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  In Today's Treehouse...
Bush Tries to Calm Arabs
Catholics targeting Kerry
Don't Get High Without It
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Our Counterfeit president
Bush the flip-flopper
'Bunchkin' opens hookah bar
Who Should Have Known?
Rummy under fire for photos


Quote of the Day

"The situation has not changed in Iraq; 
  only the prison warden is different." 
   --a report on al-Arabiya,   Attribution


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Volume 1306 - Goodbye Smelly Cat


  Thursday   May 6, 2004


"We need another 37,000 troops in Iraq.
  We need a lot more armored Humvees ASAP.
  We need another $25B from congress, but don't worry,
  we're winning this war and there's no doubt we'll prevail."
   --President Monkey

 Bush Tries to Calm Arabs on Prison Abuse

"Violence is all those ragheads understand..."

  Click Here

 Bush tried to calm the anger of the Arab world over the abuse of prisoners in Iraq, promising that
 justice would be served. But additional photos of prisoner abuse emerged and pressure mounted
 Thursday on Rumsfeld.

 The Red Cross said Thursday it had repeatedly asked U.S. authorities to take action over reported
 abuse at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison before the recent revelations but Team Bush just ignored them.

 Citing what it called "the botched handling" of the abuse investigation and a his overall decisions
 about the Iraq war, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch said in a Thursday editorial that "Rumsfeld should
 resign and take his top deputies with him."

 Meanwhile, Bush on Wednesday asked Congress for an additional $25 billion for additional
 torture operations in Iraq and Afghanistan"

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 As I type this, 11:30 CST Thursday, democrats.com  is down.

 Let's hope this doesn't continue.


"This is no different than what happens at the skull and bones initiation and we're going to
  ruin people's lives over it and we're going to hamper our military effort, and then we are
  going to really hammer them because they had a good time. You know, these people are
  being fired at every day. I'm talking about people having a good time, these people,
  you ever heard of emotional release? You of heard of need to blow some steam off?
    -- the vulgar Pigboy, saying the torture/murder events in Iraq were "frat stuff"     Attribution

 Church's targeting of Kerry is a lesson in hypocrisy
   by my good friend Larry Durstin  in www.freetimes.com

  Click  Here

 John Kerry has been the target of some conservative Catholic leaders in this country who want to make sure
 he is turned away from the communion rail. However, we don't hear these same righteously indignant voices
 calling for Republicans Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rudy Giuliani, George Pataki and Tom Ridge - all pro-choice
 Catholic politicians - to have the ecclesiastical hammer brought down on them during mass.

 ...if these regressive members of the church hierarchy had any moral fortitude, they wouldn't just single out one
 Democratic politician for sacramental denial based on the abortion issue. Instead, they would condemn any
 Catholic who went to a pro-choice rally, donated to an abortion-rights group, wore a button in support of
 Roe v. Wade, voted for a pro-choice candidate, had an abortion herself, drove a woman to an abortion clinic,
 worked for Planned Parenthood or other similar organizations, etc., etc., etc..

 It's sad but true - the Catholic Church can't afford to alienate every Catholic who is pro-life.
 Right now, churches across America are shutting down and consolidating because they're
 losing parishoners almost as fast as they're losing nuns and priests.

 Just 30 years ago, they ordained 60,000 priests and nuns a year, but now it's down to 16,000.
 The Church is falling apart, so they dare not anger the few who have chosen to stick with them.

 For some, it's about the money, not moral clarity

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 Don't Get High Without It
 The Vaults of Erowid supplies the ultimate trip buddy: information

  Click  Here

 What the hell is 2C-I? Luckily, Ludlow knew something about the world of substance abuse,
 and identified 2C-I as a rare hallucinogenic phenethylamine. But his search of the usual medical
 databases for more detailed information turned up zilch. Then he checked The Vaults of
 Erowid (www.erowid.org), where he found data about the chemical structure of 2C-I and
 a link to the EU's recent scientific review of the substance.

"This information helped us to treat this patient's symptoms," Ludlow wrote in a letter thanking Erowid.
"We expect that his symptoms will resolve completely."

  Care to comment?

 Our Counterfeit president

  Click  Here

 George W. Bush isn't really a President, but he plays one on television. From his "top gun" landing
 on an aircraft carrier to his "turkey toting" in Baghdad, everything about the Counterfeit President is
 staged and fake. When we do get a rare glimpse of the real George W. Bush amid the smoke and
 mirrors, it is not a pretty picture.

 At that last press conference, America got their first real look at this incredible fraud.
 He can't answer even the simplest of questions because he cannot think or speak.
 He's the most unqualified man to ever hold office, and that includes Reagan.

 If the press or the Democrats did their damn jobs, he never would have been appointed.


"Didn't the American president repeat that Iraq will be a model for the region?
  This is the model in his American-Israeli formula. Thousands of prisoners without
  due process or investigations, the revenge of angry soldiers, military agencies
  allowing the abuse of prisoners, wars between the occupation forces and civil groups."
     --Abdulwahab Badrakhan in the London-based Dar al Hayat, Attribution

 Subject: Prisoner porn

 Bush complains to the Arab world that the pictures are terrible... and then adds
 "because they hurt America's credibility."  Oh, yeah... it did that, too.

 I've decided the prisoner porn is enough.  It will bring Bush down.  It's simple, it's ugly, it has the ook factor.
 The media is hypnotized by it and covers it endlessly.  The Bush Administration is doing everything wrong in
 response, still trying to chisel and parse. Only embarrassed, jittery Americans can fix this mess now.
 Vote them all out.  Republicans will stay home.
 Maybe the braver ones will hold their nose and vote for Kerry. I'm pretty sure it's over.

 And can you believe Rush comparing this to a frat prank?  Sheesh.
 Last time I looked fraternities were joined and hazing was voluntary.
 And it helps to know the frat brothers hazing you were subjected to the same hijinx themselves.
 It's a whole lot different when you don't know if you're going to live the night.  Can you imagine?
 I know what would be running through my head ...  stuff like "they'll surely have to kill me now
 because they don't dare let me go after what they've done to me".

 Besides, if this crap is what goes on in  fraternities then I know a whole lot of white men
 who badly need psychiatric counseling.

Get Your War On, (c) 2004 by David Rees. Used with permission

 Car Bombing Kills Six in Baghdad
  'Suiciders' everywhere, but we're still leaving in 50 days

  Click  Here

 Smear Boat Veterans for Bush
  The anti-McCain bastards turn on Kerry this time

  Click  Here

 Torturing Iraq in an Unnecessary War
 "The 372nd's abuse of prisoners seemed routine - the soldiers felt no need to hide."

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 Mom still wants subscription to BCR for Mother's Day
  She gave you life - and all she wants in return is her BCR subscription

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Saw it on http://www.jordansplace.net/politics/politics.html

 Man 'accidentally' shot six times with nail gun, is OK
  I'll bet if he was white, the cops would dig a little deeper into this "accident"


  Click  Here

 A construction worker had six nails driven into his head in an accident with a high-powered nail gun,
 but doctors said Wednesday they expect him to make a full recovery.

 Mejia, 39, was atop an unfinished home when he fell from the roof onto a co-worker who was using
 the nail gun, Los Angeles County sheriff's Deputy Mark Newlands said.  The two men tried to grab
 each to keep from falling, but both tumbled to the ground. At some point, the nail gun discharged
 and drove the nails into Mejia's head.

"He says that he's very happy to be alive," said Dr. Rafael Quinonez, a neurosurgeon who removed the nails.
"He is basically normal,"

 Look at all the different entry angles of those nails.
 This was an accident?
 How do you accidentally shoot a falling man twice from the right,
 twice from below and twice from behind?

 Trust me - this was "Nail the beaner day" at the GOP construction site.

Kerry meets the creators of the "Deck of Bush" and "Deck of
Republican Chickenhawks" playing cards in Los Angeles



"What is unfolding in Paul Bremer's Iraq more or less resembles the black days when
  U.S.-backed military dictators ruled in Latin America. Is this region supposed to enjoy
  democracy by using similar paradigms? People in our part of the world are aware and
  watching how the U.S. is discrediting the theory and thesis of freedom and democracy."
   --Mohammad Roghaniha, in the Iran Daily,   Attribution

 Bush the flip-flopper

  Click  Here

 4. Osama Bin Laden

 Bush wants Osama dead or alive.
"I want justice. And there's an old poster out West, I recall, that says, 'Wanted: Dead or Alive.'"
[President Bush, on Osama Bin Laden, 09/17/01]

 Bush doesn't care about Osama
"I don't know where he is. I have no idea and I really don't care.  It's not that important."
[President Bush, Press Conference, 3/13/02]


 Subject: Lying hypocrite


 I can hardly believe what I hear from this lying hypocrite.
 First he says " I'm a war president," then he says "I'm a man of peace"

 Then the liar has the audacity to tell the people of Iraq that in a democratic society we are transparent!!!

 All the secret meetings from the very beginning to include the stonewalling of the 9-11 commission
 (which he opposed initially from the start)

 How can people be so stupid as to believe this liar?

Marty's Entertainment Page


"The repugnant scenes of torture of Iraqi prisoners show that U.S.-style 'democracy' has spread
  from Guantanamo to Abu Ghraib, Afghanistan, and Palestine. This is just what Bush promised
  last year when the occupation of Iraq began.  As the U.S. presidential election approaches,
  Bush is trying to depict himself as a champion of human rights in an attempt to promote his
  reelection campaign and appease the international community, which is seething about U.S.
  occupation forces' inhumane treatment of Iraqis."
      --Tehran Times Editorial,   Attribution

 "Sometimes you have to crack a few skulls..."

 Reminder: If you need to reach us by mail...

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

 If you send a stamped, self addressed envelope, I'll send you some stickers.


"The new conservatives, and particularly the gang of Bush,
  are enjoying the humiliation of the Muslims."
    -- Sheikh Hamed ben Abdallah Ali in The Castle   Attribution

 Laura the Unloved's 'Bunchkin' opens hookah bar

"Take on the day" with a load on your brain

  Click  Here

 Schlessinger himself has worked at several hookah bars in Los Angeles and was introduced
 to the concept while visiting Israel his sophomore year in high school.  Schlessinger said his mother,
 national radio harpy Dr. Laura Schlessinger, is OK with the idea.

 "She's happy as long as I don't go to jail or get kidnapped," he said.

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 Subject: What about the economy, Bart?

 I noticed you haven't been hammering away at the economy lately.
 I wonder why that is?

 The whole country knows the economy is in the toilet.
 I can't hammer home the same story 1,000 days in a row.
 The DOW is nowhere near what it was when Clinton was president.
 Bush is still 2,000,000 jobs behind and he can't break even by November.

 Or maybe we should talk about the trillions Bush has spent on tax cuts for the super-rich?


 Maybe it's because you have conveniently failed to notice that the economy is currently BOOMING!
 I'm sorry Bart.  I know that's bad news for you.

 Aaron in Michigan

 No, it's bad news for America that the smirking bastard stole his way into power.
 I see you're in Michigan - which has incredible unemployment problems.
 The only thing that's booming is the coffers of the top one tenth of one percent of the super-rich.
 Bush took money from you and me and gave it to them - how can you be happy about that?

 Today's Banana Fact:  Bananas are great for athletic and fitness activity because
 they replenish necessary carbohydrates, glycogen and body fluids burned during exercise.


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"You do know that they are still going after you, right? We promoted the fact that you would be
  on this show tonight. Today we received three separate copies of the same e-mail with talking points
  from the White House, one asking a contact here 'Can you please get this to the Olbermann people.
  Wilson is on the Olbermann show.'  Another one asks one of our producers 'I understand you have
  Mr. Wilson on. Can you please call me on this?"
     --Keith Olbermann to Joseph Wilson on MSGOP   Attribution

 Subject: Disney censorship

 Disney has censored Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" movie by telling it's distributor not to distribute it.
 It is an obvious cave-in to the Bush Government family, and the openness of this extortion is an affront to
 anyone with any semblance of a rational, American mind.

 I'm calling for a complete boycott of anything Disney (sorry, Walt. I still love you.).
 Anything - starting with ABC Television (seriously, what would you be missing?).

 Everything Disney. Hell, even over 40% of the Board of Directors doesn't want Eisner around.

 Everything Disney - boycott.

 Izzy Guaal

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 How could I have been such a mug?

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 How would we feel if Britain had been overwhelmed by a vastly superior army, and we then saw pictures
 of our relatives stripped naked and tortured by smirking jezebels from the Appalachians? I must be careful
 what I say, but I think many Englishmen would feel an immediate urge to go to the cupboard, get out the
 12-bore, and join whatever resistance we could find.

 How could the American army have been so crass, so arrogant, so brutal as to behave in this way?
 The trailer-trash troops said they had no idea what they were doing. They weren't even aware of the
 existence of the Geneva Conventions. They didn't have any orders to obey, only vague instructions.

 Was this really the operation I had voted for? .

 Subject: Murder in Iraq

 Am I the only person on the planet that thinks that the humilation of less than a couple
 dozen live Iraqui prisoners is significantly less important than the deaths of  tens of
 thousands of Iraqui's killed by the Bush war?

 I can understand why this visual  humiliation of the prisoners that has been seen around
 the world would result in shame and blame.  Bush may be responsible for the deaths of
 tens of thousands. At least he is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans.

 Why are these pictures so important?

 Bush has killed thousands of people.
 His military has embarassed a few.

 Bush has gone to great extreme to talk to arab speakers to tell them that he finds the
 treatment of prisoners repulsive.

 Perhaps you or some of you readers could explain why embarassment of a few causes
 world wide censure while the death of tens of thousands is considered acceptable?

 The Iraqis are people of retribution.

 Dude, good point.
 There is severe anger about the image of this guy 
 but not so much about the deaths of perhaps 15,000 innocent Iraqis.

 It makes no sense.

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 Torture and Civilian Deaths in Three Counterinsurgencies

  Click  Here

 It was revealed this past week that, on top of the indiscriminate bombardment of civilians in Iraqi urban areas,
 both U.S. and British soldiers have become involved in the torture of Iraqi prisoners as well. Ironically, the torture
 of prisoners by the U.S. military has been carried out in the very same Abu Ghraib Prison used by Saddam and
 his murderous regime. This is not the first time that torture has been a central feature of U.S intervention.

 VCR Alert

 Someone said tonight was the last episode of Friends.
 If that's true, why hasn't NBC publicized it?

 You'd think they'd run a few promos or something...

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

761  767 dead American soldiers.

Six per day?
Is that what we can expect from now on?


...because of Bush's insatiable greed


 Who Should Have Known?
  by Richard Cohen, one of the few non-whores at the Washington Whore Post

  Click  Here

"As is almost always the case, the Pentagon did not tell the State Department that a wee spot of trouble
 was coming its way because, as we know, the Pentagon doesn't tell the State Department anything.
 Who cares if a billion or so people in the Islamic world have a snit? The Bushies hardly do diplomacy anyway.
 It's for sissies. At a certain level -- a very high one -- the Bush administration is as dysfunctional as it is cocky."

  Care to comment?

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to spit your bit.

 Rumsfeld Draws Fire Over Iraq Photos
  Why didn't he tell Bunnypants there was a problem?

  Click  Here

 Rumsfeld drew withering fire Thursday from congressional Democrats, (ha ha - stop it!)
 as Colin Powell sought to reassure the International Red Cross and the administration
 struggled to quell the uproar over abusive treatment of prisoners in postwar Iraq.

 Nancy Pelosi told reporters she believes Rumsfeld must go. Tom Harkin said,
 "For the good of our country, the safety of our troops, and our image around the globe
  Rumsfeld should resign. If he does not resign forthwith, the president should fire him."

 Scott McClellan gave no indication that Rumsfeld's job was in jeopardy. On the contrary,
 he said, "The president very much appreciates the job Secretary Rumsfeld is doing and the
 president has great confidence in his leadership."

 Translation: Rummy knows the truth about Bush's fake war so his job is as safe as Tenet's.

 Subject: To quote Tenant, Bart....a slam dunk!!

 Each show is better than the last Bart, and 36 is fantastic!!  I enjoy the (what I call)
 "Bart's Stupid Pet Tricks", where you play some media whore shilling for Bush, like the good lapdogs that they are.

 There was one thing I noticed in the Woodward interview, in reference to the, "How will history judge you?"
 I agree it was chilling, but not only because it showed how totally clueless Bush was when he said,
"History, what history?  We'll all be dead."  Yes, history starts the next day after any event, but look at Bush's mindset.

 Everybody has a history, and will have a history after they're "dead and gone", whether they're some poor homeless
 person or the president of the United States.  And most people actually care how history treats them.  They want history
 to be kind to them....especially politicians and certainly the most powerful leaders of the free world do.

 Unless...they're only "in it" for the here and now.
 I'm getting all I can get for me and mine and who gives a rat's ass after I'm gone?
 I think the Bushites are of that mindset.  And that's some kind of scary stuff.

 Keep hammering, Bart.
 You keep me semi-sane.


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