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by  Bruce Yurgil

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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
N Korea's Mushroom Cloud
U.S. Targets Falluja
Westerns and Easterns
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
AAR's ratings a strong debut
It's Time to Cream Him, John
Newsweek's Weakness
The Scare Vote
Playing to the Media


Quote of the Day

"Kitty Kelley's allegations make Michael Moore 
  look like a factual documentarian...(it would) 
 "violate journalistic standards" for news executives 
  to "put this type of trash in their newspapers 
  and on their airwaves." 
 --White House liar Dan Bartlett, who has not read the book

 "Journalistic standards?"
 There's no such thing - not in America. 
 What year do you think this is, 1991?


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Volume 1399 -  Fool us Twice 

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 Monday    September 13, 2004                                                                                                                Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"We are not going to stand by and allow another million African American votes to go uncounted
  in this election. We are not going to stand by and allow acts of voter suppression, and we're hearing
  those things again in this election. What they did in Florida in 2000, some say they may be planning
  to do this year in battleground states all across this country. Well, we are here to let them know that
  we will fight tooth and nail to make sure that this time, every vote is counted and every vote counts."
    --John Kerry, to the Congressional Black Caucus,   Attribution

 John, I have a question:
 When you say, "We are here to let them know...," is that similar to taking action?

 Are you "serving notice" that they'd better not cheat this time?
 Or are  you taking physical action to prevent them from cheating again?

 Blast, Mushroom Cloud Reported in N. Korea
   Did they conduct a nuclear-related test? Or was is a non-nuke?

  Click  Here

 The explosion was Thursday in Yanggang province near the border with China.
 The blast left a crater big enough to be noticed by a satellite, the source said.

"We understand that a mushroom-shaped cloud about 2.2 miles to 2.5 miles in diameter was
 monitored during the explosion," the source said. Yonhap described the source as "reliable."

 Thursday was the anniversary of the 1948 foundation of the communist regime.
 Kim Jong Il uses the occasion to bolster loyalty among the impoverished North Koreans.

 North Korea was contained.

 The Nazi right likes to say "Clinton appeased them," and in some ways that could be true,
 but Clinton gave them a reason to play ball - Bush threatened them into arming themselves.

 North Korea was contained, just like Saddam was.
 But the BFEE Industrial Complex can't earn with America at peace and them of power.

 I wonder...

 The day North Korea issues their blackmail demands - or they'll launch their missiles and destroy the
 biggest cities on our west coast - will the American media declare that catastrophic day another example
 of the great leadership of George W. Bush, our greatest war hero ever?

 But what's really important...

 When that nutty bastard blows up the world preparing for the Second Superstitious Coming,
 will there still be time to blame it all on Bill Clinton before the nuke-u-lar blast kills us all?



"Like all religious visionaries, Dubya simply asserts
  that his own faith will conquer reality. It won't."
   --Andrew Sullivan, who can't seem to decide if he loves Bush any more      Attribution

 U.S. Targets Zarqawi Loyalists in Strike on Falluja

  Click  Here

 U.S. forces launched air strikes on the rebel-held city of Falluja Monday, targeting what they said
 was a meeting of key loyalists of their top foe in Iraq, Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.
 The Falluja attacks followed one of the most violent days in Iraq in recent months in which at least
 110 people were killed in Baghdad and other Iraqi towns.

 Sixty years ago, we took on Germany and Japan at the same time with 1/10th of the power
 we have now, but somehow Falluja is too tough a nut for us to crack?

"...our men just need to be braver..."



"God no longer trusts George Bush to be His servant on Earth...If God believed anything Bush said
  was relevant to the lives of Americans or, indeed, the world, He could have used His Mighty Super
  God Breath to blow Hurricane Frances north and out to sea. But God did not. He merely allowed
  Frances to creep further and further towards Florida, forcing the evacuation of millions of voters in
  a swing state before they could listen to Bush speak. (Allowing Frances to move along on its straight
  path is also God's smack at Jeb Bush, who said of Hurricane Charley, "God doesn't follow the linear
  projections of computer models . . . This is God's way of telling us that he's almighty and we're mortal."
  Yeah, God wants to show just how almighty he can be.)"
    --Rude Pundit, "God Hates Bush"     Attribution

 Subject: Swift boat veterans


 Let me get this straight--The official U.S. Military documents that awarded Senator Kerry three
 Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star and a Silver Star do not mean that Senator Kerry earned those medals,
 but because President Bush has an Honorable Discharge Certificate--another official U.S. Military
 document--then we have to conclude that the President fulfilled his Military Requirement?


 By criticizing Senator Kerry's Medals, the Republicans are disparaging the medals earned and worn
 by every Soldier, Sailor, Airman and Marine who has ever served.

 Keep up the good work and as a soldier, I thank you for your support.

 Camp Bondsteel Kosovo

 Dude, great point - stay safe, and a shot of Chinaco for you.


"It's to the rightists' political advantage to have the children parked in front of the TV, and it's
  to the economic advantage of the political media to provide the simple and flashy distractions...
  We were lied into a war because it was easy for the liars to create a television drama and
  easier for television to broadcast it."
      --Charles P. Pierce, "Daddy Darkest"   Attribution

 Subject:  Bush is an accidental success?


 Are not the alleged goals of Al Quaeda the same as Bush?  Bush could never have been the most
 successful president in American History, at accomplishing his real goals and obtaining a high approval rating,
 if he had not been so lucky that he was so incompetent that Al Queda was able to accidently succeed in
 carrying out the 9/11 attacks, that should have been prevented by the Bush administration, if the Bush
 administration had not been so suprised and incompetent that the attacks were allowed to take place
 succesfully, which happened to turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to the Bush administration,
 even though the Bush administration tried to prevent any investigation into the terrible attacks, that they could
 never have expected, that turned out to be so great for them and allowed them to carry out succesfully all of

 Who wrote the Patriot Act and when was this massive legal document which is several hundred pages long,
 and was passed only five weeks after 9/11 happened, written??  If it was written before 9/11 how could it be
 in response to 9/11, if no one in the Bush adminstration had any clue 9/11 would take place????

 The 9/11 attacks are the cornerstone of the Bush administration!!!  It is the nail they hang their hat on!!!!
 Without the 9/11 attacks they could never had a war in Iraq and they wouldn't have a chance in this election.
 Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld are evil monsters and mass murderers of their own people!!!!

 9/11 was an inside, secret, highly technical, military job!!!!!   Visit www.911inplanesite.com

 Also, Bush is not a Christian (I AM)!!  He is a supporter of the MOONIES and the Moonies support him
 just like they did his father, the elected Bush who boldly told us all the lie about the Iraqis throwing babies
 out of incubators, which was made up by his supporters advertising company, in order to take us to war!!!
 This also must be exposed!

 Evangelical and mainstream Christians WILL NOT vote for Bush is they knew about the Moonie connection!
 MOON called Jesus a failure and claims to be the true profit of God!
 Millions of Christian voters will switch to Kerry if they find out about Moon!
 This also MUST be exposed!

 I will keep pushing on these issues!
 9/11 and the MOONIES will defeat Bush!




"This Iraqi insurgency is going on, it's growing, it certainly has no indications of being an act of
  desperation at all. And the 1,000-casualty mark, you know, it's a milestone. It has a psychological
  effect, and obviously is going to have some partisan political interest. But of itself, you know, it's
  somewhat irrelevant. You know, you don't want to see anybody on our side killed to begin with.
  But, you know, compared to previous wars, compared to Vietnam, Korea and certainly World War II,
  the casualties -- as horrendous and hideous as they are -- are, relatively speaking, low. But you now,
  it still, the figure 1,000, that's shocking."
        --Retired Lt Gen Bernard Trainor, Online NewsHour, Attribution

   ...yet Bush is running on his "great success" in Iraq.
 You'd think a guy like John Kerry could capitalize on that lie.

 Westerns and Easterns
   by Maureen Dowd

  Click  Here

 But this summer, when that lust for power should have been coursing through his veins, Mr. Kerry
 grew timid and logy. He let the Bush crowd and Swift boat character assassins stomp all over him and,
 for the longest time, didn't fight back. He stumbled into every trap Bush Inc. set.

 Finally, the only Democrat who has fended off the WASP Corleones reminded the nominee of the
 prep-school mantra: punch the bully in the face, and do it in the same news cycle.

"Howard Dean had the base all warmed up and now Kerry's turned into a girlie-man," said one Democratic,
 comparing it with the scene in "The Godfather" when the singer Johnny Fontane shows up at the wedding
 of Don Corleone's daughter and whines that a studio chief is being mean to him.
 The godfather slaps the singer and barks, "Act like a man!"

 (This scene is in BCR Show 54, written and recorded before Ms Dragon's column was published.)


The "Fake Flyboy" t-shirts

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"If you look at, for example, the number of attacks per day, last October it was around 20.
  At the hand-off, it was 35. This month it was 87 -- numbers of attacks on the oil pipeline
  -- January and February, less than five; June, 16; August, 20; September, high already.
  The numbers aren't good. The numbers show that the insurgency is getting worse.
  We seem to have turned the corner, and it's getting worse."
    --retired AF Colonel Sam Gardiner, Online NewsHour, Attribution

 ...yet Bush is running on his "great success" in Iraq.
 You'd think a guy like John Kerry could capitalize on that lie.

 Rumsfeld Helped N Korea Obtain Nukes

  Click  Here

 The Swiss-based ABB on Friday told swissinfo that Rumsfeld was involved with the company
 in early 2000, when it netted a $200 million (SFr270million) contract with Pyongyang.

 The ABB contract was to deliver equipment and services for two nuclear power stations at Kumho, on North Korea's east coast.

 Rumsfeld - who is one of the Bush administration's most strident "hardliners" on North Korea - was a
 member of ABB's board between 1990 and February 2001, when he left to take up his current post.
 Wolfram Eberhardt, a spokesman for ABB, told swissinfo that Rumsfeld "was at nearly all the board meetings"
 during his decade-long involvement with the company.  However, he declined to indicate whether Rumsfeld
 was made aware of the nuclear contract with North Korea.

 I gues Rumsfeld didn't know about Saddam's WMDs, either?


"Unka Donnie has a good heart..."




"A moral coward is someone who lacks the courage to tell the truth, to accept responsibility,
  to demand accountability, to do what's right when it's not the easy thing to do, to clean up his
  or her own messes. Perhaps we could say that moral bravery is having both the courage of your
  convictions as well as the courage of your misdeeds. On the balance sheet of moral bravery - as
  opposed to physical bravery - John Kerry and George W. Bush were about as far apart as you
  could be on Vietnam. On the one hand, you have Kerry, who already had doubts about whether
  we should be fighting in Vietnam before he went but put his life on the line anyway. On the other
  hand, you have Bush, who supported the war, which means he believed the goal was worth the
  cost in American lives. Only, not his life. He believed others should go, just not him. That is
  almost the definition of moral cowardice."
      --Josh Marshall, Attribution

 Subject: Will America collapse economically?

 The numbers are out and at 422 billion dollars Bush has set a new record for deficit spending.
 But what is even scarier is the projections that in a decade that the annual deficit will be 2.2 trillion dollars a year.

 I don't believe that we will actually reach a 2.2 trillion dollar deficit (2200 billion dollars) because,
 like the World Trade Towers, the economy will totally collapse before then. If we are heading
 towards economic collapse - maybe it's time to change the direction of the country - elect a new
 leader - and put back in place the economy we had just 4 years ago when we had a surplus.

 It's time to get rid of Bush - tax the rich - and bring back peace and prosperity.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.




 Subject: No plane hit the Pentagon...

 Bart, you published:

> "When Rumsfeld was told on the morning of Sept. 11 that a second plane had hit the WTC,
>   he paused, then continued his morning intelligence briefing, according to the 9/11 Commission."

 What plane hit the pentagon?
 I've seen no evidence as such.

 Even Rumsfeld, who said he was there at the Pentagon "when the missile hit,... I mean the plane"
 knew no plane hit the Pentagon...

 A planned coup?
 It would of taken years in the making.
 I would say...the obvious speaks for itself.

 No one in some cave ten thousand miles away and highjackers with 'box cutters'
 pulled this off because they "hate our freedom".    Give me a f-ing break.

 Al Baston

 Al, *I*  have no evidence a plane hit the Pentagon.
 All we know for sure is Bush doesn't want the truth to come out.
 That's why he fought the 9-11 Commission, that's why he cut it's funding, cut it's time, restricted who
 could testify and for how long, then grudgingly agreed to testify himself ONLY if he wasn't under oath
 and had Cheney there to help him fill in the blanks (which are legion), and that's why he appointed
"Whitewash Lee Hamilton" and a partisan Republican to chair a panel to handjob us to death.


 The more they lie to us, the more conspiracy theories will fester.

 US Airways Files for Bankruptcy
  Another victim of the Bush economic disaster

  Click  Here

 Mint Warns Consumers on Trade Center Coin
  It's as fake as Bush's presidency  - don't be a chump

  Click  Here

 Madonna and CBS fail to agree on live concert
  She wants no commercials, CBS wants hundreds of them

  Click  Here

 $301,000 put into wrong bank account
  There are two Mark Guthries, the wrong one got the deposit

  Click  Here

 Subject: Are Dems deliberately taking a fall?

 I am furious with Terry McAuliffe and the demo leadership that has put us in this position where our
 candidate is so inept and "testicularly challenged" that he can't seem to fight himself out of a wet paper bag.

 Am I the only one who  thought the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary results were highly suspicious
 (remember in Feburary thinking: John Kerry???)  If this story about the demos purposely passing on the 2004
 election so as to position Hillary Clinton for 2008 is true, I just want McAuliffe & company to know I have no
 intention of voting for Hillary, and they can forget any future support from me for their having let down all of us
 who are so desperate to end this Bush madness.

 Bill C

 Bill, Hillary may be our last hope.
 Just think - how can they slime her?
 She's been thru eight years of slime and came out a winner.


 Randi Rhodes and AAR make a strong debut
   "Laughingstock" turns into "the network that did"

  Click  Here

 Air America got its first "book" -- the three-month Arbitron ratings -- in late July and exulted. In New York,
 its flagship WLIB generally trailed the leading talk station WABC in the 25-54 demographic but beat out rival WOR.
 Rhodes's afternoon show outdrew conservative stalwarts Bill O'Reilly, Bob Grant and Michael Savage, though not
 WABC's Sean Hannity. It was a strong debut.

 Moreover, Air America got even higher numbers among 18-to-34-year-olds. "Amazing stat," marvels Randi Rhodes,
 who did top Hannity in that group. "Nobody on AM gets 18-to-34-year-olds."
"Most stations would kill for this kind of launch," said Media Audit executive Mike Bustell.


Funniest white man in America has a new book out.

Click  to  Order

You're going to hear a lot about this book.
When Kitty Kelley writes a book, everybody talks about it.

Fahrenheit 9-11,
Hunting of the President
Order your copies from the BartCop Bookstone

 It's Time to Cream Him, John
   a Buzzflash Editorial

  Click  Here

 We wrote in an editorial in the spring of this year that Kerry needed to define George W. Bush or be defined.
 Apparently, they weren't listening to us over at Kerry headquarters. They were shelling out hundreds of thousands
 of dollars to Democratic consultants who make their careers off of losing campaigns by urging a "middle of the road"
 course. Meanwhile, the Swift Boat Liars slithered out of the sewer system and through the back door.

 We have hesitated to write this editorial because John F. Kerry is truly a decent and honorable man. He is a true leader.
 He has recently taken some strong shots at Bush, which the mainstream press tends to bury in their coverage.
 Edwards has also been partially unleashed.

 But that is not enough. Kerry and Edwards are fighting for democracy against the same people who tried to frame a
 President of the United States, through a medieval witch hunt, by hijacking the sacred process of our "justice" system.
 Through the intervention of Cheney's longtime friend, Antonin Scalia, they stole an election from the American people.
 They lie, cheat and steal.

 If they lose this election, and Kerry has backbone, the Bush/Cheney Barbary Pirates will leave the White House
 and within a year or two end up in the big house up the river: the Federal Penitentiary.


 Kitty Kelley's bombshell book due in 2 days

  Click  Here


 Newsweek's Weakness   by Glenn Smith
  Michael Isikoff makes stuff up - who knew?

  Click  Here

 Newsweek's superficial and hyper-sanctimonious conclusions are all the more irritating when I remember
 how much time I spent talking to Isikoff about my views on the downside of our contemporary political practices.
 I mentioned my book on the subject, "The Politics of Deceit: Saving Freedom and Democracy from Extinction,"
 so many times that it became a running joke in our conversations.

 I fail to understand why the magazine believes the suburban mom who donated $25 to help shed light on Bush's
 deceptions and distortions with regard to his irresponsible war record is some kind of political bandit when the
 wealthy Republicans who helped Bush raise - what is it now, $100 million? - go unmentioned.

 I guess it is more acceptable and proper to have already hijacked an election than to try in some small way
 to have an impact on an upcoming one.



"Did Ben Barnes use his influence to get Bush into the Guard? Did Bush refuse a direct order
  from his commanding officer? Was he suspended for failing to perform? Did he take his physical
  as ordered, and if not, why not? And did Bush complete his commitment to the Guard? If any
  definitive evidence to the contrary of our story is found, we will report it. So far, there is none."
      --Dan Rather,  responding to what he called the none-too-surprising counterattack led by partisan
          operatives against his 60 Minutes segment on Wednesday about Bush's Guard service, Attribution


 Subject: Michael Savage


 I was watching C-Span last week and one of the authors on Book TV said that Michael Savage,
 back when he was still answering to the name Michael Wiener, sent love letters to beat poet Alan Ginsburg.
 That's right, the biggest gay-basher among the neocon blowhards apparently has some very strong gay tendencies himself.

 He also mentioned that Savage, in one of his books, went on and on about how horrible the Weimar Republic was.
 That's was the brief interlude of German free democracy in the 1920s between the Kaiser and Adolf Hitler.

 Finally, he pointed out that Mike's new book is called 'The Enemy Within.' It was downright comical.

 Keep the hammer flying,


Marty's Entertainment Page


"If we just keep doing what we are doing, a nuclear terrorist attack is inevitable."
   --Harvard's Graham Allison, saying the number one threat to America is nuclear attacks
       by terrorists but we are not focused on stopping them,   Attribution

 I wish we had the president we elected.

 Playing to the media in attacks on service

  Click  Here

 As most  people know because they are conventionally wise, John Kerry is about to lose the presidency
 because he is a commie-helping traitor who invented his Vietnam service and finally got caught 30-plus years later.
 For those dupes who still support him, there is consolation in another bit of conventional wisdom --- that this is
 entirely his fault because when Bush supporters tried to destroy his service record he was unconscionably slow
 to respond. By contrast, it is also accepted that because President Bush is such a strong leader it is of no political
 consequence that the liberal media and partisan opponents present evidence that Bush benefited from big shot
 connections to escape Vietnam via the National Guard, where he then proceeded to benefit from big shot
 connections in order to shirk his duty and get away with it."

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"Does it rank up there with chopping someone's head off on television? It doesn't."
    --Rumsfeld, saying anything less than live beheadings ought to be tolerated in Iraqi prisons Attribution

 One man's resistance: 'Why I turned against America'

  Click  Here

"'It gave me a glimpse of a better life. When I heard that the Americans were coming to liberate Iraq
  I was very happy. I felt that I would be able to live well, travel and have freedom. I wanted to do more
 sport, get new appliances and a new car and develop my life. I thought the US would come here and
 our lives would be changed through 180 degrees.'

 He spoke of how his faith in the US was shaken when, via a friend's illicitly imported satellite TV system,
 he saw 'barbaric, savage' pictures of civilian casualties of the fighting and bombing. The next blow came in
 the conflict's immediate aftermath, as looters ran unchecked through Baghdad.

 'When I saw the American soldiers watching and doing nothing as people took everything, I began to
 suspect the US was not here to help us but to destroy us,' he said."

 How could Iraq have turned out any worse?
 Can anybody think of a scenario darker than the one Bush has created?
 America the murderer.
 America the torturer.
 America the thief.
 America the bully.
 America the occupier.
 That's what the world sees - how could this be worse?

 If this was an election year, Bush would be toast.
 Any half-assed Democrat would chew up George Bush and spit him out.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 998, 1003, 1005, 1007  dead American soldiers.

"We're chasing down these killers overseas so we don't have
 to face them here at home. We're making good progress."
 --Dubya, sounding like Robert MacNamara explaining Vietnam  Attribution


 The Scare Vote

  Click  Here

"In the days leading up to the 9/11 anniversary, the vice president finally raised the alert -- color it crimson
  -- that a vote for Kerry was a vote for terrorism. If voters make "the wrong choice," he said, "then the danger
 is that we'll get hit again, and we'll be hit in a way that will be devastating."

 At least Cheney didn't call Kerry himself a terrorist, a label he once applied to Nelson Mandela. But this was
 no slip of the tongue. It was a rhetorical baby step from the language of the Republican convention that
 aggressively put the war on terror at the center of the campaign and Bush at the helm.

 Remember Arnold? "Ladies and Gentlemen, if you believe we must be fierce and relentless and terminate
 terrorism, then you are a Republican!" Apparently if you are a Democrat, you want to encourage terrorism."

 How can Kerry be losing this race?
 Bush's Iraq bungle is one of the biggest screw-ups in presidential history, and he's running on how great things are?
 The record surpluses are now record deficits, and he's running on how great things are?
 A thousand dead and perhaps tens of thousands missing arms and legs, and he's running on how great things are?
 The America of peace and prosperity is now America the bloody bully that the whole world hates?

 ...and he's running on how great things are?

 John, if we could convince you to run, you could win this easily.
 Would you consider running for the presidency, John?

 From: It's because he lied about it

 Right on, brother!!
 Republicans are so full of sh** !!

 They try to throw Clinton out of office for supposedly lying about nothing,
 and then "president" numb-nuts gets a free pass for lying to us everyday for at least the last 3 years.
 What a joke.


 They said Clinton's lies were "on a Constitutional level," when it was about sex.
 That shit Henry Hyde said, "The falg is falling" because Clinton had some secrets.

 But when Bush's lies kill over 1,000 brave soldiers for no damn reason besides greed,
 the GOP is silent and the Democrats are too scared to even whimper.

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          the artisty of bruce yurgil
 Subject: Get it right, jerk


 You lying #*^$@#$&)
 You left out 90% of what I sent to you.

 90 percent of what you sent was crap.
 The other ten percent was merely extra-stupid, and ripe for mocking.

 Clinton did nothing against Al-Qaeda.  Local police did something.
 Clinton refused to pursue the person from the middle east seen by over 20 witnesses in Oklahoma City.
 Clinton did nothing after the WTC bombing in 1993.

 They're in jail, Monkey - what else do you want?

 Local police did something and he refused to retaliate against Al-Qaeda.

 For Oklahoma City?
 That was purely a Reagan republican, railing against "big government."
 You got proof Al Qaeda was involved on OKC, bring it on.

 After all the Al-Qaeda attacks on individuals and groups he refused to go after the Al-Qaeda operatives in foreign lands.
 Because he is part of Al-Qaeda and the terrorist underground.
 %@(&$(&%%, you %##*&*(^##* you communist dupe.

 ...and yes, I blow my father with this mouth,


 Tank, I'm sure your parents are mighty proud of your mouth.

 From: Hey Bart

 Let's just say it.
"A vote for Bush is a vote for the Saudi Royal Family."

 Leigh Ann in Florida
 9 days without power, connected to the internet
 via my trusty Briggs and Straton generator

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