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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Another day, another suicider
Eyes Wide Shut
I love Theresa Kerry 
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Kerry Sails into Boston
Oklahoma Politics
Double shot of Monkey Mail
Bush is on Mood Drugs?
Unbearable Emptiness


Quote of the Day

"We're all going to go to hell if Bush wins.
  God help us all."  
    -- Spike Lee      Attribution

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Volume 1365 - Go Theresa

  DemoCon2004    Wednesday    July 28, 2004               I suspect the live chat room will be busy all week


"Most people are kind of standoffish. They seem very afraid. They don't want their
  name associated with Nader. They just kind of smirk and walk away. Some of them yell."
      --Tom Stonehouse, trying to get signatures for Nader Bush    Attribution

 Another day, another suicider
  They got another 68 with one blast

  Click  Here

 Dozens of burned bodies were strewn in the street and piled on curbsides, and vehicles,
 fruit stalls and shops were a bloody tangle of twisted metal from the blast, which targeted
 Iraqis lined up outside a police recruiting station. Most of the victims were civilians or from
 among the hundreds of men waiting to join the force.

"These were all innocent Iraqis, there were no Americans," an angry man shouted as Iraqis
 tried to cover the dead with pieces of cardboard.

"Thank you, Meester Bush..."

  It never ends.


ha ha


"Democratics were reluctant to allow Al-Jazeera in their convention,
  because they thought their coverage would be biased and hostile.
  Then they realized it couldn't be any worse than Fox News."
      --Jay Leno,    Attribution

 Eyes Wide Shut
  Click  Here

 Rush Limbaugh, the self-proclaimed king of conservative radio, was downright giddy with delight.
 Night after night on the seven and 11 o'clock news, they paraded their pretenses for war before the cameras,
 before the hopeful parents of the young men and young women whose lives were needlessly in danger of never returning home.

 Then came that fateful day when George W. Bush dressed in the gear he worked so hard never to wear in real life
 and pranced like a peacock-all puffery and full of fake machismo. "Mission Accomplished" splayed across the
 aircraft carrier-and he stood there beaming and proudly proclaiming we had won! It was a despicable joke then
 and it is a worse joke now.

 We've lost face and we've lost faith. Our leaders, those elected and those appointed, have betrayed what America
 supposedly always stood for: defenders of the downtrodden, defenders of the law, defenders of justice. Shamelessly,
 those in power ruled autonomously with no regard for the arguments of others.


"As the Democrats get revved up at their convention, Bush is fighting back
  the only way he knows how: by going on vacation! Ah, it's nice to take a rest,
  replenish your supply of smirks. The vacation was expected, because Bush
  traditionally takes a month off every summer to relax and avoid reading
  National Security Warnings."
     --Craig Kilborn,

 I love Theresa Kerry

 I really liked watching her speech last night.
 I'm going to say she sounded ...bartcopian.
 She's not going to take any crap off of anybody.

 She may have been born in French Guinea West Zimbabwe,
 she may be married to the next president of the United States,
 but what impressed me was her Victoria Barkley/Mrs Bart attitude.

 Like Clinton, ...like Reagan, ...like Poppy Bush, ...like Ol' Bart,
 you can screw with the guy whose name is on the sign, ...no problem there,
 but if you mess with the power end of the team, you're spitting on Superman's cape.

 Watching her, I think we might be getting a 2-for-1 like we got with the Clintons.


 Subject: Pokerfest after party review

  Click  Here

 Note: Not everything he says is true :)

Marty's Entertainment Page


"I've been at him for years, saying, "You've got to lose weight."
. Private exhortations aren't working. It's extremely serious.'"
     -- Nader, as tho he gcares, on why he calls Michael Moore "fat" in public   Attribution

 Y'know Ralph, Michael Moore can lose weight, but you'll always be the son of a bitch who
 allowed the Giggling Murderer to invade Iraq and screw the economy and the environment.

 Subject: overlooked

 Bush-Gang promo that Saddam was in on 9/11.
 I cannot comprehend how spokespersons like Begala and Carville do not scream this fact.
 Bush used Saddam and 9/11 in many sentences during a speech.
 In one speech he used them together in 8 sentences.
 Over 50% believed a connection.
 Shame shame on DNC for allowing this to pass. Makes me spit.
 clarence swinney burlington nc

 Clarence, you and I are in a party that's afraid to fight.


"While the Democrats are up in Boston, the Republicans are
   down in Florida tinkering with the voting machines."
    --David Letterman

 Kerry, Former Crewmates Sail Into Boston

  Click  Here

 After campaigning his way through Florida, Virginia and Pennsylvania this week,
 Kerry arrived in Boston in time to John Edwards test his courtroom-honed Southern
 charm in a prime-time speech Wednesday night to the convention and a national TV audience.

 As the party's choice for vice president, Edwards will "be talking both about the big themes
 of this campaign and optimism searching for a better tomorrow that this nation has always
 represented," his wife, Elizabeth, said Wednesday on CBS-TV's "The Early Show.

 I hope Kerry doesn't show up Thursday in that silly NASA suit.
 I listed to about 10 minutes of the vulgar Pigboiy today, and again and again and again
 he said, "Kerry looked like a sperm swimming in a vagina," in that NASA suit,
 again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again.
 How could kerry possibly make a blunder that big?
 The bigger test: What other incredibly stupid blunders will he make?

 Subject: Kerry in his "Dukakis" suit

 i think you're over reacting to kerry in the space suit photos.  the reason dukakis was lampooned
 for the photos of him in a tank was because they displayed a sense of irony (on top of how ridiculous
 he looked) that the republicans were able to capitalize on.  they were claiming that he was soft on defense,
 and that he would say or do anything to make himself look tough or macho.  the tank photo just backed
 that impression up really well.    no one in the bush administration is saying that kerry is soft on space

 But why risk looking that stupid for any reason?
 Doesn't Kerry have control over the clothes he wears?

 And before we say, "It's no big thing," was inventing the internet a big thing?
 Was Love Canal or Love Story a big thing?

 Our side has enough problems without creating more of them.

 Police Continue Search for Lori Hacking
  Scott Peterson wannabe checked into a mental hospital

  Click  Here

 FBI Emerges Unscathed From 9/11 Report
  They were courageously searching Arkansas for trailer tramps

  Click  Here

 Bin Laden Brother Disputes Moore Film
  He's on Bush's side - just like old times

  Click  Here

 Drudge says O'Reilly and Moore debate airs Tuesday
  Do they mean last night or next Tuesday?

  Click  Here


 Subject: Viva Theresa

 I assume you took the time to watch our future first lady give her address at the DNC.
 She was an unbelievable breath of fresh air.  I actually wept with joy at the mere prospect
 of here being our next first lady.  And to think that we were never subjected to the word
 "terrorist" a single time!  Hell, I would vote for her for president!

 One would have to go back a long time to find another first lady with as much character and moral fortitude.
 Viva Theresa!
 Ron, four years isn't so long... :)

But why pick Bush?


"Politics is the art of looking for trouble,
  finding it whether it exists or not,
  diagnosing it incorrectly,
  and applying the wrong remedy."
      -- Sir Ernest Benn, 1930

"That guy is sharp..."

 VCR Alert

"Jack Binion World Poker Open"  on the Travel Channel
 The Robin Hood of poker goes up against high-stakes players in Tunica, Miss.

 Paris Hilton and Rescue Me, with Dennis Leary.

 Dennis Miller has another star-stuuded lineup:
 Bob Oschack, Michael Loftus, Tommy Lasorda; John McWhorter; Farai Chideya; and Morgan Brittany.
 I've heard of two of them

 Oh yeah, John Edwards is speaking tonight, too.
 I missed most of Obana last night because PBS turned him off, the bastards.


After years of Nazi nonsense books,
we finally have some balance at the bookstores

 Oklahoma Politics

 As you know, I don't talk much about local politics.
 Local politics is so boring...

 But the US Senate race affects all of us, so here's what happened.  Former Senator Tom Coburn
 (R-Jesus Twin) ran against OKC mayor Kirk Humphries, who was backed by Oklahoma Senator
 Jim Inhofe (R-Pissquik) and Oklahoma Senator Don Rickles, ...as Reagan introduced him.

 Who do you root for when the religiously insane doctor murderer runs against the handjob
 picked by the intensely insane Pissquik and Don "Hillary will be indicted any day" Nichols?

 Coburn kicked the young ass of the Pissquik/Nichols hand-picked boy.
 Does that mean Coburn is that strong?
 Ot Nichols and Pissquik are so lightly regarded?



 Subject: Bush Recession & His AWOL Status Will Doom Kerry

 A News Flash for you.
 GWBush did not go AWOL and nobody but a handful of loonatik liberals believe it.

 If you couldn't prove you showed up to work, would you still get paid?

 Another News Flash for you.  A recession began while Clinton was president in March, 2000.

 A recession is defined as two losing quarters in a row.
 That didn't happen until mid 2001.


 Had nothing to do with Bush.  Bush has pulled us out of a hole since 9/11.

 Bush caused the recession with his talk of tax cuts.
 Wall Street doesn't like massive deficits.

 Clinton helped set up for the al Qaeda through his actions and inaction.

 Tell me, what action did Bush take against Osama before 9-11?

 Sorry, Clinton is a major villain as 9/11 testimony shows.

 That's half true. Bush's hand-picked Clinton-haters pulled blame of Bush and onto Clinton
 and the Democrats just sat there and watched them do it. It wasn't a conincident that Bush
 picked Bob Kerrey and Lee Hamilton to grade his performance.


 Plus, why was Bush afraid to testofy under oath?
 Why was Bush afraid to testify without holding Cheney's hand?

 By do you suppose Sandy Berger was stuffing top secret documents in his underwear and stockings? 

 ha ha
 You stalkers think everything is about male sex...
 Can't you get a different hobby?

 Did you know there is a minimum five year felony for putting US government documents
 against a penis or an anus?  Berger will never get out of prison.
 Bob Booger
 You have an erection right now, don't you?
 Thinking about Berger's penis and Berger's anus excites the Christian right.
 Bob Booger can't make it thru the day without thinking of penises and anuses.
 Plus, ...don't they have to charge Berger with something before they jail him?
 Oh, I forgot, that was Clinton's America. In Bush's Amerikka, you can be jailed forever

 without a trial if Bush or Ashcroft don't like what you said or wrote.
 Thanks, Democrats...

 (I'm trying to go a whole week without printing the dancing tutu senators)

  is different.

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"Who better to grasp the acute nature of our country's current crisis than someone
  who fought in the Vietnam War, who went through that ordeal and saw friends die.
  It's no small thing to go through something like that. It took a lot of courage for John Kerry
  to go to Vietnam and it took a lot of courage to come back and fight against the war. That's guts."
     --Richard Dreyfuss,   Attribution

 Bush Using Drugs to Control Depression, Erratic Behavior
    is Capitol Hill Blue a reputable source?

  Click  Here

 Bush is taking powerful anti-depressant drugs to control his erratic behavior, depression and paranoia.

 The prescription drugs, administered by the White House physician, can impair the President's mental
 faculties and decrease both his physical capabilities and his ability to respond to a crisis, aides admit privately.

"It's a double-edged sword," says one aide. "We can't have him flying off the handle at the slightest
 provocation but we also need a President who is alert mentally."

 ha ha

 Tubb prescribed the anti-depressants after a clearly-upset Bush stormed off stage on July 8, refusing to
 answer reporters' questions about his relationship with indicted Enron executive Kenneth J. Lay.

 Angry Bush walked away
 from reporter's questions.

"Keep those motherfuckers away from me," he screamed at an aide backstage.
"If you can't, I'll find someone who can."

 That sounds like Bush.  That's what he called the Whore Street Journal's Al Hunt
 years ago in Dallas, when he was super-drunk in public.

 Bush's mental stability has become the topic of Washington whispers in recent months.

 Recent months?
 We knew he was unstable 600 issues ago - Vol 712   Emotional Landslide 
 Why is the "mainstream press" so far behind  bartcop.com?

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 896, 901, 905, 907, 911  dead American soldiers.

Drip, drip, drip - young lives go down the drain


 More Liberal Media BS
   by Eric Alterman

  Click  Here

"Here we go again: Howie "Conflict of Interest" Kurtz is praising New York Times Public Editor
 Dan Okrent's admission that the Times is a "liberal" newspaper as "courageous."
 Click here to read the Kurtz chat and click here  for the Okrent column.

 Journalists are socially liberal, just like every single group of well-educated, well-paid group of urban professionals.
 On occasion this shows up in the coverage, when it comes to say, creationists and people who think homosexuals
 should burn in Hell sooner rather than later. But even on this issue set, where attitudes are consistent, there is evidence
 of considerable effort to bend over backwards to be nice to Bible-thumpers. On most political issues, however,
 journalists are not only not liberal, they are often more sympathetic to the conservatives than to the liberals; this is in
 part a reflection of their economic status and in part a reflection of the fact that they are but a weathervane of the
 force of gale winds attacking them and until recently, just about all the attacks have been coming from the right."

 Subject: Dugan was an accident?

 SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (CNN) -- The first U.S. soldier killed in Bosnia
 did not die from a land mine explosion as first reported, NATO officials said Monday.

 Officials from IFOR, the NATO-led peace enforcement mission, said Sgt. 1st Class
 Donald A. Dugan was killed when he picked up unexploded artillery after walking off
 the road and into a field. The unidentified explosive device went off in Dugan's hands, they said.


 and this DOD Pentagon site describes it "The first American casualty in Bosnia,
 Army Sgt. 1st Class Donald A. Dugan, died in an  explosives-related accident on Feb. 3"
 Please note the word: ACCIDENT


 Pentagon says "it was not a mine accident".

 We have had one fatality [Dugan], but it turned out it was not a mine accident.

 I'd equate Dugan's death in Bosnia with a car accident.  It was reckless abandon similar
 to Russian Roulette.  I think Bart's foundation is still intact.

 Walt on Whidbey

 Walt, thanks for that.
 I figured there was a reason why the talk radio nazis weren't screaming
 "Clinton killed Dugan" at the top of their lungs every hour of every day.


 Subject:  dead humans

 I think what makes monkey mail so monkeyish is that you ferret through
 and pick out those you can have a good time ridiculing.

 ha ha
 You said "ferret."

 I beleive as you do and as thinking people do that dead people is always a bad thing.

 So you join me in comdemning Bush's illegal and senseless war?

 The killing of children is especially heinous.
 I agree. Bush should be put on trial for war crimes.

 When you say that president Clinton had now (Did you mean 'no?") dead to his credit
 you seem to say that the war dead of Yugolslavia are something other than human.
 Monkey - I said Clinton never sent a man into battle who didn't come home.

 Clinton didn't go to the UN, he unilaterally decided to bomb the country in a wholesale manner.

 Bombs were dropped, but not the Mother of All Bombs in a city of 5 million people.
 It would take a heartless, giggling murderer to be that sadistic.

 It was decided that to save American lives the bombing would occur from very high altitudes.

 Careful - Bill Maher got fired for speaking that truth.
 What's wrong with having every American pilot come home?
 How many American pilots did you want killed?

 If you were a Yugoslavian parent of a dead kid you would never say he did not kill.

 That's two true sentences from you in one e-mail - am I changing you?
 If my child died as a result of an American bombing, it would be very difficult to say,
"I lost my child, but at least Clinton is stopping the genocide."

Do you have an opinion?

Call the

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Subject: BartCop Radio

 Hi, Bart,
 I'm still enjoying Bartcop immensely and so appreciate your hard work to get
 it and the radio show up.  My compliments to Mrs. Bart and my best to you both.


 Patricia, thanks.
 Show 48 is in the oven, baking, and I'm working on 49.

 Unbearable Emptiness

  Click  Here

"One of the revelations in the 9/11 commission report was the casualness of the resort to war.
 On the afternoon of Sept. 11, Rumsfeld spoke of attacking Saddam, and Bush began asking
 about Iraq the next day. Older men blithely found a war for younger men and women to die in.

 The result is the unbearable emptiness in homes like the Walters's all across America - and,
 even more often, in Iraq. The American victims are disproportionately from working-class families,
 not well represented either in White House meetings or in this newspaper's readership. It is those
 families of the dead and wounded who are bearing 99.9 percent of the burden of this war.

 When hawks say that the Iraq war was worth the price, they should remember that that price
 is measured in the lives of people like Don Walters, forever young, forever heroes, forever gone."

"But consider the good news - gas prices are at record highs..."

When will the rapes stop?
When will the tortures stop?
When will the looting stop?
When will the murders stop?
When will the invasions stop?

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