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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Kennedy & Lewis on List 
Time for a major change
Kerry forced to buy ads
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Handjob Commission Disbands
Triumph of the W
Bush-Style Politics, Again 
McCain in new Kerry Ad 
Swift Boat Weasel Map 


Quote of the Day

''Mr. McClellan needs to understand that 
  John Kerry is not the type of leader who will 
  sit and read My Pet Goat to a group of second 
  graders while America is under attack.'' 
    --Kerry spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter, replying 
    to WH liar Scott McClellen's comment yesterday 
    that Kerry was ''losing his cool.",  Attribution

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Volume 1384 - The shuffling madness 

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  Weekend    August 21-22, 2004                                                                                                      Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"I was not prepared to shoot my eardrum out with a shotgun in order to get a deferment.
  Nor was I willing to go to Canada. So I chose to better myself by learning how to fly airplanes
  my Daddy bought me a space in a completely full champagne outfit so I could be safe."
      --G.W. Bush, 1990, http://atrios.blogspot.com/

 Kennedy has company on airline terror watch

  Click  Here

 Rep. John Lewis, D - Georgia, a nine-term congressman famous for his civil rights work
 with Martin Luther King, has been stopped 35 to 40 times in the past year.

    "I hate to make a fuss..."


 Subject: Mary Beth Cahill offer

 You might want to take another look at the offer of a $1000 donation;
 it seems Kerry did challenge Bush to a debate on their military service.

 The quote, according our local ABC affiliate website, was:  Fighting back, Kerry said
 if Bush wants to "have a debate about our service in Vietnam, here is my answer: 'Bring it on.'"

 Maybe he HAS been reading barcop.com ...

 Pam, I knew about that - my offer was different.

 If Kerry mentions an additional, separate, Vietnam debate, ...and the nasty lies continue,
 then Kerry can close all his future his speeches with "Bush is demanding an additional, separate,
 Vietnam debate - but so far he hasn't agreed to a date. Why is he waffling? What's he afraid of?"

 It's schoolyard bully tactics.
 This bully needs his ass kicked and I think Kerry can do it on any level.


"You get up there on a national television show and you say without a shred of proof that a
  decorated war veteran inflicted his own wounds. This doesn't make you "controversial" or "colorful."
  This makes you nuts.  It ought to disqualify you forever from the company of serious people, and from
  the society of the decent ones.  And you can still get a job with Fox News."
     --Charles Pierce, talking about Michelle Malkin,     Attribution


 Time for a major change in America
    by Mike Moreford

  Click  Here

 If you care at all about the soul of this country, if you care at all about women's rights and gay rights
 and true spiritual freedom and the environment and our international standing, if you care at all about
 actually reducing the anti-U.S. hatred in the world, as opposed to amplifying it a thousandfold,
 then oh my god yes, this election matters.

 This, then, is how you know it's time for a serious change. When you can feel it in your bones, when you
 finally attune and really listen to the underlying messages and dig deep into your own spirit and discover
 that no, this isn't the way the world is supposed to work. This is not the way the country has to be.

 This is not the way the world's greatest superpower is supposed to behave, this bitter metallic taste that
 leaps into my mouth whenever I see a picture of BushCo isn't really supposed to be there, the vice president
 isn't supposed to make children cry and flowers wilt and the gods recoil in disgust.



"How dare you call Michelle Malkin an idiot?"..Well, I felt terrible. In my little naïve
  old-fashioned way,  I feel you preserve terms like that exclusively for men. I was preparing
  a formal apology. Funniest darn thing happened, though. Checked the tape of the show, re-read
  the blog. I never called Michelle Malkin an "idiot." Never used the word...She's an author or
  a journalist or something, and she misquoted the insult to herself."
     --Keith Olbermann, "And heere come the e-mails",  Attribution

 Subject: Catholics and wheat


 Non-Catholics may shake their head at a story like this, & may not even believe it.
 But being raised in a Catholic home & seeing 52 years worth of that doctrine, I'm not surprised at all.
 It's normal for those pompous bishops to be out of touch with reality. The Catholic Church in America
 is just a religious wing of the Republican Party anymore anyway.

 All that 8 yr old wanted to do was what the church said was right, and they crapped all over her.

 What would Jesus say to the Bishop (if the bishop would even listen anyway) ?
 Jim Mac

 Kerry forced to buy ads to counter "swift" lies
  It would be a lot easier to accept my Friday $1000 offer

  Click  Here

 The unusual late-August maneuvering highlighted the closeness of the race and
 came as polls offered the first hint that the 'swift" lies were taking a political toll.

 John, you're going to let them take your honor away?
 You're going to let them call you a liar and a fraud?

 Let's stop complaining about that and make them eat it.

 John Kerry needs to say,

"Since the president wants to focus on the Vietnam War,
  we should add another debate to discuss our military service."

 Then they will shut up about Vietnam!

 That will once again make the war and the economy the top issues.
 You can't let Bush steal the "war hero" issue.

 If Senator Kerry says those words in the next 7 days, I will guarantee a $1000 donation.
 Please say yes.

 You can't let them steal another term.

"Don't do it, John - it could be a trick!"



Don't Bring Your Hate To NY and Expect a Welcome Mat

 Subject:  Catholics and wheat

 Hey Bart, they're missing a point here:

 I only did a year of Catholic school, but doesn't that wafer *LITERALLY* turn
 into the flesh of Christ when the little girl eats it?

 It's only wheat she can't handle, so human flesh is OK, right?
 Or don't her parents have any faith?

"Gordon Guano"

 I think it's the bishops who don't believe.

The Vidiot's weekly blog:

Please don't let Bush kill me...


"They are calling us all liars. They dishonor us and they dishonor all those
  who died over there.  They are getting awfully desperate. Last year many
  of them were on board with us. Now they are telling outrageous lies."
    --Del Sandusky, who credits Kerry with keeping them alive to make it home,   Attribution

 9/11 Handjob Commission Formally Disbands
  Bush got the verdict he paid for - nobody was responsible

  Click  Here

 The panel's final report concluded that the government failed to recognize the
 danger posed by al-Qaida, and was ill-prepared to respond to the terrorist attack.
 It recommended a major overhaul of the nation's intelligence-gathering, including
 the new post of director of national intelligence and a new counterterrorism center.

 This commission was more fixed than Bob Barker's dog.
 Why did they bother with this charade of a dong-and-pony sideshow circus?

 Lee Hamilton, the "Democrat" was the guy who gave Reagan/Bush a pass on Iran-Contra.

  Click  Here

 Even after North's contra supply operations were exposed in October 1986, when one of his planes
 (which had been used to carry cocaine) was shot down, the allegations about contra drug trafficking
 continued facing Reagan-Bush denunciations and little interest in either Congress or the media.
 In July 1987, a spectator interrupted North's Iran-contra testimony by demanding that someone
 "ask about the cocaine." But the only response was a cursory review released by Rep. Lee Hamilton,
 D-Ind., which concluded that there was no truth to the contra drug charges.

 Every Democrat in Washington knew Hamilton was Bush's Whitewash Boy,
 but they all played along with Bush's little game because they didn't want to anger Karl Rove.




If you were haunted by "Fahrenheit 9/11",
will give you nightmares.

Meet Karl Rove,
the most powerful political figure America has never heard of.

Until now...

 Bush-Style Politics, Again
   by Sam Parry  at consortiumnews.com

   Click  Here

 This year's general election campaign is taking on the trademark stamp of every
 Bush national campaign since 1988: attack politics that tear down the Bush opponent
 while a compliant Washington press corps can't believe the Bush family would play dirty

 1988 Dukakis - crazy, loved criminals, no patriotism
 1992 Clinton - KGB agent, paying for rumors of sex, cocaine, murder, virgins, etc.
 1996 out of office, so Cheney-Halliburton built up Saddam's power
 2000 McCain - crazy, black baby, betrayed POWs
 2000 Gore - liar, delusional, unfit for office
 2004 Now it's Kerry's turn

 The truth is that the Post, like much of the national news media, has been trending
 neo-conservative for the past couple of decades. Bush's case for war was not seriously
 vetted in large part because many of the senior editors and news executives agreed
 with his neo-conservative policies. Others may have simply feared the career consequences
 of challenging Bush, especially if some of his claims proved true.


 Isn't it odd...

 That Bush can produce all these Swift Boar Liars, switching their stories about Kerry in Vietnam,
 yet Bush can't produce a group who saw him report for duty in the National Guard?

 Why can't the Kerry camp find a way to use that against Bush?

 Is Kerry's powder wet?
 Is that why he isn't firing back?

 12 Myths Every Catholic Should Be Able To Answer
  No Eddie, they are NOT kidding... (Wish I only had time to get into them...)

  Click  Here

 Courtney Love Pleads Innocent to Assault
  She makes news in two ways - each arrest and each trial

  Click  Here

 Pete Rose owes almost $1 million in taxes
  Lots of people want to destroy baseball's greatest hitter ever

  Click  Here

 Lithuania kicks 'Dream Team' in basketball
  Like the Lakers, a team of superstars can't win jack

  Click  Here

  Kerry video:
 McCain to Bush, "You Should be Ashamed"

  Click  Here   You have to watch this - it's less than a minute long

 Hard-hitting ad makes Bush out for what he is...

"That son of a bitch - we'll break his legs. Karl!"




"We've already said we weren't involved in any way in these ads. 'We've made that clear."
     --White House liar Scott McClellan, pretending the swift boat smear isn't pure Karl Rove,  Attribution

 Reporters Protecting Sources Face Perils
 "Why should liars and traitors be protected?"

  Click  Here

 Courts are posing a serious threat to agreements between reporters and their sources
 who provide valuable information in exchange for confidentiality, media organizations say.
 Three times this summer, judges have held journalists in contempt of court for refusing to name
 their anonymous sources. Press advocates fear the rulings are the start of a dangerous trend.

 The national journalists involved in these cases will not "be intimidated into revealing their
 confidential sources,"   said Lucy Dalglish, executive director of the reporters' committee.
"I think we're setting up a real showdown here."

 I guess I should be on the side of the press on this one, but I can't find a reason,
 Two of the big cases, to me, aren't worth shielding the source.

 When a source lies to you, or commits a real crime with real consequences, why should the
 liar/lawbreaker be held harmless? What great principle is defended when Bob Novak helps
 Bush get his petty political revenge by outing a CIA agent - which possibly got people killed?
 In the Wen Ho Lee case, why shield the liars who set up the innocent man be rewarded?

 Seems like the difference lies in the "crime."
 I wouldn't want to see someone go to jail because the GOP is angry that Bill Clinton kicked their
 sorry asses so now they're going to imprison everyone who won't give Ken Starr a bogus story.

 But if a real crime in involved, like Watergate or Iran-Contra or the phony Iraq War where over
 a thousand men will lose their lives because of Bush's greed - sure - those people need to be
 protected because they're doing something substantially good.

 This is one of those rare occasions where I could be "straightened out."  If someone knows why
 I'm wrong about this, send me your e-mail, but don't send a book and don't send me a page of links.
 TELL ME what I'm wrong - don't point me to some article or court ruling.


 Subject: Re: A republican is always better after he retires.


 Reminds me of the interview with Barry Goldwater in "Cadillac Desert", in which he said he regretted
 advocating construction of the Glen Canyon dam (and the consequent destruction of Glen Canyon).
 I remember thinking, "Why the hell couldn't you have had a conscience about this when you voted?"

 I also saw a documentary on the Clinton presidency in which Bob Dole said that the push for impeachment
 unnecessarily interfered with our response to the tragedy in Kosovo, possibly making it more violent than it
 needed to be.  The shameful look on his face spoke volumes.  It's too bad the partisan chicken-shit didn't
 figure out sooner that genocide is more important than blow-jobs.

 Keep up the good work.

 Jenny, I think Dole said that about Kosovo to distract people from the fact that
 the GOP put the FBI on Arkie trailer tramps instead trackingof Osama flyboys.

 Open letter to Mary Beth Cahill

  Mary Beth,

 I realize you know 100 times more than I do about running a presidential campaign.
 I also know I have no credentials to offer you advice - I'm just trying to help.

 Please, no more pictures of:
Kerry playing guitar.
    He's not Clinton and he looks silly trying to play rock star
Kerry snow boarding down a mountain.
    The broken femur photo ops will look awkward on the evening news
Kerry throwing a football like he's on the Kennedy Compound lawn.
    It looks staged and phoney - why do that?
Kerry in any kind of costume - I don't care what it is.
    If you want to get daring, have him take off his sport jacket
Kerry riding that damn bicycle.
    He looks like the older brother of some sk8terboi

 I have an idea!
 How about some pictures of Sen.Kerry looking like President Kerry?
 Maybe at a desk, wearing glasses, reading a binder marked "Classified?"

 I'd much rather see Kerry acting presidential than fake-posing with guitars, skis and bicycles.

 Subject: Kerry/Bush Vietnam debate

 Hi Bart,

 Kerry has already challenged Bush to a debate on 8/19/04.


 Scoll down to Bring it on. Its in the second paragraph.
 To find out what is really goning on with Kerry you need to visit this site.

 NOYB, I get your point, but my point was this:
"Drop the crap or I push for a separate debate on "war heroes."

 There's a difference between two debates and three debates.
(Imagine an entire debate with Bush explaining his Nation Guard duties...)

 Either way, Kerry wins.
 It's how a gambler sets up a bet :)

Fahrenheit 9-11,
Hunting of the President
Order your copies from the BartCop Bookstone

 Subject: racist/carperbagger


 Tom Wright (the writer who needs a midol) seems to think that 'carpetbagger'
 is a veiled racial slur. Is he from another planet, illiterate, or just stupid?

 Dictionary.com says:
 *car pet bag ger*  /n./

  1. A Northerner who went to the South after the Civil War for political or financial advantage.
  2. An outsider, especially a politician, who presumptuously seeks a position or success in a new locality.

 [/So called because they carried their belongings in carpetbags/.]

 As you know, Alan Keyes was one of the first to call Hillary Clinton a carpetbagger. He was quoted as saying:
"And I deeply resent the destruction of federalism represented by Hillary Clinton's willingness to go into a state
 she doesn't even live in and pretend to represent people there. So I certainly wouldn't imitate it."

 But isn't that just what Keyes is doing now?

 Even the Washington Post agrees with you (a first?) noting (Monday, August 9, 2004; Page A14):
"But that Mr. Keyes would allow himself to be drafted because of his skin color is beyond anything we would
 have expected, given his own long-standing vocal opposition to race-conscious decision making. Who out there
 believes for one second that the Illinois Republican Party would have reached halfway across the country for a
 candidate with Mr. Keyes's losing track record if the Democratic candidate were not African American?"

 Tom wrote: "You even called him a "carpetbagger" today and insulted his decency and intelligence."

 I think Keyes insulted his own intelligence and decency, you just pointed it out!

 I get it.
 The Monkey thought "carpetbagger" was  a racist term?
 That means he wasn't in politics in 2000 when they called Hillary that.

from the Houston Zoo
It takes cojones to put a sticker on a tiger's nose

 Subject: the real reason

 Iraq was the second largest producer of crude in the world, and it's stocks were being sold
 to the French and the Germans - and the Russians. By taking it over and taking it off line,
 the BFEE effectively doubled the price of crude on the world market by removing half the supply.
 And notice that the price of gas at the pumps hasn't gone up at the same pace as crude.
 If gas had gone up 20% this week, Bush would have no shot. Its in-your-face obvious proof
 that the market in this country is being manipulated.

 So the real reason that Bush hated Hussein was that he represented lower energy prices
 in the world market, which was a nightmare for the oil people.

 If Kerry wins, he gets a stagnant inflationary economy and a partisan Federal Reserve,
 and Iraqi oil comes to market at $65/bbl. If Bush wins, Halliburton gets to bring Iraqi oil
 to market at $65/bbl., and he can pursue whatever crazy religosity he wants for the next four years

 Either way, Cheney wins. It's actually a beautiful play.

 Rich Mac

 George Bush's Brain
  Without, Bush wouldn't be president

 "I control the boy..."

  Click  Here

 Rove is a burly, folksy character. During the primary season, he persistently took control of
 television discussions. When challenged by the McCain camp on his unethical campaigning,
 Rove turned the tables. Piece by piece, week after week, he took apart John McCain in the media,
 and then went on television and shifted the blame onto McCain's staff. Soon, the public was left with
 an image of McCain as as hot-tempered, war-damaged veteran. McCain's underdog groundswell
 for a campaign finance reform was scuttled by Karl Rove.

 Is Kerry ready for the dirty, slime attacks of the devil named Rove?

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Unfit - My Letter To The Swift Boat Organization

 Dear Sirs:

 In the face of fact after fact that exposes your lies, you continue to foul and slander John Kerry.
 Your words and deeds cast doubt on all the honorable men who served gallantly; question the
 competence of former military leadership; and hurl dispersions on fellow soldiers, while denigrating the dead.

 And for what?

 You choose to align yourselves with those who smeared an honorable Vietnam POW, calling into question
 his sanity and his survival of the Hanoi Hilton. You choose to serve those who disgracefully painted a Vietnam
 veteran triple amputee as unpatriotic and less than a true American.

 Where were you then? John Kerry was there for his fellow veteran brothers, where were you?

 You choose to support men who had other priorities than serving their country. Men, whose self-interest
 was more important than duty, honor, and country; and you prefer to serve a man who treated his military
 obligation like Alcoholics Anonymous; picking and choosing what meetings he would or would not attend.

 You choose to aid those who have soiled themselves with the blood of others.

 You choose to be finger-puppets of a media obsessed with ratings and tabloid sensationalism. A media that
 willfully avoids the truth and pain of the daily toll in Iraq: willing to set veteran against veteran in order to
 increase viewer share. A media, that happily promotes an old war as a means of avoiding responsibility
 for its promotion of the new war.

 You choose to inflate your shriveled egos with the spotlight of hate and slander. You choose to deny both
 the truth and the lie that was Vietnam. Like the man you support, you choose to look away from the flag-draped
 reality of today, and instead, seek yesterday's false reflection, in hope of revenge. But you cannot right a
 wrong war, whether then or now.

 I crawled the mud paddies of Vietnam and stuck my fingers in the gaping wounds, trying to stop the oozing
 blood that drained the life from my fellow soldiers. I have walked the old paths of war and seen the children
 that even today, lose limbs from the unexploded ordinance of yesterday's war. I have seen more honor and
 compassion in the eyes of the men who were once my enemy, than in the twisted piety of your vitriolic defamation.

 You now seek to cover your previous words of endorsement with the stench of vomit and partisan bile.
 You speak of wanting honesty and openness, but your actions belie your lips.

 You have chosen vanity over valor, hubris over honor, character assassination and fraud over fact. You have
 chosen to enfold yourself in the shadows of partisan politics while sniping at those who stand in the open light
 of their record. You have chosen to wear the uniform of shame.

 No sirs, with all due respect, I submit that it is you, who are Unfit.
 John Cory

 John, shot of Chinaco for your service 

  is different.

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 NY Times draws Swift Boat Weasel Map

  Click  Here  to see their map

 Subject: the bar incident

 Hey Bartcop,
 I'm catching up & reading issues backwards.

 I kept reading about how you hate the homeless & other garbage.
 Finally got to what you wrote.  My take is that you hate the media.

 They are hacks & high school newspapers are more professional.
 I agree, that & many other "journalists" need to learn the "what, where, why, who"

 Keep up the great work

 I wouldn't hate the media if they gave a damn about honor or integrity or the truth.
 To them it's all about which version of the story will sell more commercials.

But they turned into nigger-lovers
so I bailed and turned Republican

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 944, 950, 953, 955, 962  dead American soldiers.

Damn, they got seven more this weekend?

Forgive me for counting Bush's victims.

"I know what I'm doing when it comes to winning this war."
 --The Butcher of Baghdad,      Attribution


 Triumph of the W.
    by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 The next salvo in the cinematic campaign war of 2004 is "The Big Picture," a documentary film attacking
 John Kerry sponsored by David Bossie's Citizens United, the right-wing group that unsuccessfully sued to
 stop national advertising of Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11." But Bossie's latest project could create
 legal problems for him and his organization -- in part because Lionel Chetwynd, the award-winning director,
 is working not only on the documentary but also on two shorter films to be screened at the GOP Convention.

 Subject: 8-19 White House press conference

 8/19/04 Press Gaggle

 Q. REPORTER: The President has said and believes that John Kerry served honorably in Vietnam, right?

 A. MR. McCLELLAN: Yes, he's made that very clear.

 Are the Swift Boat Veterans calling Bush a liar and poor judge of character?





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 Today in History

 • In 1831, former slave Nat Turner became the first black US senator from Virginia.

 • In 1858, the first Lincoln-Douglas rebates were given to every purchaser of a Ford Model A.

 • In 1878, the American Bar Association was founded in Lynchburg, TN

 • In 1904, jazz musician a "Count" Basie was born in Utah to Wohapi Indians.

 • In 1944, the US, the Soviet Union and China opened talks on what eventually became NATO.

 • In 1945, President Truman was banned from the Chevy Chase Moose Lodge for being too short.

 • In 1959, Eisenhower appointed Steve McGarrett the first governor of Hawaii.

 • In 1991, the Coupplotters returned kidnapped Gorbachev after a ramsom was paid by Boris Yeltsin.

 • In 1993, engineers lost contact with the V-ger spacecraft as it was about to reach Vulcan on a $980 million mission.



 Subject: I blame Clinton


 Clinton launched a pre emptive strike on baghdad, with out the U.N approval.
 funny how you demma commies applauded that strike.  Once again rewind the video tapes.

 Your propaganda and your hateful rhetoric will ultimately seal Kerrys fate

 Loser, Clinton didn't swear on a pile of bodies that he'd get bin Laden, then go after Saddam.
 Clinton didn't get 1,000 soldiers killed while stealing hundreds of billions of dollars.
 There's a difference between zero dead and 1,000 dead.

 Can the monkey brain comprehend that difference?

 Clinton gave us peace, happiness and tremendous prosperity.
 Bush gave us death, recession, terror and a never-ending war.
 There's a difference between peace and war, between happiness and death,
 and between prosperity and recession.

 Can the monkey brain comprehend that difference?

 ha ha

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