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Julie Hiatt Steele

Volume 712 - Emotional Landslide

Valentines Day

...tick tock...

 Friday     Feb. 8, 2002               Send me an Angel                   Recent old stuff             Shopping w/ Bart

 Bush nominee Pickering in trouble over cross-burning


  Click  Here
 Bush's nomination of a Mississippi trial judge to the U.S. Court of Appeals ran into trouble
 Thursday when Senate Democrats revealed that the judge took unusual steps to win a lighter
 sentence for a man convicted of burning a cross at the home of a mixed-race couple.

 It also was revealed that the nominee, Judge Charles Pickering, an ally of  Trent Lott (R-Klansman)
 organized a letter-writing campaign on his own behalf in October.

 Bush's nominee and Trent Lott are racist thugs who hate black people?
 Who knew?

From: ArtieG@aol.com

Subject: John Fund material

Can you please point me to material on John Fund's wrongdoings?
I have been invited to hear him speak (ha!) and want ammunition.

Artie, I could if I had a staff, or more time, or some organizational skills.

If anybody knows URLs of John Fund's wrongdoings,
send Artie and me a copy, would you?

  The coverup continues...
 Six More Boston Priests in Sex Abuse Scandal 

  Click  Here

 The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston said today that it had suspended six more priests
 from all assignments because of accusations that they had sexually molested children in the past.

 Five of the priests held active ministerial positions, and one had a non-ministerial role, the archdiocese said.
 Their names were reported to law enforcement authorities.

 The suspensions come two weeks after Cardinal Bernard F. Law,
 said there were no active priests in the archdiocese who had been accused of that.

 Remember - they could solve this problem before the sun sets today,
 but they don't want to solve the problem.
 Sexual predators of children should be locked in cages.

From:  cpettit@igc.org

Subject: Question

Hey Bart!  Can you tell me which issue had the Enron logo that morphed into the GOP elephant?

That was great!  Everyone needs to see that.


Damn, I'd like to see that, too.



 "Homosexuals and lesbians are not only a sickness, they are an abomination
   which should be removed from every city in the country, also from those
   districts where they feel protected, like in Tel Aviv."
    --  Rabbi David Batzri to the Israeli Ma`ariv newspaper, adding that
         gays should be “put to death” according to Jewish religious law.

  Religious folks are so nice...
  I can't remember why I left.

 Saint George's Crusade against Evil
   from  subversivetalk.com

  Click  Here

 Pretending to chase after bad guys as a pretext to invade a sovereign nation, then install
 a puppet government to rubberstamp an oil pipeline is pretty greedy isn't it? Actually it sounds like
 the standard operating procedure of American foreign policy for the last 100 years. While sophomoric
 Bush disciples would like to contrast the evil of "International Terrorism" against the goodness of the
 American Politician and his hegemonic corporate sponsors, the historic truth about America's
 Adventures Opening Up Markets in the Third World can not allow that to happen.

 A special thanks to Gino Mencaroni in Astoria, a big  bartcop.com  contributor.

From: mcchicken@operamail.com

To: juliehiattsteele@bartcop.com
Cc: bartcop@bartcop.com

Subject: Pictures are accurate?

Ms. Steele,

On my search engine I found the following picture of you on the Internet with a derogatory caption.
Shame on you for violating the Constitution of the United States of America.
For shame!

Dr. Ivan C. McChicken


Ivan, ...you put the "R" in retarded.

Don't you know anything about her story?
Julie could've followed Starr's orders and kept her paid for home.
Doesn't that mean anything to you?
She gave up her house and risked losing her son (plus 40 years in prison) for the truth.
Do you know anyone with that much personal integrity?

Also, I've never heard of you before.
Do you only come out to attack women?
That makes you about as brave as bin Laden's boys.
You can't fight the other guy's army, so you attack the women, instead.

Is that what they teach in GOP tactics school?
Attack the women, because your odds are better?
I know you're bitter because she whipped your boy, Hardon Kenny,
but you really need to learn how to accept defeat and move on.

One thing you got right - that's a damn nice picture of her.
She's one foxy babe, that Julie Hiatt Steele.

 That cool picture that opened today's issue?

 I don't know who that is.
 It fell out of a pile of back mail I'm trying to get to.

 It's a picture of a BartCop reader floating some river on September 10th 2001,
 enjoying America's last day of the good life - the last day of the Clinton Peace Dividend

 Whoever you are, could you drop me a note, tell me who you are, where you were,
 what you did and describe the fun you had on America's last day of freedom?
 If you want, I'll keep your name out of it, but I'd just like to hear the story.

 I can't tell you what I was doing on that last great day,  but you look like you were having
 the time of your life, so I'd like to read about it if you're up to it.

 From:  Joe_StMartin@URMC.Rochester.edu

 Subject: How about Dan Rather?

 What about democratic fund raiser Dan Rather?

 I think your exhibit A is lacking.
 Joe St Martin

 I'm guessing Mensa Joe is talking about the Myth of the Liberal Media

 Do you think I'll ever hear from someone who will put up a legitimate fight?
 He's comparing Dan Rather to a snotty blowhard like Sean Hannity or the vulgar Pigboy.

 Joe, have you ever heard Dan Rather rag on and on, for days, hours and weeks,
 about a horseshit story he personally fabricated about some innocent Republican?
 No, that's never happened so your example doesn't work.

 How can you compare Dan Rather to a flaming Nazi gasbag?

 Joe, if you had a political web page that was getting hits, I'd make you eat it in front of your readers.
 I'd make you wear the lil' pink dress and sing "BartCop was right and I'm the whore."
 I'll bet you know the words to that song, don't you Joe?

 But nooooooooooooo.
 Even tho the right-wing has a near-stranglehold on cyber-space,
 there's not one conservative on the www who will do battle with Ol' BartCop.

 My I.Q. of 64 has you guys stymied, and I think that's a fucking hoot!

 You guys need to get together and form a team of your very top people to debate me.
 You can all get in the same room, or hook up online and choose a guy to do the typing,
 and I'll do shots of fine tequila just to make it fair and we'll debate - deal?

 ...of course we have no deal, because conservatives are unable to debate anything,
 which is why the vulgar Pigboy screens his calls so tightly.

 Oh, well, ...at least you're not attacking the women, like that Chicken McNuggets guy.

 Gotta check out 

  The Winter Olympics opens today, and March Madness is coming.

Greetings From the National Prayer Breakfast
  by Miss Betty Bowers

  Click  Here

From: kebo72@hotmail.com

Subject: Neil Young, Patriotism, and Plagiarism

I heard about Neil Young recently coming out of the closet about his political orientation.
(sigh!  Another hero bites the dust)...

I heard more about his "salute to the heros of 9/11", a song  called "Let's Roll".
(Quoting what one of the heros of the downed airplane signed off his cell-phone with).

So, I finally heard the song.  Listen to it!
It is a NOTE FOR NOTE copy of the melody-line of Aerosmith's "Last Child".

Are Steve and the Boys going to sue?
Or perhaps, just write some salute to heros to the tune of "Cinnamon Girl"?
Either would be OK with me.


Ken, I think it's strange that the guy who wrote "Southern Man,"
would align himself with the racist dogs who run the all-white GOP.

 Need some graphic art?

  Look no further than   http://sobota.org/

 Traficant's trial

"I cut half my finger off, put it in peroxide and here I am,"
  said Traficant, who is in court with a bandaged finger.

 ha ha

 Koresh, I wish this nutty basketcase was a Republican...

 Full Story

The stickers have arrived.
They have an adhesive back, so they'll stick on stuff.
If you'd like some of these, mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope to
PO Box 54466, Tulsa, OK 74155
and I'll send you 5 or 10, whatever you need.

If you want to include a pittance to help grow the hammer higher - that's OK
but you can get stickers without a donation.   After all, this is not the Catholic Church.

If you attach the sticker to a fun place and send me a picture I'll run it, but be responsible.

From:  edward@muffeletta.com

Subject:  Fat Tony and the Death Penalty...

Hey, BC, have you ever noticed that when a liberal Catholic decides that he/she
can't support a principle of the Church, the conservatives call them a "cafeteria Catholic,"
one who picks and chooses what they believe in.

When a slimeball like Scalia says he can't support a point even the Pope feels strongly about,
he's 'defending tradition' or some other claptrap...


I think if anyone else had told off the Pope, there would've been howls from all corners.
But Fat Tony the Gangster, installer of the BFEE loser of the last election as president,
is more important than God, so screw religion and the faith they've sworn to uphold.
Politics is more important than God.

Longtime readers might remember Papax7, my religiously insane, super-Christian friend.
One day I built a pretty good case that he loved Rush more than he loved God because he
stood by Rush when he told tampons jokes "with talent on loan from God."

I asked Papax7 to condemn Pigboy's vulgar disdain for God's dignity and when he failed to stand up
for God, my pointing that out  so startled him that he hasn't spoken to me in the last two years.

Remember the Catholics who used the "Body of Christ" to beat up Clinton when
he went to Africa and followed the local bishop's customs on receiving communion?

Or the Falwell/Robertson/Bob Jones trinity of lying scumbag whores, using their religion to
raise cash so Robertson can buy an oil refinery, or Falwell selling The Clinton Chronicles for $70.

That's four examples of these wacko religious freaks putting politics before God.
They claim they love God, but it's all a self-deceiving, self-applied handjob.
If I was religious - nothing would be more important than my faith in God.

How can they live with themselves, shunning God for politics this way?
It's as tho, deep down, they know there is no God, so they blow him off.

Me - I'm more honest than that.

 The Super Bowl

 In what I hope will become a tradition, Secondharmonic and Jimmy Mac, two regulars
 on the bartcop chat & post forum,  placed a $50 bet on the Super Bowl.
 Secondharmonic took the heavily-favored Rams, while Jimmy Mac bet the unheralded Patriots.
 They both agreed that the person who lost the bet would send the winnings to  bartcop.com

 Sadly, someone had to lose, and it was Secondharmonic.
 But this is to let Jimmy Mac know the donation has arrived,
 and Secondharmonic has paid his debt to society.

 Confirmation is on the contributor page

 'Kidnapped' by Drivel, We Invite World Hatred

  Click  Here

 When you watch a show like "Fear Factor," NBC's latest offering in shock reality TV,
 in which contestants bob for chicken feet in a vat of live maggots, eat pig rectums and
 swim in pools of rotting squid, you begin to realize at least part of the reason why the
 great foreign "they" hate us so much.

 Who in the developing world, where suffering and deprivation are daily bread,
 wouldn't hate a people so bored, so creatively resourceless and so overprivileged
 that they need to manufacture fake torment for mass public consumption?

 Day 17 of the Shirley Manson log

  So far,

     ...have not heard from Shirley.

 Garbage is playing Tokyo tonight and tomoro night.
 I wish I was there. I wonder what color hair Shirley will have tonight?
 Maybe some kid with a Walkman will record it?

                                 c l i c k                        to                       o r d e r

  I got terribly addicted to beautifulgarbage while on vacation in the redwood forest.
 Those songs have been playing over and over in my head for 115 days.
 After a couple of months, I tried to replace those songs with Garbage 2.0 songs.
 Didn't work.
 Now I have 25 songs that play constantly in my head.
 It's taking a toll on what's left of my sanity.
 I need an antidote.

 Shirley - contact  bartcop.com

 PS.   J.T. says "Tell Shirley I love her."

 Check today's


 and tons more in today's 

 Happy Birthday to...

Lana Turner (1920)     Mary McCormack is 33

 Also born today:  Ted Koppel (1940)  Vince Neil (1961)  Nick Nolte (1941)  Mary Steenburgen (1953)

 More Histerics about Dan Rather

  Click  Here

...I'm not nervous, ...not at all.

The BartCop Hex is no problem for me.
I used to have a problem with my eye tick when I was lying or drunk,
but Unka Dick says it's hardly noticeable at all these days.

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