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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Chalabi gave secrets to Iran? 
Bush wants F9-11 banned
Video w/ digital watermarks
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Four More Years??
Vulgar Pigboy's advertisement 
Mouse rescues Louse
This president has no shame 
Moore WINS at Cannes Festival


Quote of the Day

"I would like to see Bush and tell 
  him that Saddam is better than he is." 
     --Hammed Abdulla  in Haditha,    Attribution

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Volume 1318 - Have chains, will travel

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  Weekend    May 22-23, 2004


"The Americans are speaking of freedom and democracy while they are the cruelest,
  most brutal army ever. They promised prosperity, yet they have destroyed everything.
  They shot up the wedding party because they are the terrorists."
           --Schoolteacher Mohammed al-Hakim,    Attribution

 Chalabi handed US secrets over to Iran: report
  Another BFEE partner betrays America, just like Osama

  Click  Here

 Ahmed Chalabi faced accusations that he passed classified US intelligence to Iran as the
 United States faced strong criticism from the Iraqi Governing Council over a raid on Chalabi's home.

 CBS television, quoting senior US officials, said Chalabi personally handed Iranian intelligence
 officers sensitive information that could "get Americans killed."  It quoted the officials as saying
 that the evidence against Chalabi was "rock solid."

 Gee, is it as "rock solid" as the "fact" that Saddam had MWDs?
 How many times can this illegal administration cry wolf?
 How many attacks from former BFEE partners can America take?

 An aide to Chalabi, who is head of finance for the Iraqi Governing Council as well as leader
 of the Iraqi National Congress, dismissed the accusations as "nonsense". He said they were
 part of a strategy by the CIA to discredit Chalabi.

 They need a fall guy for the missing WMDs and they've picked Chalabi. This case sounds
 so phoney because they said the nature of the info given to Iran was "so secret" that they
 couldn't even say what it was - sounds like another BFEE/McCarthyism special.

  Care to comment?

 Dueling Quotes

"On Jan. 25, 2002, Alberto Gonzales, the White House counsel, in a memo Bush, said that
  the Justice Department's advice was sound and that Mr. Bush should declare the Taliban
  as well as Al Qaeda outside the coverage of the Geneva Conventions. That would keep
  American officials from being exposed to the federal War Crimes Act, a 1996 law, which,
  as Mr. Gonzales noted, carries the death penalty."
       --Neil A. Lewis,   Attribution

"In recent public statements, Bush administration officials have said that the Geneva
  Conventions were "fully applicable" in Iraq."
      --Douglas Jehl and Neil A. Lewis,  Attribution

"Iraq's a nation. The United States is a nation. The Geneva Conventions applied.
  They have applied every single day from the outset."
    --Donald Rumsfeld, changing his mind about "combatants,"   Attribution

 The Bush gangsters are hopping on and off Geneva like Ann Coulter on a first date.

 10 Reasons Bush wants to ban the Moore film
  ... it could make Whistle Ass lose the election

  Click  Here

 Fahrenheit 9/11, which this week got the longest standing ovation in Cannes Film Festival history,
 tells what its director Michael Moore sees as the truth behind the war in Iraq and on terror.

 It is said to be so powerful it could tip the election against George W Bush.  As Moore says:
"We were able to get film crews embedded with American troops without them
  knowing it was Michael Moore. They are totally f***ed."

 I gotta see this film!!
 Michael Moore, send me a copy!
 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

  Care to comment?

 Subject: the news story of the millenium

 Ok - so - the millenuim is only 4 years old but - this is still one hell of a story.

 Friday, new video was released showing Iraq prisoner torture.
 The most important piece of information in this video is something that you don't see.

 Digital cameras have been built to inclued a digital watermark that identifies which camera took the video.

 I am seeing messages on the internet who are saying the people at Kodak who developed the watermarking
 technology have compared the digital watermark on the Berg video with the new pridoner abuse from
 Abu Ghraib prison and the digital watermark matches one of the two cameras used in the Berg beheading.

 If this is true then it means that Americans killed Berg at Abu Ghraib prison.

 We need a digital video expert to verify the digital watermarks to prove this is true.


 Mark Perkel
 San Fransisco, CA.

  Do you know a digital video expert?

 Report: General Sanchez witnessed Iraqi POW torture/abuse

  Click  Here

"Are you saying that Captain Reese is going to testify that General Sanchez was there and saw this going on?"
 asked Capt. John McCabe, the military prosecutor.

"That's what he told me," Shuck said. "I am an officer of the court, sir, and I would not lie.
 I have got two children at home. I'm not going to risk my career."

 Shuck also said a sergeant at the prison, First Sgt. Brian G. Lipinski, was prepared to testify that intelligence
 officers told him the abuse of detainees on the cellblock was "the right thing to do." Earlier this month,
 Lipinski declined to comment on the case.   So far, clear evidence has not emerged that high-level officers
 condoned or promoted the abusive practices.


"On the job and elsewhere in life, choose your friends carefully.
  The company you keep has a way of rubbing off on you
  - and that can be a good thing, or a bad thing.
    -- Whistle Ass at graduating ceremonies at LSU,  Attribution

 Let's look at the "company" the BFEE has chosen to keep.






  Grim Reaper


     Islamic Jihad

   Ton Ton Macoute




 The Butcher

 Four More Years?
   by Nat Perry from  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 As the American people have seen over the past three-plus years, Bush's snap judgments have sent
 the country lurching ill-prepared into trouble - from massive budget deficits to bloody wars. In spite
 of the harsh consequences of these decisions, many voters still admire Bush's decisiveness...

 Some Americans also find comfort in thinking that Bush illuminates his decisions with the light of his
 internal religious faith, that his personal judgments are inspired by the Almighty. "George BUSH is GOD"
 read one bumper sticker on a Dodge Ram SUV that I saw parked near Dupont Circle in Washington.

 This notion of Bush's semi-divine status has come to pervade the thinking of many right-wing Christian
 Evangelicals, some of whom see Bush's unusual selection as president - after his popular-vote loss and
 the U.S. Supreme Court's intervention - as God's work.

  Care to comment?

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 Car Bomb Kills 5, Injures Iraqi Minister
  That's not news - news is when a day passes without a bomb killing

  Click  Here

 Advisers Likely Will Change if Bush Wins
  Powell, Rumsfeld, Tenet seen as likely to leave soon

  Click  Here

 Israeli Justice Minister Compares Israeli Action to Nazis'
  That's likely to piss off the Israel-can-do-no-wrong crowd

  Click  Here

 Has Eldrick Woods given up on golf?
  Former golf great a no-show at Colonial, the buzz is retirement

  Click  Here

 Why the world loves America

 This guy isn't sleeping - he's either dead
  or merely passed out from the torture.

         I'd like to think that was mud, but I'll bet it's not.
              Noticed the guy's ankles are chained.

I'll bet one's back would start to ache after a few days of this.

         Do they even have chiropractors in Iraq?

This guy should be protecting something besides the back of his neck.

 C'mon, let's all sing,
"And I'm PROUD to be an American - where at least I know I'm free!!!"

 I've seen stories that say the forced "simulated" oral sex between inmates was not simulated.

  Care to comment?

"Don't let Republicans create an America we won't recognize."

Contribute today.

 The Vulgar Pig boy's advertisement
   by my good friend Dean Everman in West Palm Beach

  Click  Here

 Why Rush Limbaugh decided to take out full page advertisements in both newspapers to try to
 convince those who live and work in Palm Beach County to have pity on his poor painkiller addicted
 soul (which just happens to live in a $25,000,000.00 mansion on the island of Palm Beach, and he also
 happens to have a 10 year 250 million dollar contract with ClearChannel) is beyond me. I stopped
 having pity for drug addicted millionaire junkies when Elvis "supposedly" died on the toilet due to an overdose.

 Subject: Thanks for a fair shake

 Hey Bart-

 I just wanted to send a big 'ol thanks for giving dissenting voices a fair shake on your page.
 I don't agree with you on a couple of issues, (even though I agree with you more often than not)
 and I have written to say so.  I've had letters posted on here (Nader stuff), and I really appreciate it.

 I know it sounds corny, but I think you're a bastion of free speech.  It takes cojones to post a letter
 from someone who thinks that you are wrong, and I wish we had more people doing it.  I'm gonna go
 all "elitist" for a second, but that is what I like about liberals.  We aren't afraid of other people having opinions.

 We don't want people like Rush and Hannity to run an echo machine for us, we hope that people
 are smart enough to make up their own minds without having to be spoon-fed propaganda.
 So thanks a ton, and keep on hammering the bastards.
 Sometimes it's darkest just before the dawn.

 Brian Thomas

Get Your War On, (c) 2004 by David Rees. Used with permission


"British and American troops are to be granted immunity from prosecution
  in Iraq after the crucial 30 June handover, undermining claims that the new
  Iraqi government will have 'full sovereignty' over the state.
      --Kamal Ahmed,  Attribution

 Mouse rescues Louse
    by Stephen Orwat

  Click  Here

 ...despite this Administration's failings and all of Bush's shortcomings, I have to give him credit.  What can you say
 about a man who can get appointed President after posting a C- college average, who failed at just about every job
 he's ever tried, who's first fiancé left him before the wedding because he was such a dork, who's own family thinks
 he's way over his head, and who says he's 'a war president' but spent his Vietnam 'War' years getting his teeth
 cleaned and hiding out at an Air National Guard base somewhere in Texas or Arkansas.


Dozens of books you'll like in an easy-to-order format

 Michael Moore wins top honor at Cannes Film Festival
  Scathing indictment of Illegal Bush Monkey wows the crowd

  Click  Here

 The announcement, made by jury president Quentin Tarantino, met with enthusiastic cheers from
 the audience in the Grand Thé'tre Lumière, where Mr. Moore's film had received what many thought
 was the longest standing ovation ever at Cannes when it was screened here last Monday.

 The meaning of this award extends far beyond the cozy, glamorous world of Cannes. "Last time I was
 on an awards stage in Hollywood, all hell broke loose," Mr. Moore said in his acceptance speech,
 referring to his antiwar remarks at the Oscars last year. His new film, which does not yet have an
 American distributor, has already begun to stir passions in the United States, as the election approaches
 and the debate over the conduct of the war in Iraq grows more intense.

 I want to see this film now, and so do the voters.

  Care to comment?

 Latest excuse: Iran made Bush invade Iraq
  Chalabi lead neo-cons around by the nose

  Click  Here

 The Defense Intelligence Agency has concluded that a U.S.-funded arm of Ahmed Chalabi's
 Iraqi National Congress has been used for years by Iranian intelligence to pass disinformation
 to the United States and to collect highly sensitive American secrets, according to intelligence sources.

"Iranian intelligence has been manipulating the United States through Chalabi by furnishing through
 his Information Collection Program information to provoke the United States into getting rid of Saddam,"
 said an intelligence source who was briefed on the DIA's conclusions, which were based on a review
 of thousands of internal documents.

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Subject: turkey wattle?


 DAMN!  great page Friday!  And the turkey wattle was just the cherry on top of the cowgirl.

 Dude, if the docs in OK are gonna fix your knee w/ turkey wattle I highly recommend you go
 somewhere to have it examined where they don't fix knees with TURKEY F-ING WATTLE!

 HINT: it's usually a bad sign when the doc's wearing a grass skirt, with a bone through his nose,
 shaking a coconut rattle and says "Our gods are highly effective in healing when properly invoked."

 Get Thee To The Mayo Clinic!

 Bob, I hear you.
 He said the turkey wattle was very expensive, so if the insurance company OKs payment,
 I'm going to assume this is related to medical science - but can you believe turkey wattle?

 Dueling Quotes

"So total war is the demand of the hour. . .  The danger facing us is enormous.
 The efforts we take to meet it must be just as enormous. . .  The rest of Europe
 should at least work to support us. Those who do not understand this fight today
 will thank us on bended knee tomorrow that we took it on! "
       --Joseph Goebbels, clearly insane, February 18, 1943   Attribution

"If we just let our vision of the world go forth, and we embrace it entirely,
  and we don't try to piece together clever diplomacy but just wage a total war,
  our children will sing great songs about us years from now."
     --Richard Perle, clearly insane,  January 31, 2002,    Attribution

 This president has no shame

  Click  Here

 Where does it go from here? The nightmare misadventure in Iraq is over, beyond the reach
 of any reasonable argument, though many more body bags will be filled. In Washington,
 chicken hawks will still be squawking about "digging in" and winning, but Vietnam proved
 conclusively that no modern war of occupation would ever be won. Every occupation is doomed.
 The only way you "win" a war of occupation is the old-fashioned way, the way Rome finally defeated
 the Carthaginians: kill all the fighters, enslave everyone else, raze the cities and sow the fields with salt.

 Otherwise the occupied people will fight you to the last peasant, and why shouldn't they?

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 Subject: October surprise

 Randi Rhodes recently asked her listeners to send an email to her predicting what the October Surprise would be.
 I didn't do so, but after thinking about it, I thought I'd share it with you.

 What if ...

 During the Republican Convention in September, Dubya is killed and Osama is assigned the blame.  Cheney takes over
 and the troops kill Osama (although he was already killed several months before) in October.  A charred, unidentifiable
 body will be presented as proof of his death.  Then, a grieving and somber George H.W. Bush is nominated and accepts
 to run for a second term as President, with Cheney as his Vice President, and with all the sympathy of all the sheeple.
 Of course, we would see this as trading a puppet for a more "intelligenter" puppet, and after saying so, libruls would
 feel the Wrath of Gawd.

 Any way it plays out, Karl and Scooter are looking for an absolute sure win.  If this doesn't happen, I still predict someone
 is going to be killed (Kerry?) in the manner of Wellstone, Kennedy, King, Lincoln, Carnahan or (insert any assassinated liberal's name here).

 Keep hammerin'!

 Springfield, IL

 Sven, let's hope you're wrong.

 VCR Alert - tonight!

 Simpsons finale, and that reminds me - there's a Simpsons where Homer gets medicinal marijuana - anybody have that?
 I'd sure like to see that episode. I think all Simpsons shows are great, no easy feat after 14 years.

 On the Alias finale, everyone is hoping Sydney gets a chance to go mano-a-mano with the bitch who stole her man.
 In the previews, it shows blondie tied up and ready to be executed, but Sydney will want to kill her with her bare hands.

 After Alias is Super Millionaire - will anybody ever get close to winning a million, much less ten million?
 The Cold Case finale should be good. It gets my vote for best new show about solving cold cases.

 ...and then there's The Sopranos. I think they have a rule that they can't do two great shows in a row.
 Last week's extended nonsense dream squence had them howling on the Sopranos newsgroup.
 What that show needs is more mob hits and less of Carmela's midlife sexual crisis.

  Care to comment?


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 Subject: Advertising on Air America Radio

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 I'm sure there are other Patriots out there who would do the same.
 I'm in...who's with me?


  Care to contribute?

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"I think there should be no mercy shown to these sub-humans. I believe that a thousand
  of them should be killed tomorrow. I think a thousand of them held in the Iraqi prison
  should be given 24 hour[s] -- a trial and executed. I think they need to be shown that we
  are not going to roll over to them ... Instead of putting joysticks, I would have liked to
  have seen dynamite put in their orifices and they should be dropped from airplanes ...
  They should put dynamite in their behinds and drop them from 35,000 feet, the whole
  pack of scum out of that jail."
   -- Michael (The weiner) Savage  Attribution

 Bush falls off bike, minor scrapes and cuts


  Click  Here

 America's Monkey fell off his bicycle Saturday while riding on his ranch, says White House spokesman Trent Duffy.
 Bush, who was accompanied on his bike ride by his doctor, Richard Tubb, a military agent and a member of the
 Secret Service, fell about 16 miles into a 17-mile ride.   Bush suffered minor abrasions to his chin, upper lip, nose,
 right hand and both knees, but was able to ride back home, Duffy said. Tubb treated the president at the scene.
 Bush was wearing a helmet and a mouth guard when he fell, Duffy said.

 Bush is scheduled to deliver an "important speech" Monday night about the transfer of political power in Iraq.
 The speech will be televised at 8 p.m. from the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

 The Monkey fell face first onto the gravel?
 And how do you scrape both knees?
 Didn't he fall to one side?


 Also from this story...

 The White House confirmed that Jenna did not go to her University of Texas graduation ceremony Saturday to pick up her English degree.
 Her parents had already decided not to attend, saying they did not want to disrupt the event by their presence and security.
 Jenna's twin sister, Barbara, graduates Monday from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, with a degree in humanities.
 Her parents gave the same reason for not attending her ceremony. Aides said they plan to have a private dinner later.

 So why did he and the Secret Service choose to disrupt the graduation ceremony at LSU?

 Subject: BCR Show 39

 It was great - I hardly noticed, unless I really tried, the parts that should have been edited.
 Actually, it sounded more like "real radio" with the occasional pause and mispeakings.

 I was also glad to note that it was a bit racier.  I was really afraid when you said you were
 going to clean it up that it would no longer be worth listening to.  If people are offended by
 a random curse word, then they ought to stick to the network tv shows.

 If you bring the poker fest to the east coast, my hubby and I will join.

 Elaine, thanks.
 All we really changed was less use of the "f" word - and we got no "bounce" from
 being cleaner so it wouldn't surprise me if things loosened up a little bit in the future.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

797  799 dead American soldiers.

Lately we've been averaging four deaths per day.

795 families saw that military car pull into their driveway.
That's gotta be a bad feeling.


 Subject: not a soccer fan?

 I love your page, but I gather from John's note that you don't care for soccer.
 Say it ain't so.
 Keep up the good work.

 Rob, when I was held in the Catholic POW camps, for gym class they pushed us out
 into the harsh winter in our short pants and they'd give us a soccer ball and say,
"If you keep running, you'll stay warm."

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the 

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to record your message.


 Subject:  Anytime...

 Anytime you are ready for another ass whooooping on your own IRC chat I am willing and able.

 Who are you?
 What makes you think we've debated before?
 I'd enjoy reading your transcript of that.

 You are a disgrace to humanitity. I have already taken you down once.

 Gee, I'd sure like to read your "Bart's beatdown" transcript. Do you have one?
 I'll print the whole thing right here - I'll even do a special issue on it - nothing but your "beatdown."

 Just ask your yellow spineless readers.
 Some qoutes "Bart was pretty weak in that last debate, whats up with him" or "Bart couldn't hack it"....HAHAHA

 Where did you get those "quotes?"  Which 'spineless yellow readers' are you quoting?
 Do you have a link for those quotes?  Or did you just make them up?

 You are a coward. Lets go.
 Anytime you want, you radioactive bald headed bitch. Lets do this!

 Young boy, do you know how many men have come in here with similar boasts?
 It's probably over 100, but I don't keep track.
 Maybe we should bring some money into the equation - ya think?

 You see, we've all been down this road 100 times and we've had what, 4-5 debates?
 You cowards never show up - at least 95% of you never do. We haven't had a debate in over a year, right?
 That's why we should put some money on this - money you'd lose for not showing up.
 You're not betting on the debate - that's a lost cause, but I want a deposit to be sure you show up.

 If you had a web page, I could taunt you off the internet once you chicken out.
 If not, I wanna see some cash. Do you or anyone swilling to vouch for you have a web page?

 Give me your number so we can talk mano--e-mano---
 Still Scared?
 You frighten me with cowardnice.... I am the hammer...

 ha ha
 In what universe are you "the hammer?"
 Have you been on the web long?
 Have you ever been in a debate before?

 If you have some money or a gets-hits web site that will vouch for you, I'll agree to give you the red-ass.
 But my readers are tired of you Republican cowards  begging for a fight - then not showing up.
 If you have no money and you don't know even one person on the entire www with a gets-hits site,
 then save up your pennies and get back to me when you have something to wager with, Monkey.

 Fun fact: Click  Here to read how jsmetropcs grips his putter too hard - ha ha

 Banana Fact:  Bananas are a member of the grass family, just as bamboo is.

 Prisoner abuse in Texas, Iraq bear similarities

  Click  Here

 Prisoners stripped naked, beaten about the head, set upon by dogs and kicked by verbally abusive guards.
 The parallels are striking, all the same - both the nature of the abuses and the way they surfaced.

 In the 32-minute videotape from Texas, recorded in September 1996, black-uniformed guards
 storm a group of card-playing inmates. The inmates are strip-searched and forced to crawl naked
 down a hall. Several are jolted with an electric prod; at least three are bitten by snarling dogs.

 When the Post-Dispatch and other media outlets obtained copies of the videotape 11 months later,
 the response was dramatic. Missouri officials immediately canceled the Texas contract and brought
 415 inmates home.

 Everywhere Bush goes, there is brutal torture of naked, shackled, non-white inmates.

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