Offensive operations in Italy come to a stop as the weather turns wet and cold.

Project 60: A Day-by-Day Diary of WWII 

Remembering the First Fight Against Fascism

German Tiger tank passes a knocked out Soviet T-34 as the Wehrmacht counterattacks at Zhitomir. 

November 2, 1943

While attempting to reinforce Bougainville, Japanese naval forces are intercepted by US Naval forces off Empress Augusta Bay. In the battle, the Japanese cruiser Sendai and a destroyer were sunk.

The US 3rd Marine Division is engaged in heavy fighting at Bougainville as they attempt to expand their beachhead.

160 land-based bombers from the us 5th Air Force raid the Japanese harbor at Rabaul, sinking three ships.

Chinese forces attacking along the Garung River in Burma meet heavy resistance and suffer heavy losses.

The British 8th Army opens fresh attacks in Italy, forcing the Trigno River line.

The Red army continues its attacks in the southern Ukraine capturing Kakhovka and stopping a German counterattack at Krivoii Rog.

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November 3, 1943

Fighting in Italy is heavy as the British 8th Army tangles with the German 16 Panzer Grenadier Division at San Salvo and the US 5th Army takes Sessa Aurunca.

US 8th Air Force bombers returned to Germany in daylight raids, hitting Wilhelmshaven with 500 planes.

With their diversionary mission completed, the 2nd Marine Parachute Battalion is withdrawn from Choiseul.

As Soviet attacks drove closer to the facility, the Germans decided to murder the remaining 17,000 Jews in the Maideanek concentration camp.

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November 4, 1943

The Soviet Steppe Front (Vatutin) launches fresh attacks out of their bridgeheads over the Dniepr River north of Kiev.

The US 5th Army makes good progress in Italy capturing Monte Massico, Monte Croce, Venafro and Rocavirondola as the Germans withdraw to their next prepared defences - the Reinhard Line.

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November 5, 1943

US TF 38 under Admiral Sherman, reinforced with the carriers Saratoga and Princeton hit the newly arrived Japanese Squadron at Rabaul under Admiral Kurita. 107 planes attack the Japanese damaging 4 heavy cruisers, 2 light cruisers and 2 destroyers at a cost of 10 aircraft. The attack was followed up with a US 5th Air Force raid by B-24 heavy bombers.

The Japanese 23rd Infantry Regiment launched strong attacks against the US 3rd Marine Division's perimeter at Bougainville. The attack was crushed.

A series of explosions ripped through the Peugeot factory at Sochaux. French partisans were responsible for the sabotage.

The attacks by the Steppe Front sweep west and south of Kiev, cutting the important double rail line between Zhitomir and Kiev. Meanwhile, South Front (Tolbukhin) closes on the lower Dniepr River.

The US 5th Army comes to a grinding halt as attacks against Hube's 14th Panzer Corps prove futile. The British 8th Army captures Vasto, Palmoli and Torrebruna.

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November 6, 1943

As the Germans execute a hasty withdrawal from the city, Vatutin's Stepper Front liberates the city of Kiev.

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November 7, 1943  

Over 100 Japanese aircraft raid US TF 38, failing to do any serious damage to the US carriers (Saratoga and Princeton).

Japanese forces make a sea borne landing north of the US 3rd Marine Division beachhead. Heavy fighting follows as the Marines shift to face the new threat.

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November 8, 1943  

German forces launch counterattacks against the advancing US 5th Army in Italy. The attacks are easily stopped, but force a temporary halt in the Allied drive north.

Soviet forces continue to drive the Germans away from Kiev, capturing the important rail junction and supply head of Fastov, 30 miles west of Kiev.

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November 9, 1943  

The US 37th Infantry Division begins landing at Bougainville to reinforce the marine beachhead.

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November 10, 1943

The Kremlin, feeling secure in victory announces the creation of two new decorations, the "Victory Order" for officers and the "Order of Glory" for lower ranks.

The Allies announce the formation of a new group to reform the Italian economy to support the Allied war effort.

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November 11, 1943  

Admiral Sherman's TF 38, now including five aircraft carriers, hit Rabaul with 185 planes. The Japanese lose 70 aircraft as well as a light cruiser and 2 destroyers. Japanese counterattacks against the American carriers fail to do any damage.

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November 12, 1943  

The Germans launched division sized combined sea borne and airborne invasion of the British held island of Leros in the Aegean Sea. The British defenders were subjected to heavy air attacks from Stuka dive-bombers as the RAF was unable to provide support to the distant outpost. Heavy fighting ensued.

Soviet forces continue their drive out of Kiev, entering Zhitomir. German resistance grows more serious as reinforcements arrive to begin patching up their shattered lines.

The 52 surviving Japanese aircraft at Rabaul were withdrawn ending the biggest threat to the Marine operations on Bouganville. Many of Japans best pilots were lost in this forlorn campaign.

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November 13, 1943  

Vatutin's Steppe Front captures Zhitomir.

US B-17 bombers hit Tarawa atoll in preparation for the coming invasion.

The 37th Infantry division completes its landing at Bouganville and the 21st Marine Regiment begins landing.

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November 14, 1943  

In a freak accident, President Roosevelt, Generals Marshall and Arnold, Admirals Leahy and King, plus scores of distinguished politicians, and army, naval and air force strategists came under fire while traveling to the the Tehran Conference on board the battleship Iowa. While running a torpedo drill, the US destroyer William D. Porter was targeting the Iowa's #2 magazine, a live torpedo was ejected and headed for the battleship. After maneuvering, the torpedo detonated 1200 feet aft of Iowa in her wake turbulence. When the incident was concluded, Air Force General Hap Arnold leaned over to Fleet Commander Admiral King and asked, "Tell me Ernest, does this happen often in your Navy?"

The Germans begin counterattacks against Vatutin's forces around Zhitomir. The 7th Panzer Division spearheads the attacks which throw the Soviet spearheads into disarray.

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November 15, 1943 

German forces counterattacking against the Steppe Front recapture Zhitomir. The attack is now being executed by the elite 48th Panzer Corps (7 divisions in all).

Attacks in Italy come to a close as bad weather and German reinforcements arrive to shore up the already formidable defenses. 

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