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Volume 382 - The Mold
 January 16, 2001

Bush's Choice for Attorney General Linked To 'Guns for Pupils' Group
  by The Guardian of London

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Subject: Nixon's the One!


Here are the results of Nixon's secret plan to end the war in Vietnam.
No wonder Kissinger got the Nobel peace prize.

Vietnam War US Casualties
(2nd number is non-combat deaths)









61-65=1864=3 %
66-68=33624=60 %
69-72=20501=37 %


NVA dead 1.1 million
4 million civilians (includes war against the French)

Bruce Lulu


Subject: Yesterday's Earthquake

Chris Whitehouse

 Tally Briggs / Actress at Large

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 Talk to the Dead
    (This is not about Catholics)

 We've talked about these performers before.
 They "talk to the dead," I assume, if you write them a check.

 Maybe the most popular guy is that Van Praagh guy that talked to Sony Bono recently.
 This guy is really impressive if you're stumped for an answer to "Good morning."

 I hope I wrote about it at the time, but Van Pragh and 3 other "psychic dead talkers" were
 all on Larry King at the same time. Callers were asking if "Aunt Edna" was happy in the
 "spirit world," and these charlatan hosebag theives are all guessing on how Aunt Edna died.

 Van Praah was saying, "I seem to feel that her death was a result of some kind of trouble
  in the head or chest area?"

 ha ha

 No, she died of a sore damn foot!
 Then Van Praag would try to deliver a message from the deceased, but he'd have trouble
 cyphering the exact name, so he says, "Do you know anybody with the initials "L, T, or R?"

 ...and the lady says, "yes, my husband's name was Matt!"

 Get it?
 There's a "T" in Matt.
 Anyway, there's a whole "talk to the dead" Oral Robert's-style shellgame/con-job going on.

 Now, that being said,

 ...have you ever seen this guy John Edwards?

 He's got a show starting this weekend and he talks to the dead.
 Actually, being science and logic guy I know he's making this shit up,
 but he's the very best you'll ever see doing it!!

 ha ha

 Have you seen him on Larry King?
 Callers would start to ask their questions, and this Edwards guy cuts in with,
 "Umberto says his foot doesn't hurt anymore."

 ..and she starts crying because her damn dog Umberto was run over by a car last week!

 That may be a little bit of an exaggeration, ...but I assume the guy is a genius
 and he's somehow able to juggle the odds of the deceased's name or cause of death
 because hit batting average is way above those more-obvious frauds.
 He's like a great magician - how'd he do that?

 This guy is spooky.

 He reminds me of Robbie Knievil, not sure why.
 I've seen him 3 or 4 times, and he's hell to watch.
 He's got a show called "John Edwards - Talks to the Dead," or something inventive like that
 and the first show is Sunday, some weird cable deal, the Food Channel or something, I'll find it.


Subject: The Invisible Christian

I read Bardgal's recent column (I always do). One of the turns in public
debate these days that pains me is the one on religion. Christianity is
always portrayed as retro, racist, strange and hateful. I'm a liberal
Christian. We are invisible. You say "Christian" you think Falwell.
My church doesn't discriminate against gays, helps maintain a house for
women with aids, has a food pantry open to the public, you get the picture.

We're out there, the Quakers, the Christian Children's Fund, working,
as we Presbyterians like to say, for justice and peace.
We don't preach hellfire and damnation.
We try to follow the teachings of Jesus.

You know, turn the other cheek, do unto others, etc..
We laugh harder than anybody at
We're not Catholic either.

I'm hoping I can create a little space in the public perception of
"Christian" for me in the broad characterizations out there, so I am not invisible..



Scott, I'm with you.
Nobody thinks all religious people are crazy.

It's like when the Palestinians blow up a Jerusalem bus full of women and children.
They're not speaking for all Palestinians when they do that...

I'm sorry those bad apples draw so much attention.


Subject: Asscroft v. Constitution

Hey, BC:

Someone sent this to me and I thought it would interest you.

What was it that Mark Twain said?  I'm paraphrasing:
Man is the only creature on earth blessed with the true religion...  Several of 'em!

While I'm loath to enter into a religious debate, I will add my two cents, for what it's worth.
I spent some of my earlier years investigating various religions.  I will state quite plainly that
I am not an atheist, or even an agnostic--I believe in God--but I do not, and will not adhere
to any organized religion.  I think that having an intermediary acting as a go between for
my Father (capital F) is as ridiculous has having one with my father (small f).

How can one have a "personal relationship with God" by having someone else tell you
what God expects of you.  God tells all what He expects of us--it's called a conscience.
The only "Godless" people are those with no conscience.  Nor does God expect us to
follow a particular dogma.  He only expects us to follow our conscience to our best ability.
If there is a form of "judgement" it is based on this, and this alone.

Proselytization is man created for the purpose of protecting one group from being obliterated
by another group.  The idea that all those who fail to join will burn in hell is to increase the
numbers to insure the survival of the group, and increase the power of MEN who pull the strings.
In this country we've devised a modern method for protecting against spiritual genocide,
and spiritual dictatorships--it's called the 1st Amendment.

If there is going to be a Devine judgment day, I fear for those who have abdicated their conscience
to the likes of Jerry Falwell, the Pope, or anyone else.

How is that any better than the Nazi's defense at the Nuremberg Trials after WWII?

I believe that religious training is an excellent means of developing consciences in young hearts and minds,
but it must always be accompanied by teaching a youth how to think for himself/herself, and developing
his/her self confidence to be able to use that ability.

Jim H.

 Smirk's Phony MLK Photo-Op

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Subject: updates should be at the top of the page


Love your site.

Having the daily updates at the bottom of the page is a very very bad idea.
I've worked on countless sites professionally as a coder and I can tell you that is not the way to go.
You have to have your fresh content immediately available.

Please change this.

This issue has become a pain.
People say, "Put the new stuff at the top, then note the time and use 'insert targets'
for each update," which doesn't seem to make sense.

If I put something up at 10AM, then again at 1 PM, then again at 2, then 3, then 5 PM,
and the last time you checked in was yesterday, what do those 5 flags mean to you?

On every computer I've used to check  the text always comes up first,
so it's not like you're staring at a blank screen like many, many sites I've seen,
where you're waiting minutes before the first thing appears.

Whatever we do with this, I want it buried before Friday so there's not much time.
The nature of this site tells me I can't put up target flags every time I add something.
It'll look like a damn TV Guide, trying to figure out which flag is which.

I need a producer so I can get away from all this.

From: (withheld)

Subject: Advice

Every time I visit my father I have to deal with my two good-ol-boy brothers
who are polishing up the guns for when the revolution comes.  I want to say
thanks for your site, since having an counterargument (which I do usually have)
is not always as good as having a one line comeback that shoots 'em down cold
within their short attention spans.

This time, I lost a couple rounds for the lack of a quick wit.  I'm sure I'll
hear them again, so what would your reactions be to the following two arguments?
They both whined loudly when "specifics" are brought out, since they say that
anyone can dredge or make up "factoids" to support their argument.  That
condition happened since the last time I visited and won a bit of cash from
them over a couple of bets based on their spew.  Thanks again! :)

Here are the arguments I couldn't neatly trounce:

1) "I think I support abortion now, since it will only cost liberals another
    voting block in the end.  It's funny that right wing victories seem
    be coming now that the Roe-vs.-Wade kids would have started voting."

Jeff, I'm sorry insanity runs in your family.
The first sentence speaks volumes about their lack-of.
The second sentence is pure horse-hockey.
We lost some ground in 1994, (because the Demos ran instead of fought)
but we picked up ground in 1990, 1992, 1996, 1998 and 2000.
Remind them the liberals won the last three popular votes in national elections.

Half of all arguments are pure horseshit.
Have you ever heard the riddle about two boys locked in jail?
One of them says, "I can get us out - all I have to do is snap this pencil in half,
because everyone knows two halves make a whole and we can crawl out the hole.
I think that's the level of argument you're getting at home.

2) "-The Democrats are a party of fear,
     - they couldn't win without scaring old people into fearing for their livelyhoods
     - and they sure couldn't win without scaring women or minorities into voting for them."

They have half a point with this one:
Old people have good reason to fear the GOP.
Smirk wants to give out trillion-dollar tax cuts, then he'll tell the Social Security crowd
"I don't have a magic wand" when it comes to protecting payments to the elderly.
Women and minorities have good reason to fear the GOP.
The GOP has constantly fought to kill Affirmative Action.
They want minorities kept out of schools and meaningful jobs.
Read the Bible, the Promise Keepers, or John Ashcroft.
"Women must be submissive to men."

This is the same argument Pigboy tries:
"They accuse us of wanting to starve school children."
But Democrats couldn't get away with that if Newt and his gang hadn't tried to de-fund the
school lunch program, a program that provides, for many, their only decent meal of the day.

Bottom line?
If the dam is about to break and drown the entire town,
it's OK to be the "party of fear" when you warn the others.


 Subject: John Edwards/Talking to the Dead

 It's "Crossing Over with John Edwards" on the SciFi channel, it's on every weeknight as well
 at 11:30 EST. I've watched it a few times, and I always figured the audience was in on it.


 O, I didn't know that was on, but this new premier starts Jan 21.
 Could be the same show, different format.

 Yes, he's so good, one should assume the crowd's in on it,
 (and don't think I have any respect for Larry King)  but I don't think CNN would feed
 staged calls to Edwards and let the others make fools of themselves.

 He's a fake and a fraud, but he's the best!


 We still have the Napster debate.

 Napster is here to stay.
 Nothing can stop it.
 You can say, "It's not fair" until the cows come home, but it's here and it's not going anywhere.

 You've seen Star Trek - The Next Generation?

 When Picard says, "Earl Grey tea - hot" he's using Napster.
 To ask Picard to avoid using the replicator would be foolish and pointless.

 A point somebody made, I for get who, was this:
 What if one person could to go McDonald's a but a cheeseburger, then duplicate
 that cheeseburger a million times and give it to his friends?

 Would it be "fair?"
 Would it happen?
 You bet your ass.
 Could it be stopped?
 Never in a million years.

 Since Napster and other sites exist, with more coming on-line,
 we're past "Is it fair," so why doesn't everyone admit that?

  Napster is like the Dr Laura pictures.
 They are out!
 Nothing can take us back in time before the vulgar Laura pictures or before Napster.
 It's here, it's clear - get used to it.

 How can anyone argue with that?
 The question is NOT "Is it fair?"

 The question is, "Since it's here, how do we deal with it?

 This Day in History

 - 1970: Police closed an exhibition of John Lennon's lithographs
              at a London gallery for alleged obscenity.

 If John Ashcroft gets confirmed by the spineless Democrats, there will be a whole new wave
 of "alleged obscenity," and John Ashcroft will take it upon himself to "save society."
 Then he'll start having people arrested.

 Let's hope free-speech web sites won't be affected.


Subject:  CNN Breaking News

-- CNN reports a coup attempt in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Damn, I've been so busy, I didn't even know Scalia was in Africa...

By the way, Tony?
Good luck getting confirmed "Big Dick" on the Whore Court.
But then again, the Democrats will probably roll over for you there, too...


 Large amounts of K-Y Jelly.
 Please deliver to Demo National HQ, ASAP!

 Also need 48 sets of pink tutus and fuzzy bunny ears.

 PS. Can you extend us some credit?

 The Amazing Randi

 This guy is what America needs more of.

 For a long time, he's offered $1,000,000 to anyone who can do "anything spooky."
 He knows this "Talking to the Dead" is pure horseshit.
 If you're running a scam, Randi is your kryptonite

 Read his excellent expose'.

 James Randi IS science and logic, thus he's one of my heroes.
 He's a little like Ol' BartCop, but he doesn't have my tact.


Subject: Why Jews Don't Dial Phones....

Hey, BC,

Here's the explanation:

One of the 10 Commandments says to keep the Sabbath holy.  The rabbis
debated: what does it actually MEAN, to keep it holy?  They answered
(themselves) that it means, among other things, not to work.  Then the
question arises:  what does it mean to "work" (remember, we're talking the
years 600-700)?  One of the categories that was decided was work was "making
fire" (for heating or cooking) - which I guess was a pretty big deal in those
days.  So, making fire was forbidden for observant Jews on the Sabbath.

For modern (Orthodox) Jews, obviously "making fire" is no longer an aspect of daily life.
However, electricity became the representational substitute for fire, so to ORTHODOX Jews,
using electricity, using electric appliances or driving a car (spark which ignites ignition = fire)
were all considered WORK, and therefore not acceptable.

To SOME Othodox Jews, who wanted to get around these restrictions, they would
use or hire a "Shabbes goy" (non-Jew who works on Sabbath) to drive, turn on lights, etc.
This is NOT considered an ethical alternative by 99.9% of Jews (Othodox or otherwise)
and they wouldn't consider doing it.
It's the equivalent of following the letter but not the spirit of the law.

That makes sense!
To those ignorant of Jewish law, it sounds like "Stealing on Saturday is bad,
but it's OK to hire someone to steal for you on Saturdays."

And let me emphasize - Orthodox Jews are approximately 5% of all Jews.
To the rest of the 95%, use of electricity on the Sabbath (which begins at sundown on Friday)
is most assuredly NOT a problem.  And to most Orthodox, it's not a problem.

Hope this is helpful.  If you have any other questions about bizarre Jewish
practices, let me know.  I'm pretty well up my own religion, and if I don't
know the answer, will go to a reputable source and get it for you.

Yours in Defeating AssholeCroft,
Carolyn in Memphis

You see how religio-friendly I can be?

Can John Ashcroft be stopped?
If the Clarence Thomas hearings are any guide,
disorganized Democrats could be the Republican nominee's best friends.

Click  Here

Between his dinosaur conservatism, his extreme opposition to reproductive rights -- even contraception
-- and his paid service to the insurance industry, going after Ashcroft in today's climate is like shooting
fish in a barrel. The question is whether Senate Democrats have the sense to recognize their
political opportunity, and the strategic capacity to tell a different story about the Man of Integrity.

Happy Birthday Aayila

She sings, apparently...

 Very Scared Young Man Quotes

  "Bartcop is the last person I think a christian should associate with
  ...have you actually read his site?   Not to mention the fact that he has
  told me personally in an online debate that there is no God."
     -- The Bird, e-mailing people who have talked religion with me...


Subject: Paige in Houston

Hey BC,

This on Rod Paige* showed up in our weekly Houston Press. Check out the
management system he bought into called "Model-Netics" & his "little red car sham".

Regarding the Houston school system...we made headlines today:
"Houston's schools have one of the worst dropout rates in the nation,
ranking No. 8" according to Johns Hopkins U researchers**.

Also cited for "desperate dropout rates" were San Antonio, Fort Worth,
Dallas, Austin and El Paso.

These quotes are from the Hou Chronicle today:

"The study, commissioned by Achieve Inc. and the Civil Rights Project at
Harvard University, looked at schools in the nation's 35 largest cities
and found that the dropout problem is mostdesperate in 200 to 300
schools. In half of the big-city schools sampled, less than half of the
schools' ninth-graders made it to graduation.

The cities with the highest dropout rates tended to be concentrated in
old industrial parts of the Northeast and Midwest, but Texas was the
exception. All of Texas' largest cities made the list: San Antonio, Fort
Worth, Dallas, Austin and El Paso, as well as Houston."

Didn't Smirk take credit for improving education in our great state?
How do you think they'll spin this??

Nancy L.

*Days of Paige
Did Bush pick a master educator - or an overpaid front man?

**Full text of papers presented at Harvard conference:

 Happy Birthday Kate Moss

 Far as I know, she doesn't sing...

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 It had trash talk, internal conflicts and a snotty, smirking rich kid.

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