily intelligence briefing provided to President George Bush on August 6 2001, also
 mentioned "recent surveillance of federal buildings in New York" and a CIA-FBI investigation into a
 tip-off to the US embassy in the United Arab Emirates alleging an al-Qaida cell was in the US
 "planning attacks with explosives".

 ...and then the never-elected Monkey went on another vacation, but people like the way he handles terrorism?

 Government gets ready for crusade against porn 
  The Clampdown begins - who of us is safe from Bush's Brown Boot Crusade?

"I'll decide what you can see and hear."

  Click  Here

 Lam Nguyen's job is to sit for hours in a chilly, quiet room and look at pornography.
 This job is the focal point of the Justice Department's operation to rid the nation of porn.

 FBI agents detailed to the task are spending millions of dollars to bring obscenity cases to trial
 for the first time in 10 years. Nothing is off limits, they warn, even soft-core cable TV
 programs such as HBO's long-running Real Sex or the adult movies offered in guestrooms of hotels.

 They'll claim they're doing it "to save the children."
 Next it'll be pre-emptive strikes against those who might be wanting to acquire porn.
 Then they'll go after people with (or who read) web sites that "don't promote unity in America," which is you and me.

 ...do they have a good Constitution in Canada?

Click to Vote Bush Out


 Through His ministry and sacrifice, Jesus demonstrated God's unconditional love for us.
 He taught us the importance of helping others and loving our neighbors. His selfless devotion
 and mercy provide a remarkable example for all of us. Now excuse me, I have to bomb Baghdad."
   --America's bloody mass murderer,  Attribution

 Anger Grows on Iraqi Governing Council
  The news keeps getting worse for Bush, Iraq, America and the world

  Click  Here

 Anger grew Friday among U.S.-picked Iraqi leaders over the Marines' bloody siege of Fallujah,
 with one member of the Governing Council suspending his membership and another threatening to quit.

 Several of the council's 25 members spoke out against what they called the "mass punishment" of
 Fallujah's people in thesiege, launched Monday by U.S.forces to uproot Sunni insurgents in the city.

"These U.S. operations were a mass punishment for the people of Fallujah," Pachachi told Al-Arabiya TV.
"It was not right to punish all the people of Fallujah and we consider these operations by the Americans
 unacceptable and illegal."

 That Sadr dude had 20,000 followers at his rally over the weekend.
 Bush has united the Sunnis and ther Shiites against the Great Satan, but the GOP
 and the networks continue to tell us what a great job he's doing, our "war" president..

 Care to comment?

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"Christ was committed to compassion for the most destitute, poor, needy, and forgotten people.
  Today there is a stark difference between conservative ideology and Christian teaching because
  most of the people most strongly committed to the Republican philosophy have adopted the
  proposition that help for the rich is the best way to help poor people."
    --Jimmy Carter, Attribution

 Subject: The media

 At every election season our politicians feel compelled to hoot a few hoots and dance a few jigs for the little people,
 just to make sure we all still believe they are good and decent and trying to do our will. They put on a show they hope
 will force from our minds all memory of their recent betrayals. With fists pounding they shout all the right and sensible
 words we have for so long needed to hear. In other words, they lie to us through their pearly whites.

 Unfortunately this one is shaping up to be the double whammy hootin' nanny lie-fest of all times, with the regular Bush
 and Company cast of characters being accompanied FRONTSTAGE by their entire backstage crew...The American Media!

 Until recently this right-wing owned group of professional power brokers and kingmakers have covertly flavored and bottled
 all significant public discourse while maintaining the appearance of moderation. The truth of the inept and extremely dishonest
 bunglings of this White House has strained the ability of the media to lie, hide and pretend, causing their bias to show like a
 pair of 40 Ds in a training bra. Suddenly, now that it's drawing close to the time when it will be supremely important to our
 suppliers of misinformation that we believe them to be our 'Protectors of  Democracy', they are forced by their own culpability
 to begin to slightly open the spigots of truth, hoping to make a new impression that will help us quickly forget we were ever denied.

 Editorials now speak unexpected truths, disturbing and provocative pictures of our dead and disabled are finally appearing on
 frontpages as if love for our children was somehow put on hold for the past year, and now not even our Oscar nominees are
 being told not to talk about Bush crimes because John Ashcroft will come get you. All of this change is designed to prepare us
 for the selling of the super-duper colossal lie of all time; the lie that George W. Bush has beaten John Kerry.

 We are being worked by a lap dog that is too cowardly to face Bush, and therefore far too cowardly to face the wrath of the
 American people. The likes of Leslie Blitzer (Calls himself Wolf) the staff at Fox News, and the ready-to-snap-under-the-pressure
 CBS management would do well to realize the penalty that lies in store for those who would steal Democracy from the citizens
 of the greatest nation in history.

 Tim W

 D-r-i-v-e  b-y  N-e-w-s

 Support for Iraq conflict erodes: poll
  Approval for Bush's handling of Iraq is down to 44

  Click  Here

 Easter bumps 'Passion' back to top spot
  "It's a religious experience for many people."

  Click  Here

 Time Running Out for Russia Mine Survivors
  "Most likely, they will all be corpses"

  Click  Here

 Disney to reshuffle ABC Network
  They've sunk to a distant fourth place

  Click  Here

 Acceptance of Gays Rises Among New Generation
  You must not act the way you were brought up

  Click  Here

 Thinking Unthinkable Thoughts
  Theologian charges White House with complicity in 9-11 attack

  Click  Here

"...standard operating procedures for dealing with possibly hijacked airplanes were not followed on 9/11.
 Those procedures call for fighter jets to be sent out immediately upon any sign that a plane may have been hijacked.
 These jets typically get to the plane within no later than 15 minutes anywhere in the United States. And on that day,
 there were four airplanes that went for a half-hour or more after they were hijacked without jets intercepting them.

 What's the official explanation of that?

 I'm afraid the press has not done its job. They have not forced government officials to explain why standard operating
 procedures were not followed that day, nor have they pressed the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to explain
 why they didn't report these hijackings as they were supposed to.

 Couldn't it have been that he was trying to project calm in the eye of the storm,
 that this was Bush projecting Churchillian resolve in the face of calamity?

 People who want to believe such things can, of course, imagine such scenarios. But the
 president in a situation like that does not make the decisions; the Secret Service team makes the decisions. And the guys
 in the Secret Service are trained to be ready for a catastrophe like this where they make snap decisions and whisk the
 president to safety immediately. They would have had an escape route planned; they would have had contingencies planned
  - they always do. It is at least not very plausible to think they would have remained there and endangered the lives of all
 the children and teachers at that school in order to exude that Churchillian confidence.

 What about Flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania?

 ...there was debris from the plan eight miles from the crash site, suggesting the plane had been hit and stuff started falling out.
 And one of the engines was found over a mile from the crash site. Of course, if it had been a missile that downed the plane,
 it most likely would have been a heat-seeking missile that would have found the engine and knocked it off.

 It's creepy when a guy makes charges like this and they seem to make sense.
 WHY did all our planes stay on the ground that day?
 WHY wasn't Bush whisked away like Cheney claims he was?
 WHY was that engine found over a mile away?  Did it bounce a mile after hitting the field?
 Worst of all, WHY won't the press or the 9-11 panel ask these simple questions and demand answers?


   Care to comment?

 Subject: Heroes mosaic

 Bart, what's the source of the "Heroes Mosaic" in your latest screed?
 I'd sure like a poster of it to remind me of the true stakes in having Bush in office.


 JP, the big version of it is at:     http://home.ripway.com/2004-1/54222/warpresBIG.jpg

 Where have you gone, Tiger Woods?
  Former champion fades in spotlight

  "I can't find my g-damn ball!"

  Click  Here

 Every few minutes, one of those patented Masters roars would erupt elsewhere.
 Tiger Woods would be trudging into the rough after an errant tee shot, or holding his head
 in his hand after a bad putt, or snatching the ball from the cup like it had just insulted his mother.
 The roars would rise somewhere else, as if on cue, designed to mock him.

 Subject: First Amendment and the reign of Nazism

 Dear Barcop:

 Will there be a funeral for the Constitution of the United States of America?
 One would think that there would be more of an outcry.

 Pity, at least on paper, the Constitution seems like a fairly good and decent way to govern.
 There were all kinds of civil liberties and rights afforded to the citizens and states.
 Oh well, like George Harrison said, "all things must pass."

 Will there be mass book burnings? Torch light marches for the brown shirts?
 At least there will be a whole new set of jobs created. You will have the language police
 and the thought police and the religion police and the you must be a member of the correct
 party police and the concentration camps are going to need guards and they are going to
 need clean-up crews.

 So, we might as well get the whole thing started off on the right note.
 George Bush and all of your pals, you can kiss my ass!

 most sincerely yours,
 Don Nash

  Care to comment?

(c) 2004, salamander.eps

 Subject: Stern

 I am under the impression they merely made permanent the 6 station suspension,
 and that he is still on the air in all the other markets.

 Do you know different?
 Thanks Bartcop!!

 Ron S

 Ron, no.
 We don't get Stern, I have no idea where's he's on, etc.

 Are you saying some stations are sticking with Howard, and are willing to
 pony up $500,000 every time Stern does a fart noiae?
 That would surprise me.

 They changed or are changing the rule to cover each incident, not each show or each day.
 If Stern does 20 fart noises, that's ten millions dollars by my good Catholic math.

 ...and how could the FCC fine only Clear Channel if Howard's on several networks?

 Care to comment?

 Sorry about the long weekend.
 We were in Arkansas, prepping a witness in an SEC investigation.

 My advice?
"I don't remember..."

Marty's Entertainment Page


"It was God who finished Saddam, not the Americans. The Americans broke all their promises to us,
  they have brought their infidel beliefs to Iraq.  We hate them, and they are worse than Saddam."
    -- a man who had been in prison for two years under Saddam,   Attribution

 Iraqi Cleric's Movement Gains Steam 
  The Monkey's never been in this much trouble before

  Click  Here

 At least 20,000 worshippers, about twice the usual number, gathered for weekly prayers at
 a mosque run by radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, indicating that he may be winning sympathy
 from more Shiites as his militia challenges U.S. authority in Baghdad as well as across central and southern Iraq.

 The U.S.-led coalition, however, says the appeal of al-Sadr's movement is limited. But Friday's turnout was
 an indication that al-Sadr's anti-American rhetoric resonates with Shiite youths frustrated by what they see
 as U.S. failures in Iraq and by older clerics' tolerance of the American occupation. .

 Subject: Bob Kerrey

 I think you are absolutely right, Bart; decent human beings do terrible things to other human beings
 when they are imbroiled in a war.  I can attest to this as a combat Infantryman in World War 2, and,
 as I think back to those days, I often feel ashamed of some of the actions of our troops.

 Often, some of our men raped and looted, and in some cases, killed enemy troops who were surrendering.
 In Malmedy, during the Battle of the Bulge, our men, once captured by German troops, were slaughtered by
 their captors, among whom, I am certain, were many "decent", humane people when back home in Stuttgart or Frankfurt.

 This is NOT to say that I have respect for Bob Kerrey; I would have court martialled the murderous bastard,
 rather than decorate him, for killing innocent civilians, including kids.  The horse's ass did not even have sense enough
 to refrain from attacking Clinton as being a liar about a blow-job, when the target should have been a lying president
 who is responsible for hundreds of our men and women being killed and thousands being maimed !

 Keep up the fine work; we need you !

 Irv C

 Two more die When U.S. copter downed in Iraq
  Why are we staying so long with this loser poker hand?

  Click  Here

 Gunmen shot down a U.S. attack helicopter near Baghdad on Sunday, killing two crewmembers.
 A fragile cease-fire held between Sunni insurgents and Marines in the city of Fallujah, while the U.S.
 military suggested it's open to a negotiated solution in its showdown with a radical Shiite cleric in the south.

 We're offering to negotiate?
 First we announce that "It's payback time!" then we say "We're going to arrest Sadr!"
 and now we're asking them for their terms to negotiate?

 I thought if there was one thing Bush could do well it would be
 to play the part of the big, bad bully - but he can't even get that right.

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 Subject: Condi's smirk

 I love your site, keep hammering, the tide just may be turning ...;-)  hopefully anyway!

 Am I the only one who noticed Condi smiling during her testifying before the 9-11 committee?
 John M

 I caught it.
 Once she smirked and layghed and said, "There was no magic bullet," and I'll be damned if the
 networks and big papers didn't use that quote as the headline, as if Sleazy's word was the final authority.

 That almost made me utter an off-color remark.

An excerpt from Show 34

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 Chemicals Maker DuPont to Cut 3,500 Jobs
  But the networks and papers love what Bush is doing for the economy...

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 DuPont, the No. 2 U.S. chemicals maker, on Monday said it will cut 3,500 jobs as part of a
 previously announced plan to reduce costs by $900 million in the face of high raw material prices.

 DuPont late last year announced plans to cut jobs -- with half the cuts to be taken this year and
 the rest next year -- but declined at the time to disclose details. DuPont said that by the end of this year,
 about 3,000 jobs will be eliminated through severance programs and about 500 through normal attrition.

Wal-Mart found a way to save money on greeter uniforms

 Subject: Free Speech

 Your country is on its way to becoming a truly f'd up theocracy.
 In Canada, we're looking closely at de "fence technology" Israel is now deploying.

 If we can't close the border to your lunatics (non-loonies are always welcome here)
 I may have to move to France... uh, oh, sorry ... to Freedom.

 Faithless faithful reader

 If Bush and Asscrack start jailing website owners,
 I'll move to Canada right away, assuming I'm not the first guy seized.

 I mean, there are lots bigger and lots worse sites on the web, so I can't be first, ...right?
 I have no desire to be the next Tommy Chong on Asscrack's "I'll show them" list.

   Care to comment?

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 All's Well in Iraq -- Just Ask the Dead

  Click  Here

 Shell-shocked wives of soldiers are racing home from Oceanside beauty salons to see if their husbands
 are among the latest casualties in Iraq. But there's nothing to worry about.

 The Shiite uprising appears to be throwing the entire country into bloody chaos, and weary American soldiers
 are being ordered to extend their tours of duty. But you have some good moments and some less good moments
 in these kinds of enterprises, as Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said.

 If things were spinning out of control, would President Bush be on Easter holiday at the ranch in Texas,
 where he was visited Thursday by members of the National Rifle Assn., Ducks Unlimited and Pheasants Forever?

 Twelve Camp Pendleton Marines have been killed in the last week, most of them in one horrific battle Tuesday.
 But there's no "major combat" in Iraq, the president's flack assured us even as several cities were under fire and
 up for grabs. It's just that a "relatively small number of extremist elements" are being pesky little insurgents.

 Can you really even call it a war?

 In a war, you honor the dead by greeting their return to American soil. But media, and sometimes even
 family members, are still banned from air bases as the bodies arrive. The White House doesn't want us
 to get the crazy idea that Operation Iraqi Freedom has gravediggers working overtime.

 Subject: Feedback

 At last---an informed opinion that makes sense.
 I don't think anyone reads history or learns from past mistakes anymore.

 You often comment that you are "so old" that you remember one thing or another.
 Well, I'm old enough to be your mother & I remember how we "de-humanized"
 the Japanese---essential if you are going to kill 'em in cold blood.  I was young enough
 to be completely taken in by this propaganda and it is still difficult for me to overcome
 the emotional response to any oriental man.

 We teach our soldiers to kill.  Of course this is essential---but to do this we must override
 whatever moral ethical concerns that drive these people in daily life.  After their service for
 the protection of our country we send 'em back to "civilization" saying thanks, job well done
 now go back to "normal" life.

 All the WWII veterans I know who were involved in actual combat NEVER want to talk about it.
 One man, just before he died, told me about killing a young German boy point blank.  He cried.
 It takes an exceptional person to do the things required in combat then return to normal life,
 forgive him/her self and go on.  I have never met a career soldier who had been involved in
 combat who advocated war as the best solution to any problem.  War is hell.

 I read Bartcop every day & listen to the radio show when I have time.
 You are my life line to sanity in this little Missouri bible belt town.


  Care to comment?

 After 9/11: the Saudis Who Slipped Away
  After 2.5 years, the media finally covers the bin Laden story

  Click  Here

 When the 9/11 commission resumes its hearings Tuesday, it will be fascinating to see
 whether it addresses what may be the most serious security failure related to the attacks:
 the evacuation of about 140 Saudis almost immediately after 9/11.

 Think about it: U.S. intelligence knew that 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi. Analysts
 also knew that Saudi money was a major force behind Al Qaeda. And, of course,
 Osama bin Laden, the perpetrator of the worst crime on American soil, was Saudi.

 It is standard practice in murder investigations to interview friends and relatives of the
 primary suspect. One of the highest U.S. security priorities should have been the interrogation
 of Bin Laden's relatives and other Saudis who, inadvertently or not, may have funded him.

 The never-elected Monkey's father works for the House of Saud.
 They own him.
 That means they get to break whatever rules they want, and they are invulnerable from the law.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and cost   647 675  soldiers their lives - and counting.

Christ, we lost 28 over the weekend?

The homecomings Bush is hiding from the voters


 Bush Vacations While U.S. Soldiers Die
   saw it on smirkingchimp.com

  Click  Here

 The president who authored this disaster is taking it manfully in stride. As The Washington Post reported,
"This is Bush's 33rd visit to his ranch since becoming president. He has spent all or part of 233 days on his
 Texas ranch since taking office ... Adding his 78 visits to Camp David and his five visits to Kennebunkport,
 Bush has spent all or part of 500 days in office at one of his three retreats, or more than 40 percent of his presidency."

 Forty percent of his presidency!

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to spit your bit.


  Subject: Full of garbage

 All you have to do is to listen to any newscast and you get all the liberal sway that
 you can handle at any given show. They cant tell the truth if their life depended on it.

 It is so biased and thank God their is those conservative shows to hear the truth and
 the other side. All you have to do is to go back and listen to the siding of the Clinton
 even though as I remember he was convicted of wrongdoing in the White house.
 (now I know your going to say that his private business.) But you are wrong.

 If he took a limo and went out and picked up Monica and took her to a motel
 that would be his private life. But Monica was on duty and he was in the
 White house and that belongs to all of us and that makes it ( not private).

 Rich Rowe

 One of these days, Koresh willing, I'll run into a Monkey who's willing to bet on this.
 It's so obvious, I'd let the Monkey hand-pick his own jury of monkeys.

 Here's the deal: We pick a date in the near future, like tomorrow.
 The Monkey and I have that one day to collect the other's bias.

 He scours "any newscast" he can find for liberal bias, and I'll take FOX Whore News.
 The next day, we each present five clips that show bias, and the Monkey jury decides
 if FOX is more biased or "any newscast" is more biased.

 But they won't do it, because they know FOX is one giant gaggle of fascist lies.
 Their idea of "liberal bias" is when Dan Rather says,"Jesse Helms is a conservative."
 But FOX will willfully and openly slur John Kerry or Ted Kennedy - then giggle about it.

 Please Lord, just send me one Monkey with a handful of twenties.

 Man Bets Life Savings, Wins $270,000

  Click  Here

 A man who put his life savings on the line Sunday took home $270,600 in a
 double-or-nothing roulette wheel gamble at the Plaza Hotel and Casino.

 Ashley Revell, 32, a London man who liquidated all his possessions to fund this,
 put $135,300 on red at the roulette table as a film crew videotaped his wager.

Garry Trudeau offers $10K to anyone
who saw Bush show up in the ANG

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