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Volume 710 - Whiskers

Valentines Day
Don't screw up.
 South's Finest Chocolate

 Wednesday     Feb. 6, 2002           Send me an Angel                Recent old stuff             Shopping w/ Bart
  VCR Alert -
News Flash - In a startling development, Tulsa NBC affiliate KJRH will be showing West Wing
    tonight instead of the regularly scheduled Wednesday night basketball game, which shocks the living hell outta me.
    Enterprise, Law & Order does Chandra Levy,  Tweezer the Screamer on Dave, Leno had Spade & Jillian Barberie.


"Clinton's advisors met nearly weekly on how to stop bin Laden...
   I didn't detect that kind of focus from the Bush adminsitration."
    -- Two Star General Donald Kerrick, reflecting on both Clinton and Bush

 Click  Here  for an instant-play Greg Palast/BBC report on the guilt of the Bush Family Evil Empire

  An old restaurant review comes back to haunt.
 Super Snooty Coyote Cafe Restaurant

  Click  Here

  This could've been ugly, but it turned out real nice, instead.

 A Touchy 'West Wing'
  Tonight's plot resembles Pearl situation

  Click  Here

Of course he won't.
If he's charged (fat chance)
and found guilty (fatter chance)
Bush will pardon him (guarantee)

 When will Dick Cheney be forced to resign?

 Click  Here  to register your guess with politicalstrikes.com

From: rochesterjim@aol.com

Subject: 9/11 Tragedy Was Godsend To Bush

Back on 9/10, George W. Bush was floundering in the midst of a horrific recession, with record unemployment,
a blown budget surplus, a crashing stock market and a 44% approval rating. Now here we are on 2/06 and
Bush is floundering in the midst of a horrific recession, record unemployment, a blown budget surplus,
a crashing stock market and a 90% approval rating.

To say that this Bush benefited greatly from the nation's crisis is an understatement.
A casual observer might suggest that Bush prayed for and received the 9/11 disaster.

Jim in Rochester, MI


"When contemplating college liberals, you really regret once again that John Walker
   is not getting the death penalty. We need to execute people like John Walker in order
   to physically intimidate liberals, by making them realize that they can be killed too.
   Otherwise they will turn out to be outright traitors."
     --Ann Coulter the Insane at the Conservative PAC conference

     Annie get your free fries

 From: (withheld)

 Subject: Pigboy's 25¢/Princess Diana joke

 Dear BartCop,

 I wish someone would call into the Truth Molester's show and say,

 "What's the difference between 25 cents and Barbara Olson?"

 "25 cents is easier to scrape together."


  It's sad when friends have a falling out.
 Michael Moore turns on the man he helped get elected.

  Click  Here

 You not only let Kenny Boy decide who would head the regulatory agency that oversaw Enron,
  you let him hand-pick the new chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Harvey Pitt --
  a former lawyer for his accountant, Arthur Andersen! Kenny and the boys at Andersen also worked
  to make sure that accounting firms would be exempt from numerous regulations and would not be
  held liable for any "funny bookkeeping" (don't you wish you were this forward-thinking?).

A second sticker pic arrived.
Of the dozens sent out, two have ccme back.

 Gotta check out 

  The Winter Olympics start Friday, and March Madness is coming.

From: (withheld)

Subject: Old business about lunatics

Dear Bartcop,

I have been in the hospital and a rehab center for the past 5 weeks.  Now, while recuperating at home,
I have been entertaining myself by catching up on all your past issues I missed.  It's been fun and enlightening
as usual, but one thing is haunting... this poor soul "pipecover."  When you wrote about him and his children,
I got the creeps.  I do hope we won't be hearing from him again.  You would do well to block his mail.
As demented as pipecover is, however, I could not help but wonder what Chris Mathews might think of Bartcop.
Below, I have [read] your e-mail to Mr. Mathews [and] pipecover's e-mail to you.
Would an observer who knew nothing about either of you consider you both sociopathic?
What do you think?

Karen, perhaps my explanation was faulty.

In politics, enemies with fiery rhetoric is the norm.
What's not normal to attack a man one week, ask to be his friend the next,
then attack him for no reason after he gives you another chance.

If I wrote to Matthews and asked to be his friend, then unloaded on him days later
with an incoherent, profanity-laced, no-reason diatribe only to ask him a few days later
to befriend me again, then I should have my head examined.


 "Britney Spears is so sexy, she makes Heidi Klum look like Drew Carey."
      --  Cosmopolitan's Editor in Chief Kate White

 While Ms. Spears may have won the Powerball Appearance Lottery,
 I feel a slight exaggeration has been made.

 There are no women who can make Heidi Klum look like Drew the Nazi.


Round trip airfare from Tampa FL to El Paso, TX: $221
Bus trip to Mexico: $5
Prescription from Mexican doctor for Xanex: $25
Saving your family embarassment in an election year....PRICELESS

 Traficant's trial

"I'm like a mouse looking up at an elephant
  asking the elephant to surrender, quite frankly,"

  Click  Here

"They're trying to
 make me look stupid."

From:  sssitx3@gte.net

Subject: I checked out your website

I spent about 25-30 minutes checking your site out tonight.
I must say I thought it was basically worthless.

You make vain arguments with little or no facts/supporting material.
Instead of reason you name call and spout vulgarity.

I kept reading on expecting to find some worthwhile material but never found any.
Just pointless rants and more offensive language.
I find it difficult to believe someone could dedicate that much time to a site
and never learn how to load it up with at least some content worth reading.

 Bush and Ken Lay: Slip Slidin' Away
    By Sam Parry

   Click  Here

 Since Enron's demise, the White House has been trying to rewrite the history of Bush's
 relationship with Enron's disgraced former Chairman Kenneth Lay.  But the record details
 a public-private partnership that is as close as any in modern American politics.

 Lay and Enron were instrumental in Bush’s rise to power – and Bush played an important
 behind-the-scenes role in advancing Enron’s aggressive deregulation agenda, which helped
 the energy trader ascend to its lofty perch as the seventh-biggest U.S. company.

Consumer Consumption
     by Cliff Downing

  Click  Here

Rove Asked to Itemize Enron Contacts

 Click  Here

John Conyers has asked White House political adviser Karl Rove to detail any
contacts he had involving Ralph Reed's (R-Baby-beater) consulting contract at Enron.

Be sure and get that weasel Rove under oath.

 Ground Hog Day in Washington
    by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 So what does it all mean? Think Groundhog Day, and three more years of "war" against "terrorism,"
 words so loosely defined as to mean almost anything Bush's handlers can get away with calling them.
 A war against evil need never end. This is not to diminish the administration's genuine accomplishments,
 although who thought we'd ever see an American president hailed as a mighty Caesar for helping liberate
 puny Afghanistan? Bush once famously vowed to take Osama bin Laden, "Dead or Alive."
 Now that he's eluded capture, he's Osama the Obscure. Barring another horrific attack,
 new enemies must be conjured to replace him.

 Winter Olympics organizers say thousands of hotel beds available
  More than 120,000 hotel beds are still available, tickets available for many of the events.

   Click  Here

 Gee, do you think the near ban on alcohol might be keeping people away?
 Just one more reason why religion and government should never meet.

 Does Paul Krugman read  bartcop.com?
 Bush's Aggressive Accounting
   by Paul Krugman

  Click  Here

 Enron's illusion of profitability rested largely on "mark to market" accounting. The company entered
 into contracts that would yield profits, if at all, only over a number of years. But Enron jumped the gun:
 it treated the capitalized value of those hypothetical future gains as a current profit, which could then be
 used to justify high stock prices, big bonuses for executives, and so on.

 And that's more or less what happened in last year's budget.

 The Bush administration took a bullish 10-year surplus projection — a projection that had a built-in
 upward bias, and in any case should have been regarded as no more than a guess — and treated it
 as if it were hard fact. On the basis of those surplus fantasies the administration — aided by an audit
 committee, otherwise known as the U.S. Congress, that failed to exercise due diligence — gave itself
 a big bonus in the form of a huge tax cut.

 Hell, over two weeks ago, this was in  Volume 696 - Ich bin ein Enroners:

> Lay grabbed all the employee money he could get his hot little hands on, and the Enron fat cats split it up
> using 900 phony corporations to hold all their ill-gotten loot, and then when it all popped Lay said,
> "It must be an accounting problem."

> Same with Bush.
> His fat cat contributors all got multi-million dollar gifts from Uncle Sam,
> while you and I got a pitiful $300 and when the whole federal treasury pops, Bush will say.
>  "It must be an accounting problem."

> Bush is doing to us what Lay did to those Enron employees.
> Bush and his friends will get billions from his phony budget numbers while the little people
> are left holding a bag of smoke and staring at monster deficits far into the future.

 Paul, I don't mind if you borrow, just be a little more timely, OK?

 Day 15 of the Shirley Manson log

  So far,

     ...have not heard from Shirley.

                                                      c l i c k           to              o r d e r

  Shirley - contact  bartcop.com

 Check today's
 Arnold's new movie,  Weekly Review from Harper's Magazine is always a hoot,
 Bill O'Reilly is just plain sick, Marty got Monkey Mail - to an Entertainment page?
 How MLK affected classic Star Trek back, Niki Taylor (with picture) testifies against the mob,

 and tons more in today's 

 Happy Birthday to...
 Bill "Axl" Bailey of Guns n Roses turns 40,
 Tom Brokaw is 62,
 Zsa Zsa Gabor is 85 and
 the one and only Ronald Reagan slowly turns 91

  Who killed them, and why?
 Brit muckraker on trail of "Biggie and Tupac''

  Click  Here

 Tupac Shakur reportedly was owed millions in unpaid royalties by Death Row. At the time
 of his death, he was widely known to be mulling a new corporate allegiance.

 Many observers suggested -- though few on the record -- that Knight fanned the East vs. West flames
 and drove Biggie and Tupac apart in order to divert attention from his alleged plot to kill Shakur.
 Smalls' murder, the logic goes, was simply another scheme to cover the tracks.


 "Back in my party days, everything was just a phone call away.
  ...I was on the phone a lot."
   -- Charlie Sheen, who used to call Heidi Fleiss and say,
      "Send me six girls in cheerleader outfits and an ounce of blow."

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