Volume 352 - Dec 9, Our Last Day as Free People

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..John Lennon - Twenty Years Gone              .Where were you when you heard?

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 Paul Begala  is in a pretty good mood, as you can imagine.

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 Great Republican Quotes

 "Candy Crowley is a veritable landmark in Austin."
      -- Mary Matalin, just now, on Crossfire

 Mary, that wasn't very nice.
 By the way, does that mean she can been seen from the space shuttle?

 It Depends On What the Meaning of  'Disenfranchise'  Is
  another great rant from Christian Mitchell-Livemore

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 Democrats: We should count the votes and see who won the election.

 Republicans:But we hate Clinton!
                       We hate Clinton's cock, too!
                       And we hate Al Gore, too.
                       We hate a lot of people!
                       We want to win real, real bad!
                       We are pissed off as hell!

                       Don't count the votes!
                       Don't count the votes!
                       Don't count the votes!
                       Don't count the votes!
                       Don't count the votes!
                       Don't count the votes!

                       ...is the goon squad here yet?
                       Let's set some fires to show America how monkey-like we can be!

 Peggy Noonan wrote a great column for mediawhoresonline.com

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  We must learn in this life that the Christ Porpoises we come to depend on from
  above to give us unearned victories to which our basic goodness entitles us,
  sometimes may refuse for reasons known only to them, to lend us their snouts
  as it were, and wash us ashore to our safe havens of tranquility and sand.

  ha ha

 The John Lennon story page has tripled in size and more stories are coming.
 I'll let you know when the next page goes up.

 Marc Perkel is changing servers or something techincal, so the mail is temp down.

 Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!     Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
 It's not fair!   Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
 The Florida Supreme Court doesn't know the Florida laws as good as me!
 It's not fair!  Smirk will lose if we count all the votes!
 I'm an important bastard!     Don't you remember Desert Storm?

 Great Son of a Bitch Quotes

 "That spokesman for the Florida Supreme Court is a sweaty weasel."
    -- that son of a bitch Jim Inhofe, (R-Pissquik) current US Senator from Oklahoma
       throwing a temper-tantrum against a completely innocent man.

       How in the wide, wide world of sports do you call the spokesman
       for the Florida Supreme Court a "sweaty weasel"?

       This prick is a cureent US Senator, and if the whore press was doing their job
        they would expose this insane snake-handler for the pig he really is.

      They looooooooove Senator Pissquik in "Education is bad" shit-hole called Oklahoma.

 Quotes to Come

 "Of course we want every vote to be counted.
  We always wanted every vote counted.
  That's the cornerstone of our democracy."
    --the lying Smirk, any minute now...

 Truest cartoon I've seen in a long time...

 Great, Great Republican Quotes

 "Live from Austin, they are huddled in a bunker here.
   For this Bush team, the bigger the crisis, the longer the meeting
   and this is a HUGEGEGEGEGE crisis for the Bush camp."
   -- Candy Crowley, opening weeping that her hero's in trouble

 Great GOP Quotes

 "There are few, ....more noble gestures to democracy than counting every vote."
    -- George W Bush, Governor of the state of Texas

 No, no, wait, I'm sorry, that's not right.
 Smirk is spending MILLIONS to prevent every vote from being counted.
 If they count the votes, his lying bony ass goes back to Texas a certified loser.
 He's got to break the "One man-one vote," American promise to win this election.

 My mistake...

 Florida Supreme Court Demands Recount

  Ain't nothing over yet.

 Great Understated Quotes

 "Weeks ago we said we were in uncharted waters.
   With the new Florida Supreme Court ruling for Gore,
   I'd say now we have broken free of the Earth's gravity."
     -- Oh, Mr Greenfield on CNN

 Gore loses two big rulings

 The judges ruled that Bush's CIA people tampering with 15,000 votes
 didn't effect an election that was won by 577 votes.

 Sounds fair to me!

 Sounds about as fair as Fox News hriring Smirk's cousin to call the race for Smirk,
 knowing that the lazy whore other netwroks would follow them like drunken sheep,
 causing the nation to go to bed with the notion  "Thank God that ugly mess is over."

 So - Smirk's cousin called the race for Smirk even when he didn't have the votes.
 This is a vote in a state run by Snirk's brother, and whose votes are certified by Smirk's
 Florida campaign manager while the Smirk lawyers oppose an accurate recount.

 Meanwhile,  the mob of now-identified Republican thugs,
 no doubt under the watchful eye of the police force run by Smirk's brother,
 scare the lazy-ass Democrats counting the votes because they wanted their turkey.

 All this done in plain sight of America's whore media.
 They've wanted President Smirk from the git-go, so they helped.

 Explain this to me:

 The press is sitting on all these stories, like the abortion story, the AWOL story etc.
 They know it's there but they refuse to report it.
 But if a scumbag like Drudge runs it, then the whore metwork will run a story saying
 that Drudge is running the story, instead of doing their own investigation on the facts
 and reporting results they know themselves to be true.

 But noooooooooo.
 They're the lazy whore press.
 "Call me if it's Clinton's cock, otherwise I'll print whatever Austin faxes me."

 Why does this piss me off so much?

 They refuse to report stories they KNOW are true, but they ran with Smirk's cousin's
 wild-ass projection of the Florida winner having no idea in the world if it was true or not,
 and that's even AFTER they fucked the original call a few hours earlier.

 In closing, (applause) some indisputable facts:

 1. The "landslide" turned out to be a popular Al Gore victory.
 2. His brother's state had tons of irregularities.
 3. Jeb recused, because everyone knows he can't be expected to be impartial.
 4. Harris stays on, saying everyone knows she can be expected to be impartial.
 5. Bush-era CIA people were left alone with 15,000 ballots for three weeks.
 6. The courts can't find a reason to order a recount since Harris certified the votes

 ...making the cheated-out-of-victory Al Gore the bad guy for prolonging Florida's mess,
 and leaving a majority of Americans forced to live under a president they didn't want.

He is the unelected Smirk.

 This is one of the great ironies of the election.

 During the Lewinsky hearing, Michael Leach posted
 an essay on FreeRepublic.com titled: It's The Law, Stupid.

 In it he states "A felony is a felony."
 He argues that Clinton perjured himself and should go to jail.

 Turns out he's one of the people who added the voter id numbers to the ballot
 request forms in Seminole County.  And during his deposition he responds (under oath)
 that he didn't do anything wrong and that he had no idea it was wrong.
 He was merely "correcting the ballots."

 He also cops an Ollie North plea that he's a military man and he was "just following orders."
 Republican hypocrisy at his best.
      --Bush Watcher

 How dirty are Jeb's House and Senate leaders?

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From:  DDThinkFree@aol.com

Subject:  Rush's past firings

   Doesn't everyone love how Rush brags about being fired from radio stations when
he was younger?   "Yes, that's when I was at <fill in obscure radio station's call letters here>,
but that's before they FIRED me!

Yes, they FIRED me, FIRED me because I was too contraversial, ladies and gentlemen!
They didn't like what I had to say! They didn't want me to talk about my opinions!
But I did anyway, and they FIRED me!

Yes, I've been FIRED from many a station, my friends my friends!
My friends, I was FIRED from..."

  Yeah, we get it, Rush. You were such a frigging outlaw that they had to fire you.
  It's another example of Limbaugh trying waaaay too hard to be Howard Stern.
"Hey, I'm outrageous, too!" Sure you are, Rush.

  Hell, one of the reasons he was "fired" was because he kept the Stones' "Under My Thumb"
on a repetitive rotation and wouldn't let up; he apparently loved the theme of the song
(which is about a man keeping a woman under his control; and don't fuckin' start on me about
"Aw you whiney Liberal!", I happen to like the Stones and don't mind the song because it's pure
symbolism--not that I would play it over and over until someone was forced to fire me).

  It's just a little pathetic that Rush has to keep reminding his sheep what a radio "bad boy" he
used to be when no one ever heard of him because he was going under the name of Jeff Christie
(and don't EVEN get me started on the implications of the fey fake name). Funny, usually when
people are so crazy and wild they don't need to TELL people "I'm crazy and wild!," because
people already know that from listening to them.
You don't hear Stern saying "Hey everyone, I'm outrageous today!" People already know.

    Hey Rush, if you're such an outlaw, show some balls and take a Liberal caller more than
once every week or so. Debate someone for once in your cowardly life if you're such a madman
of the airwaves. But don't sit there in your cushy chair behind the "Golden EIB Microphone"
and proclaim your outrageousness to your listeners and expect the non-zombified ones to believe
it. You're about as ribald and rebellious as a peanut butter sandwich.

"I was FIRED, ladies and gentlemen! FIRED!!! See, I'm crazy!!"
Ah shuttup.

Douglas Daniels

From: robjefdad@earthlink.net

Subject: absentee ballots and remedies

I don't guess Judge Clark will go as far as to throw out the ballots this afternoon.

I hope that the powers that be forgive me for my craving for revenge, but I hope that in lieu
of tossing the ballots, the remedy is full blown felony prosecution for the lady that let those
people get their hands on those applications.  I know she's older but I really don't care.

If we all gotta live with an asshole for Smirk for the next 4 years, then I could rest easier
knowing that she's doing a little time in her golden years for her vile actions.


I agree.
This "I didn't mean to steal the will of the people" doesn't change what she did.
Besides, she knew what she was doing well enough to deny the Democrats.
It wasn't like some guy said, "I hear to fix the plumbing" and she let him in.

From:  Mshotz@aol.com

Subject:  Homosexual=Nazi Connection

I read your piece about Elton John playing in your hometown of "Knuckle Drag" and how
the Conservatives seems to momentarily forget he was "one of them there homo-sexuals"

I wonder if these neo-nazi conservative would know that if it was not for
homosexuals, Hitler would probably never gotten into power.

During the early days of the party, they formed the SA or brownshirts to be
the party's security force. They marched in parades and fought running street
battles with their political enemies (mostly communists, but also the
Social-Democrats and Socialists) . They helped the National Socialist German
Workers Party (the Nazi's REAL party name) gain political power.

Most of the Brownshirts were former Socialists and WW I Veterans who were
"disenfranchised" by the weak Weimar Republic. Their leader was a Former
Army Captain named Ernest Rohm. Rohm was Hitler's Company Commander
towards the End of the war and upon demobilization. He was a brave decorated
combat veteran and a homosexual.

He also placed other Homosexuals into leadership positions in the SA.
The Largest SA battalions were commanded by Homosexuals!

By the time the Nazi's gained power in 1933, the SA was over 1,000,000
strong, while the German Army was at a Versailles limited strength of 100,000.
The SA were also better armed and better trained then some army units.

As Hitler started to run Germany, the SA were expecting to get "theirs" by the
implementation of the Socialist Part of the Party Platform. But Hitler started to
cozy up to the Industrialist and Aristocracy. The SA were not happy about it.

Because Goring and Himmler were jealous of Rohm and wanted to control the SA,
they plotted against Rohm by spreading rumors about a planned Putsch by the
SA against Hitler with Rohm taking over as the new Chancellor.

Hitler had known of the Homosexuals in the SA, but because he knew and
respected Rohm as a fellow was veteran, he did nothing about it. But with the
Pustch rumor started by Goring and Himmler, he felt he had to act. in June of
1934, came what was called 'the Night of the Long Knives." The SA leadership
were at a conference at a resort in Bavaria, the SS and Gestapo (commanded by
Himmler and Goring respectively) raid the conference and all SA headquarters.
Rohm and all the SA attendees were roused out of bed and executed. Only one
SA leader was spared execution at the resort, only because he was the only
one found in bed with a 16 year old girl and not a man!!

When it was over, the SA was turned over the Himmler and eventually rolled
into the SS.

Without Rohm and his fellow Homosexual, it is doubtful the Nazi Party would
have become a viable political entity in Germany. And the History of the last
60 years would have been different.

Mark S. Shotzberger
Captain, USAR (Retired)

Hitler by John Toland
Plotting Hitler's Death, The Story of The German Resistance by Joachim Fest


 If you send e-mail, check the date and time you have your computer set to.
 With Eudora, I can look at mail alphabetically or chronologically.

 Often, the mail bell rings, but when I check there's nothing there.
 So if your computer is dated 1999 or something, to outwit Y2K,
 It'll never be read because it's buried deep.

From:  Jangellamf@aol.com

Subject:  Polar opposites--the Pigboy and the Shrew

With a little luck, bartcop.com will become the FreeRepublic.com of the new era.
Not in the sense that it will be teeming with abject, hate-filled  lunatics spouting more venom
than a cobra farm, but that it will be a meeting  place for like-minded folks (in this case, progressives)
to share and swap  support and tales.

That little bit of sycophancy taken care of, I have a little observation. It seems hilarious to me that,
despite the fact that the Vulgar Pigboy and his female counterpart Dr Laura Slush-Bringer are
working the same side of the political fence, they are actually polar opposites.

Why, you ask?

Well, a caller to the Dr. Laura show is treated (regardless of the malady) to a general response that is
based in the notion that whatever ails you is your own fault. A cheating spouse, a failed relationship
with a parent (which the She-Devil should understand all too well, having none with her own mother),
rotten kids, whatever, are all a by-product of one's own moral failings.You are less than a snake in
the eyes of a punishing hateful God and you got your rightful comeuppance. That's her opinion and
as imbecilic as a blanket credo like that is when applied to the real world, that's what she says.

The Pigboy, on the other hand, believes that whatever is wrong with his rabid corps of listeners
(who are mostly white males, 18-60 something), especially their perceived lack of status in the world
is the fault of everyone else.

The "everyone else" in question is usually women (like the hated Hillary Clinton, embodiment of the
spiritual castration that the neo-con has suffered in this "feminazi" era), minorities (who are taking
away their jobs and rights with affirmative action, midnight basketball and whatever else that
Honkie Bunghole deems responsible), gays (who comprise maybe 2% of the population and have
no political clout at all, this one is a real stretch), anyone who believes that firearm mania has gone
overboard, Democrats, the elderly, Environmentalists, the works. It's always the "other" with the
Pigboy, who has tapped into the resentment-based mania of people who, despite having every
imaginable edge at birth, have pissed it away. The Pigboy's audience laps up his proclamations.

In a nutshell, they're like  these:

Somehow, two gay men coupling in San Francisco will doom their marriages in Tulsa, somehow
a black or Latino kid getting into college, or getting a gig at the Post Office by AA means that
their job security will be usurped (and is the reason they couldn't get into some school of their
choice as opposed to being just plain stupid), that supporting development of automotive hybrids
dooms their Ford Broncos to extinction, and most of all, everyone is picking on the poor,
maligned white male until he too is extinct.

With the Doc, it's your moral failings, with the Pig, it's everyone but you.
Except that neither position makes a lick of sense--all people are fallible for one thing and it
can hardly be the fault of people with no power or say if you have squandered your birthright.
Try explaining that to a dittohead or a Doc freak and they'll spin off their axis like a top--but it's
funny how they work opposing sides of the street to get to the same pot of gold, huh?

From: JoshuaBrumm@gateway.net

Subject: Republican theivery

Yeah, the Repugs, led by the Religious Reich, are trying to steal this
election...but it's OK. According to St. Paul, they have a mandate from God:
"Now that faith has come, we are no longer under the supervision of the law."*
   - Galatians 3:25

Of course, another nugget from this wonderful guide states:
"Paul explains that God specifically chooses the poor and stupid people to be Christians
  so He'll seem more powerful when the Christians triumph over  rich and smart people."*
   - Corinthians 1:26-29"

Maybe this is why they constantly compare themselves to sheep,
...and why they flock to the likes of Pigboy...


* (from Ken's Guide to the Bible  by Ken Smith, B.A. published by Blast Books ,1995)

ha ha

>Dear alt.fan.rush-limbaugh---

>I am 8 years old. Some of my little friends say George Bush stole Florida.
>Papa says, "If you see it on USENET, it's so."
>Please tell me the truth, did George Bush win rightfully?

>Virginia O'Really

Virginia, your little friends are wrong.
They have been affected by the skepticism of a skeptical age.
They do not believe except they see.
They think that nothing can be which is not comprehensible by their little minds.
All minds, Virginia, whether they be men's or children's, are little.
In this great universe of ours, man is a mere insect, an ant, in his intellect as compared with the boundless
world about him, as measured by the intelligence capable of grasping the whole of truth and knowledge.

Yes, Virginia, George Bush won Florida.
He won as certainly as global warming is a fraud and Microsoft and drug companies
have the public's best interests at heart, and you know that your HMO loves you and
Firestone and Ford care about your safety.

Alas! how dreary would be the world if Bush had lost!
It would be as dreary as if there were no snake oil peddlers.
There would be no childlike gullibility then, no caveat emptor,
no hormones to make cattle fat and carcinogenic.

We should have no enjoyment, except in truth and honest government.
The special interests from whom Republicans line their pockets would be extinguished.

Not believe George Bush won!
You might as well not trust the big oil companies.
You might get your papa to hire men to count all the ballots
in Miami-Dade to see if Bush really got more votes, but even if
they did see many more Gore votes, what would that prove?

Nobody has to really count votes to know Bush won, and even if Gore
did get more votes, that would be no reason to let him be President.
The most real things in the world are those that neither children nor Democrats can see.

Did you ever see Hillary selling atomic secrets to China?
Of course not, but that's no proof that she didn't.
Nobody can conceive or imagine all the impeachable offenses there are
unproven and unprovable in the world.

You tear apart the longest economic expansion in history and see which administration
made it happen, but there is a veil covering the unseen world which not the most honest
man, nor even the united strength of all the honest vote counters that ever lived could tear apart.

Only fraud, hypocrisy, graft, and Republicanism, can pettifog and distort
and misrepresent  the accomplishments of the last eight years.
Is it all smoke up your butt?
Ah, Virginia, as surely as the smog cloaks the cities of Texas.

George Bush lose?
Thank God he won and will pull the wool over the eyes of the electoral college.
A thousand years from now, Virginia, nay 10 times 10,000 years from now,
he will continue to defraud the public.

 from Mark D Bass

 You want to be near a TV or radio at  (w/Update)

 12:30 Carolina time
 11:30 Massabama time
 10:30 Mountain time
   9:30 Intelligencia time

 Two lowly Florida judges are going to appoint our next president.


Pardon the pun, but what a crock of shit!
They say they need more time.
I say that's  horseshit!

I'll bet they made up their damn minds before oral arguments finished
and they're soooooooo loving the spotlight that they just want more.

What a bunch of crap - anything to stretch it out longer and longer.
CNN and BSNBC have four cameras, splitting the screen four ways letting us know
that the world will come to an end if we turn away, even for a bathroom break.
They're just loving it too much.

 The Voltai News Service - the best on the net - has a new address.


 If you're not subscribed to this free news service, you should be.
 Just send him an e-mail saying "subscribe" and your mail box will get news,
 in some cases, before the networks. This news is non-slanted, too.
 He might put his own headline on it, but it's all facts, not opinion.

 If you don't like it you can always unsubscribe, so you have nothing to lose.

 Sorry about that burst of bad language towards that Hinckley prick.
 You know, there are some things you should just have the decency not to do.
 Timing is everything.

 Remember this Memorial Day when USA TODAY thought that would be the best time
 to run a big story on their front page about how many wartime "heroes" were "frauds"
 who just drove trucks or cooked or whatever?
 Sons of bitches...

 I don't see USA TODAY taking a bullet to keep America safe.
 Hey, you got a problem with the medals they give out?

 Bring it up on a slow news day, but not on Memorial Day, you assholes.
 Besides that, the idea that America's whore press "has a responsibility to tell the truth"
 is the biggest load of  horseshit  I've heard in a long time.  You can't hardly get them
 interested in anything that doesn't involve Clinton's cock, the lazy leeches.

 This picture here, for instance:

 The dirty whore press couldn't be bothered with the goddamn hijacking
 of America's voting process, the shameless in-it-for-the-money scumbags.
 No reason for the press to come to work THAT week.

 A gang of Republican hired goons, shutting down a legal ballot re-count MIGHT
 be news in some parallel universe, but not in today's whore America press.
 We're too goddamn busy picking on war veterans to inspect the Austin Ambush.

 [deep breath...]

 Sorry again...
 I tried to apologize and got all worked up again.

 But where I was going is this?

 You got a problem with John Lennon - fine.
 Bring it up on a different weekend than this one.
 And when you go after his wife, you miserable dickless bastard,
 I just want to launch on your cheap-shot, no-class dirty ass.

 The guy who wrote that is in New York.
 So, I assume, is Yoko.

 A friend or neighbor of Yoko is going to show her that hate article and she'll have to
 react to this  horseshit,  on probably one of the worst weekends of her life,
 which could easily trigger the shock and fear from 20 years ago and I don't care
 what John said about non-violence I want a piece of this low-life wannabe.
 There's a time and a place for non-violence, but not when someone attacks your wife.

 If something happened to me, and some asshole attacks Mrs BartCop's character
 in the goddamn newspaper, would somebody kick the mother-fucker's ass for me?
 I mean - I'm fucking dead!    I need a favor, y'know?

 Sorry again...

{breathe, ...breathe...)

 It's funny, I've never, ever been harassed by a bully, but bullies just set me off.
 Men that beat girlfriends or wives or kids should be struck with fucking lumber.
 Men who pick on widows of men who meant a lot to me should taste blood.



 Trying to calm down...

 <heavy Al Gore sigh>

 Can I say one more thing?

 There's a thing I do - lots of times I write something and when I proof-read it
 for spelling mistakes, usually I decide "asshole" is better than "mother-fucker,"
 and go back and change it, but sometimes I don't.
 This is one of the times when I don't.

 That prick Hinckley just hit me the wrong way on the wrong damn day.
 If I had a chance to cause him some pain, I wouldn't mind a night in jail and maybe a trial,
 because the jury would see it my way and they'd find for the defendant - me.


 You better keep your pink ass in New York City, and shut your damn mouth!
 My Discover Card has a $20,000 limit (ADM holdover)
 You don't want to give me a reason to vacation in New York.


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