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Volume 578 - What it Feels Like for a Boy

Carbon monoxide, diesel exhaust from a bus,
kids with their screeching boom boxes,
horns honking, sirens blaring
but not at Northern Air Lodge

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 September 7, 2001 

 Sam Perry knows a fraud when he sees one

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 Today, right-wing media personalities, such as Rush Limbaugh, and major news outlets,
 such as the Fox News Channel, give conservatives platforms for getting out the Right's
 message and their version of reality to the voters, day in and day out.

 Limbaugh recently signed an eight-year, $200 million contract to continue his daily program.
 The progressives and the liberals have nothing even remotely similar.

 Oh, ...we really need a natioonally syndicated BartCop Radio Show.

 Who paid for that quarter million in fireworks?

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The group also questioned the Bush Administration's motives in awarding the contract
for the display to Zambelli Fireworks Internationale. George Zambelli, the head of the
company, gave a $2,000 individual contribution to George W. Bush's presidential
campaign last year, according to federal campaign finance data.

While it may not seem like much, this is a pretty good return
on Mr. Zambelli's investment if taxpayers footed the bill.

The Bush Family Evil Empire is just like Hyman Roth.
They always make money for their partners.
Put in $2000, you get $250,000 back.

That's almost as good a deal as the oil companies got.

Do you know what L.B.J. stands for?
  I'll bet you don't.

 Here's a picture for you.
 There's President Fox, and pResident Weak & Stupid.
 Below Weak & Stupid is Clint Eastwood, and blowing Fox is....

 Laura - what are you doing??????

 So that's what L.B.J. stands for?
 No wonder those tramp daughters are so wild.


 "Democrats punish achievement, that's what they stand for.
   Why do you think they don't like Clarence Thomas?
   It's because he got to the top of his game without the help of big government."
     --The vulgar lying Pigboy, first hour

 But, Rush, ...Clarence was APPOINTED to fulfull a QUOTA.
 That's against everything you CLAIM you stand for.

 Plus, he would never have been on the list if not for Affirmative Action,
 which he helped to kill the minute he was thru benefitting from it.

 That's why we think he's a mean-spirited phoney and a fraud.

 When's the last time you told the truth, Rush?

  Great column.

 Just Asking
   by David Podvin at makethemaccountable.com

  Click  Here

 Bush has gotten away with the greatest fraud in American history.
 The so-called opposition party has done nothing to either stop him
 or to make him pay for his crime. There has been no deterrence provided
 that would cause him to hesitate before pushing the envelope in the future.

 If George W. Bush announces that he is canceling the 2004 presidential election,
 then who will stop him?

 Rush Limbaugh?  Ann Coulter?  Strom Thurmond?  Tom DeLay?

Here's what we think about your right to vote.

Intruder at White House

Full  Story

When I saw the headline, I thought the New York Whore Times was actually writing a
factual account of the Failure In Thief, and how he stole his way into power,  ...but no.

They continue to prop up and protect the illegitimate fraud.

From: joeb@buckeyeinet.com

Subject: What a Joke!!!

Morning Bart,
Bart, Smirk zoomed in and out of Toledo and did not talk to any local press.
The people who saw him were hand picked.

That place he went to, he cut the funding by 25 per cent.
That was why he did not talk to local press - what a wimp.

Oh, liked that response to Dick Gephardt. You have a way with words Bart, but oh so true.
Our health insurance is going up again.
Christ,  I pay over 40$ a week right now.
What a bunch of Shit!!!!!!!


Joe, good note, but it could've come from any city in America.
The unelected fraud can't mingle with the public because he's hated by them.

He can't talk to the press, local or in Washington, because he's a moron.
If someone asks a question that's not on Dick's answer sheet,
Smirk has to say, "Can't hear you," just like Red-Ink Reagan did in the 80's

That's how Sam Donaldson got his reputation for screaming, because Reagan would lie
about not being able to hear Donaldson, so Donaldson spoke loud enough to wake the dead.

They are thieves, liars and frauds who stole their way into power with help from a crooked court.

Oh, Koresh, I need a radio show in a big city.

Scalia Speech At Hofstra Law Facing Protest

 Full  Story

A protest is brewing over Antonin Scalia's scheduled appearance at Hofstra University
Law School's legal-ethics conference Sunday, with a group promising an opposition rally
outside the conference site as the justice speaks inside.

"What we're objecting to," said Michael D'Innocenzo, a Hofstra history professor and one
of the protest organizers, "is Scalia's appearance at an ethics conference in light of his
participation in the high court's majority opinion stopping the presidential vote
recount in Florida that effectively handed the presidency to George W. Bush."

Whore Writes Book
Says Clinton "Incoherent" In Final Days

Barbara Olson's explosive new book isn't out in bookstores yet,
but details of her "Final Days" are already starting to leak out.

Is it called "Finals Days," so she can say, "just like Nixon," a thousand times?

Olson is one of Washington's most well connected attorneys. Her husband, Ted Olson,
is Solicitor General of the U.S. Her "inside" White House sources will, no doubt, be impeccable.

Sure, she has connections to the current White House,
but they weren't there for Clinton's last days, right?

Olson will claim that Clinton and his wife acted like fleeing dictators,
racing against a time clock in losing their kingdom;
they tried to loot the presidential palace before they choppered out.

ha ha

Why not say, "racing like OJ trying to beat the limo to his home?"
That way, you could say, "just like OJ."

Besides, that whole "looted the White House" lie was discredited months ago
by the National Park Service, who's in charge of that kind of stuff.
If people didn't claim the gift on their taxes, it was rightfully the Clinton's property.
Of course, the truth only got a paragraph on page 17D.

Olson reportedly describes Clinton as looking "bleary-eyed" in his last days.

I heard he stayed up late at night, savoring America's last moments as a democracy.

Staff found him to be "incoherent" as he roamed the mansion's corridors.

ha ha

I find Bucky Olson to be a untrustworthy whore who blows clowns for free french fries.

Hillary acted more like a Byzantine queen while making her departure and
Olson claims the duo looted the White House to the tune of $190,000 in gifts.
Olson claims that months before leaving the White House, the Clintons transferred
government property  out to Arkansas -- including 70 priceless museum pieces.

Well, sure, nobody's going to buy her book unless she makes outrageous charges.

...and if she'll blow a plastic clown for french fries, no telling what she'll do
to get a big advance from a Clinton-hating scumbag publisher.


 "'Dear customs officer, thanks for breaking my f*cking balls.'"
    --The Soprano's "Big Pussy" on an autograph for customs agents who
       busted him for not declaring his Cuban cigars. What "Big Pussy" forgot
       was only the Royal Bush Family is allowed to commit customs crimes.

   More at in Alex's ShoBiz report, along with much more.

 CEO Nation
  by Isaac Peterson

  Click  Here

A Democrat speaks out, finally
  by the Last Honest Reporter

 Senator Bryan Dorgan, (D-Dakota) on Late Edition had the balls to say
 that the Budget Debate is a "Matter of Character and Honesty."

 He couldn't be more right.  Will the GOP be Honest about the numbers
 and do they have the Character to admit they caused the problem?

 We should take a poll:

Will the GOP be honest about the Budget numbers?

 Be Honest  ________
 Lie  ___x_____

Will the GOP take responsibility for the Economy?

Take Responsibility  _______
Blame Someone Else   ___x____

 MTV Music Awards
 I saw there are a couple of write ups at  but I have my own opinions.

 To start, I like Jamie Foxx OK, but last night he was unfunny and vulgar.
 Some of you think I use bad language? Nope, I work clean.
 Last night, using only words you can say on TV, Foxx was vulgar and an embarrassment.
 He was worse than those two Wayans brothers last year.

 Why does MTV think vulgar = hip?

 J-Lo came out wearing a cute outfit,
but the song was so boring I almost fell asleep.
 Earlier this year, she had the top album & top movie - it was J-Lo week.
 ...but I think her 15 minutes are fading.

 Destiny's Child presented an award in outfits that made it look like
 they were three black Heidi's thrown off the set of The Sound of Music.

 The Aaliyah tribute was handled with good taste, (when was the last time MTV
 did something in good taste?) at least until her brother said  "Her music will live on thru me."
 Gee, Dude, is this the very best time for you to promote your new album?

 This wasn't meant to be funny, but the last speaker said we need to remember the others who died
 with Aaliyah, and then he read nine names, which reminded me that the airline company claimed
 they were contracted to pick up five people, not nine, and that apparently caused the crash.

 I hate to say something good about Justin whats-his-name, but N-Synch was the next group to
 have a microphone, and Justin said something about "celebrate the gift of life," trying to breathe
 some energy back into the stalled evening. His message did nothing for me - I'm balanced,
 but there's a lot of death-worshipping kids out there who might've needed that.

 Linkin Park showed up late, and didn't have time to change into their stage clothes,
 but they went on in their street clothes, poor guys.

 Christopher Walken seemed more stoned than usual.  He came out and said,
 "I was supposed to say a bunch of stuff, but I don't wanna, ...so here's N-Sync."

 As N-Sync finished their song, some white guy showed up.
 He didn't dance that bad for a white guy, but he's no Chris Walken.

 Not sure why, but Michael Jordan sang a song - off key.
 What was he doing there?
 Who told him he could sing?

 Then Justin came up again.
 Repeat - I do not like saying nice things about him, but when they won the first award,
 he said, "Fatboy Slim was robbed," which is the right thing (and true) to say.
 The second time they won an award, he said, "U2 was robbed," which was also true.
 The kid may have a future in poltics after his voice changes.

 Staind was there, and was so unimpressive I didn't write anything down.

 Then Britney the Stipper came out - holding Gennifer Flower's snake Sparky.

 I don't understand the snake thing.
 Britney didn't invent the snake-sex connection, but I've never gotten it.
 She's there to sell sex, and speaking for all men, when you have sex on your mind,
 you don't want to have anything nearby that bites. Nothing.
 Christ, you might as well have a barking Doberman.

 I speak for all men when I say that.  Biting = bad, ...no execptions, but somebody, probably
 somebody really old, remembers Gypsy Rose Lee doing this in the thirties, and wants to go back.
 Is there some wacko-religio-reason that makes a snake sexy?
 Is Britney handling the evil serpent from Eden on that stage?

 <time out, need a quick shower>

 U2 had a more-brief-than-usual career retrospective, which was shitty of MTV, then they went
 to a damn commercial when the band started playing. When they came back, Bono apologized
 like it was their fault, but later said, "MTV didn't pay their light bill."
 They played a truncated Elevation and Moment, which was a disappointment.
 Since this was a career moment, they should've played End of the World, their best song ever,
 or they could've done Pride, with a giant picture of MLK to teach them damn kids something,
 but hey, they forgot to call and get my opinion...

 Then they received their "Michael Jackson Vanguard Award," (remember after he got caught
 screwing with those little boys, they changed it to "Vanguard Award?"  I missed where MJ
 was exonerated and got his good name back - when did that happen?) so they changed it back
 to "Michael Jackson Vanguard Award," for this year.

 As they accepted the award, they asked The Ramones to come out and take a bow,
 saying without The Ramones there wouldn't be a U2.   I thought it was a classy move.

 ...and then Kid Rock came out, yakking about how he's banging Pamela Anderson.

 Geez, Pam, Kid Rock is the best you can do?
 I think Tommy the tattooed, wife-beating heroin addict would be a better father.

 To close the show, Mick Jagger came out loooking rather healthy.
 Good for Mick.

 All in all, it was a mostly wasted evening, but nothing else was on.


 "We've become a nation that despises children.
   That's why we elevate women who murder their kids."
     -- Laura the Unloved, just now, 11:10 AM CST in K-Drag

 Laura, you lying whore.
 What a disgusting and untrue thing to say to whore for more money.
 You're just about the most ignorant slut in America, you know that?

 Nobody in America wants to elevate baby killers.
 That's just your whore way of making money - claiming that.
 We just happen to think what Andrea Yates did was insane,
 and you, with your religio-fraud, money-grubbing motives disagree.

 Laura, say it:  "I'm just an evil whore," go ahead, say it...

 Anne Heche

 I can't speak for gay people, but I was a little outraged by statements made
 by Anne Heche this week, trying to promote her book.

 I didn't see the Bawa Wawa interview. I try to avoid her.
 But apparently Anne said she was only gay when she was insane.

 You see, if reports are accurate, sexual abuse and insanity are the roads to being gay.
 And since she now considers herself sane, ...well, ...she's not gay anymore.
 In a way, it's not a bad bit of strategery, if you don't mind going from being a poster girl
 for lesbian couple to trashing every gay person on the planet.

 "The reason I stumbled around northern California wearing only a bra on top while
    in a drug-induced stupor, going door-to-door asking where the mother ship was located
    is because I used to be crazy and gay and I was just coming out of it."

 Gee, Anne, thanks for supporting the gay community.

 From:  vanceeverson@pcc.net

 Subject: Re: the biggest lie in history and rescinding the tax cut

 this is in regard to pigboy's perpetually claiming that lowering the amount of an increase
 in funding is not a cut(despite the fact  that budgets have already been drawn up based
 on the full increase). using that same logic, if the back-ended parts of the tax bill that have
 not yet been implemented, like the abolition of the estate tax, or the lowering of the top rates,
 were to be rescinded, how could it be called a tax increase?
 but if the suggestion is made, that's exactly what he calls it.

 i guess my mistake was in trying to apply logic to the guy who used
 his unemployment check to pay someone else to mow his lawn.


 Vance, good thinking
 When the Dems take the House in 2003,  they can unravel that unfair tax cut for the super rich.
 When Pigboy squeels about it, we'll just explain to him that "It's not a cut,
  we're just giving you less of an increase in the tax rates than he wanted."

 ha ha

U.S. Jobless Rate Jumps to 4-Year High in August
 A total failure, just like his Daddy and Uncle Red-Ink

Complete Sad Story

At this hour, the Dow is down to 9725, and NASDAQ is at 1700.
They usually go up with bad unemployment news.

When Clinton was president, the Dow was at 11,500 and Nasdaq was at 4,000
We could've continued the progress, but almost half the voters wanted "a new direction,"
so the crooked court overruled the voters and gave it to never-worked-a-day-in-his-life.

Do you need any voice work?

Click  Here

That's Art Hadley from http://arthadley.com/

So if you need any voice work, Art's your man.

From: hermans@prodigy.net

Subject: Miss Levy


Isn't it possible that Miss Levy was thrown into the ocean with a sinker tied around her body?
Or if she wanted to commit suicide she could have done it without any help---just jump off a pier.

A good reason why no evidence is available as to her whereabouts.


Herman, true, there's no telling where Condit dumped her body.
If he's innocent, why does he act so damn guilty?

I doubt the suicide, tho...
When you jump off a pier, your body shows up the next day or two.

You saw how Paulie and Silvio got rid of Big Pussy?
You go out several miles, then you use weights.
That way they don't come back.

Dave's Top Ten from last night:

Top Ten Mexican Nicknames For George W. Bush

10. Guacamoron
  9. Loco en el Coco
  8. El Otro White Meat
  7. Tex-Mess
  6. Bandito de la Eleccion
  5. El Dorque
  4. Los Er
  3. No Habla Ingles
  2. Adios In 2004
  1. Senorita Cheney

 Thanks to Alex

From: pamgreen@cac.net

Subject: The Tequila Recession

Let's see....

1.      More and more people are reading Bartcop.com and learning to enjoy fine tequila.
2.      The bastard king is parading around the country with the President of Mexico on his arm.
3.      Suddenly there's a shortage of agave; thus a shortage of real Tequila.

Coincidence?  I think not.  Someone at the White House is reading
Bartcop.com and ratting us out.

Pam, I hadn't thought of that till you mentioned it,
but since Hardon Kenny had  bartcop.com  in his files,
maybe the White House has a file, too.

Hey, Smirk!
Come get me!

Time for some OUTRAGE

From: quahog@hotmail.com

Subject: Forget about surrounding the White House

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Team Smirk has anticipated the massive protests
set to hit DC later this month, and is surrounding not just the White House, but most of
central Washington with fencing topped with razor wire.
We're talking 220 acres of enclosed compound here, at a cost of over $2 million.

Click  Here

I guess DC is not a First Amendment Zone.


That son of a bitch...

When The Secret Service recommended concrete pylons installed to prevent McVeigh-type
TRUCK BOMBS from blowing up the White House, Pigboy and the GOP frauds said he was
doing this to declare himself KING, and they screamed at the outrage.

Now, Smirk is installing razor wire to prevent the democracy-loving citizens from
showing their disgust at the theft Smirk and his supreme whores pulled off last December?

NOW is the time to be outraged

This isn't abour stopping terrorism.
This is about shutting down the opinions of the voeters.

Where is the media?

They've gone to sleep - to protect and prop up the illegal Failure in Thief.

And the GOP frauds will forget the Clinton comparison. Clinton tried to supress McVeigh-type
truck bombs, but Smirk is supressing freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.

If I had a radio show, I'd hammer that illegal son of a bitch.
If I had a radio show, I'd pound that illegal son of a bitch.
If I had a radio show, I wouldn't let him get away with this.
I need a radio show in a big city - with syndication.
It's not abour money or fame, either.
I'll do the first year for $75K plus expenses.

Somewhere out there, there's gotta be a syndicator who believes in fairness.
Somewhere out there, there's gotta be a syndicator who believes in balance.
Somewhere out there, there's gotta be a syndicator who believes that all radio
commentators don't have to be reading RNC faxes every day, non-stop.

First we lost the right to elect our president.
Now we're losing freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.

It's in the U.S. Constitution - if that document still means anything...

 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything.

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   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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