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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush picks CIA man for Iraq 
Mary Statue Found Hanging
Count the Dead
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Gore Links Abu Ghraib to Bush
BitTorrent Hoax Exposed
GOP Sex Diarist Reveals All
Moore Has Berg Interview 
Bush's Magical History Tour


Quote of the Day

"Too bad for anyone who tuned in to Bush's 
  speech Monday night hoping to hear something
  that would cheer us up -- like a plan. That was as 
  depressing as divorce."  
        --Molly Ivins,   Attribution

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Volume 1322 - Mental Defect


  Friday    May 28, 2004


"Instead of containing terrorism, instead of effectively fighting terrorism and its causes,
  this war has given terrorists a field day.  There were no terrorists to speak of in Iraq.
  It was not a terrorist state, it was a Stalinist state.  You know, not for nothing did bin Laden
  say of Saddam Hussein, "he's an infidel."  Saddam Hussein would no more permit terrorists
  in his country than I would in my backyard."
      --Carl Bernstein on Keith Olbermann    Attribution

 Bush picks CIA man (employee) to rule Iraq
  That means they will be stealing oil after they lose power (if that ever happens)

  Click  Here

 Iyad Allawi, a former member of Saddam Hussein's Baath party who worked with the CIA
 to topple him, was chosen as prime minister of Iraq Friday.

 Charged with taking over from occupation authorities on June 30 and leading Iraq to its first free
 elections next year, Allawi's nomination emerged by consensus at a meeting of Iraq's Governing Council.

 The UN, called in by Washington to help shape the new interim government, was caught off guard
 when the Governing Council announced Allawi had been chosen, but said it respected the decision.
"It's not how we expected it to happen," chief U.N. spokesman Fred Eckhard said in New York.

 So - Bush installs an employee to be the BFEE puppet while they prepare for "free" elections.
 Gee, will they be as "free" as the election that was held in 2000 in Florida?


"I think it's pretty grim, I think he has trashed the economy, and I think he has conducted
  foreign policy badly, and I think he is a bad President. I don't know what he has done well."
    --David Richards, the guy who tapped Bunnypants for Skull & Bones,   Attribution

 Virgin Mary Statue Found Hanging Near Church

  Click  Here

 A parishioner saw the life-size statue of the Virgin Mary hanging by a garden hose
 when he was on his morning walk by St. Catherine's Church.

"I wasn't sure what I saw," parishioner Michael Marconi said.
"I looked again, and I saw a statue hanging on the property."

 Police are treating the vandalism as a hate crime and said the vandal struck sometime overnight.
"It's not something we want to see here," Capt. Bill Irving said. "We're doing our best to try to
 find out who's responsible for this."

 Look for neighborhhod kids witrh nothing to do or some crazed former Catholic who was
 repeatedly raped by a priest and cannot control his rage other than by acting out in irrational ways.

  Care to comment?

 Subject: Iraq update

 Bart, I'm still driving truck over here in Iraq and wanted to give you a short update.
 Soldiers ride shotgun in our trucks on the convoys. At first I was hesitant to talk politics
 with them because I assumed they were big time Bush supporters.

 Well the last three that have rode with me I've asked straight up "Hey I'm just curious,
 but do most of the soldiers you know support what Bush is doing and his re-election".

 So far the response of every single one has been the same - THEY LAUGHED OUT LOUD!
 They have all gone on to tell me that everyone they know is really disappointed in Bush and
 feel he has messed things up badly.

 Keep up the good work,

 Hugh, I mailed your BCR CDs today, and be careful out there.....



"The Bush administration's rap on John Kerry is that he is inconsistent. The president's virtue,
  on the other hand, is supposedly his consistency. But to stick to the same rhetoric when the facts
  have changed, to insist on what is palpably false, to render black as white and to say it all with a
  childlike faith in civics class bromides is not commendable consistency. It is instead the mark of
  a narrow mind overwhelmed by large events."
    --Richard Cohen, figuring out what we knew over four years ago,   Attribution

 Count the Dead
    by Terry Baum

  Click  Here

 President Bush might prefer to skip Memorial Day this year. In the buildup to the invasion of Iraq, he sold us
 a fantasy of military triumph with minimal American deaths. Most people bought it. He tries to maintain that fantasy
 by flying in the coffins while the nation is asleep. Bush has yet to appear at a memorial service for a dead soldier.

 That would be too clear an admission that in war, even American soldiers die. Perhaps it would make the President
 uncomfortable to directly face the coffin and family of even one dead soldier. It might disturb his sleep, at least for
 a couple of nights. But then again, maybe it wouldn't. His lack of empathy is frightening.

 The media, however, marks the passing of each soldier. Every day in my newspaper, a box lists the names of the
 American soldiers who have died the day before, and keeps a running total of those who have made the ultimate
 sacrifice for this bizarre fantasy of empire. A prime time news show has run the photos and names of the young
 men and women who had died up to that point. The Doonsbury cartoon strip will devote this Memorial
 weekend to listing all the dead soldiers..

  Care to comment?

 Man found hanging in Mississippi tree
  It's the 2004 version of the Emmett Till story

  Click  Here

 Ashcroft Assailed on Terror Warning
  He failed to coordinate the info with the White House and Homeland Security,

  Click  Here

 Kobe, Shaq send series to Minnesota up 3-1
  Kobe averaging 33 points per game on the days he was in court

  Click  Here

 Warner Bucks GOP Right On Probe of Prison Abuse
  Could we be witnessing an honest republican?

  Click  Here

 Archives: The Best of Mike Malloy
  ...as heard on  http://whiterosesociety.org

  Click  Here

  I miss Mike's show  - don't you?

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 Al Gore Links Abu Ghraib to Bush Policy

  Click  Here

 George Bush promised to change the tone in Washington. And indeed he did. As many as 37 prisoners
 may have been murdered while in captivity, though the numbers are difficult to rely upon because in many
 cases involving violent death, there were no autopsies.

 How dare they blame their misdeeds on enlisted personnel from a Reserve unit in upstate New York.
 President Bush owes more than one apology. On the list of those he let down are the young soldiers who
 are themselves apparently culpable, but who were clearly put into a moral cesspool. The perpetrators as
 well as the victims were both placed in their relationship to one another by the policies of George W. Bush.

 How dare the incompetent and willful members of this Bush/Cheney Administration humiliate our nation
 and our people in the eyes of the world and in the conscience of our own people. How dare they subject us
 to such dishonor and disgrace. How dare they drag the good name of the United States of America through
 the mud of Saddam Hussein's torture prison.

 Go Al!

 BitTorrent and Michael Moore 

 Sadly, the news that Fahrenheit 9/11 will be released on BitTorrent is not true.

 I know you know by now that the article is satire, if bad satire...

 The Bit Torrent/Michael Moore thing is not true (I found out following your link)

 Sorry, but the bittorrent story was a joke.

 BitTorrent is NOT going to release Michael Moore's F9/11 film, that was a spoof story.

 I went to the link, and there's a big disclaimer saying: this is a hoax.

 Unfortunatly "Denounce.com" is a humor/parody site, kinda like The Onion, but I don't find it funny.

 Bart! You were had! That Moore story is a hoax.

 That news item on the release of Farenheit 9/11 on bittorrent was just a joke.
 Doug T

 the "Moore movie on bittorrent.com" story was a parody.
 Brian B

 Sorry, Bart, but you (and I) got had.  That's a satire page.

 From denounce.com the link that supposedly has the news of "Fahrenheit 9/11" for a free download.
 It's right next to the article.
 I got burned.
You should probably oughtta pull the article and link off bartcop.com
 Edward D

 Ed, once something is up, I don't like to change it.
 After all, I'm not the NY Whore Times

 Why don't you get that BitTorrent nonsense off the page regarding Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 911".

 Come on bartcop! What is going on over there? You seem to be continuously posting hoax articles that you
 have fallen into believing are real. I love your site and the information you provide under the guise of entertainment,
 but maybe its about time for a disclamer saying that your site can be very innacurate. So either start actually
 researching what you are posting or let the people know you are turning into rush.
 Nitro burn

 Nitro, you should've read and retained what I wrote, which was:

> - Both times I tried to get to bittorrent.com  my IE froze up - I guess they're busy.

 What part of "I've never been to that page" do you need explained?
 You think I should know what a web page says that I've never read?
 It says something that BitTorrent.com introduced themselves with a big, fat lie,
 but then again, liars often get millions of hits and make the big bucks.

You might see something you can't live without.


"Naturally the common people don't want war, but after all, it is the leaders of a country that
  determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag people along whether it is a
  democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice,
  the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. This is easy. All you have to do is
  tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of Patriotism and exposing
  the country to danger. It works the same in every country."
     -- Hermann Goering, Hitler's Reich-Marshall at the Nuremberg trials after WWII

"I like his style..."

 Moore Offers Berg Interview to Family

  Click  Here

 Michael Moore interviewed Nick Berg for his latest film and has offered to show
 the footage to Berg's family before he would release it, a family spokesman said on Friday.
 The clip was made during the filming of "Fahrenheit 9/11." 

 The Berg interview was not used in the film.


Dozens of books you'll like in an easy-to-order format

 Not fit to print
  How the NY Whore Times helped Bush get his bloody war

  Click  Here

 When the full history of the Iraq war is written, one of its most scandalous chapters will be about
 how American journalists, in particular those at the New York Times, so easily allowed themselves
 to be manipulated by both dubious sources and untrustworthy White House officials into running
 stories that misled the nation about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. The Times
 finally acknowledged its grave errors in an extraordinary and lengthy editors note published Wednesday.

  Care to comment?

 Subject: Bush sex scandal

 I caught the last bit of a conversation between Imus and Andrea Mitchell this morning - Imus was
 complaining that none of the news stations were reporting on a story being written about in the blogs
 - supposedly there is a woman claiming that she has been paid for sex by Bush administration officials.
 I have searched every where and can't find the story - do you know anything about it?


 JS, see below


Hello, Americans - remember to play the God Hates Fags game.
If I say it's family fun, you can bet it is!

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What does that tell us?
That tells us their products aren't good enough
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cult of personality of these fascist slimeballs
to sell their inferior product when better products are available.

 Magical History Tour
  Bush can't learn from the past if he can't see it

  Click  Here

 President Bush has manifested a series of psychopathologies: an abstract notion of reality, confidence
 unhinged from facts and circumstances, and a conception of credibility that requires no correspondence
 to the external world. Tonight, as he vowed to stay the course in Iraq, Bush demonstrated another mental
 defect: incomprehension of his role in history as a fallible human agent.  Absent such comprehension,
 Bush can't fix his mistakes in Iraq because he can't see how - or even that - he screwed up.

 The description is almost biblical. The narrative - "this war on terror" - is a moral test arranged by higher powers.
 Postwar Iraq, like 9/11, Madrid, and Bali, is "the world as we find it," not as we made it. "History," not Bush,
 has placed the demands of occupation on our country. "Events," not Bush's mistakes and their consequences,
 have come quickly. We must focus on the "duty" defined by our situation, not on how we got here.

  Care to comment?

 Subject: Bernard Law's cushy new job

 Hey, Bart,

 The Catholic Church just can't seem to stop showing the rot at the core. With the pope giving Bernard Law
 a nice new home in Rome, I guess all that nasty stuff about pedophile priests really doesn't mean a damn thing
 to the Vatican.  Why Catholics aren't leaving in droves confounds me.  Law overlooked the pedophiles,
 reassigned molesters, and did everything he could to sweep this under the rug.  Instead of jail time, now he can
 finish out his years with the pope.  Am I the only one who thinks this is insane?

 Keep swinging that hammer, Bart.

 Kevin, it's my guess people have a hard time walking away from their religion,
 even one they know is corrupt. Maybe it's related to battered spouse syndrome.

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Marty's Entertainment Page


"The neo-cons are the heirs of rollback. They ditched the strategy (containment) against a
  nuclear-armed superpower to launch a pre-emptive war against a toothless Iraq, which has
  been contained and deterred - and disarmed - since the Gulf War. They identified the wrong
  enemy (a state), attacked it for the wrong reasons (WMD), and in a way that strengthened
  our real enemy, the transnational terrorists of September 11. America has made mistakes in
  foreign policy, but nothing compares to this. In the larger context of the Cold War, Vietnam
  made a kind of sense. In the context of the struggle against Islamist terrorism, Iraq is an act
  of self-sabotage. Of the neo-cons and their neo-con war Auden might have written: 'Intellectual
 disgrace stares from every human face.'"
    --Jack Beatty, "History's Fools,"     Attribution

 Subject: Aaron Brown

 Bart --
 As always, love your page and radio show. The Journalist Jeopardy was great material.

 I was wondering, though, what you have against Aaron Brown? The few times I've seen him,
 he has "editorialized" about the wrongfulness of a citizen being held in detention as an enemy
 combatant and commented that such events pose new things we all need to think about.

 And I heard Randi Rhodes say that she loves him (I assume she means his work).

 What have I missed?
 Bill Wilson

 Bill, I've yet to see any evidence that he's any different from the others.
 He had a run in with mediawhoresonline a while back - and I have nothing personal against him,
 but I think if they tell him to lie - he'll lie.


 *Light bulb appears over Bart's head*

 Any other delegates going to Boston for DemoCon 2004?
 I can't go, but I'd sure like to see some  bartcop.com  stickers/CDs distributed there.

 Who else will be inside at  DemoCon 2004?
 I should make up some demo packs and beg for volunteers...

 Are  YOU   inside  DemoCon 2004?

 Absentee ballot law is a joke that isn't funny
  The Democrats are too busy to raising their voices about this?

  Click  Here

"If we counted every vote in Florida, Jeb's brother would be spending all of his time
 -- and not just some of his time -- falling off his bicycle on his Texas ranch.

 The only thing the bill Jeb signed Tuesday guarantees, is that Florida's elections will continue
 to be a joke. By taking away the witness requirement, the governor and the Legislature not only
 made it easier for corruption to take place -- which in itself is a fairly amazing feat -- but they
 have also made it more difficult to catch."

Get Your War On, (c) 2004 by my good friend David Rees. Used with permission


 "Iraq is completely falling apart. The occupation of Iraq now lacks any shred of credibility it ever had,
  with increasing violence and assassinations in the run up to the fraudulent June 30 "transfer of sovereignty."
  ...The idea that George W. Bush can give a series of speeches and put this turkey back in flight only reveals
  the vast distance between his administration and the reality of the world we live in at this point. News flash
  to Dubyah, Rove and their mind control apparatus spinning out of control: two and two does not equal three,
  or five. Imperial occupation is not "sovereignty," "liberation, "freedom" or "democracy." You can't fool
  all the People all the time, and your act is wearing very thin." 
     --Tom Stephens, "Morons and war crimes",     Attribution

 Oil money and a smart energy policy don't mix
   by Arianna Huffington

  Click  Here

"At the same time car owners are having to consider taking out a second mortgage
 in order to fill up their tanks, oil companies are raking in record profits.

 ConocoPhillips recently reported its largest first quarter profits ever. And Exxon Mobil
 just posted its highest first quarter refining earnings in 13 years.

 Coincidentally, these companies and their oil and gas industry brethren have a highly
 profitable habit of greasing the receptive palms of their friend George Bush -- doling out
 over $3.5 million to his 2000 and 2004 presidential runs.

 So for American consumers, payback is a bitch. And over two bucks a gallon at the gas pump."

 The oil companies are getting super-rich while blaming "unnecessary and costly
 environmental regulations" is the reason gas prices are so high, and the Democrats
 remain silent and the press pretends that those reasons are valid.


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"I am told that there are over 30 homicides in the prison run by Americans in Baghdad...
  That George Bush made a speech to his country the other night and did not utter a word
  about the prison torture in Baghdad was an omission of the greatest magnitude. Bush and
  the people who tell him what to say, somebody named Karl Rove is the main influence,
  didn't have the slightest conception of what the 30 murders are. They think it's something
  you can leave out of a major speech and nobody will notice. And the people associate it
  immediately with Nazis."
      --Jimmy Breslin, "Higher-ups beware the lowly stool pigeon"    Attribution


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 VCR Alert

 Bob Woodward on Letterman
 CBS's 48 Hours looks at the broken and burned troops at Walter Reed

 ABC burns off some good episodes of Line of Fire Sunday

 Will Eldrick Woods be losing any golf tornaments this weekend?

 Subject: Clark or Dean?

 In ancient Rome it was a capital offense to criticize the Emperor. If Bush and his criminal thugs either win or fix
 the election, look for laws like that to be enacted in the new Bush Amerikan Empire. Our liberty is at stake.
 By the way, while you're touting Wesley Clark and his willingness to take on Bush and his brain (aka Karl Rove),
 aren't you forgetting that the first one to exhibit a spine and stand up to thirds regime was Howard Dean.

 Too bad the DNC torpedoed his campaign. He still stands head and shoulders above the rest of the pack.
 Years form now we will look back and wonder why we didn't elect him to the Presidency.

 Best regards,
 George S. W

 Subject: Gore's great speech

 I saw it on C-Span.  He kicked ass!

 But, according to Hannity the Hand Job's website today, Al Gore's speech "proves that he has lost his mind."

 As if a neo-con whack job like Hannity is qualified to speak about sanity -- or the lack thereof.
 His comments conclusively prove that right wingers inhabit Bizarro World!

 Hand Job is also conducting a poll as to who will win the election and Kerry WAS winning by 75%.
 Wanna bet that poll gets yanked down in a hurry because the Hand Job wasn't getting the results that HE wanted to see?

 Terry C

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

799  806 dead American soldiers.

Over 800 death on Bush's watch



"This is a vile culture and if you think for a second that it's willing to just live
   in the sands of God's armpit you've got another thing coming. They want to
   come and live right where you live and they think that you're evil."
  You can send your dog to school to learn tricks, sit, beg, do all that stuff
  - none of the women have that advantage,"
   -- Gene Simmons (KISS bass player) on Melbourne's 3AW radio,   Attribution

 The Hill's Sex Diarist Reveals All (Well, Some)


  Click  Here

 Sen. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) on Friday fired a young staffer for "unacceptable use of Senate computers" after
 she posted her sex diaries on the Internet and raised a hubbub of speculation last week: Who is this wicked woman
 that calls herself "Washingtonienne"? Was she really bedding six different men or making it all up? And who is the
 married, high-level federal employee she claims paid her $400 for a lunch-hour tryst?

 One diary entry described a "married man who pays me for sex" as "chief of staff at one of the gov agencies,
 appointed by Bush." That man, she claimed, paid her $400 on Tuesday for sex, but she declined to provide
 his name to The Post, saying, "I'm not trying to ruin his life." (On her blog she identified all the men by initials.)

 Subject: Berg tape

 I would dance in the street if this thing about "video tape signatures reveal
 Berg tape made in Abu Gharib", but it sounds like another urban legend.
 I'm waiting, though.
 Rick Illes

 Rick, there are things about this tape that don't add up, but the people who could investigate have chosen
 not to, and we know the government is lying to us constantly and hanging in the balance is who control the
 planet for the next ten years.  It's a pity the Democrats have no will to fight or win.

 A Speech (Gore's) That's No Joke

  Click  Here

"It has always been easy to make fun of Al Gore. But if there's any truth to the thunderous criticism
 he's turned loose on the Bush administration this week, it's time to dispense with the jokes and listen
 seriously to what the man is saying. If Mr. Gore is right, the nation is faced with a crisis of leadership
 that is perilously close to an emergency...

 In a widely covered speech earlier in the day, Mr. Gore said that Iraq had not become, as Bush has
 asserted, " `the central front in the war on terror.' " But he said it has become, unfortunately, "the
 central recruiting office for terrorists."

 The speech was extraordinary - blunt, colorful and delivered with the kind of passion you seldom
 see in politics anymore. The former vice president described Mr. Bush as incompetent and untrustworthy,
 and said his policies had endangered the nation."

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the 

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Now They Tell Us
  Why America's whore press was so hot for Bush's bloody war

  Click  Here

 The New York Whore Times's Judith Miller has been the subject of harsh criticism. Slate, The Nation,
 Editor & Publisher, the American Journalism Review, and the Columbia Journalism Review have
 all run articles accusing her of being too eager to accept official claims before the war and too eager to report
 the discovery of banned weapons after it.[1] Especially controversial has been Miller's alleged reliance on
 Chalabi and the defectors who were in touch with him. Last May, Howard Kurtz of The Washington Whore Post
 wrote of an e-mail exchange between Miller and John Burns, then the Times bureau chief in Baghdad, in which
 Burns rebuked Miller for writing an article about Chalabi without informing him. Miller replied that she had been
 covering Chalabi for about ten years and had "done most of the stories about him for our paper." Chalabi, she
 added, "has provided most of the front page exclusives on WMD to our paper."

 The New York Whore Times keeps pretending this was some kind of accident or mistake.
 Why can't people see the facts in front of their faces?

 The NYW Times created the Whitewater "scandal" - and that hoax lasted for six years.
 The NYW Times created the Wen Ho Lee "scandal" - and that turned out to be a fake.
 The NYW Times created or pushed all those Gore lies and praised Bush non-stop in 2000.
 The NYW Times echoes that Clinton/crack baby nonsense on their front page aboive the fold.
 The NYW Times helped Bush create his fake war - and people say it's a "liberal" newspaper.

 Do something nice for a war veteran this weekend.

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