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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Terror Warning for CA, NMex
Anger Management
100 plus killed in Iraq
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
99.44 % pure dumb luck
Bush's Cuban hooker search
Meant Well, Messed Up
John Kerry and War
Kerry's Big Test Tonight


Quote of the Day

"Gay and lesbian and transgender Americans 
  are exactly that -- Americans. They're entitled 
  to the same goddamned right as any other 
  American, and to say otherwise is outrageous 
  and offensive." 
    --Ben Affleck, in Boston   Attribution

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Volume 1366 - Speech of His Life 

  DemoCon2004    Thursday    July 29, 2004 


"You know, I play a very smart and impassioned character on television, but I was fairly
  stupid and placid back then. I very nearly did not vote for Al Gore. I almost voted for Nader.
  I would have been very upset had I done it in retrospect. I think we were a very placid and
  uninterested electorate back then. I think now we're converging on one of the major turning
  points in my lifetime, and anyone who remains placid about this election needs to seriously
  reexamine where they're at."
    --Richard Schiff, who plays Toby Ziegler on "The West Wing"    Attribution

 FBI Issues Terror Warning for Calif., N.M.
  Another distraction from the economy and the mess in Iraq

  Click  Here

 The FBI warned police in California and New Mexico that it received information about
 possible terrorist activity in their states. However, the warning wasn't specific about particular
 targets or a method of attack, a federal law enforcement official said Thursday.

 The FBI decided to pass along the threat information but warned that it was considered
 unsubstantiated and uncorroborated, said the official, who spoke only on condition of anonymity.

 The vague warning was distributed to authorities in California, New Mexico and some other
 Western states the official did not identify.

 Be afraid, people.
 Be afraid and stay afraid.
 Be afraid and trust Bush.
 Be afraid, trust Bush, voite GOP and be afraid.



"A fascist is one whose lust for money or power is combined with such an intensity of intolerance
  toward those of other races, parties, classes, religions, cultures, regions or nations as to make him
  ruthless in his use of deceit or violence to attain his ends. The supreme god of a fascist, to which his
  ends are directed, may be money or power; may be a race or a class; may be a military clique or an
  economic group; or may be a culture, religion, or a political party."
     --FDR's VP Henry Wallace, who never even met the Illegal White House Gangster  Attribution

 Anger Management
    by Arianna Huffington

  Click  Here

 Anger, and the wisdom of keeping it in check, were the subject of a pair of competing briefings I attended
 on Monday afternoon at the Four Seasons hotel, which is the hub of behind-the-scenes campaign activity
 away from the Fleet Center. One featured Harold Ickes of America Coming Together, which has now raised
 $80 million, a substantial chunk of which will be spent in August taking the whip to Bush's hide. The other
 featured pollster Stan Greenberg discussing the mindset of potential Nader voters. "Anger," he said, "is the
 defining characteristic of the Nader voter. They loathe Bush but they don't want to cast their vote for the
 lesser-of-two-evils. They want to vote on principle." In other words, if Kerry is going to convince them to
 pass on Nader and vote for him, he's going to have to show them that he stands for more than just not being Bush.

 Kerry's taking a bodacious gamble on the "show no anger" gambit.
 Is that the wise move?

 Are we playing nice now so we can surprise attack later?
 Or are we going to play nice all the way to Bush's inaugural?

 Did you see the roaring ovation Wesley Clark got last night?


"Have you noticed that most presidents have embarrassing brothers?
  Clinton had Roger; Carter had Billy. You know who the embarrassing
  brother is in the Bush family? George."
     --Jay Leno,

 Worst violence since handover sees 100+ killed

  Click  Here

 In Wednesday's violence:

 * seven Iraqi soldiers and 35 insurgents were killed in a joint multinational and Iraqi raid near the town of Suwariya, south of Baghdad

 * two soldiers serving with multinational forces were killed in clashes with insurgents in Anbar province, the US military said

 * a US soldier was killed and three others were wounded by a roadside bomb in north-west Baghdad, the US military said

 * eleven US soldiers were wounded and at least one Iraqi insurgent was killed in an attack on a US army camp outside Ramadi, west of the capital

 * at least one person was killed in a rocket explosion on a busy street in Baghdad

 * an Iraqi policeman was shot dead in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk

 * the Al-Jazeera TV channel said it had received a videotape showing two Pakistani hostages being killed

 * gunmen stormed the home of the governor of Iraq's Al-Anbar province in Ramadi, kidnapping three of his sons

 Critics of Fahrenheit 9-11 say Moore should've shown the violent and hostile pre-war Iraq,
 but Iraq has never had it this bad before - constant murders and beheadings and violence every day.


 99 and 44/100% pure dumb luck

  Also known as Ray's Pokerfest summary

  Click  Here

 I was looking for some thing else when "Led Zepagain" caught my eye.

 It's a Zeppelin tribute band, so I clicked on it to see what was the buzz.

 They're getting $100 per ticket!

  Click Here

 Geez, I saw the real thing for $16, and the tribute band gets $100?

Marty's Entertainment Page


"Teresa Kerry is real. She will be who she is -- multifaceted, refined yet earthy, cerebral
  and sensual, focused and passionate. Even as she plays the role of supportive spouse,
  she does it her way -- she spoke last night of her own experiences, making it clear she
  has her own identity and is not just the woman's auxiliary of John Kerry. And then there's
  Laura Bush. I do not dislike Laura. She's an attractive and gracious woman. However,
  she seems ... artificial. I suspect when she's off camera Karl Rove pulls her battery pack
  and tucks her away in a pink satin box."
      --Maha, http://www.mahablog.com

 Subject: Ann Coulter's censorship

 Bart, I've been reading your site religiously for the last three years,
 and I know about your feelings about Ann Coulter.

 Considering her latest screaming and yelling about how she was "censored"
 by "USA Today" because the paper thought that her latest column was
 incoherent even by her own usual standards, am I really the only person
 who asks "Where the hell are Sigourney Weaver and a forklift when you need 'em?"

 Paul R

 Paul, not sure what that means but it sounds funny :)

  Click  Here  for the USA Today/Coulter story

 I don't understand USA Today.
 They knew they were hiring a flame-throwing Nazi bitch, and then they're
 all surprised that she wrote a


"I really appreciate that Bush saw fit to give me, who already has a ton of money, a bunch more.
  He didn't want to waste that money making sure that everyday Americans could afford health care.
  Or properly equipping our men and women in Iraq - who have to buy their own body armor."
       --Ben Affleck. "Is that Ben's hat in ring?"     Attribution

 There's some Ben-the-candidate in BCR Show 49,
 which will be uploaded soon now that BCR Show 48 is up.

 Justice Betrayed
  Tulsa D.A. refuses to prosecute murder

  Click  Here

 The killer pursued Howard after he was left stunned and helpless. Howard was attempting to flee
 when he was hit from behind. After the victim was rendered unconscious, his killer beat him savagely.
 Tavern manager Josh Martin was also severely beaten.

 The night of the attack, Terry Badgewell, a transient with a documented history of violent crime,
 fled the crime scene and was later arrested on two complaints of assault with a deadly weapon.
 He was covered in the blood of Martin and Howard. Howard's family and friends trusted that charges would be filed.

 They were wrong.


Run by my good friend LA Rich

 Subject: Kerry's space suit


 As I understand it, the Kerry visit to the Kennedy Space center wasn't necessarily for campaign publicity.
 He wanted to see the kinds of things that were being done to prevent any further tragedies.  He had no choice
 but to wear the suit which keeps all dust particles and hair away from highly sensitive scientific equipment.
 Anything else would literally risk the lives of astronauts.  No pictures where intended to be published from this visit,
 but someone at NASA apparently sold one to the "liberal media" who decided to pass it on to the repugnicans.

 There is no way one can avoid saying or doing something that can be fictitiously characterized by the dripping slime
 that has become the republican party.  It's quite literally the only thing they are good at.  So don't criticize Kerry for
 attempting to see for himself what NASA is doing to protect the people we send into space.  It's something that Bush
 should have done a long time ago.  However, if I were Kerry, I would have issued a press release explaining the purpose
 of his visit, and asking, "What makes a candidate look more ridiculous?  This [displaying the picture of Kerry in his
 protective suit] or this [showing the picture of Bush in his flight suit under the sign that says "Mission Accomplished!"].

 And then promise the republicans and the Faux Whore press, that every time they showed the picture of Kerry,
 Kerry's people would discuss the propriety of spending millions of taxpayer dollars on a cynical campaign stunt that
 was ill-timed and in highly questionable taste.  If it were me, I'd also issue a statement that Bush shouldn't put on that
 flight suit again, unless he can provide proof that he fulfilled his military obligation.

 But, the Kerry people haven't asked me to advise their campaign either.

 Jim H.

 Jim, my good friend. I agree with paragraphs 2 and 3, but not paragraph one.
 Kerry didn't "find himself" (my words) in that space suit.
 He put his arms and legs in it and hitched it up.

 Doesn't he realize he's in a political campaign where image is everything?
 You said, "He had no choice but to wear the suit..."
 He can learn all he wants about space after getting elected.

 Kerry could learn from both of us.

 Minister: Saddam Suffers Prostate Trouble
   They're going to kill him in his cell to prevent testimony

  Click  Here

 Susan Buffett dies in Wyoming
  Wife of Warren had a stroke, he was with her at the end

  Click  Here

 Woman Arrested, Cuffed, Held for Eating Candy
   Oh how I wish we still lived in Clinton's America...

  Click  Here

 Peterson Judge Denies Mistrial Request
  Geragos says Det. Brocchini fabricated testimony

  Click  Here

 Bush's search for clean Cuban hookers goes awry

  Click  Here

 Bush launched an attack against Castro and his alleged promotion of sex tourism in Cuba.
 Our fearless leader dug way back to a 1992 speech given by Castro to prove his case.

"The dictator welcomes sex tourism," Bush told a room of law enforcement officials in Florida.
"Here's how he bragged about the industry," Bush said. "This is his quote: 'Cuba has the cleanest
 and most educated prostitutes in the world.'"

 As it turns out, Bush had lifted that quotation not from an actual Castro speech but rather from
 a 2001 essay written by a Dartmouth student. Sadly, the student made the quotation up..

 All the trouble in the world, and most of it cauysed by failed Bush policies and screwups,
 why is Bush picking a fight with Cuban hookers?

"I did hooker patrol just over the Mexican border when I was AWOL..."


 Subject: OMG - Cancel the election

 Oh My God! Cancel the Election! It's terrorists putting beans in baby food! How can we vote at a time like this?

 Mild Form of Poison Ricin Found in Baby Food;
  Man Being Sought for Questioning

 IRVINE, Calif. July 29, 2004 - Poison found in two jars of baby food purchased at the same store
 was not in a deadly form and the two infants who ate small of amounts of the banana yogurt did not even fall ill, officials said.

 The contamination of the Gerber brand food was disclosed Wednesday by police, who are searching for a man
 they believe may have witnessed the tampering. Charles Dewey Cage, 47, of Irvine, was "in the area at a relevant time,"
 said Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas.

 Harry H.


"When we send our young men and women into harm's way, we have a solemn obligation
  not to fudge the numbers or shade the truth about why they're going and to never - ever -
  go to war without enough troops to win the war, secure the peace and earn the respect of the world."
     --Barack Obama, rising star in thew Democratic Party,    Attribution

 Subject: your page

 Just reading today's 'bartcop'  thur..7-29-04.

 People here in the 'US' are lucky to have people like you to let us know what's going on in our 'Gov'.
 I was in the navy -69-71, and really got a first hand look at how thing's were run out of our 'Pentigone'

 I use the  'VA'  for my medical need's, and afraid those Hawks in 'DC' will take it away.
 You know that most of  the people sucking bush's veneer are from  the 'NIXON' era.

 Sen. Byrd  D-WV. was on the 'Charlie Rose show'.   Wow!!!! He told it like it was!!!
 Sen. Byrd attented a  REP... convention, and Karl Rove  said the Iraq war would be "a horse to ride on."

 And Mr Byrd said that before the war, that he was watching a Bush speech with a military back drop,
 and when he noticed it, he recalled the Rove speech.

 Hey! keep up the GREAT  WORK
 Too bad you have to do the job's of our media.


Fahrenheit 9-11,
Hunting of the President
Order your copies from the BartCop Bookstone

 Meant Well, Messed Up

  Click  Here

 Our nation cannot go on like this - squandering brave young lives and hundreds of billions
 of dollars on unnecessary war, losing old friends and creating new enemies, abandoning the
 middle class while making the rich richer and saddling our children with unsustainable debt and pollution.

 The Kerry-Edwards administration, unlike the Cheney-Bush agenda, will invest in jobs, health care
 and education, not Halliburton and other corporate cronies. We will practice transparency, not evasion.
 When trouble comes, we will find solutions, not scapegoats. We will protect our borders without bending our Constitution.

 But the idiot electorate wants a president they can drink a beer with.
 Would you want your pilot or your heart surgeon to be a drinking buddy?
 How did ther GOP convince people that the president needn't be smart?
 On 9-11, we saw what happened when a really stupid loser is in charge.
"I want a presdent who will read the goat story and not scare the kids,
 nevermind that more planes are


  is different.

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 John Kerry and War
  Needs Firmer Position on Bush's Pre-War Lies

  Click  Here

 Kerry, as the world already knows, is not a black-and-white kind of thinker, especially when
 it comes to foreign policy. That's good - it should give voters a real sense of choice this fall, given
 George Bush's tendency to view the world in absolutes. But it's not an excuse for fudging every issue.
 Kerry's history on the critical Iraq question has been impossibly opaque. He voted to authorize
 Bush to go to war. He voted against $87 billion to pay for extra costs - after offering an amendment
 to raise the money by increasing taxes on the wealthy. That produced the infamous explanation,
"I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it.''

 Mr. Kerry is very, very sorry for that phrasing. His campaign is well aware that if he had simply said,
"I voted to spend the money - I just opposed increasing the deficit," the Republicans would have been
 deprived of one of their most salient commercials.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 895, 896, 901, 905, 907  dead American soldiers.

Drip, drip, drip - young lives go down the drain


 Boston Trip Report
   by Eddy the Pillar

  Click  Here


 From: oils1@mindspring.com

 Subject: Bart idiot

 So Bart Idiot,
 I see you now are calling Mr. Nader a "son of a bitch".
 You haven't seen F-911 yet?

 Stupid question.
 Will all your questions be this stupid?

 It was the Democratic Senators that wouldn't sign
 the papers looking into the Florida Vote Scam.

 Nader doesn't have the power you keep ascribing him.
 He's NOT a Democrat Senator!
 You are a Total Idiot for being an ostrich on this.

 I'm an idiot because I can do the math?
 Why do you think the GOP is paying to put Nader on state's ballots?
 Why do you want another 4 years of Bush?

 You are obviously a Shill for the Democrats,
 since you won't concede this point.
 I used to be cordial in my letters to you...NO MORE!

 ha ha
 My life's over if I don't have your approval...

 Nader was working on making your car safe in the 1960's,
 and you slam him? You, are full of shit!

 That was in the sixties.
 What has he done for us lately, besides deliver Bush into the White House?

 You are obviously retarded to be slamming the ONLY consumer protection advocate who still lives!

 No, he's Bush's best friend.
 Where are your eyes?

 All that is left is Corporations, and you slam Nader, who is trying to stop this Fascism.

 Nader makes Bush president and you complain about corporations?

 Bart, you are a pathetic, uninformed clown, who really has NO CLUE!

 One of us wants to stop Bush, one of us wants to help Bush.

 Keep drinking your BOOZE!

 I will.

 Keep playing your POKER!

 I will

 Keep believing your delusions about the Democrats saving your DumbAss...

 Democrats have a chance to defeat Bush - Nader doesn't.

 They are building their "New World Order", just like
 Hitler did, only he called it a "New Order"
 There you are, waving the flag for them!

 Democrats have a chance to defeat Bush - Nader doesn't.

 Useful Idiot...

 A Royal Fuck You Bart Prick!
 Happy New World Order.

 Best Regards, (ha ha)
 Rob Mahon

 If Bush wins in November, he'll have have Nader to thank.
 Why do you want four more years of Bush, Mr Pottymouth?

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When will the murders stop?
When will the invasions stop?

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