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  In Today's Treehouse...
Bush could've had Zarqawi
New abuse photos Worse
Vulgar Pigboy's ad in paper
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Mosul Chief: Never held Berg
Missile shield won't work
James Inhofe - Deranged 
Flaw in 9/11 coverup 
More Monkey Mail


Quote of the Day

"My son died for the sins of George Bush and 
  Donald Rumsfeld. This administration did this."  
     --Michael Berg, father of Nick     Attribution

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Volume 1312 -  Entitled


  Thurs-Friday   May 13-14, 2004


"This process has to be internationalized. The U.N. has to play the governance role.
  That's how we're, in my view, eventually going to win."
     --  General Richard Myers, backing the Kerry plan   Attribution

 Were Berg's Killers Americans?  by Marc Perkel

 OK - this is going to sound tin foil hat but when you read this it will scare the hell out of you!

 After a LOT of research I have concluded that Nicolas Berg was killed by Americans dressed as terrorists at Abu Ghraib Prison.

 Besides the yellow walls, the orange prison uniform, the terrorists who are WHITE and FAT, it's the CHAIR that put me over the top.
 Berg is sitting in the EXACT SAME type of CHAIR as one that is in the prison photo. I am still stunned!

 You gotta have a comment

  Click  Here  to reach Marc Perkel

 Bush avoided attacking Zarqawi three times
  Zarqawi has 700 kills in Iraq, but Bush let him go

  Click  Here

 NBC News has learned that long before the war the Bush administration had several chances to
 wipe out his terrorist operation and perhaps kill Zarqawi himself ÷ but never pulled the trigger.

 In June 2002, U.S. officials say intelligence had revealed that Zarqawi and members of al-Qaida
 had set up a weapons lab at Kirma, in northern Iraq, producing deadly ricin and cyanide.

 The Pentagon quickly drafted plans to attack the camp with cruise missiles and airstrikes and
 sent it to the White House, where, according to U.S. government sources, the plan was
 debated to death in the National Security Council.

 Military officials insist their case for attacking Zarqawi's operation was airtight, but the BFEE
 feared destroying the terrorist camp in Iraq could undercut its case for war against Saddam..

 Remember all the lies they made up about Clinton being offered Osama?
 Looks like Bush is guilty of much worse, and the Berg family suffers from that today.
 Bush wanted Saddam's oil - his "war on terror" is a phoney excuse to steal it.

  Care to comment?



"Ari Fleischer is scheduled (on Jeopardy) for Wednesday where he
  will ring in first on every question and then inform Alex Trebek that
  'I believe I've already answered that question'"
   --TBogg,   "I'll take Presidential Leg-Humping for $200, Alex,"  Attribution

 Lawmakers Say New Abuse Photos Even Worse

  Click  Here

 The abuse of Iraqi prisoners by U.S. troops went beyond the photos seen by most Americans,
 shaken lawmakers said Wednesday after viewing fresh pictures and video that they said depicted
 forced sex, brutality and dogs snarling at cowed prisoners.

 "I saw cruel, sadistic torture," said Rep. Jane Harman, D-Calif., who said some of the images were of
 male prisoners masturbating. She she saw a man hit himself against a wall to knock himself unconscious.

 Others said they saw images of corpses, military dogs snarling at cowering prisoners, women commanded
 to expose their breasts and sex acts, including forced homosexual sex.

 We have no reason to force suspected Iraqi 'evil doers' to have sex with each other.

 Why are we in Iraq in the first place?
 So Bunnypants could steal their oil and make all Iraqis America's bitch.

 America lives in the shiny city of gold on the hill that Reagan talked about.
 Why are we screwing the innocent Iraqi people out of their rightfully-owned oil?

 Could it be greed?
 Is that what Christ told W to do?
 Steal from the poor?

  Care to comment?

 Limbaugh Criticizes Fla. Prosecutor in Ads
  Mr. 'Lock 'em up" wants to be treated like a liberal since being caught

  Click  Here

 Rush Limbaugh has purchased full-page ads in two Florida newspapers to charge that
 local prosecutors are politically motivated in investigating him for "doctor shopping."

 Limbaugh said the ads, which would run on Thursday in the Palm Beach Post and
 South Florida Sun-Sentinel, reprint a May 9 editorial from the Moonie Times that
 accuses West Palm Beach State Attorney Barry Krischer of political opportunism.

 The Moonie Times calls the case against Limbaugh "shaky" and based largely on
 the testimony of Limbaugh's mules, who he accused of trying to blackmail him.

  Care to comment?

 Subject: Advertising on Air America Radio

 I'm willing to go in for a sixth of a commercial ($95).
 The thing is, I don't have anything to advertise, so I'd be willing to sponsor someone.

 I'm sure there are four (or five, not including you) other Patriots out there who would do the same.

 Then we could let all the wonderful readers pick our "Five" favorite sites to go in the ad,
 along with the hammer of all sites, bartcop.

 I say hit with the best, get the word out, make it happen!
 I'm in...who's with me?


  Care to contribute?

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK 74155

 Note: We figure to do this around June 1.


"Let me express my hope that you pay no heed to the endless attacks on the military.
  I'm afraid some people are turning on our superb military."
      --George the Smarter, who lied us into the first Gulf War, which created
         the bin Laden Monster and made the BFEE rich beyond their wildest dreams    Attribution

 Mosul Police Chief Denies Detaining Berg
  But the FBI admits seing him 3 times while in Iraqi custody

  Click  Here

 Iraqi police never detained an American whose decapitated body was found
 last week in Baghdad, the police chief said Thursday, despite U.S. insistence
 that Berg was held by local authorities here shortly before he disappeared last month.

 U.S. officials said Iraqi police arrested Berg in Mosul on March 24 because local
 authorities believed he may have been involved in "suspicious activities." He would
 not elaborate but insisted American authorities had not held Berg although the FBI
 visited him three times before he was released April 6.

 These bungling fools can't even keep their lies straight.
 How did the FBI visit him in jail three times if he was never in custody?

  Care to comment?

 GOP Split on How to Pursue Iraq Plan
  Novak: a clear consensus among GOP that Rumsfeld must go

  Click  Here

 Primaries Seen As VP Testing Ground
  Who can help Kerry the most in the VP slot?

  Click  Here

 Poll Shows Majority Want UK Troops to Pull Out
  Should British troops pull out of Iraq by 30th June?    55 per cent: YES

  Click  Here

 Japan Lawmakers Scolded for Reading Comics
 "You can be seen from the prime minister's seat. You should stop that."

  Click  Here

 U.S. Missile Shield Won't Work: Scientist Group
  It's another multi-billion dollar BFEE money laundering project

  Click  Here

 The multibillion-dollar U.S. ballistic missile shield due to start operating by Sept. 30
 appears incapable of shooting down any incoming warheads, a scientists' group said on Thursday.

 A technical analysis found "no basis for believing the system will have any capability to defend
 against a real attack," the Union of Concerned Scientists said in a 76-page report titled Technical Realities.
 The Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency rejected the report.

"All indications are that it would not work," said Lisbeth Gronlund, a physicist who is
 a co-author of the report and co-director of the group's global security program.
"And the administration's statements that it will be highly effective are irresponsible nonsense."

 Overall, the Pentagon estimates it will need $53 billion in the next five years to develop it.

 $53 billion going right into the BFEE's pocket - as if they haven't stolen enough.

 Family of Executed American Angry with U.S. Govt.
  Why did the military detain Berg for 13 days, thus causing his death?

  Click Here

 Family and friends of Nick Berg are angry about government denials that their son
 was ever in U.S. custody in Iraq, a family spokesman said on Wednesday.

 Neighbor Bruce Hauser, who has acted as a family spokesman, said, "The community
 feels that if the government had Nick Berg in their control they should have sought to
 release Berg back to his home country. I have to believe that the American government
 had him in their custody. The Bergs knew that Nick was in their custody and the Bergs
 wanted the government to release him so he could come home," Hauser said.

 On April 5, nearly two weeks after Berg disappeared in Iraq, the family sued in federal
 court in Philadelphia and named Rumsfeld as responsible for their son's disappearance.

"I still hold Rumsfeld responsible because if they had let him go after a reasonable time
 or given access to a lawyer we could have gotten him out of there before the hostilities
 escalated," Michael Berg told WBUR public radio station on Tuesday. .


"When people do decide to show up and protest my appearances
  the demonstrations are so small that it's beneath me."
     --George the Smarter   Attribution

 So many thousands of people show up to protest your bad seed boy that the FBI and
 Secret Service have to bring in dozens of busses to keep the crowds from getting near.

 The Deranged Mind of James Inhofe
  Maybe the Dumbest US Senator of the All

  Click  Here

 Inhofe's remarks were full of pomp and smugness; they were devoid of ethical sensibility.
 Listening to him was like listening to someone on his way home from a lynching 50 years ago:
'They deserve what they get, whether or not they did what we said. They are what they are,
 aren't they? If they weren't, why would we have lynched them? Goddam right!' If our enemies
 abroad were as interested in words as they are in photographs right now, Inhofe's words
 would serve them as well as the Army reservists' digital photographs from Abu Ghraib.

 I've tried to warn America for nine years about this crazy bastard.
When the Murrah building blew up in OKC, Inhofe said we couldn't get an accurate
    count of the dead until we found out how many federal workers were playing hooky.
If he's in a tight race, he puts a photo of his opponent on TV and morphs him into
    a monster with fangs, pointed ears and extra-bushy eyebrows.
When Clinton was kicking Milosombitch's ass, this prick, who's on the Armed Services
    Committee, went on local radio and said "We're just about out of cruise missles.
    I can't tell you how many we have left, but I can say it's under 100."
    That's treason - revealing how much ammunition we have before we run out.

 Inhofe is so crazy, he's to the right of the Nazis who stole our government.


 What's the cheapest gas price you ever saw
 posted at an American gas station?

 I guess the older folks are going to win this contest...

   The cheapest price I ever saw was...

 Subject: torture

 OK, maybe I'm channelling Ross Perot here,  but it's very simple, really.

 Torture is wrong. period.

 Defending or justifying torture makes you look like slime. period.

 Americans of conscience--liberal or conservative--are seeing the hooded guy
 and the naked guy with the attack dogs in their dreams. I know I am.


 Peter, I don't remember advocating torture, but I was the only guy listed
 on your To: line, so I guess you're talking to me.

 I think torture is rarely justified, but if we had apprehended Mohammed Atta
 on September 10th, and we knew something BIG was scheduled for the next day,
 you'd stick with your "torture is wrong - period" principles and let 9-11 happen?

 I assume you're anti-murder, most people are, but if you found yourself in Germany
 in 1937 and had a chance to blow up Hitler's car - would you become a murderer
 to save 6 to 12 million Jews and tens of thousands of Americans?

 It's a sticky point that I've avoided because I see both sides.
 I haven't put a lot of thought into it, but "imminent" is probably the crux.

 If something is going to happen "someday," that's different than something that's
 going to happen tomorrow.  Even the Catholics let you kill for self-defense.

  Care to comment?

 Note: If you have a strong opinion about torture but fail to address the Atta/Hitler question
            I will not print your e-mail..

 Rupert wins $1M "Favorite" Survivor Prize

  Click  Here

 Rupert Boneham, the bushy-bearded giant from Indianapolis who was an
 audience favorite during the last two "Survivor" games, won a $1 million
 consolation prize during a special edition of the CBS game on Thursday

 CBS said 38 million people cast votes for the second $1 million winner,
 a gimmick that brought an "American Idol" flavor to the long-running game.
 Host Jeff Probst even called it "America's Tribal Council."

 The "Survivor All-Stars" finale on Sunday was seen by just under 25 million
 people, despite what Bart ignorantly claimed in BCR Show 38.

 This was a blatant give away to a popular player, but that's OK.
 CBS wanted another reason to milk this popular show like FOX does with American Idle.

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Subject: That crazy war

 First America went to war to liberate Iraq because of weapons of mass destruction. That turned out to be a lie.
 Then it was because Saddam was an oppressive dictator who tortured, raped, and murdered his people.

 Now it turns out that Americans are now torturing, raping, and murdering the Iraqi people. And Rumsfield has said
 the pictures we haven't seen include guards sodomizing young boys, female prisoners raped, sadistic torture, and
 indecent acts with dead bodies.  Today the Statue of Liberty is standing on a box with a bag over her head.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.



"This is total war. We are fighting a variety of enemies.
  There are lots of them out there... 
     --Richard Perle, January 31, 2002,   Attribution

 So it's just a coincidence that we went after the one with the most oil?

 Subject: Your query "does Iraq have portly dudes?'

 Yes, Iraq has "portly dudes," you ignorant xxxx.
 I'm going to assume that you weren't serious with that line questioning.

 Aaron something

 No, I was serious.
 We constantly hear that one million Iraqis have died from malnutrition
 due to the UN sanctions and that Saddam won't let anybody make money.


"If we just let our vision of the world go forth, and we embrace it entirely,
  and we don't try to piece together clever diplomacy but just wage a total war,
  our children will sing great songs about us years from now."
     --Richard Perle, clearly insane,  January 31, 2002,   Attribution

 Of all the people involved in Bush's Iraqi rape, Perle is the guy who pops into my head
 when I think of Slim Pickens riding the H-Bomb back to Earth in Dr Strangelove.

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 Kerry's Campaign Contradicts Critics
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 When the Massachusetts Senator fired his campaign team last fall, The New York Times
 derided his decision÷later hailed for turning the race around÷as "a bit of scapegoating by
 a candidate who seems on the rocks." On New Year's Day, just before his victories in Iowa
 and New Hampshire and everywhere else, The Times said Mr. Kerry "may be remembered
 for running the worst campaign of the year, squandering a perception by many Democrats
 that he was among the party's strongest candidates."

 The worst campaign indeed, except for all the others.
(Only in the American political press could anyone be accused of "squandering a perception.")

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and other progressive thinkers who have found that having a partner
with a similar world view is critically important in a happy relationship.


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 War Crimes

  Click  Here

 When Rumsfeld parsed his technical distinction between abuse and torture, he probably hadn't yet seen
 the videotapes, which purportedly show U.S. soldiers having [presumably nonconsensual] sex with an
 Iraqi woman prisoner, troops nearly beating a prisoner to death, and rapes of young boys by Iraqi guards
 at Abu Ghraib prison. These would also qualify as torture.

 Torture is a crime under federal law. When a U.S. national conspires, attempts, or commits torture outside
 of the United States, he can be sentenced to 20 years in prison. If his victim dies, the perpetrator can receive
 life in prison or the death penalty.

 Subject: Your Pat Tillman special report

 Bartcop÷I still like you and respect you.

 Note: That means he's going for his gun.
 I'm too old to be verklempt by a little flattery

 Sorry you weren't able/courageous/idiotic enough to publish my rant,
 most of the others were better and in the same vein anyway.

 You caught me.
 I didn't print your letter because I didn't have the courage to face the truth.

 I printed every letter I could find on the subject.
 It's possible your letter was moved into a sub folder and I missed it.

 I feel vindicated, knowing that your vocal readership thinks like I do.
 Perhaps the true American revolution is not far off.

 The "true American revolution" is against America having the most powerful military?
 My mind's eye can see the subscriber defections as I type this.

 Get with the truth, man, it might even set you free.  9/11 has all the fingerprints
 and hallmarks of a project of the Saudi/Osama/Bush Family Criminal Racketeering Enterprise.

 I hear you talking, but where's your proof, Mr. Attorney?
 Why do people try to explain to Mr. 1310 Issues that Bush is a bad man?
 You know he's guilty, I know he's guilty, the Democrats know he's guilty
 and Bush's personal Washington Press Corps puppies know he's guilty.

 What we need is proof, ...not more accusations about Bart's gullibility.

 15 of the 19 highly trained commando "suckers" who "hijacked" the planes had
 SAUDI passports (that is, if they even really ever existed).  Not one was an Afghani.

 Dude, ...I love the theory, but show us some evidence.
 *I* know Bush is guilty - I scream it every day.

 Afghanistan did not declare war on us nor did it perpetrate any act of war.

 Well, ...maybe,  ...sort of.
 When they refused to give up bin Laden after 9-11, they invited war, which,
 is different than declaring war, but after those towers fell there was no doubt.
 When the Taliban said, "We won't give him up," they invited war..

 Nor did the Taliban, who were Bush's butt buddies all the way up until they were threatened
 with the carrot/stick (in August 2001) that they would either get their streets paved with gold,
 or carpet-bombed into oblivion, depending upon whether or not they would play along
 with allowing the pipeline to be built for Kenny-Boy Lay's company to supply gas to
 the Dabhol plant in India.  The Taliban hesitated, so Plan B was activated.

 Why are you explaining recent history to me?
 I may be stupid, ...but I can remember three years back.


 You need a good bitch-slapping.  Putting yourt life on the line for your city is very,
 very similar to putting your life on the line for your country. If you're one of those
 "all American soldiers are ruthless baby-killer" types, then be man enough to say it.

 Tillman was a sap, stooge and idiot, for all the reasons I wrote to you and all your other
 readers did as well.  Don't you dare ever equate the patriotic sacrifice of the God-fearing,
 ordinary American rifle company draftee or "volunteer" with the adrenaline-rush urge-to-kill
 mentality of those bloodthirsty assassins in the Special Forces!!!

 You're for the grunts but you hate the Special Forces?
 Does the hate kick in the day they get promoted?

 And don't drink the Kool-aid bullshit that someone's got to do the "dirty work."
 If you do, you'll be way too stupid to even think about how to answer the famous question,
 "Why do they hate us?"

 I'm too stupid to figure out what the hell you just said.

 My own theory is that God and the rest of the planet may only begin to think about forgiving us,
 after we pay unconditional reparations to Iraq and Afghanistan, and all the people we've harmed
 and the families of those we've murdered in cold blood, and get the F out of their countries and
 their affairs, and (most importantly) deliver up all the war criminals, "genociders," eco-criminals,
 and all their stooges for justice to the International Criminal Court÷except perhaps Scalia,
 I think the world would forgive us if he just got the Mussolini treatment.

 Michael A.Colton

 Mikey, loved the Mussolini joke.

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 Subject: Bart is stupid

 Dude, so far - we have no debate.

 Tillman was stupid and so are you Bart.
 He is no more a hero than any German that was stupid
 enough to run down and join the SS to kill Jews after
 Poland supposedly and falsely attacked Germany.

 Dude, spell it out.
 Are you saying anyone who fights for their land is a sap?
 If your answer is yes, send your address right away.

 What makes him a hero that with the education he had he went
 blundering off to fight for God bless the Okie dokie huba huba U$A.

 Would you say the same things about the people who enlisted after Pearl Harbor?
 Is every sacrifice a military family makes a further sign of blood-thirsty tendencies?
 You can't see any difference between dying for your country and the making-billions-in-profit BFEE?

 The bestest country (USA is #1) in the whole wide world.
 And as far as anyone proving that he was a racist wanting to kill Arabs
 (THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HE DID) Bush,   ... I mean Bart!


 Oh, so after 1310 Issues, I'm a Bush supporter?
 No, Dude, I'll tell you where I am.

 I'm standing between losing 49 states and winning in November.
 You can say I'm standing in a bad place, but you're standing in Four More Years of Bush.


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 Subject: Susan McDougal


 I'm getting the radio shows fine and enjoying them.
 I'm also enjoying the steady improvement as you continue to get your broadcast legs.

 I saw Susan McDougal last night. She was the speaker at a fund-raiser for Logan County
 Democrats in Booneville, Ark.   Small town, small venue -- no more than 200 people total.
(She took no honorarium and drove herself there from Camden.)
 What a classy lady!

 I mentioned you to her and she smiled her great big smile and said that she hears
"BartCop says 'Hi'" every time she goes somewhere. She asked me to tell you
 she really appreciates it. Of course, she was as gracious as a southern lady can be
 and stayed until everyone who wanted to chat or have their picture taken with her
 had the chance to. I really felt honored to share the room with her.


 Rage, she has that effect on everybody.
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Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

773  777 dead American soldiers.

It would be nice to go a day without changing that number.




 Subject: a choice

 Saddam put people through a plastic shredder--
 Is that, in your view, comparable to being photoed naked?


 No, I believe murder is worse than taking a humiliating photo.
 But you've conveniently omitted the actual physical torture from your question.
 That means if you had asked an honest question, it wouldn't have as much impact.
 Since you had to cheat - that means your point is lost when delivered honestly.

 You take a man's clothes off, allow attack dogs to bite him, then stick a broomstick
 up his butt and smack him around with your fists - some call that torture.


 I'll admit Bush's torturers were more humane to their victims than Saddam's torturers.

 Feel better?

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the 

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Verifying data in "The Fatal Flaw In The 9/11 Coverup"

  Click  Here

 In the FBI's own transcript it sure looks to me like Mr. Mueller did indeed say here that a lack of evidence
 is "proof" of al Qaeda, after just saying that they had "nothing on paper". Perhaps I'm reading him wrong?

 Also keep in mind that this is the FBI's own transcript (the executive branch has been doing a lot of
 creative writing since the stolen election)

 All we know for certain is that our government is lying to us about 9-11.  And don't forget, 9-11 was
 the BFEE's excuse to go totally secretive and kill the FOI Act that shed light on government abuses.

 9-11 was the best thing a gang of crooks could ever hope for - it united the country behind the
 Appointed Fraud and it gave them a black check to invade or steal or bomb anything they wanted.

 If only we could get Kerry, the Democrats and the press to do their jobs and ask questions.
 They seem very disinterested in finding these answers.

 For instance - did the 9-11 panel ask why no fighter planes went up on 9-11?


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