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  In Today's Treehouse...
More Bad News for Bush
Apocalypse Again
 Three Card Condi
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Rape Rooms: A Chronology
Muzzling Michael, Muzzling me
Byrd's Tombstone Desecrated
Eldrick had a bad weekend 
I Will Not Shut Up


Quote of the Day

"Even Saddam didn't do this."  
  --Mohammed Ahmed, outside Abu Ghraib's main gate, 
     trying to visit his brother,    Attribution


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Volume 1309 - All Hopped Up


  Monday   May 10, 2004


"It can be stated without much doubt that Bush supports whatever plan the CIA and the Pentagon
  come up with to defeat the Iraqi resistance -- including torture. For a man who mocked the anguished
  plea of a death row inmate in Texas and killed more than 10,000 innocent Iraqis under false pretenses,
  the humiliation and beating death of a few Iraqis cannot be of much concern."
      --Kurt Nimmo,    Attribution

 More Bad News May Be on the Way for Bush

"Violence is all those ragheads understand..."

  Click Here

 In one of the darkest weeks of his administration, Bush saw America's reputation sullied,
 the U.S. effort in Iraq damaged and his own campaign for re-election clouded.
 And more bad news may be on the way.

 While the world already has been horrified by pictures of American soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners,
 the Pentagon warns there are many more photos and videos that have not been disclosed.

 Analysts describe the pictures as great recruiting tools for al-Qaida and other extremist groups
 and said they undermine America's claims to a moral high ground. Rumsfeld said the impact was "radioactive.".

 Bush has had two months from Hell - then this Iraqi torture story broke, and Kerry is breaking even?
 Kerry is tied with the stupidest president in history?
 The man who lied to get us into a never-ending quagmire?
 The man who gave America's future to the super-rich and bankrupted all 50 states?
 And Kerry the war hero is tied with this failure of a clown?

 Are we seeing 2000 all over again?

  Care to comment?



"I think it's still in question whether Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld and, quite frankly,
  General Myers can command the respect and the trust and the confidence of the military
  and the American people to lead this country.  Aside from the fact we're losing the Iraqi people,
  we're losing the Muslim, Arab world, and we're losing the support of our allies."
    --Sen. Chuck Hagel,  (R-Diebold) being tougher on Bush than any Democrat    Attribution

 How did I get stuck in a party of spineless wimps?

 Apocalypse Again
  by Nat Parry at  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 The year-long occupation of Iraq - like the war in Vietnam - has led some U.S. troops
 to engage in behavior that much of the world views as madness or war crimes.

 The U.S. assault on Fallujah in April transformed a soccer field into a fresh mass grave for
 hundreds of Iraqis - many of them civilians - killed when U.S. forces bombarded the rebellious
 city with 500-pound bombs and raked its streets with cannon and machine-gun fire. There were
 so many dead that the soccer field became the only place to bury the bodies. Supposedly avenging
 Saddam Hussein's old mass graves of the 1980s and 1990s, Bush's policies have opened up new ones.

 What will Bush do when a clear majority want an end to this madness?
 Will he "stay the course" and watch his poll numbers dive?
 Or will America refuse to hold him accountable once again?

  Care to comment?

 Subject: treasonous Bart

 Inclusions such as this should be condemned and commented on:
 You wrote:

>"The situation has not changed in Iraq;
>  only the prison warden is different."
>   --a report on al-Arabiya,

 Bart, to put forth quotes like this despite your obvious hate of the President and his policies, is nothing short of treason.

 Quoting the reaction in the Arab world is treason?

 It seems I have three choices:
I can report the truth about what some Arabs are saying...
I can fabricate a quote to pretend they enjoy being invaded...

>"The situation is different now - we love Bush.
>  The fact that a few soldiers got carried away does not alarm us.
>  We enjoy being conquered by the pork eating infidels."
>   --a report on al-Arabiya,

I could refuse to report the news or comment on it - which means there's no more page.

 Which of those three choices would you have me make?

 In truth, this quote equates Bush with Saddam. To include this on your website represents the length and breathe of the
 First Amendment but shows you as quite frankly, stinking up the place in terms of 'who's side are you on' pal.

 If you want, I could start fabricating quotes - would that be better?

 Don't give me your sh*t about anything other than your response about this issue. Spare me of the diatribe.

 ha ha
 You sure bark a lot of demands for someone introducing yourself.
 Do you make a lot of new friends this way?

 Put about 30 abuses with a few deaths up against a country with somewhere in the vicinity of 150,000-200,000 dead
 under the hand of the "other prison warden". Yep 30 or so isn't pretty but, to equate this with the alternative is just plain
 head-up-your-ass mentality. Have the balls to respond otherwise, you expose yourself with your head where the sun don't shine.

 Cliff in Florida

 Cliff, I so enjoyed making your acquaintance.

 By the way, which of those three choices would you have me make?
 Do you have the courage to answer that?

   Care to comment?

  Three Card Condi, Uncurious George and the Ghost of Payne Stewart
   by R B Ham

  Click  Here

 On Thursday April 8, Ms. Rice finally testified before the 9-11 commission after months of refusal.
 Rice's toughest moments were when she defended the Administration's response to a Presidential
 Daily Briefing on August 6th, which discussed terrorists hijacking planes and using explosives to disrupt
 the nation. I was hoping that this would have come up in the context of why the nation's defenses had failed that day.

 Good luck. Even the Democrats on the panel seemed uninterested in the complete lack of response from the
 Air Force on 9-11. In fact, the complete farce that the 9-11 commission is was revealed by their complete lack
 of interest in many of the unanswered questions surrounding the events of that day. Fir example, nobody asked
 Dr. Rice why she, along with President George W Bush and members of his cabinet, took anthrax vaccine just
 days before 9-11. Now, her response to that question would have been interesting.

 Subject:  911 hijackers are SAUDI, not Afgani

 So if you were the president, why bomb Afganistan if the hijackers were mostly from Saudi Arabia?

 If you remember, bin Laden was a guest of the Taliban. They admitted they were "holding" him,
 or he was their guest, however you want to label that, and they refused to give him up.
 Bush's options were to say, "OK, that's fine with me," or declare war and go in after OBL.
 Once we invaded, Bush smelled Iraq's oil and declared bin Laden "of no concern to me."

 The lead hijacker Mohammed Atta was trained to fly down in Florida on a special U.S. State Department program.

 I know some people have alleged that, but so far it has not been proven.
 If it could be proven that Atta worked for the BFEE, Kerry would be ahead by 70 points.

 You appear to not have put together the dots yet...are you sitting down?

 Wait, you're about to shock me with some stunning news?

 911 was an inside job done with the planning and foreknowledge of some very shady parts of
 "the military-industrial-intelligence-agencies".

 I know some people have alleged that, but so far it has not been proven.
 If it could be proven that 9-11 was an inside job, Kerry would be ahead by 70 points.

 For you NOT to understand this, makes me question your ability to understand and disseminate easily available reportings.

 Yeah, the problem here is I refuse to accept that Bush could be guilty - right.
 Funny how John kerry has no access to these "easily available reportings."
 I also notice that you failed to provide a link to these "easily available reportings."
 Don't you consider that a hueueueuege error on your part?

 This isn't "Conspiracy Theory"....it's now Conspiracy Fact!

 I don't know what wacky web site told you this was a "fact," but here at  bartcop.com
 we try to stick with the science and the logic. Since Bush is/was/is CIA, they can do almost anything,
 and you could be right. But being able to prove it makes all the difference in the world.  It matters not
 that you met the aliens, you have to break off a piece of their ship that our best scientists cannot identify,
 then you would earn the attention of every voter in the United States.

 Maybe your drinking has impaired your ability to reason...
 Still a Fan


 Sure, I have the occasional after-dinner cocktail, but when I make a wild-ass charge,
 I provide the link so people can see the facts with their own eyes.

 Hopefully you're not related to Pierre Salinger, because he's now known worldwide
 as a crackpot because he believed everything he saw on the internet.

 If you locate that link that proves Atta was on State's payroll, I'll publish it.
 If it's real, I'll hand deliver a bottle of Chinaco to your door.


"This is not just a few guards in some kind of an aberrant conduct. This is a much more
  systemic problem here. And the military intelligence, including I believe the CIA have
  got to be held accountable, right up the chain."
   --Sen. Carl Levin, Democrat, with a wimpy, half-assed pretend attack on Bush  Attribution

 Subject: Catholic bigotry

 Birth control is a sin? But, child molestation is OK by the Pope?
 Otherwise f-ing young boys is OK as a way to practice birth control, but, not anything dealing with heterosexually?

 Little Owl

 Yes, the Catholics need to spend less time chasing after John Kerry and more time policing their serial rapists,
 but that's just my opinion.  I love the Madonna quote where she said she left the Church when they told her
 tongue kissing and murder were equal as "mortal sins."

 That's just downright insane, but then again, to quote Archie Bunker,
"Faith is when you believe in something that's crazy."

 The Catholic Church is crumbling because it's built on a foundation of illogic and nonsense.

 For the record:
 After publishing Volume 1308 - Pat Tillman - Hero or Sap? I did get some
 pro-Tillman mail, disproving the theory that all Democrats hate our men in uniform.

 One fella wrote to complain: How dare you spend a whole issue on this subject!

 If we lose in November, it'll be over Kerry not trying and this terrorism/military issue,
 so yeah, I thought it was important to get into it.

Get Your War On, (c) 2004 by David Rees. Used with permission

 Nancy Reagan Calls for Stem Cell Research
  But Bush denies Nancy to please the Invisible Cloud Being

  Click  Here

 Where in the world is Barbara Olson?
  The Bush regime is lying and covering up, so I can't answer that question.

  Click  Here

 Comedian, Actor Alan King Dies at Age 76
  If you watched Ed Sullivan, you knew Alan King

  Click  Here

 Israeli Bulldozers Demolish Palestinian Homes
  This headline could be from 1975 or 2025 - it never ends...

  Click  Here


 Rape Rooms: A Chronology

  Click  Here

 The allegations of (American) abuse were substantiated by detailed witness statements (ANNEX 26)
 and the discovery of extremely graphic photographic evidence. · I find that the intentional abuse of
 detainees by military police personnel included the following acts:

 c. Forcibly arranging detainees in various sexually explicit positions for photographing;
 e. Forcing naked male detainees to wear women's underwear;
 f.  Forcing groups of male detainees to masturbate themselves while being photographed and videotaped;

 I wanted to make this point one more time:
 Since America can expect "tit for tat," what are we going to do when video surfaces of hooded Iraqi men
 forcing our captured soldiers to masturbate themselves or each other at gunpoint for the camera and that
 video goes around the world?  Suddenly, it's not so funny anymore.  Will Rush call that a "fraternity prank?"

 What will the reaction be at the Pentagon?
 What will the reaction be at the White House when the families of the soldiers call?

 We've talked a lot about the fog of war, how normal men might do something extremely horrible
 and out-of-character - that's one thing. But if our boys are mistreated the way we mistreated the Iraqis,
 an entirely new Pandora's Box could open and we might see things that we thought we'd never see.

 This stupid American brutality could easily turn into splitting atoms.

 Subject: mistreating the Iraqi POWs

 These pictures, being published in Arab newspapers and on Arab media, will result in additional loss of life
 to US service people.  Why would any Arab surrender now?  Why not just fight to the death?  I am not talking
 about the suicide bombers, they don't  need a reason to die, but the average Arab, maybe on the fence about the US.
 This could send people over the edge.


 Good point - why bother to surrender if you're going to be stripped, humiliated, maybe raped
 or put in a cell with military dogs - all for the amusement of the enemy and his camcorders?


"Back in 2000 a Republican friend warned me that if I voted for Al Gore and he won,
  the stock market would tank, we'd lose millions of jobs, and our military would be
  totally overstretched. You know what?    I did vote for Gore, he did win, and I'll be
  damned if all those things didn't come true!"
    --James Carville,

 Muzzling Michael, Muzzling me
    by Greg Palast, in LA to receive the ACLU's Freedom of Expression award

  Click  Here

 When the fattened cats at Disney put the kibosh on Michael Moore's new film, "Fahrenheit 9-11,"
 they did more than censor an artist.  Gagging Moore is only the latest maneuver in suppressing some
 most uncomfortable facts:  the Bush Administration's killing off investigations of Saudi Arabian funding
 of terror including evidence involving a few members of the bin Laden family in the USA.

 I know, because, with my investigative team at BBC television and The Guardian of Britain, I wrote
 and filmed the original reports on which Moore's new documentary are based.

 On November 11, 2001, just two months after the attack, BBC  Television's Newsnight displayed
 documents indicating that FBI agents were held back from investigating two members of the bin Laden
 family who were fronting for a "suspected terrorist organization" out of Falls Church, Virginia - that is,
 until September 13, 2001.  By that time, these birds had flown.

 Boycott Disney!
 Until they stop blocking Michael Moore's "Farenheit 911"

  Click  Here

 Subject: Need an attribution, please


 Love the site, love the show.  I need your help.
 I used your statement that "Clinton never sent a soldier into battle who didn't come home alive."
 and have a monkey bringing up Hackworth to counter it.

 Could you tell me where you got the information for that statement?

 Jeff in Bloomington, IN

 Jeff, don't let them make you do the work.
 Just make the statement and dare them to come up with a soldier who didn't come home.
 The closest they can get is Mogadishu, and they were sent there (without enough armor) by Bush.

 Sure, when 80,000 troops are deployed you'll have the occasional accidental death
 or suicide, but those aren't men who were "sent into battle and didn't come home."
 Meanwhile, both Bushes had hundreds die needlessly so you're on solid ground.

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Subject: US military interrogations

 Despicable, despicable, despicable! We just need to give up on all those air-heads that support Bush.
 After this, supporting Bush can only be seen as being morally bankrupt. I mean, we are talking about
 egregious, barbaric behavior here.

 And it's not just in Iraq. Same thing goes on at Gitmo, just a bit more restrained.   And the stories are
 starting to come out now about the innocents we snatched and then brutalized before releasing without apologies.
 When you dance with the Bushies, you get a police state. They are just training now for when they get to do it to everyone.

 Jim P

 Jim, I think you're dead wrong about Gitmo.
 I think the Iraq abuse is just a little slap-and-tickle compared to Gitmo.
 In Gitmo, nobody can hear you scream except Castro - and he's in no position to butt in.

 You just know Bush told them, "Get intel from these sand niggers - whatever it takes."
 If I believed in God, I would pray for those poor bastards.


"If you're sick and tired of the politics of cynicism
  and polls and principles, come and join this campaign."
   --  George W Bush, Hilton Head, S.C., Feb. 16, 2000

 "It's true - I have no principles..."

 Reminder: If you need to reach us by mail...

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

 If you want to subscribe, but worry about PayPal, you can send in a check.

 If you send a stamped, self addressed envelope, I'll send you some stickers.


 If you want to send a few sheckles along, that's cool,
 but it's not mandatory to get the stickers.


"I have studied foreign relations nearly my entire life,
  and I have never seen a situation as terrible as this one."
    -- Madeleine Albright, showing more balls than any elected Democrat   Attribution

 From: Kai

 Tombstone of dragging victim desecrated
  James Byrd's grave marker broken, defaced by Republicans

  Click  Here

 JASPER, Texas - The tombstone of a black man who was dragged to his death
 was found broken with a racial epithet carved into the granite, police said.

 Why does this shit always seem to come out of Texas and why do our politicians seem
 to always come out of Texas?  I'll tell you why.  It's because the BFEE encourages it.
 Just like they encouraged the abuse of Iraqi prisoners.

 Folks, we might as well just give up.  Our democracy has been lost.
 It was lost when the Supreme Court appointed George W. Bush to the Presidency.

 Disgusted and demoralized,

 America is becoming more tolerant of black people, but it's taking forever because
 conservative politicians and bastards like Rush Limbaugh can make money with the
 fear that the uneducated whites have about African Americans. Rush makes a half-million
 dollars a day slurring blacks, so he's not going to stop anytime soon.

 Falwell and Robertson, along with Lott, Delay, Bush and the other Republicans get
 and keep political power by giving our tax dollars to super-rich white men.
 Clinton was impeached because he tried to reverse that.

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"He is not with God, he is dead. He is f-ing dead."
  -- Rich Tillman, onstage at his brother Pat's funeral, erupting in pain and frustration    Attribution

 Subject: just heard you mentioned on Air America

 About 10 minutes ago (3:10 am Saturday morning) I heard you mentioned on AA Radio.

 The caller was talking about video of a rape in Afghanistan surfacing, mentioned you as a source
 for the information, and Randi Rhodes, said "Oh yeah, Bartcop, he's a good guy (or something similar)"
 and the caller said, "Yeah, he's in love with you!"  and gave a little chuckle.  R.R. seemed pleased!!

 I like the way this whole movement against Bush is shaping up - hang in and keep hammering!!

 Carolyn in Memphis

 Carolyn, thanks
 I heard that call Saturday afternoon.

 I'll tell you - that Randi Rhodes is the best (male or female) I've ever heard.
 She's more agressive and confrontational and combative than I am, and I didn't know
 anyone more combative that myself until I heard her for the first time a few weeks ago.
 When she goes sarcastic on somebody she draws blood. I'm not worthy to carry her microphone cord.

 She's better than Begala, she's better than Carville and she's free to be better than either Clinton.
 She has such a chip on her shoulder and she constantly dares anybody to knock it off.
 She has such a command of the facts - she calls up names and dates and lists like Mr. Spock.
 Plus, she has the truth on her side.

 I assume she's never on the TV talk shows because they're smart enough to not invite her.
 As far as I'm concerned, they should change their name to the Randi Rhodes Network.


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 Eldrick's tale one of lofty expectations

  Click  Here

 Anyone who knows a 4-iron from a tennis racket knows Tiger Woods
 hasn't won a major golf championship in almost two years.

 He's only won once in seven PGA Tour starts this year.
 Last year, he almost didn't win his fifth straight Player of the Year honor.  (Gag me)
 There is something wrong with Tiger's golf game.

 Poor Tiger, he's been so long without a win...

 Subject: Communion

 If you're gonna pick on pro-choice politicians,
 make sure you include all of those good Catholics who support the death penalty.

 A & TL

 Great point.
 These crazy bishops want to select certain sins because they are ditto-monkeys.
 They are playing politics like the cheapest pol in Washington.  They know certain
 statements will get the press whores drooling - no matter how inconsistent they are.

 I suppose they are making these self-serving and selective goofy-ass things to impress
 the voting panel that will replace JPII when he dies, which can't be far away.

 I do not wish harm to the Pope, I just point out his inevitable successors
 are making their Machiavellian moves on St Peter's throne right now.

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 I Will Not Shut Up

  Click  Here

 Dick and George, don't look for me to shut up any time soon. I've got battalions of dogs in this fight,
 and I take the loss of even one of them personally. There is nothing - nothing - more red-white-and-blue
 than American servicemen and women. In spite of what you two seem to think, American military are not
 trained to die, but to live. Like you, they have lives, families, plans for the future. But, unlike one of you who
 smirked as he abandoned his post in time of war, and the other who snarled that he had more important things
 to do than fight for his country, they don't flinch at the prospect of being wounded or even killed if that's what
 it takes to protect the rest of us.

 Dead or alive, every single man or woman who wears the United States military uniform deserves nothing less
 than honor, support and - from the top of Echo Mountain - recognition. These are my soldiers - not yours.
 So don't toss me a yellow ribbon to tie around a tree. Don't hand me a sign to stick in my yard.
 And don't tell me to shut up.

  Care to comment?

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

768  770 dead American soldiers.


...because of Bush greed


 Subject: Kerry and Catholics

 Why does John Kerry bother remaining a Catholic?  So many have left that church.
 He could become a Unitarian or Lutheran. Enough ex-Catholics have switched that Kerry would be in good company.
 The fundamentalist Catholic vote is going to Bush anyway.  So why does he give a shit?


 Greg, probably for political reasons.
 Catholics are the largest voting block in America, outside of women, I assume.
 If he left the Church, the other Catholics who are lying to themselves would take
 that as a slight and vote for Bush to get even with him for being honest.

 Recently, I talked to a devout Catholic who told me she had a "smorgasbord" approach to
 being a Catholic - she takes a little here and a little there, but she doesn't swallow the whole thing.

 The problem with doing that is it's expressly forbidden.
 Every mass, when you say the Catholic Creed, you swear to uphold and follow ALL Catholic dogma, not some of it.
 The Catholic Creed is the Church's constitution - they don't do the smorgasborg thing, and that was another reason
 I got out over forty years ago - I refused to lie to myself.  I mean, what's the point in lying to yourself?

 The Catholic have apparently amended their constitution.
 Doing a quick Google, I can't find the version they drilled into our brains in the sixties.
 If it's so sacred, so written in stone and the founding bedrock of the faith, why does it keep changing?
 And if they're going to change it, why not change it to something that can be believed?
 The virgin birth?  Rising from the dead?  The Holy Ghost?

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to spit your bit.

 Subject: Why not hero and sap?

 Hey, BC,

 Isn't it possible to be a heroic sap?  I think Paul Wellstone was a heroic sap.

 According to William Cowper, "The only true happiness comes from squandering ourselves for a purpose."

 I also think that the BFEE was complicit in the 9/11 attacks.
 The BFEE should be removed from power, given a fair trial, and then
 any who are convicted of murder or treason should be executed.

 -- Brad


"Saddam allowed UN inspectors in Iraq, and he was more cooperative with
  them than Bush was with the 9/11 commission ...but we invaded Iraq anyway."
   -- bartcop.com  reader Michael D

Garry Trudeau offers $10K to anyone
who saw Bush show up in the ANG

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