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w/RFK section

Volume 565 - Not so much I couldn't taste it

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 August 23, 2001 
  VCR Alert -  Let's do the chat room during Condit's tearfest tonight.

   It may be the last chance we get to talk before Bush shuts us down.

There's a good Clinton in Vegas story in

 ...worth checking out.


 "You know what would make tightening my belt a lot easier?
   If I could tighten it around Jesse Helms' chicken neck."
    -- the late Bill Hicks



 Description: A sharply critical look at Rush Limbaugh and his politics.
                       Some objectionable content.

 Bush Family Evil Empire
 beats Greg Palast in British Court
 "There should be limits to freedom," Smirk said, ...and now there are.

   Full Constitionally Frightening Story

 In a case with implications for investigative journalism in the Internet age, a Canadian mining company
 (The Bush family) has successfully used British libel law to shut down part of a U.S.-based Web site.

 The case, which pits Barrick Gold, Barrick Goldstrike Mines and their chairman, Peter Munk,
 against Guardian Newspapers Ltd., was settled Tuesday with Barrick and Munk winning an apology
 and monetary damages from the Guardian -- as well as the deletion of a story from a U.S.-based Web site.

 So, there you have it.
 If you write something critical of the Bush Family Evil Empire, they will make you pay.
 They'll bankrupt your publisher or get you a motel room in Springdale, Arkansas,
 but the Bush Family Evil Empire will not be stopped.

 Jesus Christ - they installed a president against the will of the voters, (and few people seem to care)
 and they cornered the market on the world's gold, and most of America's oil and gas,
 and don't forget - water rights in California are controlled by these same people.

 But if you get in their way - they will crush you.

 Liberal Media My Ass Part II:
  The Worm Turned       By Black Max

  Click  Here

 Politically Correct Wednesday
   (See rant, below)

 Click  Here  for some feedback

NBC has announced that Josiah Bartlet will open the third season of  The West Wing
on Sept. 19 by announcing he intends to run for a second term as president.

You think?

Unemployment: 9-Year High
The number of laid-off workers drawing unemployment benefits has hit a nine-year peak.

The number of workers filing new applications for jobless benefits increased by a seasonally
adjusted 8,000 to 393,000 for the week ending Aug. 18, the Labor Department reported Thursday.

In a significant sign of how the yearlong economic slowdown has affected American's ability to get a job,
the government reported that the number of workers drawing benefits rose to 3.18 million.

That was the highest level since the number of jobless workers drawing benefits hit 3.21 million in
September 1992 as the country was still struggling to emerge from the last recession.

Welcome to the Republican Nightmare.

Wait, I forget, who was president nine years ago?
Smirk's bumbling daddy, the arms salesman who had to pardon Reagan's cabinet.

Get ready for another four years of , "Recession? What recession?"

Tim Russert: "I didn't see any protestors..."

Follow Up


Subject: RFK's assassination

You wrote:
>Science and logic say Sirhan didn't fire the bullet that caused Bobby's death.
>Just like with JFK and Iran-Contra and October Surprise, the truth was buried,
>but we learned everything about Monica, because that was important.


The second gunman was named Thane Eugene Caesar.  He was a security guard at the hotel,
assigned to be a shadow for Kennedy while he was in the hotel.  He was only moonlighting at
the hotel, however.  He was a security guard who normally worked at the CIA skunkworks,
during the development of the SR-71.   He worked for the CIA, not Rockwell (Or whoever it
was that was developing the spycraft.)

Most of the bullets pulled from Kennedy and from around the room were copper jacketed.
Copper jacketed bullets were designed to eleiminate the lead buildup in gun barrels.  The gun that
was in Sirhan's possession was taken to the lab for bullet matching.  before the lab techs could get a
lead round through the gun for testing, they had to fire copper jacketed bullets through it to clear the
significant lead buildup.  The tests showed that the lethal rounds were probably not fired from Sirhan's gun.

It has been about 14 years since I studied this subject, but that is what I remember from William Turner's
The Assassination of Robert F Kennedy.   Hard to find, but worth the search...

Incidentally, before they were "lost"  the ceiling panels, wall panelling, the door and door frame
seemed to show that a total of 11 shots were fired.   Sirhan's gun held nine rounds.


Well, now, that's none of our business.
Our business is knowing whether Monica touched her breasts before or after blowing the president.
That's what's important to the GOP and the whore media in this fucked up world we live in.

 Bono news

 Click  Here

 The Sandra Bernhard Experience
  starts Monday at 11 p.m. on A&E and will air for five consecutive nights.

 Bernhard encourages her guests to dish out unvarnished opinions on everything from religion to punk rock.
 Bernhard's first guests include "Sopranos" Edie Falco and Steve Van Zandt, and rocker Chrissie Hynde.

 "I think every guest on Leno or Letterman is just out for the hype job they can find there," she added.
 "I wanted to talk with guests who can talk about almost anything, not just their latest project."

 Hell, I'll watch that first night, see if it's any good.


Subject: You really want a debate?

Click  Here

  Happy Birthday to...

             Shelley Long is 52                             Barbara Eden is 71


 "We must resist the temptation of a bigger threat to growth, and that's excessive federal spending.
   We don't want the budget to be a hollow noise.
   We want the budget to be real, and that's why I've been given the power of the veto."
       --Weak & Stupid, speaking in Independence, Mo


 Subject: DemoCRAPS

 Are you assholes still here?
 I guess the tax cut kept you in business.

 ha ha

 He's not kidding.
 He's so cutting edge using DemoCRAPS

 If Vic the Racist had a 'puter, I'd suspect him.

 ...Democraps, almost as clever as victocrates

 The Wednesday Bill Maher

 They had a Mike Medved-type insane Japanese guy,
 a doesn't-get-it-black babe (the lady from Heat of the Night with Carroll O'Connor)
 Sarah Silverman, who is a funny-as-hell comedian (and a babe) and David Spade.


 Spade went all Kingman, Arizona on us, wailing on black awards shows that don't allow whitey in...
 (Source Awards, Latin Grammys, etc) and how unfair it is for poor old whitey.

 Hey, Dave, you did a great job of hiding that David Duke streak all these years.
 Maybe you just had a horrific, misunderstood night on Bill Maher, but you came off
 like some made-it-rich white boy who can't believe "the niggers" complain so much.

 I'll give you the benny - this time, but you said it, and you didn't just say it, you SAID it,
 in a way the ditto-monkey racists would "get it," ...but I'll give you another chance.
 Next time, tho, we will not forgive so easily.

 Here's the problem:
 Sarah the comic did this joke a while back on Conan:

 "I had jury duty, and I wanted to get out if it, so they told me to write something racist on the jury form
  like "I hate Chinks," so I'd get excused, but I didn't want to be hateful, so I wrote "I like Chinks."

 That's a great joke, but the Japanese fella kept saying, "Chink is a racist word."

 Dude, that's the joke.
 Poor Sarah felt ambushed and had a tough time explaining herself, but we just went thru this, remember?
 I think successfully on all sides, about Chris Tucker and Richard Pryor and Chris Rock,
 the funniest man in America, and the word, "nigger."
 It can be used with hate, or, as Bill Maher said, "a term of endearment."
 (Did he steal that from us?)

 So the Japanese guy is screaming "We were jailed in WW2," which is true and irrelevant,
 and entirely missed Sarah's point about NOT wanting to be racist, while the clueless black lady was
 saying intelligent things like,  "Bill, have you ever been called a nigger?" which made no sense,
 and Spade was making me think that's not his real last name with his "poor whitey" rhetoric.

 Of course, Spade chided Silverman for being insensitive, which is horseshit.
 Koresh, how could David Spade not get the joke?
 Didn't he used to be a comedian, himself?

 But mostly, I was disappointed in Bill Maher.
 He let poor Sarah comic sit there for 30 minutes and take being called "racist" by
 the Japanese guy and the confused black chick and David the non-Spade.

 Bill, you were a coward Wednesday night.

 Sarah was 1000 percent right on her position, the other three were wrong,
 and she looked to you several times for some "It's a joke" common sense,
 and you laid down because the crowd, for some reason, was backing the Japanese fella.

 Bill, I gotta call you Pink Tutu Bill Maher.

 But, like with Spade, maybe there are circumstances...   Maybe that Asian fellow
 had a knife, and your acted the whore to save lives, but it sure didn't seem that way on TV,
 Mr. Speak-the-Truth, Mr. I'm Not Afraid to Say It, and Mr. Politically Incorrect.

 Sarah Silverman wrote a great joke,  a joke that strengthened the cause of the complaining parties,
 but Bill Maher was just too addled or scared to speak the truth.

 Bill, ...knock that shit off

 ...and if anybody knows that great comic (she was on an episode of  Star Trek NG or Voyager, I'm not sure)
 her name is Sarah Silverman, and that was a great joke, I believe her 100 percent that it.wasn't a race joke
 - it was an anti-race joke, and she was right, but for whatever reasons, Pink Tutu Bill Maher let her
 sit there and be "the racist" when she was no such thing.  Bill Maher should be ashamed of himself.

 He invited her on the show to explain herself, and she did a decent job until the other three attacked her
 and Maher just sat there. At one point, the Japanese guy said, "Race jokes are like fire, and when you
 play with fire, sometimes you get burned," which is not only worse than a Doc Harpie cliche,
 but the damn crowd applauded that idiotic comment, and Maher sat there,
 his silence offered as evidence that Silverman WAS racist.

 I wanted to jump thru the TV.

 You really need to read this short, great article.

 Activist to Bush: Wait Till Voters Wake Up

 Click  Here

 If Mark Crispin Miller is right, the White House is occupied by a right-wing cabal, fronted by a man
 so sure of his dynastic ascendancy that he does not even bother to adhere to the rules of common English,
 so complacent in his privilege that he flaunts his ignorance as if it were the ultimate mark of superiority.

 If Miller is right, this man was not elected president in any legal or moral sense.

 If Miller is right, a sophisticated right-wing propaganda machine, operating with the aid of
 corporate-influenced big media, has brainwashed Americans into believing that he was.

 If Miller is right, the presidency of George W. Bush dealt democracy a potentially murderous blow,
 a blow that left millions of voters mentally and emotionally stunned, unable to truly comprehend
 the enormity of the Supreme Court's decision nine months ago.

 Read this article.
 Mark Crispin Miller is right.

  Rare second excerpt:
 The television networks, long conditioned to avoid any hint of the liberal bias with which the right-wing
 has calculatedly accused  them of for years, continued to give Bush the benefit of the doubt.

 Which is why, Miller says, "you had Cokie Roberts and Sam Donaldson resorting to these inane clichés
 on Inauguration Day, about how orderly the process was, about how the system could weather such storms,
 instead of reporting that many Americans felt completely numb and worked over, and that many were
 indeed protesting right there in Washington."

 This just in from CNN

  CNN Ditt:    "What makes you think that you could govern the country?"

  Al Sharpton:   "Everyday I look at Bush I know I could at least do what he does."

 Sorry about all the broken arrows from yesterday.

 I'm a Democrat - I have excuses.

 Probably the worst part of doing  is the time factor.
 Time is racing by like I'm stuck in a Kubrick wormhole.

 I get to work, finish my work for the day, and it's 9:40
 I open the mail, read & answer some, it's lunchtime.
 I write some, I check some links, it's 3:30.
 I post some toons on  and the boss says,
 "You staying all night? It's 6: 30."

 That happened again last night.
 I thought I had everything FTP'd  (sorry, ladies...) but apparently not.

 ...think what NBC would be like if it was run by a 15-year old with no staff...

 I"m doing the best that I can,
 I'm doing the best that I ever did,
 I'm doing the best that I can...

 ...but sometimes it just doesn't get done.


Subject: Re: A message from Don Simmons

I'm always puzzled by how the right wing can attribute the economic prosperity
under Clinton to the Reagan and Bush administrations.

I guess, using their rationale, it takes 8-12 years to make an impact on the economy.
So there is no chance that the current Resident can be responsible for any economic
upswing that may occur in the next year or two--that would have to be doing of Clinton
back in, say, 1992-1995.  And what of the economic good times in the 80s?
Do we attribute that to Jimmy Carter, who sat in office 8-12 years before?

And what to make of the so-called "moral decay" of our society supposedly fostered by the
Clinton administration?  This, like economic prosperity, couldn't possibly happen overnight, could it?
Perhaps that took 8-12 years to manifest itself--which would make the "moral decay" the fault
of the Reagan and Bush administrations.  Maybe it has roots in actions such as selling arms
to Iran for hostages, or running up the national debt from $1 trillion to $4 trillion.

It's the same old, same old with these people.
When something bad happens, it's Clinton's fault, no matter when it happened.
When something good happens, it was the doing of Reagan/Bush/Current Resident,
no matter when it happened.  Hell, in 2004, when the Resident is running for re-election
and is hopefully constantly on the defensive, he'll be blaming his failed administration
on Bill Clinton, Hillary, Al Gore, Al Gore's beard, etc., etc.

Aren't the Republicans supposed to be about taking responsibility for yourself
and your own actions and not making excuses?  But that seems to be all they do!

I thank Don Simmons for serving our country and hating the vulgar Pigboy.
He seems to have just a little bit more brain power than the average right winger.

Thanks, Bartcop, for pointing out the many holes in the right wing's crazy ranting.
When I read your column, I know at least somebody else hasn't gone completely nuts!

Christian Bell


(That reads like a Budweiser commercial)

 Hey, Mr. Ed, is Paul Harvey really sick?

 Another great, great column, this time by David Corn
 A Blow(hard) for the Right at CNN?

 Click  Here

 I can't decide if it's funny as hell or sickeningly real.

 <must reading>


 "President Bush says he needs a month off to unwind.
   Unwind?      When the hell does this guy wind?
   So he comes back at the end of the month, then  in a few months
   lights the Christmas tree and that's just about it for this year for this president."
      -- Dave

  Joe Conason goes yard
Cheney Stonewalls While Burton Leaks
 The usually-reserved Conason blasts Burton and Smirk

 Click  Here

 The actual leaker of the Clinton-Barak transcripts was Representative Dan Burton
 of Indiana, an excitable weirdo who chairs the House committee. Why Mr. Burton
 would choose to leak this material is unclear, since it scarcely singes Mr. Clinton,
 whom he seems doomed to pursue forever, as if in some endlessly looped cartoon.
 But Mr. Burton often interprets reality in his own special way, and he does love to
 see his name in the newspaper.

 Whatever his aims, however, the damage to diplomacy has been done. The truly
 guilty parties are those in the Bush White House who blithely handed such sensitive
 materials over to an irresponsible, grandstanding politician.


Subject: Jesse Helms

Dear Bartcop,
        Do you remember that Jesse Helms was scheduled to make a connection to KAL 007
that the Soviets shot down in 1983? As I recall, he missed the flight for some reason I can't remember.

However, U.S. Rep Larry McDonald did make the flight. He was a card-carrying member of the
John Birch Society. He and Jesse were on some sort of junket sponsored by the military dictatorship
in South Korea.We can only imagine what if...

       James S.

...that's why Russia shot it down.


 "Gary Condit has spent the month hiding out, dodging the bullet,
   spending time with his family ... oh wait, that's George W. Bush!"
      --  Dave


Subject: Bush Lives Near Waco

(What happened to your site?  Another page is in its place).

Dunno - lots of people asking, I guess the webmaster was tweaking.
Seems to be OK now...

Chicago Trib reprinted a Post article saying that Bush lives near Waco, but uses Crawford instead.

"But does the world realize that Bush is one of the 200,607 residents of the
Greater Waco Metropolitan Area? Nooooo."

Yeah, it's all a scam to make Sparky seem like a real Texan.
Somebody wrote that he never wore a pair of cowboy boots until the presidential campaign,
and they take their boots reeeeeeeeal seriously in Texas.
They said Smirky wore "white whale pants," but I don't know what that means...

Everything about Smirk is a fraud, and the whore press knows it,
but Mr. Rove has forbidden them to write anything negative.

 Great new site
  It's an insta-recommend site

 Brand new, and added to the  links

  Use IE, not Netscape

 Freaky Pete
  ...a totally false story that did not happen.

  It's made up, like a Maureen Dowd accusation.

  Click  Here


 "Because he doesn't want to set the record for being on vacation longer
   than any other president in history, Bush is announced this week that he is
   ending his month long vacation three days early. He is coming back August 31st.
   August 31st is the Friday before Labor Day weekend. So he is coming back to work
   on Friday, what knock off early, maybe 2, 2:30 then go to Camp David for some R&R."
      óJay Leno

  The snot-nosed little rich kid never worked a day in his life.
  Even when he was in the National Guard, he took two years off.

  He doesn't even know what a job is...

 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything.

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   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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