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Julie Hiatt Steele

Volume 711 - Pinch Me

Valentines Day
"Honey, I love you,
but I forgot to buy chocolate..."

...tick tock...

 Thursday     Feb. 7, 2002               Send me an Angel                  Recent old stuff             Shopping w/ Bart

 Enron's Top Dogs Still Flying Luxury Jets

  Click  Here

 An Enron spokesperson has confirmed a total of eight corporate jet trips
 to New York and Washington since the bankruptcy, saying the flights were
 more efficient than commercial travel.

 A round-trip commercial flight, Houston to New York, could be as little as $365 in coach.
 The same trip on an Enron jet would cost tens of thousands of dollars.

 Going for broke
  by Molly Ivins

  Click  Here

 The repeal of the Clinton rule by the Bushies -- nicely timed for minimum attention between
 Christmas and New Year's -- stopped federal agencies from considering the lawbreaking record
 of corporations in the process of granting contracts. As you know, many corporations repeatedly
 violate the law, and if and when they are caught, they pay a slap-on-the-wrist fine and continue
 on their merry way. A study by The Associated Press found hundreds of contractors that remain
 eligible for federal contracts despite having been convicted of or sued for defrauding the government.

Agents say priest sold, made drugs
Cleric allegedly helped make GHB

 Click  Here

Father Jeff, a priest at St. Patrick's was arrested and charged with
helping to make and distribute GHB, the "date rape drug" by the gallon.

Dr. Laura In Murder Case Spotlight
 Son Of Confessed Hit Man May Have Called Famous Leg Spreader

Famous Leg spreader

 Click  Here

 Laura Schlessinger, the queen of the national talk-show airwaves, was thrust front and center
 at a pre-trial hearing in the Beth Carpenter murder-for-hire case Tuesday.

 At issue was whether the son of the confessed hitman in the case is the same person
 who called Dr. Laura's show almost 14 months ago and claimed to be a killer.


"You are in bad company with Mr. BartCop from Tulsa,
  known drunk and business failure three times."
    -- one of my stalkers

 ha ha

 I lost a lot less money in business than someone we all know.
 If my super-rich daddy bought me a baseball team to play with,
 my business resume would look a lot like President Happy Crack's.

 Scalia questions Catholic stance on death penalty

  Click  Here

 Antonin Scalia on Monday criticized his church's position against the death penalty,
 saying that Catholic judges who believe capital punishment is wrong should resign.

 After denying Americans their constitutionally guaranteed right to vote,
 the power-hungry, sexually confused crazy man tries to take over the Catholic Church, too.

"I know what's best"

 More Terror from Bush? 
      by Marc Perkel

   Click  Here

 The question is - will Bush do something like that - just to hold onto power?
 When he himself is predicting 2002 as a year of war?


 Will it be an airplane? I think not! Airplanes are so last year! What will he do?
 Well - I could name some - but I don't want to give the son of a bitch and ideas
 in case I thought of something they haven't.

 bartcop.com exclusive

 If at first you don't succeed...
 or "Begin again at your beginnings"
        by Julie Hiatt Steele

 Click  Here

 Gotta check out 

  The Winter Olympics start tomorrow, and March Madness is coming.

 Traficant's trial

""I'm not being tried by a jury of my peers,"
    -- Jim the Insane, to reporters."

 But Jim, other bucketheads are so hard to find...

 Full Story

The stickers have arrived.
Your envelope went out today.

 West Wing took a pot shot at W
     by Jeff Crook

  Click  Here

Consumer Consumption
     by Cliff Downing

  Click  Here

 Day 16 of the Shirley Manson log

  So far,

     ...have not heard from Shirley.

                                       c l i c k                        to                       o r d e r

 Shirley, I got terribly addicted to beautifulgarbage when my mind was empty.
 Those songs have been playing over and over in my head for 115 days.
 After a couple of months, I tried to replace those songs with Garbage 2.0 songs.
 Didn't work.
 Now I have 25 songs that play constantly in my head.
 It's taking a toll on what's left of my sanity.
 I need an antidote.

 Shirley - contact  bartcop.com

 PS.   J.T. says "Tell Shirley I love her."

 Kenny Boy’s Quiet, With Good Reason
    by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

  Until Vice President Dick Cheney surrenders the secret files of his Energy Task Force,
  the complete history of the Bush administration’s entanglement with its favorite firm may
  never be known. There are, however, many significant favors on the public record–and the
  first took place within days after Mr. Bush’s inauguration.

 Check today's
 Two pricks, Britney Spears, Bush Kids Gone Wild, Lord of the Rings Diary,  Jenna Bush's boyfriend
 lost $150K gambling at the Hard Rock (where my good friend Ben Affleck won $175K)
 'Patriotic' Peacock Being Retired, Christian nuts lose Hollywood Bowl, TV Ratings,
 Moose & Squirrel, Gene Simmon's tongue, Twin Nazi's Tom Delay and Drew Carey,

 and tons more in today's 

BartCop sticker pic from Steve

 Happy Birthday to...
  Troyal Garth Brooks (1962)
  Charles Dickens (1812)
  Frederick Douglass (1817)
  and the funniest man in the business, the great Chris Rock (1966)

 Letter to the Editor from yesterday's USA TODAY

 Who is worse: Lay or Lindh?

 I doubt that former Enron CEO Kenneth Lay, other Enron executives,
 their lawyers, accountants and board members wioll ever spend a day in jail.

 I doubt that American-turned-Taliban John Walker Lindh will ever spend a day not in jail.

 And yet, I wonder who has done more harm to American citizens?

 Arthur Willner
 Carpinteria, CA

"You better watch that sarcasm shit, boy.
 I am the Central Scrutinizer and I don't like the tone
 you use when talking about my man Kenny Boy.
 Kenneth gave the president cash when we needed it most.
 I think some secret torture for BartCop and this Arthur
 Willner fella might teach both of you about respect."

 Has anybody seen Greta Van Susteren's new show on ?

 I saw her on Jon Stewart, and she told him Roger Ailes gave her complete autonomy.

 For a lawyer, that's not a very bright thing to say.
 That means every word out of her mouth is hers and hers alone,
 so if she turns ditto-monkey Naziette on us, she can't blame her employer.

 ...does that mean it's her decision to talk to Horrendo Revolver?

 ha ha

 Sorry, Greta, that wasn't nice.

 Robert Bianco, TV critic for USA TODAY, said:

"Greta is TV's best legal analyst, renowned for being independent, clear-headed
 and careful, which are not qualities usually associated with her new employer."


"On Monday's show, she visited Sudan with Geraldo Rivera, who placed support
 for bin Laden among average Arabs at 25% 'at a bare minimum,' which is one of
 those impossible to verify opinions posing as fact that Fox allows on the air all too often.
 Give her fewer chances to be embarassed and her show might be worth a second look."

 Poor Greta,
 Did you know she took a cut in pay to go to Fox?
 Ordinarily, I'd applaud a move like that, but you gotta wonder why she did it.

 You know something that pisses me off?
 When people pretend there never was a World Trade Center.

 Maybe it has slowed down some, but right after the attack, there was a rush
 to alter or erase pictures of New York's skyline to eliminate the Twin Towers.
 To me, that's as nutty as changing the faces of the men who raised the flag.

 Someone sent me a great NY skyline picture ever, and I thought I'd share.

 Click  Here  to see a damn nice picture of what was.

...I'm not nervous, ...not at all.

The BartCop Hex is no problem for me.
I just hope the press doesn't find out about
my eye tick when I get nervous or drunk...

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