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  In Today's Treehouse...
Iraqi Police defect to Sadr 
Troops face enemy at home
The rise of Christian Fascism
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Nine more missing in Iraq
Monkey to talk to press
Another Copter Crashes
Stroke the rich
Ashcroft to take the fall?


Quote of the Day

"People will bend to our will if they are afraid of us."
  - Lt. Col. Brennan Byrne, USMC, in Fallujah,

  I believe that's the BFEE's motto, too.

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Volume 1293 - Decoy Squad

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  Tuesday   April  13, 2004


"These ideologues are masking their profoundly un-American activities with the best cover
  known to mankind: fear. As a Republican, I mourn the death of my party, but more important,
  as an American, I fear the radical dysfunction of my government.  This self-proclaimed "war
  president" chuckles and mocks us and furthers the essential Raw Deal of his administration:
  'The only thing we have to fear is not fearing enough.' "
     --Dirk Sabin,  Attribution

 Defection of Iraqi Police Concerns U.S.
  Have you ever seen a president make a bigger mess?

  Click  Here

 Some U.S.-trained Iraqi policemen have defected to the insurgent forces of al-Sadr and some
 other Iraqi security forces have failed to fulfill their duties in recent days, the U.S. commander said Monday.

 Al-Sadr's supporters still control the holy city of Najaf and parts of Karbala, Sanchez said. Coalition forces
 have encircled those cities to be prepared to move against al-Sadr's militia at some point, he added.
 The coalition's mission is to kill or capture al-Sadr, Sanchez said.

 But the Iraqi Governing Council will disband if they do that.
 Who the hell are they going to turn power over to on June 30?

 Broken US troops face bigger enemy at home
  The Pentagon is sending unfit soldiers back to Iraq before they are ready

  Click Here

 Jason Gunn came within inches of death when the Humvee he was driving hit a roadside bomb,
 killing his sergeant. The entire left side of Gunn's body was splattered with shrapnel, his elbow was
 shattered and, as he lay in the US military hospital bed in Germany, he was tortured by nightmares.

 Gunn told his mother, Pat, that his commanders were putting pressure on him to return to Iraq, but
 there was no way he was getting on that plane. A few hours later, he was airborne. This week,
 Gunn's distraught mother received a first official response to her demands to know why a soldier,
 who was being treated by military doctors for combat stress, was sent back to the war.

 The note, which acknowledged Gunn suffered post-traumatic stress, said: "After discussion of his
 case it was determined ...this may be in his best interest mentally to overcome his fear by facing it.
 Therefore, he has been cleared for redeployment." .

 So, like the famous Patton case, all a stressed-out soldier needs is a good slap and to be told, "You're a coward!"



 George Bush and the Rise of Christian Fascism

  "There is but one true God - me."

  Click  Here

 Iraq, for example, was a necessary war whether or not Saddam had nukes. Saddam, for Bush, was a
 bad guy who tried to kill "my dad". The war, for Bush, was holy and justified and necessary. Purging evil
 is necessary in the Holiness/Holy War tradition of the Bible. The righteous will purge evil but the unrighteous
 will be consumed by it. Think of an alcoholic: it's all or nothing. The whole world is all or nothing.

 It goes without say the "demon liberals" are an enemy, too.

Click to Vote Bush Out


"If a man who can't swim jumps in the water and you hope he'll drown, the best thing to do
  is simply let him drown. Pointing out to bystanders that the man was stupid to jump in the
  water when he didn't know how to swim will only prompt someone to jump in to save him.
  Bush will sink to the bottom without any assistance on Kerry's part."
   -- Mark Freeman,  Attribution

 That's wishful thinking.
 Bush has $200,000,000 and the major media players on his side.
 The press will say 1,000 times, "Bush is a great swimmer," even if he drowns.

 60% of U.S. firms escaped taxes during boom
  Then Bush gave them billions in tax refunds they never paid


  Click  Here

 More than 60 percent of U.S. corporations didn't pay any federal taxes for 1996 through 2000,
 years when the economy boomed and corporate profits soared, says the General Accounting Office.

 The disclosures are certain to fuel the debate over corporate tax payments in the presidential campaign.

 Will Kerry talk about it?

 Care to comment?

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"For all Condoleezza Rice's practiced skill at defending President Bush, her long-awaited grilling
  by the Sept. 11 commission yesterday raised new questions about how attentive her boss was to the
  threat of a terrorist attack and whether he is following the right strategy for defending the country
  by waging war in Iraq. Bush didn't have to read beyond the title of an intelligence document he
  received while on vacation in Texas on Aug. 6, 2001, to know that Osama bin Laden's ambition
  went beyond overseas attacks - which were the focus of most of what Rice said was the terrorist
  threat information received up to that point. The title, revealed by Rice under questioning by
  Richard Ben-Veniste, was "Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States."
     --Mark Matthews, Attribution

 Subject: Tiger Woods suggestion

 I've viewed your site for years, and am still baffled by your seemingly blind hatred for Tiger Woods.

 I don't hate him, I just refuse to buy this nutty, pre-fabricated, Madison Avenue "Mr Perfect" nonsense.

 Besides his organization the "Tiger Woods Foundation" why should he feel responsible to give away more
 or speak out on causes? I'm sure there are hundreds, maybe thousands of athletes who make millions,
 and aren't involved in politics at all. That's why I don't get why you don't go after Vijay Singh? Phil Mickelson?
 Fred Couples? Lebron James? Barry Bonds? Payton Manning? Why is it always just Tiger?

 Eldrick is the first black superstar in a solidly white man's game.
 Of course he has a duty to speak out, but he can make more money as whitey's tool, so he remains silent.

 You've probably explained all this before, though I can't read every issue, and eventually forget a lot of stuff,
 this is why I think you should make a page explaining your view on Tiger Woods, explain exactly what your
 problem with him is, you can refer to it when people write you about Tiger, and when you attack him for not
 winning every single tournament.

 Eldrick is a good golfer, but the PGA hype machine makes him "Player of the Year" when he can't even win a major.
 This is about rich Republicans making money, and Tiger's playing along in silence.  I can't fault a man for trying to put food
 on his family, but how many hundreds of millions of dollars does Eldrick need in the bank before his conscience kicks in?

 He wouldn't even help the ladies at Augusta, even tho those same doors were closed to "his kind" until very, very recently.

 D-r-i-v-e  b-y  N-e-w-s

 Seven Chinese Kidnapped in Iraq, China Urges Rescue
  Why kidnap the Chinese?   They're not helping Bush murder Iraq, are they?

  Click  Here

 Audits of Businesses Down Last Year
 Under Bush, you don't have to pay taxes unless you're a poor Democrat

  Click  Here

 End 'Logic of Death' in Iraq, Mideast, Pope Says
  Urged world leaders to bring peace to Iraq, Middle East

  Click  Here

 Fallujah become the anti-American rallying point
  Iraqi TV is showing dead Fallujah children lying in the street in pools of blood

  Click  Here

 11 Russians Kidnapped, then freed in Baghdad, Jazeera TV Says
  Kidnapped after a shootout between the abductors and their Iraqi guards

  Click  Here

 Nine Americans missing in Iraq
  Why would anyone volunteer to go to Iraq?

  Click  Here

 A shaky truce between U.S. Marines and Sunni Muslim guerrillas held in Falluja Monday
 after more talks to calm Iraq's bloodiest fighting since the fall of Saddam, and the U.S. military
 said two U.S. soldiers and seven American contractors were missing.

 The American contractors, who worked for Halliburton, vanished after an attack on a
 U.S. fuel convoy just west of Baghdad Friday.

  Care to comment?

 Monkey holds press conference tonight
  Helen Thomas to be kidnapped and gagged at 4 PM EST

  Click  Here

 The Never-elected Monkey will hold his first solo news conference of the year on Tuesday night
 to update Americans on his quagmire after a tough week of fighting militant Shi'ites and Sunnis.

"We are at a critical period in Iraq and the president looks forward to talking to the American people
 and updating the American people where we are in Iraq right now and where we are headed,"
 lied White House spokesman Scott McClellan.

 I guess I'll record that for a Monkey Beatdown in Show 35.


 I recently discovered I shorted an advertiser.

 If I have shorted you, or owe you something, please contact sam@bartcop.com

 Subject: Comments

 Hey Bart

 Have you ever thought of putting a "comments" option after your commentary in the page?
 I think it would make it easier for people to comment on your thoughts and stories posted by you.
 Besides, it would be wonderful if RW nuts comment.

 Think about it?

 That's a good idea.

  Care to comment?


"I talked to a lot of senior Republicans with a lot of political experience in the last 48 hours,
  and they're concerned primarily about a couple of things.  They think the images coming out
  of Crawford are just terrible.  It doesn't look like the president is in charge it.  It doesn't look
  like he's concerned.  They're particularly concerned that he doesn't seem to be showing more
  empathy for the families and for the troops in Iraq.  I think they're hearing a lot from Republicans
  around the country, "Hey, this has got to stop.  You've got to get your act together and you've
  got to convey that you are in charge."
     --Lisa Myers, (R-Whore) on "Meet the Press" Attribution

 Subject: It's probably already too late

 Let me share a little known fact with you bud ...

 The very week that Asscraft got his emergency powers to stop terrisom, the Feds of Humboldt County, Ca.
 started pulling over drivers and searching their vehicles without warrants, because they happened to be driving
 in a known "pot producing " area!   Search and siezure laws, and probable cause be damned!

 You think they don't already have your name and number ? Thing that Really worries me is; since we didn't
 legally elect the dumb fkr (shrub) what makes us think he will step down if we now elect someone else?
 He has shown a distinct lack of concern for legal precidents already ! And he sure doesn't give a damn
 what anyone else thinks.  Better Impeach the bastard while we still have some due process left !


 Care to comment?

 9/11 Panel Is Said to Offer Harsh Review of Ashcroft
  Rumors are that Ashcroft will be sacrificed/blamed for everything

  Click  Here

 Draft reports by the 9-11 panel portray Ashcroft as largely uninterested in terrorism before Sept. 11
 despite intelligence warnings that summer that Al Qaeda was planning a large, perhaps catastrophic,
 terrorist attack, panel officials and others with access to the reports have said.

 The draft reports, they said, quote the F.B.I.'s former counterterrorism chief, Dale Watson, as saying
 he "fell off my chair" when he learned that Mr. Ashcroft had failed to list combating terrorism as one of
 the department's priorities in a March 2001 department-wide memo.

 Stop acting like this is a surprise!
 The whole country knew Ashcroft was insane when they confirmed him.

 Instead of doing his job, he went after pot smokers in San Francisco, the right-to-die people
 in Oregon, hookers in New Orleans and Tommy Chong while giving Osama a pass.

 The senate Democrats gave up their right to criticioze this monster when they confirmed him.
 Why didn't the Democrats do their damn jobs?

 "We love John Ashcroft and his law enforcement ideas.
  We'll confirm every Nazi bastard Bush sends us if he was in our club!"

 Check the back issues - again and again I said, "At some point, a Democrat will
 break out and ask for our vote, but where the hell is he right now, in 2002?"
 That's another reason I liked Clark - he didn't rubber stamp every move Bush made.

 Obviously I'm voting Kerry, but only because he's not Bush.
 Kerry stood there and let this happen and NOW he says we need change?
 Hey John, thanks for finally waking the hell up!

  Care to comment?

Marty's Entertainment Page


"I kick myself for not paying more attention to the 1994 governor's race in Texas. A lot of the routines
  we saw brought to Washington were given a trial run then. As an attack dog for the Republican Party
  in Texas, Hughes was able to attack Gov. Ann Richards in a way that the good ol' boys in Texas probably
  couldn't have done. By the time George Bush came to run for office he didn't need to engage in personal
  attacks on this beloved grandmother governor, because she had already been weakened by years of
  criticism and relentless attack by the Hughes-Rove spin machine.. She is somebody who has seen that if
  you can define the lines very simply, and eliminate the critical thinking and gray areas, then you present
  the public with harsh, sharp options that make it difficult to have the informed, complex debates that we
  need to have. That was genius for her candidate, and tragedy for democracy."
   --Laura Flanders, in a Salon interview, Attribution

 Stroke the rich 
  The IRS isn't what you think it is

  Click  Here

 The federal tax system that millions of Americans are forced to deal with before April 15 is not at all what you think it is.
 Congress has changed it in recent decades from a progressive system in which the more one earns the more one pays in income taxes.
 It has become a subsidy system for the super rich.

 Through explicit policies, as well as tax laws never reported in the news, Congress now literally takes money from those making
 $30,000 to $500,000 per year and funnels it in subtle ways to the super rich -- the top 1/100th of 1 percent of Americans.

 People making $60,000 paid a larger share of their 2001 income in federal income, Social Security and Medicare taxes than
 a family making $25 million, the latest Internal Revenue Service data show. And in income taxes alone, people making $400,000
 paid a larger share of their incomes than the 7,000 households who made $10 million or more.

 The super rich have stopped paying taxes.
 If you can afford a top-dollar accountant, you can incorporate in the Bahamas and not pay any taxes.

 I watched a documentary last night called "Orwell Rolls in his Grave," where they explain this.
 Congress is passing tax laws that benefit only a handful of the super-richest families in America.
 The press won't report this because they're owned by those few super-rich individuals.

 We have to do something while we still have a country worth fighting for.


"Every single American we lose grieves us all.  We have to prepare the American people
  for further casualties.  And when we see these pictures of the families and the ceremonies,
  the funerals, it grieves us all.  But they are fighting...for the noblest of all causes."
     --John McCain, lying his ass off for The Monkey Attribution

 Another U.S. Copter Crashes, Burns Near Fallujah

  Click  Here

 There was no immediate word on casualties from the crash of the helicopter, which
 a reporter saw burning east of Fallujah. Witnesses said they saw a rocket hit the craft.

 U.S. troops who converged on the site were attacked by gunmen, the reporter said.
 Witnesses said four U.S. soldiers were hit

 Are we going to be reading this same story in 2010?  In 2015?
 Are we bogged down in this quagmire for a decade?  For two decades?
 If you like war and headlines like these, be sure to vote Bush this year.

 Subscribe today!

 Subject: Stern

 All the HUGE headlines about Howard Stern's show being dropped by
 SIX Clear Channel stations is an example of media distortion.

 Stern's show is all over the nation on Infinity Broadcasting which is a major rival to Clear Channel
 so all the huffing and puffing by Clear Channel --  "see we dropped his obscenity from SIX channels"
 -- elicits in me a big whoopdedoo! So friggin' what.

 As numerous websites state (rather obliquely), Howard Stern's show is NOT carried by Clear Channel.

"Stern's show is syndicated by Infinity Broadcasting, a unit of Viacom Inc."
  USA Today:   http://www.usatoday.com/life/people/2004-02-25-stern-off_x.htm?POE=LIFISVA

  Here is the site for Infinity Broadcasting: where it says:

"The company, headquartered in New York City, owns approximately 180 radio stations
 located in 22 states in the nation's largest markets."

 Infinity Fined for Howard Stern Show Broadcast in 2001

 Infinity stations to keep Howard Stern on the air

"Shock jock Howard Stern, whose radio show was yanked in six cities across the country, will continue to
 be aired on about 40 stations owned by his syndicator, Infinity Broadcasting, company executives said Thursday."

 Simon Seamount

 So again I ask the question:.  How can they afford to keep Stern on the air if Ashcroft is
 threatening to fine the stations $495,000 for each joke of Stern's that they decide is indecent?

 Don't tell me, "He makes them a lot of money" because they could decide Stern did
 60 "bad things" per show and fine Infinity $30M per show.  Can someone explain that?

 Do they think the religiously insane people are bluffing?

An excerpt from Show 34

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"The president is not stupid."
    --Bush family friend Franklin Graham, Attribution

  Isn't it sad when preachers lie?

 Subject: Stern


 howard stern is on air in most of the country. it was only 6 clear channel stations that he got yanked from.
 Clear Channel was being brough before the FCC and congress right before they dropped him.

 So far - clear channel is the only station owner to be hit by a fine stemming from stern's broadcast
 - the complaintant heard the broadcast on a clear channel station - this was an older complaint from
 3 YEARS AGO - just being brought up now in the frenzy following janet jackson's nipple.
 As stern sees it - the wave of fines will eventually hit all the other stations and he'll lose his show permanently.


 So the situation is crazier than I thought.
 It's like fining the affiliate in Jackson, Mississippi for Janet Jackson, but no other affiliates, right?
 I know they're insane, but I thought they'd at least try to hide behind a sane facade.

   Care to comment?

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"Tthose of us who have advocated for the resolution of international conflict
  in a peaceful fashion are looked upon as being unpatriotic, branded that way
  by right-wing religious groups, the Bush administration, and other Republicans."
     --Jimmy Carter,  Attribution

 Subject: Chinaco Anejo


 This weekend I spent more on a bottle of booze than ever in my life.
 Took it home and had my first-ever sip of Chinaco Anejo.
 Bought solely on your recommendation.

 Another thing to thank you for.

 Salut! Skaal! Kerry in '04!

  Care to comment?

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and cost   675 679  soldiers their lives - and counting.

"Today, on bended knee, I thanked the good Lord
for protecting our troops overseas."
--Dubya,  Attribution

The homecomings Bush is hiding from the voters



"The screeching chatter in the spring and summer of 2001 - "There will be attacks in the near future"
  - did not yank Bush and his team from their Iraq fixation. "But they don't tell us when," Rice protested.
"They don't tell us where, they don't tell us who, and they don't tell us how."

  Paging Nancy Drew.

  Inconclusive intelligence did not bother the Bush team when it wanted to be "actionable" on Iraq,
  or engage in "tit for tat" with Saddam...On Iraq, they ran roughshod over the system. On Al Qaeda,
  Condi blamed the system, saying she couldn't act on Richard Clarke's plan until there was a strategy,
  a policy, "tasking," meetings, etc."
   --Maureen Dowd, who hates everybody - this week it's Rice  Attribution

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to spit your bit.

 Subject: Radio Show 6

 I was digging through the archives and finally found a show where you went off on religion,
 so now I can respond.

 You think Christians are religious because of tradition.  No, it's because of _history_,
 and I could prove it to you in a live chat room.  But since you won't do that...

 Who said I refuse to debate in the chat room?

 (you'll tell me one of Bart's Laws: I'm free to believe whatever I want,
 as long as I admit that I'm nuts), I'll just hit you with two questions:

 1) Those guys who wrote detailed first-hand reports about seeing Jesus risen from the dead,
 were they lying or just crazy?

 Gee, it's hard to say.
 The way I remember it, Easter morning they saw that the giant boulder was rolled away and they leaped
 to the incredibly wild conclusion that the dead man awoke and used his immense strength to move the giant rock.
 The story doesn't exactly begin on a foundation of logic.

 Plus, someone told me they didn't start writing the Bible until the 400s, which means it was a story passed down
 thru dozens and dozens of generations. Add to that, the versions of the Bible don't even agree, right?

 2) When they were in their 30th year of poverty and imprisonment, why didn't they just admit they were lying?

 Are you talking about the apostles?
 They weren't following Jesus from the age of three, so I have no idea what you mean.
 To whom should "they" admit they were lying, and about what?

 That said, I do agree with you that religion should be kept out of government, and Falwell's a bastard,
 and Catholics are crazy (protestants have it right).

 ha ha
 You've discovered the "true" religions, and you know the Catholics are kidding?

 And about the collection plate, my church's accounting books are open,
 and I can assure you that nobody's getting rich from bilking the old ladies.
 Pastors make $20K after 8+ years of college.

 You're making me do a lot of guessing, but you're saying Protestant churches are accountable?
 I've never heard that about any church before, so I can't say you're wrong, but I'm pretty sure
 Oral Roberts and Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson and the Catholics all have secret ledgers.

 Here are two more questions to try and steer you away from your wilder
 conspiracy theories as you go more mainstream:

 1) When super-evil BFEE ringleader George H W Bush finally got the presidency after
 eight long years, why did he govern like a moderate?

 I don't know, but Rush called Herbert a "Clinton clone" for years.
 Yes, compared to his son Adolph, Herbert governed almost like a liberal.

 2) If the Bush cartel and Osama were in cahoots, why didn't they draft a script to make
 Bush look like a big hero after 9/11, instead of sending him down a rabbit hole?

 No need to - the press says he was "bold and decisive" on 9-11.

 I do love the radio shows, though.  And they needs more Shirley.

 I'll pass that on to Tommy Mack.


"On Aug. 6, he is handed a briefing that says, 'FBI picks up activity consistent with a hijacking.
  The thing is titled, 'Bin Laden Determined To Strike Within the United States.'
  He continues the longest presidential vacation in history."
   --James Carville,  Attribution

 FBI, Justice Dept. to Face 9/11 Panel
  Will any of the important questions be asked?

  Click  Here

 The 9-11 panel is turning its spotlight on the FBI and Justice Department with commisson members
 seeking to determine what law enforcement officials did when confronted with the rising threat of an al-Qaida attack.

"The FBI is going to have to answer the question: 'Why didn't they deliver the information up? Did they get
 clear instructions from the top that it should be delivered up?'" said Bob Kerrey, a Democratic stan in the back.

 Wow - Kerrey forgot to blame "the very, very good liar" Bill Clinton in those sentences.
 Did he have a stroke?

Garry Trudeau offers $10K to anyone
who saw Bush show up in the ANG

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