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7 More Charged with Abuse
Dole dives in to save Kerry
Cyst Awareness Month 
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Pigboy is 'mainstream'? 
U.S. Hostage Hamill Escapes
Iraq's HR minister resigns
Bremer: Bush is/was asleep 
Blaming the troops


Quote of the Day

"This administration is the 
   opposite of The Sixth Sense
\  They don't see any dead people...
     -- MoDo the Dragon Lady, Attribution

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Volume 1304 - Put me in, Coach

  Monday   May 3, 2004


"I am not angry with our President, but I am disappointed. I don't expect an easy
  solution to the situation in Iraq, I do expect an admission that there are serious
  problems that need serious solutions. I don't expect our leaders to be free of
  mistakes, but I expect our leaders to own up to them.
    --Paul Rieckhoff, Iraqi veteran from the Weekly Democratic Radio Address"  Attribution

 3000 Prisoners Slaughtered in Afganastan - by Americans 
  Story added by Marc Perkel

 If you think that prisoner abuse in Iraq is bad - you haven't seen anything yet.
 I snagged this video off the Internet about a year ago and I think it's finally time I posted it.

 Convoy of Death

 There's only one war on our television screens now - that other war, the one from just
 a year ago, has been forgotten - but not by everyone. In Afghanistan, filmmaker Jamie Doran
 has uncovered evidence of a massacre: Taliban prisoners of war suffocated in containers,
 shot in the desert under the watch of American troops.

 After screening the videotape last fall, the European Parliament called for an investigation.
 The United Nations has authorized an official investigation into the film's allegations, but only
 if the security of its members can be guaranteed. And security is hard to find in northern
 Afghanistan. Since this documentary was filmed, eyewitnesses have been tortured. Others
 have disappeared or been killed.

 This video is about how the US slaughtered 3000 Afgan prisoners of war. The video is big
 - 55 megs download and it is shocking. It makes the Black Hole of Calcutta look like a picnic.
 These prisoners were left in sealed truck containers to suffocate and fry in the hot sun.
 The few that survived a week were taken out and shot an buried in mass graves.

 Read about the video on BuzzFlash.

 The video is EXTREMELY disturbing and it will give you nightmares.
 If you are not ready to see this footage - DO NOT WATCH IT !!! This is NAZI level stuff.

 Afgan POWs Killed - 55mb Quicktime Format

 Be sure to SPREAD THE WORD on this one.

 This is a Bartcop Exclusive BREAKING NEWS story. You heard it here first !!!
 Download it and post it on other web sites so that this one doesn't become overloaded.
 This is a file that BUSH definitely doesn't want spread around.

 WARNING: Because this is a big file and very popular downloading may be very slow
 through the day. If it looks like to downloading is slow you might want to wait till the
 evening or at night to download it. The price of success I suppose.

 NEW MIRROR SITE: Maggot Punks has posted the video also to help cut down on the
 load on this server. The link is in This Page

 7 More U.S. Soldiers Reprimanded for Abuse 
  Photos emerge showing rape and sodomy of Iraqi women - are they real?


  Click Here

 On the orders of Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, commander of U.S. forces in Iraq,
 six of the soldiers ó all officers and noncommissioned officers ó have received
 the most severe level of administrative reprimand in the U.S. military, the official said.

 A seventh officer was given a more lenient admonishment

 I wonder if these soldiers thought theye were "getting even" for September 11th?
 Of course, Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11, but Bush wants you to think they did.
 He used phony excuse as a cloaking device to invade Iraq and steal their assets.

  Care to comment?



"The Treasury Department agency entrusted with blocking the financial resources of
  terrorists told Congress that at the end of last year it had just four full-time employees
  dedicated to investigating bin Laden's and Saddam's wealth while nearly two dozen were
  working on Cuba embargo violations.  Feel safer now?"
    --Eric Alterman, "Altercation"  Attribution

 Dole Rises to Kerry's Defense Over Vietnam 
  The GOP will stop Bush because the Dems have no sac, not even a little one

  Click  Here

 When it comes to choosing a president, "I don't think it matters,"  said Dole,
  a Purple Heart veteran from World War II on Fox New Sunday.

 "I think some of the things he said [in 1971] were probably not very good judgment," Dole said
 of Kerry, "but he was a much younger man then without much experience in public life."

 Asked why Vietnam is a hot-button issue, Dole said, "I'm not certain it's that red hot."

 Look who has come to Kerry's defense - Dole, Hagel, Luger and McCain - all Republicans.
 ... but where are the Democrats?   Why are they so afraid to speak up?

 The Democrats are so scared, the GOP has to fight our battles.  The only people who dare
 to try to keep Bush in check are conservatives - because somebody has to derail the BFEE.

  Care to comment?

Get Your War On, (c) 2004 by David Rees. Used with permission

by David Rees - my good friend.

 Iraq human rights minister resigns

  Click  Here

 The US invasion force has accepted the resignation of Iraq's human rights minister,
 Abdel Turki, who quit his post on April 8 in anger over US military offensives on Fallujah and Najaf.

 The scenes of intense street fighting when US forces assaulted Fallujah on April 5 on the hunt for
 insurgents who murdered four US contractors day before triggered revulsion among pro-coalition Iraqis.

 Since the weekend, the United States has been rocked by a human rights scandal in Iraq, with the
 publication by media outlets of photos of US soldiers abusing and sexually humiliating Iraqi detainees.

 Who can work with these blood-thirsty, oil-snatching monsters?
 Besides, on July 1, whoever's in charge will be assassinated.
 Who wants a piece of that?

Click and see what these guys do


"There was a time when the Senate was an independent body,
  not the errand boy of the White House."
   --Sen. Robert C. Byrd (D-W.Va.), unhappy with White House meddling  Attribution

 Subject: Gay soldiers in Iraq


 I'd like to start by saying that I'm completely tolerant of gays and think all Americans
 ought to be allowed to do whatever they like in the privacy of their bedrooms.

 however, this sick stuff coming out of Iraq makes me wonder if it might be a bad idea
 to allow gays to serve in the military. this sort of bizarre sexual torture of men by men
 is very disturbing to Americans, but just think about how Arabs who are more socially
 conservative feel. people who are in war oftentimes become more brutal and torture is
 common, but this sort of sexual torture probably didn't start until gays were allowed to serve.

 I'm not saying we should discriminate against gays, I'm just saying that maybe we should know
 that if gay soldiers are embarassing America in this way, the entire Islamic world will hate us even more.


 JC, what you need is educatin'

 Those torturers aren't gay.  What they're doing isn't for sexual satisfation.
 Mentally, they've turned the Iraqis into toys and they're just playing around with them.

 When I was a kid, I had a friend who'd go into toy stores and put GI Joe's hands in his pants
 just for laughs - or put two GI Joes in a 69 position.  That's what these sick dudes are doing.

 If you knew more about that which you feel so strongly, you'd know most  pedofiles are straight men.
 Statistically, you'd rather leave your pre-teen sons with a gay babysitter than a straight man.

 I think the America torturers are untrained and they're bored and since they can,
 they're messing with the Iraqis as some weird way to pass the time because they can.

 'Mean Girls' Tops Box Office With $25M
   Tina Fey makes her first screenplay a hueueueueueuege one

  Click  Here

 Likud Voters Defeat Sharon's Gaza Plan
  Don't ask me - I think they should move to Oklahoma

  Click  Here

 Sasser Worm Strikes Hundreds of Thousands of PCs
  So why isn't there a security update at http://v4.windowsupdate.microsoft.com/en/default.asp

  Click  Here

 Mom wants subscription to BCR for Mother's Day
  It's the perfect gift to keep her sane in the Bush years

  Click  Here

 Marc Perkel offers free hosting to MWO
  Can anybody get word to The Horse?

  Click  Here

Click for more

 It's May again and you know what that means.

 Pilonidal cyst awareness month



"While in Iraq, I heard plenty of complaints about the Coalition Provisional Authority,
  its willful blindness, vanity and ineptitude. But I never heard a single word criticizing
  our soldiers. Our troops were held in respect. And, sometimes, in awe. Paul Bremer isn't
  our most important representative in Iraq. G.I. Joe is. And we couldn't ask for a better one...
    --Ralph Peters, "Best We've Ever Had",  Attribution

  Care to comment?

"I'm really a man of peace..."

Marty's Entertainment Page


"Why was a mechanic allowed to handle prisoners? Where was their training?
  Who was their supervisor? Where was the leadership?"
   --Daniel Sivits, defending his son caught up in the sex scandal   Attribution

 "Prisoners are like frogs..."

 Reminder: If you need to reach us, contact sam@bartcop.com

 Sam's the best, and if I don't answer, she'll call me with a reminder.


"I'll see this report. I'm sure it just hasn't come to me yet."
    --Gen. Richard Myers, on the three-month-old U.S. military report on the abuse   Attribution

"The officers and enlisted men are to blame..."

 Bush's media claims Pigboy is 'mainstream conservative'
  New watchdog website run by my good friend David Brock http://mediamatters.org

  Click  Here

 Quote from the Wash Whore Post:  What we can't understand is how Tom Dashcle can suggest
 that a mainstream conservative with a huge radio following is somehow whipping up wackos to
 threaten Daschle and his family.

 Has the senator listened to Rush lately? Sure, he aggressively pokes fun at Democrats and lionizes
 Republicans, but mainly about policy. He's so mainstream that those right-wingers Tom Brokaw
 and Tim Russert had him on their Election Night coverage.

 The media whores have Rush on because he can deliver numbers - and that's scary.
 What if Mancow could deliver people? What about Mikey the Weiner Savage?
 If Scott Peterson was free, would they have him as a guest?   Is O.J. ready for a show?

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 Subject: your website stinks


 Do you know what you have done?  You have turned me into a Bush backer.  I am going to vote for him.
 I see your hatred every day on your website and I want no part of it.  I am going to register Republican
 tomorrow and leave the Democrat party of that creepy John Kerry and his money grubbing hands.

 He lives off women's money and can not say the same thing two days in a row.  I want no part of it.
 I just heard Bill Clinton set up Ira Magaziner to head up a fund raising organization for Chinese Communist
 AIDS and HIV patients.  Why didn't he set it up for Americans or Africans?  Because he owes it to his
 buddies in Beijing.  He really is a commie isn't he just like his Maoist wife the carpetbagger from New York.
 Bet she figures out how to depose John Kerry by convention time so she can run herself, the sleazebag bitch.


 First, I know you're a guy typing with one hand because the other hand is busy.
 Second. you've always been a Monkey so there's no conversion going on.
 Third, you're addicted to  bartcop.com  and you just can't get enough of it.
 I'll bet last week you were panting like Coulter watching a TIVO of Bush in his lil' pilot costume.
 Truth is, you live and breathe  bartcop.com  and you can't get enough of it.

 ...but, for a stalker, your spelling is quite good.

 Today's Banana Fact:  Bananas are a good source of vitamin C, potassium and dietary fiber.


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"[Bush] lands on the aircraft carrier, strutting your stuff, and I have
  a hard time walking.  How dare you? That's how I look at the president.
  How dare you. It amazes me how he does it with a smile, too."
    --Fields Black, 33, a Persian Gulf veteran breathing through
       an oxygen tube because of his emphysema,   Attribution

 The BFEE has intentionally started two wars in Iraq for no reason other than profit

 Subject: the Olson twins

 Bart, did you know that the Olson twins will be legal in just 41 days?


 TG, no, I didn't.

 Did you know Cinco de Mayo  is just  2 days away?
 Cinco de Mayo is bigger than Christmasn and New Year's Eve at BartCop Manor.

  Hmmmm, ...Chinaco Anejo...

 Did you know Bixby Corn is just 55 days away?

 Hmmmm, ...Bixby corn...

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 A plea from former regular The Diehard
  I say 'former' because she's doing time on a terrorism charge

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 Willie Mays

 You younger kids might not know this but Willie Mays was one of the greatest baseball
 players in all of baseball history, and I'm so old I even got to see him play a few times.

 He was Number Three on the all-time Home Run list, until Bonds made him Fourth,
 but Willie was much more than a great Home Run hitter.  He hit for average, too.
 Plus, he could run the bases like the wind in a hurry.  Then, there was The Catch.

 If you're a longtime baseball fan, you might even have seen the footage of Willie the 1954 World Series,
 where he was playing center field too close, and the second he heard the crack of the bat he knew
 that ball was going to fly over his head - so he did the unheard of.

 He turned his back to home plate ball so he could run faster towards the centerfield wall.
 He beat the ball to the wall and caught it over his shoulder in one of baseball's all-time greatest defensive plays.


 Willie Mays, baseball immortal - a veterans of twenty consecutive All Atar games,
 Rookie of the Year, three time MVP winner, twelve time Golden Glove winner,
 Carrer slugging percentage of .557 and just a ton of fun to watch on the field.

 You hardly ever hear his name, at least until Bonds closed in on his record, so why
 has baseball turned their back on one of the greatest players of all time?
 It seems that baseball, like the Democrats, enjoy eating their own.

 Willie Mays committed the worst sin of all - and was banned from baseball.
 You see, he needed money and took a job with Bally's Casino.
 Gambling is the arch-sin of all arch sins to the nuts who run baseball.
 They lost Mays and Pete Rose and an Okie named Mantle over this stupid rule,
 and keep in mind that George Steinbrenner and the Pirates' John Galbreath had both
 owned racetracks, but that doesn';t wount because they were super-rich white guys.

 Why do I bring all this up?

 I'm watch the St Louis Cardinal game Sunday (Mrs Bart loves the Cardinals)
 and they announced that if a Cardinals scroed 7-11 runs in a game, you can get a pizza
 for only a dollar from some casino that advertises with the Cardinals - W-T-F?

 Baseball (and America) needs to get over their religion-inspired fear of gambling.

 Subject: Willie Mays


 Two things I remember about Willy Mays.  First, "The Catch" was an incredible athletic feat,
 not just because he caught the ball, but because he was able to throw it all the way in to the infield
 in time to make another out (my memory is that he threw it all the way from deep center field to
 home plate--450 feet--on a single bounce, but I might be confusing two catches).

 The second is that he always batted third for the Giants, the position for the person who is most capable
 of getting on base -- the one with the best batting average.  Willy McCovey batted fourth (cleanup)
 because his slugging percentage was closest to Mays' and the team wanted both in the lineup.

 Willy Mays is still, by virtually any measure, the greatest living player to have played professional
 baseball now that Joe DiMaggio is gone.

 Say Hey!


 Bremer Regrets Statements About Bush
  The BFEE doesn't like it when the minions speak their mind

  Click  Here

 Paul Bremer, the U.S. Iron Fist in Iraq, said Sunday he regrets a statement he made
 more than six months before the Sept. 11 attacks that the Bush administration was
"paying no attention" to terrorism.

 At a McCormick Tribune Foundation conference on terrorism on Feb. 26, 2001, Bremer said,

"The new administration seems to be paying no attention to the
  problem of terrorism.  What they will do is stagger along until
  there's a major incident and then suddenly say,
'Oh, my God, shouldn't we be organized to deal with this?'

"That's too bad. They've been given a window of opportunity
  with very little terrorism now, and they're not taking advantage of it." .

 Bremer made the speech after he had chaired the National Commission on Terrorism,
 a bipartisan body formed by the Clinton administration to examine U.S. counterterrorism policies.

 It seems everybody knew Bush was asleep except the 9-11 Whitewash Committee.
 You know they're going to issue a mealy-mouthed report, saying Clinton & Bush both
 could have done a better job, so let's all sing Kumbaya and work together in the future.

 When the BFEE pays for a commission report, they get what they pay for.


  Care to comment?

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

755 dead American soldiers.

Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of coffins



 Randi Rhodes and lesbians

 Last week, I heard Randi Rhodes tell some of her personal story.
 She said she was in the military (Good for you, Randi!) and she said her late sister was a lesbian.
 When she died, Randi stepped up to adopt her niece, and Randi was lamenting that it was so unfair
 that if she, Randi, had a daighter and died, her sister could not adopt her because lesbians aren't
 allowed to adopt children under Florida's ancient/chaotic/religiously-insane adoption laws..

 This is confusing to me.
 How does the state of Florida know who's a lesbian?
 Is there some kind of test?

 Even if you live with a woman, how could the state know that you're a couple?
 How does the state of Florida deny adoptions unless the couple apply as a couple?

 In Randi's case, this was her sister, so that should rule out any wild get-on-the-adoption-list crap,
 so could someone explain to me how Florida would know or care what Randi's sister did?

  Care to comment?

 Subject: The people have a right to know

 Vice President Cheney went to the United States Supreme Court today to argue that his meeting
 with his energy task force should be kept secret from the People of America. He argues that it's
 executive privilege to hide his  secret meetings with his old corporate oil cronies. Cheney says the
 People have no rights to find out what's going on.

 But someone recently said, "A country that hides something is a country that is afraid of getting caught."
 That person was President Bush in his April 13th press conference.

 The government exists for the sole purpose of serving the people and for no other reason. When you look
 at the Constitution it is clear that it was written by people who distrusted government. In fact the distrust of
 government is the duty of every citizen and it is to be assumed that everyone in government needs to be
 watched and scrutinized in every thing it does. It may be inconvienient for Mr. Cheney to have to expose
 the smokey back rooms - but this is America and in America the People come before the government.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.



"There are rare moments when I would love to be a political consultant if only for one day
  - then I could grab President Bush by the lapels and scream at the top of my lungs:
 "Excuse me, but have you gone completely bonkers?!?!?'' Then I would suggest that 43
   send his keen political adviser Karl Rove off on a long, lazy vacation in, say, Fallujah,
   until after November's elections."
     --Daniel Ruth, Attribution

 Subject: torturers are 'heroes?'

 Bart, you are such a fool sometimes that reading your page often reminds me
 of the bumper stickers I see on the back of Billy Joe Bob's 1978 Chevy pickup
 next to the "Bush/Cheney 2004" logo.

 You make a lousy first impression.
 What you're supposed to do is say, "Bart, love the page, but I disagree with you on something..."

 You have said that the Iraq war was wrong, stupid, unnecessary, and dangerous for America.
 So why do you keep calling the soldiers who drop the bombs, shoot the unarmed protestors,
 or even cook the food to serve to the other murderers "heroes"?

 If you know a specific soldier who signed up "to kill ragheads," then I agree with you.
 When you joined America's armed forces, you are offering to sacrifice your life for your country.
 Being a soldier is like being a cop or a fireman - do you hate firemen, too?
 Who do you call when your house catches fire?

 If the soldiers are heroes, it can only be because they have done something good or right, possibly in extraordinary circumstances.

 You sorta have a point there - 'heroes' come in different shades.  The firemen who ran into the WTC are real heroes.
 Jessica Lynch is less of a hero, but she wore the uniform meaning she knew she could die.
 ...and the Halliburton driver who recently escaped isn't a hero at all, so yes, you have a point.

 Helping Bush kill a bunch of Arabs is not being heroic, whether the soldier is a racist murderer or just someone
 so stupid that they think obeying Bush means helping America.  You can't have your cake and eat it too.
 Either call the soldiers "Stupid and obedient, but patriotic" or call them the same foul names you call Bush.

 If I read you right, you want each of the 150,000 soldiers to vote on every order they're given?
 Soldiers follow orders and we have acorrupt Commander in Chief.
 Why do you hold the soldiers responsible for Bush's crimes?
 The soldiers never promised Saddam had WMDs, that was all the BFEE.
 Hate them if you want, but salute the soldiers.

 Is Condoleeza Rice a hero because she follows Bush?

 No, she's a no-morals whore who sold her soul to the Devil for power and prestige,
 not to mention the millions she'll make when she joins the Carlyle Group.

 Is Colin Powell?  Is Tommy Franks?

 Powell, no, and I don't know much about Franks but I'll guess yes, he's a hero.

 What makes the average grunt on the ground any different?
 You are excusing them their part in the killing for being too stupid to know the difference.

 The grunts don't have the president's ear - they're stuck.
 They took an oath to follow orders and that's what they're doing.
 They trained long and hard on how to kill people - that's their job.
 It's what an army does, mostly.

 Why do you do that, when you are so eager to insult Republicans for following Bush,
 even Republicans who may have been veterans themselvles in the past?

 Republicans haven't taken a life-or-death pledge to follow Bush.  They follow Bush because
 they hate "Clinton, niggers, teachers, liberals, intellectuals and faggots" and they want a tax cut.
 That's different than offering to give your life for your country - you can't see that?

 If you fight Bush and get rid of Bush, that is a small victory, but if you win that victory while
 kissing the collective ass of the soldiers dumb enough to perpetuate the cycle of killing...

 If we were in a live chat room you'd have tears on your keyboard by now.
 Are all soldiers bad?
 Was stopping Hitler a cruel thing to do?
 Was attacking the Taliban the work of a bully?
 Are you some nutty dove who'd make Ghandi and Lennon look like warmongers?
 If an armed man broke into your teen daughter's bedroom, would you consider using force?

 In the coming months/years, you're going to encounter more and more young men on the street
 who gave up arms and legs for you, at least that was on their mind when they signed up.
 Are you going to run up to them and scream, "Baby killer!"?

 ...the hydra of militarization will throw up another evil leader with a different face than W,

 Hold on, Cubby.
 When Clinton was president, our military acted justly and honorably.
 The whole key is who's driving the bus.
 If a bus hits you, don't blame the bus - you blame the driver.
 You're pointing out that we need to elect sane leaders, not men who hear God's voice.

 ...and humankind will be forced to go through this again.
 You are going to have to stop being a coward and admit that the troops are not only
 doing the wrong thing, but doing it with the wrong state of mind.


 Supporting the men dying for their country is not cowardice.  Why don't you pay a visit to your
 local VFW and find some guy with an eyepatch or crutches, buy him a beer and have him explain it to you.

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to spit your bit.

 Feedback on the alleged torture of Iraqi prisoners

  Click  Here



e have this...

Garry Trudeau offers $10K to anyone
who saw Bush show up in the ANG

Click for reward details


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