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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush Draws Kerry Into Iraq 
McGreevey's Sudden Bailout
Kerry Helps Nader
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Scott lied, Amber disrobes
Rape Rooms, a Chronology
Olympics Opens with Nudes
Nazis to tout "leadership"
How they could win again 


Quote of the Day

"This is the very first time I 
   felt God was in the White House." 
   --Gary Walby, insane Bush fan  Attribution

 It ought to be a sin to suggest that God is into 
 rape, murder, torture and giggling while he does it.

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Volume 1378 - Dying for Halliburton 

  Weekend    August 13-14, 2004 


"His sexual orientation doesn't matter to me. I feel he's done a good job, holding the line on taxes,''
   -- Donald Bowman, 52, a school district worker in Newark

"To each his own. As long as he's doing his job, it shouldn't make a difference.'
 As long as his wife could deal with it, it shouldn't matter. Tell me how many people out there had an affair.''
   -- Vera Allen, 44, of Newark, reacting to McGreevey's knee-jerk resignation      Attribution

 Bush Draws Kerry Into Iraq Fray
  Behind a hated, bungling warmonger in the polls?

  Click  Here

 With fighting flaring in an increasingly unpopular war in Iraq,  Bush hopes to draw Kerry
  into a different kind of battle and destroy his claim as a veteran qualified for command in an age of terrorism.

"I know what I'm doing when it comes to winning this war," Bush lied. "And I'm not going to be sending mixed signals,"
 he added, dismissing Kerry's statement that he would removing forces from Iraq soon after taking office.
 It was the second time in two days that the president used Kerry's own words to screw him.

"A new nuance" the president said mockingly on Tuesday after Kerry said that he would still have voted
 for authorizing the war in Iraq even though no weapons of mass destruction have been found.

 Is Kerry being paid to take a dive?
 Why is Kerry trying so hard to lose this race?

 Why is Kerry sending millions of anti-war voters to Nader's camp?
 Can't Kerry think of any ways he's different than Bush?

 Why is Kerry trying to be Pinhead Junior?
 Does Kerry need to be put on suicide watch?

 Can't Kerry find anybody with some political experience to help him?

 The sperm suit,
 the "sensitive" Chamberlainian surrender language,
 the "Let's war, Bush has it right" rhetoric...

 Is Kerry trying to lose?
 Is this the best our side has?

  Durge me

 Subject: Woodward should resign


 Now that Bob Woodward has realized that he has made a mistake that a competent and objective
 newsman wouldn't, he should consider that he did not misreport economic figures, but beat the drums for war.
 1000 of his fellow citizens are dead as a result. Thousands horribly maimed, and tens of thousands of Iraqis
 are dead and more maimed. These people were no threat to us.

 Mr. Woodward, these are not mistakes without consequences, nor are these mistakes an objective person in
 your profession would have made. They are not the kind of mistakes that Ben Bradlee and Carl Berstein would
 have made - ask them. A lot of innocent people are dead and maimed because you decided not to do your job.

 Now it is time to resign in disgrace and shame.
 We can never trust you again.
 The Japanese tradition of seppuku would be another good start for your atonement.


 I'm so old, I remember when Woodward was a respected journalist.
 Now he's nothing but another DC press whore, selling his credibility
 to which ever street pimp writes him the biggest check.



"John Kerry had enough conviction to sign up for the military during wartime, unlike Cheney,
  who had a deep conviction to avoid military service.  Kerry is a veteran who understands war,
  and knows that the key to success is to rally allies to your cause. Bush's arrogant policies in Iraq
  have not worked. Cheney should spend less time attacking Kerry and more time trying to fix the
  Bush Administration's mess in Iraq."
    -- Senator Frank Lautenberg, bitch-slapping He with No Heart     Attribution

 N.J. Governor Resigns, Admits Gay Affair
  Why did he resign?  Why equate being gay with, "I can't do my job?"

  Click  Here

 McGreevey, 47, refused to answer questions at a news conference where he was flanked
 by his wife and parents. He said that "it makes little difference that as governor I am gay,"
 but added that staying in office and keeping the affair and his sexual orientation secret will
 leave the governor's office "vulnerable to rumors, false allegations and threats of disclosure."

 No it won't - not after you admit you're gay.

 How can somebody spread a rumor that's been confirmed?
 Anybody can spread any allegation about anyone being guilty of anything,
 but you can't be subjected with blackmail or threatened with disclosure
 once the truth had been disclosed, so why did this guy resign?

 It seems like everybody should check with me before they do anything.


 Subject: Cheney mocks Kerry's "sensitive" remark

 You also did the same BAD EVIL thing Dick Cheney did..
 You misquoted Kerry and helped promote a lie.

 You are failing us Bartcop.
 You are eating the GOP's crap up with a spoon and feeding us what is left over.

 I don't think you have a firm grasp.  The fact that we're talking about this makes it an issue,
 and after twenty years in the senate, Kerry ought to have more brains than to serve them this softball.

 Kerry can't win if he keeps making one giant, boneheaded mistake after another.
 I'm trying to get Kerry to stop screwing up and you're fighting me?

 You're lucky I was in a good mood when I read your attack letter.
 Next time, watch your ass..

 Subject: Cheney mocks Kerry's "sensitive" remark

 Hey Bart,

 I was watching CNN Headline News about Cheney mocking Kerry.
 While I completely agree with what you said about how unbelievably stupid that was,
 at the end of their little report, the commentator said something like:

"The Vice President took Kerry's comments out of context."

 I couldn't believe my ears.

 Well, Kerry STILL seems to be trying hard to lose this race.

 It's Cheney's job to distort what Kerry said.
 They're going to distory everything because the truth can't help them.
 Kerry needs to think before he speaks or gets into a clown outfit.

 Subject: Cheney mocks Kerry's "sensitive" remark

 I think what Kerry means is that if we actually managed to get our heads out of
 our own asses every once in awhile and were good world citizens and thought about
 what was going on in other countries/cultures, maybe we wouldn't be such a target.

 It doesn't matter what Kerry meant. (By the way - he was right, but using the "S" word
 allowed Cheney to snarl at the "pink-assed Boston dove who wants to share a hot tub with Osama."

 You are buying into what the GOP is selling - that is, that "sensitive" is just a wimpy limp-wristed
 liberal thing, not a perfectly legitimate word that expresses being aware and responsive to the rest of humanity.
 Which the ever-studly, practically autistic Bush-Cheney administration NEVER is, and look where it's gotten us.
 Kathy Davis

 I'm not "buying" anything - I'm amazed you'd think I'd buy into any kind of GOP spin.
 I'm saying that idiotic "sensitive" gaffe might cost Kerry millions of male votes.

 Kerry doesn't need to convince me - he has my vote and most female votes, but allowing Cheney to say
 Kerry's getting "sensitive" with Osama is a PR disaster with male voters and Kerry doesn't seem to get that.


"And so the easiest way -- not the easiest way, probably the toughest way -- but the clearest way
  to define marriage is to put it in the Constitution like I suggested."
     --Dubya, plain speaking about fixing the Constitution  Attribution

 Why are there naked pictures of Amber Frey on the internet?

  Is there a woman in America who does not have nude pictures for sale?

 Subject: Kerry and "sensitivity"

 Hi Bart.

 Kerry should have said (and he probably meant) "sensibility," not "sensitivity."
 I wouldn't get too worried about it, though.

 Many, many, MANY more interesting things are going to happen in the next couple of months,
 and this "sensitive" thing, along with the "bunny suit" thing, will not amount to very much.

 Subject:  You missed what Kerry really said

 Bart, I've been a reader for about two years and I almost never get offended at anything you say.
 But I think you fell for what Cheney said with believing that Kerry refered to the war as sensitive.
 He actually was talking about being sensitive to our allies.

 Kerry: "I believe I can fight a more effective, more thoughtful, more strategic, more proactive,
 more sensitive war on terror that reaches out to other nations and brings them to our side,"

 Even Randi Rhodes spent time today defending Kerry.  What Kerry should actually do is refute
 what Cheney said by saying that Dumbya wasn't being sensitive in Abu Ghraib.

 It hardly matters what Tequilaboy in Oklahoma heard or thinks.
 Kerry looks like a Dukakis Boston liberal - this is what the voters see.
 Bush was ahead of Kerry 18 points in kicking terrorist ass when Kerry got "sensitive" with them.

 I was also offended by your
"They can handle it - it's Florida"

 Considering that I'm about ready to be hit by hurricane Charley, I don't think what you wrote was "sensitive".

 Oklahoma probably had 50 tornado warnings this Spring.
 We can handle it - it's Oklahoma.



"If a construction worker has got more money in his pocket, he's going to demand
  an additional gooder service. And when they demand that additional gooder service,
  somebody has to produce the gooder service. And when somebody produces a gooder
  service, somebody is more likely to keep a job or find work."
    --Dubya, explaing why it makes sense to give the super-rich more money    Attribution

 Kerry on Iraq: Yes to the Imperial President
  Congress gave Bush an invitation to go to war whenever he saw fit

  Click  Here

 John Kerry's latest statement on Iraq should startle those anti-war Kucinich supporters
 and Dean supporters who acted as good little boys and girls at the Democratic Party convention.

 He said that he would have still voted to give Bush the authority to go to war even if he knew
 Saddam didn't have weapons of mass destruction.

 Why, that's George Bush's view, too, as Bush was only too eager to point out on the campaign trail.

 This is another moster gaffe for Kerry.
 I believe he just handed Nader millions of anti-war votes.


 Kerry said that even knowing all that he knows now,
we'll soon have 1,000 dead soldiers,
the WMDs that Bush guaranteed turned out to be a deadly lie,
we're stuck in a never-ending quagmire that turned the entire world against us,
our military is stretched thinner than any time since before WWII,

 ...and he STILL thinks Bush did the right thing by invading a helpless, backwards country?


 Why did he answer the biggest question of the campaign compeletely wrong?

 He just gave Bush a pass on the biggest presidential mistake of the last 25 years.


"I appreciate Kerry saying I did the right thing..."


 Subject: Dems cave in on Porter Goss

 BC, I usually agree with you, but this appointment was a Rove special.
 He wanted to make a campaign issue of the Democrats opposition to Goss, such as,
"the Dems want to play politics with your safety!" and the Dems didn't bite.

 After we take back the White House and the Senate Goss is h-i-s-t-o-r-y.

 Your devoted fan,
 Derek in Phoenixville, PA

 Goss is a true-blue, BFEE loyalist.
 He will help Bush with his crimes and fall on the sword when he gets caught.
 If the mayor is crooked and he appoints his crooked friend Chief of Police,
 it's because he's going to need favors when he gets caught.

 Will we see the senate democrats fight back in our lifetimes?

Used with permission :)

 Calif. Court Voids S.F. Gay Marriages
   Why should gays be allowed to be happy?

  Click  Here

 Kerry Opens Leads in Several Key States
  Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Oregon

  Click  Here

 Wal-Mart says 'No' to dangerous felons
  World's biggest employer to screen 'associates'

  Click  Here

 TV Cook Julia Child Dies
  Immortalized by Dan Aykroyd on SNL

  Click  Here

 Kilborn Calls It Quits at 'Late Late Show'
  Conan might take his place to get in Dave's wake

  Click  Here

 Rape Rooms, A Chronology

  Click  Here

"Saddam Hussein now sits in a prison cell, and Iraqi men and women
 are no longer carried to torture chambers and rape rooms "
     - Bush, remarks on "Winston Churchill and the War on Terror," Feb. 4, 2004

"Seventeen U.S. soldiers have been suspended of duties pending the outcome of
 the investigation into alleged allegations of abuse of Iraqi prisoners."
    -- Associated Press, Feb. 23, 2004

"Is there a cover to get in the rape room?"


 Peterson Admits Lying to Frey in 2003 Tape
  Until now, nobody had ever lied to get sex

  Click  Here

 On a smaller scale, this is worse than Clinton's impeachment.
 Have you seen the vultures (Nancy Grace, Gloria Allred) cackling over these tapes?

  "I hate men."

 They're reading transcripts on Court TV and Larry King, giggling about the fact that Peterson
 brought roses and champagne to the hotel where he brought Amber on their very first date.
 Why can't Geragos stipulate that Peterson lied to screw her and move on?

 They say they have HUNDREDS of hours of tape, and the prosecutors apparently plan to play
 HUNDREDS of hours of this flirty-talk for the jury - I assume for them to use as masturbation aids.

 Besides giving the cable heads fodder foe sexual innuendo - what's the point?
 Is there a single, solitary man reading this who never lied to impress a new girlfriend?

 Since they have no physical evidence against Peterson, they're going to badger the jury
 with "He's a liar and a cad" talk until the jury hates him enough to convict him.

 Also, I didn't think this was possible, but Nancy Grace has become more of screeching shrew.
 Tuesday night, she abandoned any pretense of "make nice for the camera" and became the
 wicked witch of Redding, California.  It won't read that way so much in the transcript, but her
 sarcasm and disgust for any man who believes in the U.S. Constitution is at an all-time high.


 Subject:  Kerry and sensitive

 Bart, Bart, Bart,
 What are you doing, dude?  Try to help Bush & Cheney?

 No, I'm trying to keep my sanity when people ask questions like that.

 The whole "sensitive" comment thing has been taken totally out of context,
 and your comments only make more people believe the right's twisted version of the story.

 It can't be taken out of context if he doesn't say it.
 What's he going to say tomorrow, "Maybe Osama has a legitimate beef?"

 What Sen. Kerry was saying, and perhaps he could've said it better, was that the way he will
 deal with terrorism will be more sensitive to the concerns of our allies, NOT sensitive to the terrorists.

 Kerry is already having to deal with being "a Dukakis liberal from Boston."
 He needs to appear tougher, not "more sensitive" on the subject of war and Al Qaeda.

 The BFEE has alienated just about every ally we have, except Bush's lap dog, of course.
 Kerry will get them back on our side by actually CARING about what they think!

 If he keeps making monster gaffes, we'll never know because Bush will crush him.

 I think you got this one wrong.
 Matt in Shreveport

 I coulda been a reformer!
  So far, Arnie has taken more special-interest money than Gray Davis


  Click  Here

"I've always said, 'When the special interests push me around, I will push back,'" said the lying whore.
"And this is what we're doing right now. And I will be here in Sacramento--it doesn't matter how long
 it will take--because I'm here to protect the people of California."


 But those checks are pennies on the dollar compared with the dozens of six-figure checks flowing from
 some of the governor's biggest donors. Alex Spanos and William Lyon, whose companies arguably stand to
 win or lose depending on how state law and government affects their businesses. Each handed $250,000
 checks to one of the governor's committees, and together they've given a combined sum that tops $1 million.
 Other six-figure checks flowed from companies such as PG&E and ChevronTexaco, each of which spent
 more than $1 million lobbying state officials last year--making them special interests by any definition.

 Musclehead is doing to California what Kennyboy did to them in 2000.
 California, you wanted a movie star Governor in the worst way and that's what you got.

"He's my boy in the Gelded State - I mean Golden State..."

 Subject: "Sensitive war"

 Shame on you, Bart!
 Weren't you the one who always used to argue that "words mean things!"

 I'm still that same guy.

 From Webster's:  sensitive 1. subject to excitation by or responsive to stimuli.

 Now, in the context in which it was given:  ""I believe I can fight a more effective,
 more thoughtful, more strategic, more proactive, more sensitive war on terror"

 Dude, are you talking to the smart people or the voters?
 Kerry won't get ten votes south of the Mason-Dixon with that "sensitivity" crap.
 Is the goal to win the election or to tell the truth to the smart people?

 Jeez, Bart.  Sometimes you're 67 IQ is a hindrance.

 ha ha
 No argument there.

 Kerry cannot control how Cheney will mischaracterize his statements.

 Did you really say that?
 You think Kerry can speak "Al Qaeda sensitive" and win this election?

 If Kerry said, "I'm of the opinion that George W. Bush is a blithering, idiotic piece of crap!"
 Cheney would say that Kerry said, "I'm a blithering idiotic piece of crap!" and that we
 can't have an idiotic piece of crap running this country.

 Not sure how to respond to that...

 And who but the already insane listen to Cheney's farts anyway?
 Jim H.

 Undecided voters?
 People who are afraid that Al Qaeda might win?
 People with lower IQs than mine?
 People too busy to follow the news?
 People in the South?
 People in Red states?


"Now, my opponent is trying to turn Yucca Mountain into a political poker chip.
  He says he's strongly against Yucca here in Nevada."
    --Dubya, trying to explain why he lied to Nevada in 2000     Attribution

 Tiger digs hole with opening 75
  "I putted badly. I putted atrociously.''

  Click  Here

 In the spirit of friendship and liberalism - I make this offer.
 If a Tiger fan sends me $100 via PayPal, I will lift the BartCop Hex Saturday and Sunday.
 Catholics call it "Special Dispensation."

 That way, Tiger'd have a chance to win this weekend.
 One person could send the hundred, or five people could send $20.
 I think it would be funny because sometimes gambles pay off.

 If I lifted The BartCop Hex on young Eldrick for the first and only weekend
 in 3 years - and he won - would people not be forced to admit the power of the Hex?


 Subject: The McGreevey resignation

 When my daughter told her British boyfriend about Governor Jim McGreevey's
 resignation, he said, "I don't understand - is it a crime to be gay in your country?"

 Good point.

 Can I ask why, after starting a war under false pretenses - a war that kills a thousand
 of our people and tens of thousands of Iraqis - George W. Bush (who wasn't even elected)
 is allowed to remain in office, but the governor of New Jersey must resign for having a homosexual affair?

 Something is not right here!

 Terry C


 Subject: Who's spitting on Veterans now?

 Thanks for your words about what a slap in the face it is to veterans
 to have their wounds questioned by latter day patriots.

 Remember how peace activists used to be accused of spitting on returning veterans?
 Although this has been proven to be a myth to discredit the anti-war movement, it still persists.
 It's just that the GOP *now* is the group spitting on veterans.

 Here's a LTTE I wrote here in Pittsburgh, not sure if they'll publish it....

 Who's spitting on Veterans now?

 In the early seventies, when our country was as bitterly divided over issues as it is today, there
 were disturbing stories circulating about how returning Viet Nam veterans were being taunted and
 spat upon by peace activists. While these stories are believed to be popular myths disseminated to discredit
 the antiwar movement,  alas, in recent days, vicious attacks on combat veterans are in fact occurring with
 alarming frequency in the homeland.

 The scars of some veterans are being re-examined lately, with charges that they are really not that big
 or bad after all, inferring that the veterans who bear them are unworthy of the Purple Heart medal they were
 awarded - as has happened to John Kerry. A veteran who lost both legs and his right arm to the blast of a
 grenade in Viet Nam has been called a traitor and compared to a Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden and
 even mocked by a suggestion he foolishly received his grave injuries on the way to a beer party -- as happened
 to Senator Max Cleland.  A veteran who spent 5 years of his youth in one of history's most infamous POW camps,
 tortured and abused, one day found himself whispered about as having been a "weak-minded coward" driven mad
 by his ordeal and perhaps even a Communist agent - as happened to Senator John McCain.

 Today's soldiers serving their country in the field should note well that what really matters these days is not
 the fact that they served honorably - indeed, one can stay stateside voluntarily during a war one  fervently
 supports and only fly training missions over one's home state and be said to have served "honorably".
 It doesn't matter if you served courageously, or with distinction, or that you were maimed, or disabled fighting
 for your country - what matters these days is that you think as you ought to think.  Be aware that your opinions
 will be monitored for correctness, and that your attitude will be noted and you better get it right or else.

 Many have called for their fellow Americans to "Support Our Troops!", but why aren't these same individuals
 or organizations denouncing the defamation of veterans like Kerry, McCain, or Cleland?  Where's the outrage?
 I don't think it's because the Viet Nam war is ancient history, as veterans of the Greatest Generation, like "Flyboy"
 George HW Bush, are still regularly praised for their bravery in combat service.

 Could it be politics?  What all the veterans I have named above have in common is having run against GW
 Bush in an election or having opposed some aspect of his policies.  In the past, it was alleged to be the
 shameful behavior of the antiwar movement, but who is spitting on veterans now?"

 Thanks for everything, Bart.  I don't agree with everything you say, but you know, sometimes it's because you
 make me realize I was wrong.  The Pat Tillman/Ted Rall thing, for example.  When the tragedy occurred, I had
 the same knee jerk reaction that Ted Rall did.  But you so eloquently made the case for Mr Tillman, and for
*human decency*, that I took a very critical look at my own self and saw that I had lost some of my humanity
 if I could have been so cold about the circumstances of this man's death.  Thanks for the wakeup call, buddy.
 Maybe sometimes you don't know how well you get through....

 All the best, your friend,

 Subject: Diian Haridision


 I'm wondering if Di an Hard ison is out of prison yet in Florida.
 I've been reading about her on the internet and she really is dedicated to our cause and is a tough cookie.

 I hope she is out now because I would like to contact her.
 I emailed her at the last known email address on the internet, but I have not heard back.

 It's time for the "Diehard" to get active again right before the election.

 Bill Foster

 I'm searching for an answer.
 Maybe I'll know something next issue.

 Olympics Opens with Nudity
  John Ashcroft must be seething with rage


  Click  Here

 Athens' futuristic new, 75,000-seat Olympic Stadium was packed as darkness fell
 and spectators anticipated three hours of theatrics centered around an artificial lake in the arena.

 Drums sounded out a hearbeat as the clock ticked down to the opening moment and then, amid
 torchlight and fireworks, a boy in a paper boat drifted across the make-believe Aegean Sea waving
 the blue-and-white Greek flag.

 Combining symbolism of the ancient Greece that created the Games nearly 3,000 years ago with
 21st century technology, a giant abstract head rose from the water's surface under the gaze of a
 centaur.  The head shattered to reveal further statues.

 So far, all they're talking about are drugs and terrorism.
 Hey guys, aren't they playing some sports, too?

Fahrenheit 9-11,
Hunting of the President
Order your copies from the BartCop Bookstone

 Republicans to tout Bush "leadership" at convention

  Click  Here

 Bush campaign manager Ken Mehlman said the Republican Party gala would focus on Bush's
"strong leadership" in steering the country past the September 11, 2001 attacks and its economic woes.

 Strong leadership?
 What has he done?
 How did "screwing up totally" turn into "strong leadership?"
 He lied us into invading a Muslin country and murdered and tortured their citizens.
 He's turned the biggest surplus in history into the biggest deficits in history
 All our allies hate us and America is feared, not respected, all over the world.

 If the Democrats point this out - they might win.

  "...but we want to be sensitive to the president's feelings."


 Subject: John McCain

 John McCain called the right wing attack ads on Kerry's war record  "dishonest and dishonorable"
 and urged Bush to condemn it, which Bush would not do. "It was the same kind of deal that was pulled on me," McCain said.

 But I don't think McCain has any room to call anyone dishonest and dishonorable. When you think about it - McCain
 is going to be giving a speech at the Republican convention and he's going to endorse Bush for president, a man who he
 considers dishonest and dishonorable. It seems to me pretty dishonest and dishonorable to get in front of America and
 lie to the People and endorse a man you clearly know stands against everything you believe in.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.

Marty's Entertainment Page


"As you know, we don't have relationships with Iran. I mean, that's -- ever since the late '70s,
  we have no contacts with them, and we've totally sanctioned them."
    --Dubya, forgetting his Daddy teamed up with Islamic Jihad to steal the 1980 election    Attribution

 Subject: Friday the 13th

 So - what did you do this Friday the 13th?


 Since I spent the last Friday the 13th asking, "...so how much time do I have?"
 there's not much this Friday the 13th could do to scare me.

  is different.

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You know me - I didn't want to make a fuss...
I told them, "The less publicity the better..."


"He took that word and distorted and tried to use it to argue John Kerry will not keep
  the American people safe. He's talking about a man who still carries shrapnel in his body.
  He's talking about a man who spilled his blood for the United States of America. What it is
  is an effort to distract, not to talk about the problems here in Flint, Michigan."
     -- John Edwards defending Kerry after Cheney criticized the "sensitive" remark  Attribution

 If you think before you speak,
 you don't have to spend time explaining what you really meant to say.

 Amsterdam Trip Report

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 Subject: Whose side are you on?

 And why are you talking points from Rush (sperm suit)?

 You'd better complain to Gene Lyons, too
>So strong was the imagery coming out of the Democratic convention that
>even Kerry's photo in a NASA "clean suit," looking like a spermatozoon...

 Why have you had such a hard-on for attacking the Kerry campaign?
 Even the whore press has acknowledged that Kerry is doing well on
 the trail and is leading in most of the swing states:    Click  Here

 I wish you would be honest and admit that you're fighting for Bush.
 Maybe bartcop.com is doing so well now that you'll qualify for a tax cut
 if this monkey gets four more years.

 You've reached a new low Bart.

 You want me to cheer when Kerry comes off like an extra-left-wing, sensitive dove?
 I shouldn't have to remind you how well that worked for Mondale and Dukakis.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 914, 920, 925, 932, 934  dead American soldiers.

"I know what I'm doing when it comes to winning this war."
 --The Butcher of Baghdad,      Attribution


 How They Could Steal the Election This Time

  Click  Here

 About a third of the votes, 36 million, will be tabulated completely inside the new paperless,
 direct-recording-electronic (DRE) voting systems, on which you vote directly on a touch-screen.
 Unlike receipted transactions at the neighborhood ATM, however, you get no paper record of your vote.
 Since, as a government expert says, "the ballot is embedded in the voting equipment," there is no
 voter-marked paper ballot to be counted or recounted. Voting on the DRE, you never know, despite
 what the touch-screen says, whether the computer is counting your vote as you think you are casting it or,
 either by error or fraud, it is giving it to another candidate. No one can tell what a computer does inside
 itself by looking at it; an election official "can't watch the bits inside," says Dr. Peter Neumann, the principal
 scientist at the Computer Science Laboratory of SRI International and a world authority on computer-based risks.

 Subject: Get your fuckin story straight bart

 Kerry never said to be sensitive while waging a war against terror.
 He was encouraging cooperation with other nations to help fight the war on terror,
 being sensitive to ally nations. An example like this would be by NOT letting any
 Turkish patrols into the Kurdish territory. Cheney used it out of context, the media
 was happy to report it out of context, and you bought hook, line, and sinker.

 I didn't buy anything.
 Kerry said something that was extra-stupid times 100 and the enemy is using it against him.
 What I think matters very little, but 100 million voters just heard Kerry say we need to
 be more sensitive when dealing with the murdering sons of bitches in Al Qaeda.

 When Kerry speaks, he needs to ask himself, "What will the Nazi right make of this?"
 He forgot to ask himself that this time and it cost him dearly.

 I know you have an IQ of 68 and all, but maybe you should look a little more into
 obvious bullshit stories such as this instead of going ballistic Kerry right away.
 That being said, Kerry needs to stay away form wording such as this,
 because the Whore media will be happy to report any way that Bushco can distort it.

 Keep up the good work you ordinarily do.
 Jason- Pueblo, Co.

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 Subject: the cave-in continues

 What I am seeing here appears to be capitulation. J
 ohn Kerry needs to stand up and point out the fact that the Congressional Budget Office now confirms
 that Bush's tax cuts were intended only to help the very rich. This is not simply a rhetorical argument
 being made by ardent Democrats  -- it is a statistical conclusion reached by an independent Congressional
 agency run by the Republican Congressional leadership. Moreover, the July economic numbers confirm that
 the bottom continues to fall out of the economy. Job losses are bleeding prolifically. What more do Kerry-Edwards
 need to go on the attack?

 Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't like the idea that they seem to be on the defensive all the time.
 This is ridiculous and it is uncalled for. There is just so much material to use against these Bush thugs.
 Why isn't our side throwing out twice as much against them as they are throwing out against us? In 1992,
 Bill Clinton's rapid response team made mince meat out of the Lee Atwater slime machine. Now, however,
 the Karl Rove brownshirts are being allowed to run the table. Let's crank up the fax machines and start
 burying the media with information helpful to our side. Granted, the corporate media doesn't want to hear
 anything negative about their hero Bush, but they also don't want to get caught looking foolish.

 Hit them with enough objectively verifiable data and eventually they feel obligated to give the Democratic
 side of the story. On the bright side, I think this happened recently. Dick Cheney was making a lot of noise
 about John Kerry allegedly wanting to wage a "sensitive" war on terrorism. But then the press obviously was
 fed a piece of tape from 2001, showing Bush also using the exact same word in describing the war on terrorism.
 Gee, suddenly Cheney shut up about this issue.

 This is an example of how a quick, detailed response can shut this Republican slime machine down in its tracks.
 Donald R

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 Scott Peterson praised 'The Shining'

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 Frey's attorney, Gloria (Get-out-of-the-way-if-there;s-a-caerma-nearby) Allred,
 said Peterson's admission in one phone call that Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining"
 -- a film in which a man turns murderous and terrorizes his wife and son -- was
 his favorite film, was the "bombshell" of the day.

"That frankly gives me more chills than when I saw the movie," she whored.

 But most of the conversations played Wednesday were filled with idle banter about
 Frey's daughter speaking her first sentences or Frey's description of the "sexy" outfit
 she wore to the New Year's party she was at when he called.

 First, The Shining" is Mrs Bart's favorite movie, too, so I guess that's proof she killed me?
 Second, how many weeks is this bumbling prosecution team going to spend on "idle banter"
 about Frey's daughter and the "sexy" outfits she wore?

 Trust me, Amber Frey looks a lot better with clothes on.


 Today in History

 • In 1935, the Social Security Act became law.

 • In 1945, Truman announced that Japan had surrendered, ending World War II.

 • In 1947, Pakistan became independent of British rule.

 • In 1951, William Randolph Hearst died in Beverly Hills, Calif.

 • In 1969, British troops arrived in Northern Ireland to halt violence between Protestants and Catholics.

 • In 1973, the U.S. bombing of Cambodia came to a halt.

 • In 2003, a blackout hit the northeastern United States and part of Canada; 50 million people lost power.



 From: Daren Phillips

 Subject: When will democratic scandals end?

 Hey Bart,
 Looks like another one of your Democrats is an Ass Pirate.

 NJ Gov. McGreevey Resigns Over Homosexual Affair

 What a shock.
 All you Democrats are a bunch of faggots.
 GO BUSH!!!!!!!



"Is it me or is Bush going everywhere Kerry goes? So far in the past week, Bush followed Kerry
  to Iowa; New Mexico; Las Vegas; Los Angeles; and he follows him to Portland, Oregon.
  The only place he never followed John Kerry was Vietnam."
     --Jay Leno,  Attribution

 Subject: Astrology nonsense

 Hi Bart,

 I enjoy your site and appreciate all your efforts in the good fight against the BFEE.

 But, please, PLEASE STOP with this astrology nonsense.
 Besides making you look flakey as hell, it effects your overall credibility.

 How can I recommend your site to others when you insist on promoting this crap?
 Please stick to what you do best and leave the fortune telling to Nancy Reagan.


 I must be the worst communicator in web history.


 Subject: White S. African Immigrant Detained by Fatherland Security

 This horror story is one that strikes too close to home for comfort. The fiance of a friend
 of my son-in-law has been scooped up by Fatherland Suckurity and thrown in a hole in S. Fl.


 My wife and I met them at her daughter's wedding at the beginning of May.

 The woman is 33 yrs. old, an 18 yr. permanent resident from S. Africa. A white Africaaner.
 Single mother of two. Business owner. Engaged to be married.
 Six weeks pregnant at the time, miscarried during the first couple weeks of detention.

 See the story at http://www.nothomelandsecurity.com/AmericanChildren.htm

 Contact info is on the webpage.
 Don't know if he's up for an interview or not but thought this story must get out and see the light of day...


 Under the "Laci Peterson" law, isn't that now considered murder?

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