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Volume 577 - Cortical Islands

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 September 6, 2001 
 VCR Alert - MTV Music Awards
- Tune in to see what Britney's not wearing, U2's doing a song,
  J-Lo's in the house, and Alicia Keys is called the "breakout artist." (I thought that was N'Sync) 

 Stroke Me, Stroke Me

"Last night, I was flip-flopping around on the TV set..."
    -- El Vulgaro, first hour today

 I think I know what the GOP's master wordsmith meant to say,
 but his mischosen words certainly paints a jarring picture in the listener's mind.

 After all, ...words mean things, right Rush?

 We Lost Hank the Dwarf

 Click  Here

According to Matt Fudge...

Smirk spend up to $250,000 on fireworks for dinner (shoes on) for Mexico's Fox.

Taxpayers footed the bill, but White House officials wanted no pre-publicity for a massive
fireworks display on The Mall Wednesday night celebrating President Bush's first State Dinner.

The common man was not invited to view the 20-minute fireworks display launched from The Ellipse,
described as one of the most dazzling in the city's history.

Officials feared tens of thousands of residents and visitors would gather to watch the show
if word leaked out, creating a "security concern" around the executive mansion.

(Hey, Smirky, just wait till we "Surround the White House")

The president and his guests watched the fireworks from the White House's South Balcony.
The cost of the display is said to be $175,000 to $250,000

 I have a question:

Whose money was that?

We have to pay for it,
but we're not invited to watch?

This fraud wasn't even elected.
Why does he have access to taxpayer money?

Kinda like Cheney's friends raping our pocketbook,
then he asks for the taxpayers to pay for his electricity

...because the bill's too high.

Oh, well, when the Boy King needs a perk,
he just waves his hand and the unwashed need not attend.

 GOP lies about Numbers
  Blames others for their slowdown
    by the Last Honest Reporter

 Republicans are trying to say they are not responsible for the slowdown.
 But, can you name the last Republican President that did not have a Recession?  (Excluding Ford)
 Can you name the last Democratic President that had one?
 Is that a coincidence?

 In '92 they promised economic disaster if the Clinton Plan passed.
 Instead, we enjoyed the biggest economic boom in history.

 Early this year, Bush promised there would be huge surpluses.
 Now they say strong growth "is just around the corner."

 Companies are laying off.
 There will be no Christmas bonuses.
 People's stock market investments are down.
 Families' retirement investments are waaaaaay down
 We're headed for a very bad Christmas.
 Any ordinary moron can see it,
 But, Bush is no ordinary moron.

 Can anybody show me any evidence that Republicans know anything about economics?

 Did they see the slowdown coming and adopt the Bartcop Tax Plan as the necessary stimulus?
 No, They chose a backloaded Tax Cut
 because that was the only way they could afford huge cuts for the wealthy.
 Will they now cancel all the Bush Tax Cuts that have not happened yet and replace them with the
 Bartcop Tax Rebates?    (Real rebates, not like the Bush loan against next year's taxes)
 If they don't and the slowdown continues, it is and will continue to be their fault.

 One of Rush's favorite questions is:
 Can you name any Country that ever taxed itself to prosperity?
 That's an easy one.
 The United States, whose tax rates have been going up steadily since the day it was founded.

 Now, can Rush name any country that ever prospered when it's Government was in decline?
 The Soviet Union comes to mind.
 Did they prosper?
 They got the biggest tax cuts the world has ever seen.

 For the answer to why Republican presidents always have recessions,  answer this:
 If you were running a business and your largest customer tells you they are going to cut back
 on their puchases, would that be good for your business?
 Would you buy new equiptment or would you cut back?
 The federal government is this economy's best customer.

 Clinton said he was going to wire every school to the Internet and computerize the government.
 Did we get any growth from the high tech sector under Clinton?
 My memory is fuzzy.

 ha ha

 And, by the way, he was also going to work hard on Foreign Trade.
 Ron Brown gave his life making that happen.
 I think we got a little bit of growth out of that.

 That's called Leadership.

 Hard Working President = Hard Working Economy
                 Lazy President = Lazy Economy

  If you don't believe me, just sit back and watch.

 He shoots, he scores

 Have you ever accidentally done the right thing?
 And it really worked out really good?

 When I got to work today, I found that today's issue (what you're reading) had zero bites in the file,
 meaning I had to go home and physically carry the zip drive to work and upload it from here.
 While I was out, I thought I'd drop by Sam's and buy a long distance calling card for JH Steele.

 Stuck in traffic, I called her and gave her the number, and I just caught her.
 Those Nascar people are overrunning whatever town she was in and she failed to tell the hotel
 she needed one more day (thinking the moving plans would be settled by now) so she was packing
 to leave - to head towards the two cities where she might be living.

 She's still broke, and she's moving to a city where she doesn't know anybody,
 and here's comes Treehouse Boy with some free long distance.

 ha ha

 If I had an IQ if 145, I couldn't have timed that any better.
 It was noon her time, and she would've been gone in mere minutes.

 I know it's almost like bragging, but so few things in life work out right,
 I just thought it was worth mentioning.


 "What pass a law to put these mud people on boats headed back to Africa,
    and if they don't want to go? ...we'll just hang the uppity ones."
     -- Rush Limbaugh, the very beginning of today's third hour.
         He may not have used those actual words,
         but that's what the totality of his remarks implied.

  ha ha

  Damn, that was ugly as hell, wasn't it?

  I just wondered what it would sound like to use that Rush tactic against him.
  He pulled that crap today, in the beginning of the third hour, Rush was spouting off, screaming the usual
  hate-filled obscenities and lies, quoting a Democrat, but at the very end, barely audible, Rush says,
   "...or at least that's what the totality of his remarks seemed to imply, ...as far as I'm concerned."

  We know Rush's crowd doesn't hear his little disclaimers.
  They want to hear Rush "tell it like it is," and everyone knows the mud people are trouble, right?
  They want to hear that crap from Rush, "because he's the only one with the courage to say it."

  ...with "Talent on loan from God."
  God's on the side of Rush and Karl Rove.

  God hates mud people, too.
  Rush said so, and he speaks for God.

 Word up - Rack is Back


From: gcnews@runestone.net

Subject: Rush was right

    Last winter,  Rush was almost peeing himself with joy because the
Repugs owned both the house and senate (and had stolen the white house).
He said, "Just watch now how many Democrat senators announce they are going to
retire instead of running for re-election, because they just can't stand to be out of power.
If they aren't in power they don't even want to be in the senate."

    But what happens, now after the Jeffers defection, three Repub senators have announced
they are retiring, Gramms being the latest.   It seems Rush was right, but just got the party wrong.
Either that or these Repugs know something we don't know about Bush's chances in 2004.

C. A. Ray

Wait, we have Jeffords, Helms, Strom and Gramm, right?

 His Magnificent Obsession
   by Maureen Dowd
 She hates everybody - this time, it's President Stupid & Obsessed

 Click  Here

 Consider the hurricane of global emotions that W. has whipped up to construct
 The Defense That Doesn't Work against The Threat That Doesn't Exist.

From: lsrutledge@mindspring.com

Subject: Yesterday's rave out

    The stuff you wrote about They Want My Money is perhaps the best
thing I have ever seen you do.  Man, I want to copy that and send it to every
damn Democrat in Congress, to every damn Democrat who is thinking of
running for an office.  You captured it PERFECTLY, man.  You're amazing.

    It is so unbelievable that those jackasses have rolled over for everything and
then have the nerve to ask for money so they can roll over again rather than represent us.
Much less expect them to fight for us!
How stupid  do those fuckers think we all are???????

               Linda     >^..^<

Linda, thanks.
Hopefully, all they need is a good hard shaking and not a total testicular implant..


 I talked to Juli Hiatt Steele Steele tonight.
 Someone wrote (it was LW) and said he'd sent Julie an extra sizeable check
 but it was never cashed.  She's getting a ride to the Post Office Friday
 where she will pick up the mail they've been holding for the last 30 days.

 So don't stop payment on those checks.

 On the other hand - if they're not cashed by, say, Wednesday,
 that means they may be lost, but please don't do anything until then.

 She should get her rental house news today, then move this weekend.
 She could (words mean things) be online next Wednesday or Thursday.

 She's ready, too.
 Y'know, when I "met" her, she was at such a low point, but the last three
 conversations with her have been all positive and extra bubbly.

 ...and she's a freight train. She's a dynamo.

 I'm glad she's on our side.

From: gone_gator@hotmail.com

Subject: How I will finance my retirement

I am going to buy about 100 cases of Chinaco Añejo at $50.00 a bottle.
Then in a year or so when you can no longer buy it in the store,
I am going to sell them for $500.00 a bottle.

ha ha


 I didn't have time to get this in print, but the USA Today TV critic said The Amazing Race
 was a good example of reality TV without the crappy aspects of some of the others.

 I had a chance to fast-forward thru it, so I didn't get much flavor, but the bungie jump
 was something you don't see everyday. The red-headed girl is cute, but needs to dump
 that dorky fiance before he gets her killed.

 I'm going to check over at and see if anyone wrote a review.
 We missed the debut of Lost, too. Maybe they'll have a review on that.
 As each new new show premiers, we'd like to get your feedback - and from a lot of people.

 Another thing, you know how the networks are.
 CBS will put their very best against NBC's best and ABC's best and FOX's best.
 In one night, there will be 6 premiwers, and I'd like to separate the winners from the losers
 as soon as possible so I don't finally catch up on some great show's second year.

From: Bloveknot@aol.com

Subject:   Paula Zahn

I am with you politically all the way. I have a problem with George Bush and the Republicans.
I abhor  George Bush and others like Bob Barr. They are too hypicritical and they are doing
the same things that others are doing. They have affairs and they lie big time.

Paula Zahn has been fired from Fox.  John Fund has been discovered as having affairs and
causing the women to have abortions.  If you remember he is always on the tube bashing the
Clintons and the rest of the Democracts.  Linda Tripp needs a job, i don't think George will
give her a job, because told on Daddy George and his affair.
Thats real funny because Monica is doing quite well.

Paula Jones needs money because her right wing buddies got all of hers and now she wants
to sue the old rich dude that promised her the million.  What goes around comes around.
I hope Linda Tripp never find a job,  I hope Paula Jones doesn't get a dime out of this law suit.
I guess Paula Zahn wasn't right wing enough for Fox.  Please find out why Zahn was fired.



 "I could have put a dead raccoon on the air this year and got a better rating than last year.
   That's all just the growth of the network. All our shows are up."
      -- Roger Ailes, right-wing nasty-ass, on firing Paula Von Zahn

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 More News You'll Never See On TV!
The Wall Street Journal's Resident Pro-Life GOP
Moralist Knocks Up His Girlfriend's Daughter...
and Lets Her Get an Abortion!
 By Tamara Baker

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