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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Where Is The Shame?
Man Burns Marine Van
Path of Arrogance in Iraq
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
America's problem
There's only one Dick Tuck
In Need of SC attorney 
Conservatives Repent
McCain loves Dubya


Quote of the Day

"I very much do not want them to use clips 
  from my primary campaign against the president." 
    --John McCain, who doesn't want the truth told

 Unlike the Swift Boat Liars, Kerry didn't fabricate
 his commercial - he just told the truth, but McCain is
 anti-truth until his bog Bush gets elected again.


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Volume 1388 - Lipstick on the pigs 

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  Friday-Weekend    August 27-29, 2004                                                                                                      Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"You can't craft a vicious, mean-spirited platform and then try to put
  lipstick on the pig by putting Giuliani and Arnold on in prime time."
     --Christopher Barron of the Log Cabin Republicans, on the GOP
        using it's left wing to impress America next week   Attribution

 Where Is The Shame?
     by Bob Herbert

  Click  Here

"Later, at a press conference under the hot Crawford sun, Mr. Cleland told reporters:
"The question is, where is George Bush's honor? Where is his shame?" Mr. Cleland reminded
 reporters of the scurrilous attacks by Bush forces against McCain in 2000 and said: "Keep in mind,
 this president has gone after three Vietnam veterans in four years. That's got to stop."

 In what is surely the most important election of the last half-century, we seem trapped in the
 politics of the madhouse. What is incredible is that these attacks on men who served not just
 honorably, but heroically, are coming from a hawkish party that is controlled by an astonishing
 number of men who sprinted as far from the front lines as they could when they were of fighting
 age and their country was at war."

"I'm the real hero - did you see me on the USS Lincoln?"


 Subject: a thought...

 A lot of people I talk to these days about politics are definitely unhappy about things in this country, but keep saying
 Things like "John Kerry isn't telling us what he will do differently" .

 Please, don't depend on the mainstream media to feed pro-Kerry information to you, its NOT going to happen!

 Take a few minutes and look at the man we need to elect President he has some good ideas that May surprise you!


 Rich D

Does Aaron Magruder read  bartcop.com?



"One of the most agreeable aspects of the Republican Party is that there's minimal risk
  of running into celebrities. At a Democratic political get-together, the only way to tell who
  the senators are is that they're the only two guys in the room you don't recognize: Everyone
  else is Meryl Streep, Bruce Springsteen, Barbra Streisand, Ben Affleck, the Dixie Chicks."
        --Mark Steyn,   Attribution

 Man Burns Marine Van After GI Son's Death

  Click  Here

"The father then walked into the garage, picking up a propane tank, a can of gasoline
 and a lighting device, police Capt. Tony Rode said. He smashed the van's window,
 got inside and set it ablaze, despite attempts by the Marines to stop him, Rode said.

 The Marines, reservists who are members of a military Casualty Assistance Calls Officer team,
 pulled Arredondo, 44, from the burning vehicle and extinguished the flames on him, police said.
 None of the Marines was injured but the van was gutted, officials said.

"The father was in disbelief, same as any of us would be after hearing this kind of news,"
 Rode said. 'But then the father basically loses it. You can only imagine what this father
 was going through. He snapped, to say the least.'"

"Some people have to respect for others..."



"This is his scream that his child is dead. The war needs to stop."
    -- Melida Arredondo, whose husband, Carlos, set ablaze the van of the marines   Attribution


"Like anybody else in the world who is sane, I am very much worried about Iran
  gaining nuclear capacity. I am not advocating the invasion of Iran at this moment,
  although I wouldn't be heartbroken if it happened."
    --Norman Podhoretz, hoping for war with Iran, too   Attribution


 Path of Arrogance in Iraq

  Click  Here

"The independent team rejected the Bush administration's claim that the Abu Ghraib mistreatment
 was the work of a few rogue soldiers. The number of military police and military intelligence
 specialists who will be charged with criminal wrongdoing may be limited, but the panel traced some
 of the blame all the way to the office of Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld.

 The arrogant "we know best" attitude of the Pentagon's civilian leadership demands condemnation.
 The halfhearted acceptance of responsibility that Rumsfeld offered in his testimony in May before the
 Senate and House armed services committees doesn't let him off the hook for failing to provide
 consistent guidelines on the treatment of prisoners."

"Arrogance is really ugly in some people..."



 Subject:  somebody needs to put a foot in kerry's ass

 i'm so pissed right now-  at my own party of placators and WIMPS.

 no fight in them at all.  they ust bend over and take it.  jesus.  i swear.
 what would it take to find a democrat with a bit of SPINE?

 all this shit floats vets crap, and not ONCE has kerry just STOOD UP AND
 TOOK CHARGE OF THE DEBATE-  he has let the media and the repugs like
 buchanan and dole just take off and RUN with this story without anything to stop them.

 it wouldn't take MUCH besides a couple of TESTICLES to interrrupt this debate and
 replace it with a new one-  why hasn't he called bush a coward, a draft dodger, a little
 snotty nosed grown child who never fought a day in his life?

 why hasn't he said that about all these damn chickenhawks who weigh in on this topic?
 why is he so damned apologetic and/or SILENT in the face of ONSLAUGHT?
 why?  because he DON'T HAVE IT IN HIM.

 i want to take him by the shoulders and shake the living shit out of him-



 Tamara, Kerry wants to be polite.
 He seems to want to fight this raging fire with good manners.


"The city is drawing the line when it comes to Central Park. The group United for Peace and Justice,
  which is expecting a quarter-million people for its rally on Sunday has been denied use of the park.
  The reason cited by the city for shutting off the park to protestors? Concern over the damage it
  would to do to the grass. 100 million dollars spent on security, and they're hung up on lawn care?
  Honestly, if next week comes and our worst problem is divots, I'll be pretty damn pleased."
     --Jon Stewart      Attribution

 America's problem

  Click  Here

"The abuses sadly bear repetition. Forced nudity was common, the generals' report confirms,
 and stemmed from the importation to Abu Ghraib of techniques used in Afghanistan and at
 Guant namo Bay. "They simply carried forward the use of nudity into the Iraqi theatre of operations,"
 General Fay observes. Prisoners were frequently stripped and hooded, then left in extreme heat
 or cold for hours. One detainee was handcuffed naked and forced to crawl on his stomach as
 US soldiers urinated and spat on him; later he was sodomised. The importation process from
 Guantanamo also led to the use of dogs to frighten prisoners. In one case, US military personnel
 held an unmuzzled dog within inches of two naked and screaming teenage Iraqis and discussed
 whether the prisoners could be terrified into losing control of their bowels."


 Subject:  BCR Show 52

 I thought it was great.  I like the idea of greater frequency with less polish.
 Christ, Rush ain't polished, he just talks, and does his da-dil-a da-dil-a da-dil-a shit
 when he's gonna do one of his vaunted "updates".

 Great show, though you were figuratively runnin' around like a chicken with it's head
 cut off with the financial stuff.  Also very entertaining, by the way.
 Keep it up!

 Brian A

 Subject: Question

 Can you tell me what they are, and let me know where to corroborate
 the "fabricated lies" that they were supposed to rebut?

 Whoa, did we forget the first part of our conversation?

 I know that your site is pro-kerry (No, it's pro-truth) and I'm trying to gather info
 from as many sources as possible before the election (undecided libertarian)
 I have read Bernie Goldberg's book, BIAS, (Goldberg is a lying whore) but I still think
 that the network news business is ratings driven. Naturally the bigger stories take up the
 limited time of a 30 minute or 60 minute newscast. So the internet is the perfect place for
 those who really want to make an informed desicion.

 I was leaning towards Kerry, but since he made his vietnam service such a prominent part
 of his resume, the new charges by his fellow vets are disturbing.

 If the Swift Boat Liars said Honest Abe Lincoln was dishonest, would you believe them, too?

 I'm sure that Bush loves it and he can take the high road and ask for the elimination of ALL
 the "527's" something that Kerry can't possibly want. But Kerry looks bad trying to shut them down
 instead of proving them false, and asking Bush to denounce them when the position of the democratic
 party is that Bush can't open his mouth without lying makes it strange that they would seek his
 endorsement and protection, especially from the veterans that I thought were Kerry's guys.

 It would'nt be very disnified, but it seems that Kerry could drop his pants and show the scars
 to prove what a liar Bob Dole is about "He never even bled..."

 I have sometimes given the reporters you mentioned in your challenge the benefit of the doubt

 Wait, now I understand - you read Myth of the Liberal media...)

 ...because they seemed outnumbered and outgunned, (Sean Hannity is no Dan Rather)
 Now I feel I can't trust anyone, and it's up to me to find (or guess at) the truth that is always
 in the middle when position are so far apart. Any info you can provide is appreciated.

 Glenn F

 Glenn, bad assumption that the truth is always in the middle.
 If a democrat says Hank Aaron hit 750 home runs, and the Swift Boat Liars
 say he never played the game, don't assume 375 is the amount of homers Aaron hit.

 Bottom line: Don't trust the Republicans.
 The whole reason they want to talk about 1969 is so people like you won't ask
 about the never-ending carbage in Iraq and the ruined economy in 2004.

 There's only one Dick Tuck

  Click  Here

"I saw Jack Kennedy two weeks before he died. . . . Cesar Chavez . . . Dick Goodwin . . .
 Marquis Childs . . . Bobby Kennedy and I became very good friends. . . . Justice Douglas's
 second wife, Mercedes . . . Frank Mankiewicz and Pierre Salinger . . . John Chancellor and I
 used to go up to the Rainbow Room. . . . Michael Dukakis and Jerry Brown came to my
 eightieth-birthday party. . . . Hunter Thompson shot a pistol at my wedding."


 Second-Quarter GDP Is Downgraded
  Rosy predictions fail to come true

  Click  Here

 Explosives Found in Russian Jet Wreckage
  Islamic militants fighting for Chechen separatists

  Click  Here

 St. Louis consultant fired after 'space monkey' claims
  "Supernatural powers" cost man $1.4M job

  Click  Here


"Cheney broke ranks with President Bush and says he supports gay marriage and
  plans to gay marry soon. ... He's narrowed his list of target husbands down to
  Charleton Heston, fashion critic Steven Cojocaru and long time bachelor Uncle Sam. ...
  Now if he can just lose 25 pounds he can fit into his dress."
     --Jimmy Kimmel,     Attribution

"Kimmel, eh? We'll get him soon enough..."

 Who's the oldest living famous person?
  For me, it's Max Schmeling (Joe Louis kicked his ass) he's 98

  Click  Here


 Subject: CNN poll

 Darn it Bart, I've got to call you on this one.
 You wroite:

> A new CNN poll says the number of people who
> would've voted for Kerry because he's a war hero dropped from 42% to 21 %

 You're the one who always says 'show me proof'; show me a URL!
 Well where is it? Where is this Poll!

 I have said it before and I'll say it again..................
 Could it be that Kerry is letting Bush lie his way into a corner?????
 Come on man.  Drop the pink tutu thing and help to expose the lies.
 Get that piddely *ss VietNam thing out of the way and go after Bushes real *ucf ups.
 Swing that hammer!

 I heard the poll as I was typing.
 Hard to get a link from a sound.

 As Ed McMahon used to say, "...everything you ever wanted to know
 about the lying Swift Boat bastards is right here:" Click  Here

Fahrenheit 9-11,
Hunting of the President
Order your copies from the BartCop Bookstone


"Experts are now saying that the failures of the Abu Garib prison may implicate Rumsfeld.
  In response, Rumsfeld stripped the experts naked and walked them around on a leash."
     --David Letterman    Attribution

 Subject: disillusioned

 hi bart,

 it seems every day i get more frustrated at the kerry campaign's lack of any semblance of common sense.

 i cannot believe that they do not use the monkey's own verbal mishaps (which occur daily) against him
 in the kerry tv and radio ads.  this is the most damning evidence of all that the leader of the free world is
 a complete and utter moron.  why not have a one minute outtake of the 7 minutes of the monkey sitting there
 after being told by advisor andrew card that the second plane had struck the second world trade center
 and that we were under attack?

 this would be an unbelievably powerful image for the right wing to see in a TV ad.

 billy c.

 Apparently the Democrats have a frocus group that told them "attack ads are bad,"
 but the Swift Boat Liars have cost Kerry a lot of ground with their attack ad.

 Bush is the most corrupt moron to ever bungle a war that made his family rich
 but Kerry's afraid to point out any of the emporer's crimes or mistakes.

 People say they don't like attack ads, but they work.
 If we're going to lose again, I'd rather lose fighting than lose by wimping.

  from chat last night

 <SusanNY> Bart, I'm so glad you hate Nancy Grace - I have always hated her

 <bart> Nancy Grace is so screwed, she made Geragos represent Peterson :)
 <bart> because NG hated Peterson, he's going to go free

 Strange but true.

 I think Peterson will be found "Not guilty," and he has Nancy Grace to thank for it.

 If Nancy Grace only hated Peterson a 20 on the scale of 1-10,
 If she hadn't stretched every ant hill into the Grand f-ing Tetons,
 if she hadn't given her famous Nancy Grace guarantee that he was guilty,
 so guilty that a trial wasn't even worth the taxpayer's time and money, Geragos
 wouldn't have taken the case and California would've been successful at killing a
 suspect with no crime scene, no murder weapon, no forensics, no witnesses and
 a half-assed motive than can be explained by simple men-are-pigs lust.

 "Thanks, Nancy!  Want to get together
  and have a drink when the trial's over?
  I'll bring roses and some champagne,
  we'll light candles and dim the lights
  ...and I'll thank you for saving me."

 BartCop Reader in need of SC attorney 

  Click  Here

  If you know a good lawyer in South Carolina, contact  sam@bartcop.com

  Looks like a slam dunk to me - the victim has plenty of documentation.

Marty's Entertainment Page


"Yesterday the men's soccer team from Iraq lost in the semi-finals to Paraguay.
  There dream of winning gold is over, but on the bright side, they get to keep their hands."
    --Jimmy Kimmel

 Subject: Bush's great economy

 Hey, Bart.  I love your page.  I haven't written anything before,
 but I've just gotten so sick of Bush talking about how we've turned a corner,
 that I felt I needed to vent a little.

 We have not turned a corner.

 Yesterday, the Census Bureau reported that, during last year, the amount of
 Americans living in poverty increased by 1.3 million.  The group of Americans
 who are uninsured increased even more than that, rasing to 1.4 million.

 No, we have not turned a corner.  The car that this administration put our country
 in to travel around that corner wrecked badly very long ago.  That car was a lemon,
 and this administration knew it was a lemon before they sold it to us.  And they can
 paint that lemon whatever color they like--they can decorate it as nicely as they please,
 but the indisputable fact is that when you bite into it, it's still just as sour.

 Keep up the great work, Bart.

 Corbin - one thing - the number of people without health insurance is 40 million.

 Conservatives Repent
   by Molly Ivins

  Click  Here

 Swift Boat Liars make Bush's Vietnam years newly relevant.

 But Kerry is too polite to use that in this fight.

 We were bound to get at least one good laugh out of Swift Boat Veterans for Humongous Lies,
 and what a pip it is. Upon being identified as the lawyer both for the Bush-Cheney campaign and
 the Swift Boat Liars, Benjamin Ginsberg bravely offered his resignation to the campaign, which has
 said repeatedly it has NO connection to the Liars.

 He made the following poignant argument in a letter to the president, which I know will touch you
 as deeply as it did me (emphasis added): "I cannot begin to express my sadness that my legal
 representations have become a distraction for the critical issues at hand in this election. I feel I
 cannot let that continue, so I have decided to resign as national counsel to your campaign to ensure
 that the giving of legal advice to decorated military veterans, which was entirely within the boundaries
 of the law, doesn't distract from the real issues upon which you and the country should be focused."

 Do you love it?"

  is different.

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 Subject: McCain loves Dubya

 Al Franken was on the local sports/guy talk station in Dallas tonight.
 He posits that McCain still wants to be President to such a degree that he will
 stand next to the devil himself in order to have the Republican nomination in '08.

 That's why a (fairly) good man would support Dumbya.  Not so much to support
 the unelected idiot, but to keep Republican bridges from burning up from beneath him.
 Pretty good interview.  You can hear the replay this Tuesday (8-31) at 10:00pm cdt.  www.theticket.com

 Tim N

 Last Wednesday's World Poker Tour was really something.
 They did three things I've never seen before.

One guy had to pee REAL bad, but he had pocket Aces!
   He asked the tournament director what his options were and he replied,
 "If you leave, your hand is folded," so the guy starts doing squats and
   running in place so he wouldn't resemble a senate Democrat fighting Bush.

Another time, a guy said, "Raise," but then couldn't decide how much.
   After a while, the other guy in the pot called "Clock" on him, meaning
   he had one minute to make up his damn mind - never saw that before.

The biggest thing was the pot. This was the biggest money tourney I've ever seen,
    with over $4M in prize money - MUCH bigger than the "World Series of Poker."
    The giant purse meant the last half hour, almost every pot had a million dollars in it.
    Once, head-to-head, one guy got a "7-2, off-suit,"  the worst possible hand in poker,
    and he went "all in" and bluffed the other guy out - amazing.

  I'm getting Poker Fever!
 Pokerfest Northwest - October 16th in Seattle

 We'll start taking deposits next week.

 This Sunday - Celeb World Poker Tour (Travel Channel) with Gary Busey!

 ha ha

 I'll have to give Mrs Bart a sedative - she's not Busey's biggest fan :)
 (Her second favorite movie is Lethal Weapon.)

 Also, next Wednesday is the repeat of the Amazing Unabomber night.
 Phil the Unabomber is doing for poker what Ali did for boxing.
 Tune in and watch him turn a poker game into a Poker Game!

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 953, 955, 962, 966, 971  dead American soldiers.

Forgive me for counting Bush's victims.

"I know what I'm doing when it comes to winning this war."
 --The Butcher of Baghdad,      Attribution


 Subject: Swiftboat Liars

 I'm a Viet Nam vet, and the attacks on Kerry are the most infuriating thing I've ever seen in politics.
 Kerry never did anything but get shot and go home and protest the stinking misbegotten war, which is
 so much like the stinking misbegotten Iraq war.  I think liberal people generally and Democrats
 specifically are sunk up to their hubcaps in trying to be fair, while they are getting screwed.

 What Kerry needs to do is forget all about the Viet Nam horseshit and just give a mocking speech
 in which he talks about what Bush said about Iraq and what he has delivered, and how the recruiting
 offices of Al Qaeda are booming because of Bush.  He needs to really get personal and mock that
 smirking sarcastic occupant of the White House.  Kerry has the guts and he has the brains, but he's
 not using them to best effect.

 Kerry needs to pull the wings off the Republican fly that's in our soup.
 That's what I think.

 Don T

Don, a shot of Chinaco for you - 


  We're in Memphis this Saturday to see Del Castillo.

  C'mon by   Newby's  at 539 S Highland and see a great band.


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 Today in History

 • In 1883, Krakatoa blew up; spewing dust as far as The Bronx.

 • In 1908, Lyndon B. Johnson was born to Indians near Stonewall, Texas.

 • In 1962, the United States launched Mariner II, which generated no Star Trek movies

 • In 1994, the United States and Cuba had agreed to resume talks on maintaining cigar quality.

 (not every day in history is exciting or funny)


 Famous people who died on this date

 8/27/1964    62   Gracie Allen    Burns & Allen

 8/27/1967    32   Brian Epstein    Rolling Stone

 8/27/1971    73   Bennett Cerf    What's My Line?

 8/27/1975    83   Haile Selassie   of Egypt

 8/27/1979    79   Louis Mountbatten   blown up by the IRA

 8/27/1990    35   Stevie Ray Vaughan     (was Bill Graham on that chopper?)

 8/27/1996    62   Greg Morris    Mission Impossible

 8/27/1997    48   Brandon Tartikoff    NBC


 From: Daren the Monkey

 Subject:  Kerry and jobs

 Hey Bart,

 I am sure you won't post what I type in it's entirety.
 You only post bits and pieces to support your slant.

 You need to learn to make your point in 100 words or so.
 I can't print every war-and-peace e-mail a monkey sends in.

 Why hasn't Kerry tried to pursued Heinz to move their manufacturing jobs
 back to the US?   I know he doesn't sit on the board or work for the company
 but I am sure he has close contacts to the company through his wife.

 You want Heinz to manufacture tomatos* here?
 Maybe Dole should manufacture pineapples here, too?

 *I miss Dan Quayle.
 He was a genius compared to the never-elected Chimp,
 and Quayle didn't get a thousand soldiers killed for no damn reason..

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