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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Mike Malloy to AAR Aug 2 
The Peace President?
Iraq wants UN Inspectors
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Cockfights under Fire
Marijuana Research Blocked
Bush is Lying - 81 percent
Linda Ronstadt Freeped 
Bush wasted $12B in Iraq


Quote of the Day

"Nobody wants to be the war president. 
  I want to be the peace president."
   -- The Giggling murderer, with the blood of 
        thousands of innocents on his hands.  Attribution

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Volume 1360 - Boycott Aladdin

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 Wed-Thurs    July 21-22, 2004


"Mike Malloy is coming to Air America on August 2nd.
  His daily show will air M-F   10 PM to 1 AM Eastern Time."
    -- rumors that I'm hearing

 It's about time - Mike will be great on Air America.

 Bush: 'I Want to Be the Peace President'
  The Monkey spoke - but did not ask for psychiatric help

  Click  Here

 After launching two wars and killing thousands, Bush says he wants to be a "peace president"
 and took swipes at his Democratic rivals for being lawyers and weak on defense.

"FOX and CNN will back me up - yeah, I can sell this..."




"Liberals arrogantly have ruled the news media roost for decades, regularly demeaning
  conservative ideas and leaders in their ongoing quest for progress and enlightenment.
  But now that Fox News Channel is on the scene, dominating the cable news scene and showing
  America that TV news can be something different than the suffocating consensus of the liberal
  establishment, the Left is in a panic. Objectivity is needed! Democracy itself is in danger!"
         --Brent Bozell, famous right-wing handjob    Attribution

 Isn't it odd how they brag they dominate cable TV and talk radio, but then they whine
 that the dominant-media-liberal- elite control everything and they can't get their message out.

 Iraq Requests Return of UN Inspectors
  That Bush pulled out when his war hardon was throbbing

  Click  Here

 Iraq has asked the UN nuclear watchdog agency to send inspectors back to the
 country they left before last year's U.S.-led invasion, the agency's head said Tuesday.

 He said that the U.N. inspectors were ready to begin talks with Bush's puppets
 to arrange a return. The United States formally transferred sovereignty to June 28.

 Sure they did - that's the day Iraq became "free" and "safe."

 The talk show Nazis and the cable fascists keep saying "Saddam kicked the
 inspectors out, that's another reason why we had to invade," ...but that's just a lie.
 The inspectors kept pleading, "Let us do our work!" but Bush refused because Saddam was
 just days or maybe even minutes away from launching the WMDs that would cause Kinda Sleazy
 Rice to warn us that  "the mushroom cloud" was our only other alternative to a fast invasion.

 Why doesn't a responsible news organization point that out?

 Because there are none left?

 This isn't book history with conflicting accounts of what really happened.
 This only happened 16 months ago - why doesn't anyone remember?

 More of this...

 The talk show Nazis and the cable fascists keep saying "We went to Iraq to free those people,
 because freedom is God's gift to everyone,"

 Like we don't remember Bush's constant, "March to war, march to war!"
 Remember that Clear Channel (R-BFEE) held a war rally in lots of cities.
"March to war, march to war!"

 I think I remember saying it was like Gone with the Wind," because the GOP media breathlessly
 kept saying "Have you heard?  We're going to war," like that was some good fucking thing.

 Why doesn't a responsible news organization point that out?

 Because there are none left?

 Thank you Jesus, for forcing this Giggling Murderer on us - but why are you so pissed at us?
 If freedom is,"God's gift to everyone," ...when do we get ours?

 Dueling Quotes

"My friends, do you not just sit out there and marvel sometimes, at me?"
    --Rush Limbaugh, on why no woman will stay with his Nazi gasbag ass       Attribution

 Louisiana's traditional cockfight industry under fire

  Click  Here

 By 11 a.m., the seats are filled, private bets are placed and every eye is focused
 on the center pit, where two cocks, perched in their handlers' arms, face each other
 head to head, signaling the beginning of the fight.

 As soon as the cock touch the floor, they attack. Armed with tiny knives attached to their legs,
 they engage in bloody battle until one or both can no longer stand. In the end, one likely will die.

 Animal activists call it barbaric and have launched a campaign to end cockfighting in Louisiana
 and New Mexico, the only states where it is legal.

 Uh, ..excuse me,  ...your cock can fight in Oklahoma.
 Some judge said, "Cockfighting is Americana" and ruled the ban on cockfighting invalid.
 Legal cock-fighting is going on right now, ...as far as I can tell.
 My subscription to Cock Weekly ran out.

 Cockfighting is not only big business in Louisiana,
 bringing in an estimated $150 million, it is also a political issue.

 That ain't shiite.
 Legal marijuana might bring $15B into Louisiana, so don't keep it for the money.
 Keep it because God likes cockfighting.

 Need help setting that up?
 Talk to Karl Rove.


 Scientists Say Marijuana Research Blocked
  Knowledge is bad, education can hurt you, close your eyes

  Click  Here

 (Bush) is violating federal law by obstructing medical marijuana research, scientists
 contend in lawsuits seeking faster action on applications to grow the drug.

 In lawsuits to be filed Wednesday, researchers assert that Washington is refusing to act
 on legitimate research projects and delaying studies that could lead to marijuana's use as
 a prescription drug.

"There is an urgent need for an alternative supply of marijuana for medical research," said
 Lyle Craker, director of the Medicinal Plant Program at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst,
 the main force behind the lawsuits.

 Marijuana is a relatively harmless drug, but they can't let the truth get out.  Why?
The Invisible Cloud Being wants his children to suffer, He wants them in pain.
If pot was legal, somebody might have fun with it, and we can't have any of that!!!
The BIG reason, you and I could grow great pot on property we own, and cut out
    the money the greedy sons of bitches can make fining up, jailing us, representing us etc.

 Legal marijuana could balance the budget and solve tons of problems.

 Pot sells for - let's say - $3000 a pound.
 How much does a farmer get for a pound of corn?
 How much does a farmer get for a pound of soybeans?
 How much does a farmer get for a pound of wheat?
 How much does a farmer get for a pound of cotton?
 How much does a farmer get for a pound of beef?
 How much does a farmer get for a pound of pork?

 They don't want Americans to have a good time - they want you scared!
 They don't want dying people to keep food down - they want God's name praised!
 They don't want sick people to be able to control their epileptic seizures - read the story!.

 Religio-crazies like Bush and Ashcroft want BIGGER government to track down otherwise
 law-abiding citizens and punish them, sometimes with death, for smoking harmless flowers
 while taking bribes from BIG cancer to keep tobacco killing 400,000 people a year.

 Reminder: If you heard BCR #47, Tommy Chong was sentenced for selling plastic pipes on 9-11-01.
 While Ashcroft had FBI agents trying to entrap never-been-arrested people like Tommy Chong, Al Qaeda had
 a clear shot at killing New York and 3,000 people died because of those ignorant bastards wanted to torment
 taxpaying citizens for not thinking like the religiously insane fools.

 When will this nation grow up and act logically about drugs?

Marty's Entertainment Page


"George Bush....in his bachelor pad....with a bong.
   I'm sorry. I thought we were playing Clue."
     --TBogg, asking  "Where Was Bush During Vietnam?"  Attribution

 Subject: GOP blind eyes

 The seven charges brought against Saddam Hussein by the new Iraqi government
 certainly shatter the myth that Republicans and conservatives are tough on terrorism.

 Five of the charges had specific time frames, and do you know what?
 They all occurred while there was a Republican president:

 1. Killing of religious figures in 1974.
 2. Gassing of Kurds in 1988.
 3. Killing the Kurdish Barzani clan in 1983.
 4. The 1986-88 campaign of displacing Kurds.
 5. The suppression of the 1991 uprising by Kurds and Shiites.
 6. The 1990 invasion of Kuwait.

 Why didn't Presidents George H.W. Bush and Reagan do something to stop the
 slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis during the 1980s?

 Republicans continue to insist that Democrats are soft on terrorism and crime, but yet,
 it was Republican presidents who turned a blind eye to the genocide in Iraq.

 Had Reagan and Bush done something about Hussein and terrorists in the 1980s,
 maybe the terrorists attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, would not have happened.

 Victor D,

 Lance Armstrong in First Place
  He's too old to win a sixth title  ...isn't he?

  Click  Here

 M Jackson Denies Quads due soon
  I never even slept with four women, he says

  Click  Here

 Elite Soldiers Leave for Better Pay
  $60K or $200K - which job would you rather have?

  Click  Here

 Japan to Deport Chess Great Bobby Fischer
  Did he say something nice about Michael Moore?

  Click  Here

 GOP to set up Boston 'War Room'
  Will the Dems do that in NY?    Or would that be 'impolite?'

  Click  Here


 Telling entire truth    18%
 Hiding something      59%
 Mostly lying               20%

 Only 18 percent say Bush is an honest man!
 His lies have killed 900 - just on our side.

  Click  Here

"Have them all pantsed, leashed and give them to the dogs..."


 Clarification/Clarification/Retraction/Correction/Mea Culpa

  In the last issue, I wrote:

> For reasons I still don't understand, Poker Queen & Buck showed up out of the blue.
> How did they know where we were?  Who gave them directions?

 To some, this read:
 Who invited them to our private party?
 How did they know how to find us?

 That was very poor wording on my part - but I'm a liberal, so I have an excuse.

 In Tulsa, every big east/west street is a mile apart and it ends in a "1," such as 31 St, 51 St, 71 St.etc
 Also, most streets are in alphabetical and geographical order.
 East of Main Street, you first hit Boston, then Cincinnati, then Detroit etc.
 West of Main Street, you first hit Boulder, then Cheyenne, then Denver.
 Any idiot can find their way in Tulsa because they have a major street every mile
 and they're numbered or titled to always let you know when you're close.

 In Chicago, you have the nuttiest, criss-crossing, mish-mash of gobbledegook street names you ever saw.
 You pull up to an intersection and turning left puts you on a different street name than turning right.
 Some streets change their name, then it comes to an intersection with two left turns and two right turns.

 IMO, the only chance we had to find the Roof Lady's house was handing our directions to the cab driver and
 pray to Koresh he knew what to do. Six or eight of us went in two cabs to get there. Apparently, I had previously
 given PQ and Buck the directions, expecting them to call for a guide, but they found it like they grew up in Chicago.
 That's all I meant by that. I was amazed that anyone from out of town could find the Roof Lady's apartment.

 That's all I meant.
 I apologize for the poor wording.

 Subject: heard your AAR ads

 Hiya. Nice work.
 I have a couple of questions that you might be able to help me with.

 Basically I plan to launch something that will be mouthy and liberal and will potentially walk a fine line
 as I judge your material does. How do you protect yourself legally against anyone of your ripe targets
 from suing your asses?

 Dude, I would love to be sued, and the bigger the plaintiff the better.
 In 1360 issues, I've never said anything I can't back up.
 The sons of bitches don't even want a piece of me.

 Did you receive any legal counsel on this topic? Are you just winging it?

 When you speak the truth, you don't need to worry about any of that.
 Bush is a crooked moron who kills for fun.
 Rush is a filthy Nazi who has never told the truth to his sheep.
 Dr Laura is lying hypocrite who enjoys showing her vagina to young boys.
 Bill Bennett is a degenerate bastard who can't control his own vices.
 As long as you tell the truth - you are invulnerable.

 Are there certain things you know not to say?

 I would never, even in jest, say anything that could be construed as urging others
 to cause physical harm to the president or any elected official.

 I want to have some sense of how to walk that potential mine field of litigiousness.
 I would very much welcome a phone call on this topic - or - I would love to interact
 with some of those 64 IQ points to know more.

 Keep up the great work. I'm amazed at some of the things that you put out there
 and I appreciate your courage.


 Kal, go after anyone who's lying and don't worry about the consequences.
 Nobody will sue me because they don't dare allow themselves to be put to the test.

 If Rush or Laura sued me, I'd subpoena copies of every show they've ever done and I'd get a
 volunteer army to pull out the most hate-filled, vicious lies these "Christians" ever fabricated
 about the best president of the last 50 years and make any jury in the world hate them

After years of Nazi nonsense books,
we finally have some balance at the bookstores

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 Subscribe between now and the end of July and get 2-for-1.

 What do you get when you subscribe?

 First, you get  - which is completely uncensored invective
 aimed at the fascist goons who took away our right to have our votes counted.
 You've never heard radio like this before.

 We can say any fucking thing we want - and NOBODY can censor us or stop us.

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 Click  Here   to subscribe or snail mail a check to

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

 S.F. Chronicle Editor Suspended for Kerry Donation
  Who knew there were liberals in San Francisco?

  Click  Here

 The paper, whose editorials backed Gore in 2000, bars staffers from making campaign
 contributions without the approval of editors. The San Francisco area is known as one of
 the most politically liberal in the country.

"He's a gatekeeper," Rosenthal said in an interview. "If he was a food writer or a sports writer
 I don't think there would be an issue here. He controls the content of the paper in some form.
 He controls very opinionated content that has to do frequently with politics."

"The issue here is the appearance of conflict.

 The only thing that could be worse than this is, ...say, ...FOX News hiring Bush's cousin
 to call the election for Bush while Gore was winning, causing the other sheep networks to
 follow them because Amertica's whore media would rather be first than right.

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 Linda Ronstadt kicked from Aladdin casino
  How dare she not endorse the Giggler's murders!

  Click  Here

 Linda Ronstadt was thrown out of the Aladdin in Las Vegas on the weekend after
 dedicating a song to Michael Moore and "F 9/11," a casino spokeswoman said Monday.

 That dedication angered some Aladdin guests lawless Freepers  who spilled drinks,
 tore down posters and demanded their money back, said casino spokeswoman Sara Gorgon.

 The Aladdin said Ronstadt had been "escorted out of the hotel" just after her performance
 and said the performer would "not be welcomed back."   "Ms. Ronstadt was hired to entertain
 the guests of the Aladdin, not to espouse political views," the casino said.

 ...but if former comedian Dennis Miller were to go onstage and call Kerry and Edwards
 "a couple of liberal faggot, rumpbumpers,"  that would be OK with the Aladdin?

 Ronstadt, if we can believe The Aladdin, was not even asked to leave.
 She was escorted to the door, without her belongings, and placed outside.

 Let's size this one up:
Aladdin is run by anti-free speech Nazis.
They do not agree with the 64 percent of Americans who say this war is a mistake.
They punished the innocent and, apparently, failed to arrest those who vandalized the place.
They do not want money from a majority of Americans, Gore voters.


  is very different from anything you've ever heard before.

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 I watched Tuesday night's CBS News with Dan the Texan

 He did a story about a 68 year old man who was just drafted by the BFEE
 and a 65 year old man who was just drafted by the BFEE.   They're shrinks,
 going to Iraq to counsel freaked out soldiers trying to get back from mental hell.

 I'm sure about the ages, because they called them "Medicade soldiers."

 So I went to  cbsnews.com  and like always, there was nothing there about this.
 Am I asking too much?
 Can't CBS find anybody to put their top news stories on their news website?

 Note: Two hours later, it showed up

  Click  Here  then click on Seniors called to war on the left of your screen.

 Hurry, before Mr. Rove orders then to take it down.

 Why don't the media ever use search engines?
     by Faun Otter

  Click  Here

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 892, 895, 896, 901  dead American soldiers.

Drip, drip, drip - young lives go down the drain



"The Republican party is full of people without brains."
   --  Bartcop, as quoted at  http://pearly230.tripod.com/htmls/conservative-jokes.html

 I don't deny saying that,  ...but I also don't specifically remember gathering those words in that order,
 ...but it does have my sentence structure - small words, multiple mono-syllabic words, limited reach,
 but people understand plain talk - even in the South.

 Yep, ...I musta said that.

 Bush Underestimated War Costs by $12.3 Billion

  Click  Here

 The administration underestimated the 2004 cost of Bush's bloody war in Iraq
 and Afghanistan by $12.3 billion, fueling criticism that the war was badly planned.

 At every speech, Bush accuses Kerry of hanging the soldiers out to dry,
 and so far, Kerry is just taking it - and not answering back with anything.
 Now that we've find out Bush wasted $12B on garden variety screw-ups in Iraq,
 will Kerry's unexplained silence continue?

 Think of the good we could have done with that $12B instead of giving it to Halliburton.
 Yesterday's USA Today said the Crips and Bloods are coming back because most
 police forces had to cut back on fighting street gangs because they couldn't afford it.

 Think of the infrastructure repairs, the school lunch programs,
 the funding of the fire department, women's shelters, 
 the terrorism hardware we could have purchased
 - anything besides Bush giving it to his billionaire buddies.

 ...but as long as Kerry remains silent, why should Bush stop?

Do you have an opinion?

Call the

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to record your message.


"No, I cannot say the world is safer today than it was two, three years ago."
    -- U.N. Sec-General Kofi Annan,   Attribution   

 Govt pulls Insuance scam on soldiers going to war
  No doubt the BFEE gets a cut of this swindled blood money

  Click  Here

 Stachler says he thought he had arranged to have $100 a month deducted from his pay for some sort
 of Army-endorsed savings plan or mutual fund. When he returned from Iraq, he found that he had not
 been saving the money at all. He had been paying $100 a month in premiums for an insurance policy that
 promised him some cash value far down the road and a death benefit that was almost certainly less than
 $44,000, a small amount compared with the $250,000 in life insurance he had through a military-sponsored
 plan that cost him $16.25 a month.

 If you need a soldier screwed, call the Bush White House.
 Bush's crooked friends in the insurance industry can help.


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