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Volume 381- Yes Mas 
 January 14, 2001

 From: (withheld)


 Damnit, what was the purpose of that gratuitous (ER silliness) catholic-bashing????????

 PC, why do you think that subject was on the top-rated show on television?
 Doesn't that tell you that it might be a valid topic for discussion?
 Don't you have any interest in why your religion is like it is?
 Don't you question the fairness of the drunk getting eternity for free
 while the innocent hero could spend all of eternity in hell?

 You see no problem with that?

 How can you feel strongly about your religion and let a discussion like that
 roll of your back and just change the channel?

 This is not an attack, but I think you've decided that anyone who finds fault
 with the fairness of eternal life going to the undeserving drunk is out of line.

 Why don't you stand up and say, "THIS IS NOT FAIR?"

 Just curious,


 MailBag and Three Killer Toons

 Click  Here



I found this on a folk music database.....I thought you might be interested.

    by David Diamond

My name's Rush Limbaugh,
And I have a fine show
And I don't give a damn what I say.
It's easy and free,
When you listen to me,
I'm the man that talks trash every day.

In the days of my youth
I tried telling the truth
But I found that it just doesn't pay.
Mere facts are the tools
Of those Liberal fools
And they might scare my audience away.

Although speech is free
In this count-ery
It is I who must have the last say,
And if you disagree
And telephone me
I'll insult you without more delay.

My trademark and style
Is invective that's vile
For Feminist, Liberal or Gay.
Genghis Kahn's to my left
I'm of mercy bereft
For the perverts who don't think my way.

So you may think it's free
When you listen to me
But it's not worth the price that you pay.
Though you don't feel the pain
Still I'm rotting your brain
With the trash that I talk every day.


Subject: updates should be at the top of the page


Love your site.

Having the daily updates at the bottom of the page is a very very bad idea.
I've worked on countless sites professionally as a coder and I can tell
you that is not the way to go.
You have to have your fresh content immediately available.

Please change this.

I check yer site every day and this bothers the hell out of me.



Todd, you're not the first to say that.
I understand the value of the new stuff hitting your eyes first,
but if we do it that way, we're going backwards in time.

Take the Law & Order Quiz.

People will read, "The answer is Alison Janney," then, if they keep reading,
they'll find out the question is "Who's death made Ben Stone retire?"

If you can keep a secret, I like it the old way, too, but I know the answers!
There's no way I can read Chapter Two before Chapter One because I write them.
Some people say, "Just post once a day," but that's hard to do.

Both styles have problems, but if we put the new stuff first,
how do we avoid giving out the punchline before you read the joke?

I need a focus group of smart people.

If you (the reader) have an opinion, be sure to answer the blue question.

 Borking: Linda, John and Robert
   by Molly Ivins

 Click  Here

 The `St. Louis Post-Dispatch,' in Ashcroft's home state, urged the Senate to "investigate Mr. Ashcroft's
 opposition to civil rights, women's rights, abortion rights and to judicial nominees with whom he disagrees."
 It further observed, "Mr. Ashcroft has built a career out of opposing school desegregation in St. Louis
 and opposing  African-Americans for public office."

Subject: Anagrams


George W Bush -  we beg, Rush go

Rush Limbaugh -  I laugh, Mr Bush



Subject: LETTERS

Well, it all comes down to Ashcroft.

If he is given a few tough questions and then confirmed, its game, set, and match - the Democratic Party is dead.
Probably for a generation, maybe going the way of the Whigs. Here's how: A lot of politicos knew this election
was largely about the Supreme Court and  who got to appoint the replacements for O'Connor, Stevens and
possibly  Ginsburg. This was the strongest argument against Nader and the Greens.

Ashcroft is both a payback to the Christian Right core and a trial balloon.
If he passes, look for O'Connor to resign within the month and a  Scalia/Thomas type replacement to follow
in the trail blazed by Ashcroft.  After that, ole Dubya can just wait out Stevens and Ginsburg. All of this will
be good news, in a perverse way, for Nader. Keeping the Gen X vote from going Green will be impossible.
Hell, I might vote Nader next election. This will, of course, mean that the Republicans will then gain a firm hold
of power and political activism will return to grassroots organizing.

Why spend all your efforts trying to turn the Democratic party to the left if they have no hope of gaining power?
So here's the choice for Senate Democrats:

Filibuster and define who you are
or go with the flow and prove the need for your replacement.

Richard, 1/14/01

 From: (withheld)

 Subject: ER episode

 When it comes to religion, I'm an atheist.  I was agnostic in third grade, despite 12 years
 of Catholic schooling.   I do my best not to attack organized religion unless provoked.
 I believe I know the bible better than most christians, and gleefully tear apart anyone who, without
 provocation, insists I'm going to burn in hell.  But to point out how the church(es)  is hypocritical at random,
 will alienate your readers who agree with you but have religion as a major part of their lives.

 Please, your distrust of the church is noted.
 If you continue taking shots, you will be just like the Congress, kicking while they are down,
 and gaining distrust from those whom you wish to pay attention to you.

 Just my opinion.


 I think it would be different if, say every Friday, I pitched a bitch about the Catholics
 and thus gave out 52 reasons a year why Catholics should be attacked.
 That's not what I do.
 That would be gratuitous Catholic-bashing, which would be pointless.

 I don't know what the "rules" are, but mostly I comment on stuff I've seen or read that day.
 ER wrote that topic into their show, and I watched it that night.
 Surely, I'm allowed to comment on the events of the day, right?

 I think ER posed the question for the same reasons I pose questions:
 To force the viewer to think about the subject, form an opinion,
 then decide if Dr Kovic is right or if the bishop was right.

 We heard Dr Kovic's point of view, but the bishop ducked and changed the subject
 when the illogic of his position was demonstrated by Kovic's example.

 Both men were sincere, and they had very different opinions about an important subject.
 It's thought-provoking, that makes good TV.

 Maybe a thought-provoking website is good, too...

 VCR Alert
 They're in the best part of their best season.
 Also, another X-Files and a Part Two to last week's The Practice.
 Why did Bobby pay to have the creepy guy beheaded?

 The Most Spoken Sentence of the week.

 "If Pickles wants an inaugural gown that reflects the spirit of the occasion,
   she should go out and shoplift something!"

 January 15, 2001 

 Dr King, being arrested by Republicans.

I wish the whites-only bastards hadn't murdered Dr King.
Twenty three years later, Smirk wants to appoint a white-power Bob Jones enthusiast like Ashcroft
so enforce the laws in this country (read: keep the niggers in their place) - as we see above.

I'd like to repeat something my good friend Fizz Two said:

Any Democrat who votes to confirm this racist pig
will need to change his party affiliation to GOP.

"I Have a Dream"

 Click  Here  to hear a 16-minute instant-streaming clip of his most famous speech.

 If you can listen to this without getting a lump in your throat,
 you must've voted for the guy Scalia appointed.

 Kim Basinger has filed for divorce from Alec Baldwin

 Democrats Won't Ease Up on Ashcroft

 Click  Here

 They'd better damn not...

 Smirk To Mark King Holiday in Texas

 AUSTIN, Texas (AP) Facing deep suspicion among black Americans, Smirk was
 mocking the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday with a feast of fried chicken and watermelon.
 "It's what those people eat," he told reporters.

 Joining him at the ranch was Rod Paige, the token colored boy on the Smirk team
 Paige runs the Houston school district and is a product of segregated schools in Mississippi.

 Bush is addressing ``the divisive role that King played in America,'' spokesman Ari Fleischer said.

 Negroes is no longer boss.

 Blacks favored Democrat Al Gore by a 9-to-1 margin in the November election, and by better than a
 2-to-1 margin, most blacks believe they will lose influence, rather than gain it, under Bush, according
 to a Pew Research Center poll this month.

 Smirk took time out from playing "Maim that Coon" to decry the Democrats "playing the race card."

 A CNN-USA Today poll last month showed less than a quarter of blacks thought Bush would
 work hard to address their interests. Judge Scalia's appointee's standing among blacks suffered during
 the Florida recount when black voters were kept from the polls and that ballots of other blacks were
 systematically discarded by Smirk daddy's CIA buddies. The friction intensified with Bush's selection
 of whites-only John Ashcroft for attorney general.

 Ashcroft opposes affirmative action programs based on racial preferences, and as a Missouri senator
 voted against expanding hate-crimes laws to make it easier for federal prosecutors to try such cases.
 Ashcroft also has criticized desegregation lawsuits in Kansas City, Mo., and in St. Louis.

 He helped sink the nomination of Missouri Supreme Court Judge Ronnie White, who is black, to the
 federal bench, arguing White was not tough enough on crime.

 Bush's Houston speech came one day before Ashcroft faces what is sure to be tough questioning on his
 views before the Senate Judiciary Committee, where he once served.

 Scalia's appointee gave lip-service to the goals of racial harmony, and assembled a Cabinet that includes
 two "big house" blacks Paige and Colin Powell, but he knows blacks aren't buying it.

 ``I got whipped like a runaway slave in the colored parts of town. I got 9 percent of the vote,'' Bush said
 in a candid interview in this week's Newsweek.  He said civil rights leaders such as the Rev. Jesse Jackson
 had heightened blacks' distrust by mobilizing against Ashcroft.
 "How dare he challenge me, that big mouthed boy," Smirk said of Reverend Jackson.

 ``I think that there was an image they painted on me that was an unfair image,'' Bush said. ``But my
 job is not to complain about niggers, my job is to lead. My job is to remind people that I'm going to be
 everybody's president - even if you have a Brillo pad for hair.''

 Bush spent the long weekend at his Crawford, Texas, ranch being interviewed by the media, packing for
 the move to Washington and throwing a party for whites only. He defended Ashcroft against suggestions
 the attorney general-designate might not uphold civil rights laws an issue that has troubled leaders such
 as the Reverend Jackson.

 ``John Ashcroft will keep those ninnies in their place. Ashcroft isn't afraid to act, and when it's all said and done,
 white people are going to say, 'Now I understand why Scalia's appointee made that choice,''' Bush bragged

 Guest Editorial

  by Tony Porco

 Click  Here


Subject: Sopranos

        My birthday is next month and my wife recently said to me that I may be getting the
first season on DVD. Sweet!  I missed the 1st season except for the episode where the chef
comes at Tony with a rifle, so these reruns have been nice. I also bought the Sopranos soundtrack.
The 1st track is the opening theme song (I LOVE that song). I think it is a must have.

I agree with you about the serious drama and then a bit of comedy added to make this a great show.
One scene comes to mind and it also includes my favorite character (next to Carmella, and only
because I want to have sex with her), Paulie. That guy is great. Anyway, the scene is the one where
Christopher and Paulie are about to whack that jogger who tried to have Tony killed.
Paulie is running through the woods and runs into the poison ivy. Seeing and hearing him react to the
poison ivy was priceless. Then when he catches up to the guy, he's scratching his neck and saying
"I am itching already," etc. Then he gets pissed and shoots the guy. Later in the restaurant, you see
him with calamine lotion all over his neck and face. THAT is a great show.


 Preserving King's legacy in Florida
 Voting rights: Reform in Florida must be seen as part of the continuing struggle for civil rights.

 Click  Here

 Today in History

- In 1973: President Nixon announced the suspension of all U.S. offensive action
  in North Vietnam, citing progress in peace talks.

 ...thus fulfilling his 1968 campaign promise to end the war.
 And they say Clinton has a problem telling the truth?

 How many American boys died between January 20th 1969 and January 15, 1973?
 Since four years of young men dying had nothing to do with Clinton's cock, they forgive Nixon
 but they continue to root around in Clinton's zipper for "evidence of serious crimes."

 Robert Ray - go fuck yourself.

 Skeletons in the Cabinet
      By Gary Kamiya

Acting as if his tainted election was a sweeping mandate, Bush blithely turned to his party's
far-right wing for two of his most critical cabinet appointments, nominating Bible-thumping,
pro-gun, anti-abortion, Confederacy-praising Sen. John Ashcroft as attorney general
and pro-growth, pro-oil, anti-regulation Gale Norton to head Interior.

Certainly, collegiality and a certain measure of deference to a new president are worthy values.
It would be wrong for Democrats to try to sabotage Bush's presidency from the outset -- although,
considering the savage treatment Republicans gave Clinton from day one of his administration,
hardly novel. But in their laudable desire not to be mean-spirited, the Democrats are on the verge
of becoming spineless.

On the verge?
On the verge?

 Great Republican Quotes

 "Clinton is leaving Bush is coming in, so Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger
   get a divorce, it's all falling apart out there in Hollywood."
      -- Pigboy, making less sense than usual.

 Steven Brill interviews Bill Clinton

 Click  Here


 MR. BRILL: Do you think the press is by and large more liberal than that?

 PRESIDENT CLINTON: No. I think that the, on some issues, I don't
 know, maybe reporters tend to be more Democratic than Republican.
 But I'm not as sure about that. But I think in some ways, there's a sort of an
 institutional bias which favors some kind of conventional wisdom or establishment,
 in politics. And of course, you know, most of the people that own these outlets are
 Republican. So, I think that it's very hard to make a case that there is a liberal press.

 However, there's a big conservative press unabashedly, and for the Democrats,
 and even people to the left of the Democratic party, there's almost virtually no outlets
 that you can compare with the vast array of conservative press that's out there.

 Thank you, Mr. President.
 That's why we created


Subject: January 20th...


Listening to Pacifa Radio's "Democracy Now" program this morning, program
host Amy Goodman (not a "ho") called Commander-in-Thief Bush's upcoming
Coronation an "Inaugur-auction". Given that Bush has all but promised a return to
the "Big Business" pillaging tactics of the failed Reagan administration, this is an
appropriate moniker for the "soon to be failed" Smirk administration.

Anybody remember the HUD scandals, or the illegal Wedtech influence peddling
scandals of the Reagan years?....Sadly, that's what I thought...Who was it that said
those who don't remember their history are doomed to repeat it?

DJ Cracker in "H" town

As you'd figure, Pigboy has to take time out of his busy broadcast day to mock
Martin Luther King because Rush Limbaugh is a whites-only, race-baiting whore.


Subject: Straw Men


Have you ever noticed when you publish a rant (even a minor one) about Catholicism,
you get a lot mail? I gather this because you say so. Then you publish one or 2 the critical letters.
I notice however that most the of published responses are somewhat weak in their arguments.

What makes this interesting is that you complain that no one responds with any arguments
addressing the issue.  I know you must be flooded with mail and reading them all is nearly impossible.
However I have sent responses on occasion addressing your specific complaints.
Yet they haven't been published. Now, I know damn skippy that I'm not the smartest guy in the
world (Georgia maybe, but how hard is that?), and there MUST be others who have sent in cogent,
organized responses to your complaints, Yet they don't make the cut.

So is it merely luck of the draw that those get published
and the rest get consigned to the great dustbin?


AJC, excellent question.
There is more mail than I can read.
Eudora gives me the most recent letter first.
I scan the subject headers to see what grabs me eye.

I feel I have some immunity from the "ignore" charge, because of the forum.
If someone has sent something that will shut me up, and it's not printed, I would appreciate
you posting it on the forum with "Why did you ignore this?" in the header.

If the answer was out there, and I refuse to see it, that makes me a phoney who
is ignorant and stupid and it would also be proof that I just enjoy attacking Catholics.

Your letter caught my eye, buy instead of putting any answers in your letter
you instead chose to tell me the answer was "out there" and I have ignored it.

Maybe we need a Catholic debate?
If the answers are there, and would shut me up, that'd be entertaining, right?
I am sincere when I say I enjoy being proven wrong.

Also, now that I know you have sent answers in the past, I can sort mail alphabetically
and find your letter - give me a second to to that.

Found them

AJC letter One

AJC letter Two

 VCR Alert
 I'm getting to like Boston Public a lot.
 If a show can make me laugh out loud it's worth watching.

 Robert Downey Jr has breathed new life into Ally McBeal.
 I have a MD Jr rant that needs to be put to paper.
 I've never been a big fan of his, but his character on Ally is perfect.

 ELVIS has something going on on Turner Classic Movies, but I'm not
 qualified to say what the hell it is. They took some old show and chopped
 parts out and added other parts, then after the show's over, they're going
 to play the parts they chopped out - it's all very confusing...

 Chris the screaming whore is on Leno, Davehas Dan Rather.

 ...and that Jazz thing is still on. I caught some of that, it's not bad.
 But 18 hours?

 A & E has 100 Centre Court, a new cop show by Sidney Lumet.

 The Travel Channel is doing "Casino Week," this week.
  8 PM - Las Vegas Uncovered
  9 PM - Las Vegas - Beyond the Strip
10 PM - Venice in Vegas - The Venetian

 Thank you God, for giving Regis a night off.
 (Mrs BC looooves her Regis)

 They Must be Worried

 I got this (so far) three times today:


Subject: Help Set The Record Straight

Dear Friends,

President-elect Bush has brought together an excellent group to serve as his Cabinet.
His nominees are a diverse, experienced and strong group.
They will help enact his agenda, change the tone in Washington and make us proud.

Your help is needed to get these outstanding men and women confirmed by the Senate.
Some of President-elect Bush's nominees are being unfairly attacked by outside groups
and the Senate needs to hear from you.

One of the first Senate hearings will be Tuesday for Senator John Ashcroft,
President-elect Bush's choice for Attorney General.


I wish I had more confidence in the senate Democrats

From: (withheld)

Subject: Some local news on Dr. Laura

I live in Baton Rouge, not so far from New Orleans.
Until recently, the BIG talk radio station in N.O. duplicated the BR format,
with Dr. Whora following Pigboy.  Not so anymore.

Since the beginning of the year, WWL (50,000 watt clear channel station)
dropped the anal-retentive hag for a local host.  She's been moved to a much weaker sister station.

Just thought you'd want to know.


Remember "Scary Perry" from back around Volume 149?
(By the way, if you read that "Scary Perry" story, you have to first read the ending,
 then go back before the beginning to read the first part - it's very confusing.)

Anyway, Scary Perry has been calling, says he has a TV syndication deal for me.
Says I need to fly to LA (Louisiana) to meet with him and check it out.

If nothing else, it might make a funny story when I get back.

.....................................................................................................................................Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!... ...... .......
................................................................................................................................................................POBox 54466.... Tulsa,OK 74155

 Read the  Previous Issue
 It was full of TV trivia and Ashcroft proof that the press won't print.

 Copyright © 2001,
   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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