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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
U.S. Jets Bomb Iraq Cities
Iraq's Terrorist Haven
World Wants Bush Out 
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Kerry: Bush war "catastrophic"
Globe: Bush was AWOL
Bush, AWOL in Alabama
The Bush-Cocaine story
Anybody's dog


Quote of the Day

"You could wind up where there's no longer 
  a news organization that even tries to go down 
  the middle. ...that would be a terrible shame." 
    -- Ted Koppel, about Fox News,  Attribution

 Ted, did Karl Rove give you permission
 to say something that inflammatory?


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Volume 1397 -  Ramblin' Rose 

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 Thursday    September 9, 2004                                                                                                                Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"If I had to grade [the war] so far, I'd probably give it a B-plus, pretty good, and maybe
  an A in interaction and maybe a B in outcome. But it's a tough business. And my guess is
  they see they're losing.  There are people opposing the coalition (our military invasion) and
  they're getting pounded. And they have been getting pounded. The solution to that of course,
  if they don't want to get killed, is to stop terrorizing the Iraqi people (opposing our invasion.)."
       --Donald Rumsfeld, saying we should "stay the course" on five dead per day, Attribution

 U.S. Jets Bomb Insurgent-Held Iraq Cities
  Bush's bungling makes the never-ending quagmire unwinnable

  Click  Here

 U.S. jets pounded the rebel stronghold of Fallujah on Thursday, and American and
 Iraqi forces (Oh please! Would you just stop lying to us?) entered the central city of
 Samarra for the first time in months to try to reseat the city council and regain control.

 At least 27 people were killed and 70 were injured in Tal Afar, said Nineveh province
 health chief  Dr. Rabie Yassin, who accused the military of stopping outsiders from
 bringing in help. The military said initial reports put the number of insurgents dead at 57.

"The U.S. forces are sealing off the city and the national forces are not allowing ambulances
 and other medical aid ... to enter the city," Yassin said. "I want the government ... to intervene."

 How can we be losing this war to these backwards, barely-armed medievals?

 Did we learn nothing from Vietnam?  All those hundreds of billions we pay every year in taxes
 to fund the best military ever, and these untrained, oncoordinated punks are kicking our ass?

 Just when it seemed we got over Vietnam, we've stumbled into another Vietnam and signaled
 to the world that America is a paper tiger than any handful of handjobs can bring to their knees?

 Why conquer Iraq when we can semi-occupy it and let their insurgents pick us off one-by-one?



"If bin Laden has a watch, he should be looking at it because the clock is ticking. He will be caught.
  What I tell people, I would be surprised but not necessarily shocked if we wake up tomorrow and
  he's been caught along with all his lieutenants. That can happen because of (what's) in place."
     --Joseph Cofer Black, the State Department,     Attribution

 Hey Joe, are we as close to catching bin Laden as we are to catching the Antrax Killer?
 Hey Joe, are we as close to catching bin Laden as we are to catching the Valerie Plume leaker?
 Hey Joe, are we as close to catching bin Laden as we are to jailing Kennyboy Lay?
 Hey Joe, are we as close to catching bin Laden as we are to jailing Rush the vulgar junkie?

 Oh, but you had great success at catching, trying and imprisoning the
 two biggest dangers that America's ever faced.


 I can't believe Kerry is trailing the most crooked and bungling administration in all of history.

 I just can't believe it.

 Iraq's Terrorist Haven
   Editorial in the WaHoPo

  Click  Here

"President Bush boasted again yesterday that his administration is "on the offensive" against terrorism and is
"chasing down these killers overseas so we don't have to face them here at home." At NaziCon2004 he said
 his plan for Iraq was to "help new leaders...move toward elections and get on the path of stability and democracy
 as quickly as possible." Yet on the ground in Iraq stands a glaring contradiction to those statements: the Sunni cities
 of Fallujah, Ramadi and Samarra, where the United States has withdrawn its forces, allowing extremist movements
 and foreign terrorists to take over. These strongholds now pose a serious threat to U.S. forces, to Iraq's interim
 government and to the plan to hold national elections in January. Yet even as it contends with Shiite militants in
 southern Iraq and the slums of Baghdad, the U.S. military leadership has announced that it cannot eliminate these
 sanctuaries for Baathists and suicide bombers before December. Is it only a coincidence that the Pentagon's
 timetable postpones a difficult and potentially costly showdown until after the U.S. presidential election?"

"The Washington Post has always been pro-sand nigger..."




"He can say this but we have no sound information. This is a political statement.
  I think there is no confirmed information about him. We have no knowledge.
  Maybe he (Black) has.  We exchange our information but we have no new information."
    --Pakistani Information Minister Sheikh Rashid rejecting as pre-election politicking
       Joseph Cofer Black's claim that Osama Bin Laden was close to being captured,  Attribution

 Too bad Kerry can't seize these repeated lies and make the Bush team eat them.

 If an uneducated, tequila-swilling, low-IQ-wth-ADD Okie can make Republicans eat it every f-ing time,
 why can't the hundred million dollar campaign of experienced, educated experts do a better job?

 Almost every day, Rush says, "Considering Iraq and the economy, Kerry should be ahead by 20 points."

 Are we content to lose again?
 Do we not even want to try?

 Subject: Cheney the terrorist

 If the definition of a terrorist is one who tries to further their agenda by means of fear and intimidation,
 then Dick Cheney should have his latest tirade added to the long list of crimes he has commited since
 the Bush Regime stole the 2000 election.

 Hey Dick, in case you've forgotten, we were attacked horribly on YOUR watch. How in the hell you lying
 bastards can turn it around to make yourselves look strong can only be attributed to the down-on-their-knees,
 ass-kissing, gutless, spineless media that REFUSE to do their jobs and a gullible, American public that swallows
 the Kool-aid you feed them.

 When will you and your never-elected smirking monkey friend realize that YOU are the WORST TERROR
 THREAT we the people have?

 Thanks Margeritte for having doo-dads, most Dems don't.
 Man, I feel better......for now.

 Thanks Bart, keep hammerin'.
 Jimmy Bones

 I got a lot of positive feedback from Marguerite's letter.
 She struck a nerve that made people hit that "comments?" button


"Bush refused to answer questions from reporters. He simply stared at
  a reporter who asked if he agreed with Cheney's assertion that if Kerry
  is elected, "the danger is that we'll get hit again" by terrorists."
     --Terence Hunt,    Attribution

 Of course the Monkey can't answer quesations.
 There was nobody there to give him an answer.

 Subject: hello from china

 Dear Bart,

 I am an American Lit. teacher in mainland China, and I am fortunate to be able to read Bartcop every day.

 Before I even introduced myself to my students, many asked me my opinion of Dubya and the Iraq war.
 I was proud to tell them that I am solidly against the commander-in-thief and his sorry policies.

 All Chinese, and probably most of the citizens of the world, are dismayed at the actions of the United States.
 Many students ask me how religion can influence policy in such a large, wealthy, supposedly intelligent country
 such as the States. I tell them that the real majority of Americans are not evengelical cowboys who believe in
 wielding a big stick, and that most feel that the separation of church and state is a good thing.

 With the evidence that they've been given on the news every night, they doubt me, and I drop politics in favor of Poe.
 In short, I am pleased to be able to access Bartcop here, and I urge my students to check it out.

 I also ask them to look at several right-wing sites, because the Chinese have a well-developed sense of humor and irony.
 Mike in the People's Republic

 ha ha

 Mike, great letter.
 Be sure to tell them  FOX News  and  newsmax.com  etc are comedy sites!!

 World Wants Bush Out of the White House: Poll
  If only America had a free press and voters could get the facts

  Click  Here

 The world wants Bush out of the White House, according to a poll that shows in 30 of 35
 countries people prefer Kerry.  Kerry was particularly favored in traditionally strong U.S.
 allies and beat Bush on average by more than a two-to-one margin, 46 percent to 20 percent.

 Bush invaded Iraq last year over the objections of many governments, including allies, and the
 first U.S. pre-emptive war against a helpless, backwards opponent in history angered many people
 around the world. Kerry has said he will pursue stronger international alliances if he wins the presidency.

"Only one in five want to see Bush re-elected. Though he is not as well known, Kerry would win handily
 if the people of the world were to elect the U.S. president," Steven Kull of the University of Maryland.

 As long as Karl Rove runs the network news organization, Americans can't get the facts anywhere
 except from the internet - and how many people have time to scour the net each day for the truth?

The "Unfit for Office" lunchbox

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Show your co-workers how you feel.

 Kerry: Bush's war hardon "catastrophic"

  Click  Here

 Kerry said the president's decision to invade Iraq without broad international support
 had created more instability in the region, more potential for terrorism and more burdens
 for the U.S. economy.

"I would not have made the wrong choices that are now forcing us to pay nearly the entire
 cost of this war - $200 billion that we're not investing in education, health care and job
 creation at home," Kerry said in Cincinnati.  "I call this course a catastrophic course."

"Stand him up!"

"But Sir, he's clean, ...and he's a war hero!"

"I said stand him up!"


BTW, if you're a subscriber
and have a page or blog to plug,
send me your link.



"A Latino voting for Bush is like a cockroach voting for Raid."
   -- John Luigizmo, can be another comic monster when he's trying,

 Subject: Oxycontin guy pooh poohs loss of 1000 in Iraq

 He did it today.  Heaped scorn and ridicule on those Americans who complain
 about our losses like a true Nazi.  He made a comparison with the deaths at Gettysburg.
 We should all feel better now.


 I heard that, it's in the soon-to-be-up BCR Show 54.
 Rush said, "No, we broke the 1,000 barrier three years ago..."

 But Rush, we're talking about people sent to their deaths by Bush.

 ...are you saying Bush broke 1,000 on 9-11?

 Is that right, Rush?

 Are you saying Bush's first thousand victims died three years ago?
 Are you saying Bush directed 9-11 like he directed the war?

 I might believe you - this one time.

 Rush has apparently had some kind of relapse.
 He was slurring, leaving words out and mispronouncing everything today.
 Maybe Daryn is his new Oxy connection?.

"$25 each or five for $100, Pigboy..."


 Genesis Capsule Slams Into Utah Desert
  "Mishap board" to look for clues of what went wrong

  Click  Here

 Aryan Nations Neo-Nazi Richard Butler Dies
  GOP HQ will be closed Friday to mourn "this great American"

  Click  Here

 Bacall Balks After Kidman Called 'Legend'
 "She can't be a legend at whatever age she is - you have to be older."

  Click  Here

 Wargames Were Cover For the Operational Execution of 9/11
  I wish these charges mentioned a source or some proof, but they just make charges

  Click  Here

 Subject: why Kerry waited to fight


 I have a theory on why Kerry waited this long to fight back.

 If you look at the barrage of attacks that Kerry had to endure,
 they almost all came after the DNC.  This way Kerry couldn't refute them
 on television in front of a million viewers.  Anything that Kerry would have
 launched at Bush prior to the RNC would have been spun on the stage in
 New York City with a million people watching.

 By waiting until after the RNC Kerry can now attack without Bush getting
 a chance to spin it in the public forum.  He's simply using the Republican's
 own tricks against them.

 Keep Swingin'


 Globe: Bush didn't meet military obligations
  Bush appeared to have broken his contract by not showing up

  Click  Here

 The Globe said in July 1973, before Bush left Houston to attend Harvard, he signed a document
 saying: "It is my responsibility to locate and be assigned to another Reserve forces unit or mobilization
 augmentation position. If I fail to do so, I am subject to involuntary order to active duty for up to 24 months... "

 Bush spokesman Dan Bartlett told the Washington Post in 1999 that the future president had served at
 a Boston-area Air Force Reserve unit after leaving Houston. But Bush never joined a Boston-area unit, the Globe said.

"I must have misspoke," Bartlett, now WH spokesman, was quoted as telling the Globe in a recent interview.

 Oh please!
 He didn't misspeak - he f-ing lied and the press and the democrats both took it as gospel.
 Won't Bush ever be held accountable for any of his actions, inactions or crimes?


Funniest white man in America has a new book out.

Click  to  Order

You're going to hear a lot about this book.
When Kitty Kelley writes a book, everybody talks about it.

Fahrenheit 9-11,
Hunting of the President
Order your copies from the BartCop Bookstone

 GW Bush, AWOL in Alabama
  Click  Here   to watch the ad

  This is a great, great (and very short) TV ad
  but since we're Democrats, they dangled their preposition.

 Kitty Kelley's bombshell book due in 9 days

  Click  Here

 60 Minutes lead up to the Bush-Cocaine story
  (Bartcop exclusive) by Faun Otter

  Click  Here

 What should the media be asking GWB?
 Is it fair to debate Bush's drunk driving record and ask him if there are other arrests that he has not confessed to previously?

 Does it matter that  John Kerry risked his life to save his crew mates in Vietnam but George Bush was out of his skull on
 illegal drugs having chickened out of serving his country? If we had a real press corps in the US, they would be asking
 questions about this cover up every day.

 It matters.

 Cocaine destroys brain cells and I don't want a President with a damaged brain, a hidden criminal past that our enemies
 could use to blackmail him, who lies to cover up his crimes or who chickens out of risking his own life to protect our nation
 and then send a thousand brave Americans to their graves hunting fictional WMDs in Iraq.


 I got this e-mail frop an Okie democrat (the other one)


 You may have seen yesterday that a fundraiser is being arranged for Estelle Cash
 that may potentially include Barry Switzer and Toby Keith.



 Toby Keith???
 Helping a Democrat???

 So I wrote to PA PAC.

 Toby Keith is helping a Democrat?

 Switzer is a Dem, but Keith?
 He's the polar opposite of Michael Moore.

 Can you explain?

 PA PAC sent this reply:

 Toby Keith is, indeed, a Democrat.  He supported Dan Boren (D) in CD2 and is happy to
 support Democrats.  Many of us don't agree with all his positions,but he is a Democrat.


 This is very strange.

 Toby Keith, the leader of the "Bush is my hero" brigade, ...is a Democrat?
 How can a country singer be a Democrat?
 Was he accidentally drafted by the GOP and just stayed for the bucks?

 "Shut up and sing, unless you're Toby Kieth," is a democrat?

 Isn't "Shock'n'y'all" a play on Runsfeld's "Shock and awe?"

 Besides his image as Bush's best boy, I have no problem with Toby Keith (and country music)
 but how was he "accidentally" identified with the illegal, never-elected president?

 I also have no fight with PA PAC, but  is "don't agree with all his positions," is something
 Araft could say about Sharon.    I mean, everybody has something in common...
 What am I missing here?
 In Oklahoma, they say, "I think we have a nigger in a woodpile pile," which apparently means
"It's very dark and we'll only see him if he smiles."   Seriously, that's what they say, even today.
 That's why kids raised here turn out to be GOP - that and the "Hang a liberal" bumper stickers.

 So what am I missing?
 Granted, my Moore/Keith parallel was imperfect, but Keith just spells GOP - how/why is that?
 Is he just less ready to take a stand than the Dixie Chicks and Linda Ronstadt?
 If so, why is his name being mentioned for a Demo fundraiser?


 No fight with Keith or PA PAC, but what's not meeting my eye?

Susan Estrich is a FOX News favorite.
She loves Hannity with every breath.
She's another Juan Williams - another Alan Colmes.
She cannot be trusted.

 Subject: Barnes on 60 Minutes Wednesday


 Since you live in the Tulsa area, you will be able to watch this interview on 60 minutes II
 at its normally scheduled time, 7:00 central time.  The CBS affiliate here in the OKC area
 (which is owned by the Oklahoman) is pre-empting it for a three year old rerun in that time slot.

 They are showing it but at 3:15 tonight/this morning.  That is no big deal for me because I work
 until 2:00 am.    However I would have preferred taping a 7:00 broadcast and watching it later
 knowing more people in the central OK area would have the opportunity to watch it (it may not
 have been that many but at least they might have happened upon it).

 Norman OK

 I got several letters saying the that local CBS affiliates pre-empted 60 Minutes to protect Bush..
 Obviously, the media wants any message critical of the AWOL Chickenhawk to be buried.

 The media conitinues to cover for their boy.
 They want him to be re-elected and they'll call the election for him early - again.


Click for More Info

Marty's Entertainment Page


"Today marks a tragic milestone in the war in Iraq.
  (But John, we already know that. Are you in the news business now?)

  More than one thousand of America's sons and daughters have made the ultimate sacrifice.
 (John, we know that, too. Why are you wasting your time and ours?)

  Our nation honors their service and joins with their families and loved ones in mourning their loss.
 (Well of course we do - why even waste the energy to say the obvious?).

  We must never forget the  price they have paid.
 (Of course we won't - who are you trying to convince?)

  And we must meet our sacred obligation to all our troops to do all we can to make
  the right decisions in Iraq so that we can bring them home as soon as possible."
    --John Kerry, marbled-mouthed as ever, inspiring nobody with his horrible speeches Attribution

 John, what does that mean, "We must make the right decisions?"
 John, why don't you say something?
 You're wasting our time and putting people to sleep, John.

 Don't you want to win this race?

 This is terriible, terrible speech writing.
 Whoever wrote this speech should be fired from politics forever.

 John, wouldn't it be clearer and more effective to say?
"We have 1,000 dead for no damn reason,
  Soon it will be 2,000 dead - why?
  What has American gained by killing Iraq?
  We have to stop this madness, we have to stop Bush's plans to conquer the world,
  we need to get them out of the White House so America we be respected again."

 Don't you want to win, John?

 Anybody's dog
   by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 ...the Democrats' biggest problem is that ordinary people have trouble
 believing the depths of mendacity to which their opponents have sunk.
 Consider Georgia Sen. Zell Miller's ranting keynote address last week.
 How crazy was it? Well, at one point, the turncoat Democrat inveighed
 against democracy itself.

"At the same time young Americans are dying in the sands of Iraq and
 the mountains of Afghanistan, "he thundered," our nation is being torn
 apart and made weaker because of the Democrats' manic obsession to
 bring down our commander-in-chief. "  People, it's called a presidential election.

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 Democratic Elites Eye Profits, Not Wins
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 The party that once represented working people - the Democrats - is now the party of the elites.
 As a result, absent some great event, the party is on its way to an almost permanent minority status,
 because they don't believe that winning matters.  They don't realize that the AFL-CIO represents
 only about 13 percent of America's labor force. They don't know that there are no coalitions
 any more: There is region, and there is religion.

 And so, as V.O. Key indicated, where there is no power, there is no responsibility - but gee,
 you sure can make a lot of dough.


 "The biggest sin is to be boring."
   -- Paris Hilton, from her new book

 Paris, could you help the Kerry-Edwards campaign - please?

 Subject: Cheney's threat message

 I couldn't agree more with Marguerite S's response to Herr Cheney's reprehensible comments,
 that a vote for Kerry is a certain vote for another terrorist attack. I've followed politics for the
 past 45 years, and never have I observed the discourse so low.

 If Bush & Cheney want to keep us frightened, they've succeeded as far as I'm concerned.
 I'm scared sh-tless that we could have four more years of their lies. We truly should be fearful.
 So much so, that we do not fail to vote on Nov 2nd!

 Richard P

 It would be nice of we had a guarantee that the Supreme Court would stay the hell out
 of this election and let the people decide - but they might just decide to screw us again.

 Maybe the BFEE promised them each $10M if they slit the Constitution's throat again.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 976, 998, 1003, 1005  dead American soldiers.

"We're chasing down these killers overseas so we don't have
 to face them here at home. We're making good progress."
 --Dubya, sounding like Robert MacNamara explaining Vietnam  Attribution


 Lies, spies and general GOP absurdity
   by Molly Ivins

  Click  Here

"I really had to take a deep breath after Bush declared that he wants to "get government on your side."
 Where has he been for the past four years?...

 His peculiar contention that our policy in Iraq is a triumph is close to bizarre. What we have there
 is dangerous chaos.   Does anyone honestly think this occupation is going well?

 From: Tyler


 Patty and I went to the Kerry rally today at Newark, Ohio (where I was born)
 and what a treat it was. I would hope you might publish some of my observations.

 I learned only yesterday that Kerry was coming and during lunch I read in the local paper
 you must have tickets to get in. I went to the place listed and picked up 2.

 We got there relatively early (maybe 50 minutes or so), and were maybe 10th in line.
 Security was reasonable. I saw the no humor guys  with the head sets and the way they
 seemed to give me no concern somehow made me safer. After passing through security,
 we were guided to our respective places. As it turned out we were on the "outside" but for
 a rally of this size it was pretty close, we were maybe 70-80 feet from him.

 They had set up seating for maybe 100 people who needed to sit down for the event.
 If you don't think Kerry isn't bringing up a couple of notches you haven't been hearing his message.
 He pretty much called it like it was. He seemed pretty pissed about the unfit for duty thing and then
 called them out on it. He made the stark comparisons, and regardless of what the press briefings say,
 he stopped just short of calling Bush a war criminal for misleading us into Iraq. And then pretty much
 called him a f-ing liar, then looked us right strait in the eye and promised he wouldn't lie to us and told us
 we can't drill our way out of this problem we have to invent our way out of it.

 Said he wanted to foster new growth in innovative means. Support education to accomplish this goal
 as well. Dude I was not pro-Kerry, I was anyone but Bush. He is pissed and I believe he does have
 convictions. He does have a plan/Viable Idea.  He is for real.  Now I know how he did it in Iowa.
 If you haven't seen him you owe it to yourselves to go. You will be impressed.

 Ps. I have enclosed a song that I played guitar on about 5 months ago. This was conceived written
 and recorded in about 3 hours or so. Please feel free to play it all you want Add it to the cd's as a bonus
 to maybe entice people to but them. Just remember to I reserve the rights. It is called Say Yes to Freedom.
 I hope you enjoy it man.


 Tyler, I liked your song.
 If my brain works (big if) I'll put it on BCR Show 54.

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 Subject: bad primary system

 Hey Bart, long time reader and fan.

 It seems to me that this primary system is preventing us from getting the dynamic candidates
 we need to win in the general elections. No insult meant to Iowa or New Hampshire or other
 early states in the weeding out process but it seems that long before we here in Pennsylvania
 get a chance, the choice has been made by people who are conventional in their thinking...no
 doubt good people but afraid none the less to take a chance on the more radical candidates who
 might in the end have the message and balls to capture the attention of those that listen and can be
 convinced. I would like to see a series of 4 nationwide votes spaced over as many months.

 Man I would have loved to see the general take these pissante liars apart!
 Many thanks for the wealth of information and amount of work you do.
 Rob Peck

 Rob, there are several things we need to correct, even if Kerry wins.
 It's crazy foir Iowa and New hampshire to pick our presidents every four years.

 It's also crazy that your vote doesn't count if you live in NY, CA, OR, WA, TX, OK,
 MT, ID, CO, GA, NC, SC, MS, AL etc etc etc.

 If you live in PA, FL, IL, MI, MO, SC etc,. your vote counts, but you can only vote
 for the candidates that Iowa and New Hampshire decide is worthy.

 A screwy system will usually produce screwy candidates.

 Subject: Just a note of thanks

 Dear Bartcop,

 Thanks again for being there. I read your page every day and it gets better and better.
 I've bought a few of the radio show CDs too. I get discouraged sometimes too, but I can
 always find something on your page to either cheer me up or get my blood boiling again!

 Just remember why you do what you do, and keep up the good work.
 a fan,

 VCR Alert

 Joey, The Apprentice and Med Invest premier tonight to offset the NFL Kickoff
 Those shows are not as exciting as Poker, but we might still watch.

 Did you see Gus Hansen play poker last night?  The guy's crazy, but he keeps winning.
 His motto seems to be, "If you fold, you can't win," so he raises almost every bet,
 and the cards in his hands just seem irrelevant. He scares the other pros silly.

 BTW, why is Jon Stewart off again this week?
 He does what - 200 shows a year?
 Funny how that works - you claw your way into the TV business and once you get there,
 all you want out of life is time off from your hour-a-day job.

 For more TV Stuff, check 

 From: Bob Fertik (democrats.com)

 The Rasmussen Reports Presidential Tracking Poll shows Bush with 47.3% of the vote
 and John Kerry with 47.3%.   The Tracking Poll is updated daily by noon Eastern.


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29 minutes of Bart, at least it sounds like Bart

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32 minutes Bart, I think it's Bart, and a little Tchaikovsky

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27 minutes Bart, probably and other stuff

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30 minutes of Tally, Wanda, Jon and Chris

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