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Show 36 is up and the Cinco de Mayo Special is in the oven

Bruce Yurgil

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  In Today's Treehouse...
Bush to Go on Arab TV
Diebold Hearings Set to Start
47K More GIs Tapped for Iraq
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Sinclair Censors Koppel
Tin Soldiers and We are Coming
Imperialism in Iraq
The Danger of Willful Blindness
Disney Blocking Moore Film


Quote of the Day

"The attacks against Kerry - they are exactly 
  the same attacks that were leveled against 
  Al Gore, ...one smear fits all."
     -- Neal Gabler,    Attribution


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Volume 1305 - Cocky with Christ   JG

  Tuesday-Wednesday   May 4-5, 2004             Happy Cinco de Mayo


"People often wonder why the opposition continues to claim that Bush "lied"
  the nation into war in Iraq. The explanation is not so difficult.
  Congress authorized the president to liberate Iraq...
     --Opinion, Jacksonville.com, Attribution

 That's flat-out not true.

 Congress authorized Bush to save the East Coast from Saddam's "imminent threat" of incoming missles.
 Bush has had to change the reason we went to war three or four times, so why is this Jacksonville
 newspaper changing the facts to make Bush appear less blood-thirsty?

 Bush to Go on Arab TV Over Prisoner Abuse
 "We only meant to kill you, we had no intention of humiliating you"

  Click Here

 As Bush planned interviews with Arab television to underscore his revulsion by photographs
 of U.S. soldiers gloating over naked Iraqi prisoners, a top Pentagon official said Wednesday
 he expected investigations of abuse to widen.

 The Army disclosed that it is conducting criminal investigations of 10 prisoner deaths in U.S.
 custody in Iraq and Afghanistan, plus another 10 abuse cases.

 In addition, the deaths of two Iraqi prisoners already have been ruled homicides. In one case,
 a soldier was court-martialed, reduced in rank and discharged from the Army. In the other homicide,
 a CIA contract interrogator's conduct has been referred to the Justice Department for criminal prosecution.

  Care to comment?


"We had a project to create a free media in Iraq.
  They are trying to control us. We are being suffocated."
   --editor-in-chief Ismail Zayer, the head of a U.S.-funded Iraqi newspaper
      who quit Monday because of American interference in the publication,  Attribution

 Hey Ismail, the BFEE doesn't believe in a free press.
 Just take a look at America if you want proof.

 Electronic Voting Hearings Set to Start
  Hey - no hurry - the election is a full six months away

  Click  Here

 Concerned about the reliability of electronic voting, a federal panel is examining ways
 to safeguard polling from hackers and bad software to avoid another disputed election this November.
 Critics say the touchscreen machines can't be trusted because they don't leave a paper trail.

"My primary concerns ... are there is no way for voters to verify that their votes were recorded correctly,
 there is no way to publicly count the votes, (and) in the case of a controversial election, meaningful recounts
 are impossible," said Aviel D. Rubin, a computer science professor at Johns Hopkins University, who was
 scheduled to testify before the commission.

"I do not know of a single computer security expert who would testify that these machines are secure," he said.

 Geez, I wish the Democrats had time to concern themselves with this.
 I mean, why bother to raise the multi-millions for a campaign of all the
 other guy has to do is give Diebold a bribe to see things his way?

 When you buy a loaf of bread at 7-11, you get a printed receipt.
 Why can't we get one when we choose the leader of Planet Earth?

  Care to comment?

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 47,000 More GIs Tapped for Year in Iraq
  But don't call it a quagmire because then the terorists win

  Click  Here

 U.S. military commanders in Iraq have decided they need to keep an expanded force in Iraq
 beyond June and will send 10,000 active-duty Army and Marine Corps troops for one-year tours,
 Rumsfeld announced Tuesday.

 In addition, the Army planned to announce that about 37,000 National Guard and Reserve troops
 are getting called to active duty to support three National Guard combat brigades that will be sent
 to Iraq late this year or early in 2005, defense officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity..

...but don't call it a quagmire!

 Sinclair Censors Koppel, Decency
   by Smoking Joe Conason

  Click  Here

"Our decision was based on a desire to stop the misuse of their sacrifice to support an anti-war
  position with which most, if not all, of these soldiers would not have agreed," as Mr. Smith explained.
"In simply reading the names of our fallen heroes, this program has adopted a strategy employed
 by numerous anti-war demonstrators who wish to focus attention solely on the cost of war."
 Perhaps Mr. Smith believes that Memorial Day is a left-wing plot, too.

 The Sinclair suits should tell it to the gentleman who called Nightline's offices the day before the broadcast
 to make sure that Mr. Koppel would include the name of his 23-year-old son-in-law, who had just been
 killed in Falluja. As he explained how to pronounce the dead soldier's name, and how important this was
 to his family, the man began to weep, and so did the ABC staffer who was diligently taking notes.


"Either he's not in control of his staff or he's not serious, or his senior staff
  is simply insubordinate and is stonewalling and covering up."
    --Ambassador Joseph Wilson, ratted out by Cheney's staff, about Dubya Attribution

 If America had a free press, they'd insist on getting to the bottom of this.
 Since the press works for the BFEE, they sweep the bad news under the rug.

 Subject: Coffins coming home


 When I flew home from VietNam, there were 111 names on the passenger manifest list,
 however, only 13 of us were breathing: the rest were occupying their own steel staterooms.

 No one seemed to care that much when we taxied to a stop and our comrades were offloaded
 onto trucks and hauled away, nor were there any flags draping the coffins.

 We had all been firmly convinced we were doing the right thing to 'free' the country we ravished...

 A decorated, disappointed X-Marine

Get Your War On, (c) 2004 by David Rees. Used with permission

 WTC Developers to Break Ground July 4
   Building another target to taunt the religio-crazies

  Click  Here

 Iraqis Demand Release of Abu Ghraib Prisoners
  "You have given a bad impression of America and Christians,"

  Click  Here

 The Top Ten Worst Album Covers of All Time
  Careful - some of these might make you hurl

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  She loves you, and you won't give her this little gift in return?

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 Marc Perkel offers free hosting to MWO
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 Don't Think . . . You're in America

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 You may think you live in a democracy, but you don't. In a democracy, the winner of the most
 votes takes office. But in America, within five minutes, the winner of an election can be changed
 electronically without anyone knowing.

 You may think you have the right to protest the President of the United States, but you don't.
 That's only true in a democracy. And our beloved President has insisted the Secret Service arrest
 as a threat to his security any unarmed person who would dare protest him within his view in a public place.

 Thinking is clearly dangerous. Don't think. The Government will think for you. FOX news channel will
 think for you. Rush Limbaugh will tell you what to think. Just say ditto. It's easier not to think.


"I'm kind of embarrassed by my support for the war. I believed all the stuff about WMD."
    --William Saletan, Slate magazine's chief political correspondent,  Attribution

 Yeah, I'll bet Saletan is almost angry enough to write about this deception.

  Care to comment?

For more of Wolf's work visit  http://eddytoons.com/

Marty's Entertainment Page


''It's an ugly and hideous thing to see the death and destruction we cause, but if it has
  to be done, it may as well be done right, and we're the best. I believe our cause is just."
     --Lieutenant Matthew Peterson, in Iraq speeding past dead bodies and blown-up tanks,  Attribution

 The military's block on  bartcop.com  serves them well.

 "Knowledge can be a bad thing..."

 Reminder: If you need to reach us, contact sam@bartcop.com

 Sam's the best, and if I don't answer, she'll call me with a reminder.


"I've been derisively mentioned in a new pro-Bush polemic entitled
  Bush Country: How Dubya Became a Great President by John Podhoretz.
  It is indeed a distinct honor to be name-checked as a political enemy by the
  son of the man (Norman Podhoretz) best known for being wrong on every
  cultural, political and literary idea of his time."
    -- Alan Bisbort   Attribution

"My greatness can hardly be measured..."

 Tin Soldiers and We are Coming
  William Rivers Pitt at Kent State on the 34th Anniversary

  Click  Here

 This is sacred ground. It was in this place, one of many, that ordinary Americans stepped forward to say
 no to a government that was sprinting towards disaster. That action was met in this place with deadly force,
 force that took the lives of those who marched, along with the lives of those who happened to be passing
 innocently by when the bullets began to fly.

 A day when ordinary Americans must stand forth and say no to a government sprinting towards disaster has come again..

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 Subject: I am a monkey


 I used to like you, but you make me puke now.  You lie all the time.  You make stuff up.
 You back an idiot like Kerry who can't make up his mind from day to day.   You yell at
 Democrats that are trying to do something.  You know Kerry has to go and the only one with
 a chance to win is Hillary Clinton.  And, she's not running because she thinks she would lose this year.

 By the way, whose side are you on?  The USA or al-Qaeda?
 Blondeboy - the Stalker with an erection

 I'm on the side of the guy who still has Viet Cong shrapnel in him.
 You like the never-elected idiot who deserted to get drunk and do cocaine instead of his sworn duty.

 Today's Banana Fact:  Bananas have no fat, cholesterol or sodium.


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"They wanted us to feel as though we were women, the way
  women feel, and this is the worst insult, to feel like a woman."
     --A male al Sadr supporter commenting on torture of Iraqis,    http://www.lucithebat.com/

 Subject: Show 36

 Only about 10 minutes in to the show, and it's fan-tastic.
 You're the perfect voice for American Outrage!!!  You've got to get on Air America.

 Recent subscriber - we're spending too much money around here, but you are worth it.
 By the way, I wouldn't have found you if I hadn't been sucked into all these web sites via Howard Dean.
 I have to give my boy a plug - he's going to be hammering away today in DC for Women's Rights.

 You guys give me hope.  Thanks!


 Jen, thanks for that.
 We hope to have Show 37 up Wednesday night.

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 I accuse
   Joe Conason interviews Joe Wilson

  Click  Here

 JC: As your new book comes out, the Justice Department investigation of what I no
       longer hesitate to call the conspiracy against your wife seems to be in a hiatus. Can
       you talk about what's going on with the investigation? Do you know?

 JW: First of all, I think you're absolutely right that it's appropriate to call this a conspiracy, by
       people very close to the center of power in the United States, who decided that their
       political agenda was more important than the national security of the country.

 Subject: Democrats sac situation

 I love ya Bart but it's an election year.  The more you promote the idea that the Democrats
 have no sac, the Democrats have no spine, etc., the more I think you are convincing people
 NOT to vote for Kerry or any Democrats running for office.

 Fact is the Dems DO speak out but as you know the Republicans own the media.
 They speak out in Congress but they are not covered.  If they are covered at all, they are ridiculed.

 Randi Rhodes has explained this situation very well the past few days on her show.
 Even Tom Dashle speaks firmly and eloquently about how Bush is unfit to serve as President,
 how he's surrounded by people that are unfit to be advising him.  It's not that the Dems have
 no sac or spine. It's that we don't have a majority in Congress anymore and we don't own the media.

<much snippage>

 Mystic 23

 Mystic, we must live in different worlds.
 Every Sunday, and probably every day of the week, we see Democrats on TV laughing and joking
 about things. They are NOT angry. They are NOT upset with Bush. They are NOT pissed off about
 being lied to and the hundreds of deaths in Iraq. They are happy about being losers and I hate that.

 True, the GOP has their wall-to-wall echo chamber, which is all the more reason for a Democrat
 to f-ing say something when they have 15 minutes with that silly ass, Tim the Whore.
 Democrats always use the most spineless language - "Perhaps the president wasn't
 as candid as he could have been when he said Saddam had WMDs" and crap like that.

 Have you ever heard an elected Democrat on TV say that nobody died when Clinton lied,
 and he was impeached and Bush should therefore be impeached about lying 800 men to their deaths?

 No, you haven't heard that because they are all too afraid to say the obvious.
 The GOP owning the media ia "a" problem, but Democrat lack of sac is "the" problem.

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 Imperialism in Iraq
   by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Having decided that imperialism was "an evil thing," Orwell described himself
"stuck between my hatred of the empire I served and my rage against the evil-spirited
 little beasts who tried to make my job impossible. With one part of my mind I thought
 of the British Raj as an unbreakable tyranny, as something clamped down... upon the
 will of prostrate peoples; with another part I thought that the greatest joy in the world
 would be to drive a bayonet into a Buddhist priest's guts."

 Subject: Iraqi prisoner abuse


 I think the most damaging story (to the Arab world) is that, out of 13 Americans so far accused of
 "abusing" Iraqi prisoners (with 25 prisoners dead), 12 Americans get reprimands (no jail time and they
 can leave the Armed Services with a standard discharge), while one American accused of photographing
 an American woman in the Abu Ghraib shower is facing a court-martial.  Why is a nude photo of an
 American woman so much worse than beating, threatening rape, possible murder of Iraqis?


 Probably for the same reason that America hates Janet Jackson and loves the blood-thirsty moron.

 The Danger of Willful Blindness

  Click  Here

 Nobody should be surprised at the prisoner torture scanda l- we all knew it from the first shocking pictures
 of the shackled hog tied hooded Afghan prisoners in Guantanamo. This was sensory deprivation torture,
 along with denying sleep - the easiest way to break someone. Do we do that?, I thought.

 When you say prisoners have no rights: no right to be judged, no advocate, no appeal, no hope, no future-
 torture is the inevitable result. After all, these aren't hum ans- these are creatures with no rights - whom are
 they going to complain to? Now they say 24 prisoners have died in our custody.

  Care to comment?

 VCR Alert - World Poker Tour Ladies Night (Repeat) on Travel Channel

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

755  761 dead American soldiers.


...because of Bush's insatiable greed


 Will Roy Moore (R-Crazy Judge) crack the Bush base?

  Click  Here

.The possibility that Roy Moore could challenge Bush in November may not be costing Karl Rove any sleep -- yet.
 But the chance that the popular conservative judge could do to Bush what Ralph Nader did to Al Gore in 2000 --
 split his ideological base, and cost him the presidency -- has analysts crunching numbers and weighing Moore's chances.

 Maybe we could find

  Care to comment?

 3000 Prisoners Slaughtered in Afganastan - by Americans 
  Story added by Marc Perkel

 Read about the video on BuzzFlash.

 The video is EXTREMELY disturbing.

 Afgan POWs Killed - 55mb Quicktime Format

 Be sure to SPREAD THE WORD on this one.

 NEW MIRROR SITE: Maggot Punks has posted the video
 to help cut down on the load on this server. The link is in This Page

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the

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You have two minutes to spit your bit.

 Report: Disney Blocking Michael Moore Film
  The networks will do anything to get Bush elected

  Click  Here

 Michael Moore's documentary linking Bush with powerful Saudi families,
 including that of  bin Laden, is stirring up controversy even before its release.

 That's if it even gets released.

 Hollywood trade paper Daily Variety said in its Wednesday edition that Disney
 has moved to prevent its Miramax Films unit from distributing "Fahrenheit 911."

 Moore's film will premier at cannes, so if they raise enough hell
 I have a feeling Michael will get his movie distributed by somebody.
 Maybe he could ask Mel Gibson for a loan.

 Subject: Bush fondles French flag on his bus


 My other half saw this picture on Drudge and sent it to Atrios, noting the French flag.
 Atrios posted it, pointing out the French flag to the world.

 Shortly thereafter, it was no longer posted on Drudge. Coincidence?
 Thanks, and keep up the good work.

 Tina W.

Garry Trudeau offers $10K to anyone
who saw Bush show up in the ANG

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