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  In Today's Treehouse...
Bremer: We'll leave if you want 
America Betrays Itself
The Buck Stops... Where?
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Oregon DJs Mock Berg - Fired
Chimp's Approval Hits New Low
Stern's anti-Bush Ratings Soar 
Rummy OK'd Sex Humiliation?
More Bishops Play Politics 


Quote of the Day

"Hard enough to live my life the first time. 
  The second time has really been tough." 
   --Bill Clinton, on writing his memoirs, Attribution

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Volume 1313 -  The Philly Flyer


  Weekend   May 15-16, 2004


"President Bush's misunderstanding of the word 'credible,' however, isn't harmless. It's catastrophic.
  To Bush, credibility means that you keep saying today what you said yesterday, and that you do today what
  you promised yesterday... When the situation is clear and requires pure courage, this steadfastness is Bush's
  most useful trait. But when the situation is unclear, Bush's notion of credibility turns out to be dangerously unhinged.
  The only words and deeds that have to match are his. No correspondence to reality is required.'
      --  William Saletan, Slate.com    Attribution

 Bremer: U.S. Will Leave Iraq if Requested
  After how many more dead will Bremer get the hint?

  Click  Here

"If the provisional government asks us to leave we will leave," Bremer said.
"Obviously we don't stay in countries where we're not welcome."

 No, we just invade countries and kidnap their leaders where we're not welcome.

  Care to comment?



ìIn Bush's last press conference, he was heroically on message, relentlessly repetitive,
  but effective in his own way... He's not aiming to please the Washington crowd - the political elite.
  His audience is outside the Beltway - the mass - and he does surprisingly well in appealing to it.
  How does he do it?   By being plainspoken and amiable and down to earth. By sounding more like
  Midland, Texas, than like Georgetown or Chevy Chase. By honing in on a single message and not
  giving reporters much else to write about. Bush tried to dictate the lead of stories."
   --Fred Barnes, wrong more often than a chimp     Attribution

 Translation: In the educated civilized cities and states, Bush is seen as a total failure.
 In the sticks, where the uneducated rubes intermarry, they love his preening cock walk.

 Subject: Berg killing is 9-11 all over again

 I'm beyond sickened. It's 9-11 all over again.

 It wasn't lost on me that again we're back to what I call the 'convenience factor.'
 A convenient distraction from the scandal. A convenient 'reminder' of the latest reason our men
 and women are dying in the desert. Convenient for Bush to continue his illegal hold on power.

 When you mentioned the thugs in the pictures are fat, I noticed too. But it wasn't until Perkel
 put all the obvious pieces together that I had to look squarely at this like 9-11.
 The official narrative on 9-11 is a lie. And so is this.

 If we could only ask how our billion dollar military, with fighter jets 10 miles away at Andrews,
 could not stop a clunky commercial airplane in oh, about an hour, the horrible sordid tale would crumble instantly.

 This is what an illegal government does. Where are the patriots, on the inside, who could stop this?
 How many more must die before this misery is over? What more terror will happen when they're up against a wall?

 I'm just sickened, Bart. I'm not a praying type of woman but I'm praying for the Berg family and all of us.

 John Kerry has the power to ask the tough questions, but he'd rather talk about health care.

 The Buck Stops... Where?
 Stop blaming your henchmen, Mr. President

 "I don't make mistakes, remember?"

  Click  Here

 Powell adds that he, Rumsfeld, and Condoleezza Rice kept Bush "fully informed of
 the concerns that were being expressed, not in specific details but in general terms."
 (Thanks to Joshua Micah Marshall, whose blog alerted me to the Sun story.)

 So much for Rumsfeld's protective claim, at last week's hearing before the Senate Armed
 Services Committee, that he had failed to bring the matter to the president's attention.
 No wonder Bush, in turn, rode out to the Pentagon and praised his servant-secretary for doing a "superb" job.

  Care to comment?

 Subject: Advertising on Air America Radio

 I'm willing to go in for a sixth of a commercial ($95).
 The thing is, I don't have anything to advertise, so I'd be willing to sponsor someone.

 I'm sure there are four (or five, not including you) other Patriots out there who would do the same.

 Then we could let all the wonderful readers pick our "Five" favorite sites to go in the ad,
 along with the hammer of all sites, bartcop.

 I say hit with the best, get the word out, make it happen!
 I'm in...who's with me?


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 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK 74155

 Note: We figure to do this around June 1.


"We ought to be working in the most bipartisan way we can here in the Congress.
  And what we're seeing is increased partisan attacks by Democrats."
    --Rep. John Kline (R-Minn.) in a partisan attack on Democrats,  Attribution

 Oregon DJs Ousted for Mocking Berg Beheading

  Click  Here

 Two Portland, Oregon, DJs were fired for making jokes as they aired a recording of
 Nick Berg's beheading in Iraq, station management said, calling their actions "beyond comprehension."

 The DJs, named only by their on-air personas "Marconi" and "Tiny," and their producer were fired
 from their morning show on Thursday after the pair laughed and played background music while
 repeatedly airing Berg's screams as militant Islamists decapitated him"

 Marconi apologized on Friday, saying he had made himself sick with his "stupid" actions.
"I say a lot of stupid things on the radio, but this was the most inappropriate thing that I've
 ever done and I am very ashamed of myself for doing it," the DJ said.

 Wow - as bad as this must have been, ...and it sounds like it was as bad as it could get,
 I gotta commend the dude for his total come-all-the-way-back mea culpa.

 Koresh, grant me the wisdom to never screw up this much on the page or on BCR.
 Jesus, I lost subscribers for saying dying to defend your country is a noble thing.

 I can imagine the vodka these guys are drinking this weekend.

  Care to comment?

 Iraqi Women Working for Coalition Killed
  Gunmen fired on minibus in Baghdad, killing two Iraqi women working for the U.S

  Click  Here

 Judge tells Ashcroft to back off from medical pot group
  Hey Ashcroft - why don't you go catch a terrorist, instead?

  Click  Here

 Chicago Gets Millennium Park
  The 2000 premier is running a little behind schedule

  Click  Here

 Israel May Demolish Palestinian Homes
 100,000 Israelis ask Sharon to withdraw from Gaza and talk peace

  Click  Here

 Poll: Chimp's Job Approval Hits New Low
  Can Kerry catch Bush when he's at his all time low?

  Click  Here

 A Newsweek poll released Saturday put Bush's overall job approval at 42 percent,
 the lowest yet in that poll. Other recent survey have rated Bush in the mid-40s.

"Iraq is sucking the life out of other issue deliberations among the voters in the campaign,"
 said political scientist Douglas Strand of the University of California-Berkeley.

 Oh, you mean America is tiring of hundreds of dead kids because of Bush's lies?
 If America read  bartcop.com  they would've been tired of the dead a f-ing year ago!!!
 This is the most deadly oil snatch in history.

 Stern's ratings soar as he attacks Bush
  Ratings almost double in NY, Chicago, Boston

  Click  Here

 Stern is attracting listeners with his new obsession: attacking George W. Bush.
"Howard's in a war," says Chaunce Hayden, a regular guest on Stern's morning show.
"He's spending all his energy and efforts and wit and know-how to have Bush eliminated from office."

 Stern's radio show reaches about 18 million people; his Web site - a clearinghouse for Bush criticism
 - draws up to 4 million visitors daily. As the presidential race heats up, Stern aims to turn his millions
 of young male fans into a new anti-Bush constituency.

"If you look at the sheer numbers, that in and of itself is political clout," says Michael Feldman,
 Al Gore's chief of staff in 2000. "He could mobilize millions."

"His audience listens to him," says Al Franken. "He's an honest broker."

 It would be cool if Stern was to Bush what Nader was to Gore.

 Subject: Did the BFEE kill Berg?

 That was my FIRST thought!
(Mind you, I am over 60 years old and have NEVER been interested in politics, etc., until this administration.)

 But, Bart, would you doubt that this government is above stooping to killing Berg in this controversial
 (and horrific) way to deflect attention from the Iraq abuse scandal's???

 I think it's right up their alley, kiddo ;-)


 Since they have the CIA, the military, a stranglehold on the media, unlimited power, unlimited money
 and no opponent with the courage to stop them - they can do whatever they want.

 And they will do anything to keep that power.
 Remember, Cheney, Rummy, Bunnypants etc were all mega-millionaires before
 they stole the White House and hatched their illegal wars to get even richer, still.

 Hundreds of millions weren't enough - they needed hundreds of billions.
 That proves they have unlimited greed.

 What's the cheapest gas price you ever saw
 posted at an American gas station?

  Click  Here

 Subject: Rush beatdown Show 38


 Your regular readers are missing out if they don't become bartcop radio subscribers.
 You're beatdown of Rush Limbaugh in show 38 was awesome!

 When  you did the  "Blah blah blah" in the Limbaugh voice (and pounded the table) you sounded just like him!
 I haven't laughed that hard in a while.  I'm going to go listen to it again.

 Keep up the great work.

 Dan, thanks, but the official Rush Beatdown hasn't happened yet.
 When that happens it'll be real good

  Care to comment?

 Report: Rummy ordered physical coercion and sexual humiliation
  The Defense Department strongly denied it.

  Click  Here

 Donald Rumsfeld authorized the expansion of a secret program that encouraged physical coercion and sexual
 humiliation of Iraqi prisoners to obtain intelligence about insurgency in Iraq, The New Yorker reported Saturday.

 According to the story, the initial operation Rumsfeld authorized gave blanket approval to kill or capture and
 interrogate "high value" targets in the war on terrorism. The program stemmed from frustrating efforts to capture
 high-level terrorists in the weeks after the start of U.S. bombings in Afghanistan.

 The program got approval from Condi Rice, and Bush was informed of its existence, the officials told Hersh.

 Seymour Hersh and the New Yorker seem to be the only media outlet willing to criticize Bush.
 All the networks, all the cable channels, talk radio, the big papers and the Democrats are willing to let
 the lies of the BFEE go unanswered, but Hersh seems to be the only honest reporter in New York.

  Care to comment?

 Bart, you  wrote:

> Subject: Hey from bart - Show 37 is up

> Hey, just wanted to tell you Show 37 is up.
> I figure some on you check in every few days, so I wanted you to know.

> Thanks for the support, too.
> You subscribers keep everything moving.
> bart

 This is Dick's wife, Sylvia, replying for Dick.  Dick passed away May 5th.
 He was a big fan of your radio shows, often insisting that I stop what I was doing and listen with him.
 Thank you for bringing him such enjoyment with your shows for the past many months.
 When his illness made it exremely difficult for him to go anywhere, he depended on his
 internet "friends" for company.  You were certainly one of his favorites.

 Sylvia, I'm so sorry to hear that.
 This has to be a terrible time for you.

 With your permission, I'd like to print your letter.
 Also, the account is still active if you'd care to continue getting the radio shows.
 Most of the rough language is gone now.

 I hope you're able to get thru this painful period quickly.
 I'll be thinking about you.

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Subject: Berg's killers Americans?

 Best fed terorists in Iraq!  We all know who the worlds best fed people are!
 Could just as likely be a Mossad team though.  They do this sort of thing when it suits.
 Berg was the perfect victim. Alone, didn't belong to anyone or any corporation, sort of
 lone adventurer/opportunist, Bushco BADLY needed to grab back the headlines and had
 this lone guy in custody.  September 11 and all its attendent lies and distractions is proof
 enough that there is nothing these people won't do, even to their own, to advance their agenda.

 Why is America still not ON THE STREETS demanding the heads of these bastards?

 Paul B


"Basically, I had one really bad golf shot today on 10..."
  -- Eldrick Woods, referring to a driver that caddy Steve Williams suggested he hit.
      The shot went well right into the trees.     Friday's USA Today, front page Sports section

 So, Tiger would've remained Mr Perfect - if not for his caddy.
 Like someone we know who's also perfect, it's always somebody else's fault.

 Subject: Snail mail

 Dear Bartcop,

 Love your site!!
 My husband and I check it out religiously.
 In fact, he dropped your name when he called into The Randi Rhodes Show - ha ha.

 We couldn't start our morning without you.
 Ah - the choices we make - play around under the covers or go read  bartcop.com!

 Time for us to subscribe - enclosed is a check, keep up the good work.

 Laura and Bryan,
 Venice, FL.

 PS. I have enclosed an envelope for stickers.

 Hey - thanks for all that.
 I heard Bryan talk to Randi on the Saturday repeat.
 That was nice of you to mention the page.

 By now, you should have your subscription info.
 People say the shows are getting better, so once you get in the members sec tion,
 start with Show 38 and go backwards and listen to me get stupider with each show :)

 Thanks again for all that.


"For no reason, Frederick punched the detainee in the chest. The detainee took a real deep breath
  and kind of squatted down. The detainee said he could not breathe. They called for a medic to come down,
  to try and get the detainee to breathe right. Frederick said he thought he put the detainee in cardiac arrest.
  Frederick and Graner then tried to get several of the inmates to masturbate themselves. Frederick would
  take the hand of the detainee and put it on the detainee's penis, and make the detainee's hand go back and
  forth, as if masturbating. He did this to about three of the detainees before one of them did it right."
     --Jeremy Sivits, on torture by Sgt. Frederick and Spec. Graner, at Abu Ghraib prison   Attribution

 History demands a 'Smarty Party'
  Only three horses in history have gone into Belmont undefeated


  Click  Here

 Smarty Jones blazed into the lead turning for home and won the Preakness by
 a record 11 1/2 lengths on Saturday, setting the stage for a dramatic Triple Crown
 try at the Belmont Stakes in three weeks.

 As he cruised past Lion Heart around the far turn, Smarty Jones turned on the afterburners
 and clobbered nine rivals in running his record to 8-for-8. In doing all that, he added another
 amazing chapter to racing's feel-good story of the year.

 The crowd at Pimlico roared as jockey Stewart Elliott asked Smarty for his patented run for home.
 The Pennsylvania-bred responded by moving to the inside of pacesetter Lion Heart and pulling away.
 The margin of victory topped the record of 10 lengths by Survivor in 1873, in the first Preakness.

 How will Smarty Jones do at The Belmont in three weeks?

"He'll do whatever I want him to do," Elliott said, referring to the Belmont's demanding distance.
"It won't be a problem."

 I'd watch.


Click  Here  for a short excerpt from Show 38

This skit runs almost nine minutes but,
of course, that's too large a file to post.

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 Nick Berg - A Muslim Perspective

  Click  Here

 Why was Mr. Berg picked up by coalition forces and imprisoned, so much so that his family sued
 Donald Rumsfeld for his release and information on him. The military says it released him, but suddenly then,
 he disappeared because when people went to see him at the hotel he was allegedly registered at, he wasn't
 there and no one there knew of him. Very strange point number two is, why was Mr. Berg in an American
 issued orange jump suit--the kind Americans put prisoners in, when he was photographed and killed?
 The Iraqis or other Arabs would have had him in Arab clothing so as not to draw suspicion to him of his
 being a prisoner--not an orange jump suit. Also, the way the men were standing, and their size, as a person
 experienced in the Middle East, most Arabs don't stand that way and most Iraqis are not that tall - the men
 stand more like Westerners of some sort, or even Israelis, but not like Arabs or Iraqis.

  Care to comment?

 Random thought

 Surely one reason Bush is allowing the oil companies to go wilding on America's wallet
 involves the risks with drilling and the world's can't-last-forever shrinking oil reserves.

 Why are we putting hundreds of billions into a dying industry that fouls the air and the water?
 Why don't we look at the energies that are (eventually) cheaper and cleaner?

 Jimmy Carter had solar panels installed on the roof of the White House,
 but 25 years later - we're no closer to solar power on a big scale, right?

 Not only are we, as a nation aren't trying hard enough with cleaner energy,
 we're not even pretending to do anything about this, are we?

 Is this why Gore had to lose in 2000?
 Because he would've steered America towards a future where the air and water are cleaner,
 instead of into a bankrupt and dirty country owned by the BFEE and the BIG oil companies?

  Care to comment?

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 Torture in Iraq: Politician's Reactions

  Click  Here

 At congressional hearings, Donald Rumsfeld, the embattled Secretary of Defense, repeatedly defended
 his failure to inform the Congress and the public about the abuse by claiming that he wanted to avoid
 violating defendant's rights in the abuse cases. Since when has Rumsfeldówho has jailed Iraqis,
 Afghans and U.S. citizens indefinitely and without due processócared about defendant's rights?
 Only when they are the rights of U.S. military personnel and it suits his interest for political survival.

 As for the members of Congress holding the hearings, they seemed more concerned about the release
 of the photos than with the barbaric behavior depicted in them. Would the behavior have been more
 acceptable if no photos or videos had been taken of it?  Hardly.

 Subject: Was the Masked Terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi?

 The masked man in the beheading video claims to be the infamous terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.
 Initially CNN said that the voice doesn't match him. They said he didn't even have a Jordanian accent.
 However the CIA confirms that it is him. But - are they correct?

 While everyone is listening to the voice they are ignoring a bigger clue - the legs. Two years ago
 Abu Musab al-Zarqawi had one of his legs amputated. Since then he's never adapted to a prosthetic leg.
 The terrorist who did the killing had two legs and as rather nimble on them.
 The terrorist has the wrong number of legs. So - in the debate about the identity of the killer
 - I'd say the CIA doesn't have a leg to stand on.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.

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"I think that will be the first mistake that will be recorded in history, the belief that containment as a
  policy doesn't work. The second mistake I think history will record is that the strategy was flawed.
  The third mistake, I think was one we repeated from Vietnam, we had to create a false rationale for
  going in to get public support. We failed in number four, to internationalize the effort. I think the fifth
  mistake was that we underestimated the task. The sixth mistake, and maybe the biggest one, was
  propping up and trusting the exiles, the infamous "Gucci Guerillas" from London. The seventh problem
  has been the lack of planning. The eighth problem was the insufficiency of military forces on the ground.
  The ninth problem has been the ad hoc organization we threw in there. And that ad hoc organization has
 failed, leading to the tenth mistake, and that's a series of bad decisions on the ground."
     --retired Gen. Anthony Zinni, USMC, listing the ten crucial mistakes made in Iraq    Attribution

 Subject: response

 What really gets me is that you think you have all the information.

 Let's just assume for the sake of argument that there are pieces of information that you do not
 posess concerning the myriad of subjects you go on about in your editorials.  Would it be fair
 to say you shouldn't make judgements about the correct actions until you knew the full story?

 I have never claimed to have "all" the information. Nobody could.
 All we know for sure is that Bush is lying about 9-11 and the war and the press is backing him up.

 I thinks these problems facing our nation are not so simple.  Those who can do something about
 things (ie. get involved in the government, military, economy...) do, those who can't start websites,
 and quarterback from their armchair.  Your question, while entertaining amounts to little or nothing.
 Maybe no one would do the show because the public wouldn't watch it, and the media is in the
 business of putting asses in seats in front of TV's.

 By the way, you're right about Bush.  But Kerry's not exactly my neighbor either.

 Doug, I find it noteworthy that you had no particular grievance.
 I have no resources to inmvestigate Bush's lies or the media's cover-up of those lies.
 But as a rule, when I have a strong opinion I can back it up.

 The "Did Americans murder Berg?" story for example:
 I'm less certain than Perkel on this, but maybe if we give the subject some publicity,
 we could spur others with the resources to stop being so damn lazy and do their damn jobs.

 You have the right to disagree with me and build your own web page.
 You also have the right to meet me in a live chat room, but maybe you're not ready for that.


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Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

777  784 dead American soldiers.

It would be nice to go a day without changing that number.



 Subject: missle tests failed?


 Interesting that some scientists don't think the U.S. Missile Shield will work.

 Were they the same scientists who said radar wouldn't work before WW II
 or the ones who said it was impossible to get to the moon in the 1960s?

 I doubt they are the same scientists.
 If they were experts in the 40s and 60s, they're probably dead now.
 Speaking of naysayers, Rush says an electric car is impossible.

 Maybe they were the ones who said it was impossible to have multiple
 warheads for different targets from the same guided missile?

 Hmmm, ...hard to say.
 Were you attempting to make a point?

 I don't think we dare take a chance on not having protection against
 incoming missiles when at least a dozen nations can hit us right now.

 Yes, Bush's saber-rattling turned North Korea into a nuclear power.
 The Monkey's bungling has endangered all Americans.

 By the way there have been several successful tests thus far.
 Bob Blooger

 I remember those tests working sometimes, and that's only if the missle
 is carrying a homing signal that the upward missle can locate.  Do you think
 North Korea will be nice enough to arm their missles with transponders?

 America Betrays Itself
   by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 To the extent other nations have forgiven the United States its excesses and still see it as a
 beacon of freedom, it has nothing to do with being "God's country." Rather, it's the ideals of free
 speech, due process and equality under the law embedded in our constitution. They help
 Americans rise above tribalism; the most moving account of Japanese civilian's suffering was
 American John Hersey's "Hiroshima," an instant classic. Nor did it take an invading army to
 expose atrocities committed by U.S. soldiers at My Lai, and to bring some semblance of justice.
 It took an American journalist, Seymour Hersh, and American courts of law.

 Which brings us to the offenses against humanity committed by American soldiers and civilians
 at the Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad. Once again, the indefatigable Hersh, writing in the New
 Yorker, got the story. This time, moreover, there's undeniable evidence in the form of digital photos
 and videotapes shot by U.S. soldiers and sent via e-mail to computers back home. (Will a
 technologically-advanced nation ever again be able to brutalize a captive population with impunity?)

  Care to comment?

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the 

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 More bishops inject politics into Catholic dogma

  Click  Here

 Portland, Ore., Archbishop John G. Vlazny declared in a May 6 column in his diocesan newspaper,
 the Catholic Sentinel, that any Catholic in his 298,000-member diocese who is "publicly" at odds
 with church teachings on abortion and same-sex "marriage" should refrain from the sacrament.

 Bishop Michael J. Sheridan of Colorado Springs went even further by saying in a May 5 pastoral
 letter that he will deny Communion to any Catholic politician who advocates abortion, "illicit"
 stem-cell research or any form of euthanasia..

 This is BS of the highest order.
 These goofy-ass priests want to get in the ring?
 Guess what, fellas, when you take that collar off you're fair game.

 Bush is a lying murderer and you condone that?
 Where is your denial of the sacraments for pro-war handjobs?
 Where is your denial of the sacraments for death penalty supporters?
 Where is your denial of the sacraments for those who take food from the mouths
 of poor children to send to billionaires who use it to buy a fourth Rolls Royce?

 Also, Gov Arnold is a pro-choice Catholic, why not go after him?
 Gov Pataki and Guiliani are pro-choice Catholics, why not go after them?

 You see how unfaithful you are to the truth?
 These bishops need to go to confession because they are lying.
 Will the lying bishops take communion this Sunday?

 Meanwhile, instead of singling out Kerry for abuse, you guys are busy with this:

 Bishops backsliding on child rape reforms

  Click  Here

 Illinois Appellate Justice and review board leader Anne Burke and other board members say
 the bishops are ignoring a recommendation that annual audits be done of efforts to report and
 prevent abuse and reach out to victims.

"We were manipulated," Burke wrote in a March letter published Wednesday on the Web site
 of the National Catholic Reporter. "Those who said bishops were never serious about breaking
 free from the ... bad judgments of the past will be vindicated."

 That last paragraph, in plain language, says the bishops want the priests to continue raping.

 It's the second time in a year that leaders of the independent national review board have blasted
 the bishops for failing to live up to their pledges of openness.  Last June, the first board chairman,
 Frank Keating, compared "foot-dragging" bishops to the Mafia. He resigned days later.

 Now Burke and other board members - all slated to leave the board by June - are speaking out just as sharply.

 These pro-rape bishops have seized control of the church and they want the freedom to rape children.
 They also want to cherry-pick Democrats for abuse and ignore Republican sins.

  Care to comment?


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 If your GOP workplace doesn't want you to see the truth, use these mirrors.

   Shirley Manson of the rock group "Garbage."

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