This is from November 28, 2000 -after the election,  before the whore Supreme Court ordered that 
 the ballot counting in Florida be stopped because continuing the count, "might cause harm to petitioner Bush."

 I have some quotes - for the younger readers of
 It's real possible you've never heard these before, because the press won't 
 tell you anything about Clinton except which direction his cock leaned. 

 Just before he was elected in 1992, our economy was pure-D shit. 
 Reagan and Bush got their huge tax cuts for the super rich, they got us in wars 
 and they dumped us into recessions not seen since the 1930's 

 You kids may not believe this - ask your parents -  just 8-10 years ago, 
 the economy was such shit, you couldn't get a job no matter what. 
 If you didn't have a specific skill, they'd just laugh at you. 

 If you had a degree or advanced training, they'd say, "We can't hire you,
 because if the economy ever comes back, you'll leave us in a heartbeat."

 It was hell, unless you were from old money or your daddy ran the CIA. 

 I forget who, but some reporter stuck a camera in Clinton's face and said,
"If we trust you with our vote, what can you do to save our economy?"

 Great Clinton Quotes

 "I am going to focus on this economy like a laser beam. I will work non-stop to turn this
   mess around and create new jobs and lower the deficit and fix the things that are wrong."

 The Republicans, in unison, hooted like drunken hyenas and ridiculed Bill Clinton. 
 ( I have the exact quotes buried somewhere in a back issue, but who has the time to look?)

 "The banks will fail. Clinton's plans will only worsen the recession."
   -- Armey the foul-mouthed Dick, Degree in Economics

 "Clinton's pie-in-the-sky fantasies will crash our economy."
   -- Phil Gramm, pornographer, Degree in Economics

 "A guaranteed disaster, without a doubt."
  -- Newt Gingrich, scumbag, thief, History professor

 But, as always, their predictioons were dead wrong 
 This is what happened... 

And when it did, every lying son of a bitch Republican changed their tune. 

"This is Reagan's recovery!"
  -- Armey, the foul-mouthed Dick 

"Reagan laid the groundwork, but Bill Clinton is trying to claim all the credit."
 -- Phil Gramm, financial backer of "The Hitcher." 

"Bill Clinton did not contribute anything to this recovery."
 -- Newt the scumbag 

 "Name one thing that Clinton did to help the economy."
 -- The vulgar Pigboy 

 That's right. 
 After guaranteeing Clinton would ruin the country, they switched 180 degrees and said, 
 "We knew all along Reagan's genius would save us."

 And the reason you younger kids are reading this story for the first damn time 
 is the American whore press will only talk about Clinton's mistakes. 

 Look at the chart, one more time: 

 Look at that massive plunge we took in 1981, when Reagan was elected. 
 Look at the plunge! 

 Then look what happened in 1993, when Bill's "laser beam" got focused on fixing the Reagan Error. 
 Bill Clinton saved this damn country.

 And how did America repay this multi-trillion-dollar gift Clinton gave us? 
 We tried to fuck him.  Oh, yes we did! 
 What other man, besides Bill Clinton, could have survived that impeachment fraud? 
 That was a horseshit set-up from the start. 

 You say Clinton has his flaws? 
 Yeah, he does. 
 We know all about Clinton's weaknesses, because we all got a good look.
 We've never looked at another man so close in all of history. 

 Elvis, JFK, the Beatles and Jesus Christ combined never had so many scurrilous, untrue, 
 shit-for-brains lies told about them with as little proof or provocation as Bill Clinton:

Nine years of the never-ending GOP hate machine and their outrageous lies. 

Drudge and the Internet, sending the wildest, unverified rumors around the globe in seconds, 
   and the American whore press gleefully printing every slur that Drudge's "secret sources" send him. 
   Some, like the New York Whore Times, right on the front page. 

The non-stop, 24/7 cable TV talk shows. 
   And when they didn't have a story, they just made shit up. 

Dateline, 20/20, Dateline again, Nightline, 20/20 Downtown, Dateline again, 60 Minutes, 
   the Today Show, Dateline again, Good Morning America, Fox News and on and on. 

The Sunday shows, starring Tim Russert and his Clinton's cock obsession. 

- And we can't forget talk radio. The Pigboys, the Liddy's, the North's, the Bob Grants, 
    hammering home the craziest lies in history, hour after hour, weak after week, year after year.. 
    For some reason, sane people can't make it on radio. 

   That's only the beginning.
   We haven't gotten to the abuse of government yet.

- The FBI, the Arkansas State police, the snooping-on-their-boss Secret Service were reduced to 
   watching the president to see if he might be breaking any telephone laws, or talking to a man 
   with slanted eyes, or Koresh forbid,  looking at or talking to a young, attractive woman. 
   All these bastards tattling on the president  instead of doing their goddamn jobs. 
   That makes me fucking sick. . 

The Justice Department, sending more agents to comb Arkansas for trailer trash whores 
   than they used for the furst World Trade Center bombing and TWA 800 combined.
   They wanted Clinton's cock more than they wanted to catch terrorists or save lives.   (Note this is pre 9-11)

Larry Klayman, Dan Burton, Bob Barr, Tennessee Tuxedo and Henry Hyde and his merry band 
    of cock-starved House manager elves. And the top asshole in all of government, Hardon Kenny Starr. 
    Remember, he had his agents rifle thru Hillary's underwear drawers in her bedroom just to prove 
    what a complete asshole he could be. After all, she might've been hiding "important evidence" 
    in her freshly-washed panties, right? 

  One abusive distraction after another, drawing up subpoenas for literally millions of pages 
    of documents, then squealing "We still haven't received all the documents we've asked for,"
    as though Clinton had nothing on his mind but pleasing Larry Klayman. 

    The cock-hunters were desperately searching for something,- anything to hang on Bill Clinton, 
    all the while screaming to the eager-beaver press that "This raises more troubling questions."

There are so many dozens more - Susan McDougal had to do hard time - for no reason other than 
    her former husband once did business with the man the GOP wants to destroy.  Julie Hyatt Steele lost 
    her paid-for home because she refused to read the scripted lies written by Hardon Kenny. 
    The CIA dirty tricks, the Whore Court rulings against Clinton no matter what the law said,
    Jerry Falwell's "Proof of 40 Murders" video and Pat Robertson and Bob Jones raising money 
    to prevent demon Clinton from "forcing homosexuality on your children." 

They kept going and kept going until they finally impeached him for doing what Newt, Livingston and some 
    House managers were doing on the very goddamn day they voted to impeach.  That scumbag David Shippers 
    brought his hooker to the impeachment trial to impress her with how big and important he was. 

The Juanita Brodderick fraud. 
    She was beaten and raped so badly her husband didn't notice? 
    Then, when the story started to lose its punch, she claimed he raped her twice?
    Once again, the House managers, with one hand in their oversized pockets, 
    were spellbound by every sensational word that Juanita could "remember." 

The original Paula Jones fraud. 
    Financed by Richard Mellon Scaife and Pat Robertson, Paula became the most important weapon 
    in the "law and order" party's arsenal. And her story kept changing just like Juanita's. 
    First she claimed Clinton exposed himself to the virgin Paula and, being the smoothie that he is, 
    asked her to "kiss it."  In the second version, Clinton blocked the door and exposed himself. 

    By the time Susan Carpenter McWhore was added to the team the story became he blocked the door, 
    exposed himself, then fondled himself.  yeah, that'll sell some papers, all right. And it also gave 
    Sean Hannity and the vulgar Pigboy Rush Limbaugh years of tittilation and ratings. 
    Paula told Joe Conason she tried to settle to get out of this, but the cock-hunters wouldn't let her. 

    ...and the whore press couldn't get enough.

The country begged them to stop, the GOP even lost seats in the House during the 1998 mid-terms, 
    but like a drunken date-rapist, they had to reach their Clinton's-cock-orgasm before they could 
    regain a semblence of control, and they haven't yet.

  THIS is how we treated the best president we've ever had. 
  THIS is how we repaid his hundred-hour work weeks for all those years. 
  THIS is how we thanked the man for tripling the retirement portfolios for tens of millions of families. 

  Currently, the biggest fight in Washington is how to spend the Clinton surplus
  but, of course, nobody calls it that - no matter what the economic charts show. 

 Clinton worked harder than any president we've ever known, and he got the job done.
 He did it better than any president before him. 

 Well, we as a country are about to get our payback. 
 For the last eight years, we've been riding in the Mercedes 500 SEL.
 Now, we're either going to get the shiny Grand Am or the Escort that knocks real loud. 

 We're going to miss Bill Clinton. 
 Someday, I'd like to shake his hand and say, "Thank you, Mr President."

 I remember the night of his first Inaugural, Clinton said:

 "Thank you for putting your faith in me. I hope you're as proud of me
   at the end of my term as you are tonight, just as we're about to get started."

 We are proud of you, Mr President.

 As long as there's a  I won't let people forget what you did for us. 

 ...and George Bush and the lying GOP and the cock-hungry whore press can just kiss my ass!

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