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  In Today's Treehouse...
Bush's Approval at All-Time Low
Senator: Cheney a Chickenhawk
Sexual Court Martials in Iraq 
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Powell: Iraq Hurting Bush 
Pulp fictions triumph over truth
Another Ten Killed in Iraq
Democrats: Kerry, Fight Back!
Columns from Lyons, Conason 


Quote of the Day

"I believe those who didn't serve, or didn't 
  show up for service, should have the decency 
  to respect those who did serve - often under 
  the most dangerous conditions, with bravery 
  and, yes, with undeniable patriotism." 
     --Wesley Clark, smacking the Deserter Attribution

"Dealing cocaine is dangerous, too..."

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Volume 1302 - Testosterone monkeys

  Friday   April  30, 2004


"Max Cleland lost three limbs in Vietnam and they shamed him so, that
  he was pushed out of office because he was portrayed as weak on defense.
  Where do they come off with that kind of stuff?"
    --Sen. Frank Lautenberg, on the Senate floor,    Attribution

 Hey Frank, they do it because they know they can count on the Democrats to run and hide.
 Criminals and bullies do what they do until somebody stands up and stops them.

 Where have you been the last 3.5 years, Frank?
 You've been asleep - and you've been voting with Bush.

 Guess what, Frank - power isn't something you're given.
 Power is something you f-ing take.

 The problem is, the BFEE knows that and the Democrats don't.

  Bush's Approval Rating at All-Time Low -Poll
   Does an evil, never-elected dictator worry about polls?

"I ain't worried about no damn polls
  as long as the Democrats stay yella..."

  Click  Here

 Bush's approval rating is at an all-time low and fewer than half of Americans now believe invading
 Iraq was the right thing to do, according to a Wednesday CBS/New York Whore Times poll.

"Just 32 percent, the lowest number ever, say Iraq was a threat that required immediate military
 action a year ago," the poll reported.

"Less than half, 47 percent, now say the United States did the right thing taking military action
 in Iraq, the lowest support recorded in CBS News/New York Times polls since the war began."

 Is America waking up to the realities of this murdering monster?
 Or is this just a blip that $200,000,000 dollars and the right-wing media can overcome?

  Care to comment?



"I wish we'd stop [fighting about Vietnam]. I wish we'd just stop, at least until the fighting
  in Iraq is over with. At least could we agree that both candidates served honorably."
     --Sen. John McCain,    Attribution

 John McCain is lying to help a coward who called him an unstable traitor in the 2000 primaries.
 Senator, you can't equate desertion with winning three Purple Hearts.
 It's just not the same.

 And Senator, if you want the bickering over Vietnam to stop - put a leash on the Rove monster.

"Kerry lifted those Purple Hearts."

 Kerry said all year he wouldn't make an issue of Bush deserting in wartime, but your side
 keeps talking about what a coward the Purple Heart winner is, so he fights back - a little.

 Senator Lautenberg Calls Cheney 'Lead Chickenhawk'
  It's so odd to hear a senate Democrat actually speak up

  Click  Here

 Democratic Sen. Frank Lautenberg on Wednesday called Dick Cheney the "lead chickenhawk"
 in an escalating war of words over the Vietnam-era military service of  Bush, Kerry and Cheney.

"We know who the chickenhawks are," the New Jersey senator said on the Senate floor.
"They talk tough on national defense and military issues and cast aspersions on others,
 but when it was their turn to serve, they were AWOL from courage."

 Lautenberg defined a chickenhawk as "having the shriek of a hawk but the backbone of a chicken,"
 and said, "and now the chickenhawks are squawking about Senator Kerry. The lead chickenhawk
 against Senator Kerry is the vice president."   Nancy Pelosi said the president should explain what
 he was doing while in the National Guard.

"As far as we know, Senator Kerry got three Purple Hearts for risking his life in Vietnam and
 President Bush got a dental examination in Alabama," Pelosi said.

 Speaking on the House floor Wednesday, Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Wash., characterized Bush's
 military service as "missing without action."

"We know that Senator John Kerry fought with courage and valor on behalf of his country," McDermott said.
"We know that George W. Bush flew under the radar, because that's the only explanation for how a pilot
 suspended from flying parachuted into a Republican political campaign in Alabama."

 Was April 28, 2004 the day the senate Democrats found and read bartcop.com?

  Care to comment?


Get your 'Names for Bush"
mousepads, post cards, coffee mugs and lunchboxes

 Court Martial in Iraq
  Iraq POWs played with like toys, sexed and humiliated

  Click  Here

 Photographs surfaced showing American soldiers abusing and humiliating Iraqis being
 held at a prison near Baghdad. The Army investigated, and issued a scathing report.

 One Iraqi prisoner was told to stand on a box with his head covered, wires attached
 to his hands. He was told that if he fell off the box, he would be electrocuted.

 CBS showed a lot of disturbing pictures.
 The POWs were stripped and forced to make a pyramid - doggy-style cheerleaders.
 Another was forced to put his face in a fellow POW's crotch while both were naked,
 and while Americans pointed and laughed, flashed thumbs up and took pictures of them.

 I have conflicting thoughts:

If footage surfaced of our captured and naked POWs being forced to blow each other,
   the nuclear option would immediately be put on the table.  In my lifetime, no pictures of
   our captured soldiers have ever appeared like that.  There's no telling what the testosterone
   monkeys would do if they had pressure from the families to end that ugly situation right away.

Can you imagine - can you imagine the hatred that will run thru the Muslin world once
   those pictures are showed on Al Jazeera over and over and over and over. It proves (to them)
   that Osama was right - Americans are filthy pigs who deserve to die.
   Way to go, Smirk.

One suspect told Dan Rather he had orders to "soften them up" (my words).
   If, in wartime, the CIA says "Give us the suspects, but don't send us arrogant pricks
   with chips on their soldiers. Send us broken men," an inexperienced, untrained soldier takes
   his orders to heart and sets out to "break" the POWs.  Keep in mind, when you join our army,
   they humiliate you (You worthless maggot!) to get your head in a place to start following orders.

I'm not saying what the suspects did was right - but that's part of the "fog of war," that I believe,
   can make a normal man (or woman - they had a lady playing along, too) do the unthinkable.

   Is there anyone reading this who has done a year of serious combat who'd like to comment?

   Care to comment?

   My theory doesn't excuse their behavior, but it might explain it.
   What would *I* be like after a year of life and death fear and panic?
   What kinds of crap would *I* pull to blow off steam and tension and despair?

   When these 150,000 heroes come home, a percent of them will be screwed up in the head.

   Another mess - but as always, Bush will remain blameless.

 Subject: Coalition of the willing to torture

 It is so inspiring to hear that torture in the name of Christ is
 replacing torture in the name of Allah or Saddam in Iraq.

 Mission accomplished.
 Three cheers for the Crusades and deja vu.

 Wouldn't it make sense to just get the hell out and admit that
 the Chicken Hawks miscalculated the lack of a Welcome Wagon in Iraq?


 LT, just watch the major papers and the TV networks.
 They'll say this is "another victory" for Bush.
 And the electronic media will blame it all on Clinton.

 Years from now, history will say "some blamed Clinton for Iraq,
 some blame Bush," as though Clinton was the power-grabbing oil theif with
 insane delusions of godhood and the messianic need to be pleased at all costs.

 Each day at 6 PM, they lie to us about what Bush did at noon that day.
 Why should we expect history to be any more honest than FOX News?

 Pulp fictions triumph over truth 

  Click  Here

 57 % of those surveyed "believe that before the war Iraq was providing substantial support to al-Qaida",
 and 45% "believe that evidence that Iraq was supporting al-Qaida has been found". Moreover, 65%
 believe that "experts" have confirmed that Iraq had WMD.

 Among those who perceived experts as saying that Iraq had WMD, 72% said they would vote for Bush
 and 23% for Kerry. Among those who perceived experts as saying that Iraq had supported al-Qaida,
 62% said they would vote for Bush and 36% for Kerry. The reason given by respondents for their views
 was that they had heard these claims from the Bush administration.

 The American media wants you to believe Bush's lies.
 When Bush tells a lie - they echo it instead of calling him on it.

 It's my opinion that if Clinton had Bush's obedient, good puppy press, Gore's Dow would be at 15,000,
 we'd all have health care and America would have 3800 more people alive and well.  But no.
 The American press has gone from tough investigators to cheerleaders for Bush's illegal war
 and now we're the most hated and feared country on earth - with many more 9-11s to come.

  Care to comment?

Click and see what these guys do

 I saw some TV footage of Bunnypants driving a golf cart on TV.

 Swear to Koresh, I had a flashback of being a kid going to the zoo.
 They had a monkey show each day where the monkeys would ride bicycles
 and I thought of that when I saw The Smirking Chimp behind the wheel.

 Who's French Now, Karen?
  Karen Hughes was born in Paris - so she's a cheese-eating surrender monkey

  Click  Here

 Most Americans Select Money Over Sex
  Well sure, with money, you can get all the sex you want

  Click  Here

 Insurer Files Countersuit Against Church
  Says coverage was for accidents, not repeated sex crimes against little kids

  Click  Here

 Dow Chemical to Cut 3,000 Jobs
 "...but I like Bush because of the great job he's done with the economy."

  Click  Here

 New Device Allows Recording at Concerts
  For $10, you get a copy - the RIAA must hate that

  Click  Here

Click for more

 Questions on Bush's Record In National Guard

  Click Here

 Why Did Bush Miss His Medical Exam In 1972?
 Where Are The Complete Results Of The Required Investigation Into Bush's Absence From The Exam?
 Why Is The Pentagon Under Orders To Not Discuss Bush's Record With Reporters?
 Where Are Bush's Flight Logs?

  Care to comment?

 Powell Says Iraq Losses Hurting Bush 
  It's the first honest thing Powell has said in over a year

  Click  Here

 Saying "we have run into some tough weeks'' in Iraq, Colin Powell acknowledged Thursday
 that support among the American people for the Bush administration's policies there is declining.

"When lives are lost people start to wonder about it, and it is reflected in the polls,'' Powell told a
 news conference during a six-hour stopover in Denmark, a steadfast U.S. ally in military operations.
 But Powell expects a rebound. ``The American people fully understand the value of what we are doing,'' he lied.

 If Powell wasn't such a power hungry egomaniac, he would have shown some balls and resigned
 when the Unelected Fool declared (behind Colin's back) that he wanted to rape Iraq. But no.
 Powell likes everyone bowing when he walks in a room, and we'll soon have 800 dead soldiers
 for no other reason than that insatiable BFEE greed.

 Care to comment?

Marty's Entertainment Page


"From the notorious Starr report, to the Florida recount, to this president's secrecy and privilege claims
  ...to controversial judicial nominations, if there's been a partisan political fight that needed a good lawyer
  in the last decade, Brett Kavanaugh was probably there."
   --Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-Scared), who will probably vote to confirm this anti-democracy Nazi,   Attribution

 "Daddy says Brett Kavanaugh is good people..."

Hey boy, ...mind if I rub your head for luck?


"The cornerstone of democracy is the separation of church and state."
     --Shepherd Smith, amazingly, on FOX Whore news Wednesday     Attribution - I heard him say it.

 Can you believe a FOX Nazi would say that?
 I heard him say it, and he wasn't quoting anybody or being sarcastic.

"Kill him, then bring his naked wife to me..."

 Iraq will be Blair's legacy

  Click  Here

 It is Blair's international record which will undo him - even, perhaps, overshadow everything else
 he has achieved. It is odd, given that the young Blair who started to sweep Britain off its feet 10
 years ago barely spoke about foreign policy - talking only of his burning domestic ambitions
 - yet it is his global adventuresblunders that are most likely to be remembered.

 [History] will side with the 52 former ambassadors who wrote this week's damning open letter to
 the PM, wondering how a man so full of promise and loaded with political capital could have blown it
 on support for a rogue US administration. This was never part of the Blair project; it appeared on no
 pledge card. Yet support for Bush and his new doctrine of war is all but defining Blair, now and for
 the future. This is not the legacy he wanted, but it is the one he looks fated to bequeath. And he
 doesn't have another seven years to put it right.

 Blair was once a good man and a smart politician, but then he fell in with a bad crowd, and Tony
 abandoned his goals and lost his conscience - and gave Bush permission to murder Iraq.
 If Blair or Powell had the courage to tell Bush "No," the world would be such a better place.

 Reminder: I predict Blair will be a pariah after leaving office, so the BFEE will employ him.
                            Tony will join the Carlyle Group and get his $50M for betraying his country and his principles.

Wait - this guy is running the CIA?

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 I was sad, kinda like telling the kids Santa isn't real.


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 Kerryís pundit problem: Is it really just the hair?
    by  Gene Lyons

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 After some questioned whether ABC had ever used the "L word" to describe Bush, the headline was discreetly
 altered to read: "Medal Dispute, EXCLUSIVE:  Why did Kerry change story about Vietnam medals?" At issue were
 some ambiguous remarks Kerry made during a 1971 TV interview. Had he thrown away all his medals during a
 dramatic protest by Vietnam Veterans Against the War, or only some ribbons? And so what?  one might ask more
 than 30 years later. Rather than quibble, Kerry aggressively returned rhetorical fire. He asked when Bush will get around
 to proving he showed up for National Guard duty. If heíd wanted to be an arrogant SOB, however, Kerry might have
 asked what Bush and Dick Cheney did with their medals.

 From: Lisa M

 Subject: Where is MWO?

 According to a post at Orcinus around the first of the month, the Horse is not sick
 and will be back before the election.  More details in the excerpt below.

 EXCERPT: In any event, MWO has been taking increasingly long vacations in the
 past year or so, culminating in the most recent hiatus announcement. A lot of people
 are wondering if we've lost the valued MWO voice for good.

 I wrote MWO and inquired. The answer is that real life outside the Web intruded
 on MWO's online career, as it does for most of us.

 MWO's editor became unable to post as often one might have liked to be effective.
 There is also a bandwidth issue, but putting out a tin cup is not on the agenda.

 The editor explained to me that MWO hopes to return before the election, bigger
 and badder than ever, weighing in when it counts most. It may return as early as May.

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 Wouldn't it be sad if The Horse couldn't join our fight because they couldn't afford it?

 Bottom line: If you like a web site, if you believe in what they're doing - support them.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

Now we have- 724 736 dead American soldiers.

That's 12 lost soldiers in the last 20 hours.

Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of coffins



 Pro-Life Zealots Ignore Republicans
   by Smoking Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 In the Weekly Standard, the publisher looks forward to a "confrontation" between Mr. Kerry and
 his church, praising the tough-talking archbishop of St. Louis, who warned the Senator not to seek
 communion in his town.

 Whatever the faults of the old Inquisitions, their flaming depredations had a certain consistent quality.
 The Holy Officeís clear prosecutorial philosophy was "better for a hundred innocent people to die
 than for one heretic to go free."

 Todayís would-be inquisitors have adopted a far more selective attitude. They will let a hundred
 heretics go free, because there is only one whose condemnation suits their convenience.

 When the Republicans come to New York for their convention next fall, their hosts will include
 Governor George Pataki and former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Both are Catholics, and both are strong
 supporters of abortion rights, gay rights, and other such unholy policies. No one suggests that they should
 be cast out of the church. In fact, both Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Pataki enjoy the fervent support of Catholic
 conservative groups and leadersóand the friendship of the "pro-life" President.

 Great column, Joe, but I'd like to add something:
 This archbishop of St Louis, Raymond Burke, is a partisan ditto-monkey.
 Yes, I said it, and I'll take whatever heat you think you can throw at me.

  Check this out:

 Then days before the Missouri primary in February, St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke said
 that were Kerry to stand in his Communion line, he would bless him, but deny him the sacrament.
 Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of Lincoln, Neb., joined the chorus.


 did they warn Arnold not to stand before them?
 did they warn Pataki not to stand before them?
 did they warn Giuliani not to stand before them?
 did they warn Arnold not to stand before them?
 did they warn Tom Ridge not to stand before them?
 did they warn Liddy Dole not to stand before them?
 did they warn Barbara Bush not to stand before them?
 did they warn Pickles Bush not to stand before them?
 did they warn the Bush twins not to stand before them?

 No - Burke and Brusky made their little splash against Kerry because
 this isn't about God or religion or sin or saving the innocent "babies."

 It's about top Catholics playing politics.
 ...and once you step into that arena you are fair game.

 Why do the Bush backing bishops want more wars?

 Why do the bishops want Kerry to lose - so Bush can murder Syria, then Iran?
 Why do the bishops want the biggest mass murderer in recent history to be elected?
 Why do the bishops want the man/child who giggles when he murders to win?
 Why do the bishops want the killer who said, "Fuck Saddam, we're taking him out!" to keep killing?
 Why do the bishops want the monster who killed 15,000 Iraqis to keep on killing them?

 Instead of grandstanding about "sinners" you don't like,
 why the hell don't you pay more attention to the serial rapists
 for whom you continue to provided cover and assistance?

 Little boys in St Louis are being raped, maybe even one or two today, because this idiot Arch Bishop Burke
 is busy trying to get in front of a damn TV camera to shriek accusations at Kerry instead of doing his damn job.

 I'll put my morals up against the morals of the arch-bishop of St Louis anytime.

  Care to disagree?  If you do, come heavy.

 Another Ten U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq

  Click  Here

 Ten U.S. soldiers were killed in Baghdad Thursday, eight of them in by a car bomb.
 The soldiers were all from the 1st Armored Division.

 I'm so old, I remember high school in Little Rock when they'd say, "Meet me at the McDonalds."
 Yeah, in the early seventies, Little Rock only had one McDonalds.

 They were so "small," McDonald's used their sign to keep track of how many burgers they'd served.
 The sign once said, "600 million served," then months later it would be, "700 million served."
 Rodney Dangerfield told the joke: "Let's go to McDonalds and order 100 million burgers
 and watch the kid get the ladder and change the number."  But once they went global,
 they stopped keeping track, just saying "billions served."

 It's not funny, but since the rate at which young men are being slaughtered in Iraq is ever-increasing,
 I thought about Rodney and his joke. So many soldiers are dying - for no damn reason - some news
 outlets might just start saying "Thousands killed" instead of trying to keep track.

Ein Reich
Ein  Volk
Ein Fuhrer

One Country
One People
One Leader


"If we had something to hide, we wouldn't have agreed to meet with the 9-11 commission in the first place."
     -- America's most crooked president, after losing the fight to avoid testifying, and when he finally did,
         it was no oath,
         no transcript,
         no witnesses,
         no recordings,
        and Unka Dick had to hold his trembling hand.

     "Unka Dick, does this make us queers?
      ...why, ...you're crying, Unka Dick.

      Did I say something sad?"


Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the

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You have two minutes to spit your bit.

 Fight back, Democrats tell Kerry
   It's easy, Senator - just read  bartcop.com

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 Kerry's campaign received an earful yesterday from a smattering of House Democrats
 concerned he was failing to "bring it on," ashe promised he would in the primaries.

 Several liberal Democrats asked Kerry chairwoman, Jeanne Shaheen why he has not
 responded more forcefully to Republican broadsides onhis patriotism and service in Vietnam.

 In the open floor period, Reps. McDermott, Pomeroy, Schakowsky, Nadler and Woolsey
 asked why Kerry wase allowing Bush to define him, according to those in the room.

 Woolsey said, "In my district, he can hit back harder, that's for sure," she said.
 Nadler said  "We should attack them harder for not doing enough for improving national security.
 We ought to be attacking the Bush administration for a whole lot of things."

 Will Kerry summon the courage and energy to fight back?
 Or will he grow tired and allow Bush's hate machine to steal another election?

Garry Trudeau offers $10K to anyone
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