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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
It Can't Happen Here? 
Cheney Spits Toads
What you ought not to know 
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Media ownership limits
Partners The Real Terrorists?
The day the world changed
Sinking fast 
Missed opportunities


Quote of the Day

"He does not believe God told him to run, or 
  told him he would win, or that God told him 
  to drop any bombs anywhere in the world. 
    -- Rev Kirbyjon Caldwell, speaking for Bush

 If God never told Bush to bomb Iraq,
 why did Bush say God told him to do that?

 Maybe the reverend ought not to tell us what's
 in Bush's mind, because he can't know.


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Volume 1398 -  Fate got to Emmie-Mae 

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 Friday-Weekend    September 10-12, 2004                                                                                                                Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"This story is a perfect demonstration of the difference between the Swift Boat controversy
  and the National Guard controversy. Both are tales from long ago and both are related to Vietnam,
  but the documentary evidence in the two cases is like night and day. In the Swift Boat case,
  practically every new piece of documentary evidence indicates that Kerry's accusers are lying.
  Conversely, in the National Guard case, practically every new piece of documentary evidence
  provides additional confirmation that the charges against Bush are true."
         --Kevin Drum, National Guard Smoking Gun?"   Attribution

 Global Eye
  Click  Here

"You think it's not true, you think it's not coming, you think "it can't happen here."
 But it can, and it is, right before your eyes.

 George Bush's United States is clearly in a proto-fascist condition. Of course, there's no such thing
 as direct equivalence between historical events. The same dangers never come around again -- not in
 the same form nor with precisely identical content.  At every point in time, a new set of elements and
 circumstances coalesce to create the unique reality of that particular historical moment.
 But if you take the general definition of fascism provided by its founder, Benito Mussolini -- "the merger
 of corporate and state power" -- and apply it to the elements that are coalescing in America at this historical
 moment, you could hardly find a more apt description of the Bush Regime."


Aaron McGruder's gotta be reading  bartcop.com


"It's scary to think what the economy would look like now without the tax cut."
     --Whore Street Journal Editorial, on the Vital Role of Tax Cuts      Attribution

 Yeah, without Bush's "billions to the super rich" giveaway, we might have Clinton's economy again.

 Cheney Spits Toads
   by Maureen Dowd - she hates everybody

  Click  Here

 Bush and Cheney have always used the president's father as a reverse lodestar. In 1992, the senior Bush
 wooed the voters with "Message: I care.'' So this week, Cheney wooed the voters with, Message: You die.

 The terrible beauty of its simplicity grows on you. It is a sign of the dark, macho, paranoid vice president's
 restraint that he didn't really take it to its emotionally satisfying conclusion: Message: Vote for us or we'll kill you.

 Without Zell Miller around to out-crazy him, and unplugged after a convention that tried to "humanize'' him with
 grandchildren, horses and wifely anecdotes about his inability to dance the twist, Cheney is back as Terrifier in Chief.
 He finally simply spit out what the Bush team has been more subtly trying to convey for months:
 A vote for John Kerry is a vote for the terrorists.





"We heard, of course, that hell was full and therefore Clinton will be with us for a while longer."
    -- Michael Savage (R-Sex with objects)     Attribution

      "I molest statues because
         no woman will have me."

 Subject: the simple fact is...

 George Bush and his NeoCon pals have been getting their asses kicked all over this planet
 by an Arab living in a cave somewhere (supposedly) and his religiously insane jihadists.
 Wish John Kerry would say it out loud;  "George Bush is getting his ass kicked all over
 the place by an Arab in a cave somehwere and still continues to call himself a "war president'.
 That should be our message at the moment.


 But Dot, that wouldn't be polite.
 Kerry doesn't want to win "dirty."

 Dueling Quotes

"That's a source that didn't even exist 10 years ago.
  400,000 people make some money trading on eBay."
    --Dick Cheney, saying the economy is much bgetter than GDP figures indicate  Attribution

"If we only included bake sales and how much money kids make
  at lemonade stands, this economy would really be cooking."
   --John Edwards, showing some sarcasm and some balls by mocking Cheney  Attribution

 Subject: Marguerite's Letter  re: Cheney

 Dear Marguerite,
 Thanks for your letter to Cheney!

 Today I'm watching the WTC Memorial. After 3 years, the grief and sadness is still very strong.
 And not a g_d damned thing has been accomplished. Like Richard Clark said, "your government
 has failed you". It has continued to fail us, on all fronts - both overseas and here at home. The Brown
 Shirts and the State Controlled Media think they have things wrapped up, but they are wrong.

 On top of their failures that led to that terrible disaster on 9/11/01, they have done nothing except lie,
 cheat, steal and deceive all Americans. After 3 years, OBL has not been captured, but instead, tens of
 thousands of lives have been destroyed in IRAQ with BILLIONS of profits being made by corrupt
 Iraq cronies and Cheney's Halliburton.

 Now, add insult to injury, Cheney terrorizes Americans with threats of further "pre-fabricated attacks"
 on our country if we vote for the wrong man.

 Marguerite, I agree 100%. We must push out these fascist thugs and put them all in jail for life.
 Charge: TREASON and CONSPIRACY against the American People.

 Thanks for having the guts to express your opinions. Its a shame no one else seems to have any left.
 George in NJ


 Sept 11 - What you ought not to know
  FBI words chill the soul   by Greg Palast

  Click  Here

 I pressed him to tell me exactly which investigations were spiked. None of this interview dance was easy,
 requiring switching to untraceable phones. Ultimately, the insider said, "Khan Labs." At the time, our intelligence
 agencies were on the trail of Pakistan's Dr. Strangelove, A.Q. Khan, who built Pakistan's bomb and was selling
 its secrets to the Libyans. But once Bush and Condoleeza Rice's team took over, the source told us, agents were
 forced to let a hot trail go cold. Specifically, there were limits on tracing the Saudi money behind this "Islamic bomb."

 Then we made another call, this time to an arms dealer in the Mideast. He confirmed that his partner attended a
 meeting in 1995 at the 5-star Hotel Royale Monceau in Paris where, allegedly, Saudi billionaires agreed to fund
 Al Qaeda fanatics. We understood it to be protection money, not really a sign of support for their attacks.
 Nevertheless, rule number one of investigative reporting is "follow the money" -- but the sheiks' piggy banks were
 effectively off-limits to the US agents during the Bush years. One of the men in the posh hotel's meeting of vipers
 happens to have been a Bush family business associate.


The "Unfit for Office" lunchbox

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Show your co-workers how you feel.

 Media ownership limits may depend on election

  Click  Here

 In its Friday ruling on cross-ownership, the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia refused
 to reverse part of its June decision that the FCC had improperly loosened a wide array of media
 ownership limits in 2003.

 Tribune "has so much bet on this thing and they're really starting to sweat," said Andrew Schwartzman,
 president of the Media Access Project, which represents a group seeking strict limits on media ownership.
"There's billions of dollars sitting on the sidelines - transactions that are being held up."

 Shaun Sheehan, the lobbyist for Tribune in Washington, D.C., acknowledged that the company's appeal
 was an "outside shot," but said resolution of the cross-ownership issue should not be held up along with the
 other FCC media rules because diversity of news sources is inherent in the big-city markets where Tribune
 seeks to own papers and TV stations.

"At the end of the day we may be vindicated - we rather think we will be, except the day's getting awfully long," Sheehan said.

"There's nothing wrong with the rich owning the airwaves
 as long as they're honest like FOX News..."


BTW, if you're a subscriber
and have a page or blog to plug,
send me your link.



"Now, one of my opponent's key economic advisors is saying they won't give
  the details on how they would raise spending and lower the deficit until after the election.
  Well, if they want to hold back information until the people vote, you can bet it won't be
  good news for the taxpayers. But America will reject the hidden Kerry tax plan."
     --Dubya, who has a five year plan to end his quagmire in Iraq   Attribution

 Subject: This is what happens...

 ...when less than half the population votes, and those that do make up
 their minds off of sound bites and pictures and who their friends like.
 America is too stupid to survive.
 Rich McG


 Blue in Seattle

 You sent me something, so I sent you a BCR Show as a thank you,
 but the package came back from the Post Office saying "Incomplete Address."

 If you'd send your full address, I'd fix you up.

What happens when you:

1) have nothing to do
2) own a sharp knife
3) have a large lime
4) own a patient cat
       5) drink too much tequila
         6) and it's football season?

 God's Flowers May Have Long-Term Benefit for MS
  God will be angry - He wants his children to suffer

  Click  Here

 18.6M Watch 'Joey' Debut on NBC
  18M viewers a 'Big disaster' for Matt LeBlanc and NBC

  Click  Here

 Alleged U.S. Deserter Surrenders in Japan
  Why is Bush surrendering in Japan?

  Click  Here

 Photos of 1,000 Dead U.S. Soldiers Laid Out in NYC
  Putting a human face on Bush's thousand victims

  Click  Here

 Subject: It's because he lied about it

 I remember when the Republicans were trying to get President Clinton kicked out of office saying,
"It's not that he had sex with that woman - it's that he lied about it."   Now we get to say the same thing.

 It's not that Bush has strings pulled to get him out of Vietnam - it's that he lied about it.
 It's not that he didn't show up for his national guard duty - it's that he lied about it.

 It's not that they didn't find weapons of mass destruction - it's that he lied about it.

 And - it's not that he got us into and unprovoked war against the wrong enemy that has
 crippled the economy and got 1000 soldiers killed - it's that he lied to get us in there.
 Well - actually - it is about getting 1000 soldiers killed - not just that he lied about it.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.


 Intimate Partners . The Real Terrorists?
    by the BartCop Feminist

  Click  Here

 While this administration has shown no interest in the physical and mental well being of women in this country,
 we do know that they are interested in helping wealthy corporations. The following statistics should spark attention.
 According to The National Violence Against Women Survey (NVAWS), American women lose nearly 8.0 million
 days of paid work each year because of violence perpetrated against them by intimate partners. This is the equivalent
 of 32,114 full-time jobs each year.

 In reality, instead of murdering thousands to make 'merica safer, dubya should focus on depleting the number of
 intimate relationships formed between women and men while expanding the number of children raised in orphanages
 to be sure they aren't murdered by their #1 threat their parents.


Funniest white man in America has a new book out.

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You're going to hear a lot about this book.
When Kitty Kelley writes a book, everybody talks about it.

Fahrenheit 9-11,
Hunting of the President
Order your copies from the BartCop Bookstone

 This was the day the world changed

  Click  Here

"From the moment American airliners were transformed by suicidal fanatics into missiles of mass destruction,
 it was clear the world had changed. Now we know it has changed in ways most of us could not have imagined,
 and mostly for the worse. The nations of the West are more afraid, less united and, most tragically, less free.
 To that extent, in spite of George Bush's war against terrorism - indeed, in part, because of it - al-Qaeda has
 achieved its ends...The terrorists have panicked the US and other Western nations into compromising the rule
 of law and civil liberties, the principles they claim to defend. Meanwhile, ruthless governments have been
 handed a neat rationalisation for repressing internal enemies. It is indeed a dreadful anniversary.


 Kitty Kelley's bombshell book due in 4 days

  Click  Here

  Sinking fast
   Isn't it time the Swift Boat Veterans removed the "Truth" from their name?

  Click  Here

 Schachte's colleagues at Blank Rome include not only top Bush-Cheney donors, several former Bush administration
 officials, a cochairman of the 2000 Republican Convention and a cochairman of the 2004 Republican Convention,
 but also the former director of the Republican National Committee's "opposition research" department.

 The retired admiral renewed the Vietnam controversy on Aug. 27 when he told journalists that Kerry's first Purple Heart
 was the unearned result of a self-inflicted scratch during a nighttime mission that received no enemy fire. Contradicting the
 word of two veterans of that December 1968 mission -- both of whom said Schachte wasn't there -- Schachte charged
 that Kerry had misfired a grenade launcher and suffered a minor scratch. (Schachte's account also conflicted with the
 Swift Boat Veterans' own Web site, which was quickly altered to match his tale.)


 Brazilian Independence Day
    September 7, 2004

  Click  Here

 Subject: "Don't bullshit a bullshitter"

 I am so proud of my Dad!
 A lifelong dem, he's been gently working the local country club set in a red section of PA.

 On Labor day, he & the Babe hosted a barbeque for 4 couples from the country club.
 A doctor, a lawyer, the owner of a manufacturing plant and a banker, all hard-core lifelong
 republicans and all vets of either WWII or Korea.

'Doc' is Catholic, but pragmatic, especially on 'choice' issues (he also has 3 wonderful uppity daughters).
'Doc' was badly wounded in WWII, and between birth control issues & the Swift Boat liars, he came
 over to Dad's side a couple of weeks back.

 The other 3 couples tried to give Dad & 'Doc' a hard time over Kerry til Dad asked the lawyer
 how old was his grandson.   The lawyer said the kid would be 15 next month, so Dad pointed out
 the kid was only 3 years away from military service, and had the lawyer realized that his only grandson
 could be going into the Iraq mess during the coming term of who ever is president?

 That led to a 'what are we doing in Iraq, anyway' discussion.
 By the end of the evening they were all still pals & golf buddies, but Dad had converted the lot of them to Kerry!

 On the way out, the wife of the lawyer thanked Dad for getting her husband to see her point of view.
 Turned out the wife of the banker was a closet Kerry fan all along because she thinks Teresa Heinz Kerry
 is 'fabulous', but she was afraid to say anything.

 I learned early on that if you're gonna argue with dear old Dad you better have your facts straight and lined up like little duckies.
 Or as he would phrase it "you don't bullshit a bullshitter."

 Tipped him on the '60 Minutes' segment last night with Ben Barnes.
 Think Dad's going to have even more fun on the links this weekend.

 A damn proud daughter,



Click for More Info

Marty's Entertainment Page


"I would be very careful about using our troops as nation-builders."
    --Dubya,  "Bush's 2000 War Promises"     Attribution

 Missed opportunities
  Click  Here

 When Rumsfeld was told on the morning of Sept. 11 that a second plane had hit the WTC,
 he paused, then continued his morning intelligence briefing, according to the 9/11 Commission.

 It wasn't until a third plane slammed into the Pentagon that Rumsfeld jumped into action, even assisting
 with rescue efforts. A few hours later, he wondered aloud to his staff whether the attack would allow
 the United States to strike at Saddam Hussein, not just Osama bin Laden.

 Rumsfeld's response tells us all we need to know about what went wrong with our government's
 policies in 2001. We were unprepared for the threats we faced, were slow to comprehend the meaning
 of the attack, and in planning our counterattack, almost immediately began focusing again on the wrong threat.

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"When I took office, manufacturing employment had been declining for
  almost three years.  In the last six months of the prior administration,
  more than 200,000 manufacturing jobs were lost. We're turning that around.
   --Dubya, letting us know the Clinton miracle was a mirage   Attribution

  But Giggling Murderer, if that's true, why did you promise tax cuts during 2000
  "because the economy's in such good shape?"

 WTC Rescue Workers' Health Suffering
  Bush lied, thousands died, thousands more wheezing

  Click  Here

 The latest health study, conducted at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, showed that nearly half
 of the 1,138 people screened had problems that either began or worsened after being exposed
 to the dust, airborne toxins and pollutants unleashed by the collapsed buildings. The analysis is
 part of a broader study of about 12,000 people being evaluated at Mount Sinai.

 The CDC said that only 21 percent of the workers and volunteers participating in the screening program
 had appropriate respiratory protection between Sept. 11 and Sept. 14, 2001, the days when the impact
 of dust, diesel exhaust, pulverized cement, glass fibers and asbestos was considered the greatest.

 Bush gave them his Nancy Grace guarantee that it was safe to breathe those toxins,
 and now they are dying.  But of course, John Kerry and the Democrats refuse to make
 that an issue - because it wouldn't be polite.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 998, 1003, 1005, 1007  dead American soldiers.

"We're chasing down these killers overseas so we don't have
 to face them here at home. We're making good progress."
 --Dubya, sounding like Robert MacNamara explaining Vietnam  Attribution


 A Nation Remembers
   a cartoon by Mark Fiore

  Click  Here

 From: Mess-O-Potamia

 I'm borrowing that line from John Stewart's The Daily Show: Mess-O-Potamia. It truly is a mess, and we 
 seem to be getting our butts kicked by a bunch of teenagers with RPG's and hand-made bombs. This is ridiculous,

 and it's a mess that is solely of Bush's making. But where is the outrage, where is the outcry? The American people
 seem to be taking the mounting U.S. casualties in stride. I guess as long as it's not your kid getting his legs blown off
 over there it's O.K. Why isn't an American President being held accountable for dragging the armed forces of our nation
 (those venerable armed forces that once liberated Europe from Hitler and were admired the world over) into another
 no-win mess is a foreign land?

 A year ago pundits all were saying that if Americans were still fighting in Iraq in September of 2004 it was curtains for Bush.
 Well, they're still fighting over there, but it doesn't seem to be hurting Bush one bit. Also, throughout the Spring and Summer,
 all of the polls were showing that the economy and health care were the top issues on peoples' minds. Now, all of a sudden,
 Bush and Cheney have been allowed to turn the conversation around -- for obvious reasons. I find it hard to believe the Bush,
 Cheney and Rove have been able to turn something around to their benefit that should have been a huge liability for Bush.
 Of course, cable news is now an arm of the White House propaganda machine, so I guess that helps.
 Donald P

 It's our bad luck that Kerry said he would've done the same thing Bush did.

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          the artisty of bruce yurgil
 Subject: Authenticity of Bush Memos Scrutinized

 I bet you won't mention this on your website.  Looks like Soros is
 using the money he gave Moveon.org to create fraudulent documents.

 You democrats are the lowest form of scum on earth.
 Shows you will stop at nothing to cheat and steal the election.

 Amazing that they are too stupid to use a typewriter.
 Microsoft Word didn't even exist in 72 and the guy never signed it.
 That is some credible evidence.

 Daren Phillips

 Daren - let's gamble!

 If those papers are proven to be fake, then George Bush wasn't AWOL.
 But if that's not proven, you'd admit he's an AWOL Deserter?

 You feel strongly enough about it to gamble, punk?


 From: why Kerry waited to fight

 Excuse me but, as a Clark supporter, I have to say that I think that Kerry is a p_ssy.
 I am soooo pissed that I even wrote to his senate office to voice my objections to his
 stupid ineffectual campaign, at least from where I sit, in a swing state.

 I can NOT believe that he is letting bush take the high (or gutter) ground on this.
 What the heck did he bother running for if all he is is another dukakis?


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