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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Purple Heart Band-Aids
Billions for Iraq Security 
Standing up to G Oil P
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
The Pay-off in Bush ANG Fix
Hollywood Liberal in NY
Leaked video shows Dole 
Learn to Speak Plainly
The Character Question


Quote of the Day

"Four more years of this administration 
  would be a disaster. We're  talking about 
  a series of wrong judgments that have 
  literally been matters of life and death."  
     --Hillary on "Meet the Whore'',   Attribution

"I hate women with opinions..." 


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Volume 1390 - Purple Heart Band-Aids 


 Tuesday    August 31, 2004                                                                                                                   Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights
 Do me a favor - read the whole issue before sending me hate mail, OK?


"President Bush promised our enemies would soon hear from us.
  And so they did...and I salute him."
    --John McCain, lying his ass off at NaziCon2004,    Attribution

 McCain wants America to think Saddam was behind 9-11, and now we have our vengeance.
 McCain knows he's lying, and he ought to know he's getting screwed by the GOP.
 They will never nominate McCain for the presidency.
 He's sold his soul and didn't even get some magic beans for it.

 Delegate Gives 'Purple Heart Band-Aids'
  Click  Here

 A GOP delegate handed out bandages with purple hearts on them
 Monday night at NazoCon2004 in a swipe at John Kerry's war record,
 but national GOP officials have asked him to stop.

 The bandages were handed out by Morton Blackwell, a longtime GOP
 activist from Virginia, with the message: ``It was just a self-inflicted scratch,
 but you see I got a Purple Heart for it.''

 Let me get this straight:
 You should love your country and want to join the armed services
 After you join, the GOP sends you to Iraq for no goddamn reason.
 While there, you get wounded or killed, and if you make it home,
 the GOP will mock you as a a lying qutter who stole your purple heart.

 It reminds of of the "pointy-headed elites" who are mocked by the GOP.
 You stay in school, you get a degree, then a Masters, then a doctorate, and when
 you suggest a change in policy you're suddenly, "The faggot egghead from Harvard."

 Hate is their currency.
 Ignorance is their sacrament.
 Racism is their communion.

"...I'm not even Catholic."


 Subject: Hollywood Liberal (LA Rick) in New York

  Click  Here  for the latest report from New York



''George Bush, before 9/11, he didn't care a thing about terrorism; he didn't do enough.
  George Bush, he didn't want to strengthen homeland security,...then suddenly he's in
  favor of the Department of Homeland Security...George Bush did everything he could
  to keep the 9/11 Commission from meeting. He withheld evidence. He tried to withhold
  witnesses. Now, suddenly, he's in favor of the 9/11 Commission."
     --Wesley Clark,  fighting hard - like I knew he would,   Attribution

 U.S. May Shift Billions for Iraq Security
  They were secure until Bush made billions blowing them up

  Click  Here

 The State Department is considering whether $3.34 billion intended for public works
 projects in Iraq should be thrown at security, a State Department official said Monday.
 The money would be part of $18.4 billion Congress approved last year for rebuilding Iraq.
 Though Bush said this money was needed "urgently," little has been spent because of
 bureaucratic delays and security problems.

 The U.S. ambassador to Iraq, John Negroponte, (R-war Criminal) has recommended that
 the $3.34 billion be reallocated from water, sewage and electricity projects. If security is
 improved, oil production could be increased, eventually making more money available for
 reconstruction, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"Unka John knows his numbers - we can trust him..."



"I loved Bush's comment yesterday about the smear-ad:
 "I can understand why Senator Kerry is upset with us.
  I wasn't so pleased with the ads that were run about me.
  And my call is get rid of them all, now."
"Us"?? I thought Bush had nothing to do with it."
      --Andrew Sullivan,     Attribution

 There must be two Andrew Sullivans, because the "Bareback Andy" we all know
 says nothing but complimentary things about the man who hates gays like himself.

 Subject: Show 52

 Hey Bart,
 Great, great show! You have really found your radio legs.
 You express everything I'm feeling in a very listenable, entertaining way,
 with passion and fire. In the pocket, brother.
 I think you probably want critiques, but I can't think of any,
 except I do miss the Tommy banter once in a while.
 As far as strong language goes, I don't know how you can rant on these
 important issues without adult language. When I hear Mike Malloy on AA,
 I know that he wishes he could let loose. When you get on Air America,
 you'll have to bite your tongue,too.
 Love ya Bart. You're saving America!
 Rick from Fullerton,CA)

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"We're closing in on one of the most important deadlines of this presidential election year.
  Tonight at midnight, the Democratic Party will reach its critical August fundraising deadline.
  Every dollar you contribute today will be matched by a group of dedicated Democrats.

  This program was only supposed to match $2 million in contributions -- but these supporters
  have upped their challenge, and now will match EVERY dollar that you contribute before midnight tonight.
  Make your contribution today and double your impact:
        -- Mary Beth Cahill, Kerry campaign Mgr.



 Standing up to Grand Oil Party
   by Jackson Thoreau

  Click  Here

 There were families with kids, including a Virginia Republican who rode the bus with us and
 her teen-age children. There were mothers carrying young babies and pushing them in carriages.
 There were young people with nose earrings and grandparents with nose hair. There were people
 dressed up and people dressed down. One wore a nice, sweat-soaked shirt and tie as he donned
 a Cheney mask and danced to a jazzy drumbeat.

 There were people of all races and backgrounds, joined with a purpose, a controlled rage, to show
 Bush the door. This was the face of America, not the phony dog-and-pony show going on inside
 Madison Square Garden. This was not a protest dominated by anarchists and hippies, despite what
 Republicans like Laura Bush said.

"Why do the little people hate me so much?"



 Subject: Kerry

 Unless good people start fighting back and fighting back to win, it's hard not to despair
 about the chances of stopping the destruction of America by our Nazi overlords.
 Kerry and his team are pathetic.  I still don't understand why someone like Kerry,
 with 20+ combat kills, won't even give Smirk a bloody nose.  Smirk is a small, evil,
 brain-damaged deserter without a single accomplishment.  How hard could it be?


 It's always possible Kerry will awaken and begin a fight against Bush,
 but what is he waiting for?

 Notice how there's no talk about bloggers at NaziCon2004?

 Besides Drudge, are there any Republican bloggers?

 And if there are, why are they afraid to debate?


"Among the stoutest defenders of the Swift Boat Liars is Robert Novak.
  Novak has lauded the book and referred to veterans who criticize Kerry as "real patriots."
  Unmentioned by Novak is that his son, Alex Novak, is the director of marketing for its publisher."
        --Jacques Steinberg,    Attribution

 The Character Question

  Click  Here

 People remember embarrassing phrases from the last Bush campaign: The promise to be "a uniter, not a divider,"
 which presaged the most polarizing presidency of recent times; the promise to conduct a "humble" foreign policy.
 But if you read George W. Bush's convention speech of four years ago, it's amazing how honestly it heralds the
 hair-raising radicalism that followed. It's full of macho lines about bold action and seizing the moment and appointments
 with greatness. And the central rhetorical device in the first part of the speech is a refrain:  "This administration had its
 moment; they had their chance; they have not led. We will,"  Bush declared repeatedly.  He wasn't kidding."

 Subject:  Columbus and Lee Marvin


 Listed in the Aug 30 2004 edition of your website:

> "In 1533, the last Incan King of Peru, Atahualpa, was murdered on orders of Christopher Columbus. "

 Columbus died in 1506 at the age of 65.
 It was Pizarro who had Atahualpa murdered.


 ...and didn't Lee Marvin die because of heart disease, of natural causes???


 Dude, not everything you read on the internet is true.
  'specially on "humor" sites.

 Subject: War can't be won?

 We need to play this up til Hell won't have it.
 Shrub says he can't win the war on terrorism.


 zorch, I imagime Kerry would think that "out of bounds."
 He wants to win this cleanly, fairly and like a gentleman.

 By the way, Kerry's situation has created a dilemma for me.
 If I continue to tell the truth, that Kerry seems to not want the job,
 people are going to resent that and some will blame me if/when he loses.

 I can pretend that Kerry is a real fighter, landing blow after blow against the bully,
 but for me, lying only works as a comedic advice - so what do I do?

 Any suggestions?

 Maybe if I just wait him out, we'll eventually see signs of life, but right now
 Kerry is against the ropes taking shots to the head and his hands are at his sides.
 He's allowing the GOP and their media to define him as the worst candidate ever and he
 doesn't seem to mind - he sees no reason to respond to attacks that are "beneath him."

 After a week of telling everyone, "Be nice to Bush, don't mention his crimes," the GOP
 is fabricating a rap sheet against Kerry that Maureen Dowd summed up perfectly yesterday.
"John Kerry would do well to get a swifter boat. How pathetic is it
  that he's playing defense on Vietnam when W. didn't even serve?
 Since the GOP is winning the "war hero" question, what do we have left?
 Kerry's charisma?
 They've defined Kerry bas the most liberal man in all history, and he doesn't mind.

 The voters are the 70 percent that believe Saddam engineered 9-11.
 The voters are stupid and ignorant and they'll believe whatever they hear,
 and Kerry's not saying anything - does anybody know why?
 While the GOP is bashing Kerry's brains in, he's busy with this:

    Isn't the time for vacation after November 2?

 Subject: Kerry
 You're right, Kerry is not running to win.  And I'm very afraid.

 I don't think you've mentioned the "Old Tricks" ad on your site.
 It is the most kick-ass response to the Swift Boat Liars, and the
 pink tutu Kerry campaign waits weeks to release it... and then yanks it
 right away because John McCain asked them sweetly if they would not
 use completely in-context footage of him against the shameless smirking
 smear-monkeys whose rear ends he is now kissing.

 Um, so WHAT if McCain asks?
 And why can't MoveOn or a third party run it instead?

 Kerry's priorities seem to be:
keeping McCain happy
wind-surfing so the cameras can mock him
playing nice, because that's what gentlemen do
being president if Bush doesn't want the job

 The Pay-off in Bush Air Guard Fix
    by Greg Palast

  Click  Here

 Just after Bush's election, Barnes' client GTech Corp., due to allegations of corruption, was about
 to lose its license to print money: its contract to run the Texas state lottery. Barnes, says the Justice
 Department document, made a call to the newly elected governor's office and saved GTech's state contract.

 The letter said, "Governor Bush ... made a deal with Ben Barnes not to rebid [the GTech lottery contract]
 because Barnes could confirm that Bush had lied during the '94 campaign."

 In that close race, Bush denied the fix was in to keep him out of 'Nam, and the US media stopped asking questions.
 What did the victorious Governor Bush's office do for Barnes? According to the tipster, "Barnes agreed never to
 confirm the story [of the draft dodging] and the governor talked to the chair of the lottery two days later and she then
 agreed to support letting GTech keep the contract without a bid."

 And so it came to pass that the governor's commission reversed itself and gave GTech the billion dollar deal without a bid.

 Good this Kerry stays away from stories like this.
 People might think Bush was corrupt if they heard what he's done.


 GOP to hear from Schwarzenegger, Pickles Bush
   An admitted sex offender and a woman with no opinion

  Click  Here

 Consumer Confidence Plummets in August
  Kerry should be ahead by 20 points - but he's on vacation

  Click  Here

 Two Bus Bombs in Southern Israel Kill 15
  If they read and agreed with  bartcop.com  they'd still be alive

  Click  Here

 Man drives decapitated pal home
  Pal unable to drive - since he had no head

  Click  Here


''Where was George Bush when young men from Arkansas and Texas and Massachusetts
  were called to serve their country and went to Vietnam? Where was George Bush? He wasn't there.
  I think it's outrageous that the president can question the medals and the service and the valor of
  American veterans who have served. We say to George Bush, enough is enough. You want to match
  early records of service? Throw it open to the public. Let's read about your efficiency reports.
  Let's read about that honorable discharge. Let's show it out there. Let something out."
     --Wesley Clark,  not windsurfing, but fighting the evil bastards who stole our government,   Attribution

 Leaked video shows Dole telling truth about Bush

   Click  Here

 Dole made several demonstrably false statements about Kerry's war record Sunday.
 Of McCain's charge to Bush during a 2000 debate - "You should be ashamed" -
 Dole told Wolf Blitzer, "He (McCain) was right." Dole made the remark off-air.

 ...and to protect Bush and Dole, CNN buried Dole's honesty because CNN wants Bush elected.


Michael Moore reacts by flashing the loser sign
after being called a "disingenuous filmmaker" by
George's cabanaboy John McCain at NaziCon2004

This week, the GOP and their faithful puppy media will drill home
the lie, "Bush is a great and decisive leader."

If I was running the Kerry camp, I'd borrow 55 seconds of F9-11
showing Bush's scared-bunny routine with the goat book and at the end say,
"Decisive leader? America deserves better!"

...but since I'm not running the Kerry camp, that won't happen.

 Kerry has decided this is better than fighting back.

Who is telling Kerry that these pictures make him look presidential?
Is Mary Beth Cahill telling him that?
Why is Kerry on vacation?

Did someone tell him he was ahead by 20 points?

 Subject: stop being a dumbass hilbilly

  Click  Here

Fahrenheit 9-11,
Hunting of the President
Order your copies from the BartCop Bookstone


"Sometimes I think our friends on the other side have
  become the people of the Nine Commandments.
  It is wrong to bear false witness."
     --Bill Clinton, saying Bush and the GOP are distorting Kerry's war record,    Attribution

 Subject: GOP Portrays Bush As Strong Wartime Leader

 If I remember correctly, Dennis "Jabba The Hutt" Hastert is one of those chicken hawks.

 What the hell would he or any of his co-horts (including Smirky) know about bravery during wartime?

 Terry C

This hurts.
Ron Silver, the actor who gave the great speech on West Wing.

Click  Here

The best "stop being a pussy and fight" speech ever,
and now he's become one of the monsters?

In the speech, he says he's tired of helping elect
spineless weenies who refused to fight.
Does life imitate art?

 Kerry needs to learn to speak plainly in the next seven weeks

 Would it kill Kerry to say,

"Our allies won't join us in the war on terror because they can't stand the arrogance of the Bush
  administration.  If Bush is re-elected (don't write) we will still be alone in fighting terrorists.
  If we want a worldwide effort we're going to need a different president and I will work with
  our allies, not mock them with scorn and ridicule as the arrogant Bush team has done."

 Would it kill Kerry to say that?
 Doesn't he want to win?


Marty's Entertainment Page


"The guy that looked into this Abu Ghraib prison abuse is backing me up.
  He's claiming it was hazing, an out-of-control fraternity prank and is comparing it
  to 'Animal House.' I saw this and puffed up like the Michelin man."
     --Rush Limbaugh, who wants people to see him as the Michelin man, for some reason    Attribution

 Hey Pigboy, I have an idea.
 We'll strip you and force you to stand like this for hours or days,


 then put you in a cell with unmuzzled attack dogs while you're being anally raped
 by a toothless Iraqi guard and then you can tell us this is just a prank.

 You in, Pigboy?

  is different.

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 Subject: Greg Palast

 I wish Greg Palast were running for president.
 He doesn't mind smacking the bastard politicians on either side.
 Kerry needs to ask DimSon in the debates
 "Why did the White House start taking Cipro (to fight anthrax) on Sept. 11,
 before the anthrax attacks, and why did you not tell the rest of America that
 it might be a good idea to start taking preventatives for anthrax?"

 If you'll remember Bart, the White House admitted that they had, indeed,
 started taking Cipro shortly after 911.

 He could also ask why Ashcroft stopped flying commercial the summer of 2001.
 The Whitewash Commission asked him that, and he gave a non-answer, and they
 thanked him for being so frank, honest and forthcoming.


Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 962, 966, 971, 973, 976  dead American soldiers.

Forgive me for counting Bush's victims.

"I know what I'm doing when it comes to winning this war."
 --The Butcher of Baghdad,      Attribution


 Subject: This Day in History

 MacArthur returned to the Phillipines.
 His promise was made there and that is where he returned.
 He did go to Japan, but it was not to return.

 Someday I will make myself more clear on the This Day in History feature.
 It's a comedy bit.

 I promise I knew that Cleopatra wasn't bitten on the ass by a snake.
 That was a joke, like Lee Marvin and Columbus.



 Does anyone reading this have confidence in Kerry?
 If so, would you be a good neighbor and loan me a cup?

 Randi Rhodes says Kerry is cleverly and skillfully laying the big trap.
 I wish I had her optimism.
 I don't want to write that Kerry is blowing it, but I also don't want to lie.

 If you think Kerry's going to win, please write and tell me how.  If you must call me
 a "dumbass, fat-ass hillbilly," I guess I'll have to take that, but I want to hear something
 besides, "the voters will soon wake up and realize Kerry is the better choice."
 They said during Monday's convention that James Baker, their Ass in the Hole,
 is heading Bush's Debate Rules Committee, which means Kerry still has a chance to win.
 But if Kerry agrees to Baker's rules, we need to start rallying behind Hillary for 2008.

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 Today in History

 • In 1887, Thomas Edison received a patent for his silicon chip, creating the first computer.

 • In 1888, Mary Ann Coulter was the first prostitute killed by Jack the Ripper.

 • In 1935, FDR signed an act prohibiting the export of U.S. arms to belligerents,
    and Prescott Bush, "Hitler's Angel" eventually had to pay a fine for helping to arm him.

 • In 1969, boxer Rocky Marciano died in the ring a day before his 46th birthday.
    His opponent, Bernard P. Fife was not charged.

 • In 1980, Poland's Solidarity labor movement was born with an agreement to allow overtime.

 • In 1985, Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker, was captured by Marcia Clark.


 Subject: #@!#$%

 I feel like screaming...these republicans continue to amaze me.
 Moving with a tailored message they are pummeling us at every turn.

 Whenever Kerry has anything to say they pounce.
 All saying the same thing all pushing their agenda.
 We have idiots like Moore, and the  cadre of weaklings in the party like Pelosi
 and Daschle that have all but disappeared. We insist on taking the high road,
 meanwhile back here on earth they are in the gutter hammering us.
 We have lost momentum, lost control and on the verge of blowing the whole god damn thing.
 While John Kerry is windsurfing in Nantucket, he is tanking all over the country.
 There was a hapless candidate in Nantucket
 Who sat by while the numbers slipped away
  I am almost to the point where I say Fuck it.
 The election is going the wrong way!
 Phil L


 Subject:  The "Myth of the Liberal Media"

 You premise is faulty...fix the leaks and maybe someone will give you an education...

 Steve, I'll bet you could straighten me out.
 You sound like the type of guy who could tear me limb-by-limb in a live chat room.

 When is good for you?


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