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Volume 401 - President Sardonicus
 February 6, 2001
 VCR Alert - Michael Moore, Ralph Nader, G. Gordon Liddy on Politically Incorrect tonight

From: (withheld)

Let me see if I got this straight:

We should have no gun restrictions in America, because the citizens need an
"equalizer" to make sure that the U.S. government doesn't tyrannize us.

But foreign countries shouldn't be at all alarmed over the "missile shield"
because the U.S. government would never bully anyone.

Free Market Ideology Loses Power in California
 by Dean Baker

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Subject: The Bartcop Reader

Great work with The Bartcop Reader

I love it..
Keep up the great work...


Thanks, but that's Brainsmasher and Genslab doing that excellent job.
I just visited and noticed it looked a more tidy over there than the treehouse does.

 Great Political Quotes

 All week long he's invited Democrats to the White House for dinner
 and a movie and I think we all know what men want to do after that.
    -- Elayne Boozler on W's Charm Initiatives

Subject: Great Pornographer Quotes

Bob Livingston told the New York Times that I was a bottom feeder.
That's true. But when I got down there, look what I found.
   -- Larry "Constitution" Flynt


Subject: Re: California Blackouts...

 I have to point out one little flaw in the "Remember 1995"/Drowning in Oil story.
Everything else is on the nose, but as for the rolling blackouts here in California,
it isn't regulation causing them, and no one here thinks that. Rather, it's DEregulation
(thank you, Pete Wilson, R-Asshole) that have allowed the power companies to badly
manage themselves into the ground.  And the rolling blackouts and energy emergenices
started a little bit before the election, although they were nowhere near as common at the time.

Incidentally, even though I'm in California (LA, to be exact), I haven't
had any problems with these rolling blackouts. Why not? Welp, my power
company was very slow to jump on the deregulation bandwagon and sell all
their excess power only to buy it back at inflated prices. Consequently,
the juice is flowing through their system, and they've got a surplus.

Of course, typically, our Democratic governor is getting blamed for a
big problem caused by a Republican administration.  Sigh...

Jon Bastian

Jon, I know nothing about California's problems.
I just know whatever Pigboy says, it must be the opposite.

The point still stands - we were drowning in cheap oil in 1995
and the only reason we're starving now is hoarding by BIG OIL.

 Stroke Me, Stroke Me

 If you want to spank me, say so,
 but I'm talking off again next week.
   -- El Pigbo, midway thru second hour

 But Pigboy, if we tried to spank you, we might hurt that gerbil.

 The Israeli election results are coming in...

 They said Maddog Warmonger Ariel Sharon is ahead of Barak 59-41.

 Do the votes mean anything in Israel?
 Or is it set up like our fraudulent elections where the guy who gets fewer votes
 is installed by right-wing ditto-monkeys against the will of the people?

 Why have the Moonies given the Bush family MILLIONS?

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Subject: another poll

Great website, first of all.  If you've ever heard of a comedian named Bill Hicks,
I recommend listening to (I think) track 19 on his CD "Rant In E-Minor,"
although all his stuff is good (too bad he's dead now).

Anyway, I was following the link that was emailed to you
and you posted regarding the confederate flag.  Well, today's (2-6) poll is in
regards to the bias on the media - liberal, conservative, undecided.

I voted at 8:30 Eastern time - the results?  76% conservative!
Pig-fucker can stick that up his ass.
Keep up the good work.
Keep the hammer pounding!

John D. Cole

John, Hicks was one of the greats.
Plus, his language makes me look like a priest.

On the poll, I just checked it,
the Freepers have pulled the conservative bias to almost even.

Can't have that.

Tally Briggs / Actress at Large
 Random Rants

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 A correction:  Roe v. Wade was a TEXAS, not a Missouri, case (much as I
hate to kill the intended Ashcroft irony--but you've got Smirk, instead).  Also
the case started in, I'm pretty sure 1970.  By the time the Supreme Court issued
its ruling on January 22, 1973 (also the day LBJ died), plaintiff Roe's (actual
name, Norma McCorvey) baby had already been born and given up for adoption.

Challenge Mail from Brandon Sutherland

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Great Republican Quotes

"I'm getting much more pleasure out of helping people than making money and making movies.
 And it's increasing my desire to do that. It will probably lead  to some political office. I haven't
 really said this is the time. But, you know, the bottom line is if Davis goes on the way he is
 -- then eventually there will be a vacuum in a year and I could ...,''
    -- Arnold Schwarzenegger, saying he'll run for California governor.

 "I haven't had a hit since True Lies in 1994, so I have to change careers."


Subject: Censorship

Dear Bartcop,

We're in BIG trouble.
Already, a subtle effort to quash any criticism of the Bush Residency is afoot.
After only a scant few weeks, CNN has removed the discussion board entitled "The Bush Presidency".

They have notified posters to move to other discussion areas such as "Abortion", "India/Pakistan Relations"
and "Separation of Church and State".  Interestingly, they still maintain discussion boards on "Bill Clinton"
and "Jesse Jackson", but there seems to be no room for any discussion of our current Pretender.

Scary, huh?

Keep your brilliant battle going--we need you now, more than ever.

Denise Topaz

Denise, scary but expected.
Scarier still - we have no idea why the press is giving Smirk a pass.
For some reason, the wild-ass media whores no longer want to make money.

...did you just hear that owl hoot?

ha ha

First hour, Pigboy is whining about "baby-boomers who grew up without ever
 having to do any real work in their entire lives."

Hey, Pigboy, who's our installed president?
Please list the hard work that snotty, rich brat ever did in his life.
Or are you counting his desertion from the National Guard as hard work?

I've never deserted my country in war time, so I don't know if it's hard work or not.

The Congressional hearings on the Rich pardon are next week.
Horendo Revolver has an opinion.

Click  Here

The hearings in Congress begin next Wednesday.

Please God, have them subpeona The Master.

February 5, 2001

 I got my truth hat on...

 The Real Reason

 I didn't hear the vulgar Pigboy today, I took the day off.
 But last week, that pig Hannity spent DAYS on Mel Reynolds.

 Never heard of him?
 Relax, nobody has.

 He was an obscure Demo Rep from Illinois when he got caught fooling around with a 16 year old girl.
 That's not good.
 Yahoo News says Reynolds was sentenced in 1997 to 6-1/2 years in prison for bank fraud
 and campaign finance violations, but the sex is all that Hannity and Rush can remember.

 When it happened in 1995, the vulgar Pigboy had multiple orgams on the air READING
 the court record of the sex talk betweeen idiot Reynolds and the 16 year old girl.
 (Remember, Reynolds is NOT a Green Bay Packer, so sex crimes could be enforced)
  Well, Reynolds got one of the Clinton pardons last month.

 This was the best new Rush had received since the Whore Court stole the election.
 The pardons gave Rush an excuse to drag out alllllllll that five year old sex talk to embarrass Reynolds.
 Pigboy went on vacation last week, so Hannity stepped in and did DAYS on Reynold's cock.
 Each hour, he'd go over it again and again and again.

 Jesse Jackson we might understand, because they've both hated him for years.
 But why the inordinate amount of time devoted to Reynolds?

 These fraudulent sons of bitches had their little gigglefest because Reynolds is black.
 Rush and Hannity can't get on the air and say, "Ain't that just like a nigger?"
 But they can get  thisclose  to doing it by playing the "oversexed" card.

 Rush and Hannity are superb communicators.
 When they tear into Jackson and Reynolds for their "sex problems," the whites-only crowd
 perks up because Rush has the courage to say what needs to be said.
 The darkies are all oversexed and Rush's fans - the real Americans - know that.

 Rush is just doing his whites-only audience a favor by warning us that "one of them" was loose.
 He's here to remind the racists that "those people" are sex-crazy.
 Remember, Rush gets paid to divide America.

 I'd like to take him fishing on Lake Tahoe sometime...


Subject: Banned political websites - Bartcop's next?


Bartcop, I can't believe it (well yes I can)! I work for....well let's
just say I work for a "Generalized" Electric company and each day
during lunch (my free time) I read your site, APJ and sometimes
I check out the Rush VS. Reality site on MSN.


Nope, RVR has now been banned from access. If I click on the link, type
the address or use my bookmark, I get the corporate warning page telling
me this site is an evil site equal to the lengths of those porno sites on the Net.
Along with the warning that a "ticket" has been recorded that
I tried to access this site.

I wonder who's next?
You, Bartcop?
American Politics Journal?

I wonder if I can access Rush's site itself.......hold on, let me see........

Knowing the company I work for, it doesn't surprise me one bit!
I'm gonna download every anti-GW/GOP item I can and every pro-Bartcop I
can, print them out and line the walls of my cell...I mean cubicle.

I'll update you.


 Debate Idea

 Trying to fix what's wrong with our Thursday night debates,
 I came up with something that might help a lot.

 Next time we do this, we should let the Rush fans work as a team.
 They pick a fast-typer to anchor their team, but anyone can send the anchor messages.

 So if Bird was smarter and a better typist, he could be the anchor.
 If the subject was the Clinton pardons, Gorefan and Mr Republican and the other DMs
 could send suggestions to their anchor to use as rebuttal.

 I'm all for a moderator, too, if someone wants the job.
 But this team idea should greatly increase the IQ of the victims, I mean the Republicans,
 and if there's only two people typing, maybe the BB won't freeze.

 If we try this and it still freezes, we'll set up a thing on Dalnet of EFNet or whatever,
 for the Thursday night debates in case they get crowded.

 So you GOP types that hang in the chat room and the BartCop Sucks Forum,
 pick an anchor who can think and type and let's try that.

 Tequila Talk

 I have discovered something.
 I can taste a difference in three different bottles of Chinaco Anejo.
 The Anejo from store "A" tastes different than the Anejo from store "B" or store "C."

 It stands to reason that it would be hard to duplicate each batch exactly.
 In this case, you have papaya, pears, mango, apple and wildflowers mixed in there
 so it must be an art just to get it to taste similar to the previous batch.

 ...and I would never have noticed if I hadn't gone broke.
 To new readers - I fell into some easy ADM cash money and for a long time
 I was chugging the Chinaco Anejo like it was f-ing Budweiser.
 When I came back to earth, I had to learn to savor each drop of God's Nectar
 thereby multiplying the taste of sunshine a hundred fold.

 Thank you, God, for taking away all that money.


Subject: Where are the links to buy something?

Hey Bartcop,

I read your blurb about some upcoming fundraising, and I thought, well,
maybe I'll buy that coffee mug or a bunch of bumper stickers.  Then I went
looking for a link for that mug or bumper sticker, and couldn't find one anywhere !!

So, where are the links to the Store??
Didn't I see one in days past??

Make it easy for us to give you money!!
Post the link to the store!!


Steve in Houston

Steve, I have returned the links to the top of the page.


Subject: Susan McDougal

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm intensely jealous. I totally agree with
your opinion about Susan; she has more integrity in one little finger than you'd
find among all of the repubs (and many of the demo's, unfortunately) put together.

The way she stood up to that bully, and didn't back down even one smidgen to
save her neck; there's no WAY she could ever become a politician (unfortunately)!
If she ever makes it up to my neck of the woods (Seattle), I'm going to try to meet her myself.

Hmm... I'm not married...
D'ya think she'd...?

Na, probably not.
Still, I can dream, can't I?


Robert Webster

Nicole Kidman leaves her husband.

She's telling close friends she wants to marry an actor.

 Remember 1995?

 I do.
 In 1995, America was drowning in cheap oil and gasoline.
 Oil and gas were so cheap, the just-took-control Gingrich House of Representatives
 were ridiculing Jimmy Carter and his "conserve energy" policies.

 Matter of fact, we were so awash with cheap energy, the ditto-monkey Congress
 passed a law repealing the 55 Mile-per-hour speed limit because - it wasn't needed!

 We were drowning in cheap, cheap gas and oil.
 (And the lying bastards have the gall to say Clinton had no energy policy...)

 So - what happened?
 Bob Dole got his clock cleaned by Clinton, and the GOP got angry.
 They decided they were going to get behind one guy and win the White House in 2000.

 For reasons that I think, to this day, only the big story explains, they chose that idiot Smirk.
 Everyone knows Smirk was and is a horrible candidate to run for national office,
 because he was skeleton-boy and he was a total idiot who's unable to think.

 Since they HAD to win this election - no matter what it took - they needed a game plan
 that could circumvent the FEC rules, so they needed a source of mega-giga-dollars.
 Where else would you go besides BIG OIL?

 Smirk's friends in BIG OIL knew Smirk was a hole that would produce for them like crazy.
 Making a long, sad story short, they put their plan together to elect Smirk.
 For payback, they wanted Carte Blanche on drilling rights and monopoly prices.

 ...and look what happened,
 ...look where we ended up.

 The minute Smirk took his stolen oath of office in Washington D. C.,
 the most populous state in the nation becomes the victim of "rolling blackouts."

 The problem causing the rolling blackout?
 REGULATIONS - they claim.
 REGULATIONS we didn't need forced on us by the liberals..
 Un-needed, un-necessary, un-American, anti-capitalist REGULATIONS.

 Ready for me to bring it home?

 What would solve all of the (newly-created-by-Smirk ) problems?

 1. Drilling in Alaska and wherever BIG OIL wants to go.
 2. Drop those silly, un-needed, un-necessary un-American REGULATIONS on BIG OIL.
 3. ...and lastly, the solve-every-problem-in-the-world TAX CUTS so BIG OIL can invest.

 ...and if I'm wrong, why did Newt and his ditto-monkey Congress raise the speed limit?
 They did it because we were drowning in cheap oil and gas

 We're all getting screwed by BIG OIL.
 The reason your gas bill just tripled is the same reason
 the profits of the BIG OIL companies are about to triple.

 Smirk and his BIG OIL buddies are stealing from the poor to give to the super-rich.

 We're getting fucked.

 Great Political Quotes

 There's a risk that Democrats who are not sharing the anger and dismay could
 find themselves disaffected from big pieces of the base of the party.
 But if the base of the party is angry with Republicans and working day and night
 to vindicate through the midterm elections what was taken away from them in
 the election last year, that could be good for the Democrats.
    --  Tony Podesta, a Democratic strategist


Subject: Thank You, BartCop

Dear BartCop,
I just want to say thank you for being the only real voice of decency.
Living in the right-wing hell hole of Virginia, I cling to as a bastion
of intelligence, reason, and morality.  Considering this nation's shameful slide to the right,
it feels good to know at least some people out there are willing to stand up for what's true.

I have been a devoted Democrat for years, but no more.
Those rat-bastard traitors will have to earn my vote next time.
We all need to band together - to remind a brainwashed public that the word liberal is a beautiful thing.

Let me know how to donate.
I don't have tons of dough, but I want to help this cause.

Keep fighting the bastards, BartCop!
We need you.

Steven Newman


Subject: Ashcroft

Roe v. Wade was a Missouri case and Missourian John Ashcroft has
personalized it and made it his life's to get the decision overturned.
The clinic that preformed the abortion was in St. Louis. I lived near the clinic
and every day for the 7 years I lived there women were jeered, ridiculed,
tormented, cursed, and spit on. There was never a day that went by where
there less than 30 protestors carrying signs and screaming  "baby killers".

No effort was ever made by then Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft and later
Governor to ensure safe passage from the street to the clinic despite numerous
incidents that required police intervention.

Make no mistake about it, it is personal with Ashcroft. He has deeply religious
beliefs against all forms of abortion and birth control  (except condoms)
and has made the reversal of Roe v. Wade his highest priority.

Anyone who believes any other senario is just fooling themselves.

M. Lee Hibbs

Here are some FACTS about Marc Rich.

Rich was railroaded
Overzealous, faulty application of the law led to unjunst conviction.
By his lawyer, Jack Quinn

Much of the history surrounding the 20 year old Marc Rich case concerning complicated
oil trades, as well as the merits for the Rich pardon, can be explained  by one word:
RICO, the Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO).
Designed to combat violent organized crime, prosecutors in 1983 misused the racketeering
sledgehammer for the first time to attack Rich for what was no more than a regulatory
dispute about price controls and taxes.

In 1989, the U.S. Department of Justice finally put a stop to the use of RICO in cases like this,
but by then Rich's companies had been coerced into pleading guilty just to survive, and Rich
had been labeled a fugitive for not returning from his headquarters in Switzerland to be
subjected to a patently unfair and grossly overhyped racketeering trial.

And the prosecutors overlooked the key facts underlying the energy and tax case that the RICO
charges overshadowed.  The U.S. Department of Energy, the agency authorized to enforce the
oil price control rules, investigated some of the very transactions covered by the indictment.
The department directed its attention to a major oil company that actually developed the idea,
and the probe that conducted in a civil regulatory proceeding, which is how everyone but Rich was
treated.  The department concluded such types of transactions should be viewed in a way entirely
consistent with the way Rich's conmpanies accounted for them, contrary to the indictment.

Rich's defense team, consisting of both Republicans and Democrats, tried unsuccessfully for more
than a decade to convince prosecutors to re-examine the charges in light of the contrary conclusions
reached by the Justice and Energy departments, as well as the contrary views of leading tax experts
of unquestioned integrity.  The defense was rebuffed not on the merits but because of Rich's absence,
which the prosecutors themselves caused through their now-discredited misues of RICO,

Given this intractable impasse, a pardon was sought to reduce this case to its proper proportions:
a civil regulatory dispute.  The process was never circumvented.  Not only did I make the deputy
attorney general aware of Rich's pardon petition, the White House consulted with the deputy
attorney general, who had been personally aware of Rich's defenses for more than a year.
The president resolved the stalemate by requiring Rich and his partner to waive any procedural
defenses that could be raised to the lawful imposition of civil fines or penalties for their actions
covered by the indictment.

The president's actions were necessitated by the prosecutors' unreasonable refusal to correct the
overzealous indictment that devastated Rich's companies and exposed him to more than 300 years in jail.
This case should have been resolved as a civil matter years aso.

Jack Quinn is a Washington lawyer and former White House counsel to President Clinton.

Now, why couldn't the whore press give us this story
instead of the weeks of  horseshit  we got instead?

This pardon, the "vandalism" and the less-than-the-Bush's-got parting gifts
are all we've heard lately while that idiot Smirk is reversing America's course.

...doesn't that make you sad?


Subject: Letter to Feingold

Senator Feingold,

What happened?? What were you thinking? What did the republican menace do to
silence one of the more progressive voices in the Senate? I hope you went for more
then the traditional 30 pieces of silver. I hope it was enough to justify your new Pariah status.
I hope it was enough compensation for imploding your political career in a few short years.

Did they have pictures? Was that the reason you helped elevate John Ashcroft, a man who
lied under oath (where is the outrage, the beating of breast, the gnashing of teeth and the
rending of hair,  now?), an extreme right-wing demagogue by anyone’s definition, to the
office of Attorney General? Or have you just taken leave of your senses?

Your actions are inexcusable and entirely indefensible. You cannot rationalize your way out of this.
Here’s a news flash Senator; Republicans didn’t vote for you, the DEMOCRATIC voters in
Wisconsin (one of the states where all the votes were counted) did. You have done them a great
and intolerable disservice. You won your last race by less then 50,000 votes.

That is a fairly thin margin. Looks like you will be getting some much needed time off after the
next election cycle to mull over your selling us out. What a pity, but accountability is paramount.
I hate to see you, of all Senators, be used as an example to others,  but you have only yourself to
blame. You may as well change your party affiliation and join ranks with the opposition.
Then and only then do you stand a chance at re-election.

A parting thought; Maybe you can use the filthy lucre that bought your vote to a good end.
I’m thinking a spine transplant or at the very least some testosterone therapy.


Dave Galloway
Sneads, FL

 Do you know who Jorja Fox is?

 First time I remember seeing her was as a doctor or ER.
 Then she moved to the hottest new show of last year, West Wing, where she played
 the lady Secret Service agent who was guarding the president's daughter.
 Then she moved to this year's hottest new show, C.S.I., where she plays a criminologist.
 She must think this whole Hollywood thing is pretty damn easy.

 I'll bet Tally Briggs would kill to have Jorja's luck...


Subject: confederate flag


I don't know if you can/will do this, but I have a request.

Go to and check out the poll at the bottom.
It is a poll asking what is the meaning of the confederate flag.

Obviously the freepers got to it.
After you vote (you can vote more than once, I did 10 times or so), you can see the results

Not that I encourage steering people to skew a poll,
but I think the readers of  could do something about this...


Kiss Dumps Criss From Farewell Tour

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Kiss drummer Peter Criss says he still wants to rock n' roll
with the band but the other three don't want him on the start of their farewell tour.

A statement posted on the band's Web site said Criss had left the group he helped found, but gave no reason.

On Saturday, Criss said Kiss lead singer Gene Simmons and guitarist Paul Stanley cut short negotiations for him to
perform on the tour. Criss will be replaced by Eric Singer, who played with the band from 1991 to 1996.

What's that got to do with the best-looking woman in rock n roll, Louise Nurding?
Nothing, I'd just like to kiss her, that's all.


Subject: Offices

OK, let me get this straight:

A sickly, 90 year old man with Alzheimers so advanced he can't recall his wife's name:
OK to spend $300,000 a year on his office. (For his very important activities, I'm sure)

A healthy man in his 50's who just moved to the most expensive city in the world:
Criminal to spend $300,000 a year on his office, even though he's a serious contender
for a Nobel Peace Prize or important post like UN Secretary General or Governor
of his adopted state.

I live in NYC. $700,000 a year for an office is no big deal here,
because that's what these things cost. Only knuckle draggers from
Grand Rapids or Bumfuck can get primo office space for a hundred grand.
You can't even buy a shitty house in the ghetto here for less than a quarter mil.

Take heart- if you lived in Canada, the Liberal Party
would be kicking ass and taking no prisoners.
It's only in THIS country that they take it up the ass.



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 It had everything - press rules, wild pigs golfing, Tina and more Demo capitulation.

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