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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush's Draft is Coming
Iraqis Hate Bush's CIA PUppet
Ashcroft Targets Web Casinos
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Iraq: Where's Our Oil Money?
The Fruits of Saint George 
Bush steals Saddam's pistol
The Truth about Gas Prices 
Cuts in Vet's Health Care


Quote of the Day

"A daylight robbery is going in Iraq. 
  I have first hand information from sources 
  in al-Bakr port in southern Iraq, and in the 
  Turkish port of Jihan, confirming that three 
  million oil barrels are being taken out of 
  Iraq on a daily basis" 
   -- Muzhir al-Dulaymi, spokesman for the League 
   for the Defence of Iraqi Peoples' Rights,  Attribution

 3 million barrels times $40 a barrel equals 
 $120M per day Bush is stealing from Iraq.

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Volume 1324 - Dream that you're free


  Tuesday    June 1, 2004


"Bush asked some practical questions about how things worked, but he did not offer or hint at his desires.
  The Joint Chiefs' staff had placed a peppermint at each place. Bush unwrapped his and popped it into his mouth.
  Later he eyed Cohen's mint and flashed a pantomime query, Do you want that? Cohen signaled no, so Bush
  reached over and took it. Near the end of the hour-and-a-quarter briefing, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs,
  Army Gen. Henry H. Shelton, noticed Bush eyeing his mint, so he passed it over."
    --Bob Woodward, on what occupies a monkey's mind during important military meetings - candy  Attribution

 After all these years, stories of Bush's stupidity continue to amaze me.

 Draft dilemma
  The draft is coming but it's such a vote loser, no one wants to mention it

  Click  Here

 There is pending legislation in the House and Senate which will time the program's
 initiation so the draft can begin at early as Spring 2005 -- just after the 2004 election.
 The administration is quietly trying to get these bills passed now, while the public's
 attention is on the elections, so our action on this is needed immediately.

 Dodging the draft will be more difficult than those from the Vietnam era.
 College and Canada will not be options.

 In December 2001, Canada and the U.S. signed a "smart border declaration,"
 which could be used to keep would-be draft dodgers in. This plan, among other things,
 eliminates higher education as a shelter and includes women in the draft.

 So, Bush is going to steal this election, lock all the exits and force YOU at gunpoint
 to invade the countries that have oil or refuse to let him build a pipeline there, as he
 did with Iraq and Afghanistan and the Democrats are helping him do this with their
 silence and their refusal to insist on fair and legal elections with a paper trail.

  Care to comment?



"When the fighting is over in Fallujah, I will sell everything I have, even my home.  I will send
  my brothers north to kill the Kurds, and I will go to America and target the civilians. Only the civilians.
  Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. And the one who started it will be the one to be blamed."
      --Abu Taif Mashhadani, whose 8-year-old daughter was killed by a U.S. sniper,    Attribution

 Vote Bush 2004 because of the great job he's doing in the war on terra

 Iraqis Decry U.S. Over President Choice
  CIA/BFEE stooge not the 'sovereignty' the Iraqis had in mind

  Click  Here

 Iraqi Governing Council members accused American officials Monday of pressuring them
 to accept Bush's choice for Iraq's new president, prompting a delay in the announcement
 of a new government to take power from the U.S.-led coalition June 30.

 Most council members favor civil engineer Ghazi Mashal Ajil al-Yawer, 45, the current council president.
 The BFEE is backing their employee, former foreign minister Adnan Pachachi, 81. Both are Sunni Muslims.

  Care to comment?

 Subject: Actions speak louder than words

 I've always believed that it's not what you say that matters - it's what you do.
 Although the Catholic Church claims to be against priests raping children, their actions tell a different tale.
 Archbishop Bernard Law who covered up the raping of children by priests in Boston has now been
 transfered to the Vatican. This sends a message that the Catholic Church is more interested in protecting
 the careers of the clergy that protecting Catholic children from being raped by priests.

 Although the Church gives lip service saying that priests should not have sex with children - what they are
 doing speaks louder than what they are saying. So when the church says that some politicians aren't fit to
 take communion because of their stance on abortion - I say that the Catholic Church isn't fit to give communion
 based on their stance on allowing priests to have sex with children. Any religion that allows child rape has
 no moral authority to take a stand on anything.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.



"The battle has moved to inside America...
  Freedom and human rights in America are doomed.
  The U.S. government will lead the American people and the
  West in general into an unbearable hell and choking fire."
      --Osama bin Laden, in a BBC interview after 9/11,   Attribution

 U.S. Targets Online Casinos by Seizing Cash
  Instead of chasing terrorists they go after small businesses?

  Click  Here

 The money initially belonged to Tropical Paradise, a Costa Rica-based Internet casino operation,
 which in October paid Discovery for television spots to advertise an online poker room, ParadisePoker.com.
 According to court documents, the government seized the money and told Discovery, which is based in
 Silver Spring, Md., that it could be party to an illegal activity by broadcasting such advertisements.

"This is not drug money or terrorist money," said Rodney A. Smolla, dean of the University of Richmond
 School of Law. "The fact it is being treated as such shows a crusader's zeal against offshore gambling.".

 Republicans lie when they say they want less government.
 The minute they see somebody having fun, Republians feel obliged to jump and stop all that
 just so they can please the multi-billion dollar religion lobby and the Invisible Cloud Being.

  Care to comment?

Get Your War On, (c) 2004 by my good friend David Rees. Used with permission

 Bush Hails U.S. War Dead and Veterans
  Bush uses day of reflection to praise Rummy and lie about the war

  Click  Here

 China Places Conditions on Britney Tour
  "Keep your pants on or you can't perform in our country"

  Click  Here

 GOP Takes Off Gloves in Bout of Budget Infighting
  Dems too scared to have an opinion so GOP fights for both sides

  Click  Here

 Judge: Chimp's Abortion Ban Unconstitutional
  "Partial-Birth Abortion" (no such thing) unconstitutional, infringes on a woman's right to choose.

  Click  Here

 Planned Layoffs Rise Again in the U.S.
  But media whores still say Bush economy is "greatest ever"

  Click  Here

 Iraqis fail to regain control of oil revenue
  "No oil revenues for YOU!" screams Bush to Iraq

  Click  Here

 The latest Iraqi attempts to recover control of the country's oil revenues from the United States
 appear to have hit a dead end with a special delegation being rebuffed in its bid secure UN help.

 The delegation has been in New York in a bid to petition the UN to exert pressure on US occupation
 authorities, who currently preside over Iraq's oil output. The US has imposed secrecy on oil deals,
 exportation, and use of revenues. Iraqi officials have previously asked for access to oil revenues,
 but have been turned down by the occupation Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) headed by Paul Bremer.

"A daylight robbery is going in Iraq. I have first hand information from sources in al-Bakr port in southern Iraq,
 and in the Turkish port of Jihan, confirming that three million oil barrels are being taken out of Iraq on a daily basis" al-Dulaymi said.

 If you've been reading  bartcop.com  this is really old news.
 Bush has been stealing that $2.4B each month and telling Iraq to go to hell on the accounting.
 This is why we invaded in the first place and they're not giving up that revenue.


 Dueling Quotes

"It's because the scale of this was so small that the people of Iraq will forgive us. "
     --Gen Mark Kimmitt, deputy director of operations in Iraq with another rosy prediction,   Attribution

"People are so angry. There's no way to explain the reactions. People would rather
  be dead than sexually abused and degraded by the animals running Abu Ghraib prison. 
       --posted by river,    Baghdad Burning; Girl Blog from Iraq   Attribution

 Cynical compassion 
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 The White House budget office recently issued guidelines to federal agencies currently planning
 for the 2006 budget. Those guidelines require substantial spending cuts for almost all domestic
 programs aside from homeland security, although that supposed Republican priority will be cut as well.
 Spending on education, so often promoted by Bush as the hallmark of his domestic agenda, would
 nearly eliminate last year's $1.7 billion increase. The highly successful Women, Infants, and Children
 nutrition program would lose more than $100 million, leaving many poor families without assistance.
 Head Start, another successful program that provides early childhood education to deprived children,
 is slated to lose $177 million, or 2.5 percent of its total budget.

 Sacrifices have to be made to pay for Bush's disasterous tax cut and disasterous war bungling.
 Who's going to pay for that?  The poor and the middle class, but the rich get off scott free again.

"Screw those kids - tax cuts rock!"

 The Fruits of Saint George
  The Christian Right needs to look at Bush and decide "What Would Jesus Do?"

  Click  Here

 I imagined George W. Bush as the mean little kid who got his kicks by pulling legs off of grasshoppers,
 but I was wrong. Young George preferred sticking firecrackers in frogs' mouths (wrong) and watching them explode
 (NYTimes, 5/21/00).

 Put this together with a couple of DUIs, some questionable business dealings and a spotty military record,
 and you don't exactly have the resume of the leader of the free world. Fortunately for him, Bush doesn't
 have to worry about his past indiscretions because he has been "born again".


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 Bush steals Saddam's pistol as trophy
 He's stolen that whole nation - might as well steal the guns, too

  Click  Here

 President Bush keeps in his White House offices a trophy, the pistol that
 Saddam held when soldiers pulled him from his underground hideaway.

 Military specialists mounted the sidearm, and soldiers who helped in Saddam's
 kidnapping presented it to the president, the White House said Sunday. The
 president keeps the gun in a small study adjoining the Oval Office.


  Care to comment?

 Subject: Ralph Nader and the Constitution

 Dear Bartcop:
 Doesn't Ralph Nader have the Constitutional right to run for President?

 Yes, he also has the right to help elect Bush.

 I don't think that Justice Scalia has abrogated that section of the document...yet.
 You can't claim that Nader cost Gore the election.

 Sure I can - because it's true.

 You can't claim that Nader will cost Kerry the election.

 I can only guess at the future, but the past is clear.

 If the demos can't win an election outright on what they campaign on...
 they need to just shut up and figure out why they are such losers.

 They could win if they'd try, but they're too afraid to try.

 John Kerry offers America absolutely nothing different from George Bush.
 We should elect another clone? We should elect another "stay the course" puppet?

 Are you from Planet Earth?
 Kerry and Bush are clones?
 Do you feel the same about up and down?

 The demos had Howard Dean, Wesley Clark, Dennis Kucinich, and even Al Sharpton
 offered something different. In the final analysis, the demos offer the same old, same old.
 Nothing new and dynamic or worthy of support.

 If you want Bush to complete his destruction of America, just say so, but it's illogical
 to say all the candidates are the same as the worst president in American history.

 I can't support Kerry, he is simply Bush-lite. I will probably vote for the Libertarian but,
 I live in Utah and my vote won't count anyway.  On the issue of Kerry vs. Nader,
 we are going to have to agree to disagree.
 peace bro,
 Don N

 My opinion is that you're either with Bush or against him.
 As of today, Kerry is the only person in America who can push Bush off his throne.
 Voting for anyone but Kerry is a vote for Bush, but I understand the Utah thing.
 I live in Oklahoma so my votes never count.

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"Exactly how may laws, federal and D.C., might the President be breaking with his possession of Saddam's firearm?
 Did he receive a background check for the transfer of ownership? Is Bush licensed to possess a firearm in a federal facility?
 The District of Columbia prohibits firearms to be gifts. How many people are implicated in Bush's firearm possession?
 And, of course, ignorance of the law does not excuse the potential crimes."
         --The Rude Pundit, on Dubya's receiving Saddam's stolen firearm   Attribution

 They Should Never Have Been in Prison
   Taken from their homes, Iraqi men are jailed for no reason

  Click  Here

 Consider the case of mechanic Salahadul Karem. He was sitting in his Baghdad home
 with his family last winter when the U.S. Army swept through his neighborhood in Humvees.

"They arrested everyone," he says - every man at least. Karem says he was taken away along
 with his elder brother and his 14-year-old brother who suffers from severe mental retardation.
 Most neighbors were also taken away and incarcerated at a nearby U.S. military base for questioning.

 Iraqis taken to Abu Ghraib are not given trials where they can prove their innocence, or even where
 guilt could be established. They are simply arrested, incarcerated, and interrogated by occupation forces.

 Exactly how are we spreading "freedom and democracy" in Iraq?

  Care to comment?


This month's evil GOP bastard is Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma


"...the president now argues that he is best equipped to guard the country from the full brunt
  of the consequences of his own misguided actions, managerial incompetence and dishonesty.
  Strip away the chatter and isn't that pretty much the argument? Who will best be able to
  avert the worst case scenario end result of my policy?"
       --Josh Marshall,   http://www.bushbacklash.com

 If I get some positive feedback, we might try again to do a private game, where only "Coppers" can play.
 Stupidly, they don't allow private Hold 'em tourneys - maybe that will change, but we could play some
 old-fashioned 5 Card Stud or something if anyone was interested.

 Click  Here  if you're interested in playing some $5 poker sometime..

 If you sign up, tell them you were sent by  bartcop


 Warning: Playing poker here is a lot of fun. If you have gambling "issues,"
                          you should avoid partypoker.com because it's a lot of fun.

Marty's Entertainment Page

 The truth about soaring gas prices
   by  Arianna Huffington

  Click  Here

 At the same time car owners are having to consider taking out a second mortgage in order
 to fill up their tanks, oil companies are raking in record profits. ConocoPhillips, for example,
 the United States' largest oil refiner, recently reported its largest first quarter profits ever.
 And Exxon Mobil just posted its highest first quarter refining earnings in 13 years.

 Coincidentally, these companies and their oil and gas industry brethren have a highly profitable
 habit of greasing the receptive palms of their friend George Bush -- doling out over $3.5 million
 to his 2000 and 2004 presidential runs.

 Bush doesn't even try to hide the fact that he's on the take.
 Since the Democrats refuse to say anything, and the press plays along,
 he can loot America until there's nothing left to steal.

 *Light bulb appears over Bart's head*

 Any other delegates going to Boston for DemoCon 2004?
 I can't go, but I'd sure like to see some  bartcop.com  stickers/CDs distributed there.

 Who else will be inside at  DemoCon 2004?
 I should make up some demo packs and beg for volunteers...

 Are  YOU   inside  DemoCon 2004?


"I've been disgusted with the whole ordeal. I won't be voting for George Bush."
     --Shirley Bates, who says the life of her grandson "was wasted over there",   Attribution

 No responsibility in Bush's fantasy world
    by Michael Hammerschlag

  Click  Here

 Nobody should be surprised at the prisoner torture scandal- we all knew it from the first shocking pictures
 of the shackled hog-tied hooded Afghan prisoners in Guantanamo. We are all guilty. This was sensory
 deprivation torture, along with denying sleep- the easiest way to break someone. Do we do that? I thought.
 Well, OK- maybe for those fanatic Taliban terrorists. But the Bushmen were already promulgating these
 brutal procedures throughout the military, carefully inoculating themselves by rejecting the World Court and
 forcing governments to grant immunity to our troops for the atrocities that were planned. When you say
 prisoners have no rights: no right to be judged, no advocate, no appeal, no hope, no future- torture is the
 inevitable result. After all, these aren't humans- these are creatures with no rights- whom are they going to
 complain to? Now they say 37 prisoners have died in our custody. There is torture in every war, but not
 on orders from the top. We are supposed to be better than that.


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"Is it, do you think, I mean this is a criticism that we get a lot, particularly from the Left,
  that we in the media generally have not been aggressive enough in reporting on bad news
  and that we have been too willing to accept the administration's message on good news?"
     -- Aaron Brown, acting innocent about the Bush cover up   Attribution

 Hey Aaron, I'll bet you can name 10 women who made money making claims about Clinton's cock,
 but you can't tell me how many time President never-elected has been arrested.

 That's one way to prove you obsessed over tiny Democratic "crimes" while looking the other way
 when the Usurper kills thousands in Iraq and over 800 brave soldiers, you on-the-payroll slut.


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Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

814  816 dead American soldiers.

814 families destroyed forever - for Bush's oil grab.

Soon it will be 900, and then 1000.

Over 800 death on Bush's watch



"Bush gives his repulsive speeches.  He asks Iraqis to not let these pictures reflect on their
  attitude towards the American people and yet when the bodies were dragged through the
  streets of Falloojeh, the American troops took it upon themselves to punish the whole city. "
    --posted by river,    Baghdad Burning; Girl Blog from Iraq   Attribution

 Bush Thanks Veterans, Then Cuts Their Health Care

  Click  Here

 Late last week, the Administration released a memo detailing a plan to cut $1 billion from the Veterans Administration
 in the first budget of its second term.  The cut would come even after the White House has tried to close veterans
 hospitals throughout the country, and has proposed veterans health care budgets that have been criticized by veterans
 groups and the President's own Veterans Affairs secretary.4 It also comes after the president decided to cut off 164,000
 veterans from their existing prescription drug coverage, and threatened to veto any bill that would allow veterans to receive
 both the military pension they were promised, and any disability compensation to which they are entitled.

 Yet most veterans love Bush and would gladly march over a cliff for him,
 while hating Clinton for having a girlfriend and bringing us peace and prosperity.


 Subject: Bill Nevins

 Dear BartCop,
 I recently read an article on your site about the New Mexico High School teacher that was fired for
 not censoring his students. I sent the article from activism now to my sister, the Republican. She is a
 consumate know-it-all and older than me to boot. She took great pride in giving me the letter written
 by a Courtney from New Mexico regarding the story. Apparently it was NOT true the way the story claims.

 What does "giving me a letter by a Courtney in New Mexico" mean?

 The teacher was fired, but not for that, and now he is making the story on your site what it was about.
 The student claims that her freedom of speech was never challenged or silenced in any way. The principal
 did check the poem to make sure it did not have anything in it that would incite violence or have obscenity included.

 I just wanted you to know about this and maybe you could put something on your site regarding the truth instead.
 I felt like a complete moron when I received her email, I could feel the sarcasm know-it-all tone of voice in it as well.
 I love your site, keep making me laugh

 Nikki, did she send you a URL from a trustworthy site?
 Or did she merely repeat the Rush/Hannity slant on the story?

 I don't know your sister, but Republicans as a rule cannot tell the truth.
 Witness the lies they're telling about our "great success" in Iraq.
 I'd be interested to know where your sister got her "facts," because a Google search

  Click  Here  only brought up one link and that was the story we printed.
 Having said that, yes, newspapers often print lies just to sell more papers.
 The New York Whore Times tells as many lies as any supermarket tabloid,
 but I'll assume the story is true until your sister gives us more than her opinion.

 Can I get a drink?

 U.S. seeks new exemption from war-crimes tribunal

  Click  Here

 The United States wants to extend the exemption of U.S. peacekeepers from international prosecution,
 but human rights groups said Thursday that the prisoner abuse scandal showed America needs global oversight.

 The Bush administration argues that the world's first permanent war crimes tribunal -- which was established on
 July 1, 2002 and started operating last year -- could be used for frivolous or politically motivated prosecution of American troops.

 OR,  it could be used when petty tyrants with big armies thumb their nose at the Geneva Convention
 and wink when their troops are torturing and murdering probably-innocent civilians behind prison walls.

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the 

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to record your message.

 I had on Court TV while finishing up today's page.
 They've already convicted Scott Peterson.

 "Will the jury buy Scott Peterson's lies?  Can he fool them?"

 I believe that's why Geregos got involved - because the state of California
 and the media press whores were ready with that needle the day he was arrested.

 They also "know" he's guilty because he took his new boat out in bad weather.
 I've never owned a boat, but if I ever buy one, I promise it will take a hurricane
 to prevent me from taking my new boat out for a ride as soon as possible.

 Use of the word 'Victim' Barred at Bryant Trial

  Click  Here

 District Judge Terry Ruckriegle said he agreed with Bryant's lawyers that the term "victim"
 implies guilt and should not be used at trial. He said she must be referred to by name; or in
 jury instructions, where she must be referred to as "person."

 The use of the term "victim" in the context of the trial, Ruckriegle said, "could improperly suggest
 that a crime had been committed such that the presumption of innocence might be jeopardized."

 In his ruling, Ruckriegle said there are numerous definitions of "victim" in state law.
 For his part, the judge said he will continue to refer to the woman as alleged victim.

 Y'know, they could call her the plaintiff.
 Wenster defines plaintiff as  "a person who brings a legal action."
 That would seem accurate, don't you think?

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