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Diebold goes neutral?
Teresa: Bush raising our funds
Bushwhacking the Gipper
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
One Warning Went Unheard
Reagan Legacy Looming Large 
Neverending Memorial Begins
Wars based on nothing
1,000 days since 9-11


Quote of the Day

"The world knows that America will never
  start a war. This generation of Americans 
  has had enough of war and hate ... we want 
  to build a world of peace where the weak 
  are secure and the strong are just." 
    --JFK, 8 months after the Cuban missile crisis 

  Poor JFK, they murdered him before he had a 
  chance to see how low they would drag Amerika

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Volume 1329 -  1,000 Days


  Monday    June 7, 2004


"Thank you, sir. I would have a question for Mr. Bush. Once, President Kennedy said,
"Everyone has two countries, their own, and France." And why is it that your policy tends to
  be pushing your country and France to divorce? Second point, some in public opinion have
  accused you of state terrorism, and do you not believe that what has happened in Abu Ghraib
  has put you in the same basket, as it were, of Saddam Hussein, especially in the eyes of an
  international tribunal, and especially in light of the unfound weapons of mass destruction?
      --Question to Dubya, Elysee Palace, Paris, France, 06/05/04,  Attribution

  The GOP likes to call the French, "Cheese eating surrender monkeys," but it sounds like
 they have a free press in France - too bad we don't have any of that here in America

 Diebold Halts Top Execs' Political Gifts
  Crooked company trying to look legit for the next 5 months

  Click  Here

 Diebold Inc., criticized last year for selling electronic voting machines while its chairman raised money for
 Republicans, has banned its senior executives from making such donations.

 The company's board of directors last week passed an amendment to its business ethics policy, according to
 a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. It states that top Diebold officials "may not make
 contributions to, directly or indirectly, any political candidate, party, election issue or cause, or participate in
 any political activities, except for voting."

 Walden O'Dell, Diebold's chairman and chief executive officer, was criticized in August 2003 for having a
 $1,000-a-plate Republican fund-raiser at his suburban Columbus home. In a letter inviting people to attend,
 O'Dell said he was "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year."

 How binding is "a policy?".
 Besides, the cat is already out of the bag. The senior crooks have informed the nation that they will do
 everything to ensure that the crooked party wins - and the Democrats don't mind.

       "Why would we mind? Republicans don't cheat!"

  Care to comment?   If you disagree, tell me what Democrats are doing to ensure accurate voting.


"Last night I had a dream that Michael Moore got shot in the head...
  What a beautiful dream that was..."
    -- sent in by   MrtgeMan31@aol.com

 Your side has a history of using violence to settle political disputes.
 Lee Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray, Tim McVeigh - the list is long

 Kerry's wife says Bush's actions helps Democrats

  Click  Here

 Teresa Heinz Kerry says President Bush may be her husband's biggest fund-raiser.
"Alone, I was able to raise $2 million in a week a month ago," she said Thursday.
"I don't think it's me. I think it's the other guy, and I don't mean my husband."

"I think in a sense he's our biggest fund-raiser."

 Subject:  1000 days since 9-11

 On Monday June 7th 2004 will be 1000 days since Osama bin Laden blew up the World Trade center.
 Bin Laden is still free and I can't help to think that he's not seriously being pursued.
 If America was REALLY focused on capturing bin Laden that he would be caught by now.

 Makes you wonder if Bush cut a deal with bin Laden and this war on terror is phony!

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA

 Bushwhacking the Gipper
 apj.us  scores with Pundit Pap

  Click  Here

 It would be easy to spend my time this weekend making snide (but funny) remarks at Ronald Reagan's expense.
 However, I am not the person to do it. Not today.

 Something about Ronald Reagan that women should be aware of is that as Governor he signed the bill
 legalizing abortion in the state of California BEFORE the Supreme Court ruled on Roe v. Wade.
 You won't hear the Republicans talking about that little factoid, but it's something I won't forget.

 Nor should it be overlooked that Nancy Reagan for some time has been vigorously supporting
 stem cell research, to the great dismay of the right wing whackoes.

 I didn't know Reagan was "a baby killer."
 I need to read Pundit Pap more often.

  Care to comment?


Get Your War On, (c) 2004 by my good friend David Rees. Used with permission

 Subject: Three Days of the Condor

 Maybe you could point out this paradox. Remember the 1975 movie "3 Days of the Condor?
 At the end, the hero (Robert Redford) who had found the evidence of a far fetched plot to invade
 a Middle East country for oil, was confronted by the, I believe, head of the CIA (Cliff Robertson)
 who demanded to know what the hero intended to do with the evidence.

 Redford looked up at the building they happened to be standing in front of, the New York Times,
 and the answer was implied, "give it to the most respected newspaper in the country, the one the
 people could always count on for telling the truth, no matter what the consequences".

 How ironic that now, when that once far fetched plot has incredibly become reality, the same once
 "pillar of public trust", the Times, betrays it's charge as the "teller of truth" and actively promotes
 that war and the lies upon which it is based.

 Truth is indeed stranger than fiction, you've come a long way baby, and all that.

 Thanks, and keep up the great reporting.
 Bob Irving

 Bob, I agree, and I think it's incredibly sad that this once great newspaper has turned whore
 and now takes its marching orders from the vulgar Pigboy and Matt Drudge.

 Worst of all, is that it's so unnecessary. The Times can make a profit selling legitimate news,
 but they want that EXTRA nickel that whores earn with lies and they went for that full throttle.


"I express my deep regret because Reagan died before facing justice for
  his ugly crime that he committed in 1986 against the Libyan children."
     -- Bush's new friend Moammar Gadhafi, whose daughter was killed by Reagan  Attribution

 Subject: Reagan was overrated

 Reagan was overrated. And in fact, he wasn't even the most popular postwar president
 upon leaving office- that award goes to Ol' Bill Clinton.

 Clinton had a higher average rating during his presidency than did Reagan.

 all this glory unto Reagan for his marvelous economic work. It's like if your uncle stole your
 VISA card & took you to the swankiest joint in town, would you thank him for the meal?

 His aggressiveness with the Soviet Union in building up the arms race might have accelerated
 what was happening anyway: the fall of the USSR. But if it did, he did it at a cost of potential
 peril for the world. It was a gamble we won, but a gamble nonetheless.

 But for errors of the Reagan years:

 1.) even the architect of Supply Side Economics (David Stockman) admitted after the fact that the whole thing didn't work in the edn

 2.) Reagan's support of the death squads in El Salvador & murdering  contras in Nicaragua was unconsconable

 3.) the whole Iran Contra fiasco ended up with America trading arms for hostages (unlike GW, Reagan DID
 have the balls to admit a mistake, and he admitted this) with our enimies the Iranians. The crew that ran that
 circus ended up cooking up this Iraq War, with many (including ex-felons) now working in the Bush administration.
 Negroponte, Abrams, Poindexter, etc. all forund work with GW Bush.

 4.) the Star Wars boondoggle is no closer to reality than when Reagan imagined it, after billions of wated taxpaper bucks.

 John D


"...the French are going to provide great advice. President Chirac has got
 good judgment about the Middle East, and he understands those countries well.
    --Dubya, on his knees in front of the head cheese-eating surrender monkey   Attribution

 Subject: remembering Reagan

 Reagan tripled the national debt.  If his admirers want something to remember him by there's
 always the ~ $3 trillion of debt that accumulated while he was in office - debt that we haven't
 even started to pay off though we pay interest on it year after year.

 Reagan's support of the death squads in El Salvador & murdering contras in Nicaragua was unconscionable

 I haven't heard a mention of this in all the media bio's that have been streaming passed over the weekend
 Reagan apparently had a lot of charisma and even his political adversaries, like Tip O'Neill, liked him but
 that avuncular charm masked a lot of ugly shit going on in central America.

 Republicans need enemies, they can't seem to function without them.  If it's not minorities it's commies,
 if it's not commies it's terrorists, if it's not terrorists it's Democrats.  They need an enemy on which to focus
 their bad energy.  Reagan hated communists to the irrational extreme that we supported death squads in
 El Salvador (remember the missionary nuns who were raped and murdered?) and the Contras in Nicaragua
 (essentially terrorist thugs who killed peasants who had no political convictions).

 Steve H


"This is not a speech. Two weeks ago I set aside the speech I prepared. This is a cry from the heart,
  a lamentation for the loss of this country's goodness and therefore its greatness. Future historians
  studying the decline and fall of America will mark this as the time the tide began to turn -- toward a
  mean-spirited mediocrity in place of a noble beacon. For me the final blow was American guards
  laughing over the naked, helpless bodies of abused prisoners in Iraq. "There is a time to laugh,"
  the Bible tells us, "and a time to weep." Today I weep for the country I love, the country I proudly
  served, the country to which my four grandparents sailed over a century ago with hopes for a new land
 of peace and freedom. I cannot remain silent when that country is in the deepest trouble of my lifetime."
        --Theodore Sorensen, at New School University,  Attribution

 Before 9/11, One Warning Went Unheard

  Click  Here   Now with working link!

 When Jack Roche telephoned Australia's intelligence agency in July 2000, he offered a tantalizing story:
 He had been to Afghanistan and ate lunch with Osama bin Laden. He had received training in explosives
 and plotted with Al Qaeda leaders to carry out a bombing in Australia.

 A Muslim convert, Roche was prepared to become an informant, his attorney says, and provide information
 about Al Qaeda; its Southeast Asian affiliate, Jemaah Islamiah; and their goal of staging an attack in a Western country.
 But at the time - 14 months before the Sept. 11 attacks - no one was interested.

 It wasn't until 2 1/2 years later that authorities decided to take Roche seriously and arrested him on terrorism charges.
 Last week he was sentenced to nine years in prison for conspiring with Al Qaeda leaders to blow up the Israeli Embassy in Canberra.

 Moral of the story: Don't ever try to help catch bin Laden because they'll just put you in prison.

 Subject: your crashing ignorance

 Bart, when you show your crashing ignorance, you really go overboard!
 The geographic nomenclature "Palestine" is a variant on the word "Philistine."

 This is because, before the "Israelites" allegedly (re)immigrated (back) into the "Promised Land after
 the archaeologically unprovable Old Testament event of Exodus, according to their own holy book of
 G_d-commanded directives, the "Hebrews" committed an open-ended, religiously mandated genocide
 of the entire targeted region that was populated by Philistines (excluding one city, whose residents
 were instead simply enslaved) to ensure their own ascendancy in the land!

 I don't know anything about any of that.

 As a child, I can't believe you NEVER went to church.

 As a child you thought that?

 Palestine was the land of the Philistines.
 It should be most important to note that none of the below electronically reproduced ancient maps
 show anywhere a locality called "Israel."  In any event, during the first "Jewish" War (as recorded
 by the preeminent ancient historian, Josephus) the "Israelite" nation was wholly destroyed by Rome
 and its identity almost completely wiped from the historical record of the day.  The following "bar Kochba"
 revolt of 130 AD virtually insured that "Jews" became a nearly extinct minority in the Levant.

 That's very interesting, or would be if I gave a damn.

 For at nearly 2,000+ years at least,

 <much snippage> but he sent links for some lifesize maps HereHere  and Here

 Bart, are you one of those quasi-fundamentalist-educated hick types who believe in the Zionist historical
 revision of "A land without a people for a people without a land" Zionist propaganda BULLSHIT?

 No, the truth is I don't care.
 How much cleaer could I be on that point?

 As it is, when you say, "I've never seen a map with Palestine on it," it's just another display of your
 crashing ignorance about the Levant and its fake-Hebrew, Zionist colonial invasion of Palestine.

 Gues what, Mr. Know It All - that was and isa true statement.
 When I say, "I've never seen a map with Palestine on it," how can you say that's false?
 Did I give a guarantee that no Palestinian maps have ever existed?
 No, I said I'd never seen one.  I'll bet Saudi Arabian history and geography books have
 Palestinian maps in them, but so few of those reach me desk here in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

 I'd sure enjoy playing some high stakes poker with you.

 I even took the time to punch in "Palestine map" or "Map of palestine" in Google and I got
 dozens of maps that had Israel clearly marked, but no Palestine.

 Otherwise, I still enjoy Bartcop and appreciate your much better education about most other things non-religious
 Dan D

 When it comes to religion - I'm right.
 There's no need for me to get into the particular insanities of every facet of every religion.

 Note: Please don't send a multi-thousand word reply and demand that I print it.



If you want to get some serious chills,
watch the trailer for the Conason/Lyons movie.

 Reagan Legacy Looming Large Over Campaign

  Click  Here

 Republicans said there were risks in too conspicuously invoking Mr. Reagan as part of Mr. Bush's campaign.

 Advisers to Mr. Bush said they had not determined how prominently Mr. Bush should identify his presidency
 with Mr. Reagan, whether Mr. Reagan's image should be incorporated in Mr. Bush's advertisements and
 whether Nancy Reagan might appear on Mr. Bush's behalf in the fall.

 Some Republicans said the images of a forceful Mr. Reagan giving dramatic speeches on television provided
 a less-than-welcome contrast with Mr. Bush's own appearances these days, and that it was not in Mr. Bush's
 interest to encourage such comparisons. That concern was illustrated on Sunday, one Republican said, by
 televised images of Mr. Reagan's riveting speech in Normandy commemorating D-Day in 1984, followed
 by Mr. Bush's address at a similar ceremony on Sunday.

"Reagan showed what high stature that a president can have - and my fear is that Bush will look diminished
 by comparison," said one Republican sympathetic to Mr. Bush, who did not want to be quoted criticizing the president.

 Simply put, Reagan was an empty box who could speak.
 Bush is an empty box that can't speak.


 "Bart has a point..."


"The American President, Mr George Bush has given the first post-Saddam 'peoples' government'
  to Iraq which has in reality no peoples' mandate or participation. The new government will formally
  start functioning from June 30. The government will be run by three persons who were not actually
  involved with the fight against Saddam and their only credibility is that they are US dependables,
  if not its outright puppets."
      --Opinion, The Navhind Times, India,  Attribution

Dozens of books you'll like in an easy-to-order format

 When wars start based on nothing

  Click  Here

 Once again on yet another June 6th our elected leaders descended comfortably on Norman soil.
 Unlike our forefathers who, displaying mass bravery inconceivable today, had no choice but to
 jump from planes, get shot down or wade ashore.

 Instead of facing withering machine-gun fire Bush, Blair, Chirac & Co., preened, primped and
 pontificated over fields full of graves. Last resting places for only a few of the simple, decent
 and very ordinary men and women who, if they wanted to remain free instead of grovelling
 under the German heel were ordered to die and/or get mangled by generals appointed by the
 equally-deluded elected leaders of their time.

  Care to comment?

 World War II has been joined


  Click  Here

 Do you notice that the "greatness of Reagan," always involves that which cannot be measured?

 "Reagan made people feel good about America."
 "Reagan was always in a good mood and always the optimist."
 "Reagan's talent was making others be better people."
 "Reagan had that good, old-fashioned American spirit!"

 But with things that can be measured, unemployment, the stock market, the debt, bankruptcies etc.,
 Reagan was a miserable failure.

 Remember: What Reagan did best was make the GOP forget about Nixon.

 In an attempt to get the Nixon stench out of the party, they decided to lionize the next guy  (not appointed
 by Nixon) to come along and that man happened to be the tough talking cowboy from Hollywood.

 Rush is doing his tearful tribute to Reagan, but he never cared enough for Reagan to vote for him.
 His reason: "I didn't want to stand in that long line."

 U.S., S. Korea Discuss Troop Withdrawal
  Is Bush expecting a nuclear war with North Korea?

  Click  Here

 The United States wants to withdraw a third of its 37,000 troops from South Korea by the end of next year,
 U.S. and South Korean officials said as they discussed plans for repositioning soldiers along the Cold War's last frontier.

 The planned U.S. troop reduction is seen as part of Washington's global effort to realign its forces so they can better
 respond to emergencies worldwide.  so Bush can invade and pillage more Middle East countries.

  Care to comment?

Marty's Entertainment Page


"And the other thing that's happened is foreign fighters are in Iraq, who are
  convincing  suiciders  to kill innocent Iraqis. And it's tough, it's hard work."
    --Dubya, to Paris Match Magazine,   Attribution

 Do you think the French have a word for "suicider?"

 To: cnn@cnn.com

 Subject: CNN's lousy reporting

You would think that being a "news" organization CNN would have some fact checkers.
 I have heard numerous times over the last 24 hours that Reagan left office as the most popular
 president of the modern era.  Candy Crowley and others have said this in their reports.
 Well the fact is that Clinton actually had a higher approval rating when he left and so did Eisenhower,
 although he may not be considered to be in the modern era.

 Please stop them before they mislead again.  What happened to honesty in reporting?
 It seems that your pro-GOP reporters in an effort to deify Reagan are promulgating propaganda as truth.
 The GOP may believe that Reagan was the most popular president, but Gallup disagrees.
 Check it out for yourself, why believe me?  I know that I can't believe you.

 thank you,
 stevie g

 CNN assigned Crowley the Butterqueen to follow Kerry around so she could ridicule him.
 Getting news from the Butterqueen is like getting "facts" from Rush or Hannity.

 Subject: Reagan body count--don't forget the first Space Shuttle

 It was said that the White House ordered it to go up even as engineers were warning it could be a disaster.
 Let's not let the great unwashed forget.

 Neil in VT

 I remember that.
 Reagan was about to give the State of the Union speech and the White House wanted the Challenger
 in orbit as he spoke so Reagan could claim some kind of credit for it. Of course, after it blew up, nobody
 asked any questions, no hearings were held because Clinton's cock was not involved so any investigation
 would be pointless and the Democrats - once again - decided to let Saint Reagan off the hook.

 Neverending Memorial for Reagan Starts today

  Click  Here

 The body of Ronald Reagan, accompanied by a fragile Nancy Reagan, arrived Monday at his
 presidential library to begin nearly a week of journeying across America that will end with his
 return to California for burial on a hilltop. A motorcade took the flag-draped casket and the
 Reagan family on a 40-mile drive from a Santa Monica funeral home to the library, where
 flags at half-staff gently waved under an overcast sky.

 When they show Reagan's flag-draped coffin on TV, aren't they
"invading the privacy of the family and robbing them of their dignity?"

 That's what the White House says happens when you see a coffin on TV.


"I love the press..."


 Bush Hopes to Improve European Relations
  Like the economy, he's got nowhere to go but up

  Click  Here

 Clutch putts give Els the victory
  Poor Eldrick can't find the fairway with GPS system

  Click  Here

 Bookies Offer 3-1 Odds on Quick End to J-Lo Marriage
  Say a prayer for this unhappy, mixed up and very confused ball of temper

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 When Drudge got wind of Greg Palast's Reagan Obituary column,
 he posted it (adding some extra gas to the fire) and that led to a flood of Palast's server.
 His crew asked if we'd post it here - of course we agreed.  The squealing piggies of the
 Rush wing of the Fascist Party can dish it out, but they can't take it.

      Sunday, June 6, 2004       by Greg Palast

  Click  Here

 The New York Times today, in its canned obit, wrote that Reagan projected, "faith in small town America"
 and "old-time values."   "Values" my ass. It was union busting and a declaration of war on the poor and anyone
 who couldn't buy designer dresses. It was the New Meanness, bringing starvation back to America so that
 every millionaire could get another million.

"Small town" values? From the movie star of the Pacific Palisades, the Malibu mogul?
 I want to throw up.

 Subject: Advertising on Air America Radio

 Update: We're ready to go with this, but we need more involvement.
 If we went in right now I'd have to put $3000 on the credit card, which
 would work, but that's more than my budget allows - anybody else want in?

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 PO Box 54466
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 We figure to do this very soon.

 So if you're thinking about getting involved in this - and have at least $190,
 the price of ads dropped 33 percent thanks to Helldog and others who chipped in.

  So far we have received payments from:

the goddess-org
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 If you paid and your site name's not listed - contact me ASAP.

 I want talk to each of you by phone. Send me your number.

 We're only going to have once chance to get this right. Once we send the ads to AAR
 we can't change them, so be certain of what you want to say in those few seconds

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Ten views per penny.
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Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

821  830 dead American soldiers.

828 families destroyed forever - all for Bush's illegal war.

Soon it will be 900, and then 1000.

Over 800 deaths on Bush's watch

new address


 Welcome to America
  A Guardian journalist gets an Ashcroft welcome

  Click  Here

 Somewhere in central Los Angeles, about 20 miles from LAX airport, there is a nondescript building housing
 a detention facility for foreigners who have violated US immigration and customs laws. I was driven there
 around 11pm on May 3, my hands painfully handcuffed behind my back as I sat crammed in one of several
 small, locked cages inside a security van. I saw glimpses of night-time urban LA through the metal bars as
 we drove, and shadowy figures of armed security officers when we arrived, two of whom took me inside.
 The handcuffs came off just before I was locked in a cell behind a thick glass wall and a heavy door.
 No bed, no chair, only two steel benches about a foot wide. There was a toilet in full view of anyone
 passing by, and of the video camera watching my every move.

 My crime: I had flown in earlier that day to research an innocuous freelance assignment for the Guardian,
 but did not have a journalist's visa.

 Reagan's "landslide" over Mondale

 I keep hearing the TV babbling Clinton-haters bragging about Reagan's "landslide" over Mondale.

 That had nothing to do with Reagan's "greatness," it was all about Mondale breaking Bart's Law #1

Bart's Law #1
> Don't EVER tell the truth in a political campaign.
> People want to be lied to.
> They don't care if you're the best, most qualified candidate in history, they're going to vote for
> a candidate who stars in a fuzzy video of him playing with the family dog while his pearl-necklaced
> wife and your 2.3 small children watch in awe while the voice-over dude explains that this guy
> has whatever-state-you-live-in family values.

> If you doubt me, ask President Mondale about telling the truth.

 In the 1986 debate, Reagan promised he'd never raise taxes, so Mondale looked the camera right
 in the eye and said, "I'm going to raise your taxes, and so will Mr Reagan.  The difference
 between us is I'm telling you the truth."  And Reagan did raise taxes in 1986 with Bob Dole's help.

 That's how you lose 76 states - don't ever be honest with the voters because voters are like children.
 They don't have the courage to hear the damn truth. Voters want to be lied to.

 Ted Rall's Reagan Obit

  How Sad...

  ...that Ronald Reagan didn't die in prison, where he belonged for starting an illegal,
 laughably unjustifiable war against Grenada under false pretenses (the "besieged" medical
 students later said they were nothing of the sort) and funneling arms to hostages during Iran-Contra.

 Oh, and 9/11? That was his. Osama bin Laden and his fellow Afghan "freedom fighters"
 got their funding, and nasty weapons, from Reagan.

 A real piece of work, Reagan ruined the federal budget, trashed education, alienated our friends
 and allies and made us a laughing stock around the world.

 Hmmmm...sounds familiar.

 Anyway, I'm sure he's turning crispy brown right about now.

 Subject: memories of Reagan

 Reagan was a fraud, wrapped in a nightly sound-bite.
 Absolutely nothing came out of his mouth that was not a rehearsed lie, disingenuous political claptrap or blather.
 The guy signed 7 tax increases, killed thousands of peasants in Central America, inserted and coddled various
 dictators, traded with terrorists, and presided over the most corrupt presidential administration in history.

 He was also a divorced alcoholic, who was accused of rape, and estranged from at least one of his children.
 The guy could not make a decision without direction from his wife, chief of staff, or ultra-con ideologue pals
 regarding every aspect of his presidency. Oh, he also joked about about starting a nuclear war on the radio,
 forgot the names of his cabinet members and, Mourned dead SS Stormtroopers as 'victims'.

 The guy is the reason I am a card carrying liberal-democrat to this day. I spent 8 years watching Reagan's
 insane lies and deranged, senile babbling on the news each night, developed a lifelong antipathy to the
 twisted Newspeak of the Republican Party.

 THAT's Reagans legacy to me.

 Oh, and the attached JPG is all yours....



Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the 

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to record your message.


 Reporter: The whole world remembers you addressing the firemen in the ruins
                   of the World Trade Center. You were healing the wounds and uniting
                   the world at that time. Today, your message through the megaphone
                   doesn't reach the world. Don't you feel isolated?

 Dubya: No, I feel very comfortable with what I'm doing.

 Reporter: Yes, but all the nations --

 Dubya:  Let me finish my -- you ask a question, I give you the answers.
               And then if you want to ask another question, you're allowed to do so.

  America's Bully-monkey, instructing the uppity press on how royalty is to be spoken to,  Attribution

 15 years later, the remaking of a president
   by Howard Kurtz, whore with few peers

  Click  Here

 "The uplifting tone with which journalists are eulogizing Ronald Reagan is obscuring a central fact of his presidency:
 He had a very contentious relationship with the press...The press, by its nature, tends to get down in the weeds of
 day-to-day controversies that envelop any president. But when the protagonist is off the stage and the camera pulls
 back, a brighter picture emerges and the setbacks tend to fade from memory. What is left are the big accomplishments
 and the inspirational qualities that Reagan brought to the office.

 In his 1988 book "On Bended Knee," author Mark Hertsgaard complained that "news accounts generally failed to
 make clear the real-world implications of Reagan's inability or unwillingness to distinguish fact from fiction." That so
 many journalists seem to have changed their view in 2004 may represent Reagan's final triumph over the press."


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Computer Tyme Hosting is owned by Marc Perkel, who first put Bartcop on the Internet back in 1996 and keeps Bartcop online today. Marc hosts several other political sites including American Politics Journal, Political Strikes, Faux News Channel, and interesting sites like the Church of Reality - a religion based on believing in everything that is real. 

Our motto for this year is - "No Anti-Bush Site Left Behind". So - if you have an anti-bush site and you are choking on hosting fees or dealing with threats - let us know and we'll help keep you online. 

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 It had  everything.

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One thing?
We play a clip of what I think is the next Emmy winner's performance
and it wouldn't work doing a PG version - so this show has some language.

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 If your GOP workplace doesn't want you to see the truth, use these mirrors.

   Shirley Manson of the rock group "Garbage."

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