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Vol 134 -To Be a Rock, And Not To Roll

 Publishers Note: This issue was published the night before Livingston resigned.

 Great Career-Ending Quotes

 During my 33-year marriage to my wife Bonnie, I have on
 occasion (that means more than once) strayed from my marriage
 and doing so nearly cost me my marriage and my family,
 but, look on the bright side - I'm no Henry Hyde.

 There are several big differences between my harmless strayings
 and the impeachable high crimes committed by our president.

 First, I never strayed with a woman named Monica.
 The president cannot say the same.

 Second, I've never received oral sex from a woman.
 The president cannot say the same.

 Third, and most important, my party controls congress.
 The president cannot say the same.

 So as you can see, our situations are different.
 It's about the rule of law.

 -- Ex-Squeaker-to-be Livingston (R-Scumbag)

 Sad Mail

 From: (Senator Al)

 >Subject: Re: RL-LNW Vol 133

 >Dear Friend:

 >Your interest in contacting my office is deeply appreciated.
 >However, I am in the process of closing my offices and am,
 >therefore, not able to comment or act on your views or requests.
 >You may wish to contact your Congressman or Senator for
 >any further assistance you may require.

 >Again, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to represent you
 >in the United States Senate over the past 18 years.


 >Alfonse M. D'Amato
 >United States Senator

 Dear Fonz,

 You still going to play poker now & then?
 Your pal,


 Maybe you had a chance to catch Democratic lawyer Abbe Lowell
 when he gave the minority summation?

 (By the way, it's too bad Lowell isn't allowed to take Conyer's
 place on the committee. Conyers seems to be a decent man,
 but he's even worse than Kendall at cross-examining a witness.)

 Lowell said what I have been saying: They've got nothing.

 He said several times:

 "Where, oh where, is a shred of objectivity?
 Where is an iota of evidence?
 Where are the witnesses?
 List for me, the perjurious words that were said.
 How can you taint a witness who isn't a witness?
 If two recollections differ, where do you see perjury?
 Your flood has no water."

This "dignified" process has all the credibility of Prosecutor
Cliff Barnes indicting J.R. Ewing for murder without a body,
without a gun, without a witness or a motive.

 The Republicans are doing whatever Delay tells them.
 It's a 232-dope circle jerk.

"It's about the rule of law," the GOFP insists.

 If this becomes a partisan removal of a popular president,
 and I'm not kidding,
 it might be the beginning of the end.

 For decades to come,
 if the majority CLAIMS a president has lied, ...he's gone.

 Were we invaded?
 Did we lose a war?
 We don't get to choose our presidents from now on?

 I think some sane Republicans need to call a press conference.
 McCain and Dole and Ford and (are there any others?)
 need to get on live TV and say "Enough is enough."

 Somebody has to stop this.

 Ditto-Tang Mail


 Subject: Are you a moron...or just 13 years old?

 Hello Mr. Cop,

 You hide behind fake names and insult people.
 From reading a few of you issues you call people names
 and label them nazis if they dont share your beleifs.
 You have not machured into a better autherr over time this
 must be why the targets of your spite have TV shows and
 hold political offices try to debate issues and not just
 name call and tell bad jokes jokes that are not even
 original or even funny.

 LOL you are amusing

 at least you tryas best you can top refute the truth
 it staggers themind that one could defedn this President's
 behavior publicly. If you are an adult, how can you teach
 your children value with this man as you hero?


 What Total Bullshit

 David Shippers, Majority Counsel for the GOFP, said:

 "On that date, the President met Monica in the White House
  and pulled her into a room and kissed her."


 How could you possibly know that?
 How could you POSSIBLY know that?

 What, did Matt Drudge tell you that?

 Unless Clinton ADMITTED he did that, (he hasn't)  all Shippers could
POSSIBLY know is what "I've-lied-all-my-life" Monica testified to,
 to prevent her parents from going to prison.

 How does that become a "fact?"
 The Judiciary Commiittee has a LOT of "facts" like that.

 They're impeaching our president with "facts" like that.

 "It's about the rule of law," they say.

 Ditto-Tang Mail


 Subject: You know NOTHING!!!!

 This is thebiggest peace of crap I hav ever heard about Rush.
 He everything he says is and always will be the tuth the only
 reason you dont like Rush is because you are one of those Liberals!!!

 I would like to hear from you so you can e-mail me at

 Chris Ferry

 Senator Don Nickles (R-Pig) says he doesn't which way he'll vote.
 He says he wants to "wait and see all the evidence."

 Don Nickles is a goddamn liar.

 Nickels has been predicting this vote since 1/20/93.
 If Don Nickles's kids were trapped in a burning building,
 that bastard would still run to the Capitol to vote against Clinton
 and THEN he'd try to save his kids, if he could find the time.

 "It's about the rule of law," says Don Nickles.

 Don Nickles is a goddamn liar. put things in perspective,

 President George Bush PARDONED members of Reagan's cabinet BEFORE
 their trial to prevent the real truth from ever coming out.
 These truths had to do with arming a terrorist nation with
 state-of-the-art weapons, then lying about it.

 Gee, that's almost like obstructing justice...

 ...and Bill Clinton lied about a blow job?


 Is this really happening?


 Subject: Arianna and Michael Huffington


 I wonder if Arianna was ever sent to the kitchen for butter?
 After all, she's Greek and he's gay.

 You make the connection.
 Back Door Gerbil Pool.



 It's my understanding that Michael Huffington is the only
 Republican who's never cheated on his wife with a woman.

 WASHINGTON (Reuters) - GOP chief impeachment counsel David Schippers
 alleged Thursday he had found additional evidence that President Clinton
 obstructed justice and abused his power, but said he would not make it public at this time.

 ...isn't that EXACTLY the tactic used in McCarthyism?

 "I have proof, but you can't see it?"

 "It's about the rule of law," they say.

 Republicants say we shouldn't ask questions about Starr's vendetta.
 They say the way he finds evidence isn't important.

 Let me propose a hypo:

 Two racist, ditto-monkey cops sit outside a trendy bar,
 like a TGI Fridays or Chili's or Bennigan's.
 As they watch patrons leave the bar, they follow the blacks.

 Just the blacks.

 After they've driven a mile or two, all blacks get pulled over.
 Sure enough, some of them shouldn't be driving.

 The GOFP would say, "See? they're GUILTY!"
 Why ask questions about how the evidence was obtained?
 Why ask questions about the decisions that were made?
 Why question the motives of the white-power extremists?

 "It's about the rule of law,"  they'd claim.

 And aren't you sick of hearing these Republicans whine about
 how "awful" it is to have to cast this hate-filled, nazi vote?

 They're saying:

 "It was the most difficult, impossible, back-breaking decision
 I've ever had to struggle with. I didn't enjoy having to make
 this terrible decision. I undertook this grave responsibility
 with a GREAT deal of soul-searching and inner reflection."

 Then, ...every one of them made the exact same decision.

 Every goddamn one.

 The EXACT same decision.
 What are the odds?

 Funny, if it was "such a struggle," you'd think a third or so
 would've fallen on the other side of the fence, but nooooooo.
 They "struggled" to the exact same conclusion.

 "It's about the rule of law," they each concluded.

 America calls it "lying your ass off."

 Ditto-Tang Mail

 Subject: You were born without a brain!

 You Liberal/Comunists are not very bright....
 Your fearless leader is a fine example of my observation.
 Comunists have no common sensewhatsoever, do you really
 think Clinton is such a great Leader? I guess it's OK for so
 many of Clintons aquintenaces to have been murder.
 "Check it Out" unless your scared....Loser!

 If you want to comment back
 My personal email is

 Oh by the way the clan is not affiliated with the klan.

 I know inthe liberal way of thinking you probably think I am
 some racist KKKmember...far from it actually....Just tired of
 you liberals destroyingmy country with your communist programs


 Great Captain Bullshit Quotes

 Now, ...with Bill Clinton as our Coward-in-Chief,
 we're sending our troops into battle at Christmas.

 We've NEVER done that before, ...NEVER!

 ...well, maybe once before...the Tet Offensive was launched at Christmas,
 but North Vietnam didn't believe in Ramadan, so that was a different situation.

 --Tokyo Rush, 12/17/98 explaining to his flock, clearly

 Ditto-Tang Mail


 Subject: you

 just one read of your whim has left me somewhere in germany
 or russia it is not the america i grew up to your whim is
 without merit.your whim is without substance you lose elwood


 Wait a minute.

 Mary Bono has a vote?
 Mary Bono has a voice on Clinton?
 Mary Bono has a voice on America's future?
 Mary Bono was married to an admitted child rapist.

 Read Sonny's book.

 Cher was 14 when she ran away to live with Sonny.
 Sonny Sweaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaears he didn't touch her
 until she was ...what ...SIXTEEN??????

 What about the rule of law?

 Sonny Bono, a semi-mature adult in his 30's,
 was statutory-raping a wild, 16 year old runaway?

 Who would marry such a monster?

 If Mary Bono is the type of woman who would agree to marry
 an admitted child rapist, should she be judging our president?

 "It's about the rule of law," says Ms. Bono.


 Subject: Re: RL-LNW Vol 133


 stop sending me your stupid fucking newsletter.
 It was halfway funny at first, but it's not funny anymore, not even a little.

 Charles Roberts

 One other thing the Republicans have forgotten:
 Payback can be a mother-effer.

 If the Republicans ever get back in the White House again,
 and the Democrats have just the House, they could investigate
 the hell out of the Republican President and then claim
 they have grounds for impeachment.

 Maybe they'll say "It's about the rule of law."

 Sane Mail


 Subject: Lazy Republicans Vote as Troops Fight

 The Republicans are going to vote to impeach the President on
 Saturday rather than wait till Monday after the bombing of Iraq.
 Lazy House members want to get back home rather than hang around
 Washington waiting for our troops to finish bombing Iraq.
 Republican lawmakers feel inconvenienced by a special trip back
 to Washington to vote for impeachment on Thursday,
 and consider it a burden to wait a few more days.

 The Republicans are on a mission to get Clinton. The troops in
 Iraq don't matter. The will of the American people doesn't matter.
 The hypocrisy of adulterers impeaching the President doesn't matter.
 The right wing extremists control the Republican party and that's
 all that matters. The Republicans may win their impeachment vote,
 but there will be a price to pay.

 Marc Perkel
 Publisher, RL-LNW -- index to my web site

 (edited for length)

 This mess you see on your television?
 This is what happens when you elect Republicans.
 They call this mess "What Clinton did to America."


 Clinton wanted to hide this.
 He did everything he could to hide it.
 The Republicans fanned this little spark into a forest fire,
 and now they want to claim it's Bill Clinton's fault?

 This is the Republican vision of America's future.
 "It's about the rule of law," they claim.

 They know America wants this stopped, right now, but like an animal in mid-rape,
 they're going to have to have their orgasm before somebody stops and says
 "Oh, my God. What have we done?"

 This started out as a stupid circus.
 Then it became the Jerry Springer show, but now it's worse.
 Now it's a fucking Tarantino movie, and it's not over.

 Have you ever seen a Tarantino movie?

 How long before the first bullet is fired?

 You liberals need to re-examine your views on gun control.
 I, BartCop, am prepared to defend BartCop Manor.
 When the GOFP starts reversing election results,
 you don't want to be the only son of a bitch without a gun.

 Remember, they have TWO advantages over us:
 They own 90 percent of all the guns and
 they've been told they'll sit at Allah's side if they kill Bill Clinton.

 The biggest fact that NOBODY has pointed out?

 There was never any reason to investigate Clinton.
 Other than the fact that he kicked Republican ass in
 two elections, there was never any reason to investigate him.
 It's not like Clinton was pulled over for drunk driving,
 and they searched the car and found Monica in the trunk.

 No, that's NOT what happened.

 Clinton was elected by American voters to lead us, and since the
 GOFP claimed his health care plan was "designed to destroy America,"
 spineless weenies elected these Fascists to keep Clinton in line.
 Once the fascists took control, they sought to destroy Clinton.

 They tried Mena airport - dry hole.
 They tried Filegate - dry hole.
 They tried Vince Foster's "murder" - dry hole.
 They tried "Chinese satellite-gate" - dry hole.
 (this part goes on forever, you get the idea...)

 ...but noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

 No evidence, of ANY kind, of anything illegal.

 All they ever found was a lil' blow job,
 so America's history will be changed forever?

 Don't forget:

 Bob Barr (R-Klansmen) started looking into impeachment
 proceedures BEFORE Po' Kenny Starr even filed his report
 and BEFORE anyone ever heard the name "Monica."

 "It's about the rule of law," says Herr Barr.

 The Republicans KNEW they were going to impeach Clinton,
 but they had to come up with a "crime" first.

 Starr went to that panel of judges and said he HAD to look into Monica,
 because it "followed a pattern" Clinton was using to hide "all his crimes."

 But, when it was all over,
 Monica was the only "crime" they could find.


 I suggest we ask Richard Mellon Scarfe for a list of candidates
 against which he would refuse to fund a scandal.

 What's the point of voting if the Republicans can decide to
 impeach our elected leader, THEN go looking for a "crime?"
 They'll simply claim "It's about the rule of law."


 ...I'm worried about the weather.

 If it's cold and raining on election day 2000, some Americans will
 look out and say "There's no reason to get out into that mess.
 The Republicans are just going reverse the election, anyway..."

 That cold rain can be a bitch in November.

 I have a surprise for you.

 My sources in DC say Livingston will NOT be the next Squeaker.
 The GOFP is trying to find a Republican who's NOT a scumbag.

 Six women have claimed affairs with Livingston, and four of them
 will come forward and tell their stories and, ...there's more.

 BartCop prediction:

 In less than a week,
 three or four MORE GOFP Scumbags will be exposed.

 Will there be a trial in the Senate?
 If there is, EIGHT Republican Senators will be exposed.

 Merry Christmas, America.


 This issue of RL-LNW has ended.


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