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  In Today's Treehouse...
Poll: Iraqis out of patience
Fallujah Claims Victory 
Horse Hockey from Smirk 
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Six More Killed in Iraq 
U.S. Hostage Hamill Escapes
Oldsmobile brand is history
Friday's Nightline


Quote of the Day

"When Kerry debates Bush, 
  he should insist that Cheney can't come." 
    --Matt Davis,  Attribution

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Volume 1303 - Inside itching

  Weekend   May 1-2, 2004


"There are no longer torture chambers or rape rooms or mass graves in Iraq"
     --Dubya, who apparently still isn't reading any newspapers     Attribution

  Poll: Iraqis out of patience
  2/3 say the invading army is doing more harm than good

"Iraq will be free even if we have to kill every one of them..."

  Click  Here

 But while they acknowledge benefits from dumping Saddam a year ago, Iraqis no longer see
 the presence of the American-led military as a plus. Asked whether they view the U.S.-led
 coalition as "liberators" or "occupiers," 71% of all respondents say "occupiers."

 58% say the soldiers conduct themselves badly or very badly.
 60% say the troops show disrespect for Iraqi people in searches of their homes,
 42% say U.S. forces have shown disrespect toward mosques.
 46% say the soldiers show a lack of respect for Iraqi women.
 11% of Iraqis say coalition forces are trying hard to restore electricity and water.

 The most dangerous part of this is Bush's refusal to admit he's ever made a mistake.
 He's going to "stay the course" even if that course takes America over a cliff.

  Care to comment?



"Why are you covering this? Why are you taking this bait, seriously? Why are you even letting them
  bait you into covering this complete non-issue? This guy has medals.  This guy has ribbons.  The other
  guy didn't go. That's the whole story. The other guy is a draft dodger.  One of them went to where the
  bullets were flying and one of them found a way not to go and then he lied about that.
     --Bill Maher, on Hardballs   Attribution

 Fallujah Gunmen Celebrate U.S. Pullback
  Have you ever heard of invaders asking for a truce, then pulling back?


  Click  Here

 Gunmen waved their weapons in Fallujah's streets and outside car windows Saturday,
 cheering what they called a victory as U.S. forces pulled back. But the Marines insisted
 they weren't going far and a new Iraqi force taking the front line will root out die-hard insurgents.

 Scores of Iraqis gathered in the streets Saturday morning, some flashing "V" for victory signs
 and raising the Iraqi flag. Motorists drove through the streets, shouting "Islam, it's your day!"
 and "We redeem Islam with our blood!".

 This happened on the anniversary of the never-elected 'president' proclaiming "Mission Accomplished."

  Care to comment?

"Get Your War On, (c) 2004 by David Rees. Used with permission."

by David Rees - my good friend.

 Six More Soldiers Killed in Iraq

  Click  Here

 The deaths raised the U.S. death toll to 151 since a wave of violence began on April 1.
 At least 753 U.S. troops have died in Iraq since the war began in March 2003.

 Every day, it's the same headlines with different numbers.
 Seriously - Vietnam was like this.

  Care to comment?

Click and see what these guys do


"I answered every question they asked,"
  -- Bush said after he  met with the 9-11 commission in the Oval Office.

 Horse hockey!

 Remember, I'm not a lawyer, but there's a trial rule that if you say, "I'm a good man who's
 never been arrested,"  the government is then allowed to counter with previously-excluded
 testimony if the guilty guy opens the door to how perfect he is on character issues.

 That's what Bush has done here, and the press and the yellow-streak Democrats allowed it.
 Bush gets to claim, "I answered every question honestly," but he refused to allow any record,
 any witnesses, any cameras, any transcript, any swearing to tell the goddamn truth  - but he still
 gets to say he was honest and above board on the whole issue?

 This is so typical of our Democrats.
 They cave in before the fight - so there *is* no fight.
 Every fight Bush has ever been in was fixed up-front.

 Do you know anything about big-money boxing?
 If I'm George Foreman, I want a TINY ring, because my faster-than-me opponent can dance.
 If I'm a dancer, I want a big-ass ring where I can go all Gregory Hines on the bulky slugger.
 They negotiate these terms before the fight, just like the upcoming Bush-Kerry debates.

 Democrats - listen to me!

 Bush needs a BIG ring to dance around and run out the clock.
 Kerry needs a small ring where battle is forced, not avoided

 When the Democrats are negotiating terms with the BFEE, if they would contact me and tell me of
 their surrender plans, I could set them straight up-front and catch these bastards red-handed!

 US arrests four spammer-bastards
  If you want me to testify, I'm available

  Click  Here

 War hero attacked by war zero
  Cheney brazenly assaults war hero's medals.

  Click  Here

 Some Non-Saudis Leaving After Killings
  Why should anybody die for Bush's greed?

  Click  Here

Click for more

Note: Bart, I got this e-mail...

"I find these products (T-Shirts) appauling,
George Bush is a Hero plain and simple.
If it wasnt for him america would be doomed.
He is the one who defends us, protects us and
make sure we are safe and free from terrorist.

(Yes, ...and what a great job he did on 9-11)

Blame the democrats and the clinton administration
for decreasing the american military by 60%
and leaving a hole in our homeland security
and making it possible for 9/11 to happen.

Bush fought hard to prevent the creation of Homeland Security,
so how could Clinton have gut an entity that didn't yet exist?

Do you remember I do.

ha ha
Is that a question?

In todays world there is no place for liberal's,
tree huggin hippie's, gay marriages, and people
like John Kerry,

Yeah, those triple Purple Heart guys are scum, right?

...for who'm I might ad as a
compulsive liar, and a digrace to our country.

Yep, decorated war heroes are worse than wartime deserters.
Your pointed arguments are starting to change my mind.

Thanx again and vote for bush.
a republican who care's

ha ha
I'd love to spank this uneducated moran in a chat room,
but I wonder if I could decifer his 'writing.'

 U.S. Hostage Hamill Escapes in Iraq 
  One less life on Bush's bloody hands

  Click Here

 American hostage Thomas Hamill, kidnapped three weeks ago, was found by
 U.S. forces Sunday south of Tikrit after he apparently escaped from his captors,
 the U.S. military said. An official said he was in good health.

 Hamill's wife, Kellie, spoke to her husband early Sunday by telephone.
 She said Hamill told her that he was locked in a building

"He said he heard a military convoy come by and pried the door open.
 He said he ran half a mile down the road and got with the convoy," Kellie Hamill said.

  Care to comment?

Marty's Entertainment Page

  Quote  from a link from last issue

"Suddenly, the immortal souls of Catholic Democrats have become the pressing concern
  of some people who are neither Catholic nor Democrat.  Do conservatives want Catholic
  politicians to vote as the pope would have them? Pentagon spending would be deeply curtailed,
  U.S. borders would be opened to immigrants and refugees, capital punishment would be banned,
  and so, too, would handguns.
    --Thomas C. Fox, USA Today   Attribution

 The GOP will try to make a great mess out of the Kerry-Catholic issue, but they don't want Kerry
 to take orders from the Pope or the crazy bishops. That's proof they are lying about the issue.

 "You mean we shouldn't invade, destroy and murder?    That Pope's crazy."

 I had a fella tell me he's been waiting six months for a reply on advertising.
 This is the kind of mail I can't afford to have slip thru the cracks.

 Reminder: If you need to reach us, contact sam@bartcop.com

 Sam's the best, and if I don't answer, she'll call me with a reminder.


"He jests at scars that never felt a wound."
      -- Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, Act II, Scene 2.

 Shakespeare predicted the Rethug Chickenhawk Attacks on Kerry's War Record
 Ann in Philly

"Kill her!! ...and send her body to Gitmo to be tortured..."

 China economic growth might be too fast

  Click  Here

 China's central bank has sought to curb growth by making loans harder to get for businessmen.
 China's economy roared ahead at a faster-than-expected 9.7% rate in the first quarter, enjoying
 a strong boost from a steroid-fueled property sector.

 I wish we had a president with a brain.
 If China's economy stumbles, Wal-Mart, target, K-mart and Wall Street will stumble.
 Can our economy take a slam like that?

 Clinton would know what to do, but he had sex,
 no we have to rely on the murdering moron to save us.

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 Subject: Some guy is talking about you

 Bart, this guy has an address
 bartistooscaredtohavemeonhisradioshow@birdbath.net  or something like that

 Just thought you would be interested.

 Tulsa, OK

 Yeah, that's a nut who received a hot red-assing a few years ago.
 He bills himself as, "Sworn enemy of BartCop," but he never
 mentions when, where or to whom he swore this sacred vow.

 When we debated, he called Clinton a crook.
 I asked how crooked Clinton was compared to Bush the Smarter
 and he said Bush was innocent of all charges. When I asked him why
 Bush had to pardons Reagan's cabinet to save them all from prison,
 her assured me that Bush pardoned nobody and that I made that all up.

 Granted, as the years have gone by, he's had a chance to educate himself,
 but he'd have to have a studio to get "on the air" with me like Tommy does.

 It's possible he wants on the radio so he can scream insults.
 To me, debating in the chat room rocks because:

You can't say, "I never said that" when the proof is a scroll away.
In chat, if you want to scream like a ninny, all you can do is post in all caps.
     or flood the other guy, but then people see what a weasel you are.
In the 1960 debates, they said Nixon won on the radio and JFK won
     on TV because Nixon looked nervous, spooky and shifty-eyed.
     In chat, it's just you and your ideas on trial and the bullshit is forced to take a hike.
But hey, tell Junior that if his ass is lonely for my Size 11 boot, I'm all in.
    Tell him to contact sam@bartcop.com and we'll arrange a slaughter friendly debate.


Click to Enter


"The events inside Abu Ghraib prison opens a shameful episode of US ill-treatment of its prisoners,
  and has provoked worldwide condemnation. The handful of images - shown on US television on
  Thursday evening and now reproduced around the globe - also provide graphic evidence in much
  of the Arab and Muslim world of western sexual decadence and corruption. Since sodomy is often
  regarded as an extreme humiliation in societies such as Iraq, the pictures and allegations of rape will
  only confirm and personify the ill-effects of the US invasion and occupation."
     --The Guardian, Leader, America's shame  Attribution

 The worst part is - next time they grab some of our boys, they're going to get revenge.

 We have a new address for advertisers - ads@bartcop.com

Why advertise on  bartcop.com?

 ...because it's the net's best advertising bargain!

 It pays to advertise on  bartcop.com

 Last Oldsmobile ever rolls off assembly line

  Click  Here

 After 107 years of tooling roads from Nova Scotia to San Diego, the last Oldsmobile
 rolled off the assembly line, marking the end of the oldest auto brand in the United States.

 Ransom E. Olds founded Oldsmobile in Lansing in 1897, and soon after the turn of the century
"the Olds" became a favorite with its Curved Dash. It carried a sticker price of $650 and was
 one of the first mass-produced cars.  GM purchased the automaker in 1908.

 Oldsmobile was the first to use chrome-plated trim in 1926 and the first to offer fully automatic
 transmissions in 1939. In 1966, Oldsmobile was the first American car brand to revive front-wheel drive.

 How did GM manage to screw this up so badly?
 Just 25 years ago, the Oldsmobile Cutlass was the best selling car in America.
 Now it's gone - how did they turn a best seller into a product that nobody wanted?

 Was it their "planned obsolescence?
 In 1986, I paid $16K for a new Cutlass Supreme and it turned out to be a terrible car.
 I was younger and stupider back then, and I bought their "bumper to bumper" warranty.
 Eleven months after I bought the car, I made a list of 13 things that were broken or had fallen off
 and went back to see "Mr Goodwrench" for repairs.  He said only one item of the thirteen was covered,

 The doors were heavy on the 86 Cutlass Supreme. One day I reached to close the door
 and the handle came off in my damn hand!  It was secured to the heavy door with, swear to Koresh,
 a thin slice of cardboard!  They could've charged me $16,010 and secured the doors with a slice
 of wood or metal, but noooooooooo. Cardboard was cheaper than wood or metal, the bastards

 Another thing I'm convinced they used to do:
 They disconnected the light behind the "Change oil" reminder.
 When you're young and stupid, not to mention broke, you tend to put off
 that which doesn't need your attention today, so when the engine blows,
 GM is there to sell you another car - but people got fed up with that crap
 about the time Japan started producing higher quality cars cheaper.

 Japan can buy our steel, ship it to Japan, build a car and ship it back here and
 sell it for less than an inferior product made right here in the good old USA.

 Friday's Nightline

  Click  Here

 Ted Koppel, the program's anchor, will deliver a brief introduction before reading the more than 530 names,
 as photographs and captions with the ages and hometowns of the dead appear on the screen. "Nightline" will
 not include those who died by accident and other causes because of time constraints.

 Hey, screw that! They should have made the time.
 These people volunteered to die for their country and that's no small thing.

 What the hell is so important that can't be bumped - Jimmy Kimmel?
 If it's some damn basketball game you don't mind screwing the prime time schedule,
 so why can't you do it for a tribute to America's war dead around midnight?

 Nightline: Tribute or propaganda?
  Pro-Bush affiliates to skip tribute to tonight's war dead show

  Click  Here

"I think it's intellectually dishonest to deny the partisan nature of this broadcast," said Brent Bozell,
 president of the Media Research Center. "Of course, it's partisan! What's the purpose? There's only
 one goal in mind: It's to turn public opinion against the war."

"I think it's probably fair to say that 'Nightline' is against this war in Iraq," political pundit Fred Barnes agreed.

 So, Brent Bozo and Fred Barnes (R-Dumber than Chippy the Chimp) say recognizing the fallen heroes
 is strictly a Democratic thing to do? They say hiding the war dead is a strictly Republican thing to do?

 Hmmm, this one time, I think they're right.
 Like with Vietnam, Democrats want fewer dead, the GOP wants more dead.

  Care to disagree?

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

Last issue it was736 dead American soldiers.

Last issue it was754 dead American soldiers.

That's 18 lost soldiers in the last 2 days.

Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of coffins



 Note: The Horse  is back up, but they're "out to pasture."

 That's better than a "does not exist" sign

 Subject: 3800?

 Bart, you wrote:

> It's my opinion that if Clinton had Bush's obedient, good puppy press, Gore's Dow would be at 15,000,
> we'd all have health care and America would have 3800 more people alive and well.

 Love Bartcop but got to call bullshit on this one.  Yeah, BushCo was asleep at the f-ing switch about terrorism,
 and while I think the odds of uncovering the 9/11 plot might have been slightly higher with Gore in office, it wasn't
 just BushCo that was asleep, but everyone.  From the FBI, to the CIA, to the FAA, to Congress and to us... the People.

 Even with Gore in office I think we'd still be down 3000 people... but at least we wouldn't have invaded Iraq.

 JR, we'll never know what Gore would've done, but Clinton worked 80 hour weeks
 and did a great job preventing terrorists from striking Americans on our soil.

 Bush spent (and still spends) forty percent of his time on vacation. When he got the memo,
 he didn't bother to sound the alrm and get the FBI, the CIA, the FAA and Congress or the people.

 All he ever wanted was to invade Iraq, so it was in his interest to get a war started.

Ein Reich
Ein  Volk
Ein Fuhrer

One Country
One People
One Leader


"I'm not even talking about the decision to go into Iraq, which, you know, doesn't look so good nowadays.
  I'm looking at this news about Fallujah, and I hear what President Bush is saying.  Do you remember
 'Baghdad Bob,' the guy we all laughed at because he was saying things that were completely crazy?
  Well, President Bush sounds like Washington Bob right now. He's saying, "It's only a few troublemakers.
  It's a few rotten eggs that we're fighting over there." Are you kidding? Is he joking?"
       --Bill Maher, on Hardballs  Attribution

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to spit your bit.

 Subject:  Power down at WTC?

 That is the most frickin rediculous thing I have ever herd!!!!
 Those were very large buildings hit by very large planes full of jet fuel.
 Get a life!


 Smorgan4, I'm not sure what "get a life" means in this context.
 I didn't say, "Bet your life this happened for sure," I published an opinion piece.

 You are certain it couldn't have happened that way?
 Maybe you're right, but as long as we have this...

> America's most crooked president, after losing the fight to avoid testifying,
> and when he finally did,
> it was no oath,
> no transcript,
> no witnesses,
> no recordings,
> and Unka Dick had to hold his trembling hand.

 ...how are you going to guarantee that didn't happen?

 OK, now I'm going to say it:

"The BFEE is lying about 9-11 - Bet your life this happened for sure,"

 Perhaps you've forgotten this gang had the Iranians hold our hostages longer.
 This gang had to use pardons to cover-up the Iran-Contra scandal, that involved
 murder and cocaine and selling Stingers to terrorists.

 After 9-11, this gang grabbed more power than any gang in earth's history
 yet you can guarantee they would not have killed to get unlimited power?

Garry Trudeau offers $10K to anyone
who saw Bush show up in the ANG

Click for reward details


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