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  In Today's Treehouse...
Disagree on Saddam handoff 
Inhofe outraged at outrage 
Protestants: U.N. to Iraq
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Bush makes move on Syria 
Moon crowned by GOP 
Eldrick's best is behind him
Preachers go 'all in' on gays 
Beheading real or staged?


Quote of the Day

"Rather than working hard to create a 
  Constitution for Iraq, why don't we just 
  give them ours?  We're not using it." 
    --Mark McKee,    Attribution

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Volume 1311 -  Unemployed and uninsured


  Wednesday   May 12, 2004


"This is a much more secret war.  In Vietnam it was all there on the T.V. every night, the carnage
  and senseless killing that is a part of every war.  In this war it is all a secret, as if there really were
  no killings no grotesquely wounded as if the 700 or so dead or the thousands wounded were just
  numbers with no names attached no real lives to account for and it is unpatriotic and nearly criminal
  to merely mention those that have fallen. Our President and the rest of the rich who run this country,
  or the outraged officers who always serve in the rear, to all those faux warrior architects, or political
  pundits who have no idea what it is like to be thousands of miles away with a rifle in a foreign country
  where life is cheap and always at risk, these pictures, these rapes, these tortures, these murders are
  what happen in such places.  And they happen in every war.  It is the ugly nature of the thing that I
  thought we had learned 30 years ago."
   --David Scott, USMC RET, Vietnam vet, Attribution

 U.S., Tribunal Disagree on Saddam Handoff
  Chalabi bucks the BFEE - will be pay the ultimate price?

  Click Here

 The head of Iraq's war-crimes tribunal said Tuesday that the United States has pledged
 to hand over Saddam and about 100 other suspects to Iraqi authorities before July 1 if
 Iraq is ready to take them into custody. U.S. officials denied any decision had been reached.

 Chalabi indicated to AP that Saddam's trial would happen later, rather than earlier.
"Our policy is indict junior officials first so that we can build a case against Saddam," he said.

 Wait, you don't have enough evidence that Saddam was a bad guy?
 Why did we invade if we need to begin to gather evidence if his guilt?

"Ragheads always try to take what's rightfully mine..."

  Care to comment?


"On October 18th 2002 Attorney General Ashcroft came out personally, in public, asserted this rare
"state secret privilege" on everything that had to do with my case. And they cited "diplomatic relations"
  and certain "foreign relations" that would be "at stake" if I were to take this issue and make it public.
  And, since then, this has been acting as a gag on my case."
   --Sibel Edmonds, former FBI translator, who blew the whistle on the cover-up of intelligence that names some
      of the culprits who orchestrated the 9/11 attacks; she is under two gag orders that forbid her to testify in court
      or mention the names of the people or the countries involved,  Attribution

  Hmmm, if she's not allowed to mention the countries involved,
  it must include the Bush's Family Evil Empire's backers, Saudi Arabia.

 Inhofe 'Outraged at the outrage' in Iraq Prison Case

  Click  Here

 As others condemned the Iraqi abuse, James Inhofe (R-Pissquik) expressed outrage at the
 outcry over the scandal and took aim at "humanitarian do-gooders" investigating American troops.

"I'm probably not the only one up at this table that is more outraged by the outrage than we are
 by the treatment," said Inhofe, an Oklahoma Republican and a vulgar Pigboy soundalike.

"These prisoners, you know they're not there for traffic violations," said Inhofe.

 That last sentence is correct - they've been convicted of nothing - not even a traffic violations.
 They were designated guilty of occupying the towns in which they were born.  Inhofe is the
 most embarrassing thing from Oklahoma. He's worse than Jesse Helms ever was for Carolina
 and get this - he's on the Intelligence Committee,  ...swear to Koresh..

 Hey Pissquik, I have an idea.
 Let me come to your house, kick and slap the crap out of you, then I'll rip your clothes off and shove a
 broom handle up your ass, then let two German Shepherd dogs bite your legs and then I'll attach a dog
 collar and lead your naked, bleeding ass around the neighborhood for all your friends to see.

 Would you have the same opinion after that?

  Care to comment?

  Protestants Want U.N. to Take Over in Iraq

  Click  Here

 The Protestant and Orthodox Christian churches said Tuesday that U.S. policy
 in Iraq has become so destructive the United Nations should take over.

 Separately, bishops of the United Methodist Church, which claims Smirk and Snarl
 as members, said the war has led to the "denigration of human dignity."

 The Methodist Council of Bishops said it "laments the continued warfare by the U.S.
 and said Bush's premise for the war - alleged Iraqi links with al-Qaida and WMDs
"have not been verified."

 Isn't it a strange thing that Ol' Bart is more Christ-like than Smirk or Snarl?
 I haven't killed 15,000 innocent people and stolen their assets.

  Care to comment?

 Subject:  Chinaco

 Bart, can you post a picture of the Chinaco bottle
 so I know what to look for in the liquor store?


 Be sure you get Chinaco Anejo or it's wasted money.


"Donald Rumsfeld testified before Congress about the Iraqi sex scandal.
  Rumsfeld said he didn't read the report on Iraqi prisoners because it was too long
  and it contained too much information. When he heard this, Bush said 'Hey that's my line.'"
     --Conan O'Brien    Attribution

 Why did GOP members of congress crown Sun Myung Moon?
  Shouldn't their first loyalty be to the flag instead of the head Moonie?

  Click  Here

 Now here are some people at the Dirksen Senate Office Building, genuflecting to Moon,
 the Washington Times publisher and bringing him a crown. Here's the crown...


 ...and the coronation begins, here in the federal building...

 That's not Rep. Davis bowing to Moon with one of the crowns, is it?
 Same goatee, same hairline, and Moon's own account claims that it was him.
 (An unnamed, unpictured Republican is said to have given him the robes.
 Could it have been Curt Weldon, who attended the event?)

 And Moon gives a speech announcing that it's time to recognize him as the Messiah
 Lasting questions from this video: Who are those guys giving him a standing ovation at 14:40?
 Are any of them Congressmen that you recognize? And are we a monarchy now? I'm confused.

 Why are the Republicans worshipping this man as a Messiah?
 Why are the press and the Democrats keeping this outrage a secret?

 All religions creep me out, but with Moon in bed with the BFEE,  this is extra creepy and I want to
 know how many of MY tax dollars are being given to this religio-fraud who owns the Washington Times.

 Oil hits $40 a barrel
  Highest prices cost since Bush the Smarter gouged America in 1990

  Click  Here

 Officials Clash on Blame for Iraq Prison Abuse
  In the Bush administration, nobody is too blame besides Clinton

  Click  Here

 Grammer: Frasier Character Could Return
  He'll hold off a return until "the TV landscape is appropriately bleak."

  Click  Here

 Mexican Air Force Pilots Film 11 UFOs
  Click to watch the video of the UFOs over Mexico
  It looks like that thing that hung over Phoenix a couple of years back

  Click  Here

 Bush Imposes Export Ban Against Syria
  Is Bush going to invade them, too?  Does Syria have oil?

  Click  Here

 Bush on Tuesday banned all U.S. exports to Syria except for food and medicine,
 ordering sanctions after long-standing complaints that the Middle Eastern nation
 was supporting terrorism and undermining U.S. efforts in Iraq.

 The actions of the Syrian government - including pursuing WMDs and occupying
 Lebanon - represent an "extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy
 and economy of the United States," Bush said in signing an executive order imposing sanctions.

 The measures follow complaints by the United States that Syria was supporting militant
 groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah and failing to stop guerrillas from crossing the border into Iraq. .

 The Fatal Flaw In The 9/11 Coverup

  Click  Here

 This is one of those conspiracy theories about 9-11.  But the thing is, the farther you read, you notice
 the guy is building point after point that you're not able to refute. This guy is a damn skillful writer, but even so,
 I should be able to poke holes in what he's saying - but I can't. He's making sense and I can't lay a glove on him.

 One thing:
 He says things 'as fact,' without bothering to offer the link.
 For instance, of the WTC collapse, he says, "We have reports from firemen of explosions at the base
 of the Twin Towers BEFORE they fell, and the seismographic evidence to back up these assertions."
 Dude, if you have seismographic evidence, where's the damn link?

 Still, there's a dozen questions he asks that I can't answer, the most important being
 why did America's armed forces "stand down" on the day when America needed them the most?

 We have Marvin Bush sitting suspiciously on the board of directors of the security company that had the contract for the Twin Towers.

 We have Larry Silverstein, who conveniently leased and insured the towers shortly before the big hits, telling officials to "pull"
 a relatively intact tower, which then fell identically to the two structures that were struck by airplanes, creating the impression
 that that's the way all three came down.

 We have billions of dollars of windfall profits made by savvy investors in the days before 9/11, and an FBI investigation that
 insists nothing was amiss with these spectacular deals. Of course, we don't get the details. Only "assurances" that the trades
 were not suspicious, despite patterns and results that were unprecedented in the entire history of financial trading.

  Care to comment?

 I'd like to hear your opinion, but  - if you write - say something.

 Calling me "a pro or anti-Zionist tool" isn't making a positive contribution.
 Telling me, "Bush is a bad man who likes to steal oil," tells us nothing.
 Read what this guy says, and tell me where he's wrong.

 Focus - address the points this guy makes.
 If we put our heads together, maybe we could make some progress.


"Because America's committed to the equality and dignity of all people,
  there will be a full accounting for the cruel and disgraceful abuse of Iraqi detainees."
   --Dubya, constantly swearing to get to the bottom of the most recent horrors at some point
      in the far, far future, but since the Democrats and the press never follow up, he gets away
      with all the big talk and nobody is ever held responsible for anything   Attribution

 Bullet maker can't meet Army demand

  Click  Here

 Alliant Techsystems Inc., the Edina-based munitions maker that is the U.S. Army's
 sole supplier of bullets, said Thursday it can't keep up with demand from the Army,
 which is rising to its highest level since the Vietnam War.

 Alliant made 1 billion rounds of small-caliber ammunition last year for the Army and
 will make 1.2 billion rounds this year. But the Army intends to set its annual requirement
 significantly higher, possibly as high as 2 billion rounds a year, and plans to look for a
 second supplier, Alliant Chief Executive Officer Daniel Murphy said.

 Murphy said that the Army's ammo demand could remain elevated for five years as
 the military continues Bush's war.

 Two billion bullets a year?
 Are our boys that bad at aiming or are they killing 2 billion people a year?
 And who knew the BFEE was in the bullet business, too?

 Jittery markets hit new lows for year
 They have no faith in the Bush thug and his illegal wars

  Click  Here

 In the latest sign of Wall Street jitters prompted by fears of rising interest rates
 and Middle East turmoil, the Dow Jones industrials closed below 10,000
 on Monday for the first time since December and hit a new low for the year.

 Monday's sell-off was broad, infecting blue chips, technology names and
 small-company stocks. All three major indexes - the Dow, Nasdaq composite
 and Standard & Poor's 500 - broke below their March lows and closed at
 their lowest levels of 2004. Another negative: All three also closed below their
 average price during the past 200 trading days.

This might require some explanation.
When I lived in Arkansas, I heard lots about the Tucker Telephone.
The Tucker Prison Farm is not a place you want to go.

If you misbehave or a guard didn't like you, they'd attach
the phone wires to your scrotum and play "One ringy dingy."
Under Bush and Rummy, it's the sixties all over again.

 Subject: the Ted Rall thing

 I disagree with your Rall rant  In brief, my argument goes like this:
 If you believe a guy hooked up to a dialysis machine in a cave in Afghanistan was completely culpable for 9/11,

 Wait - why was it necessary to include "completely" in that phrase?
 What does that mean - Osama had help?
 Does anyone dispute that Osama had help?

 ...then you also probably believe that the CIA has been a force for good in this country, that all wars since WWII
 have been legally declared, and that the US has done nothing over the past 55 years to warrant the unmitigated
 hatred of Muslims for the next 55 years.    Zionists and a complicit US gov't (BFEE) were responsible, and the
 9/11 towers were detonated.  Why do you think they got rid of the rubble before anyone could look at it?

 I don't know.
 Our government is lying to us and I don't have the money or the resources to launch an investigation.
 But you say the Jews were responsible?

 And how about WTC #7, which wasn't even hit and blew up anyway?    Your argument totally rests on the
 OBL fairy tale perpetrated by the US gov't and corporate media.  And if you're going to ask people who reply
 to this for citations, why not provide some yourself?

 Because I never made the claim.
 That guy yesterday said I failed to look at "easily available reportings," but he didn't mention where they were.
 Then he said,  "This isn't "Conspiracy Theory"....it's now Conspiracy Fact!"
 When you make those kind of pronouncements, being able to cite a source would be a good thing.
 Anything I print without a link is what I believe, which could be different than what I can prove..

 The OBL scenario is just as much a "conspiracy theory" as the one I've broadly outlined above.

 That's not true.
 Can you name a person or entity that we both respect that believes OBL was not involved?

 Pat Tillman was a chump.  He bought the bill of goods about Afghanistan being responsible for 9/ll.

 Talk like that will get Bush elected to the presidency.

 This military hasn't been in civilian control since 1948 when Truman made this country a national security state
 and effectively made article 1 of the Constitution null and void; hence, the military has not been worth supporting
 with service since then (the "line" you were requesting).  Just my take.  Good luck with your site.


 A political and business opportunity

 If you have a website or a political cause or just something you want to say,
 maybe we could strike a deal with Air America Radio for some one minute ads.

 Long story short, peak-time commercials on AAR are $550 for a 60 second spot.
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  A 60 second premium spot costs $550.
 Cut 60 seconds into six slices and we're down to $95 a slice

 We have a dummy commercial made up if you want to hear how it might sound.
 If you have $95, or $190, or $285 and want to become known...

 Tommy and Tally will produce the spot.
 They sent a mock ad just to judge space and timing and it works great!

 Also, we'll have to find a good way to cut up the pie.
 The first draft has the ad starting with, "There are patriots fighting the illegal Bush regime
 that you've never heard of," and that takes pie space, but listen and see how it works.

 Click  Here  to hear the practice ad to judge how your site name would fit.

 Note: The mock ad is mono and low quality so you can hear it.
 The real ad(s) will be super-clear stereo - just like a real ad!

 Contact me  if you're tired of wallowing in obscurity.

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Subject: BCR Show 37

 Somebody in the Kerry campaign, or Moveon, needs to boil down your Part 3 of BCR Show 37,
 to a minute or so and run it for an ad.  It would be terribly effective.

 Keep swinging the big hammer and remember, "Life is too short to drink bad whisky" and
 regime change begins at home.



"Our troops shouldn't stay a week more if the prime minister does not get Bush
  to sack Rumsfeld.  If our country wants to have a crumb of international credibility
  and dignity it has to make an official request for the dismissal of Rumsfeld."
     --Francesco Rutelli, the Italian left's candidate for prime minister,  Attribution


"When Bush took office, he got a quick look at that The Buck Stops Here sign on his desk,
  took it down, smashed it into pieces, smashed the pieces into smaller pieces, stomped on
  the pieces, and then took all the pieces, dumping them into a Chef Tony miracle blade chopper,
  and ground up the pieces into an orange smoothie that he then took outside where he dug a
  hole and dumped the buck-stops-here smoothie into the hole."
     --Scott C. Smith, Attribution

 Johnny Miller: Eldrick's best is behind him

  Click  Here

 Among his thoughts in the book:
 Woods at his best was better than Jack Nicklaus, but Woods won't
 reach Nicklaus' benchmark of 18 professional majors.

 Miller believes the early dominance by Woods, 28, will hurt.
"He had four majors sitting on his table," Miller said. "It's not good
 to bunch them up. I'm afraid those four major wins in a row gave him
 a real big dose of Johnny Miller and David Duval."

 Poor Eldrick - he was once a champion.

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"It's always seemed as if President Bush had a bizarrely inhuman ability to latch onto
  a single idea or phrase or message and stick to it regardless of changes in circumstantial
  reality that discredited the idea...In a struggle against a global enemy that demands the
  utmost of nimble flexibility on our part, we are cursed: our leader has a brain of clay.
  Once the mold is baked, the mind is set, there's no give."
       --Scott Rosenberg,   Attribution


Hear Randi's greatest hits and interviews.

What Kerry needs is more plain speaking.

He needs to pick one of Bush's many weak points and use
the BIG hammer on Bush and so far he's not doing that.
He's putting the media to sleep and they can't put a nap in their headlines.

John - voters are stupid and I speak that language.
I'll work for free - call me!


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 Preachers stoke anti-gay sentiment


  Click  Here

''The pedophiles will be here tomorrow. The men who dress like women will be here. They're not going
  to bring decency to Rhea County,'' said Raddish, founder and director of Capitol Hill Independent Baptist
 Ministries in Washington. Raddish is a frequent speaker at churches across the country.

''The world wants to educate our children to be tolerant of homosexuals. The homosexuals can't grow in
 number unless they recruit.  How do they recruit?   They sodomize.   That's the only way,'' Raddish said,
 his voice thundering through a public address system that could be heard through most of downtown Dayton.

 If Raddish lit the match, speakers who followed added gasoline to the fiery anti-gay rhetoric.

''If you think 9/11 was something, buddy, you don't know what judgment awaits. If we don't repent and
 get right with God as a nation, God will destroy this country,'' said Chattanooga-based evangelist Ray
 Jameson, pounding the pulpit.

 Increasingly, organized religion is using hate to sell their religious insanity to the weak and the scared.
 These bastards would do anything to get more money and more power.
 If there was a God, I imagine he'd "call them home" and teach them a lesson.

 Who the hell do they think created gay people?

 Subject: You don't want to watch it

 There are a number of web sites on the Internet that has the whole video of Nick Berg getting his head cut off.
 Having viewed the video - you don't want to watch it. I decided to watch it because it is what really happened
 and it is the price of fighting a fraudulent war. But having watched it I strongly recommend that you don't.
 It's enough to know that the guy was beheaded alive and that it was not a quick death.  I'm still in shock as I write this.

 Having said that - I think that every single member of Congress who voted for the war and every one of those generals
 in the chain of command who decided that torture was a good idea and let this happen - they should all be forced to
 see the video - and see the results of what happens when you have a clueless president. Had we gone after the real
 terrorists instead of Saddam this would never have happened. We are on the verge of losing this war because we have
 wasted our resources fighting the wrong enemy. It's time we got out of Iraq - turn it over to the UN - and go after
 Osama bin Laden.  Let's go after the real terrorists who actually cut the man's head off and were behind 9-11, instead.

 Marc Perkel

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 The excitement is building.
 Next month is D-Day.

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 Killers: Beheading Avenges Prison Abuse


  Click  Here

 A video posted Tuesday on an al-Qaida-linked Web site showed the beheading
 of an American civilian in Iraq and said the execution was carried out to avenge
 abuses of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison.

 First - I don't buy it - and this is getting into weeeeeeird territory.
 These nutjobs are going to do whatever they want and they can claim they did it
 because Iraqis were abused, or, they could pick a different reason to kill Americans.
 They didn't mind being invaded and their leader kidnapped, but being forced to
 wear pink panties caused them to act this way?

 Second - Berg tried to leave but our military wouldn't let him:
 Berg was turned over to U.S. officials and detained for 13 days. His father, Michael,
 said his son wasn't allowed to make phone calls or contact a lawyer. On April 5,
 the Bergs filed suit in federal court in Philadelphia, contending that their son was
 being held illegally by the U.S. military. The next day Berg was released. He told
 his parents he hadn't been mistreated. His family last heard from him April 9 but
 it was unclear when and where he was abducted.

 Third - are those men Iraqis?
 Have you ever seen Iraqis or Al Qaeda who needed Atkins?
 These are some portly dudes - does Iraq have portly dudes?   Does Al Qaeda?

 Would it be out of line to wonder if those guys are CIA or portly killers hired by the
 CIA to get the prison pictures off the front page and remind a sceptical electorate
 that we're dealing with savage killers who must be dealt with extra-harshly and that
 George W Bush is the only man for this tough job?

 And before you say, "the BFEE would never sanction a murder," let me remind you
 that they are NOT going to turn power over to John Kerry if the Diebold machines
 malfunction and actually allow a free and honest counting of the votes.

 Right now, they have unlimited money and unlimited power.  If they can retain unlimited
 money and unlimited power by beheading some nobody (apologies to the victim's family)
 they'll do that without giving it a second thought.

 If you're still not convinced, just break it down to its simplest form:
 Would evil men kill to get or keep unlimited money and unlimited power?

 You can't seriously entertain answering "No" to that question.

 Subject: Tillman gave up a life of luxury to die for his country

 What the "F" are people thinking?

 We need to stop pissing on the graves of heroes
 and focus on the misanthrope who sent 'em there.

 Erik S

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 The man in the big white stone
  Thoughts on a visit to the Tomb of the Unknowns

 Very, very powerful piece by a very good writer.
 He has a conversation with the Unknown Soldier.

  Click  Here

  No excerpt - it's too good for an excerpt.

  Care to comment?

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

772  773 dead American soldiers.

It would be nice to go a day without changing that number.




 Subject: You don't get it


 You are dumb as a fence post.

 We have terrified the Muslims and Arabs with our treatment tactics of prisoners in Baghdad.
 We cover the heads of a bunch of naked guys with bags who could be anybody.
 They were probably our soldiers who volunteered for the ruse.

 We throw in a few women laughing and smiling at the naked unidentified men.
 The whole Muslim world goes batty and every young guy says to himself there is no way
 he's going to join al-Qaeda or the Iraqi underground and risk a western woman looking at his privates.

 Recruiting drops to nothing.  Nobody joins up.
 Rumsfeld and Bush are howling with laughter in private because the plan has worked masterfully.

 At the same time Rumsfeld and Bush have given contrite speeches and the Muslim world has
 softened towards them and are forgiving because of our tough stance against this happening again.
 Our goodness shines through once again.

 It has been a pleasure interpreting reality to you and your dull Liberal readers once again.

 Bob Blooger

 You think like the president (not a compliment).

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the 

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to record your message.

 This was a tough day

  Click  Here

 According to MSNBC and other sources, Smirk had three chances to capture Abu Musab Zarqawi,
 the asshole who apparently was responsible for Berg's murder. But he let these opportunities pass,
 because they would have jeopardized the Iraq invasion.

 OK, right-wing loonies: tell me how CBS and Hitlery Clinton and Ted Kennedy were responsible for
 what happened to Nick Berg.  Tell me how Bill Clinton's "crimes" were worse than what your "steely-eyed,
 determined, courageous wartime President" has done.  I point my finger directly at YOU, as you and your
 support for the out-of-control megalomaniac who lives in the Peoples' House are solely responsible to this
 man and his family, as well as all the families of those killed as a result of this elective, unnecessary, foolish war.

 I call each and every one of you: traitor.

 Wis. Newspaper Backs Off Letter Request
  Right wing paper begs for pro-Bush letters, doesn't get them

  Click  Here

 Faced with a scarcity of letters praising the president, a newspaper in a Republican-leaning
 district appealed for pro-Bush letters, then backed off the request Tuesday amid complaints of blatant politics.

 Last week in an editorial, The Post-Crescent said most of its letters had been coming from one side
 (Translation:  a majority hates Bush, not just the Democrats) and asked readers "to help us 'balance' things out."

"We've been getting more letters critical of Bush than those that support him," the editorial said.
"We're not sure why, nor do we want to guess. But in today's increasingly polarized political environment,
 we would prefer our offering to put forward a better sense of balance."

 The money-grubbing whores hate it when the people don't buy their horseshit.
 So they appeal to the unbalanced to write in with reasons why America should borrow
 more trillions to give tax cuts to the super rich and why we should support Bush's Iraqi quagmire.

 The last great Republican said it best:

"You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people
  all of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time."
    - Abraham Lincoln

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 If your GOP workplace doesn't want you to see the truth, use these mirrors.

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