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Show 35 - Bush's Breakdown Beatdown, is UP
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  In Today's Treehouse...
Boy King begs UN for help
America's Ayatollah
AAR yanked in L.A, Chicago
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Conason: Bush Must Explain 
Jobless Claims Higher  
Election Timebomb: Iraq
The coming Cali quake
Lyons: Bush goes Fishing


Quote of the Day

"If Clinton only met with Tenet twice, then he
  met with Lewinsky more than the CIA director. 
  Remember, 'It's his private life, doesn't have
  anything to do with the way he does his job'? 
  Can we revise that, now?"  
    --Rush the vulgar Pigboy,   Attribution

 But Rush, there's a difference:
 We have almost 3600 American dead with Bush.
 Clinton gave us 8 years of peace and prosperity.

"I need my vacations."

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Volume 1295 - The Stumbling Bumble-Monkey

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  Taxday   April  15, 2004      Poor libs have to pay taxes - rich GOP fat cats have Bahama loopholes


"I was depressed. I am obviously a supporter of the war, so I don't need to be convinced.
  But among people who were doubtful or worried, I don't think he made arguments that
  would convince them. He didn't explain how we are going to win there."
      --William Kristol, who usually lies    Attribution

 Boy King shaken, begs UN for help
  Never-elected Fraud in trouble even Daddy can't fix

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 With a truce crumbling and Bush calling for a key U.N. role to keep Iraq's political
 transition moving amid the violence, a top U.N. envoy proposed an Iraqi caretaker
 government in a formula that abandons a U.S.-favored plan.

 The killing of an Italian security guard is the first known execution of a foreign hostage
 in Iraq and could further dissuade international aid workers, contractors and journalists,
 some of whom are already restricting their activities in the country. Wednesday, Russia
 announced it will evacuate its citizens.

 With 22 foreigners currently held captive and at least 87 U.S. troops killed by mid-April,
 the unprecedented violence has largely eclipsed the political process. .

 Besides a sudden and not-gonna-happen Iraqi surrender, what can save Bush's Folly?

 America's Ayatollah 

 "I will remake Earth in Iraq's image, and,
  so help me Diebold, nothing can stop me..."

  Click  Here

 What matters more is the phrase Bush used five times in one way or another: "We're changing the world."
 He used it always in reference to the war in Iraq and he used it in ways that would make even Woodrow Wilson,
 that presidential personification of naive morality, shake his head in bemusement. In Bush's rhetoric, a war to rid
 Hussein of his weapons of mass destruction, a war to ensure that Condoleezza Rice's "mushroom cloud" did not
 appear over an American city, has mutated into an effort to reorder the world.

 "I also know that there's an historic opportunity here to change the world,' Bush said of the effort in Iraq.
 But the next sentence was even more disquieting. "And it's very important for the loved ones of our troops
 to understand that the mission is an important, vital mission for the security of America and for the ability to
 change the world for the better." It is one thing to die to defend your country. It is quite another to do that
 for a single man's impossible dream. What Bush wants is admirable. It is not, however, attainable.

 The nut-freak is getting his orders directly from God, like The Son of sam, or that Texas mother who killed her
 by beating their heads in with rocks.   Plus, he keeps changing the reason why we had to rape Iraq.  First is was
 to protect America's East Coast from "imminent danger."  Then it was "to save the world from the most dangerous
 man in the world's most dangerous region. Then it was "to introduce democracy to the Middle East.".  Then it was
 "to free the Iraqi people," and now his personal Invisible Cloud Being is telling him that he needs to do to the people
 of the whole world what the crazy bastard has done to the people of Iraq.

 Oh Lord, what did we do to make you so terribly angry at us?

 Please God, bring back Nixon and Reagan - they were crooks, but they were relatively harmless.
 Couldn't we have Moses's seven plagues instead of this Disaster Monkey?

  Care to comment?

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"After about 45 minutes, [Bush] seemed to fade a bit. His dodge of the Mike Allen question about
  why he was testifying jointly with Dick Cheney before the 9/11 Commission was so transparent it
  was hard to watch. His fumble of the Sammy Sosa/mistakes question was also cringe-inducing..."
      --Rich Lowry, GOP wannabe poseur and Bush fellatist  Attribution

 Reminder: BCR Show 35 is Bush's Breakdown Beatdown

 Air America Radio Yanked in L.A, Chicago
  Click  Here

 Air America attorney David Goodfriend said it had stopped payment on the checks
 because Multicultural was selling time on the California station it had already leased to
 the new network. "We are not going to be bullied," Goodfriend said Wednesday, after
 the network filed suit in State Supreme Court in New York demanding that it be restored
 to the airwaves. Broadcasts in New York and the network's more than a dozen other
 affiliates were not affected.

 The whores at CNN are reporting this story with such breathless glee.
 "After only two weeks, Air America is already off the air," as if to suggest they
 figured they'd have a four-week run, and they did even worse than CNN expected.

 They want to be FOX Whore News sooooooooooooo badly.


 Care to comment?

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"I'm with this guy, I'm on his side. Still, there is just something about a
  Bush speech, or news conference, that fails to stir my blood. I'm sorry,
  but I think the President is desperately, hopelessly inarticulate."
     --John Derbyshire, who said Chelsea Clinton should be killed   Attribution

 Subject: Bartcop racist?

 I thought Janet Jackson on Saturday night live as Condi Rice was total vindication.
 The writers of SNL must be bartcop readers, bravo

Radio archives of many liberal shows

 Bush Must Explain Why Washington Slept
    by Smoking Joe Conason

  Click  Here

"In accordance with the blustering attitude always favored by the Bush White House, Mr. Ashcroft
 kept calling himself "tough" during his appearance before the 9/11 commission. Then he tried to shift
 blame to his predecessors and to former President Bill Clinton.

 Like Mr. Ashcroft, the administration has taken an unapologetic stance: to change the subject, to filibuster
 the hard questions, to feign toughness and to portray all critics as unreasonable partisans. The administration's
 principal argument seems to be that the attacks of Sept. 11 could not have been prevented because there was
 no specific warning about when, where and by what means Al Qaeda's assassins planned to strike.

 Yet the President will still have to explain why he and his cabinet performed so feebly back then. That old
"blame Clinton" theme accompanied Mr. Bush's entry into the Oval Office - and if he doesn't come up with
 anything more convincing, it may serve as his exit music, too."

  Care to comment?

 Subject: Gotta go

 Gotta go, Ol Bart.
 First I read Stan Goff's article at Counterpunch.org.

 Then last night I heard Mike Ruppert (fromthewilderness.com) and have decided that they are right.
 Ruppert said that deciding between Bush and Kerry is like deciding if you want to be ruled by the
 Gambinio Crime Family or the Gotti Crime Family.
 So, you're working to elect the Bush Monster?
 Because two web sites (allegedly) claimed that Kerry = Bush?
 I'll bet neither web site owner would defend that in our live chat room.
 Are they saying Kerry would get 700 soldiers killed for no reason?.

 I read or heard someone say 30 years ago "If voting really made any difference it would be banned."
 I never forgot the comment so it must have made an impression on me.
 So goodbye, Ol Bart.  I have enjoyed your humor for a couple of years.
 For me...I have decided to make a living by SHORTING evil stocks.
 I think I will start off with the MOST evil...Walmart.  Then there is GE.  And EXXON.
 Oh me.  There is NO shortage of stocks to short.

 In your confusion, you apparently have decided that I am Wal-Mart, GE and Exxon/Mobile.
 That makes me think I'm not losing a lot by your self-imposed exile from common sense.

 Join me Bart.
 Let someone else into the "Let's Change Things" game.
 Let's me and you short Walmart.

 Wait, first you say, "Goodbye" and then you say, "Join me?"
 Is that an empty bottle of Cuervo Gold in your hand?

 You didn't say if you were dropping out or voting Nader,
 but either action makes the BFEE stronger - you can't see that?

 Reading  bartcop.com  does not help Bush or BIG oil, but if you can't tell
 the difference between Kerry and Bush, I wish you and Counterpunch.org
 and fromthewilderness.com the best of luck and long lives.

 ...and Karl Rove says thanks, too.

 D-r-i-v-e  b-y  N-e-w-s

 Bush Lied About Mustard Gas at the Libyan Turkey Farm
  White House forced to admit amount was less than half of Bush's claim

  Click  Here

 Heavy Social Drinkers Show Brain Damage, Study Finds
  That explains a lot about the never-elected "president"

  Click  Here

 GOP Worried About Iraq's Role at Polls
  They can't keep the lid on BUSH'S BIG LIE forever

  Click  Here

 New Yorkers love Hillary
  Clinton's job-approval rating at 62%

  Click  Here

 Rapper Lil' Kim Charged With Obstruction
  She failed to help in a gang shooting case - would you?

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 Subject: someone's using your name

 Hey, dude, I happened to stumble across this interesting tidbit in a review of a William Rivers Pitt book.
 Someone's ripping you off--I don't think you'd say this at all!


 Click  Here

 (search for 'bart')
> Propoganda Pamphlet, April 5, 2004
> Reviewer: Bartcop from tulsa

> I read, oh maybe 3-4 pages of Mr.Pitts new epic masterpiece and I agree with the reviewer from Boston..
> This book is pure crap!

> Mr.Pitt ignores fact and just makes up his anti-bush rhetoric as fits him.
> Just another angry liberal folks..nothing to see here.Environmentalists should be fuming mad
> that trees had to die to make this propoganda pamplet.

 Eddy, you're right - that's one of my stalkers masturbating with his keyboard again.  It's amazing how many
 GOP wackos live and breathe  bartcop.com   They anticipate each issue, and they refresh their browsers
 every other minute hoping that today's issue will appear so they can gulp down every single word.
 All that obsessive/compulsive behavior and  bartcop.com  is still unknown by 99.99 of America.
 I haven't read Pitt's book, but I know he does great work.

  Care to comment?


Unka Dick, thanks for being my testifyin' buddy.
While yer talking, would it look queer if we held hands?

...why you cryin' Unka Dick?
Did I say something sad?


 Health Bills Cost Some Seniors Their Homes
  The Disaster Monkey forecloses on America's seniors

 "So, ...work harder!"

  Click  Here

 Some Nevada senior citizens say they fear losing their homes to the state after the Nevada
 Supreme Court upheld state liens on the estates of people who received Medicaid health care costs.

"They should warn people when they receive Medicaid that they are given a loan," said Henry
 Ringel, 79, of Las Vegas. "I love this country, but when we pass away we won't be able to leave
 our son anything. I worked for our home and now they can steal it away." .

 The Bush Family Evil Empire has bankrupted America to feed the already super-rich.



"Some have said we must not act until the threat is imminent.
  Since when have the terrorists and tyrants announced their intentions,
  politely putting us on notice before they strike?"
     --Dubya, explaining that if they murder without warning, we should, too.  Attribution

 Jobless Claims Higher Than Expected
 Yet the Monkey runs on the economy and the Quagmire?

  Click  Here

 First-time claims for state unemployment benefits climbed to 360,000
 in the week ended April 10, their highest level since early February,
 from a revised 330,000 in the prior week, the Labor Department said.

 The increase in initial claims was the largest weekly rise since December 2002.

  History and common sense say you have to vote Democrat
  You Kerry = Bush nuts should take note of the facts

  Care to comment?

 Subject: Bart the Okie?

 I read somewhere on your site that you hailed from Oklahoma.
 If so,, thank goodness,, as it gives me some hope and maybe even a little ( long in waiting ) state pride.
 Here I was,,,, thinking that the overwhelming majority of okies were moralistically-bombastic,
 easily-led morons who made the hill folks from Deliverance look like Stephen Hawking.
 That part is true.

 Yet, you not only survived but, as evidenced from the content of your excellent site,,  intellectually prospered.
 So maybe,,, maybe,, I'll hang around here a little longer.
 In closing, wherever you hail from, thanks for the levity. I sorely need it.
 Charles N

Marty's Entertainment Page


"Bush was on TV Tuesday holding a press conference. The Fox Network
  postponed "American Idol" due to the conference. Even though it wasn't on,
  many confused fans still called in trying to vote for the old white rapper."

 Election Timebomb: Uprising in Iraq could derail Bush 
   saw it on  veteransforcommonsense.org

  Click  Here

 President George Bush was yesterday struggling to prevent the escalating violence in Iraq
 from engulfing his re-election campaign, after his worst political week this year triggered
 bipartisan calls for a rethink of US strategy there.

 Fighting spread across the country as the US-led coalition fought a two-front war against Sunni
 rebels concentrated in the western town of Falluja and a radical Shia uprising in south and central Iraq.

 Thirty American soldiers and 130 Iraqis have been killed since the weekend in Falluja, where heavy
 combat continued last night. Unconfirmed reports said US planes fired rockets yesterday, destroying
 four houses and killing 26 Iraqis.


"Bush clearly did not stretch himself on the Aug. 6 memo. No evidence has yet been offered
  that he interrupted his summer vacation or called any meetings to consider its implications.
  The same Bush stretched Saddam's false threat to the point where seven out of 10 Americans
  believed Saddam played a role in 9/11. Bush pleads ignorance on Al Qaeda. He pleads ignorance
  on Iraq's nonexistent weapons of mass destruction. It will always be unclear whether a less ignorant
  Bush could have prevented 9/11. It is crystal clear that Bush's ignorant rush into Iraq has resulted
  in the deaths of thousands of people. Bush is gambling that ignorance over intelligence is bliss."
     --Derrick Z. Jackson,   Attribution

 Bush cannot be treated
  He must be surgically removed

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 The only way for Democrats to defeat the White House's fanatical culture of fear,
 greed and disunity is by asking the best, not the worst, of Americans.

 To be honest, Arianna's Treehouse privileges were suspended last year because of her apparent
 (I don't have a staff) disregard for the wishes of the 2002 California voters by endorsing the historical
 and ill-fated recall that put Culli-fornia under the thumb of an uneducated, privileged and wealthy moron.

 Some might call her California's Nader, but that's probably too harsh.

 I didn't used to like her,
 but then she came over to the good side,
 and I really enjoyed her writings for several years,
 but then she suffered an anti-democratic relapse last year,
 and now she's back to help us make America less Nazi-dependent.

 I say we let Arianna back in the Treehouse.

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 Subject: Taking responsibility for 9-11


 Bushie is unable to understand why people think he should take any sort of personal responsibility for 9/11.
 Should he?  After all, it was the terrorists who did it!  Let's examine some analogies...

 Let's say that I'm your bodyguard.  You and I are walking through New York City, in a good area, when we are
 suddenly attacked by a larger group of muggers.  I fight back but am overwhelmed, and you are injured and robbed.
 Since you hired me to prevent such an attack, I must take personal responsibility -- even though the muggers carried
 out the attack and I had done everything I could to prevent it.

 Now let's look at a much closer analogy.  I'm still your bodyguard and we still walk through New York.  I tell you
 to take a short cut through a bad part of town, even though it's obvious that two people dressed like we are,
 looking like we do, will be targets.  When a group of muggers attacks, I jump out of the way, hide in a doorway,
 and try to look up what to do in my bodyguard handbook.  In the meantime, the muggers injure and rob you.
 In this case I'm not just responsible, I'm criminally negligent.

 And yet, the Bush administration's actions regarding 9/11 fit the second analogy well.  They knew--as did the
 entire thinking world--that we were in a bad area, having received a lot of "chatter" about al Qaeda threats.
 They increased pressure on the Taliban, threatening them, even though they knew al Qaeda controlled the Taliban.
 When al Qaeda attacked, they did nothing at all to help New York -- no jet fighters to defend the city (or Washington,
 for that matter) -- while Bush read his manual (called Cheney), and ran and hid.

 Personal responsibility for 9/11?  Bush was criminally negligent, and should be prosecuted.
 Hell, even Reagan was more willing to take responsibility.

 Remember when the Marines were attacked in Lebanon,
 and at least Reagan admitted that it happened on his watch?


An excerpt from  Show 35

What if someone took the Monkey's Mental Breakdown Broadcast,
recorded it, and snipped out the best/worst parts and gave him
the long-overdue rhetorical beatdown he deserves?

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 When the going gets tough, Bush goes fishing
    by Gene Lyons

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 Rice was talking about the Bush administration's pre-9/11 failure to
 comprehend the terrorist threat and not something truly important like sex.
 Otherwise, people might have noticed that her testimony made Bill Clinton's
 accounts of his Oval Office exploits look comparatively straightforward.
 After all, when Clinton told the nation that he "did not have sexual relations
 with that woman, Miss Lewinsky," it was technically true. Sexual intercourse
 hadn't occurred.

 But when Rice, smiling inappropriately like a poorly rehearsed Miss Alabama
 contestant, repeatedly testified under oath that an Aug. 6 presidential daily briefing,
 or PDB, "was historical information based on old reporting, there was no new
 threat information, and it did not, in fact, warn of any coming attacks inside the
 United States," well, that wasn't even technically true.

 Note from Bart:  Old timers might remember during the first Bush-caused Gulf War,
 while men were dying in the 120 degree sand, Bush the Smarter was pictured riding
 around in his cigarette boat off Kennebunkport saying, "What recession?"

 Why can't the Bush family learn from past mistakes?
 Because they refuse to admit they've ever made any.


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Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and cost   686 689  soldiers their lives - and counting.

Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of coffins



We have been contacted by other web sites and traditional media
asking for the origin of this photo to verify its authenticity.
It was in my "images" folder - that's all I know.

One contact suggested it was illegal to publish this picture.
If you know the origin of the photo, which seems to have been
 taken by someone in the military, please contact us.


"We're supposed to have a life together.
  I'm 19. I'm not supposed to be a widow.''
      --Keri Frank, widow of  Cpl. Phil Frank, 20, killed in Iraq last Thursday,  Attribution

 Another family destroyed by Bush's insatiable greed.
 Why isn't this bastard being impeached?

 If he had sex would the Democrats be brave enough to impeach him?

 Expert: BIG ONE coming to California by September
  Somehow, the BFEE will find a way to profit from that, too.

  Click  Here

 A US geophysicist has set the scientific world ablaze by claiming to have cracked a holy grail:
 accurate earthquake prediction, and warning that a big one will soon hit southern California.

 Russian-born UCLA professor Vladimir Keilis-Borok says he can foresee major quakes by tracking
 minor temblors and historical patterns in seismic hotspots that could indicate more violent shaking is on the way.
 And he has made a chilling prediction that a 6.4 quake southern California by September 5.

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

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 Pokerfest Palm Beach - Monday, April 26

 I know that sounds crazy, but I'll be damned if we let free airline tickets expire.
 We've never been to Florida, so we're going to fly in and spend a few days there,
 so the exact date is flexible, so let's shoot for Palm Beach that Monday evening.

 If we get a poker game together - fine.
 If nobody wants to play - that's fine, too, but either way, we're doing Florida.
 Might do the Florida Keys, might do Miami's art deco scene, maybe drive thru Palm Beach at night.

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 They say there are three important factors in real estate: Location, location and location.
 Looks like that's true for poker, too.

 After trying weeks to drum up a game in the northeast - and coming up dry, we have gotten
 enough replies for two or more poker games in central Florida - in less than 24 hours.

 We'll do some planning.
 It might make more sense to have a game one night in Palm Beach and another game Wednesday
 in Key West or Tampa Bay. No sense in driving three hours to be told, "we're full."
 I need a local coordinator - any volunteers?
  Contact Bart - if you're a poker playing manager-type

 Subject: Radio Shows on CD

 I had to work the night of Bush's news conference
 and I am dying to hear you do a beat down on him.

 Anxiously anticipating my new CDs!
 Best wishes,

 Becky, thanks, I will ship your CDs today.
 I'm looking forward to the feedback on Show 35, but I imagine
 I'll get a lot of complaints for beating up a mentally challenged boy.

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Garry Trudeau offers $10K to anyone
who saw Bush show up in the ANG

Click for reward details

I guess Garry's on vacation.

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