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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Minutes that live in Infamy
Price Gouging in Florida 
Bush Squeezes Middle Class
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Homeless Backlash in Tulsa?
Kerry Deals Away his Ace
Pot Slows Brain Cancer?
Coincidence Theorist Guide 
Orwell Rolls into Tulsa


Quote of the Day

"Do I think we're going to get bashed? Sure." 
      --Bruce Springsteen, on headlining a coalition 
          of anti-fascist musicians,   Attribution

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Volume 1381 -  Frozen in Fear 

  Wednesday    August 18, 2004                                                                                                    Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights 10 PM EST


"Some of them don't like the fact that I opposed the war,
  and 35 years later some people still want to argue about that."
     --John Kerry, on the Swift Boat Liars    Attribution

 Minutes of Silence That Should Live in Infamy:
  Bush sat in that classroom until his handlers could figure out what to do with him

  Click  Here

 We say, "show me," and what does this video show us?

 * That Bush is a pawn and unable to act decisively until his handlers tell him what to do and hand him a script.
 * That he put at risk the children and adults at Booker School by staying in the classroom, even though he might,
    the White House claimed, have been a target of the terrorist attacks that day.
 * That he calmly listened to a pet goat story and complimented the children on their reading skills as Americans
    and foreigners burned alive or jumped to their deaths from the twin towers.

 But his fellow Republicans, the media and the Democrats do not assign blame.
 Some go so far (David Dreier, R-CA) to say they would have acted the exact same way.

 Will Kerry ask Bush why he acted that way during their debate?
 Would Kerry, who thirty years ago took his Swift Boat towards enemy fire to rescue a soldier,
 have frozen in fear the way George W. Bush did when his country needed a Commander in Chief?



"I hate America for this. It doesn't matter if you're innocent or not.
  I would see Omar in my dreams. I knew he was being tortured."
    --Razqya Hasan, mother of Omar Abdullatif, then 17, who spent 88 days
       in U.S. detention enduring beatings and torture in U.S.-run jails,   Attribution

 First Price Gouging Complaints Filed in Florida
  Pure capitalism can be a very ugly thing

  Click  Here

 Attorney General Charlie Crist has filed the first round of civil complaints over price gouging
 against a Days Inn in West Palm Beach and the Crossroads Motor Lodge in Lakeland.

 The complaint accuses the hotels of charging "unconscionable" rates, substantially higher than
 their regular rates, to consumers seeking shelter from the storm.

 It's illegal when a hotel tries to make an extra fifty dollars, but when Enron's Kennyboy gouged
 California with 200 percent increases in energy prices, Bush and Cheney explained that it was
 merely "market forces at work," and refused to stop their friend and biggest contributor.

 Why did  the Democrats remain silent during this years-long rape?


 Dueling Quotes

"God speaks through me. Without that, I couldn't do my job."
  --Dubya the wolf,  July 16, 2004,    Attribution

"Beware of false prophets that come to you in sheep's clothing,
  but inwardly they are ravening wolves."
     --Jesus of Nazareth (Matthew, 7:15),   Attribution

 I think the second guy is more honest.

 Subject: White S. African Immigrant Detained by Fatherland Security

 Just read the article about Penny McClurg being held by homeland security in jail in Miami.
 She is a client of mine and bought property through me (as her realtor) last year in Clearwater.

 Very nice young woman purchasing a dilapedated building near downtown Clearwater to
 turn into an art museum. Another client of mine is a high level attorney for homeland security
 at the Tampa airport.  I'll have to make some calls.  I am curious what the hell is going on here.

 Thanks for your terrific website,

 Mark, if this is Ashcroft Gone Wild, it would be great if you could help her.

  Click  Here  for the full story

 Bush Is Squeezing Middle Class

  Click  Here

 President Bush is now barnstorming the country claiming his record shows that he cares
 about America's middle class. On everything from taxes to health care to workers wages,
 the President says he has fought for average Americans. But a new comprehensive report
 shows that in almost every key economic area, he has actually gone to bat for his wealthiest
 contributors, at everyone else's expense.

"If we give the tax cuts big rich, ...they might teach the fish to poor..."


Don't Bring Your Hate To NY and Expect a Welcome Mat

 Subject:  Bush in the heartland

 When shrub came to Davenport for his photo-op, he was photographed eating raw corn!!

 Not one photo-op bite but twice as photo shows.
 Like you, I am not the brightest in the world, but I do know you cook it first.
 What is the most amazing is that no one seemed to catch the goof.

 Tim A



"I don't know about you, but when I hear a statement meant to inflame gratuitous
  resentment of white people, I prefer that it come from a black person. A white man
  who puts on blackface to call John Kerry's wife a fraudulent African-American is
  acting in so many kinds of bad faith that I scarcely know where to start."
    --Timothy Noah, on ads mocking Teresa for calling herself an African-American,    Attribution

 Tulsa Killing Sparks Homeless Backlash
  Tavern owner beaten to death called "the aggressor" by Tulsa D.A.

  Click  Here

 Anger over a homeless man's fatal beating of a brass-knuckle-wielding bar owner is boiling over in Tulsa,
 How does one define "boiling over?" That's an intentionally vague term used to guide the reader's opinion.

 where street people are facing a loosely organized campaign
 How loosely?  One person - two people?  Where did you get your "facts?"

 against their presence
 A man is dead - it's hardly the homeless "presence" that's the issue.

 and in some cases
 Not true - read ahead - there was onevoluntary case)
 are being run out of the area.

 T-shirts have been printed
 That would require one person

 blasting homeless people
 Reading that flammable term makes the reader think there were casualties.
 I wonder how many homeless people survived this 'blast"?

 with a four-letter word, and some people
 Some people?  How 'FOX News' that phrase is.

 are warning of vigilante justice.

 A wanted poster with a picture of Terry Badgewell, the man who used a length of pipe
 to kill Deadtown Tavern owner Shawn Howard, was put up in a liquor store downtown.
 That makes one, possibly two people could form this 'loosely organized" campaign.

 Meanwhile, Tulsa's homeless are feeling the heat.
 Objection - assumes facts not in evidence.
 Where is the evidence the homeless are suffering?
 Where is the heat the homeless are feeling?  And from whom?
 Why is this writer skewing this story to make the victim, who is dead, into the guilty party?

 Terry Badgewell has convictions for burglary, auto theft,
 running a roadblock and eluding police.  He has been
 arrested for receiving stolen property, disturbing the peace
 and domestic violence (seriously biting his sister) and he
 apparently skipped Cherokee Country on those charges.

 The man he killed, with blows from behind, had no record,
 yet the DA decided not to pursue the investigation.

 Michael Cypert, 31, who usually stays at a Salvation Army shelter near downtown,
 said patrons of the Deadtown Tavern chased him away from the area during a memorial
 for Howard a few days after his June 25 death.
 If the man usually stays at the SA, why was he at the deceased's tavern during his
 memorial after he was murdered by a homeless man "in self defense?"  To hear this
 writer tell the tale, the drunken Deadtown mob torched the defenseless Salvation Army.
 Do you sense the obvious steer-job going on here?

 Police have warned homeless people to stay away from the bar,
 That's pretty good advice - at least until the shock of the man's murder wears off...

 and Cypert said he has seen people
 Excuse me, the man has made a claim,   You can't say what he saw.
 Stop "fixing" the story and stick to the facts - can you do that?

 downtown wearing "Fuck the homeless" T-shirts handed out by bar owners.
 Which bar owners? You want to condemn "bar owners" but, in your McCarthyite way,
 you don't bother to name them? That makes them all guilty, right?
 Shame on those selfish bar owners who want to avoid be murdered.

"I think it's crazy to say 'Fuck the homeless.' I don't think it's right," he said.
 Notice how semi-skillfully this FOX News-ish writer has skewed this story.
 You're either a "fuck the homeless" kind of person or you're not.  Anyone who
 wants justice for the tavern owner is now a "fuck the homeless" person?

 This isn't journalism - this is a handjob with bad intentions.

 We just had a possibly innocent man beaten to death with a f-ing pipe. It was a
 legal beating because the dead man (or his friend, that's not clear) had brass knuckles?

 Obviously the killer had a pipe - that's not considered being "armed?"

 If the tavern owner had beaten the homeless man to death, would the Tulsa DA have said,
 "That's a legal killing because the homeless man had a pipe?"  Somehow, I doubt it.

"Most of the people I see around here are either mentally ill or have family problems.
 We don't panhandle over there or anything."
 Gee, maybe that's why the tavern owner was semi-armed?  Because, according to the man
 the writer trusts explicitly, the area is full of mentally ill homeless people with family problems?

 Badgewell (the killer) left Tulsa after the wanted sign and T-shirts surfaced, said his attorney,
 Steve Hjelm. He won't say where Badgewell has gone for fear of retribution.
"We took it as a kind of vigilante effort," Hjelm said.
 Again, the killer's attorney makes a claim that this writer elevates to fact.

 Why is this story written and shaped to make the dead man guilty?
 What's in it for this writer to portray the dead man as the aggressor?

 The Howard family and fellow bar owners were outraged, saying Howard was
 chased down and bashed repeatedly in the back of the head.

 How do your defend yourself by bashing in the back of a man's head?
 To bash in the back of a man's head, you either have to be behind him
 or standing over him as he lay face down on the ground.

 I don't know a thing about this case. They say every story has two sides,
 but this writer apparently disagrees with that.  There's no attempt to explain
 the "back of the head bashing," and somehow, this horriibly-slanted, one-sided
 story has made national Yahoo News?  How did the Tulsa DA get this kind of press?

 How/why did that happen?

 Clearly, there's an agenda here.
 The coroner's report either confirmed or denied the "back of the head bashing."
 Was the writer too busy to confirm that before his deadline?

 In Tulsa, a rich person can buy their way out of a murder.
 But how does a homeless person do that?



If you were haunted by "Fahrenheit 9/11",
will give you nightmares.

Meet Karl Rove,
the most powerful political figure America has never heard of.

Until now...


 Subject: Pillar mail

 Bart,   a good friend of ours and a longtime horse owner of Bill's has begun
 a solitary protest walk from the Liberty Bell in PA to the republican convention in NY.

 She started on the 14th.   She is a 63 years old and is wheeling a cross all the way.
 She is not a fundamentalist nut. Her walk is, however, the result of her deep spiritual belief
 in the responsibility we all have to the enviroment, one another, civil liberties and the Invisible
 Cloud Being.

 I was wondering if you could check out her web site and if you feel OK with it, could you
 give her a little boost on your site?  She is a very wealthy woman with a conscience.
 We have been talking for the last two years about the horrifying direction the country is
 going in and she has decided to do something about it.
 Anne was a political writer for Dean before the media thashed his campaign.
 Let me know what you think.





 I think she's a brave lady with a lot of conviction.

 Californians Ask Feds to Return Their Marijuana
  Musclehead vetoed a bill to eased rules on how much sufferers could possess.

  Click  Here

 New York Offers Perks for GOP Protesters
  Bloomberg offers Broadwat tix for "nice" protestors

  Click  Here

 Rumsfeld: Missile Shield Works
  As long as the bad guys attach a transponder to their missle

  Click  Here

 Man fined for biting off mouse's tail
  Drudge must have a four hour erection

  Click  Here

 Kerry deals away his ace in the hole
     by Helen Thomas

  Click  Here

 Kerry has passed up several chances to distance himself from the Iraqi debacle. But instead he has left himself
 wide open to Bush's ridicule. What's he got left -- stem-cell research? Bush had a field day smirking and mocking
 his political rival and telling the nation that he was "right" to attack Iraq, absence of weapons notwithstanding.
 Bush has sarcastically told cheering Republican rallies, 'After months of questioning my motives and even my
 credibility, Sen. Kerry now agrees with me.'"

 Helen agrees, Kerry gave away his biggest issue and gave Nader millions of anti-war votes.
 What on Earth could cause Kerry to give away his biggest issue - to get mocked by the Giggling Murderer?

 Doesn't Kerry want to win?

"My Skull & Bones brother threw me a solid..."



 I just saw a film clip of Christie Todd Whitman on Jon Stewart a while back.
 She said she knew Kerry well, and that her husband spent a Christmas
 with John Kerry on a swift boat in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.

 This was long, long before the Swift Boat Liars made their cheap-ass accusations,
 so I wonder why Mr Whitman doesn't come out and tell us what he knows?

 Could it be that Kerry was a big hero to Whitman, but as a Repub thug,
 he's not allowed to speak the truth if it would help John Kerry?

 Can we assume if Whitman knew of Kerry's "fakery" and "cowardice," surely he'd
 come forward to help the never-elected Monkey's crusade against Muslims, right?.


 Subject: Your marijuana interdiction/taxation numbers

 Your numbers on the Canadian marijuana busts need some refiggering.

 The article you cited claims 5% of the illegal marijuana in the USA comes from Canada.

 Going with your 10% interdiction estimate -- which I personally think is high -- the 48000 lbs
 of pot would be a small part of ~500000 lbs of imported Canadian buddage.  That, in turn,
 constitutes 5% of the marijuana consumed in the USA. However, the article also states that
 90% of the 880-2200 TONS of marijuana grown in Canada winds up in the USA, so the
 article's number is somewhere between 800 and 2000 TONS (i.e. between 1,600,000 and
 4,000,000 lbs).  That puts the interdiction rate  between 3% and 1.2%!!!

 In other words, according to the article, Americans are consuming between 32,000,000
 and 80,000,000 lbs of marijuana annually.

 At $3,000/lb (a lowball pricetag), that represents between $100 BILLION and $240
 BILLION of UNTAXED UNREGULATED trade in marijuana alone.  If only 10% of that
 money were collected in tariffs, we'd be talking an additional $10-$25 BILLION in revenue
 -- that's enough to pay for a lot of addiction therapy for those who really need it.

 Also, let's add in the money the DEA spends on pot busts.  And the money we spend on
 imprisoning marijuana users.  Heck, we'll more than make up for the billion $$ or so in assets
 the cops grab annually through civil forfeiture abuses.  Marijuana legalization is a WINNER.


 JG, I believe your numbers are more accurate than mine.

 Recently I mentioned that newsgroup I found alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.spoken-word

 Somebody posted a shipload of Lenny Bruce, which I've never heard.

 Lenny Bruce is Out Again,
 Busted and
 Lenny Bruce - American
 plus the Carnegie Hall Show and a ton of interviews.
 I will enjoy liostening to that next time I'm on a long car trip or plane ride.

 It's sad that the power-hungry Catholics drove him to suicide.


"I'm sure there will be stories that I've given birth to children from Mars.
  You know, there are a lot of bored people out there."
      --Teresa Heinz Kerry, on the whores in the media,  Attribution

 Wartime Withdrawal

  Click  Here

"Now the administration would pull out about one-third of the 37,500 troops stationed in
 South Korea and about half of the 100,000 based in Europe. This is a particularly bad idea in Asia.
 North Korea has pressed for U.S. troop withdrawals for years; now that it is misbehaving in the
 nuclear field, it receives a reward, and for no concessions."

               "Unka Dick, are we insane?"


 Subject:  soldiers

 We have sent our National Guard that is supposed to protect us here to Iraq.
 Now GW Bush wants to bring the professional soldiers stationed other places home.

 Does this mean if Diebold fails to produce the results Bush wants in the election,
 the returning soldiers are a backup to keep him in power?

 Beverly in Sacramento

 Beverly - damn scary thought.
 Let's hope not.


"There's plenty of jobs out there. People just don't want to work."
     --Patricia Koch, Bush backer, explaining that blacks are too lazy to work.   Attribution

 Subject: 140 degrees in the holy place will get to you

 Bart, during the lay-over in Detroit two weeks ago, I overheard a couple of women.

 One was from Padukah, Ky., and her son had recently returned from Iraq.
 She had take some time off, apparently, because of his mental state.
 She said that the doctors advised that he be allowed some time to "re-program".
 As in get back to normal.

 Will he ever?
 I could only wish her good luck silently.


 Japan Trip Report
   by Richard R N

  Click  Here

 Now, this is going to come as a real shock to you, Bart, but after the U.S. invaded Iraq, it changed.
 Well, sort of.

 Still, Japanese folks are nice and gracious and "pro-American," but good God in heaven
 they loathe Bush.  You see, Bart, wars of adventure haven't been overly popular in Japan since at least August '45.

Fahrenheit 9-11,
Hunting of the President
Order your copies from the BartCop Bookstone

 Cannabis may block growth of brain cancer

  Click  Here

 Scientists have shown that cannabinoids - the chemicals responsible for the
 drug's "high" - deter the growth of blood vessels which feed the tumour.

 They appear to prevent genes making a protein called VEGF (vascular
 endothelial growth factor) that stimulates the sprouting of blood vessels.

 Cutting off tumours' blood supply is one of the latest anti-cancer strategies
 being explored by scientists. In studies cannabinoids significantly reduced
 the activity of VEGF in laboratory mice.

 They also lowered VEGF levels in tumour tissue samples taken from two
 patients with glioblastoma multiforme, the most lethal brain tumour type.

 Obviously this sham report is the work of the Devil, liberals and the trial lawyers!
 Jesus says in the Bible that "No manga e ganja," which scholars say means "No weed!"

 Just like with stem cells, we cannot anger Vaal!
 Vall must be made happy at any cost, even if we have to die, because we cannot anger Vaal!


Frozen in fear Monkey

 Subject: Bush's draft

 Well, sure, there has to be a draft - how else are we going to get the cannon fodder for the Iran Invasion of 2005?

 I keep telling 18 year olds that they are insane to vote for Bush, that reinstatement of the draft is almost certain,
 and that chances of invading Iran during a Bush second term are 3 in 4.  Naw, no way, tell they me, and anyway,
 if they do, my number won't come up. As my Civics teacher Mr. Terry used to say "never underestimate mass ignorance".

 Little Rock

Marty's Entertainment Page


"If Bush loses this election, you are going to find an implosion in the Republican Party.
  The Christian conservatives will be blamed, unfairly I think, by people who don't want them in the party."
    --Robert Novak, who just got a second virgin pregnant  Attribution

 Subject: Zogby and Boondocks


 Thanks for carrying Boondocks on your site. Our local afternoon paper (Albuquerque Tribune)
 caved to a bunch of right wing whiners, and relegated the strip to the web page only. Pussies.
 That was 1/3 of my comics right there (Nonsequitur and Get Fuzzy being the other 2/3).

 Also, I am one of the Zogby poll panel participant people.
 You're welcome
 ~~Holly in Albuquerque


 I read that 22 papers in the south dropped Boondocks.
 They don't like the truth much, apparently...

 Did they get Freeped?
 Or was it one, rich Bush contributor who owned newspapers in 22 cities?

 Free Orwell Rolls in His Grave Screenings
   sponsored by  The Tulsa Peace Fellowship

  Aug 26th & Sept 2nd 7:00PM

 Aaronson Auditorium
 Tulsa Central Library
 4th & Denver
 Tulsa, OK


 Free and open to the public
 For more info, call 918-857-1206


 I wrote about this and talked about it on BCR.
 This is good stuff - plus it's free!

 You know how you knew most of the stuff you saw in Fahrenheit 9-11?
 After this movie, you'll say, "I did not know that..."

  is different.

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 Hewitt: "Will the Najaf offensive continue until that city is subdued
                          even if that means a siege of the Imam Ali shrine?"

 Cheney: "Well, from the standpoint of the shrine, obviously it is a sensitive area,
                  and we are very much aware of its sensitivity.      Attribution

 The Coincidence Theorist's Guide to 9/11

  Click  Here

 That governments have permitted terrorist acts against their own people,
 and have even themselves been perpetrators in order to find strategic
 advantage is quite likely true, but this is the United States we're talking about.

 That intelligence agencies, financiers, terrorists and narco-criminals have a long
 history together is well established, but the Nugan Hand Bank, BCCI, Banco
 Ambrosiano, the P2 Lodge, the CIA/Mafia anti-Castro/Kennedy alliance,
 Iran/Contra and the rest were a long time ago, so there's no need to rehash all that.
 That was then, this is now!

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 925, 932, 934, 944, 950  dead American soldiers.

Damn, they got six yesterday?

"I know what I'm doing when it comes to winning this war."
 --The Butcher of Baghdad,      Attribution


 Subject: Part 1 of Show 50

 Just started part two - I'm trapped at home waiting for the plumber, but
 First, I was moved and wept and cheered all over again at Sharpton (SHARPTON!!)'s speech,
 and your sigh after Ms. C's comment was priceless!
 Thank you, thank you.

 Each time is hear the Rev. Al say, "Our vote ...is not ...for sale!" I choke up.
 The inflection is his voice was totally perfect.
 Defiant and certain, he was speaking for the martyrs the racists killed before him.

 Click  Here  to let the Rev Al tingle your spine

 Even though the guy pisses me off still, regarding that sad Tawana Brawley,
 I have to admit that he's been quite a force for good this year.

 Until I see proof that it wasn't, I'm going to assume Sharpton was mistaken about Tawana
 Brawley and acted in good faith.  Had her claims been true, he had to speak up, right?

 Second - please can you tell me the music you used at the end of part one?  Perfect capper...
 Anyway, show 50: So far, so great.

 Jen R

 Jen, Tommy added that - I will attempt to find out what it is.


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 Conflicting headlines

 Unlike Andrew, aid's right on Charley's heels
    Aug 17,
  St Petersburg Times

 Frustration mounts in Fla. for Charley victims
   Aug 17

 Today in History

 • In 1894, Democrats defeated the GOP to established the Bureau of Immigration.

 • In 1914, Wilson issued his "Proclamation of Neutrality," to keep the U.S. out of World War I.

 • In 1920, Tennessee became the 36th state to guarantee the right of  women to vote.

 • In 1938, FDRt dedicated the Thousand Islands Bridge connecting the United States and Tahiti.

 • In 1954, a negro attend a meeting of a president's Cabinet as he sat in for Labor Secretary James P. Mitchell.

 • In 1958, "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov was published.

 • In 1963, James Meredith became the first black to graduate from the University of Mississippi.



 From: Daren Phillips

 Subject: I've attached Kerry's resume

 Do you have the balls to print it?

  Click  Here

 ha ha

 Son, you can't send me anything I can't straighten you out on.
 If you have some Vaseline in the house, you might want to get it
 because there's a Size 11 boot with spikes headed for your ass.


"Kerry is going to raise taxes, and Bush will get us into wars we don't belong in.
  I'd vote for Bush, because I'd rather be in a war than spend a lot of money."
   -- Jonathan Frisby, 9, raised to think it's better that the blacks and the poor die in Iraq
       than a wealthy white family pay their share of America's tax burden   Attribution

 VCR Alert
 World Poker Tour - on a Cruise to the Caribbean!
 I'd sure like to do a Poker Cruise someday - or a cruise.

 On 60 Minutes II, Mike Wallace asks Larry King and his wife what they did on their wedding night.

  "Dat's right, he did!"

 Jon Stewart has Burt Reynolds, once the biggest movie star on the planet

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