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Show 42 the Rush-Reagan Beatdown

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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Kerry Raises $100M
Why Teresa Left the GOP
Torture is Great Career Move
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Hunting of Pres Premiers
Fahrenheit cranks up the heat
Panel: No Saddam/Osama
Reagan Used Against Will
Laws Get in the Way


Quote of the Day

"Rush and his wife are divorcing and 
  experts say this could get ugly. I'm confused, 
  are they splitting up or having sex?" 
    -- Craig Kilborn,   Attribution

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Volume 1336 - The Weight of Indecision


  Wednesday    June 16, 2004


"I think that any reasonable person watching American politics would come to
  the conclusion that a second Bush administration would in fact incorporate a more
  radicalized version of what we've seen in the first administration. The reason is that
  the constraint would be removed.  At least now, they know they have to face an
  electorate. That restricts their movement somewhat.  But those constraints are off
  if they win a second term. Their ideological extremism can have - will have - a field day."
     --Robert B. Reich, Buzzflash Interview,

 I wonder if Kerry will mention this - that the monstrosities we've seen from these illegal thugs
 will explode in size and scope once they never have to face the voters again. Considering the
 murderous outrages we've seen - the invasions for no reason, the rapturous tortures and brazen
 thievery, finally being free to multiply those outrages is one damn scary scenario.

 Kerry Raises $100M in Three Months
  That's a record for a Democrat

  Click  Here

 John Kerry raised $100 million from March through May, lifting his presidential campaign to more
 than $140 million so far.  He has about six weeks of fund raising left before he accepts his party's
 nomination and receives full government financing for the general-election phase of his campaign

 Trouble is, Bush can steal that much from Iraq in one day.
 2,500,000 million barrels at $40 each = $100,000,000

"I earned those oil proceeds
  ...with my war bravery!"

  Care to comment?


"The Bush people have no right to speak for my father. Yes, some of the current policies
  are an extension of the 80's. But the overall thrust of this administration is not my father's.
  These people are overly reaching, overly aggressive, overly secretive and just plain corrupt.
  I don't trust these people."
    -- Ron Reagan Jr, to Salon last year  Attribution

 Tout Torture, Get Promoted
  How 'bout them cowboys!!

  Click  Here

"On Sunday, the Washington Post published on its website an internal White House memo from Aug. 1, 2002,
 signed by then-Assistant Atty. Gen. Jay S. Bybee, which argued darkly that torturing Al Qaeda captives
"may be justified" and that international laws against torture "may be unconstitutional if applied to interrogations"
 conducted under Bush. The memo then continued for 50 pages to make the case for the use of torture.

 Was it as a reward for such bold legal thinking that only months later Bybee was appointed to one of the top
 judicial benches in the country? Perhaps he was anointed for his law journal articles bashing Roe vs. Wade and
 legal protection for homosexuals, or for his innovative attack on the 17th Amendment to the Constitution, which
 provides for the popular election of U.S. senators. But it's hard to shake the notion that his memo to Counsel to
 the President Alberto Gonzales established Bybee's hard-line credentials for an administration that has no use
 for moderation in any form."

 Just like the mob, the more people you kill, the more captives you torture,
 the more you are worth to the scumbag at the top of the food chain.
 When will they start the move to put Ashcroft on Mount Rushmore?

  Care to comment?

 Kerry's Wife Explains Switch From GOP
  Brace yourselves - this is hot stuff

  Click  Here

 Teresa Heinz Kerry says anger, not ideology, prompted her to become a Democrat.
 Her emotion stemmed from the way the GOP treated Max Cleland in 2002.
 Teresa said Cleland's status as a triple amputee is enough to prove his patriotism.

"Three limbs and all I could think was, 'What does the
  Republican party need, a fourth limb to make a person a hero?'
  And this coming from people who have not served. I was really
  offended by that.  Unscrupulous and disgusting," she said, her reference
   being to Chickenhawk Bush and Chickenhawk Cheney.

 I just gained a lot of respect for Teresa Heinz Kerry.
 Not that I disrespected her before - this is the first time I've heard her say something
 besides "I'm the candidate's wife" kind of stuff, but she knows how to deliver a knockout blow.

 Teresa - teach your husband!

 Subject: ditch the newdow support, please!!

  Click  Here


 Subject: Daniel Baldwin

 Dude, Daniel Baldwin wasn't drunk- he was coked out of his mind.
 If you taped or Tivo'ed it, looked it over again and it will be pretty blatant.

 I was surprised they let him on camera in the shape he was in...


 Bryan, you are correct!
 While we were watching it, I said to Mrs Bart, "Is he coked up?"
 (As the former owner of two rock n roll nightclubs, I got pretty good
 at picking out which drugs a person is on) and she said, "What?"
 And I told her to watch him for second and he was sniffing like crazy.

 He was so obnoxious, I thought alcohol was involved, but yes, they shouldn't have let him
 make such a fool out of himself and almost ruin the game. I've watched/played in hundreds
 of poker games and that was the worst I'd ever seen, probably because in every other situation
 somebody would say, "Knock off the crap or I'll kick your ass severely."

 Those charity games with celebrities are always the worst.
 It's play money, and you can't play Hold 'em if there's no risk.

  Care to comment?

Those of you who bought ads on  bartcop.com last week
were lucky because we set a new record for hits.

Ten, sometimes twenty views per penny.
Nobody gives you a better deal that that.


 Weiner Savage: Gay-rights activists are "fighting for perversion"
  Weird viewpoint for a man who enjoys sex with wax statues

  Weinerbastard gropes a piece of wax

  Click  Here

 On the June 10 broadcast of Savage Nation, nationally syndicated right-wing radio host Michael Savage said that
 advocates of marriage rights for same-sex couples are "fighting for perversion." On the air, Savage read from a
 June 10 article in The Washington Post in which Frank Newport, editor in chief of The Gallup Poll, was quoted
 as saying, "I certainly remember the days when being religious meant fighting for civil rights and social justice.
 Religious liberals are a small minority today." Savage responded, "Well there's a big difference between fighting
 for civil rights, and fighting for homosexual marriage, you moron. It's a big difference for fighting for the equality
 of all men, despite their race, and fighting for perversion, you idiot! You think people are stupid?"

 Subject: Chicago Pokerfest


 I've been wanting to get to one of your fests since
 your DC fiesta the Ragin Cajun helped host.

 Thanks for bringing the party to Chicago.
 I look forward to meeting you and my fellow treehouse
 members for some like minded conversation, Chinaco,
 and Texas Hold'em.  I got your first shot!



"I know it makes a lot of you nervous, the idea of my coming here to a fund-raiser,
  leaving at 8:30 with a million dollars and then 11 o'clock I'm on the news at the
  blackjack table in Atlantic City. I promise I will not gamble with your money the way
  George Bush has gambled with the money of this country."
      --John Kerry, at a fund-raiser at the Jon Bon Jovi's house  Attribution

 Damn, if everyone who read  bartcop.com  subscribed, we'd be big enough
 to host a Kerry fund-raiser at BartCop manor.

 Chicago Pokerfest


 If you're in, you need to secure your seat with a $50 deposit.
 We can't do any drop-by players, so only those sign up in advance can play.

 Send your deposit to  bartcop@bartcop.com
 If you want to mail a check, do it right away but let me know.
 I'd hate for your check to arrive after we have 20 people confirmed.

 24 hours after announcing, confirmed players are:
Vegas Dave
Ryan G
Tom & Ally
John F
LA Rick
Chicago Jim
Larry by the Sea

 This means there are only nine seats left,  so if you want in - don't wait.

 Note: The after party will be decided by how many people we have.
 We could have 12 people or we could have 120, so we can't plan until we know.

 If you have a question or need more details, write to Bart
 Sam will help corral the poker inquiries if you put "poker" in the subject line.

 Pokerfest Chicago July 17, with an afterparty at some agave bar?

 The inner W
  What makes him act that way?

  Click  Here

 Of course, not everyone faced with such a nightmarish Oedipal setup as George W. Bush's deals with it
 by simply playing through. Most, in fact, probably do something like what George W. himself did in his youth:
 act out, get in trouble and stifle the internal conflicts with booze. Bizarrely, seen in context, George W.'s drinking
 actually starts to look like a relatively straightforward way to confront a miserable situation, as in the notorious
 1973 incident in which the 26-year-old George W., called on the carpet for driving drunk with his teenage brother,
 crashed through some garbage cans and called out his father to "go mano a mano right here!" Sure, it's a messed-up
 way of venting, but it's better than starting a war. "

"Booze settles my inner beast..."

  Care to comment?

 The Hunting of the President premier
  More than 1,000 paid $50 each to see Conason/Lyons film

  Click  Here

 Attendees included Susan McDougal, Wesley Clark and former Arkansas Sen. David Pryor.
 During the film's showing, appearances by Starr on the screen drew boos and hisses from the crowd,
 while Paula Jones' image produced laughter.   Afterward, McDougal, who plays a large part in the film,
 got a standing ovation when she was called to the stage.

 Producer Harry Thomason sees competition from Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911, on June 25.

"I think Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911 will bury us," Thomason said. "But... I think his film will take in
 enough at the box office that it probably might even help us some too."

'Fahrenheit' marketing will crank up the heat

  Click  Here

 Fahrenheit 9/11 is being backed by a marketing campaign unprecedented for a documentary.

 The film, which examines the Bush family's ties to Osama bin Laden and the war in Iraq, will be released
 nationally in more than 500 theaters June 25, more than double the 248 mostly art-house screens that showed
 Moore's Oscar-winning Bowling for Columbine. By mid-July, Fahrenheit is expected to expand to 500 more screens.

 Distributors plan to spend up to $10 million on marketing. That's peanuts compared with the $40 million marketing budgets
 of Hollywood blockbusters, but a record for a documentary and nearly double Fahrenheit's $6 million cost.

 Fahrenheit 9/11 has its own Web site, F911tix.com, to bolster group ticket sales.

 Don't you love the premier for this film?
 It shows the Illegal Monkey preaching, "We will hunt down those evil terrorists, ...now watch this drive,"
 which proves that playing a good golf game means more to Bunnypants than doing his goddamn job.

 You can tell by the way he said it that he wanted to get this "work stuff" out of the way, so he could play golf.
 He's a ten year-old boy trying to pass an an adult, propped up by the media and the spineless, pink tutu Democrats.

 Subject: Reagan Reincarnation?


 I'm GLAD it's Tuesday. I was sweating all day Monday.
 Monday is the third day after Ronald Reagan was sealed in his tomb.

 After hearing all the accomplishments and platitudes piled up on him,
 I was CERTAIN he was going to rise from his grave and appear to his
 apostles and tell them that Bush MUST be elected.

 He did everthing else according to them, so rolling away the stone
 and ascending into the big clouds should have been easy for him.

 I'm GLAD it's Tuesday!


Marty's Entertainment Page

 9/11 Panel Says Iraq Rebuffed bin Laden
  Bush proven to be a big liar once again - will voters notice?

  Click  Here

 The 9-11 commission reported Wednesday that Osama bin Laden met with a top Iraqi official
 in 1994 but found "no credible evidence" of a link between them in attacks against the United States.

 The panel said that a senior Iraqi intelligence official reportedly met with bin Laden in 1994 in Sudan,
 and bin Laden "is said to have requested space to establish training camps, as well as assistance in
 procuring weapons, but Iraq apparently never responded."

 This contradicts Cheney's assertion Monday that Saddam had "long-established ties" with al-Qaida.

 Bush administration officials frequently cited what they said were Saddam's decade-long contacts
 with al-Qaida operatives. They stopped short of claiming that Iraq was directly involved in 9-11 but
 critics say Bush officials left that impression with the American public.

 So why don't the Democrats demand impeachment proceedings?
 What signal does this send to future GOP criminal presidents, knowing they can do ANYTHING,
 break any law, break any treaty for fabricated reasons and there's never any penalty to pay?

 If Bush got a girlfriend, would the spineless Democrats impeach?

    "Dubya is a great wartime president and we love him."


"Cheney said Monday that Saddam had 'long-established ties' with al Qaeda."
  This assertion repeatedly been proven a disingenuous lie and a canard to take us
  into this disastrous war under deliberately false pretenses... the AP has done what
  Tim Russert and many others have also repeatedly done: they have willfully contributed
  to the deception of the American people, deliberately seeking to fool them."
       --Eric Alterman, Altercation,   Attribution

 Tim Russert is a whore, paid millions by NBC to prop up this illegal administration.

 They know whenever they need to explain something after getting caught, they can send
 Powell, Cheney or the San Francisco Treat over to Tim the whore and if they can survive
"Washington's toughtest pit-bull," (which is a bigger lie than Saddam had WMDs) then
 some people think they haven't really been caught at all.

 Tim Russert is a highly paid whore.

"Ass for rent - want some?"

Some people can't read, like the Monkey president.
But if you can read, you'll find the right books here
and it's all just a click away.


 Attackers Kill Some Contractors in Iraq
  Why can't they travel in well-guarded wagon train caravans?

  Click  Here

 Detroit Pistons beat Basketball's Yankees
   Lakers May Lose Jackson, Malone, Bryant

  Click  Here

 Ranks of World's Rich Rise by 500,000
  The GOP was enriched when Bush emptied the Treasury

  Click  Here

 U2's Bono joining venture capital firm
  Silicon Valley firm to invest in media and entertainment projects

  Click  Here

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"Largely, they are people who were in senior official capacities before 9/11. They are people who
  are responsible for the policies prior to 9/11. Those policies I think, failed spectacularly on 9/11.
  It seems that these folks feel that those policies in place before 9/11 were perfectly fine. They want
  to continue with the failed policies and they don't want to change those policies despite their failures."
     -- Cliff May, with the group of senior former US government officials who will release a statement
        later this week condemning Bush's disasterous foreign policy,   Attribution

 GOP Pressured MPAA to give Fahrenheit 9/11 an R Rating
  That means millions fewer will see the film

  Click  Here

 Claiming that it contains "violent and disturbing images" and "strong language," the Motion Picture
 Association of America (MPAA) ruled that Fahrenheit 9/11 must carry the "R" adult rating.
 This means no Americans under the age of 17 unless they are accompanied by an adult.

 They're saying any film that criticizes Bush is profanity.

 Conservative Campaign Ad Illegally Features Reagan

  Click  Here

 Reagan is seen at the Berlin Wall in 1987, saying "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall."
 That's followed by Bush telling rescue workers at the World Trade Center after 9-11:
"I can hear you, the rest of the world hears you, and the people who knocked these
 buildings down will hear all of us soon."

 But that was just a lie.
 Bush used 9-11 as an excuse to invade Iraq and steal their oil.
 He intentionally called off the hunt for bin Laden to go after former BFEE partner Saddam,
 and the bastards have the f-ing gall to use that broken vow in a campaign commercial?

 Will the families of the dead remember that Bush abandoned them to steal Saddam's oil?

 The Reagan family's spokeswoman said Tuesday that permission is needed for anyone to use
 Reagan's likeness in an ad because doing so implies that he endorsed one candidate over another.

"No one has requested the permission to use his image in an ad, nor would we feel it appropriate
 to give such permission at this juncture," Joanne Drake said. "We protect his image very carefully,
 particularly as it relates to politics."

 The GOP doesn't care which heroes they have to trash to try to steal another term in the White House.
 They did it to McCain in 2000, Max Cleland in 2002 and now it's Reagan's turn to be used and abused.

 You'd think voters would understand this naked and brazen lust for power - at whatever the cost.
 If they'll trash Reagan's memory against the will of his family, is it any surprise that they would ignore
 the laws and treaties just so they could torture Iraqis that they pulled off the streets for no reason?

 They must be stopped.
 I wish there was a senate Democrat willing to stand up to them.

  Care to comment?


Click to Enter


"This president promised to be a uniter, not a divider, but this country has not been
  more divided since the dark days of the Civil War. This president promised to bring
  honor and integrity to the White House. Honor? By dishonoring the Geneva Conventions?
  By turning his back on the norms of decent civil behavior?"
       --Al Gore, "Gore blasts Bush policies"   Attribution

 When laws get in the way of torture

  Click  Here

 Documents recently obtained by the press reveal White House anxiety about how to protect Bush and members
 of his cabinet from going to prison for ordering, authorizing or deliberately permitting systematic torture of persons
 in their control, but technically outside formal American legal jurisdiction. The question put to lawyers was how the
 president and the others could commit war crimes and get away with it.

 Thus, according to these reports, the president last year obtained from his lawyers an opinion that he is not bound
 by U.S. laws or by international engagements prohibiting torture and that Americans committing torture under his
 authority cannot be prosecuted by the Justice Department.

 This opinion rests on the argument that national security considerations override both U.S. law and international treaties.
 As one of the military lawyers who took part in these discussions has said, it was an assertion of "presidential power at its absolute apex."

 It deliberately overrode the norms the military had previously been trained to regard as mandated by the Geneva Conventions.
 The world now knows how overriding the norms at the top overrides them all down the line.

 The Bush administration's civilians had been complaining about how law, international treaties and conventions,
 and military norms and inhibitions, were interfering with their determination to seize and hold anyone they pleased
 in secret prisons, declare them without legal rights even when they were American citizens, torture them whenever
 they wanted and keep them forever, if they liked (a totalitarian ambition, obviously). They wanted these obstructions removed.

 Their complaints sounded like the complaints of Adolf Eichmann, when he described during his trial in Israel the irksome
 bureaucratic and legal obstacles he ran into in wartime Germany in carrying out his genocidal responsibilities..

 ...and they get angry when we call this illegal gang of thugs Nazis?

 Remember when they said Clinton was evil because he had a girlfriend?
 I think Bush got his lawyers to say breaking laws and treaties was OK just so he could torture "suspects."
 This is the Texas frogblaster's way of getting off sexually because that's the disturbed bastard that he is.

 Some men get off on an intern's toungue, and some get off hearing bones break and blood-curdling screams.
 It's the difference between being a Democrat and being a Republican.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

834no, .... 837 dead American soldiers.

Drip, drip, drip - the lives go down the drain - all for Bush's illegal war.

Soon it will be 900, and then 1000.


 VCR Alert

 Paris Hilton falls off a horse on the premier of Simple Life.
 P.J. O'Rourke, possibly the only funny Republican, is on the first of two shows hosted by
 former comedian Dennis Miller, but check out the A-list star power in the second installment:

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf
Tony Gonzalez
Ron Christie
Sandra Tsing Loh
James Hirsen

 You just can't get that many superstars anywhere but Miller's show on CGOP.
 Screw the World Poker Tour  'Cruisin' Mexico'  I'm watching Dennis's superstars tonight!

 If you have no gambling problems, and you find excitement playing
 online poker at  PartyPoker.com  mention BartCop as your referral
 and you could win a shout-out on the World Poker Tour  Cruise when I win.

 Extended VCR Alert

  Michael Moore on NBC's Dateline Friday
  and later that night on Dave, then Monday on Today

 Subject: regarding moving because someone hates you

 I never meant to say someone should move "because someone hates you."

 The two scenarios are:
Where I live, they blow up school busses.
Where I live, they carve up girl's faces

 I would not live in either place if there was one other place on the planet where I could move.

 <much snippage>

 As much as I think you're doing a GREAT job, this is one subject where I agree with
 a couple of recent readers...I think you're off track on this one.  No one should have to
 leave their home because someone else threatens them or their family with harm or death.


 ducks, this debate is NOT about how things "should be."
 This debate is about watching your kids grow up or burying them.

 So far, I haven't read one e-mail that agrees with me, and that's puzzling.
 You know me, I'm always up for a fight, but not one that could cause
 some religiously insane nutjob to carve a swastika in my daughter's face.
 I'm willing to be the only guy wrong about this.

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the 

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to record your message.


"Ashcroft is the man who claims to have it in his power to arrest you, Mr. American Citizen,
  and hold you incommunicado in prison forever if he wants.  He has apparently passed along a
  memo to the president claiming the right to torture and kill you as well.  Meanwhile, under
  Homeland Security orders, journalists from England, Sweden, Holland and other friendly
  countries are being detained at U.S. airports, strip-searched and deported as well.  The most
  pathetic thing is, for all their police-state tactics, they are doing a terrible job of protecting us,
  and terrorism is a greater threat than ever. Just ask the newly corrected State Department
  report (though it was buried everywhere but "The Daily Show").  I ask you, have we ever faced
  as great an internal peril to our most fundamental freedom since the heyday of J. Edgar Hoover?"
       --Eric Alterman, Altercation,   Attribution

"Alterman again...
 Hood him, stand him on a box
 and attach wires to his thingy
 and tell him he's f-ing dead
 if he falls off the box."

 Diplomats Break Silence To Criticize White House
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Diplomats rarely act like dissidents.

 So it was extraordinary to learn that on June 16, a group of 26 distinguished former
 Foreign Service and military officers plans to issue an urgent, explicit call for
 Americans to eject George W. Bush on Election Day.

 Calling themselves Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change, they include top State
 Department officials from the Carter, Reagan and first Bush administrations, and former
 ambassadors who have served in posts from Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Soviet  Union to Peru,
 Pakistan and Zimbabwe. Among other signatories are a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,
 and a former commander in chief of the U.S. Central Command in the Middle East..

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