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They never intended to find anything.
It was always a handjob - from the start.

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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
The 9/11 Whitewash
Prostitutes Flood Boston
Pro-GOP CNN Again
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Bush: GOP and Black Voters
Letter to/from Iraq
The truth about the Aladdin
Saddam did Gay Porn films
Funny Monkey Mail


Quote of the Day

"I have great confidence in our FBI and CIA." 
   --Pinhead, saying that because he knows he 
      will go UP in the polls if we are attacked again. 

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Volume 1362 - Bending Over

 Weekend    July 24-25, 2004


"This election is not about what America will be like if Kerry wins.
  It's about what America will be like if Kerry doesn't win.
  War will continue, economy will keep hemorrhaging jobs,
  tax breaks will flow only to super-rich, and Halliburton
  will have the second largest economy on earth."
    -- Mike Whitney, as seen on smirkingchimp.com   Attribution

 The 9/11 Whitewash - Blaming No One

  Click  Here

 It takes a lot of whitewash to cover over the murder of 3,000 Americans,
 but that's what you get when you appoint a "hand-picked" panel to investigate a tragedy like 9-11.

 The great virtue of selecting each member on an investigative team, (like the Bush Administration did)
 is that the results are assured before the first bit of evidence is examined. No embarrassing allegations
 or blame, just a "shrug of the shoulders" and "let's move on".

 In Bush-world the "buck never stops", it just keeps circulating until the public loses interest.

 The Democrats helped engineer this ugly fraud on American citizens.
 People are praising Hamilton, Kerrey and Gorelick for their "great work," but it was all a scam
 to cover up Bush's I-don't-care attitude about terrorism and his post 9-11 agenda.

 When you blame everyone, nobody gets the blame - not even the people who let it happen.

 I'm ashamed to be a Democrat.

"I fooled them all. I got away with it..."



"I've had to go to war. I've raised twins.
  If I had a choice, I'd rather go to war."
    -- lying, never-been-to-war Bunnypants   Jan 27, 2002

 Subject: 9/11 whitewash bs

 Why do both Republinazis and Democrats continue to do everything they can to protect George the Murderer?

 It's a damn mystery to me.
 If I ever get a member of congress by the ear I'm going to insist on an answer to that.
 And trust me, his first two answers won't feed the goat.

 Is it just me but wasn't more money and time spent investigating Bill Clinton's dick than investigating
 the murder of 3,000 hard working people?  Didn't Congress also do a more thorough job of such?

 Henry Hyde (R-adulterer, family-wrecker, chalky-thighs, shithead) screamed, "The flag is falling," when the
 'emergency' was Clinton's cock, but now that we're in a never-ending World War III that made Pearl Harbor look
 like a bad Sunday morning, we stopped asking the tough questions and gave the guilty every break imaginable.

 Clinton's deposition was aired live on TV, but Dickhead and Bunnypants
 were allowed to be interviewed together without it being recorded?

 Hey, don''t forget - they weren't even under oath.

 They were free to lie their asses off on something this fucking serious,
 yet Bill Clinton was put under oath to talk about where his cock might have been,
 yet Martha Stewart's going to jail for lying about a pennies (by comparison) transaction.
 The whole country is just accepting this handjob in exchange for justice.

 Tommy Chong went to prison for selling clear PCV pipes.
 Osama got a free pass from Bush for trying to murder New York.
 Clinton sorta lied about sex, and that makes him a bad man.
 Bush lied about war, and has destroyed almost a thousand families forever,
 but he's a good Christian so we pretend and look the other way.

 Jon Stewart had it half right.
 He spun his chair in circles in front of Wolf the Whore and screemed, "Wheeeeee!

 What the hell has this country come to?
 Donna - Philly

 I just talked to Mike Malloy.
 Kathy just gave birth to Molly Malloy.

 New radio gig, (AAR from 10 pm - 1 am weekdays) and a new baby.

 Woo Hoo!

 Welcome back, Mike!

 Prostitutes Converging on Boston
  Expect some hookers to be there, too

  Click  Here

 Security officers won't be the only pros coming to Boston in unprecedented numbers for DemoCon2004.
 Practitioners of the world's oldest profession are seeking reinforcements to help service some of the 35,000
 visitors -- plus untold numbers of police reinforcements -- expected in the coming week .

"Every convention brings in more people, and women fly in from all over the country to work it," said Robyn Few,
 a prostitute on probation who runs the Sex Workers Outreach Project, an advocacy group.

"There will be girls from California and from the South in Boston this week," she said.
"I hope a lot of women make a lot of money and make a lot of men really happy."

 Men are weird, aren't they?
 They have that "spread your seed" male mammal thing going on that so many can't resist.
 I can't tell you how many times I've seen a semi-logical man spend hundreds of dollars to be with
 the most unattractive, toothless, crack-addicted, down-on-her-luck female for as half hour.
 Men are weird, aren't they?


 Bush: GOP Must Work to Appeal to Blacks

  Click  Here

 The never-elected Monkey acknowledged on Friday that "the GOP
  has got a lot of work to do" to gain the support of black voters.

"The GOP has a lot of work to do?"
 That implies work has begun.

 Hey, Monkey - name an nationally-elected black Republican.
 Go ahead - try to think of one - I'll wait.
 (Bart whistles the Jeopardy theme song)

 You can't ...because there f-ing aren't any.

 Say it with me:
"Republicans hate black Americans."

 I know that's true.
 You know that's true.
 Bob Dole knows that's true.
 The American people know that's true.

 ...and Bush says the GOP "has a lot of work to do."
 You guys could start by ending the practice of race-baiting to raise money.



 I read an article in the LA Times today, http://www.latimes.com/brownstein, and was impressed with
 some of the stats. They sounded a lot like what you'd been telling me over the radio the last  few weeks.
 I put some of the numbers together in a graph you might like.  Regarding the radio show, I prefer when
 you divide it into fewer segments, show 43 just had three sections and that was easier for me to listen to.
 Keep up the EXCELLENT work, my bartcop membership is the only monthly bill I'm happy to pay.

 Tim W

Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty's E-page celebrates it's 3rd birthday Monday (7/26) with issue #1088

 Subject: Don't listen to them

 Ignore them.
 I get what I can get from where I can get it.
 If you don't meet a deadline every day, there is always tomorrow.
 Keep pounding the bastards, Bart.


 Catherine, thanks for that.

 Letter to/from Iraq

  Click  Here


Running against Delay's boy - Hastert, the sweaty wrestler

Click for details


"I have long wondered how Germany, a Christian nation, could have supported Hitler,
  a man who claimed to be a Christian. Would the people who believe Bush is a Christian,
  give Adolph the benefit of the doubt as well?    I've wondered how Christians could have
  supported the Crusades -- conversion at the point of a sword, or death in God's name.
  But I had always thought these would be theoretical questions, not serious moral
  imperatives while history repeats itself.
    -- Helen and Harry Highwater,    Attribution


 Subject: Linda Ronstadt

 I thought I'd add that Linda is on tour with
 the world class Baltimore Symphony Orchestra!


 David, that backs up last issue's assertion that this isn't her "Greatest Hits" tour.
 The Aladdin made that up, she says without her knowledge, which created audience expectations.

 Sounds to me like The Aladdin had an angry crowd on their hands and had to find a scapegoat to
 take the blame for the lies and misrepresentations they used to sell tickets.

 BTW, I loved Linda's comment:
"I get paid if I sing or not, so if they want to fire me, I'll enjoy the days off."

 GOP Hypocrite of the Week: Dennis Miller
  ...saw it on buzzflash.com

  Click  Here

 Beheaders grab Egyptian Diplomat
  Not much to say - you know the drill

  Click  Here

 Clinton's Book Sells Out First Printing
  Rush will say, "The headline read - 'Clinton sold out' "

  Click  Here

 Ship-Sinking Monster Waves Are Widespread
  2001 had ten waves around the globe of over 80 feet in height

  Click  Here

 Armstrong makes history winning sixth Tour de France
  Lance Armstrong became the first six-time winner

  Click  Here

 What Really Happened at the Aladdin?

  Click  Here

 It turns out that the mass media, including the AP and the LA Times, got the story all wrong.
 The crowd did not get unruly and throw drinks, and Ronstadt was not booed off the stage.
 So what really happened at the Aladdin? I started thinking the dreaded word, conspiracy,
 and decided to find out if Linda Ronstadt had anything to say about all this on her website.
 Near the top was a link, "Ronstadt Speaks about Aladdin Casino Events," that took me to
 an article written by Daniel Buckley in the Tucson Citizen.

 Since when have performers been leaned on "not to espouse their political views"? I went to
 dozens of rock concerts in the 60s and the 70s, and almost every one of them was politically
 charged in one way or another. Take The Clash, for God's sake! Going to one of their concerts
 felt like being in the middle of a revolution. (Hey, I was younger then, OK?) My point is that
 performers in the past had assumed that they had a right to make political statements at their
 concerts. Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, John and Yoko! Doesn't anybody remember? Now, we have
 Management telling us that Linda Ronstadt was not hired to say what was on her mind.
 What does Management want, a wind-up doll on the stage?



Toni Morrison, Joe Conason, Al Franken, Sidney Blumenthal, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
discuss "Books, Politics, and the Culture War" at First Parish Church,
Zero Church St., Cambridge, MA.
To reserve tickets: 617-661-0372 ext. 2.

 David Cross...


 Dave, next time you're on Carson Daly or Celebrity Poker or whatever, mention bartcop.com
 and I'll give you, free of charge, a year subscription to, ...seriously.

 Subject: Pokerfest review by Ryan

  Click  Here

After years of Nazi nonsense books,
we finally have some balance at the bookstores

 July Subscription Special

 Subscribe between now and the end of July and get 2-for-1.

 What do you get when you subscribe?

 First, you get  - which is completely uncensored invective
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 You've never heard radio like this before.

 We can say any thing we want - and NOBODY can censor us or stop us.

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 New Assault on Wilson Serves as a Distraction
    by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 ...the controversy surrounding [Ambassador Wilson] is, in itself, a kind of victory for the White House.

 Otherwise, someone might ask about more significant news. Every serious bipartisan investigation so far
 has found that Iraq was nowhere near possession of the nuclear arsenal that the White House used to
 terrify Americans. The only existing supply of enriched uranium available to Saddam was under seal at
 a facility sealed by U.N. inspectors - a facility that was left open to looters by the incompetent leadership
 at the Pentagon after Saddam's regime fell.

 As the Senate Intelligence Committee report explains, Iraq had no "stockpile" of chemical and biological
 weapons to turn over to terrorists. The intelligence on that question was contradictory at best. As the
 Senate report and the 9/11 commission have determined, Saddam Hussein's regime had no operational
 relationship with Al Qaeda.


Play Poker online with Bart

 Saddam Starred in Gay Porn Films!
   April 10, 2003

  Click  Here

 KUWAIT CITY -- Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein has been caught with his pants down -- literally.
 A shocking 1968 porn film has surfaced, in which the flamboyant strongman appears performing raunchy homosexual acts!

 The image quality of the grainy 16mm film, uncovered by the Kuwaiti secret police, is poor -- but experts who've taken a
 close look at the hairy-chested actor are "100 percent certain" it is a younger, trimmer Saddam.

"There is no doubt in my mind that this is Saddam -- there's no mistaking those eyes and that distinctive nose," declares
 Hussein biographer Sadiq al-Sabah of Kuwait, who's seen the eye-popping footage first-hand.

"Saddam appeared in 85 gay films under a variety of stage names, most frequently Omar Studdif," reveals the researcher.

  is very different from anything you've ever heard before.

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 CNN Again

 This weekend, instead of running "The Greatness of George Bush in World War II,"
 they're running "How Screwed Up are Howard Dean and the Stupid Democrats?"
 complete with the Iowa yell - over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

 Yep, CNN is so liberal it should be against the law.


"We don't ask enough questions. We didn't in the run-up to the war. The Senate was silent.
  When it came to the run-up to the war in the last few days, the silence was deadening -- we failed."
    --Sen. Robert Byrd, speaking the truth about 907 lives too late   Attribution


 From: jsmetropcs@ureach.com

 Subject:Sandy Berger traitor

 I did a Google search on this monkey's e-mail address and found out a lot about him.
 He plays golf, he loves the LA Lakers, he listens to hip hop music, he drives a Saab,
 and he works in gay porn.   imdb.com lists his name as 'Dick Liquor.'
 Dude, is that a stage name or your real name?
 Also, did you ever do any gay porn scenes with hairy Saddam?

 I wonder how you are going to defend the latest leftist traitor?

 I know of know "latest lefty traitors," but if one appears, I'd defend him with the truth.

 Even after Sandy Berger voluntarily returned documents, two or three drafts are still missing
 of a sensitive, after-action report criticizing the Clinton administration's handling of al Qaeda
 millennium threats and identifying American vulnerabilities at airports and sea ports.

 That's not true.
 That's not even close to true.
 All he ever had were copies, so, by definition, notihing is "missing" at all.
 If you download a copy of the Constitution and lose if (maybe to another Dick Liquor?)
 the Constitution would not be "missing."  It's still safe in the National Archives, you brainless twit.

 Kinda makes you wonder if Berger really wanted those 18 marines to die in Somalia.

 You are a monkey.
 If brains were gasoline, you couldn't power a gnat's motorcycle halfway 'round a bean.

 After all, it was he that denied General Garrison's request for armored personal carriers and tanks.

 No, Monkey - that was Les Aspin - you don't know a goddamn thing about anything.
 Besides, Bush 41 shouldn't have sent those troops into an Al Qaeda stronghold without the armor they needed.
 Just like the never-elected Monkey, Bush sent those men to their deaths with bad planning.
 You simians never blame the guy who screws up - you always blame the Democrat, instead.

 Even though misinformed people like you blame their deaths on GHB.

 Neither of us can change the fact that Bush sent those men to Somalia without the armor they needed.

 What was on the sensitive docs that Berger felt compelled to shove up his crack and waddle out of the national archives with?

 You got wood when you typed "shove up his crack" didn't you, Dick Liquor?

 What did Clinton and Berger know?

 They knew Osama was coming and they stopped him because they weren't morons talking to
 Crawford cows weeks after getting a PDB saying "Osama is about to attack with planes."

 Hope you criticize them as well...But I know you won't, Mr Tunnel Vision.
 See ya hypocrite.

 I criticize the guilty and the people who feel extra-passionate about subjects on which they are ignorant..
 You just lost a debate to an Okie with an IQ of 64.
 Suck on that.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 895, 896, 901, 905, 907  dead American soldiers.

Drip, drip, drip - young lives go down the drain


 Clinton's "My Life" Serves an Adult Portion
      by  Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 After watching Bill Clinton at relatively close range since 1976, maybe I should have stronger
 feelings about him. Everybody else seems to love him or hate him. Why can't I get with the program?
 It was in that spirit I decided to do what I suspected few early reviewers of his encyclopedic "My Life,"
 had done: actually read the fool thing before rushing into print.

 This is a really good column by Gene.
 Please find the time to read it.

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 Chicago Pokerfest winners

 I blame the nuns,
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