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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
U.S. Wins Truce in Najaf
Intelligence Accused in Iraq
Fantasia to Record Single
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Signs of a Looted Iraq
An Alternative History 
Why the Left Wing Is Muted
U.S. Guilty of War Crimes?
Democrats: a Whiff of Victory


Quote of the Day

"The history of cheap oil may have ended." 
       --Venezuela's energy minister Rafael Ramirez, 

 The era of cheap oil eneded when that thug Scalia
 decided he should pick the president - not the voters.

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Volume 1323 - Magnets and miracles


  Memorial Day Weekend    May 29-31, 2004


"Maybe our government went in too fast with the Americans. It would have been better
  if the UN had been together. Now it's become very bloody with Iraq, it's very difficult."
     -- Paul McCartney speaks out Bush &* Blair's bloody quagmire Attribution

 Agreement by U.S. and Rebels to End Fighting in Najaf
  When does the invading army agree to a truce?  When they're losing, that's when.

  Click  Here

 American forces and guerrillas loyal to the radical cleric Moktada al-Sadr agreed Thursday to
 quit fighting in Najaf, in a deal that signaled the possible end of seven weeks of fighting in the city,
 during which scores of Iraqis have died.

 Look how the NY Whore Times spins this - that we called a cease fire because we were winning.
 If we were killing so many Iraqis, why did we ask for a truce?

 Allowing the Mahdi Army to continue intact, as long as it remains off the streets,
 is a major concession to Mr. Sadr.

 In other words, this is a sign of weakness on our part

 In another, Iraqi officials (Yeah, right - as tho 'Iraqi officials' are calling the shots now.) agreed to "suspend"
 the arrest warrant for him that cites his suspected involvement in the murder of a rival cleric in April 2003.
 That represents, at least for now, a reversal for the Americans, who have said repeatedly that they intend
 to "kill or capture" Mr. Sadr and "destroy" the Mahdi Army.

 The career generals at the Pentagon must be seething.  In another parallel to Vietnam, Bush is
 handcuffing our soldiers, asking them to pull back in a country we invaded without a valid reason.

"Take Najaf!"

"No, wait - Retreat from Najaf!"

"Kill or capture Sadr!"

"Let Sadr go - the politicians made a deal with him!"

 Too bad the military isn't in charge of this war.
 Too bad Rummy the bungler is micro-managing this losing war, telling his generals to "Shut up!"


"Florida's 2000 felon purge program resulted in over 50,000 legal voters being disenfranchised.
  When asked for assurances that the [2004 felon list] was 90 percent accurate -- the minimum level
  local supervisors of elections requested for such a list -- we were told that it was better than the
  2000 list, with no data to support its accuracy."
   --Leon County elections supervisor Ion Sancho,    Attribution

 So, the Democrats are not insisting that Florida hold fair elections this time, either.
 Why don't they want to win?  What sapped their will to survive?

 AP: Intelligence Agents Accused in Abuse

  Click  Here

 Several U.S. guards allege they witnessed military intelligence operatives encouraging
 the abuse of Iraqi prison inmates at four prisons other than Abu Ghraib, documents show.

 Court transcripts and Army investigator interviews provide the broadest view of evidence
 that abuses, from forcing inmates to stand in hoods in 120-degree heat to punching them,
 occurred at a Marine detention camp and three Army prison sites in Iraq besides Abu Ghraib.

 You'd think the BFEE would want this scandal over with ASAP, but they seem content
 to let this drip, drip, drip become the story of the year - that and Bush's defeat in November?

  Care to comment?

 Subject: re Bartcop radio Show 40 - Great Show!

 Hey Bart: you're really Swinging that Hammer, and getting better by the day!
 I liked show 40.. from beginning to end.  I agree with your beginning -  Imus is BORING....!
 The other day, I had him on while I was on-line, and couldn't find anything better to watch.

 He bitched about the mainstream press whores so much... He just ranted and ranted!
 He ranted about George Will mere moments before Will was to go on his show!

 Even in his dull, droning monotone, I was mesmerized...
 How could Will possibly go on after that 20 minute rant dumping him (Will) in with
 "all those disgusting Washington pundits... I'm sick of all of them!"

 Well, the answer is that Will did not go on... he had an assistant call in to say he couldn't make it.
 What a hoot!    Bart, You've got to get a clip of that show.

 Also, thanks for the pre-view of the Sopranos clip.  I did, indeed, skip most of it, once he started
 choking his girlfriend.  Having read most of former FBI agent (and chief mob antagonist) William F. Roemer's
 books on the mob-wars (among other such mob books), I don't need HBO to dramatize any of that for me.


 Dude, that Sopranos clips wasn't meant to dramatize the violence - I was predicting that Michael Imperioli
 would win the Emmy for that amazing performance.  Imaging being in an acting class and your teacher says,
"You're a mobster who just found out his fiance was a rat working with the feds."

 I can't imaging anybody, Gandolfini, DeNiro, Pacino, or anybody doing that scene as well.
 Thanks for the feedback....



"For me, CBS has become 'the enemy within,' and I hope never to watch the network again.
  I think most Americans ought to reflect on the results of their irresponsible and unpatriotic
  behavior and perhaps narrow their viewing options by one network. The next time America
  or Americans suffer at the hands of terrorists, thank CBS."
    --Pat Boone, who thinks sexual abuse of helpless prisoners should be covered up   Attribution

'Idol' Fantasia Barrino to Record Single
  Music incest is an ugly thing when forced on others

  Click  Here

 After the adrenaline rush of the show and the media blitz after her big win,
 Barrino said Friday she needs a little rest. Once that's out of the way,
 the 19-year-old plans to hit the studio to record her first single, "I Believe,"
 and start working on her debut album.

 It's in FOX's financial interest to make this woman a star. If she doesn't become a star,
 then the show loses its value, so FOX will put all their resources and stars of shows into
 making Fantasia really big.  FOXmight go so far as to secretly buy up hundreds of thousands
 of her soon-to-be released CD that will then "prove" she's a big star.

 In a way it's like a throwback to the old days when studios "owned" stars.  Of course, if you're
 a nobody, single mother trying to make ends meet, what could be better than being adopted by
 a giant entertainment powerhouse like FOX with it's movie and TV machine screaming your "greatness?"

 The worst of it was Idol judge Randy Jackson, whoever he is.
 I heard him say Fantasia "had that Elvis quality."

 Oh please, can you heap more unjust and silly praise on this woman?  Most people agreed
(I don't watch the show) that Fantasia wasn't even the most talented of the last few left standing,
 so how can we consider her to be "another Elvis?"

 This was the season when the Idol producers were in a panic because the best singers were being
 voted off and the "She bangers" came back weak after weak. I think America punk'd the Idol show
 just to show them who was boss. Plus, any contest that allows you to vote more than once is just
 as rigged as those About.com  popularity polls we used to win.

  Care to comment?

 Reports: Tillman Killed by Friendly Fire
 "Misunderstanding" kills millionaire soldier when allied soldiers began firing wildly.

  Click  Here

 Connecticut Man Wins World Series of Poker
  His boat was bigger than the other guy's boat

  Click  Here

 After a 90s Bright peak, Earthshine Dims after 2000
  Maybe that's God shutting his eyes to Bush's killing in His name

  Click  Here

 Cox, Prosecutor Fired by Nixon, Dies at 92
  A hero from a time when patriots stood up to crooked presidents

  Click  Here

 Sam Dash, Watergate Hero, Dies at 79
  A hero from a time when patriots stood up to crooked presidents

  Click  Here

 Archives: The Best of Mike Malloy
  ...as heard on  http://whiterosesociety.org

  Click  Here

  I miss Mike's show  - don't you?

The World War II Memorial in Washington

 Signs of a Looted Iraq
  You mean the BFEE is looting Iraq?
  Who could have predicted such a wild turn of events?

  Click  Here

 There is increasing evidence that parts of sensitive military equipment, seemingly brand-new
 components for oil rigs and water plants and whole complexes of older buildings are leaving
 Iraq on the backs of flatbed Halliburton trucks.

 By some estimates, at least 100 semitrailers loaded with what is billed as "Iraqi scrap metal"
 are streaming each day into Jordan, just one of six countries that share a border with Iraq.

 American officials say sensitive equipment that is leaving is legitimate removal and sale from
 a shattered country. But many experts say that much of what is going on amounts to a vast looting operation.

 The BFEE slipped Iraq some roofies, and while they're asleep, they're raping that country like crazy

You might see something you can't live without.

 Dueling Quotes

"As Vice President, I have absolutely no influence of, involvement of, knowledge of in any way,
  shape or form of contracts led by the Army Corps of Engineers or anybody else in the Federal Government."
     --Dick Cheney, explaining why Halliburton got billions in no-bid contracts, on Meet the Press last September,   Attribution

  ...to which Tim the Whore replied, "Golly gee, Mr. Vice President - your word is good enough for me.  If you say
  it's an accident that your old company is raking in hundreds of millions of dollars in secret, no-bid contracts
  and every tax dollar is being spent honestly and in the best way, it's my duty as a journalist to say, 'We trust you, Sir!' "

"Time Magazine has obtained an internal Pentagon e-mail sent by an Army Corps of Engineers official
  - whose name was blacked out by the Pentagon - that raises questions about Cheney's arm's-length policy
 toward his old employer. Dated March 5, 2003, the e-mail says "action" on a multibillion-dollar Halliburton
 contract was "coordinated" with Cheney's office. The e-mail says Douglas Feith, a high-ranking Pentagon hawk,
 got the "authority to execute RIO," or Restore Iraqi Oil, from his boss, who is Paul Wolfowitz. RIO is one of
 several large contracts the U.S. awarded to Halliburton last year. The e-mail says Feith approved arrangements
 for the contract "contingent on informing WH tomorrow. We anticipate no issues since action has been coordinated
 w VP's office." Three days later, the Army Corps of Engineers gave Halliburton the contract, without seeking other bids.
 Time located the e-mail among documents provided by Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group."
   --Time Magazine  Attribution

"We're getting away with it!"

 An Alternative History
  Click  Here

 A hush fell over the city as George W. Bush today became the first president of the United States
 ever to be removed from office by impeachment. Meeting late into the night, the Senate unanimously
 voted to convict Bush following a trial on his bill of impeachment from the House.

 Moments after being sworn in as the 44th president, Dick Cheney said that disgraced former national
 security adviser Condoleezza Rice would be turned over to the Hague for trial in the International Court
 of Justice as a war criminal. Cheney said Washington would "firmly resist" international demands that Bush
 be extradited for prosecution as well.

 I read that Bush was strong-arming 33 nations into signing a "treaty" with America promising they
 would never turn any American over to The Hague for war crimes in Afghanistan or Iraq.
 Funny and sad that a president would have to do that - isn't it?

 U.S. Tries to Exclude Its Troops from Prosecution
  Knowing we commited war crimes, Bush tries to cover up

  Click  Here

 The United States is insisting that its troops be exempt from international war crimes prosecutions
 while serving in Iraq, despite U.S. abuse of prisoners there, Human Rights Watch said today.

"Given the recent revelations from Abu Ghraib prison, the U.S. government has picked one hell of
 a moment to ask for special treatment on war crimes," said Richard Dicker, director of the International
 Justice program at Human Rights Watch. "The U.N. Security Council should not grant special favors to
 any country, including the United States."

 Could America's reputation be any worse?


Dozens of books you'll like in an easy-to-order format

 Has the U.S. Government Committed
 War Crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq?
  No wonder Bush wants a 'special dispensation' for his crimes

  Click  Here

 b) War Crimes: namely, violations of the laws or customs of war. Such violations shall include, but not be
    limited to, murder, ill-treatment or deportation to slave labor or for any other purpose of civilian population
    of or in occupied territory, murder or ill-treatment of prisoners of war or persons on the seas, killing of
    hostages, plunder of public or private property, wanton destruction of cities, towns, or villages, or
    devastation not justified by military necessity;

  Care to comment?

 From: brockfungo@yahoo.com

 Subject: A suggestion for your great site

 One day a week, you could devote an entire issue of Bartcop to comparing Jews with Nazis.

 For example, any Jew who believes that Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism are not
 the only religions entitled to have their own countries could be compared with Hitler.

 Any Jew who believes that Israel has a right to bulldoze houses that sit atop munitions tunnels
 containing weapons that are going to be used to kill Jewish children could be compared Himmler.

 Any Jew who thinks that killing 2500 Palestinian "militants" does not constitute a greater genocide
 than the slaughter of a million black Sudanese by Arabs could be compared to Goebbels.

 Any Jew who does not want to turn over "occupied territory" to people who have sworn their
 intention to murder all Jewish Israelis could be compared to Eichmann.

 I think most of your readers would experience multiple orgasms while viewing it.
 Just a suggestion intended to make your very popular site even more popular with the far left...assuming that's possible.

 Since so few people can discuss that situation without descending to that place you're at now,
 I try to avoid getting sucked into that quagmire - but enjoy your mail.

Please support our sponsors


 Report from Fallujah
  We were in Fallujah during the "ceasefire." This is what we saw and heard.

  Click  Here

 Nothing could have been easier than gaining the good-will of the people of Fallujah had the Americans not
 been so brutal in their dealings. Tribal peoples like these have been the most easily duped by imperialists for
 centuries now. But now a tipping point has been reached. To Americans, "Fallujah" may still mean four mercenaries
 killed, with their corpses then mutilated and abused; to Iraqis, "Fallujah" means the savage collective punishment for
 that attack, in which over 600 Iraqis have been killed, with an estimated 200 women and over 100 children
 (women do not fight among the muj, so all of these are noncombatants, as are many of the men killed).

  Care to comment?

 The Return of Partypoker.com


 I quit playing online poker last summer, I think, for two reasons:
They made it almost impossible to give them your money.
 It should quick and easy - like in Vegas. Trust me, if you want to give Vegas some money,
 they don't put any impediments in your way - they make it very, very easy, as they should.

 Many credit card companies won't so business with online poker companies, so they had
 a complicated system that was difficult for a slow guy like me to master, so the only way
 I could make deposits was with the help of their Indian support staff that didn't speak English.

 Now they have figured out a way to sell you "long distance minutes" that translate into cash.
 That means everyone is happy and making a deposit is a snap. With millions to be made,
 (seriously - millions) they finally used their brains and fixed their biggest problem.

It took forever to get a game started. They were still new and had few players, so had to wait forever
 for a game to start - but they are now so hueueueuege, it takes less than a minute to get a game started,
 so their two biggest problems are gone and it made for a profitable weekend.  On a weekend night,
 they have as many as 40,000 people who are drunk and ready to gamble.

 Remember - you're not playing the house - you're playing against drunken rubes.

 Plus, the players are guilty of watching the World Poker Tour and they take the play-by-play guys
 a little too seriously. On TV, if someone gets an A-10, Van Patten will say, "That's a monster hand,"
 so when the online player gets A-10, he goes "all in."  It's almost unfair.

 Also  they have so many players, they're running $5 Texas Hold'em tournaments. That means you can
 deposit $100 and play NINE $10 tournaments or SIXTEEN $5 tournaments. If you have any patience
 at all, you can make that $5 last an hour - and where can you get this kind of excitement for $5 an hour?

 For only the most serious poker player, I kept a transcript of the end of one game. The last three of us
 went "all in" and two of us lost. That left my opponent with $7370 in chips, and poor, old Bart only had $630.
 He had a 12-to-1 advantage on me, but I bullied him and pushed him around until I had all his chips.

  Click  Here  to read how Bart the Bully pushed the poor chip leader around.

 If I get some positive feedback, we might try again to do a private game, where only "Coppers" can play.
 Stupidly, they don't allow private Hold 'em tourneys - maybe that will change, but we could play some
 old-fashioned 5 Stud or something if anyone was interested.

 Click  Here  if you're interested in playing some $5 poker sometime..

 If you sign up, tell them you were sent by  bartcop
 They'll give me credit if you do.


 Warning: Playing poker here is a lot of fun. If you have gambling "issues,"
                          you should avoid partypoker.com because it's a lot of fun.

Marty's Entertainment Page


"There are antiwar Democrats who will fume and still vote for Kerry.
   I don't think Democrats should give their candidate a pass on the war."
   -- Nader, doing his best to give Bush a second term to finish what he started     Attribution

 Hey Ralph, maybe they want Bush to lose this time...


 The News that Would Have Been

  Click  Here

 Before the terrorist attack, September was destined to be a difficult month for George W. Bush.

 Allegations about the 2000 election and his legitimacy were about hit the news... pressure was mounting
 for formal investigations into election law violations in Florida... Dick Cheney was under increasing criticism
 about not releasing the names of the people who influenced energy policy... Newsweek published excerpts
 of "The Accidental President"... a major report was about to be released about the devastation landmines
 were bringing to innocent people, highlighting the treaty the U.S. has still not signed... international dissatisfaction
 was growing about the increasing U. S. arrogance and isolation... thousands of protesters were planning to link
 their arms around the White House... And, as George W. traveled to Florida to celebrate increased test scores
 at a Jacksonville school, an allegation arose that the scores were bogus.

 Then Fate intervened...


 *Light bulb appears over Bart's head*

 Any other delegates going to Boston for DemoCon 2004?
 I can't go, but I'd sure like to see some  bartcop.com  stickers/CDs distributed there.

 Who else will be inside at  DemoCon 2004?
 I should make up some demo packs and beg for volunteers...

 Are  YOU   inside  DemoCon 2004?

 Why the Democrats' Left Wing Is Muted

  Click  Here

 Joe Trippi, who was Dr. Dean's campaign manager, said he did not believe Kerry's
 position on the war would hurt him even among Dr. Dean's voters, and scoffed at the
 suggestion that some of them might go to Mr. Nader.

"On the war, I don't think there's a problem there at all," Mr. Trippi said, adding:
"Even the Nader fanatics won't do it because of George Bush. They don't want another four years of this guy."

 Former Representative Tom Andrews, a Democrat from Maine who now heads an umbrella group
 of antiwar organizations, Win Without War, said: "Everyone in the coalition I have talked to is
 supporting Kerry. There is no sentiment to support Nader."

Get Your War On, (c) 2004 by my good friend David Rees. Used with permission


"Time Magazine has obtained an internal Pentagon e-mail sent by an Army Corps of Engineers official
  - whose name was blacked out by the Pentagon - that raises questions about Cheney's arm's-length policy
 toward his old employer. Dated March 5, 2003, the e-mail says "action" on a multibillion-dollar Halliburton
 contract was "coordinated" with Cheney's office. The e-mail says Douglas Feith, a high-ranking Pentagon hawk,
 got the "authority to execute RIO," or Restore Iraqi Oil, from his boss, who is Paul Wolfowitz. RIO is one of
 several large contracts the U.S. awarded to Halliburton last year. The e-mail says Feith approved arrangements
 for the contract "contingent on informing WH tomorrow. We anticipate no issues since action has been coordinated
 w VP's office." Three days later, the Army Corps of Engineers gave Halliburton the contract, without seeking other bids.
 Time located the e-mail among documents provided by Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group."
   --Time Magazine  Attribution

 For House Democrats, a Whiff of Victory
  That's what we need - overconfidence at this point...

  Click  Here

 A continuing slip in public support for Bush puts a breeze at the Democrats' back.

"If that wind comes," said Rep. Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland, the House Democratic whip, "we are much,
 much better positioned than the Republicans were in 1994 to take the seats that we need to take back control."

 Mr. Hoyer argues that Democrats have more top candidates than the Republicans did in 1994, and need to gain
 fewer seats: 12, as against 38. He also says his party's contenders are in a much better financial position than those
 ascendant Republicans were.

 Further, Mr. Hoyer and other Democrats see in public opinion surveys the beginnings of a growing sentiment
 for change, the very thing that helped do in the Democrats


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"This disturbing intelligence indicates Al Qaeda's specific intention to hit the United States hard."
       -- John Ashcroft, trying to scare voters into running towards the "war" president Attribution

"When questioned about the timing of the announcement, Mr. Ashcroft explained, "We believe the public,
 like all of us, needs a reminder."   At Mr. Ashcroft's behest, let's remind ourselves: This administration,
 despite warnings, did nothing to prevent the attacks of 9/11. They have thus far failed to capture or kill bin Laden.
 They diverted crucial personnel and supplies from the pursuit of bin Laden in favor of their hungrily desired war
 in Iraq. They based the Iraq war on finding stockpiles of illegal weapons and disrupting Saddam's ties to al Queda
 --neither of which has been shown to exist. Bush and his people not only persist in clinging to these arguments,
 they also insist on the humanitarian nature of the invasion--that we invaded and occupied for the benefit of the
 Iraqi people. (They ignore the fact that we've killed between two to three times as many civilians in Iraq as
 America lost on 9/11.) Finally, let's remind ourselves that we're facing a deficit approaching half a trillion dollars,
 while Mr. Bush is still seeking to slash taxes and expand the war on "terror."
    --Charles Cutter, "If Fear Fails, What's Next?" Attribution

"Take this al Qaeda traitor to Gitmo
 and give him the Lindsey Special!"


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 Subject: Advertising on Air America Radio

 For $190, you'll get three mentions on AAR, instead of two, while supplies last.

 Click  Here  to hear the sample ad. The real thing will sound better.

 Tired of being unknown?

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK 74155

 We figure to do this the first week of June.

 So if you're thinking about getting involved in this - and have at least $190,
 the price of ads dropped 33 percent thanks to Helldog and others who chipped in.

 Update:  We're ready to accept your payment for these ads.

  So far we have received ad money from:


 ...and the "pledges"  - pledges need to hurry - time is running out!!

 I want talk to each of you by phone. Send me your number.

 We're only going to have once chance to get this right. Once we send the ads to AAR
 we can't change them, so be certain of what you want to say in those few seconds

  Click  Here  to get discovered

Ten views per penny.
Nobody gives you a better deal that that.


Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

806  814 dead American soldiers.

814 families destroyed forever - for Bush's oil grab.

Soon it will be 900, and then 1000.

Over 800 death on Bush's watch



"The Bush/Limbaughians have spoken. According to a just released ABC News poll, "most Republicans,
 55 percent, say physical abuse is acceptable ...You claim to be good Christians and then act without even
 the least bit of human dignity of morality. Jesus offered up the other cheek, you condone punching that cheek
 while the man is naked, wearing a hood, and being force to masturbate in front of growling dogs. You claim to
 hate terrorists because they don't operate by basic, accepted rules of war and human rights, and then say you
 are just fine doing the same. You claim to be the ones who can define and dictate American values and family
 values, and then openly state that what you really embrace are terrorist values, anarchist values, and inhuman
 torture values. You knew the torture we are starting to find out about was occurring and you were glad for it
 -- we told our readers that before, and now it is seen confirmed in this poll."
    -- John S. Ashton,  Attribution

 Williams Hung Butchers 'Take Me Out to Ball Game'


  Click  Here

 The American Idol reject best known for his hyperactive, tone-deaf rendition of
 Ricky Martin's "She Bangs," shrugged off a brief smattering of boos and belted out
 the baseball classic off-key while fans egged him on. Some even joined in.

 Subject: Tilman's Death Was Likely From Allied Fire

 Does Tillman still qualify as a hero?


 Emax, you bet your ass he does.
 Volunteering to die for your country is what makes someone a hero.
 Being rich and famous and volunteering to die for his country makes him more of one.

 A shot of Chinaco Anejo to every veteran - past or present, alive or dead
 - even the Republicans, but not the ones who deserted for 18 months of Jim Beam.

 Can I get a drink?

 George "Cannot Tell a Lie" Washington vs.
 George "Cannot Tell a True Statement" Bush
   by Kevin J. Shay

  Click  Here

 I'm old enough to clearly remember the lies of Reagan and Bush Sr., many of which were more "honest" lies -
 if there is such a thing - than the present filth emanating from the White House. Reagan Iran-Contra player Oliver North
 was honest enough to admit he lied to Congress during that scandal. Today's Bush administration not only refuses to admit
 its lies but spins them around as a positive course for our nation and world. John Dean, White House counsel under Nixon,
 wrote in 2003 that Bush's lies "are almost never justifiable .They are typically of the most serious kind - lies that misinform
 the public in such a way as to disrupt the proper functioning of the democratic process."

 I lived through Nixon and Reagan and Bush Sr., and I'm sure I'll live through Bush Jr., even if he steals another election.

 But I refuse to observe the lies told by Bush and not raise my voice against them. I refuse to go along with this policy.
 I will risk being branded unpatriotic and worse by Bush-supporting liars and hypocrites.

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the 

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Do something nice for a war veteran this weekend.

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 If your GOP workplace doesn't want you to see the truth, use these mirrors.

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