Vol 223 - Cry Baby Cry

 July 6, 2000

 Subject:  Clinton a good president?


Dear Bartcop,

As I understand it, you believe Clinton was a good president.
I would like to know why.

Do you mean besides the "peace and prosperity" thing?

What has he done for us that no other president has?

If you want a president to do something no other president has done,
admire Ronald Reagan. He spent more money than allllll the presidents
from Washington to Carter combined.

I was under the impression that Clintons whole political career
has been wrought with scandal after scandal.

The Clinton have been ACCUSED of scandal after scandal.
But the most-investigated man in history was found to have
cheated on his wife and trying to keep that hidden.

I could make a list of all the charges leveled against them that
have proven to be groundless, but the internet is only so big.

Is this the so called leadership we want in america?

Too bad we can't let the voters decide that one.
If America chose more peace and prosperity,
you'd say we've lost our moral compass, right?

A legacy of adultery?
A legacy of criminal activity?
A legacy of lies and deceipt?

Compared to whom?
Name for me some honest, loyal-to-their-wives politicians
who've never been accused of lying or committing a crime.

What does this say about the left wing?

What does what say about the left wing?
You have not offered a hypothesis on which to comment.

Gee, I guess democrats just adore criminals.

Yep, that's us.

Thank you,

robert hensley

 BartCop in a Mexican Jail

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 Subject:  The Jesus Haters

 From:  JennyQ1@aol.com

More GOFP confusion:

If Christians believe "innocent people" go to heaven and that fetuses are
"innocent people" being murdered by abortion, why do they feel sorry for
these "innocent people" if they really believe they go to paradise for eternity?

I don't know.  I think if you ask anyone who REALLY believed the innocent are
guaranteed to go to PARADISE for ETERNITY, they would logically also believe
it is worth giving up 80 years of Earthly life for such a GUARANTEE.

This leaves only one possibility.  They don't REALLY believe in the Christian
promise they profess regarding eternal paradise for the sinless.  They are
nonbelievers and hate Jesus and seem to be calling him a liar.

Of course I have asked many of them about this contradiction, and they shift
from expressing concern for the "baby's life" to being oh-so-concerned about
the WOMAN'S soul.

And we all believe the main concern of the Promise Keeper right is the
well-being of "women's souls", don't we?

(ha ha)

You've been reading my mind again.
If you take them at their word, the greatest gift you could ever give
a sincere Christian would be to not let them reach the "age of reason."
For the Caths, that was seven, but they probably changed that, too.

Like you say, anyone who reaches the age of reason risks losing his or her
guarantee of eternal happiness.

We're not talking about tickets to the game.
We're talking a guarantee of eternal happiness.

It's just more proof that their story won't hold up.

Rick the Lick More Guilty than Previously Thought

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From:  JennyQ1@aol.com

Subject: The Patriot

You shoulda seen the Freakpers crying about how Perfect Storm made
mincemeat out of The Patriot.  You would have thought El Pigboy had died
they way they carried on.  The funniest part is that they blamed the "liberal media".

It seems Mel Gibson has replaced Tim McVeigh with the Dittospanks
as their fave patriot of the day.

ha ha

When is Maureen Dowd coming back to work?

 From: Tim_Ebben@edm1.com

 Subject: Giuliani's dad


 www.thesmokinggun.com has pictures of Giuliani's dads arrest report
 and parole info as well as an interview with the man he mugged, but since
 he wasn't a black immigrant they only arrested him instead of shooting him.

 ha ha

 Good one, Tim

 From: AJS <wittnietz@datatek.com

 Subject: Life begins at conception?

 You wrote:

 >Maybe I'm the first pro-choicer to say this, (and I'm not a doctor)
 >but I'll conceed that life begins at conception.

 First of all, that's "concede," not "conceed."

 Second, if life begins at conception then because about seventy percent of a
 woman's *fertilized* ova get flushed out of her body during that lovely week that
 happens once a month, I guess that makes most women serial killers in your opinion.

 Third, life does not begin at conception. Life began about six billion
 years ago. Human life began several hundred thousand years ago.

 Get your facts straight, please.

 --Aaron Snyder

 Well, I do believe I've just been attacked by a pro-choice extremist!
 That's a first for me.

 1. You are correct.
     In the old days, I'd stare at a column for 2-3 weeks before I published
     and it was easier to spot a spelling error when I was a tortoise.
     It's nice to have friends point out my mistakes.

 2. One of us failed biology.
     If 70 % of the "fertilized" ova leaves, that means 30 % of the fertilized stays.
     Are you saying the average pregnancy has more than one egg?
     How many fertilized eggs do you think there are in one pregnancy?

 3.  That's just what I was trying to avoid - nonsense cliches.
     You could've added to the discussion, but you attacked, instead.
      I'm going to let you get away with it.
      I recognize you as a frequent submitter.


 Rush just said the NRA allows communists to enroll in their group.

 More on that SA thing

 Shortly after Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, he found that the Sturmabteilung (SA)
 which had helped bring him to power was becoming a catastrophic liability for him. It had
 failed to maintain internal discipline against corrupt practices, and many of its leaders were
 openly homosexual. Further, the SA wanted to merge with the army, and have its
 members granted equivalent ranks in the army (for which many were unqualified).
 The SS had its own axe to grind. Gallo's "The Night of Long Knives" explains how these
 problems all came together and culminated in the eradication of the hierarchy of the SA,
 and left Hitler as the uncontested Fuhrer.


So, the Nazi's had their own homosexual community, just like today's GOP.
(John Kasich, call your office.)

Does anyone know if Hitler's boys used Hampsters?

 Breaking News from Starnews.com

Lugar's Son Arrested for Marijuana Possession
 Associated Press     July 6, 2000

GREENFIELD, Ind. -- McCordsville Town Manager Robert Lugar, the son of Sen. Dick
Lugar, bonded out of jail today after being arrested for felony marijuana possession.
A Hancock County sheriff's deputy checking a vehicle with expired license plates
Wednesday arrested Robert Lugar, 40, a short distance from his home in Indianapolis.
     Lugar pleaded not guilty during his initial court appearance this morning and posted
$200 bond, his attorney, John Davis, said.

    "I think he's a little shocked, but beyond that I can't really go into the discussions I
have had with my client," Davis said. Lugar could not be reached for comment today.
    McCordsville, where Lugar has been town manager for 18 months, is just inside
the Hancock County line, a few miles from Lugar's home.
    Lugar's Jeep had expired plates, so Deputy Troy Cross had pulled him over and
was giving him a ticket "when he noticed the smell of marijuana coming from Lugar
and from the Jeep," Hancock County Sheriff Nick Gulling said.

    Lugar gave Cross permission to search the vehicle, and the deputy said he found a
plastic bag filled with marijuana under a floor mat on the passenger side of the vehicle.
   "(Lugar) denied the marijuana was his," Gulling said.

 Well, whose pot was he smoking?

 From:  rhodes@nortelnetworks.com

 Subject: What is an SA Pervert?

 Perhaps this idiot was referring to Hitler's Brownshirted Stormtroopers.
 The official name was "SturmArbitlung", hence the S.A.
 Their leader. Ernst Roehm, was a notorious homosexual, and when Hitler
 finally decided to cash in that check (read here liquidate his potential rivals)
 Roehm was found in bed with another man.

 Bill Rhodes

 Celebrity Dingbat Mail

 From: KellyAnne Fitzpatrick
 Fitzpatrick Polling Associates

 To: George W. Bush's Handlers

 Subject: Polls and Focus Groups

 Dear Mr. Bush's Handlers:

 Per your instructions, I have conducted a poll of 1,024 adults and have discovered that
 a vast majority (78.3%) are distrustful of politicians who use polls to formulate policy.

 I followed up the poll with a focus group--as you requested--and I have
 reached the following conclusions:

 * The voting public doesn't like political leaders who use focus groups.
 * Gore is vulnerable to charges that he uses focus groups.
 * Mr. Bush should use surrogates to attack Mr. Gore for using focus groups.

 Al Gore is a smart and honest man, and his camp will expectedly counter your
 absurd attack with a statement to the effect that you use polls and focus
 groups also. We tried this argument on our focus group, and we found that
 the focus group responded positively to the following lie:

 "Al Gore uses polls and focus groups to find out what he thinks, but we only
 use polls and focus groups to find out how to best get our message across."
 (It is important that you not snicker when saying this.)

 A detailed report is enclosed, as is an invoice for my services.
 Your volume discount rate is reflected in the invoice total.

 Seig Heil Have a Nice Day,

 KellyAnne Fitzpatrick
 Republican Pollster,
 Knob Goblin

 Marc Perkel, publisher of  bartcop.com  and Republican candidate
 for the US Senate was published again in today's USA Today.

 From: marc@perkel.com

 Subject:  Clinton should be disbarred!

 The Arkansas Supreme Court has filed suit against President Clinton
 stating that Clinton's conduct ''damages the legal profession and demonstrates
 a lack of overall fitness to hold a license to practice law''. All states have their
 "Rules of Professional Conduct" that holds lawyers to a very high standard of
 ethical behavior. Most people don't know it but a lawyer can be disbarred
 for making a misleading argument in court.

 As you might have guessed, even though these rules are on the books,
 they are rarely if ever enforced. The Rules of Professional Conduct are little
 more than a prop to create the illusion of ethical standards in the mind of the public.
 In practice lawyers, judges, and prosecutors are some of the most dishonest,
 deceptive, and unethical people I've ever met. It's somewhat laughable that
 they are truly offended about someone who lies about a sexual encounter.

 I think it would be a good precedent for Clinton to be disbarred because
 if they can disbar the president for lying about sex, then they can disbar lawyers,
 judges, and prosecutors for the ethical lapses of everyday court business.
 This would set an example that could lead to tens of thousands of lawyers
 being disbarred for similar breaches of the rules. It could lead to really cleaning up
 a badly broken justice system. And for that reason, I am confident that Clinton
 will not be disbarred. Lawyers and judges take care of themselves first.

 For further reading: People before Lawyers
 The rights of the people come before the profit of lawyers.

 From: illham@arn.net

 Subject: Rush

 If Rush is a German Gasbag then you have to be  a Communist Pig.


 I see your logic...

  This is no drill!

 USA Today reports Houston's air is "UNHEALTHY!"

 If you're young,
 if you're old,
 if you're an air breather,
 you need to stay INSIDE today because Houston's air in "UNHEALTHY!"

 Gov. Smirk,
 Why did you take those campaign contributions from the big polluters?

 Gov. Smirk,
 Why did you relax the quality air standards in Texas?

 Gov. Smirk, how long?
 If you win in November, (snicker) how long will it take
 for America's air to look just like Houston's air?

 Gov. Smirk,
 How could you?

 From: JBuc236540@cs.com

 Subject: Sucker

 Limbaugh a lying NAZI whore.

 You're a homosexual SA pervert.

 ha ha

 I'm so white, I don't even know what an SA pervert is!
 I'm showing my age.
 We didn't have SA pervs back in the 70's.

 Don't get me wrong, it sounds plenty bad,
 but since I'm not homosexual,
 I'll just have to hope I'm not an "SA pervert."

 ha ha

 ...any guesses?

 From:  damientobin@hotmail.com

 Subject: Honest

 In a recent issue you asked if there was an "honest pro-lifer out there."
 I'm writing in because I think that description could fit me.
 I am, in fact, pro-life. I'm also anti-pig. The thought of Bush, the brain dead,
 big-business yes-man becoming president makes me shudder.
 I roll my eyes at Dr. Laura, and wonder how anyone can be so bigoted
 yet still claim to be close to God.

 However, the fact of the matter is that you and I agree on just about every point,
 except regarding abortion. Honestly. I'm not some whacko trying to bomb clinics
 (those people disgust and confuse me). Nor do I think protests should be held
 right outside those clinics. We both believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of
 happiness, we just disagree on exactly when that life begins.

 Damien Tobin

 Damien, nice letter.
 Two things:
 1. I wish, when you spoke of Dr Laura, you would have addressed her hiding behind
     the Bible, using it to justify her bigotry. If I was a religious man, it would be
     fightin' time when someone used MY God to justify personal attacks.
     I wish more religious people felt like me.

 2. I'm not sure we disagree on when life begins.
     Maybe I'm the first pro-choicer to say this, (and I'm not a doctor) but I'll conceed
     that life begins at conception. That's the first time I've said that, so I may need a
     "whiff" of rebuttal before I put that in stone. That's not a change of my part.
     It's a declaration/concession, to move the argument along. At the very least life
     begins when it can live without the mother, which gets into weird PBA territory.

     I always think it's so counter-productive for a pro-lifer to say,
     "Of COURSE it's a baby. Do you think it'll grow up to be a cow?"

     I've said it before, that I'm 55/45 on abortion. I understand the seriousness of
     terminating a pregnancy, but I think the mother's rights outweigh the rights of the fetus.
     For years, I've semi-baited my own side, saying I don't know ANYONE who
     is pro-abortion, hoping someone would step up so I could hear their views before
     I thrashed them for being so cavalier with the "baby's" life.
     (I'd like to stop putting "baby" and "life" in quotes, but the minute I do,
      some ditto-spank will write with his lil'  "gotcha.")

     I think more people need to be honest, like you and I were.
     The problem won't get any better until the honest people speak.
     I credit Clinton for starting the dialog with his vow of,
      "Safe, legal and rare."

     People who disagree with that are extremists.

 From: astod@frontiernet.net

 Subject: Why I cannot listen to Dr. Laura anymore

 Now that my kids ages 7 & 9 are out of school for the summer,
 I can no longer listen to Dr Laura.  Why may you ask?

 Well because she talks about sex, molestation, bad mothers and fathers,
 drugs and the list goes on. I really don't shield my kids from too much and
 I try to be honest with them when they ask me questions, but Dr. Laura
 is just too filthy for me to listen to with my kids.

 I am totally serious about this one.
 I question the parents who let their kids even call!

 Ann Stoddard

 I think she's just out to prove she can spread her legs on the radio, too.

  I agree with this John Kasich statement:

 "I can't wait to see Al Gore take the stage in a debate with Gov Bush."

 ha ha

 We can tell you're lying, John.
 If Smirk gets out of these debates without having to perform
 oral sex on Al Gore, I'll conceed Smirk won the debate.

 From: Dave.Hardison@co.orange.fl.us

 Subject: Public Prayer

 The Republican Platform calls for "voluntary" prayer in schools. No sane
 person would disagree with that, but are we talking about prayer, or PUBLIC
 prayer? When Rush gives anecdotes about people being "prohibited" from
 praying at a football game, he is talking about PUBLIC prayer.

 PUBLIC prayer is not voluntary, is not legal, and is not moral. The Bible
 repeatedly condemns public prayer.(*) If Rush and the horse molester are
 so fired up about "voluntary" public prayer, why don't we ever hear a quick
 appeal to the almighty on the air? ("Dear Lord, please make my personal
 attacks stick in the hearts of my enemies. And please don't let anyone find
 out how I really feel about sheep.")

 They both know perfectly well that public prayer is wrong, they are just
 harping on it because it seems like a good opportunity to make the White
 House look bad. Sometimes I get the impression that Rush rejoices when
 American schools fail. He would rather have something to blame on Clinton
 than see America do well. Rush has a sickness, an obsession, so big that
 even right and wrong are less important to him than the ability to attack
 Clinton at every turn.

 (*) Matthew 6:5
 "And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing
 in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth,
 they have received their reward in full.  But when you pray, go into your room,
 close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father,
 who sees what is done in secret, will reward you."

 Chinaco Discovery

 Click  Here

 I have in my hand the newest AP poll

 They show Smirk at 40 %, Gore at 39 %.

 Al, it's too soon!
 Wait another few weeks before you open 'er up!

 From: monarcc@uswest.net

 Subject: pigbo's daddy

 I noted your reference about fuck-monkey Rush's sainted daddy writing something
 about the Founding Fathers. I read a post on Lucianne.com on July 4th that said
 Rush's old man had stolen it from someone and did nothing but change a few adjectives.
 The poster is highly credible.

 Just wanted to pass it along.


 If it was on The Bat's website, it must be true.

 Bob Shrum last night on Crossfire:

 The Fox Whore News poll shows Bush ahead by only four points.
 Since Fox Whore News is lying, that means Gore is really ahead.

 Al, it's too soon!
 Wait another few weeks before you open 'er up!

 How tight is Frank Keating's lock on the VP spot?

This Just In...

GOP to showcase lone negro at convention!

Proving that there are blacks in the GOP, they once again are giving
Uncle OJ Watts a top spot at their hate convention in Philladelphia this month.

Uncle OJ is proof that a black person can go far in the GOP.
Why, every time there's a camera around, Uncle OJ gets pushed to
the front of the line to show America the GOP isn't as racist as they seem.

Good for you, OJ!

Why, if you weren't willing to shill for the harsh polities of the GOP,
they'd have to find a different negro to sell out his people for money and power.

We're proud of you, OJ!
Oklahoma is proud of you,
the KKK is proud of you,
and the CCC is proud of you.

You're a credit to the white race.

Clinton is no Nixon
 Memo to Horowitz:
"The most criminal, most corrupt, most cynical administration" isn't the current one, pal.

By Joe Conason

July 06, 2000 | Urging the hyperbolic Salon columnist David Horowitz to calm down
and cite facts instead of spewing insults seems as pointless as asking a dog not to
defecate on the sidewalk. In either instance, the result is always and predictably the
same: Somebody has to clean up a stinking pile. This chore is left to me, since
Horowitz blurted my name while unburdening himself.

Shovel in hand, I wonder where to begin. My colleague has blanketed an extensive area
with his rhetorical excretions. Consider his opening assertion that the Clinton administration
is "the most criminal, most corrupt, most cynical administration in American history."

How best to respond to this banal, flatulent oratory? "Cynical" refers to a state of mind,
after all,  and thus cannot be measured in any meaningful way. While Horowitz may genuinely
believe Clinton is more cynical than any previous president, he certainly can't prove it.
"Corrupt" is almost equally vague, since it can denote moral, ethical or legal decadence.

Ah, but "criminal" is a word possessing a specific meaning in our language and laws.
The criminality of any political administration can be determined, at least in some roughly
quantifiable sense, by the number of indictments and convictions amassed against its officials.

Ediotr's Note: In Vol 220, something similar was written:
 Anybody, even a brain-dead Republican hack, can throw around adjectives like,
 "criminal, corrupt and cynical" because adjectives can't be measured.
 But "felonies" and "pardons" can be measured by simply COUNTING them,
 so Horowitz wisely avoids getting tangled in bad behavior that can be measured.

That's why Ulysses S. Grant still is regarded by serious historians as titleholder of
"most criminal administration." The Whiskey Ring scandal alone led to indictments of 238
individuals, nearly half of whom were convicted; a great many of them were federal officials.
Grant's eight years in office saw several other major blowups, too, including the Credit Mobilier
and Sanborn contracting affairs.

By any such objective measurement, President Clinton compares favorably not only with
Grant but with two more recent presidents brought to power by the Grand Old Party.
(In case any readers aren't aware, the GOP also happens to be the party which Horowitz,
through his various "nonpartisan" tax-exempt fronts, serves as both a leading pamphleteer and
a prodigious fundraiser, who organized $100,000 or more in contributions to George W. Bush.)

Equating the late Richard Nixon with Bill Clinton is an absurdity promoted by Republican
partisans since the beginning of the Whitewater pseudo-scandal. Notwithstanding Clinton's
own generous eulogy at the time of the former president's death, it is truly audacious of
Horowitz to reduce the vast culpability of Nixon and his gang to the erasure of an 18-minute
tape that "allegedly" -- a word Horowitz uses sparingly indeed -- proved obstruction of justice.

Actually, there are several audible tapes that amply demonstrate Nixon's gangsterism,
in particular the infamous "smoking gun" tape of June 23, 1972. More importantly, the Watergate
coverup was merely the most publicized offense of a White House that was the scene of a dozen
desperate criminal conspiracies, including multiple burglaries of its "enemies"; bribery of witnesses
with suitcases full of cash; blatant extortion of milk producers, ITT, Howard Hughes and other
corporate contributors; siphoning of illegal campaign money from the Greek military dictatorship;
and gross misuse of the CIA, the FBI and the IRS.
And that's just the executive summary of Nixonian felonies.

The gallery of rogues working for Nixon could have filled several cellblocks, from the
vice president, two former attorneys general, the White House chief of staff and various
presidential aides, all the way down to the bent bureaucrats and gun-toting thugs who
staffed CREEP, the Committee to Reelect the President.

On a somewhat pettier scale, Tricky Dick increased his personal wealth three times over
during his first term as president, thanks to sleazy deals with his various pals, and the old
reprobate cheated on his federal taxes, too. He was spared a long prison term only for the
sake of the nation's future. (In fairness, it should probably be noted that he never fibbed
about a sexual liaison.)

Ronald Reagan was a sunnier personality than Nixon, more inclined to naps than wiretaps.
But his two terms were likewise rife with governmental wrongdoing, most notably the gross
corruption (in that word's legal sense) of top federal agencies such as the EPA, HUD and
the Defense Department, all of which suffered major scandals that ended in criminal prosecutions.

Attorney General Ed Meese resigned in disgrace and narrowly escaped indictment by then-U.S.
Attorney Rudy Giuliani in the aftermath of the Wedtech influence-peddling scandal, which also led
o the conviction (later reversed) of Reagan aide Lyn Nofziger, as well as a couple of Democratic
members of Congress.

Toward the end came the Iran-Contra affair: an epoch-making disaster in which repeated
and  constitutionally significant falsehoods of Reaganite "patriots," uttered under oath,
were glossed over  and excused by the same people who have lately become so exercised
over Clinton's comparatively trivial lies.

Reagan himself was untruthful when he denied trading arms for hostages with the Iranian regime,
a transaction Horowitz would no doubt have denounced as "treasonous" if perpetrated by a
Democrat. Several of Reagan's indicted subordinates, including two national security advisors
and various CIA officers, avoided prison when their convictions were overturned because of
prosecutorial problems that conservatives like Horowitz normally disdain as "legal technicalities."

By contrast, the scandal stories of the Clinton years have largely turned out to be duds,
despite several of the most costly, time-consuming investigations in modern history.
Yes, Clinton lied about his dalliances with Monica, and his administration has scarcely
been sleaze-free. But Travelgate ended the other day without a single indictment,
the same conclusion reached in Filegate three months ago.

Whitewater resulted in convictions of the Clintons' former business partners
(who had rooked them) and various other people for offenses wholly unrelated
to the president and first lady. The only administration official ever indicted in Whitewater
was Webster Hubbell, whose swindling of his former clients and law partners
(including Hillary Rodham Clinton) predated his appointment to the Justice Department.

The independent counsel probes of three or four Clinton cabinet secretaries also were fruitless.
Former HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros was at long last convicted of the rather dinky offense
of lying about a payment to his one-time mistress -- but again, that was a misdemeanor
that had nothing to do with his official conduct.

As for the fundraising investigations, it's true that some of what Clinton and Gore did to fill
Democratic coffers in 1996 was distasteful. What several of their thousands of contributors did
was illegal. Yet Republican candidates, donors and fundraisers were guilty of the same or worse
in that election cycle and those which preceded it.

These days, the vice president is the target of an ongoing campaign of calumnies and distortions,
which I plan to examine in a future column. (Meanwhile, see the excellent Daily Howler.)
But for now, let it simply be said that Horowitz's evaluation of the allegations against Gore
is as feverish, fact-free and fundamentally phony as the rest of his argument.

 Finally, a Job Offer!

 From:  thein3546@yahoo.com

 Subject: RE:Hire Bartcop


 After browsing your website, and noting your abilities for debate, we have a spot
 for you here at KDCT 98.1 Radio. We are a small country western station in the
 heart of North Dakota. As noted above, after observing your talents, I have personally
 recommended you to our senior vice president in charge of the stables, Dan Ritcoff.

 With your god given ability for shoveling bullshit, we both feel that you would be a
 perfect addition to our stable crew for the annual Dakota Rodeo Competition which we
 sponsor every year. We offer competitive wages and a great work enviroment.
 Benefits include two fifteen minutes breaks and one 30 minute lunch(off the clock
 off course). Please bring own shovel. You may stop by our offices between
 8:30 to 5:00 Mon-Fri, or Sat from 12-3, to complete contract. We look forward to
 working with you in the upcoming days.


 Janet Offten
 Executive Producer

 I'm excited.
 This is the best offer I've received so far!!


 I just heard this strange piece of news on NPR's All Things Considered

 They were doing a story on Bush's campaign advisor Karl Rove.
 To get the story the NPR reporter
 "...had to surrender his drivers license to get into the Bush campaign HQ."

 I thought this was very strange and telling. Here it is 5-6 months from the story
 Linda and Bev broke in the onlinejournal.com (What's 'W' hiding?) about
 the switch and issuance of GW's 'secret' new driver's license, and THE
 Bush Campaign deems it significant enough to DEMAND this information
 from REPORTERS, but STILL can't explain WHY or WHEN George Jr.
 got his own 'new' drivers license.


 Can you feel the excitement starting to build?
 Is this the month Humpty Dumpty has his great fall?

 WHY did Smirk need an entrirely new driver's license number?
 What was wrong with the old one?

 Who is the mysterious George W. Bush Jr who got a social security number
 when he was born in 1977 or so, and why was that number discontinued?

 Did GWBush Jr die?
 Or was his named changed?

 What was the cause of death OR why was his name changed?
 Who was that baby's father, (cough) OR how much was she paid to change it?

 How many DWI's are on Smirk's OLD driver's license number?
 Is it legal to hide past felonies?

 Where was Smirk for that year he was AWOL?

 Who has the mug shot of Smirk's cocaine arrest?

 ...and what about that story that will break on  bartcop.com  this month?

 Will anyone in the Smirk camp be able to explain it away?

 A Bill Maher Story

 Click  Here

 From:  skisics@yahoo.com

 Subject: Reagan Paradise

 As we look back at the 80ís it occurs to me
 Conservatives want things the way they used to be
 They want the deficits going very high
 Cause itís the corporation bonds they want to buy
 They want the threat of war over our head
 So they can rattle their swordís and make more dead
 They wanted to sell missiles to enemies of the state
 And tore up the constitution, they just couldnít wait
 Say the government is crooked and canít be trusted
 Yet it turns out most of their crooks have been busted
 Toted guns down south in an undeclared war
 They believed in mayhem like never before

 They want to ruin all our lives
 Living in a Reagan Paradise
 No more government in our lives
 Living in a Reagan Paradise
 Give the corporations our lives
 Living in a Reagan Paradise
 Pushing the deficits out of site
 Living in a Reagan Paradise

 Conservatives want to turn back the countryís clock
 Back to when Reagan and Bush put us in hock
 Theyíd go back even further if they could
 Where women and blacks donít vote, yes they would
 They want things like they were in the 80ís
 Where the only oneís making it were GOP buddies
 Reagan ran up the deficit, they canít take that back
 Now conservatives say it was the best thing, imagine
 Making our kids and their kids pay off debt
 Why thatís just another GOP losing bet
 And they want to put more Supreme Court judges
 Who have no more thought processes then sponges

 (Can you say Thomas?)

 They want to ruin all our lives
 Living in a Reagan Paradise
 No more government in our lives
 Living in a Reagan Paradise
 Give the corporations our lives
 Living in a Reagan Paradise
 Pushing the deficits out of site
 Living in a Reagan Paradise

 So now the GOP is pushing for more tax cuts
 They say it will stimulate the economy, what nuts
 Greenspanís been trying to slow down the train
 Yet the GOP keeps crying out Reaganís refrain
 Itís so clear that Republicanís just donít care
 They know that the corporations will pay their fare
 And put the screws on the little guys, like you and me
 Just so that Republicans can be even more greedy

 They want to ruin all our lives
 Living in a Reagan Paradise
 No more government in our lives
 Living in a Reagan Paradise
 Give the corporations our lives
 Living in a Reagan Paradise
 Pushing the deficits out of site
 Living in a Reagan Paradise

 skisics surus

 Campaign Tidbits from Tamara Baker
   She hits hard for a girl!


 A CONVICTED bank robber was making the rounds at Rick Lazio's $1 million
 fund-raiser this week - not to grab any cash, but to pitch in on the campaign.
 Arnold Moskowitz, who was found guilty in the 1977 armed heist of $279,000
 from a Chemical Bank branch in Brooklyn, was serving as a Lazio volunteer
 staffer to screen contributors who were entering a private photo session with
 the Republican candidate.

 A longtime GOP operative and former driver for state economic-development
 czar Charles Gargano, Moskowitz told people at the Tuesday-night event at the
 Sheraton that he is "helping out" on Lazio's campaign.

 Lazio spokesman Michael Marr said Moskowitz has "no role in this campaign,
 official or unofficial."

 Moskowitz - who was given a suspended sentence - maintains his innocence in
 the bank job. Among those urging leniency was then-U.S. Sen. James Buckley
 (C-N.Y.), who had Moskowitz on his payroll at the time.

 None of the loot has been recovered.

 AND,  from the "See, I Told You So" files...

 Hillary really is a Yankee fan - and now there's proof!

 Evidence has surfaced that well before she got a gleam in her eye to become a
 senator from New York, Clinton was proclaiming her love for the Bronx Bombers.

 At a White House picnic in 1994 honoring filmmaker Ken Burns' "Baseball" documentary,
 Clinton told a Washington Post reporter that, as a young girl in Illinois, she was a "big time" fan
 of the Chicago Cubs and the Yankees.

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