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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Video Shows Iraq Wedding
5,500 Iraqis Dead in Occupation 
Lugar (R) Rips Bush on Iraq
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Talk Radio Nazis Echo Rwanda 
South Africa Must Succeed 
The Best of Mike Malloy
Foreign Policy, Falling Apart 
Did Somebody Say War?


Quote of the Day

"We'll let our friends be the peacekeepers 
  and America will be the pacemakers." 
      --Dubya, Sept. 6, 2000,    Attribution

 As it turns out, we're the sadistic warmongers
 and every country hates us more than before.

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Volume 1319 - Bombed wedding

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  Monday    May 24, 2004


"He has the funniest lines in the film. I am eternally grateful to him.  I hope
  nobody tells him that I have won this award while he is eating a pretzel."
    --Michael Moore, after winning Cannes for Farenheit 9-11,    Attribution

 Rumors say Moore's new film is available on those file sharing services.
 If somebody has Farenheit 9-11 and would send me a copy on DVD or CD,
 I'll send Michael Moore $20 and give you a free month of membership..

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK 74155

 AP: Video Shows Iraq Wedding Celebration
  Every time someone says, "It can't get any worse," ...it gets worse

  Click  Here

"There was no evidence of a wedding: no decorations, no musical instruments found,
 no large quantities of food or leftover servings one would expect from a wedding celebration,"
 Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt said Saturday. "There may have been some kind of celebration.
 Bad people have celebrations, too."

 But video that APTN shot a day after the attack shows fragments of musical instruments,
 pots and pans and brightly colored beddings used for celebrations, scattered around the bombed out tent.

 The wedding videotape shows a dozen white pickup trucks speeding through the desert escorting the
 bridal car - decorated with colorful ribbons. The bride wears a Western-style white bridal dress and veil.

 The singing and dancing seems to go on forever at the all-male tent set up in the garden of the host,
 Rikad Nayef, for the wedding of his son, Azhad, and the bride Rutbah Sabah. The men later move to
 the porch when darkness falls, apparently taking advantage of the cool night weather. Children, mainly boys,
 sit on their fathers' laps; men smoke an Arab water pipe, finger worry beads and chat with one another.
 It looks like a typical, gender-segregated tribal desert wedding.

 As expected, women are out of sight - but according to survivors, they danced to the music of Hussein al-Ali,
 a popular Baghdad wedding singer hired for the festivities. Al-Ali was buried in Baghdad on Thursday.

 Prominently displayed on the videotape was a stocky man with close-cropped hair playing an electric organ.
 Another tape, filmed a day later in Ramadi and obtained by APTN, showed the musician lying dead in a
 burial shroud - his face clearly visible and wearing the same tan shirt as he wore when he performed.

 As the musicians played, young men milled about, most dressed in traditional white robes. Young men swayed
 in tribal dances to the monotonous tones of traditional Arabic music. Two children - a boy and a girl - held hands,
 dancing and smiling. Women are rarely filmed at such occasions, and they appear only in distant glimpses.

 Kimmitt said U.S. troops who swept through the area found rifles, machine guns, foreign passports, bedding,
 syringes and other items that suggested the site was used by foreigners infiltrating from Syria.

 The videotape showed no weapons, although they are common among rural Iraqis.

 Survivor reports

 Haleema Shihab, 32, said that as the first bombs fell, she grabbed her seven-month old son,
 Yousef, and clutching the hands of her five-year-old son, Hamza, started running. Her 15-year-old son,
 Ali, sprinted alongside her. They managed to run for several yards when she fell - her leg fractured.

"Hamza was yelling, 'mommy,'" Shihab, recalled. "Ali said he was hurt and that he was bleeding.
 That's the last time I heard him." Then another shell fell and injured Shihab's left arm.

"Hamza fell from my hand and was gone. Only Yousef stayed in my arms. Ali had been hit and was killed.
 I couldn't go back," she said from her hospital bed in Ramadi. Her arm was in a cast.

 Haleema and her stepdaughter, Iqbal - who had caught up with her - hid in a bomb crater.
"We were bleeding from 3 a.m. until sunrise," Shihab said.

 Soon American soldiers came. One of them kicked her to see if she was alive, she said.

"I pretended I was dead so he wouldn't kill me," said Shihab. She said the soldier was laughing.
 When Yousef cried, the soldier said: "'No, stop," said Shihab.

 This is another total disaster in a long, long line of total disasters.
 You know Al-Jazeera and the others will show the dead wedding party again and again.
 I don't blame the soldiers so much - they probably saw celebratory gunfire and "lit them up,"
 but our soldiers have no reason to be bombing Iraqi weddings in the first place.

 Dozens more families destroyed forever, all because of the insatiable greed of the BFEE.

 The Monkey will lie to the nation live on TV tonight!


"In a month and a half my platoon and I killed more than 30 civilians. We would take over
  villages and control checkpoints. My men and I would fire warning shots at oncoming vehicles.
  But, if they didn't stop, we didn't have any qualms about loading them up"
    -- Sergeant Jimmy Massey, who says he witnessed bodies being desecrated and robbed,
        and wounded civilians being dumped by the roadside without medical treatment, he told his
        commanding officer that he felt "we were committing genocide", and was called a "wimp",  Attribution

 It just keeps getting worse and worse...

 5,500 Iraqis Killed during US occupation

  Click  Here

 More than 5,500 Iraqis died violently in just Baghdad and three provinces in the first 12 months
 of the occupation, an AP survey found. The toll from both criminal and political violence ran
 dramatically higher than violent deaths before the war, according to statistics from morgues.

 The survey of morgues in Baghdad and the provinces of Karbala, Kirkuk and Tikrit found 5,558
 violent deaths recorded from May 1, 2003, when  Bush declared an end to major combat operations,
 to April 30. Officials at morgues for three more of Iraq's 18 provinces either didn't have numbers or
 declined to release them. .

 This quagmire gets deeper every time I look at my computer or a TV.

  Care to comment?

 Lugar (GOP) Senator Rips Bush on Iraq, Terrorism
  Why are the Republicans fighting the Democrats' battles?

  Click  Here

 Lugar, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said the nation must prevent terrorism
 from taking root around the world by "repairing and building alliances," increasing trade, supporting
 democracy, addressing regional conflicts and controlling weapons of mass destruction.

 Unless the country commits itself to such measures, "we are likely to experience acts of catastrophic
 terrorism that would undermine our economy, damage our society and kill hundreds of thousands,
 if not millions, of people," the Indiana senator said during an appearance at Tufts University.

"I am very hopeful that the president and his administration will articulate precisely what is going
 to happen as much as they can, day by day, as opposed to a generalization," he said..

 The Monkey speaks tonight.

  Care to comment?

 Subject: Your long list forgot Dennis (whore) Miller

 Your list, as big and stench filled as it is, misses some new whores seeking handouts for the oil rapists
 selling (nearly exhausted now) our countries good name in the name of the terror ghost that will haunt us
 for hundreds of years (as necessary).  I wonder how we got through WWII with actual large million men
 industrial armies poised against us, with less Constitution shredding and running about waiving our arms
 shooting guns in random directions, giving unlimited power to a C grade AWOL lying ex-coke sniffing
 never elected monkey.  The monkey sells on the cheap what giants built (did this it's whole life).  Similar
 approach when you go AWOL and do cocaine, instead of going over to that nasty combat business in Vietnam.
 What a pile of excrement.



Eric Idle sings "F the FCC"


"My daughter was just going to the shops. They shot her while she was walking.
  My daughter was three years old. Did she fire rockets, shoot at tanks?"
     --Abu Zaid, whose daughter was said to be killed by Israeli troops,  Attribution

 Iraq's 'Sovereignty' Mirage
   by Nat Perry from  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 The Bush administration's plan to turn over "sovereignty" to the Iraqis on June 30
 is starting to look like just the latest scheme to buy time from American voters for
 a policy that is mired in quicksand with no where to go but down.

 Faced with U.S. troop deaths approachingexceeding 800 and a scandal over Iraqi prisoner abuse,
 the administration has come to rely on the June 30 "transfer of power" as the latest way to
 convince the American people that it was all worth while and there is a still a way out of the mess.
 But what Washington has in mind for Iraq after June 30 doesn't resemble any traditional definition
 of "sovereignty," and even key administration officials are disagreeing over such basic questions as
 whether this "sovereign" government can order foreign troops to leave its territory.

 Trying to square that circle, Secretary of State Colin Powell now says that theoretically the new Iraqi
 government can demand that foreign troops leave, but he's sure that the new government officials won't.

 Bunnypant's speech tonight could be his last gasp at holding onto power (short of using the army on us.)
 Anybody want to meet in the chat room and make fun of him?

 If you want to join, Click  Here
 Once you get there, click on "Chat" in the second row at the top for EZ instructions.

  Care to comment?

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 'Shrek 2' Shakes Up Box Office with Record Opening
   A $125M weekend is a damn good weekend

  Click  Here

 Florida Plans to Mark Death Penalty's Return
  Will Jeb throw a big, whites-only party to celebrate?

  Click  Here

 Group: Vermont 'endangered' by Wal Mart
  Hey - we're all endangered by Wal-Mart

  Click  Here

 Archives: The Best of Mike Malloy
  ...as heard on  http://whiterosesociety.org

  Click  Here

 Subject: Trudeau apologizes for recent cartoon


 Sunday's Doonesbury included a picture of a lawyer, Joan Redfern,  dreaming of having the dean's head
 on a silver platter and serving it to him -- handing him his head, as the phrase goes  Click  Here

 Due to the recent beheading of Nick Berg, the Doonesbury author, Garry Trudeau, has apologized for the strip
 (not for writing it, just for having it run so soon after the beheading --  strips are usually written a couple months
 in advance, so he had no way  of knowing it would be, as he put it, "overtaken by events").  The apology is Here

 My question is, who was offended?  The situations are so fully different that I didn't even connect handing the
 dean's head to him on a platter with Nick Berg; the first involves football sex scandals while the second involves
 Iraq and  torture scandals.


 Russ, I think Trudeau did the right thing.
 It was an innocent mistake, but things are pretty traumatic all over right now.

  Care to comment?

"Don't let Republicans create an America we won't recognize."

Contribute today.

 Talk Show Rhetoric Sounds a Rwandan Echo

  Click  Here

"You cockroaches must know you are made of flesh.
  We won't let you kill - we will kill you."
   -- Rwandan killers, just before the genocide started

"Right now, people want George Bush to drop a nuclear bomb on an Arab country.
  These people need to be forcibly converted to Christianity. (So they can be like us?)
  It's the only thing that can turn them into human beings."
   -- Michael Savage (R-Sex with the dead)  May 12, 2004

 Subject: Disgusting and dangerous

 We are teaching our soldiers to be sexual abusers.
 Stop for a second and let that sink in, we are teaching our soldiers to molest.
 This should make all Americans sick to their stomach just as it does in the rest of the world.

 Sexual abuse traumatizes for life and begets more sexual abuse.
 Ultimately, when a certain percentage of the abused prisoners start abusing others the US will be responsible.

 America is creating child molesters.

 What about the soldiers th t return, those who got a taste of it and liked it?
 Will they continue?


 Mike, no doubt a small percentage of those returning will continue.
 They should not have been put in the position where they'd treat people as objects.
 Bush sent them there and set the tone for the abuse with his "No rules," rules of war.

 He should be impeached and jailed.

Get Your War On, (c) 2004 by David Rees. Used with permission


"One day we would go into a city and set up roadblocks where civilian casualties would take place,
  and then the next morning we would undertake a humanitarian mission. How do we expect people
  who've seen their brothers and mothers killed turn around and welcome us with open arms?"
    -- Sergeant Jimmy Massey, who says remorse keeps him awake at night,  Attribution

 I don't mean to pick on this soldier, but after 18 months of killing everything that moves,
 what's he going to do when he gets home and someone cuts in front of him at the supermarket?

 Remember my good friend Isaac Peterson who was trying to raise funds to go to South Africa?
 He succeeded, and he wrote a column about what he saw.

 South Africa must succeed
    by Isaac Peterson III

  Click  Here

 I had read Mandela's writings about those days of his life, but I never imagined I would ever see
 the location in person. The prison, like all others, is a dim and dreary place. The peeling paint on
 the walls is primarily two colors, gray and white. The most colorful decor, pale blue and pale yellow,
 is in the area used for meals and recreation, but it is still dull and drab.

 It is impossible to convey all of the thoughts that went through my head standing outside of that cell.
 How could any man live in such dreary confinement and come out preaching love and unity? Mandela
 and many others had gone through humiliation, torture, and degradation I could only imagine, and came out
 with their resolve only strengthened, to be among the architects of a bold vision for post-apartheid society.

 I thought it was ironic that this place, where so many people had been sent in order to silence and crush
 their spirits, became a focal point for a positive new direction for South Africa..


Dozens of books you'll like in an easy-to-order format

 Did Somebody Say War?
  It must be time for Bush to take another vacation

  Click  Here

"The president is scheduled to give a speech tonight to lay out his "clear strategy" for the future of Iraq.
 Don't hold your breath. This is the same president who deliberately exploited his nation's fear of terrorism
 in the aftermath of Sept. 11 to lead it into the long dark starless night of Iraq...

 How do you get a logical foothold on a war that was nurtured from the beginning on absurd premises?
 You can't.
 Iraq had nothing to do with Sept. 11. The invasion of Iraq was not part of the war on terror.
 We had no business launching this war. Now we're left with the tragic absurdity of a clueless president
 riding his bicycle in Texas while Americans in Iraq are going up in flames."

 When will the Pentagon award Bush a Purple Heart for falling off his tricycle?.

  Care to comment?

 Dear Bart,

 Have you seen this?

 Federal judge upholds homosexual marriage
  Marriage laws in other 49 states expected to be struck down!

 Homosexual marriage is now legal in Massachusetts.
 The laws defining marriage as being only between one man and one woman in the
 other 49 states are expected to be struck down by an activist Federal Court Judge.
 There will then be no law forbidding the marriage of groups of more than two people.

 The only way to keep the sacred institution of marriage, yada yada,
 God's abomination, yada yada, the end of marriage and decency in our
 once great United States of America, yada yada, the wrath of homosexual
 activists and the liberal media, yada, yada, yada, ...and ...God ...hates ...fags.

 Please let your congressmen know how you feel about this.


 Donald Wildman, Fraud and Whore
 American Family Association

 That's a near replica of the crap he had mailed to me today.
 I think the Wild-ass has a good idea.
 We should ALL contact our local senators and representative and tell them how we feel!


 Let's tell the GOP congress that we want LESS government.
 Let's tell the GOP congress that we want them OUT of our bedrooms.
 Let's tell the GOP congress that we want their out-of-control spending curbed.
 Let's tell the GOP congress that we want a smaller, less intrusive federal boot on our throats.

 Someday, maybe someday  bartcop.com  will have enough readers to take a stand against cheap whores
 like Wildman who make their fortunes by scaring non-thinking people into thinking "the gays are coming!!!


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Marty's Entertainment Page


"I don't know where Fatima and my mom were. Siham got hit.
  She died. I saw Zohra's head gone. I lost consciousness."
     -- Fourteen-year-old Moza, whose dad hosted the wedding for her brother,
         describing the aftermath of US planes bombing her village,   Attribution


 A Foreign Policy, Falling Apart

  Click  Here

"We have come to a delicate moment in an absorbing drama. The actors seem unsure of their roles.
 The audience is becoming restless with the confusion on stage. But the scriptwriters keep trying to
 convince the crowd that the ending they imagined can still, somehow, come to pass.

 The authors stick to their plotline even as its plausibility melts away, and why not? For months the
 audience kept applauding; many of the reviewers were admiring, while many others kept still.

 No more. Senior military officers, government officials, diplomats and others working in Iraq,
 commentators, experts and analysts have all joined a chorus of doubters that is large and growing.
 And the applause -- in this case, public approval as measured in polls -- is fading."

 Great column from the Washington Whore Post, but where the hell have you guys been for 5 years?
 You've been so so damn rah rah pro-Bush, all this time, and now that he's mired neck-deep in quicksand
 you figure it's "safe" to mention that he's a lying fraud and has been all throughout his entire non-presidency?

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America's blood-thirsty warmonger
got his ass kicked by a tricycle

 Dueling Quotes

"There was no evidence of a wedding: no decorations, no musical instruments found,
  no large quantities of food or leftover servings one would expect from a wedding celebration.
  There may have been some kind of celebration. Bad people have celebrations, too."
    --Gen. Kimmitt, who says the village was a safehouse for foreign fighters, Attribution

"It was a wedding after all. And our Goddamn military commanders are lying about it.
  Just admit you f'd up.     Admit it.     Don't lie about it and bring shame to our entire country.
  Lying about it makes us look like we did it on purpose. That we knew it was a wedding, and that
  we killed everyone because we thought a few smugglers were hiding there. I have never felt so
  sick and ashamed as I feel right now. George W. Bush is a cancer who is destroying this country's
  honor, and its soul. He...must...lose."
    --Hesiod, talking about the video that shows fragments of the wedding we bombed,  Attribution

 Fantastic adult TV

 Damn, do you watch any TV?

 Saw my tape of Frazier's goodbye - classy ending to a once classy show.
 Saw the tape of the Dick Van Duke Show and was horrified.
 Hey, I love the gang because I'm that old, but that hour produced, in me,
 one half-chuckle and one out-right laugh in an hour ...and that is a horrible batting average.

 On Tuesday's The Shield, Dutch the policy wonk got inside the "Cuddler Rapist's" mind.
 The rapists explained how empowering that moment is when you rob a person of their life...
 Trouble is, Dutchboy forgot to leave some breadcrumbs.
 Dutchboy's lost inside the sicko's mind ...and he can't get up.

 This is great TV!

 The good guy is imploding - they're showing what happens to cops when you have to think
 like the bad guys when you cross over, it probably helps explain what happened in that
 Abu Graib prison, ...the demons are always there and you have to constantly fight them.

 How brave of The Shield to take on real subjects with real consequences.

 Then, ...The Sopranos!!


 Did you see that?
 Did that really happen?

 We lost an original cast member last night.
 This was TV drama at it's finest!

 Clips from this will be on BCR Show 40, but who can believe acting that good?
 Michael Imperioli should win "Best Actor in a Drama," for that performance.
 Fortunately, his acting was all vocal, so the radio bits should rock.

 On the newsgroups they're calling this the best Sopranos episode ever!
 Considering the NY Whore Times called Season One "The most culturally significant
 TV show in the last 25 years," doing their best show in Season Five means something.

 Plus, it set up the big Jersey/New York mob war in two weeks - last show until the closer mid-2005.
 It was hueueueueuege!


 I'll have to play that back a time or two...


 Subject: BCR feedback

 Hey Bart,

 How about listing some of the song titles you have on your radio shows.
 Some of the tunes I really want in my own collection, especially that Irish rock jig you played around show 36.


 Stephen, I will forward your request to Tommy Mack.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

799  801 dead American soldiers.

Over 800 deaths - why?
Funny - nobody has mentioned the Mogadishu 18 lately...



"I forgot out there on the stage to thank my cast. So if I could do that now,
  I want to thank Mr Bush, Mr Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz and Donald Rumsfeld.
  The love scene between Cheney and Rumsfeld brought a tear to my eye."
          --Michael Moore, after winning Cannes for Farenheit 9-11,   Attribution

 Subject: Nick Berg video

 I wish someone would do a serious bit of investigation on this - like 9/11.
 The blogs seem to have come up with some legitimate questions on this, which are not being addressed elsewhere -

 I'm still spooked by nick's dad's name appearing on a list of "enemies" of the "free republic"...


 Geoff, for some reason in America, once you get a little cash, you start playing along.
 None of the big guys want to touch a subject like, "Did the BFEE have Berg killed?"

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the 

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to record your message.

. VCR Alert

 It's finale night on CBS, (C.S.I. Miami) and it would be nice of Jon Stewart was back,
 but we're watching that monster Sopranos episode at least once tonight.  Wow!

 Subject: Tough choices for Republicans

 Republicans are facing tough choices this election year. More pictures and videos
 are surfacing that document atrocities at prisons in Iraq. We are seeing rape, sodomy,
 torture, and the murdering of prisoners in US custody. It is now believed that the orders
 to commit these war crimes came directly from the White House.

 So what do Republicans do? Do they stick with the President and try to downplay these
 extremely graphic pictures? Or do they put the interests of Americans first and get to the
 bottom of this? Will Republicans like John McCain do what's right - or will he sell out to
 election year politics? Time for McCain to put his money where his mouth is.

 I challenge McCain's honesty.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.

 Saudi Ambassador: U.S. Fighting "colonial war" in Iraq
  He calls Arafat a "living martyr"

  Click  Here

 The United States is fighting an old-fashioned "colonial war" in Iraq that is fueled by its desire
 for Iraqi oil, the Saudi ambassador to Britain and Ireland was quoted as saying. Prince Turki
 al-Faisal likened the U.S. occupation of Iraq to centuries of incursions by the West into the Middle East.

"No matter how exalted the aims of the U.S. in that war, in the final analysis it was a colonial war
 very similar to the wars conducted by the ex-colonial powers when they went out to conquer the
 rest of the world," al-Faisal was quoted as saying. "Either in the name of Christianity, or bringing
 civilization to undeveloped countries, or bringing the rule of law to uncivilized populations."

 The ambassador, a former head of Saudi intelligence agencies, said some American congressmen
 had spoken openly about hopes that "in a year or two they would be producing so much oil in Iraq that,
 as it were, the war would pay for itself."

 This "indicated that there were those in America who were thinking in those terms of acquiring the
 natural resources of Iraq for America," the ambassador was quoted as saying.

 Hey Prince, if you had been reading  bartcop.com  you would've known that years ago..
 When Bush is done with Iraq, what makes you think your oil fields are safe?

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