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Volume 405 - Seconds on Impeachment, anyone?

 February 11, 2001

 Idiot Court Rules in Napster Case

 SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A federal appeals court on Monday kept a stay on an injunction
 against Napster in place until a lower court can modify it, saying the popular online song-swap service
 could be held liable for copyright infringement under certain circumstances.

 In the long-awaited but complicated ruling, a three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in
 San Francisco refused to grant the record industry's demand that Napster be immediately enjoined
 from trading copyrighted songs until the trial is held on the issue.

 Stupid, stupid, stupid ruling from the morons in black robes.
 Don't they understand that the future is here?
 Don't they understand a ruling like this has as much effect as ruling
 that men shouldn't enjoy looking at a pretty girl in a swimsuit?
 The technology exists to send songs around the world in seconds.
 Nothing can stop that from happening.
 Nothing can change that fact.
 They might as well add the phone company to that suit.
 Dell computers, too and Microsoft.
 They should sue each teenager, too, like Lars from Metallica

 Stupid, stupid ruling.


 Subject: Tax Overage Debate

 It would seem that your GOP "tax overage" debater doesn't understand the difference
 between the annual deficit and the national debt.  Having some extra money this year (finally!)
 doesn't cover the years of Reagan/Bush deficit spending.

 If Grandma sends him $100 at Christmas, but he charged $1,000 for his kids,
 does he actually believe he's $100 ahead?


 Great Political Quotes

 Thanks to the liberals, todays toilets have to be flushed 87 times just to get rid of dental floss.
   -- Tony Snow, letting us decide how much he exaggerates.

 Have you been to James Carville's page?

 Maybe click on the "Ten things you can do" button.


Subject: Dennis Miller

Dear Bartcop:

I did not watch Dennis Miller Live this week; I don’t watch him anymore.
I quit after his shameful performances during the first two shows this season.

I have a suspicion that he’s the new Howard Beale (“Network”). He used to have a message,
and it was a good one - mostly - but now the content of his ranting seems to have changed 180 degrees.
Somebody got to him, and they’ve convinced him that Nazism is a good thing.
For Koresh’s sake, he’s still going after Gore, if you can believe it.

Like you, I’ve loved Miller’s work since “Weekend Update,” but I’ve no interest
in the self-satisfied little corporate-ass-kissing weasel he’s become.

Sean O’Gara

Sean, not only that, but he's a coward, too.
Last Friday, he and Fire Marshall Bill sat there and talked about what horrible monsters
the "intolerant" Democrats have become, but he didn't pull any of that shit when Alfre Woodard
was on his show. If he had, she would've made him eat it, so he kept quiet.

He also apologized a second time for doing a Smirk joke.

Remember Cindy's Lauper's, "Money Changes Everything."

It sure does.
It changed the former funniest white man in America into Smirk's whore.

 Great Political Quotes

 If I spent the entire three hours a day for twenty years talking about
 how  disgusted  I am with the American Librarian Association,
 I still wouldn't have enough time to condemn them properly.
    -- Laura the Unloved, fabricating a boogeyman to rail against..

 Laura, you're such a paid-for whore.
 You pick out a group like the Librarians to pick on, but you and Pigboy
 and better-than-you Bill Bennett and that prick Michael Medved refrain
 from condemning a sleaze like the Fox Network for their Temptation Island or
 Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?  All that sleaze gets a pass from you
 moralizing phonies because Rupert Murdoch has an "R" after his name.

 You make me sick, Laura, you and all your whore friends.
 You're not against sleaze when your friends do it.
 When Barr and Burton and Hyde and Newt and Livingston got caught,
 you lying frauds didn't condemn them, you condoned it
 You made excuses for them, Laura, remember?

 You didn't say all those political wives stayed with their scumbag husbands
 because they couldn't stand to lose their political power - no, but you didn't
 mind saying that about Hillary, you selectively-outraged slut.

 You're not a moralist, you're a partisan whore posing as a moralist.

 Today's whore press wants you to think Bill and Hillary are the only ones
 to ever accept gifts while they were in the White House

 According to John Leland, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, after his two terms in office, left
 the White House with more than $1 million worth of dresses, jewelry, shoes and accessories.

 Nancy Reagan drew criticism and the interest of the I.R.S. for "borrowing" $20,000 dresses
 from fancy-ass designers, a practice she defended as "helping to support the fashion industry."

 No, the press didn't laugh and write 1,000 columns accusing her.

 Mrs. Reagan promised to stop taking the free dresses, but then changed her mind.
 In "My Turn: The Memoirs of Nancy Reagan" she addressed her critics, concluding,
 "One reason may be that some women aren't all that crazy about a woman
   who wears a size 4, and seems to have no trouble staying slim."

 You see, if you're Republican, and thin, you can steal anything you like.
 But if Bill and Hillary take 80 percent less than Saint Reagan and Nancy of Asisi,
 they are crucified by the whore press who won't give out the facts.

 Fun Political Quotes

 I've lost my benefits. I've lost my health benefits. I've lost everything.
   -- Linda Tripp

 But Linda, you still have your good looks...

 Traitor Breaks Law?

 Donations to Torricelli Reimbursed, Two Say

 Two former employees of a Texas company say they were solicited to contribute
 to Sen. Bob Torricelli (R-Demo Clothing), then were reimbursed by the company
 for their donations to the New Jersey Democrat's 1996 campaign.
 Federal law prohibits contributors from being repaid for donations.

 Click  Here

 We need to cleanse the Democratic party of traitors.

'Hannibal' devours $58 million at box office

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - They were hungry for Hannibal.

"Hannibal," starring Anthony Hopkins in "Silence of the Lambs II'' grossed $58 million in its first three days.

If the numbers hold, ''Hannibal'' will replace "Mission: Impossible II" as the third-highest bow in movie history,
after "Jurassic Park II ($72 million) and "Phantom Menace'' ($64.8 million). It set records for a non-summer opening,
an R-rated release and for a release by domestic distributor Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.

..and it's not a great film.

 It's not bad, surely not as good as "Lambs," especially if you're on a diet.
 Mostly, it was poorly directed.
 Too much time spent on "B" and "D" when the audience wanted more "A" and "C."

 ...and when will Ray Liotta play a character whom you don't want dead?

 And I'm sorry, but for a big budget film, couldn't they get somebody besides
 Fire Marshall Bill to play the villian?


Subject: The Question Tim Russert Should Have Asked Bill Thomas

I saw House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Thomas (R-CA) on Meet the Press this past Sunday.
Tim Russert asked Thomas several questions regarding the Bush tax cut; after spending the first half of the show
bashing Clinton for the Rich pardon.  (Of course, there was little mention of Poppy's Christmas Eve pardons of
Cap Weinberger and five others, as Lawrence Walsh was getting perilously close to revealing Reagan and Bush's

Anyway, the question Russert DID NOT ask Rep. Thomas was:

"Congressman Thomas, it has been reported that you carried on an adulterous affair with Deborah Steelman,
a healthcare industry lobbyist who in 2000, was paid $900,000 in lobbying fees by drug companies.  This occurred
while you were the chairman of the House Ways and Means subcommittee on health.  Considering that you were
the chief architect of a proposal to provide a prescription drug benefit as part of Medicare, while at the same time,
being intimately involved with a major drug company lobbyist who had directed $56,800 in drug company contributions
to your re-election campaign, which, by the way, was the most of any member of Congress, would you consider it
prudent to exclude yourself from any legislation involving medicare and the prescription drug benefit?

And considering your obvious poor judgment in continuing such a relationship, how can the American people have
faith in your judgment regarding the cornerstone the the Bush administration's, legislative agenda, the questionable
$2.5 trillion tax cut plan, a plan put forth even before the administration has submitted its first budget, a highly unusual move?".  Additionally, how do you square your call for the President's impeachment for personal behavior, while you were
involved in what some would say was a blatant act of sexual corruption and vaginal influence peddling?"

Full Story

Scalia to visit Dallas on Feb. 14

[ or for more information]

Dean John Attanasio and the Faculty of SMU School of Law cordially invite you to attend:

What: A Lecture by Tony "Three Fingers" Scalia, followed by a Reception in his honor

When: Wednesday, February 14, 2001, 4:00 P.M.

Where: Caruth Auditorium (Lecture); Taubman Atrium (Reception)
             Owen Fine Arts Center, 6101 Bishop Blvd., SMU Campus

Let the protests begin.

 Great Political Quotes

 "President Clinton could still be impeached."
  -- Sen Arlen Specter, Fox Whore News and check today's date.

 ha ha

 They still haven't had enough.
 Oh, I wish I could find a political cartoon to sum up this situation.

 ha ha

 They want to try one more time?

 ha ha

 Speaking of trying one more time...


    Pfc Latsko

 Nope, BC, This doesn't cut it.
 It's not a "Dumb example"; it's to the point, and you know it.

 So, you're saying there is no debt?
 Or are you saying that BartCop owns the Internet?

 Of course what you wrote was a dumber-than-shit analogy.
 You can't compare funding something you own with funding something you don't own.

 Who should pay for tires on my car?
 You or me?  Duh!
 You see how simple that concept is?

The Democrat hasn't been born who would return
an over payment of the public's fund's to the taxpayers.

 OK, you want to play that game?
 A Repub has never been born who didn't hate black people.
 See how fair that is?

You didn't answer my "Too tricky question", and then brought Reagan into the mix.

 You said something that wasn't true and I called you on it.
 I brought Reagan into it because he caused the problem.
 If Reagan wasn't the biggest spender in history, you'd be closer to a tax cut.

Democrats don't want to pay down the debt; they just want to spend MY MONEY as they wish.

 There you go again.
 Republicans don't want to get along with black people.
 They just want them put in ovens.

 Why do you think those wild statements help your argument?

Repeat after me: TAX OVERAGE!

 No, repeat after me: Reagan spent the money, the waiter wants to be paid.
 You can call it an "overage" another 999 times, but you'll still be wrong.

Say this ten times and then try and convince yourself that Daschle and
Chappaquidic(sp) Ted  know what the hell they're talkin' about ...

 Yes, Teddy's driving record is what you should concentrate on,
  instead of those Texas-sized holes in your argument.
 Whenever you run into the brick wall of logic, go for the cheap-ass personal attack.
 That's the Pigboy/Hannity style of persuation.
 When you lose - go personal.
 Pigboy has done well with you.

 I'm glad you're on their side.
 You don't make sense, you scream goofy-talk that's false on it's face,
 you make the wildest accusations this side of Hannity and Pigboy
 and by comparison, you make me look really smart - no small feat.

 Thanks, write some more.

Look what they did to Dave

NEW YORK (AP) - David Letterman is ruffling a few feathers.
The New York Post reported that a Letterman Top 10 list that poked fun at his network was scrapped this week.
The list referred to a lawsuit filed by a former "Survivor" participant who claimed the reality show was rigged.
The initial taping of Letterman's show on Tuesday featured a comedic list of the Top 10 reasons to sue CBS.
After the taping was concluded, however, Letterman asked the audience to stay as a substitute list was filmed
regarding Jennifer Lopez. The Post quoted an actress attending the taping, Paulette Osborne,
as saying Letterman seemed "very upset" that the CBS list wasn't used.

CBS spokeswoman Rosemary Keenan said no pressure was applied to Letterman,
and that the talk show host and his producers decided on the change themselves.

"It didn't get a good reaction from the audience and they felt it wasn't funny enough," she said.
Letterman's long history of mocking the networks that air him, first NBC and now CBS,
would seem to indicate that he doesn't get pushed around. Keenan said the only time CBS waves
a red flag on Letterman's material is if it appears to be libelous.

CBS - what a bunch of clumsy liars.
Dave and his producers made that change?

Let me guess, ...
Dave was angry with himself that he dared to poke fun at the Survivor scandal and CBS
when he knows good and well that networks would never rig a contest for better ratings.

So out of a deep sense of personal shame, Dave asked the audience to stay for a different,
...and therefore better Top Ten that could be shared by the audience at home, later.

...makes sense to me...

Think Dave'll buy it?

Or is Fox getting ready to own late night televison, too?

I think CBS might lose Ol' Dave after this.
Last I heard he had a three year contract, and Dave knows how to carry a grudge.

I have a feeling Rupert could use a man like Dave.

This day in History

In 1979: Followers of Ayatollah Khomeini seized power in Iran, then made a secret and illegal deal
with Bill Casey and Smirk's daddy to assist this terrorist group while they held our diplomats hostage.

And if there wasn't a secret deal made, why can't GHW Bush account for the missing days?
Why is the press not curious as to why the GOP VP candidate had gone missing for three days
when he was just THREE WEEKS from the presidential election of 1980?

Who was assigned to cover Bush in 1980?
Why can't Bush use them as witnesses to where he was those days?
What excuse did the press detail buy from Team Bush?
"He has the flu?"  and  "He'll be up and around in three days?"
Or did the press just rollover for Bush when he said "I need a favor?"

As justice was closing in, President Bush pardoned everyone who might testify against him
but we don't see anything wrong with the illegal arms-for-hostages deal that Reagan and Bush made
but we should do non-stop coverage of Clinton's "possibly potential" quid pro quo.

This day in History

In 1993: Clinton reluctantly accepted Janet Reno for attorney general, after the GOP scandal-mongers
labeled Clinton's first two nominees, Lani Guanier and Zoe Baird, as "not acceptable."

Once the Republicans got the women they wanted - Janet Reno - they approved her, over the expressed
will of President Clinton, who clearly wanted HIS nominee, not the GOP-approved nominee, at Justice.

Then, after installing Janet Reno against Clinton's original wishes, the GOP has the gall to say
"Reno was acting as Clinton's personal defense lawyer," when he didn't want her in the first damn place.

...or the second damn place.

Great Political Quotes

"The simple fact is that a handful of people who were really smart
   figured out how to make a ton of money selling the same product
   in essentially the same market conditions as before at 10 times the price."
      - MICHAEL KAHN, chairman of the California Energy Oversight Board, describing Smirk's friends at BIG OIL.

Get Rich Quick
 by Maureen Dowd

 I think part of Dowd's "brilliance" is how far she can stretch the maybes and couldbes.

 With one wild assumption, Dowd fabricated the entire "Hillary Bridal Registry Program,"
 then wrote about what a stupid, self-serving idea it was - when it was her idea all along.

 Dowd has the same problem as Rush and the networks:
 They can't let go of Clinton.
 Besides saying, "Smirk would need an education to be a half-wit,"
 what can she say about President Perfect?

 Check her architecture on todays house of manure.

 Click  Here

 I think maybe Dowd wishes she had a little bit O' Billy, in her life...

 Now I remember why I stopped watching Meet the Whore with Tim Russert (R-For Sale)

 He had wild man Dan Burton on (R-Shot a Watermelon) and Burton was spouting and spitting
 about Bill Clinton's "possible allegations" of wrongdoing in the Marc Rich pardon.

 Timmy: But what about Iran-Contra? Bush pardoned Weinburger to hide the truth
               about Bush's perjury in that series of scandals, didn't he?

 Burton:  I don't have an opinion on that, I want to bash Bill Clinton.

 Timmy: Ok, let's get back to that. What makes Bill Clinton so totally evil and corrupt?

 ...and that's Tim the relentless Monica prosecutor, letting Burton steer him away from the truth.
 Russert brought up the Bush pardons just to say he did, then dropped them the second Burton said
 he wasn't interested in comparing a valid pardon with pardons that prevented Smirk's daddy from
 guaranteed charges of theft, perjury, obstruction of justice and conspiracy to obstruct justice.
 Those Bush pardons also shielded St. Reagan from his perjury, but those aren't serious crimes.

 I know you're tired of hearing it, because I'm tired of saying it,
 but if the charges don't involve Clinton's cock, they can't be considered serious crimes.

 The Two faces of Smirk

 What he said then:
 Our boys in the military are on food stamps and that's an outrage.
 Don't worry boys, help is on the way!

 What he says now:
 We're  looking at a pay increase, it may happen may not.

 You mean the "Tax-cuts, so help me God" takes precedent over
 getting our military boys off food stamps and out of poverty?

 That's not "help on the way."
 That's DESERTING our fighting men a second time, Smirk.

 ...and we're not going to let people forget that.

On Fox Whore News, they have their little polls.
Then Tony Snow, in his black fishnet stockings,
breathlessly gives the Fox Whore News Poll results AS IF
they were gathered in some valid, scientific and credible way.

A poll on Fox News has the same validity a Pigboy poll has, or a Freeper poll.

If we held a poll here at I would expect the democrats would win.
Would I then breathlessly claim it represented most Americans?
Of course not, I have too much respect for the readers to lie like that.

But Fox Whore News has no respect for their foamers.
They know the Clinton-haters need a fix, so they lie to them.

They put out poll results like:

Clinton is biggest crook in all history - 96 percent
May only be in crookedest Top Five - 4 percent.

...and then Fox claims "everyone" sees it the same way they do,
even tho the GOP has lost the last three popular votes.

Isn't that amazing?

...well, I'm here to call them on it.
They are lying whores, selling the sheep a fabricated story.

Somebody tell me why ABC, CBS, CCN and NBC willing to let Fox News
get away with saying, "On our network, we tell the truth without the spin?"

The other networks, with their silence, are saying, "Yes, Fox is the only honest network."

If I was a network, that horseshit allegation wouldn't stand unanswered for an hour.

 Great Political Quotes

 "Atheists should not be citizens and are certainly not patriots...
   One nation under God, you know..."
    -- attributed to George Herbert-Herbert Bush

February 10, 2001



Listen to the sound of Angry America, calling for Smirk's head...

Click  Here


Hey, how'd you get that to instant load like that?

 Bill Maher last night

 If he's going to promise Terry McAuliffe on Thursday's show,
 Maher should explain his absence on Friday's show, right?

 How long has it been since a  BartCop VCR Alert  has done anybody any good?
 Every time I say, "Watch this," it either didn't exist or it failed to happen or it happened
 but it blew donkey so much that it was a waste of everybody's damn time.
 Lately, you can set your VCR to shut down when I say a good show is coming.

 Hopefully, my pointing you towards stuff I've already seen has a better average,
 but Friday's Bill Maher is just another bad example.

 He promised us Terry McAuliffe last night,
 Terry's a fighter,
 so I reminded you to watch for some fireworks, and last night, instead,
 we got Jay Thomas, who, actually, was really, really good.

 Matter of fact, he's in the Top Ten what I've seen in a long time for a Hollywood bonehead.
 What he said made sense, mostly, and his live-crowd timing was like he had a wagic wand.
 He scored some good points with sarcasm and ridicule.

 Back to the point,

 I like Bill Maher, he's got a great show.
 But promising, then not delivering, and not explaining why  is bad manners.

 How guilty is the Smirk family?

 Click on their family emblem.
 Thanks to


Subject: Tax Question

Yo Bartcop,
Answer me this question straight up, without your normal practice of answering
a question with another, somewhat related question in return.

ha ha
Are you fixin' to stump me?

Just answer the question:
Question: Why is it anathema for the Democratic Party to return the TAX OVERAGE to the people?

It's not.

For example: You pay a fee, lets say annually, for this web site. If you found out that you were paying
over the actual market cost for this service, and had been for a couple of years, would you, Bartcop,
then say to the provider of this service, " Keep the over-payments, and do with them what you like"?
Or would you demand that all of your over-payments be returned? With interest accrued?

Dumb example - I don't own the Internet, but we all own this country.
Now that I've answered your too-tricky question, consider this:
You and I eat at a fancy restaurant. between us, we spend $100.
When the waiter comes and puts his hand out, ...whose money is that?

Your hero, Red-Ink Reagan hosted a 5 trillion dollar meal.
We have to pay for that meal, we've spent the money, the bill is due.
...or do you usually run out the door at restaurants?

I work for a living, and ANY deduction from my pay is hard to put up with.
But to find out that I, and the rest of the country, have been over-paying taxes is galling.

How do you feel about Smirky taking your hard-earned money and giving it to charlatans and
con artists who threaten people with eternal damnation unless they get more of your money?
If you condemn Smirk's theft, then I might concede you have half a point.
But if you don't mind Smirk giving your tax money to the religiously insane,
then maybe you're not smart enough to be handling money.

Question #2: Why doesn't the press call this as it is, an over-payment of taxes;
instead of toeing the party's line that this is a "surplus"?

There you go again.
If you want to argue for smaller government and/or less spending, then do that.
But you and I are talking about how we're going to pay the waiter.
The meal has already been consumed.
The waiter wants his money.

Oh, and just for chuckles and grins, why should the tax-payers pay $650,000.00
for Slick Willy's office, when your worst enemy Reagan's only costs $285,000.00?

We've spent over a million dollars on Reagan's office during his Alzheimer's.
You don't mind that money being thrown away, but Clinton should settle for less?
Clinton has deals to make and business to attend to.
Under Clinton's leadership, America got trillions more revenue than Red-Ink gave us.
His severance paid should at least equal Cheney's $22 million from Halliburton, don't you think?

Print the whole thing BC, and defend the Demo's position ...


I didn't print every word you wrote.
You have a tendency to use twenty words when five will do.

For instance, you wrote: Why is it anathema for the Democratic Party to return the TAX OVERAGE
that has been collected from the tax-paying people of The United States of America to the people
that it has been collected from?

I changed the underlined part to "taxpayers."
See how tidy brevity is?

 Dennis Miller's stock continues to plummet

 I wish I knew what happened to Dennis Miller.
 Did he go "Hollywood" on us?

 How sad would that be, for one of our premier modern satirists to turn into "Dennis the Suit"
 for, ...reasons I can't imagine, ...and lose his entire comedy base.

 Koresh, that's an ugly feeling.
 Losing Miller to coke or alcohol would be one thing,
 but losing him to big money and the charms of the Smirk Monkey?

 When we lost Jimi, Janis and Jim, we knew it was because they were dancing on the edge.
 When we lost Keith, Bonzo and Hutch, we knew it was because they flew too close to the sun.
 When we lost Dennis Miller, we knew it was because he had some Michael Jackson surgery.
 - ABC paid for an operation that made Dennis Miller more white.

 Dennis Miller has been smacking The Man's ass for the best part of twenty years
 and now he sounds like Ari Fliesher  explaining something for Resident Smirk.
 Dennis, my man, ...I've been with you for so many years.
 It hurts to say it, but you've turned a corner that just ain't makin' it.

 Did you hear a tape of your own show last night, Dennis?
 Every Bash-the-Democrat joke and the fuck-the-Clintons joke fell flat.
 Did you think it was only your live audience that wasn't laughing?

 Christ, I like a good Clinton joke.
 Miller was never nice to Clinton, but he used to be semi-fair.
 Koresh, he did 2 or 3 "Clinton stealing furniture" jokes last night,
 and there was no audible audience response to the fuck-Clinton jokes.

 Den - Babe - the days are over when you can say "Monica" and get a laugh.
 If your Clinton jokes were funny OR made a valid point, the audience would respond.

 Miller is going the same place the whore press is.
 (Notice I haven't put the "W" word on Miller yet, my 18 years of loyalty
  prevent me from using the BIG hammer, but Dennis Miller's boat of credibility is heading for
  the falls and if he turns network Steppinfetchit on us, I will regret encouraging his retirement.)

  Last night, he and Gary Oldman  sat there for eight minutes and talked about what a bunch
 of low-life, scumbag, intolerant assholes the Democrats were.

 No, he wasn't trying to prod the party to do better, like we do here at
 no, he was playing the whore.

 Dennis - tell us what happened...

 Did they threatened you?
 Did they kidnap your kids?
 Is that what happened?

 Tell us!
 We can get help.

 When you became a hit on MNF, they kidnapped your kids and promised to kill them?
 Unless you turned into Smirk's personal comedyboy, that what happened?

 I mean, if I'm wrong, tell me.
 Like I said, I love Dennis Miller and I love a good Clinton joke.
 Dennis isn't Dennis...'s like, ...something has taken control of the real Dennis...

 Wouldn't Dennis want us to free him from the monster's evil control?

 It's too early to say Dennis Miller is dead, but I think we see some chapter titles.
 - Miller, the early years on SNL.
 - Miller, gets late night show, but no guests
 - Miller, finds stride at HBO, becomes funniest white man on the planet,
 - Miller, reaches for a bigger piece of the pie,  and it hurts to see him turn Smirk's whore.

 Dennis, if I'm wrong, don't explain it to me, OK?
 Just knock it the fuck off. OK?
 Me and your fans would appreciate it if you could at least get back to 50/50 on the snotty jokes.

 Why do you think your studio audience isn't laughing?
 Did you think it was great material, but you just flubbed the delivery?
 Guess what, Sparky, the audience can kep up, they're just not with you anymore.

 The Warren Christopher in me is reminding that Dennis Miller has given me hundreds
 of hours of smart, smart comedy that reflected what the some real people were saying.
 Dennis is talking like the New York network boys want him to talk.
 Someone told Dennis he'd look good in the pink tutu.

 Sad, ...sad day

 ...but Dennis, in your earlier encantations, you were top of the heap.
 Pryor, ...Rock, ...your had few superiors.

 Funniest white man on the planet.

 But the money feels good.

 And your life like it well.

 I thought you'd be one of the last ones to sell out.


Subject: (no subject)


Mr. Heavenly Bush voter,

You forgot, "nigger-lover."

O'Neill: Dems Don't Know Economy

Whore City - Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill said Friday that Democratic leaders
who criticize Smirk's tax cuts do not understand how the economy works.

"The idea that the rich will buy another car (with their tax cut) is just lunacy,''
O'Neill said on ABC's ``Good Morning America.''

O'Neill is right.
The super-rich won't buy another car with their Smirk-payback windfall.
They'll buy small companies, fire the employees, sell the assets, one by one,
just like they did in the Red-Ink Reagan Eighties.

Does O'Niell think we forgot?

From: (withheld)

Can you tell me how to get in touch with the Volt site?

Yes, his address is now

From:  Eddy

Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and George W. Bush were set to face a firing squad in
a small Central American country.

Bill Clinton was the first one placed against the wall and just before the
order to shoot him was given, he yelled out, "Earthquake!" The firing squad
fell into a panic and Bill jumped over the wall and escaped in the confusion.

Al Gore was the second one placed against the wall. The squad was reassembled
and Al pondered what his old boss had done. Before the order to shoot was given,
Al yelled out, "Tornado!" Again the squad fell apart and Al slipped over the wall.

The last person, George W. Bush, was placed against the wall. He was thinking
"I see the pattern here, just scream out a disaster and hop over the wall."

As the firing squad was reassembled and the rifles raised in his direction
he grinned and yelled, "Fire!"

 Millionaire is fixed

 Don't even try to disagree.
 ABC's Millionaire is fixed, fixed, fixed and everybody knows it.

 Your first reaction - "Why would ABC do that?"

 ha ha

 They're creating a "thing" about how many shows they've done
 ...without paying out any damn money!

They're so proud!

 They're saying, "We're so damn cheap, and you people are so gullible, that we've gone 112 shows
 without having to pay out any substantial money, we'd be IDIOTS to let a contestant win.
 We'll ride this Susan Lucci for another decade without giving up our next big dollar.

 They brag that they can't be cracked, and make an extra $1,000,000 a show
 by never letting anybody win?

 ha ha

 By chance, ... would they be Catholic?

 So, I have accused Millionaire of being fixed.

 The proof?
 The electronic questions.

 If this was an HONEST game...
 They'd write 12 questions on 12 little cue cards and give them to Regis.
 Then do the fastest finger trick to pick the next contestant.

 Since they don't do that, since they're totaly digital, they just fuck with the guy in the chair.
 If he's a grunger space-monkey, they ask him the square root of the speed of light.
 If he's a rocket scientist, they ask him which N Stinker has curly hair.

 It's fixed, ...just like Florida.

 Everything's fixed these days.
 I don't like where we're going.

 You can't believe the stories you hear on TV.
 The newspapers are outright lying.
 It's a coast-to-coast media whorefest.

 America, America, God shed his rage on thee.

Sorry, Wrong President
 By Eric Alterman

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Someone wrote to say back in Volume 266 or so, I said,
"Rush singing the song, 'I'm a Nazi' was an all-time classic, and it would be
 available on  until the end of time."

 ...but when he clicked on it, it wasn't there.

 He wrote and asked, "Is this the end of time?"

 ha ha

 In the great bandwidth/traffic (call it what you want) scare of 12/00,
 I took down all audio files in an effort to keep  on the web.

 Since that scare has temporarily been averted, "I'm a Nazi" is back.
 If you haven't heard this, you're in for a treat.

 Click  Here  to hear Rush Limbaugh explain exactly what makes him a Nazi puta.

 Clinton Disappointed by Lack of Assassination Attempts

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