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  In Today's Treehouse...
Bomb Kills Iraqi Head  
Scandal Focuses on Bush
15 Berg Video Anomalies 
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
The Bush Money Machine
Things are going so badly...
Torture - is it ever justified? 
Bush's Job Ratings Sinking
Analysis of Berg video 


Quote of the Day

"Things have never been this bad in Iraq."    
   --Ahmed Mohammed, unemployed in Baghdad,

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Volume 1314 - Death prick


  Mon-Tues   May 17-18, 2004


"I didn't think they would do education well, or health care, but I thought
  they would make war well. It's stunning that they have messed this up."
    --Ann Lewis, assistant to both Clintons    Attribution

 Bomb Kills Head of Iraq Governing Council
  That officially makes Iraq the biggest bungle in presidential history

  Click  Here

 The head of the Iraqi Governing Council was killed in a suicide car bombing near a
 checkpoint outside the coalition headquarters in central Baghdad on Monday, dealing
 a blow to U.S. efforts to stabilize Iraq ahead of a handover of sovereignty on June 30.

  Paul Bremer, who is, amazingly, still alive as of this writing, called the killing a "shocking and tragic loss."

"The terrorists who are seeking to destroy Iraq have struck a cruel blow with this vile act today,"
 he said. "But they will be defeated ... The Iraqi people will ensure that his vision of a democratic,
 free and prosperous Iraq will become a reality."

 Sure - that's easy to say for a man who's leaving the country forever in 43 days.
 As predicted on  BCR, they're going to give the cars keys to Iraq to whichever unlucky SOB
 happens to be alive on June 30th.  Koresh, if the American military can't protect the head
 of the Iraqi Governing Council, who's going to want the job as we pack up to leave?

  Care to comment?


"Last May, eight high-ranking military lawyers voiced concerns to Pentagon officials and the
  New York State Bar Association that new interrogation policies developed after the Sept. 11
  attacks could lead to prisoner abuses. Scott Horton, former head of the New York Bar's
  committee on international law, said Thursday that the Army and Navy lawyers told him the
  new interrogation rules were "frightening" and might "reverse 50 years of a proud tradition
  of compliance with the Geneva Conventions." Horton said the lawyers came to him because
  they had been locked out of policy debates while the secret rules were being drafted.
"It was a five-alarm fire," Horton said."
    --Dave Moniz,    Attribution

 I don't think there's a reason to go there...
 Bush announced very clearly that we weren't going by any gay Geneva Convention protocol.
 They not only didn't try to hide it - Bush f-ing announced it.

 ...of course, the Democrats cowered in fear and signed off on every abuse Bush ordered.

 Subject: At the 5:22 mark of Part 3 of your BCR Show 37...

...As you slowly make your point over the backdrop of  Dan Rather reading the names
 of the lost soldiers in the Iraq War 2, the name Adam Estep hits me like a hammer to my heart.

 Last friday, I left my Iowa home on a road trip to California to pay my respects for Sgt. Estep,
 who died when his vehicle was hit with a Rocket Propelled Grenade outside of Baghdad.
 Adam was a man whose spirit would never be trampled.  Hearing his name on your radio show
 prompted me to pour my last shot of Chinaco in his honor.

 To Sgt. Adam Wayne Estep, born January 19, 1981 and lost well before his time April 29, 2004.
 A beacon of goodness robbed away from the world, his absence is bitterly felt.

 I am left asking this question: how long will it be before there is not a person in this country
 who hasn't lost a friend or a loved one to this war?

 Keep the hammer swingin', bud.
 Matt R

 Abuse Scandal Focuses on Bush Foundation

  Click  Here

 The Iraq prisoner abuse scandal shifted Sunday to the question of whether Bush
 set up a legal foundation that opened the door for the mistreatment.

 Within months of the Sept. 11 attacks, White House counsel Alberto Gonzales reportedly
 wrote Bush a memo about the terrorism fight and prisoners' rights under the Geneva Conventions.

"In my judgment, this new paradigm renders obsolete Geneva's strict limitations on questioning of
 enemy prisoners and renders quaint some of its provisions," Gonzales wrote, according to the
 report in Newsweek magazine. Secretary of State Colin Powell (news - web sites) "hit the roof"
 when he read the memo, according to the account. .

 Colin always hits the roof when he hears about another BFEE atrocity,
 but then he always changes his mind and stays after Bush rubs his head.

  Care to comment?

 Subject: Advertising on Air America Radio

 I'm willing to go in for a sixth of a commercial ($95).
 The thing is, I don't have anything to advertise, so I'd be willing to sponsor someone.

 I'm sure there are four (or five, not including you) other Patriots out there who would do the same.

 Then we could let all the wonderful readers pick our "Five" favorite sites to go in the ad,
 along with the hammer of all sites, bartcop.

 I say hit with the best, get the word out, make it happen!
 I'm in...who's with me?


  Care to contribute?

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK 74155

 Note: We figure to do this around June 1.

 Special Bonus Update
 A few people have contributed that don't have web sites.
 Call them 'sponsors,' I suppose, so here's the deal:

 If you get in now for two slices of the pie, which is your web site mentioned with a
 very brief description (like in the sample ad) the sponsors will pay for a third slice.

 At $95 a slice, if you send in $190, you'll get three mentions on AAR,
 but we can only do this on a first-come, first served basis. Please don't wait.
 We need to make ourselves known now - we can't wait any longer..

 So if you're thinking about getting involved in this - and have at least $195,
 contact us as soon as possible because the price of ads just dropped 33 percent
 thanks to Helldog and others who agree with him.

Get Your War On, (c) 2004 by David Rees. Used with permission


"We ought to be working in the most bipartisan way we can here in the Congress.
  And what we're seeing is increased partisan attacks by Democrats."
    --Rep. John Kline (R-Minn.) in a partisan attack on Democrats,  Attribution

 15 Nick Berg Video Anomalies
   as seen on  http://www.rense.com

  Click  Here

 As any surgeon will testify, the alleged beheading was a fake. A beheading would result in
 a tremendous amount of spurting blood. There would have been blood everywhere had an
 actual beheading taken place. Furthermore, the cut was simply too neat to have been done
 crudely and with such amazing speed by a man wielding a knife. [It appears] Berg had been
 neatly beheaded by a guillotine.

 The orange jumpsuit was standard US military issue to men in custody. It is unlikely Berg
 would have continuing wearing a US custodial uniform if he had been released by the military
 as they claim. The fact he was still wearing the suit is both anomalous and suggestive. One is
 forced to speculate as to whether there was an immediate transfer of Berg from the US military
 to unknown persons, thusly preventing Berg from discarding his US prison garb.

 Several of the men in the film were fat by Iraqi standards.

 We don't want the clues to add up to a BFEE muder, but coincidence after coincidence at some point
 leads to a logical conslusion.  Besides, who had the most to gain (and most to lose) by shifting the
 headlines from POW abuse to how brutal and horrible the "enemies of freedom" are?

  Care to comment?

 Gandhi Gives Up Bid to Lead India
  India adopts our "loser wins" system

  Click  Here

 Communication Flaws Hurt Rescue Efforts on 9-11
  Videotapes show the confusing, rushed recovery efforts,

  Click  Here

 U.S. Questions More Halliburton Bills
  KBR's (no-bid) work in Iraq could mean up to $18 billion

  Click  Here

 The Bush Money Machine: An Industry Gets Its Way
  It's nice to be a billionaire when the president wears a price tag

  Click  Here

 Farmer's family controls Cintas Corp., a $2.7 billion company that rents and launders uniforms
 and industrial shop towels. For years, Farmer's industry has been at odds with the EPA over
 increased regulation of shop towels, particularly a Clinton administration proposal that, though
 not fatal, "would have cost us a lot of money," Farmer said.

 After a series of telephone calls, e-mails, letters and meetings with representatives of the laundry industry,
 the EPA had provided industrial-laundry lobbyists with an advance copy of a portion of the proposed rule,
 which the lobbyists edited and the agency adopted.

 A - This is how they do business. They ask the people with the BIG money what they want and then they
        have their lobbyists write laws that will make them the most money.   All those pesky environmental
        problems just fade away when you do it Bush's way.  The all-GOP congress rubber stamps whatever
        the lobbyisys want and the Democrats cower under a table in the corner, wetting themselves with fear
        that Mr Rove might be angry with them if they do they goddamn jobs and oppose this monster.

 B - This is why Scalia will rule that Cheney can keep his Energy Policy Task Force a secret - because Cheney
       asked Kenny Boy to write the laws he's like the most and he did and that's how we got the energy policy
       that bankrupted California and brought them a new governor that's firmly in the BFEE camp.

 C - Wouldn't it be nice if Kerry was a fighter?

  Care to comment?

 Things are going so badly in Iraq that...
  Rummy to Move Troops from South Korea to Quagmire

  Click  Here

 The United States will move 3,600 Army soldiers to Iraq this summer from
 South Korea for a one-year deployment amid a worsening security situation,
 and does not plan to replace the troops, U.S. defense officials said on Monday.

 A Pentagon spokesman, added, "The U.S. will maintain its commitment to the
 defense of Korea and to the security and stability of the region."

 Sure we are - that's why we're pulling troops out.

 In Seoul, South Korean officials said they agreed with the plan (like they have a choice)
 and would be discussing the timing and composition of the pullout.

 And when we need more troops, will they come from Korea or Germany?
 I say if you want to support the tropps and keep them safe, vote for Kerry.


"Until this month, very little was publicly known about Bush's procedures for handling
  and interrogating foreign detainees. Human rights groups had collected reports of abuses
  at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and in Afghanistan, reports that the administration dismissed
  or denied...What is now known is that official procedures for handling detainees permitted
  hooding, sleep and dietary deprivation, forced "stress" positions, isolation for more than
  30 days and intimidation by dogs, and that these reflected judgments at the highest levels
  of the Bush administration. These decisions, taken in the aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001,
  changed decades of previous U.S. policy and violated or radically reinterpreted existing
  regulations. Their adoption deeply disturbed legal professionals inside the military,
  so much so that some secretly took their complaints to outside watchdog organizations."
     --Washington Post Editorial, pretending they have been reporting on Bush's crimes,    Attribution

 I'd like to say a word about "forced stress positions."
 Do you know what that means?

 If your torturers are nice, it means you're handcuffed to a high rung on your cell door.
 That means you can't sleep - ever - and there's no time limit.  You stand there, day after day,
 your leg muscles cramping and every few hours urine runs down your leg (and worse) because
 they don't uncuff you to use the toilet.  So you just stand there - day after day, week after week.

 When you finally get so tired that you just pass out, your body weight causes the handcuffs to
 tear into your wrist bones and all you can do is cry out in pain and wish you were dead.

 On the other hand, if your torturers aren't nice...you get the short leash.

 That's when your hands and feet are handcuffed in one inch irons to a ring in the floor, forcing you
 to assume a baseball catcher's position and if you fall, you get that same wrist-tearing that doesn't
 sound like it's very comfortable.  The worst part?  It never ends.  I'll bet you or me could put up
 with that for a day, or maybe even a weekend, but week after week?  Month after month?

 The Red Cross says up to 90 percent of the poor bastards in Abu Ghraib are innocent.
 Why should we think the percentage is any lower in Gitmo, where the real torture is?

 Can you imagine what it's like to have the world's bully, drunk with power, pulling innocent people
 off the streets or out of their homes, then flying them halfway around the world for non-stop torture?

 Welcome to Bush's Amerikkka, where a majority still says Bush is handling the war well.

 Torture - is it ever justified?

  Click  Here

  Care to comment?

 Bush's Job-Approval Ratings Sinking

  Click  Here

 Months of setbacks in Iraq are clearly taking their toll. Mr. Bush's job-approval numbers
 have sunk to all-time lows, with a majority of Americans now saying, for the first time,
 that the invasion of Iraq was not worth the mounting cost.

 Even some of the most loyal administration aides, who have regularly defended every twist
 in the Iraq strategy, are conceding that the president and his top advisers are stuck in what
 one of them called "the perpetual debate" about whether to change strategy or soldier on.
 Mr. Bush's usually sunny campaign advisers make no effort to hide the depth of the problem..

 But in the same poll, it says, "At the same time, they give the president far higher marks for
 his execution of the [war], even though he has argued that they are all part of [a larger] war."

 How can anybody (besides FOX and Rush) say he's handling the war well?
 What does a badly run war look like if not what we see every night on the news?

  Care to comment?

 Subject: BCR Show 38

 Just finishing Show 38.  Your remix on the Jeopardy sound bites should be put on the first
 Bartcop minute that we broadcast on Air America Radio.  Maybe your idol Randi Rhodes
 could play it on her show.  And I would watch Jeopardy again if they did it that way...
 It was probably the funniest thing you've done yet in my opinion.
 An excellent show as always!

 Anyways,... the real reason for my email is to get details on the Chicago Pokerfest.
 Are you looking to one of the later weekends in June?  I think Ally and I would both want to
 get in on the game, and we were hoping to get more detail so we can get our plans started for
 our trip there from Pontiac (metro Detroit).

 Tom G

 Tom, thanks for that.
 We think the Chicago Pokerfest will be July 17th,
 details to be announced in the next week to 10 days.

 Note: Tom and Ally are lucky - she won the big Roulette spin at the Bartfest West
            at The Rio in 2002 and she walked away with about $350.

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Subject: Re: More bishops inject politics into Catholic dogma


 That's why I stopped going to church as a kid, even though I went to Catholic schools
 throughout high school. I saw the hypocrisy involved not only by the clergy, but also
 some of the laity who were deeply involved with the church.

 It was morality and piousness in mass on Sunday, and pretty much FU when they
 walked out the door. As with any other group however, there are also some decent
 people in the church who unfortunately get drowned out by the minority who yell loudest.


 Jat, that's true, but the system is so incredibly crazy and illogical.
 George Carlin does a rant on this, but I know it's true because we lived it:

 It used to be a mortal sin to eat meat on Friday, I assume because the Caths
 had an interest in the fishing industry - who knows?

 But that terrible mortal sin could be set aside if your class won the school paper drive.
 Not sure why, but in the sixties the Church would rent giant U-Haul trucks and drive
 around and collect old phone books, newspapers and magazines and the class (sixth
 grade vs seventh grade) that won got to eat cheeseburgers the next Friday.

 The taking something as grave as burning in Hell for all eternity and offering the
 "special dispensation" for winning some piss-ant contest really blew my mind.

 Of course, ther was also the "roulette wheel" justice that was dispensed.
 You could be George Bush and feel guilty about the tens of thousands of people
 you killed and still get into Heaven if you had the good luck to be hit by a peach truck
 as you're leaving confession.  But if you're a pure person all your life and then exclaim
 "That goddamn peach truck is about to hit me," you burn for eternity. What a crock.

 One more piece of illogic - in the old days, if you said an "Our Father" prayer, you got
 100 "points" which I think translated into 100 fewer days of your ass burning in Purgatory.


 If you said the ejaculation (get that!) "Jesus, Mary and Joseph," swear to Koresh,
 you got 300 points.  The prayer takes about 45 seconds, the ejaculation took about 1 second.
 I felt bad for all those Catholics who were still burning because they didn't have my math skills.

 Do not write and tell me this didn't happen.
 Somewhere, I still have some Catholic scorecards that gave the point value for each prayer.

 Swear to Koresh, about third grade I decided I wanted no part of a system that could be
 so easilt manipulate by any young child with an IQ of 64.


"Any lingering doubts that the inmates have taken over the asylum were recently dispelled
  with the nomination by Bush (and the virtually unopposed confirmation by Congress) of John
  Negroponte, as Ambassador to Iraq...At Negroponte's behest, U.S. military aid to Honduras
  ballooned from $4 million to $77.4 million. He also helped orchestrate a cabal now known as
  the "Iran-Contra Affair," during which arms were funneled through Honduras to help the contras
  overthrown the constitutionally elected Sandinista regime in Nicaragua. Negroponte looked the
  other way when atrocities were committed in Central America. In light of recent revelations of
  prisoner abuse at the hands of U.S. military in Iraq, one wonders what kind of  message Bush is
  sending about human rights by posting Negroponte to represent the U.S in Baghdad.
  Worse, what kind of message does Mr. Bush send about his own moral values?"
      --W. E. Gutman,   Attribution

 Like the man says, the Democrats continue to confirm (easily) every old Nazi felon friend-of-his-dad's
 to the highest and most sensitive positions in government.

 Why are the Democrats so afraid?
 Why are they so nice to these murderers?
 Why are they so nice to the impeachment felons?

 Why isn't this question being addressed?


 Frame by frame analysis of the Nick Berg video

  Click  Here

 Possibility:  Remember The Untouchables with Sean Connery?
 Connery is trying to get a man to talk - the man refuses.
 Connery grabs a man's body who was killed minutes before in the shootout and says,
 "Tell me what I want to know or you're a dead man," to the corpse.

 When the "man" refuses to answer, Connery shoots the body on the head and the
 first man suddenly can't stop talking.

 Could we possibly have something like that here?
 The people who have studied the video in detail are convinced the timeline is screwy.
 The clock moves from 2 PM to 11 PM and at one point, the audio/video gets out of sync
 meaning some audio was added or some viedo was deleted - but why?

 I haven't seen the video, but they say afterwards when they hold up Berg's head,
 his mouth is closed and there's very little blood, suggesting rigor mortis had already set in.
 It's possible Berg tried to escape during the filming and they shot him dead, then staged
 the beheading for maximum terror effect for the folks watching at home.

 Since our government is lying to us - all we can do is guess.

 Subject: You LOST subscribers...

 ...over saying dying to defend your country is a noble thing??  That's just stupid!

 I know a number of anti-war people.  Some are so anti-war that war is just unacceptable
 to them under any circumstances whatsoever.  (I'm fairly anti-war, but there are circumstances
 under which I'd have no problem.)

 Meanwhile, I do know that none of my peaceful friends think dying to defend your country is ignoble.
 We're just really ticked off that they have to die in Bush's wars, which have little if anything to do with
 defending the US.  We honor all of them--it's their CinC, et al. we have a problem with.

 I kept trying to think of something to write during the Rall squall that you or someone else hadn't already written.
 I had no idea people were giving up their subscriptions!

 Alison R

 Alison, right after 9-11 we had a mini-war on these pages.
 The doves said, "If we retaliate, they'll just hate us more."

 I remember thinking how ironic it was that these doves fiercely fought me
 but they didn't want to fight the sons of bitches who re-designed New York's skyline.

 Who knows - maybe some rich ex-marine like James Carville will see what I wrote
 and balance out the lost subscriptions by sending me a big old check for stickin'


"They claim Saddam has mass graves; Bush has mass graves.
  Saddam had torture in prison; Bush has torture in prison.
  If Saddam was a criminal because of his crimes, then they should try Bush."
   --Ahmed Mohammed, unemployed in Baghdad,  Attribution

 Moore's 9/11 Movie Riles Cannes Audiences
  "Fahrenheit 9/11" could become a rallying cry in the fall election

  Click  Here

 As promised, Michael Moore lit a powder keg Monday at the Cannes Film Festival:
 His incendiary "Fahrenheit 9/11" riled and disturbed audiences with a relentless critique
 of the Bush administration in the post-Sept. 11 world.
 The movie reiterates other critics' accusations about the Bush family's financial connections
 to Saudi oil interests and the family of Osama bin Laden. Moore charges that the White House
 was asleep at the wheel before the Sept. 11 attacks, then used fear-mongering of future
 terrorism to muster support for the Iraq war.

 Graver in tone than "Bowling for Columbine," (Wow!)  the film includes grisly images of
 dead Iraqi babies and burned children, along with amputees and other U.S. soldiers injured in Iraq.
 Even those skeptical of Moore were impressed.

 I don't know how he'd do this, but why can't they let us download the movie for $10?
 I don't want to wait a few months to see this - I want to see it now.

Click  Here  for a short excerpt from Show 38

This skit runs almost nine minutes but,
of course, that's too large a file to post.

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 Nothing gets these guys down

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"Cambone spun PR faster than any top, saying Bush should be praised for proclaiming
 that prisoners everywhere should be treated ''humanely.'' Nothing done wrong should
 be ascribed to the president, since he set the high, moral tone. Ditto for Rumsfeld.

 Bush did set the tone in his 2003 State of the Union speech, when he boasted that many
 suspected terrorists who weren't arrested were ''no longer a problem for the United States.''
 Wink, wink. That set a decidedly extra-legal tone."

 It's astonishing that all thru the 90s, everything was blamed on Clinton even tho we had
 peace and the best economy in history. Then Bush steals the election, screwed up the
 economy and forced us into an illegal and unpopular war that's killed almost 800 and
 the press, the Democrats and the public refuses to hold Bush accountable for any of it.

  Care to comment?

Democratic Singles.Net is the new 100% FREE dating site for Democrats


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 Subject: Tillman and Berg

 Hey, Bart,

 I actually feel really sorry for the Tillman family, especially because they've got another boy over there.
 I don't care how damn much money you have;  it's a horrible thing to outlive your children, especially
 when you lose them in such an unjust manner, to line the pockets of a greedy bunch of oilmen.

 But to call Pat Tillman a sap, or Nick Berg, is like spitting in the faces of their grieving families.
 I'd hate to think that our side is losing all sense of common decency. No one will ever make me
 believe that fighting back against the Bush administration means we have to resort to such tactics.

 Ann in Philly - home of Smarty Jones

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"I wrote her back -- I said if I could include teardrops in email, I would do it, but I can't."
   --the snivelling, whimpering Pigboy, telling listeners that Kato Burn was defending him    Attribution

 Subject: Berg and Zarqawi

 The killer of Berg claimed to be Zarqawi, but why did he cover his face if he wanted to known as the killer?
 This is just too convenient, at a time to take the heat of the USA, and the US press swallows it whole.


 Bob, great point - I'm ashamed I didn't think of it myself.
 That means is almost certainly wasn't Zarqawi - bringing us deeper into the conspiracy theory.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

784  788 dead American soldiers.

It would be nice to go a day without changing that number.


 BFEE for Lax Oversight of Saudi Money
  Quick - get Whitewash Lee Hamilton to investigate!!

  Click  Here

"According to the 5/14/04 New York Times, Federal regulators fined the Riggs National Corporation,
 the parent company of Riggs Bank, $25 million yesterday for "failing to report suspicious activity,
 the largest penalty ever assessed against a domestic bank in connection with money laundering.
 The fine stems from Riggs's failure over at least the last two years to actively monitor suspect
 financial transfers through Saudi Arabian accounts held by the bank."

"According to the nonprofit Texans for Public Justice, Jonathan Bush is the President and CEO
 of Riggs Investment Management - a major arm of Riggs Bank...He is also the uncle of George W."

 This is why Disney is blocking Michael Moore's movie?
 because Moore's going to expose the Saudi Puppet?

  Care to comment?

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the 

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to record your message.

'Lousy Catholic' broken-hearted by decree
  Click  Here

"What I am hearing from Sheridan is that my church no longer has a place for me.
 I am to be punished for my political leanings. I find some irony here. Many Democrats
 I know are liberals not in spite of their faith but because of it. At the Sunday breakfast,
 a Catholic opposed to the right to an abortion tells me she nevertheless supports Democrats
 because of everything else they stand for.

"How can I support a party that would deny prenatal care to poor women; how could the
 archbishop stay silent when old people, legal immigrants, are being kicked out of nursing homes?"
 she demanded. 'How can we as Catholics in good conscience support something like that?'"

 Jesus was a liberal, and the bishops have left Him.
 I'm lucky I have no church that can betray me.

 Michael Moore Tears into Bush at Cannes

  Click  Here

"The screen goes dark. The sound is of planes crashing into the Twin Towers
 before the grief of the victims is contrasted with Bush sitting, apparently impassively,
 in a Florida schoolroom for nine minutes after the news was broken to him.

 Moore uses a pop soundtrack to mocking effect.
 As shots are shown of members of the bin Laden family being hastily flown out of
 the United States after 9-11, up surges the song: "I gotta get out of this place."

 I don't want to see this movie in September.
 I want to see it today.
 Where the hell is video by demand?

  Care to comment?

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 If your GOP workplace doesn't want you to see the truth, use these mirrors.

   Shirley Manson of the rock group "Garbage."

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