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  In Today's Treehouse...
Trouble for Bunnypants 
Bush the Unaccountable
Softening Up America?
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Limbaugh and Abu Ghraib
The Price of Arrogance
Outside the law 
Limbaugh loves violence
The Picture the World Sees


Quote of the Day

"We look on with horror as reports surface 
  of terrible abuses against the dignity of 
  human beings held captive by invading 
  forces in their own country." 
    -- Nelson Mandela,   Attribution

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Volume 1310 -  Phasers on Duh!


  Tuesday   May 11, 2004


"After the torture and vile acts by the American army, Bush goes out and congratulates Rumsfeld.
  It's just incredible. I am in total shock. Bush's praise for Rumsfeld will discredit the United States
  and further damage its reputation, which is already at a historic low in the Arab world."
     --Omar Belhouchet, editor of the influential Algerian national daily El Watan,   Attribution

 Red Cross Report - Trouble for Bunnypants

  Click Here

70-90 percent of Iraqi detainees were arrested by mistake - 70-90 percent
Red Cross observers witnessed U.S. officers mistreating Abu Ghraib prisoners
Abuse of Iraqi prisoners by American soldiers was broad and "not individual acts"
Among the evidence were burns, bruises and other injuries

"Violence is all those ragheads understand..."

  Care to comment?



"After Mr. Bush's decision to keep Rumsfeld, all their apologies seem like lip service.
  Rumsfeld would have certainly lost his job if the prisoners were American. The United States
  is spending so much money by setting up Alhurra television and Radio Sawa to improve its image
  in the Arab world...How can it reconcile that with keeping a man who has insulted every Arab
  through the abuses of Iraqi prisoners."
    --former Jordanian foreign minister Jawad al-Anani,   Attribution

 Reminder: The International Red Cross says 70-90 percent of the prisoners are innocent people,
 rounded up by US forces for walking on the streets in the cities where they were born.

 Washington the Unaccountable
  by Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 ...a perverse system of rewards and punishments has taken hold in Washington, protecting those
 who get it wrong and banishing those who get it right.

 People who raised early questions about the Iraq War, such as former weapons inspector Scott Ritter,
 were subjected to ugly attacks before the war and now have largely disappeared from view although
 their skepticism proved prescient. Conversely, government officials who smugly marched American
 troops off to war and journalists who bought the government's lies, to date, have flourished.

 At the top, George W. Bush has turned his refusal to apologize for his own mistakes almost into a
 political fetish, a stubbornness that has made him even more beloved by many of his supporters.

 With the media backing him up, Bush will never be held accountable for his mistakes or his crimes.

  Care to comment?

  Softening Up America?
   by R B Ham

  Click  Here

 The release of the [Iraqi POW} photos causes a furor that distracts from the Bush Regime's engineering
 of 9-11 and the subsequent Endless War On An Abstract Verb, Bush will hold back the damaging ones
 and ride out a couple of months, and terror levels will be raised.

 Enter the 9-11 commission's final report on June 30th. How brave will Richard Ben-Veniste or Bob Kerrey be?
 Will Lee Hamilton make up for his failure to nail George Sr during Iran/Contra and skewer his rapture-enabling son Dubya?

 July 4, 2004 would be a day the Bush Regime may believe the sheeple would buy as an evil Islamic "Untermenschen" attack.
 Revenge for those abuses! Americans would understand and buy that, of course. Americans know revenge.

  Care to comment?

 Subject:  2000 again


 Expect 2000 all over again--and then some!  Picture this:

 Kerry surges ahead by October and it is now obvious that the Diebold scam will be too incredible,
 so plan B is put into action.  The 'terrorist' attack will be so deadly that the president will call off the
 election maybe on election day, or perhaps a few days before, even though the world knows he is in
 the process of losing it.  The situation will continue and Kerry will never take office.

 From 2005 on, THEY rule by totalitarian force.
 Their crimes from then on will be blatant--and openly committed with no fear of being apprehended.
 And this 'coup d'etat' is what we have to try to prevent!

 Paul, it's sad, but I agree.
 This gang of thugs is NOT going to turn power over to Kerry if he wins.
 They have tasted unlimited power and unlimited money and they won't give that up.


"Arrests as described in these allegations tended to follow a pattern. Arresting authorities entered houses
  usually after dark, breaking down doors, waking up residents roughly, yelling orders, forcing family members
  into one room under military guard while searching the rest of the house and further breaking doors, cabinets
  and other property. They arrested suspects, tying their hands in the back with flexi-cuffs, hooding them and
  taking them away. Sometime they arrested all adult males present in a house including elderly, handicapped
  or sick people. Treatment often included pushing people around, insulting, taking aim with rifles, punching
  and kicking and striking with rifles. Individuals were often led away in whatever they happened to be wearing
  at the time of arrest -- sometime in pyjamas or underwear -- and were denied the opportunity to gather a few
  essential belongings, such as clothing, hygiene items, medicine or eyeglasses."
   --From the Red Cross report on US abuses in Iraq,   Attribution

 Subject: White House slaughterama

 Why was it necesary to perform "Shock and Awe" all over Iraq, bombing cities, etc?

 We know.
 It was to impress neighboring states of our power and evilness.

 Saddam and crew = Target

 Go to Baghdad - surround it - work him out.
 No need to bomb innocent people hundreds of miles away.

 We slaughtered almost 10,000 innocent people who meant no harm to us.
 Little children. Mothers fathers and grandparents

 Happy Mother's day, Bush


Get Your War On, (c) 2004 by David Rees. Used with permission

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 Bush Sees New Abuse Photos With 'Disgust'
  But Rush says there's nothing to apologize for - who's misleading us?

  Click  Here

 Castro Freezes Most Sales at Dollar Stores
  He's trying the Nixon/Ford theory of economics that doesn't work

  Click  Here

 Video Seems to Show Beheading of American
 "My name is Nick Berg, my father's name is Michael, my mother's name is Susan.
 "I have a brother and sister, David and Sarah. I live in Philadelphia."

  Click  Here

 Cheney Gets Good News from Heart Checkup
  Heart check up?   Who knew the SOB had a heart?

  Click  Here

 Limbaugh and the Babes of Abu Ghraib

  Click  Here

 Limbaugh is attracted to people who torture. On his May 3 show, the loudmouth drug addict said
"have you people noticed who the torturers are? Women! The babes! The babes are meting out the torture."

 Limbaugh is talking about Spec. Sabrina D. Harman, a military police officer who has been charged with
 abusing detainees at Abu Ghraib. Harman is now probably the world's most infamous dominatrix of sadomasochism...

 Most of us would likely find Harman seriously deranged and in need of years of psychological treatment.
 But Limbaugh finds her and Pfc. Lynndie England attractive. England is featured in many of the torture photos.
 In one, she smiles happily with a cigarette clenched between in her teeth as she points at a hooded Iraqi man's
 private parts. England's boyfriend, Sgt. Charles Graner, is a former prison guard with a history of domestic violence.
 None of this bothers Rush. On the contrary, Harman and England are patriotic Americans innocently engaged in
 "good old American pornography," as Limbaugh said on May 6."


"It won't do for us just to point to our enemies and shrug, 'They do it all the time.' At a time when
  it is critical to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people, a few renegade corrections officers
  have endangered the lives of thousands of their fellow soldiers in the field.
    --Victor Hanson, military historian and Hoover Institution senior fellow,   Attribution

 The Price of Arrogance

  Click  Here

"America is ushering in a new responsibility era," says President Bush as part of his standard stump speech,
"where each of us understands we're responsible for the decisions we make in life." When speaking about
 bad CEOs he's even clearer as to what it entails: "You're beginning to see the consequences of people
 making irresponsible decisions. They need to pay a price for their irresponsibility."

 Whether he wins or loses in November, George W. Bush's legacy is now clear: the creation of a poisonous
 atmosphere of anti-Americanism around the globe. I'm sure he takes full responsibility."

 Boycott Disney!
 Until they stop blocking Michael Moore's "Farenheit 911"

  Click  Here

 Subject: stealing the election 2004

 Every news organization in print & on the airwaves repeatedly states, ad nauseam, that this election is too close to call.

 It's a repeat of 2000 (when Georgie Boy was selected), it's a 50/50 nation, blue against red, etc.

 We're being set up precisely for election day chicanery - the blackbox voting fiasco type - in which all the president's men
 (hello Mr. Diebold - yo bro Jeb) pervert democracy through patching & purging.  So when you hear yet another insipid pundit
 drone on about how close this election will be, remember, the fix is in.

 Mired in Texas,
 N.B. Dondero

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 I heard a rumor - do NOT hold me to this - that AAR was doing 2,000 000 internet streams.
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 Do we want to wait another year to get noticed?
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 OK, so a 60 second premium spot costs $550.
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 The worst that could happen is we'd each lose a little bit by having AAR broadcast our dot-com names
 to 2 million plus people who agree with our message. The best that could happen is you might get a few
 thousand extra hits from people who agree Bush needs to go back to Crawford and talk to the cows.


 - we could wait until 2008 and hope Bush & Ashcroft don't make original thought a felony
 under Ashcroft's Office of the Homeland Security for the Central Scrutinizer.

 We have a dummy commercial made up if you want to hear how it might sound.
 If you have $95, or $190, or $285 and want to become known...

 Contact me  if you're tired of wallowing in obscurity.

 Let's stop being unknown.

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Subject: Stop blaming Democrats for Rall/Tillman matter

 <much snippage>

 I am a Democrat who feels sorrow over the death of Pat Tillman and all the other Americans
 who have fallen while protecting us. Every Democrat I know feels the same way.

 Please stop slandering us.

 I support a thrice-wounded and decorated war hero for president. I oppose a coward and deserter
 who stole the office. Please play this straight. The stakes are too high to condemn on false accusations
 the only party that has a chance to get the Crawford Coward out of power.

 Very truly yours,
 Conrad N. S

 Conrad, I must assume the majority of readers are Democrats.
 The point of Vol 1308  Pat Tillman - Hero or Sap?  was that my mail was running 10-0 against Tillman.

 I read "Tillman was an idiot" and thought, "Boy, that guy's crazy."
 Next letter, "Tillman was a chump," and I thought, "So, there's two of them."
 Eight e-mails later, I'm wondering where the sane majority is.

 ...and many people felt it was necessary to explain to me that Bush is an evil man stealing Iraq's oil.

 I'm not trying to slander Democrats, I'm trying to wake them the hell up.
 I fear the Democrats are going to dove their way to defeat this year and I'd like to prevent that.
 You say "every Democrat I know feels the same way".  - I wished I had heard from one of them.


"Look what these animals do when you leave them alone for two seconds."
    --Matthew Carl Wisdom, describing what Staff Sgt. "Chip" Frederick said as he
      walked away from two naked Iraqis forced to simulate oral sex,    Attribution

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 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

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 but it's not mandatory to get the stickers.


"If they're found guilty, I hope these assholes go to jail. Because when the Islamist pricks
  do this kind of thing to our soldiers, I want to be able to go after them with a vengeful spirit.
  Right now, we have no leg to stand on.
      --Kim du Toit, right-wing gun nut in Idaho   Attribution

 Dude, how do you plan to "go after them with a vengeful spirit" when you're in Idaho?

 Outside the law

  Click  Here

"Mr Rumsfeld, like his president, does not much care for truth. Truth undermines his own portrayal of himself,
 his administration and his nation as victims. He apologised last week for the scenes reproduced alongside his
 own image on split television screens: the prisoner on a leash, the piles of naked bodies, the nude, hooded figure
 with wires dangling from his finger tips. He even offered to pay for the damage. He also warned that there
 were more, and more horrific, photos and videos still to come. Something of what he feared appears on our
 front page this morning. Mr Rumsfeld regretted that images like this have offended the world. Yet he knows
 from the same Red Cross sources that first warned of the abuses more than a year ago that torture continues
 under coalition direction, and he left too much unacknowledged. These images are more than merely unfortunate
 and embarrassing now. They are shaping the way the world sees the Iraq occupation.

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"Why is the press protecting George W. Bush?  Truth is, the Tribune and the rest of the press clean up
  Bush's act, wipe his nose, and put words in his mouth that make sense. Those hopelessly biased reporters
  who cover Bush overlooked the mangled syntax, penetrated the rhetorical fog and extracted some usable
  lines from the dross and manufactured stories that had the president sounding, if not quite statesmanlike,
  then at least intelligible. Bush has benefited from this journalistic professionalism throughout his presidency
  ...when Bush utters a word that doesn't even exist, a word such as "misfeance" (2002 press conference),
  reporters make an educated guess and replace it with a word that does, such as "malfeasance."
    --Don Wycliff, the Tribune's public editor,    Attribution

 Wycliff describes, at best, one third of the problem.
 The American whore press writes at 6 AM what Bush did at noon, later that day.

 Plus, they outright lie through their teeth to make him seem smarter than he is.
 Saying Bush had shown "an incredible command of foreign policy" in the 2000 debates
 made CBS's Bob Scheiffer one of the biggest whores in all of Washington DC.


 Subject: Orders to torture came from the top

 The torture of prisoners in Iraq is not entirely surprising. The Bush administration has been actively advocating
 the use of torture ever since 9-11. Many statements have been made floating the idea that torture might be used
 is special circumstances. Prisoners were given new classifications other that Prisoner of War in order to avoid
 the restrictions of international law. These prisoners were deliberately reclassified into a legally murky area
 where no rules exists for one and one reason only - so that they could break the rules.

 The abuse of prisoners in Iraq was not the acts of a few individuals. It was in fact the real policy of the military
 and those soldiers were operating on orders from the top.

 What the President creates lawless and encourages it and advocates breaking of the rules then it comes as no surprise
 when the rules are broken. Bush is responsible for the torture of prisoners in Iraq because he is the one who has made
 it known that the rule of international law does not apply to what America does. I therefore call on the entire Bush
 administration to take responsibility and step down from power. This is the kind of thing that happens when America
 allows a president to take power who was never elected in the first place.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA


Hear Randi's greatest hits and interviews.

I just listened to her interview with Wesley Clark - that's great radio!

She misses her Daddy...


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 Limbaugh gets a rush out of violence

  Click  Here

 Already, the world has learned of Iraqi prisoners being beaten, sexually assaulted and even murdered
 by a handful of U.S. troops stationed in Baghdad. Of the 25 deaths reported thus far, several have
 already been ruled as homicides.

 Despite this knowledge, Limbaugh has made light of the situation, referring to the photos in question
 as "good old American pornography." He went on to say that humiliating male prisoners by having
 them disrobe in front of their peers was a "thoughtful" thing to do.

 The controversial conservative is also in denial regarding the extent to which Iraqis were brutalized.
 Contrary to reports released by the U.S. military, Limbaugh apparently believes no physical abuse occurred.

 The cries of Iraqi prisoners fall on deaf ears as far as Rush Limbaugh is concerned. But can he truly be faulted
 for that? After all, the political pundit's hearing is permanently impaired as a result of long-term OxyContin abuse.
 And how could a painkiller addict understand abuse to begin with?   The man hasn't felt pain in years."

 Subject: I loved BCR Show 37

 I really enjoyed hearing about your Florida trip Bart.
 You had me in stitches, I'll have to listen to the whole thing again!

 Also, it will give me an excuse to indulge my rapidly spiraling-out-of-control fondness for good tequila.
 Yes, I too am now an  Anejo head.   Damn youoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


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 Next month is D-Day.

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 Medicare Contractor Firm in Bed with BFEE

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 A few weeks after the Bush administration named Medco to be one of the first Medicare
 drug card providers, a company executive helped throw a $100,000 fund-raiser for the
 president that was headlined by Health and Human Services  Secretary Tommy Thompson.

 Companies that won approval from Thompson to be the first Medicare drug discount card
 providers spent at least $35 million lobbying in 2003, and their executives and lobbyists
 donated or raised hundreds of thousands of dollars more for Bush's re-election,.

 You mean Bush will profit from the kickbacks from the giant drug companies?

 Why, nobody saw this coming - this is a complete surprise  ...unless you read  bartcop.com

 If Godzilla blew fire up Fifth Avenue in New York at morning rush hour, would the media notice?

 Subject: <much snippage>

 put it back


 It doesn't work that way.
 You can't send War and Peace and expect it to be published in full.
 If you have something to say, say it - in as few words as possible.

 Exception: Monkey Mail has no size limit.   Monkey Mail can be as long as it wantsi.

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 The Picture the World Sees

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"A few years ago, I traveled to Vietnam. Without intending to do so, I found myself visiting the scenes
 of iconic photographs I remembered seeing when I was a kid: the Saigon street corner where Eddie Adams
 took the shot of a Viet Cong suspect being executed at point-blank range; the stretch of road the naked little
 girl ran down; the roof of the building near the U.S. Embassy where the last helicopter lifted off. For many of us,
 these images were the Vietnam War.

 The same will be true of the Iraq war. Someday, when Iraq is peaceful again (and that day will come), tourists will
 want to see the square where the Saddam statue toppled, the spider hole he hid in and, of course, Abu Ghraib Prison.
 It's too early to know exactly which of the unspeakable pictures from the torture sessions will come to represent this
 sickening chapter in the book of superpower superembarrassments. Will it be that prisoner wearing the hood with
 electrical wires attached? Those stacked naked bodies with smiling guards above? Lynndie England leading around
 a naked man on a leash?"

  Care to comment?

 Subject: BartCop radio

 Your show is a high point of my week and each one gets better.

 Thanks for making a great show and keeping up the war against the BFEE!!!


Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

770  772 dead American soldiers.

It would be nice to go a day without changhing that number.


 Subject: in response

 Bart, recently you had asked me to respond to your choices, when I took issue to
 what struck me as the inclusion of 'treasonous statements' on your website (this actually takes 'courage'?).

 They were as follows:

I can report the truth about what some Arabs are saying...
I can fabricate a quote to pretend they enjoy being invaded...
I could refuse to report the news or comment on it - which means there's no more page.

 You seem to like to parse phrases so perhaps a little Sartre might be in order:
"In ancient Corinth, there stood two temples side by side-the Temple of Violence and the Temple of Necessity."
 Based on this, I would opt for choice #3 in that I would see the higher road of responsibility to lie in not passing on
 information which could be deleterious (like that word?..I rarely get a chance to use it) to the common good - principally
 to the morale of our troops. Many of us are or were (33 years ago for me) of that ilk and we know what it feels like
 to be cut off at the knees from our support base, whether it's Tokyo Rose, Hanoi Hanna, Al-Jazier or some of the
 American Press.

 Therefore, I would suggest that you be selective about what you print, realizing that on your website you have a
 powerful vehicle to express your views and they influence a great many people.
 Perhaps Sartre left out a temple - the Temple of Balance.
 And relative to making acquaintances, the pleasure was all mine.

 Best regards,

 Cliff in Florida

 Cliff, Bush's bungling has made millions more Muslims hate us more than they did before 9-11.  His blood-thirsty
 actions have made the world a scarier place - so scary that a majority of the world thinks bin Laden is less of
 a danger than Bush. That story is newsworthy no matter how many temples Satre wrote about.


 Subject: Clinton never sent a man into battle who didn't come home?

 Mogadishu was a concern to feed people.
 Clinton made it a military disaster--and don't you dare deny it.

 How much of that bottle did you drink?
 Bush claims he wanted to feed those people - and let's assume that's true.
 Bush is/was/is CIA, so why didn't he know what to expect when he sent those men in harm's way?
 Why didn't Bush send the tools those men needed to do their jobs?

 We paid for the lack of proper military support because prez BJ did not see any need for cover

 So, because you're a Republican, you think Clinton should have gone back in time, assumed the
 presidency in December of 1992 and order the Pentagon to send that which Bush the Smarter
 failed to send, which is APCs to protect our soldiers from Al Qaeda's street ambushes?

 --DO NOT take away from the men who did die there--"on Clintons watch"!

 That's like saying DO NOT stop breathing.

 Bush 41 is not responsible for that disaster or for Waco or killing tens of thousands of civs in Yugo.

 Clinton was in office for 40 days when the ATF bungled Waco, and you want to hang that on him.
 Bunnypants was in office 9 months - and gets a pass on 9-11 because it was all Clinton's fault?
 You have the consistency of warm baby poop.

 You have either been mistaken or you are a liar--and wether you post this or not you are a liar.

 There's a difference between name calling and providing proof that I'm a liar.
 Do you have any smarter friends that could help you with this project?

 If you had the capacity to feel ashamed you would be too ashamed to put out your sorry sour grapes drivel!
 You would only post this if you have a working nad--which isn't likely.  bye bartcop.


 You're addicted to  bartcop.com
 You can't stay way - you read it every day.
 You're hooked, like a skanky ho on crack - and you can't stay away.

 Thanks for making the click counter spin, which makes for higher ad rates.
 Thank you for making the anti-Nazi movement stronger.

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to spit your bit.

 Subject: ...and Kerry the war hero is tied with this failure of a clown?

 You're absolutely right.  This is something I've been muttering about for awhile.

 Worse, this is now, when the economy, once sputtering, is coming back with a roar
 (If the latest jobs reports are to be believed!).  Kerry was only, at best, tied with Bush
 when the economy was far weaker, with a Hooverian net loss of some three MILLION
 jobs and it was just dawning on people that there might be NO WMD's!  NO candy and
 flowers for the troops; NO 10,000 (or even 30,000 troops) by summer;  NO self-financing
 for the war;  incredible deficits for the near future; and historic budget increases that would
 have made the most wasteful Democrats squirm;  and still Kerry can manage only manage a tie.

 Enter Nader.  Go figure!

 Phillip A

 Phil, I was with you until the "enter Nader" part.
 BTW, Nader said he was in this race because he could attack Bush better than Keery.
 So where's he been?

 If Nader doesn't pull out soon he's going to personally give Bush 4 more years.


"This needs to be investigated and prosecuted. If there's more to the story -- whatever
  that could conceivably be -- let's find out. But if the story is as it appears, there has to be
  accountability, punishment and disclosure. Indeed, even if this turned out to be a prank,
  too much damage has already been done and someone needs to be punished.  Under Saddam
  torturers were rewarded and promoted. In America they must be held to account.
    -- Jonah Goldberg, spawn of Luci the Bat

 Jonah, you're lying to yourself again.
 Bush might hang a few grunts out to dry, but he's never made a mistake
 and nobody he's ever appointed has ever made a mistake so don't hold your breath
 waiting for the people responsible to be held accountable for their crimes.

 BTW, is Lyndon Johnson your daddy?


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 If your GOP workplace doesn't want you to see the truth, use these mirrors.

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